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From the headwaters, although I am sure that day, Ramsay casual gaming and all those that labour, I'm sure your home. This is your show like you for joining us. It's all about you, the phone numbers AAA eighty five, five, two to five, that's triple eight, eight to five. Five two to five Phil starts off this our anymore, and I welcome that. I've remsen show feel. How are you pretty good data about yourself? better than I deserve. What's up
Thinking about a year and a half really appreciate you doing here, do you new philosophy for everything for how to structure your life you're. Only my wife, we just finishing up, maybe step three were coming down the home stretch and we need your device on how to proceed with steps forward, a seven which we but on the whole, the last couple years to get through the first three babysit, that's ever Agnes what you should yet nearing also and that didn't we dont want to spread ourselves too thin between our goals. We only want to accomplish what we want to do, but just get focus lets the reason for my call- and I can just kinda rattled through in a do here that we stand by me stuff for is next because, while you're doing four five and six simultaneously. The most important is for the next is I've and five weird causes your situation, changes dramatically which get knowledge and then what
and find above those two we throw at the house, pay off the house baby steps, so maybe it up forthwith percent of your income going into retirement innovation with that No, no I'm just wondering if we should do that. First versus funding, the kids, five twenty nine. I would like to do so. Things simultaneously. We'll get a fully fine five point among put fifteen percent of your gun, what your household income it now or take home please about a thousand a month. Good Y know We are on your home. Right! Now we all about a hundred eighty, you gotta, perfect situation is a case study, and so fifteen percent of your income going into retirement. No more, no less looking for a one case that a Roth or your first choice matching for a one Kayser, your second choice, Roth then start doing Roth's stutter.
Thy arrays after that, if you don't have matches and whatever you need to do, whatever combination of all that to get a fifteen percent, but no more of your household incomes are household income, gross tonnage point one five load following cage the stuff you get up to that number Europe should allocate a bit differently. I'm I'm coming Fifty years old and I get about five hundred thousand my retirement, my weight has just started working professionally sure she's gonna, starting from ground zero, now determined from some you're wondering if we should He'll allocate some my money to her now household old income model care whose name it goes into right does amount. It all goes into your name all goes into her name in the retirement wherever the best retirement. Where is the best place to get the match? The best placed with the options that she's in that kind of thing, is where you gonna go on a carriage name, its end because of where should get each other stuff anyway, at death you get each other.
Anyway, so it doesn't matter. It's all just is treated as a whole. The arts, our stop point one five times your household income that then them but you can towards kids college holder the kid in two one of the one in the fire twenty nine, the real about five thousand, the other one we just have about five hundred dollars and the other was so you can start doing your cup honour bucks a month or somethin perky added to that and everything above that's not true towards a house or something like that. It's kind of the way the thing is laid out. You could I want a more nuanced and detailed on what you want with college above your fifteen percent them you put in the college- leisure don't put on how shall obviously and you know cuz, that's the trade off, but that you know at the end of day or don't get the house paid for the word come back and slam. Five twenty nine completely max out every possible retirement, but that's all in baby step, seven, which is where you just you know, that's where you build what That's where you become a millionaire plus and I am sure you know- you're outrageous- giving really kicks and overdrive at that point too.
Giving all along, but outrageous, giving briefly kicks in maybe step servant, good question Thanks for joining us Jennifer's, where those in Saint Louis Jennifer, I think you're gonna, call sure I like it. When you talk about it, I'm I'm I'm, I'm ready and for my hometown- oh am I had set up, but not yet find what people want about ten times the amount of light. My question now: my husband, I kindly guy through life, we now have the courage of something happened to my husband, but take the told them My question was, on Monday, fifteen had about fourteen thousand weapons that I'll be back in August of this year, really near life and SAM, I'm a lot for decades
I wish you all a common plan. If you'd only bill, if you dont made believe anything for you to your children for them to be ok, financially, then, technically you dont need life insurance. If you want to leave some in addition to counting here I would. If it into a trust not in his name or their name I believe it into a family trust, and you can name like your parents as the trusty to manage for the good of the kids, and so if he became unreliable financially as a bad, then you ve got money for them to go to college that you ve left into their stretched or you ve got money for their medical care if they have an extra situation that you ve left into their stretched, and so what do you mean? a year I made about fifty six. Ok and how old are you I'm political, bulgarian good health olonnois you smoke. I,
are you overweight? Now, ok, smoking's, double on the term. Lifelong doubles, the cost, and so you don't you For instance, you could price out and see what like a couple hundred thousand and that into a trust is, but smoking and wider your biggest things that DR cost of life insurance up extreme illness, logger cancer, heart attack or such like that. But those are the things that drive it up, keep you from getting premium. And so on you can, but but three hundred thousand box, it's gonna cost you the cost of dead gum pizza, I mean even with from being a smoker. It's not gonna, be that right, so jump on Zander Insurance, not calm and pull close up. And look at it put in that you're a smoke If I give you the option to do that, if they don't take the right that they give you in Dublin this about what it's gonna, do and then you can decide. Ok do I want to leave the kid something in case he becomes financially unreliable and it could
that you know he just never had a very good career. It's not that it's like a bad guy are gonna, beat the kids, that's not what I'm. Talking about I'm saying financially? Is he gonna be able to take care of their future? And that was what we, what you would use life insurance for, in any setting, but certainly in this setting, but you don't leave it to him, for them you leave it to them in a trust with someone else, your family or free or whatever, that you trust to handle your trust? There call the trusty. Obviously I thank you for colony. Pritchett, you listening in Saint Louis Jennifer. Just as common sense. Your doll, who says call. The Dave Ramsey Show is about fifteen million of you hanging out out there between podcast and radio. We appreciate
thanks for the other. Over the years I have seen so many family suffer by not having life insurance. It's not that I didn't care, it's just that they didn't know, so they did nothing that huge mistake, listen bones and wives, moms and dad's- think about it.
You died. How is your family pay the bills, the mortgage food and plan for a better future? This is what life insurance is all about, and term life is the only way to go. It's not expensive and it's not complicated. I only recommend Zander Insurance and I have for over twenty years, call them at eight hundred three five. Six forty to eighty two or get instant quotes online at Zander. Dot com
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On line to use at home for a year or you get one years. Corruption, that every dollar plus for free? This is premium budgeting app sinks with your bank account for easy expense tracking, and that means you get the s plan for your money and the best budgeting up in the world. All place for one. However, this is the year you take control of your money and you changing your life get started with, natural biodiversity by visiting Dave, Ramsay, dot com, call triple eight twenty two peace! That's AAA two to seven three, two to three you jump in and I will help you get your life. Is. What we do, Joe is Witherspoon Houston jail. Welcome, other programs, Asia, I think My call, I really need your advice was the fabulous sure. How can I help? Ok, recently divorce. I too high school boys. I have a quadrille fine that I'm trying
decide. If I should liquidate to pay up debt and put it towards me, mortgage or if I should just role that quadrille into an eye array and deal with the dead my own family, I d better financial peace, universally. How much study that is forty thousand dollars and mortgages, one? Seventy nine! That's the only the ok you're, forty five! Plaza one: seventy nine mortgage, what you're, what your income? Eighty, five thousand and possibly a donors, but that's not guaranteed, pick me up to one hundred, but I just think on eighty five. Now, how long have you been doing their job four and a half years many tons of you're not gonna bonus twice. Zero bonus twice Zira and got a fitting, does our managed was well, let's say the last two years get it, so I'm hoping that trend continue occur is that based on the company or your performance,
company, because its oil gas industries, plump Canada sides ok my god. What kind of theirs the forty thousand twenty thousand car alone and twenty thousand credit card, and how much is in the quadroon one, sixty seven sixty seven thousand and I do take off time for the boys in our little for my retirement in my four one case bought a hundred and eleven thousand. Will your final note your track? And ok, We need to get the deck cleared up so that you ve got a little more breathing room to start investing again yourself. I Gonna try to leave it alone, You don't have a mean, if I remember correctly, there's no penalty for catching it, but there is certainly taxes. Is that what you ve, miraculous? Yeah? Ok,
penalty because it still in the quadroon her unrolled it over at right in, but you would have taxes only if you role at it. Obviously you put it into a penalty situation they right, but that that's not the case today. Who hundreds eighty seven, I'm gonna leave it sit there you don't you can leave it there for a little while right, yes- and I could take partial out They have to be the full amount on. How do I knew that? Only wicked I got enough just bear the forty, which is why we would do plus taxes she'd have take about sixty out. But a hundred laughed give or take their here's? Why sit there without rolling it so that you can get to it. If you have to but with this in mind and let's, let's get on a tight budget, let's get game on its, but I will check strap on the helmet right was leaning with this and must pay them thousand I'll show you don't want to mess with it. When you do
then roll led to an ironic. But if you look Ben two years later, you're still not doing all this and you're still struggling and you're still, but you shouldn't be you make enough to pay forty off now. Can I just wanna financial peeking, a birthday saw, get even more disciplined yourself. So, let's say this by this time next year: if you don't feel very that you're on your way to finish this off, it's gonna probably take eighteen months or two years to do at ok, but when the couple kids, a single mom, doing this at eighty five give or take plus fifteen. If this time next year, you make it real, took the decision and if you feel stock still this time next year, ya. Take some money by the staff off, but I think you're gonna be so far along on paying it off the end so com. The Chernobyl knock it out without touching it that then you'll make that Gender role, it open. These are my own. Yes, we learn where long at what I'm, whatever
It doesn't matter where our vanity, you wanna, do it, but by back up the point being, let's get, let's get your conscience in the numbers and in the traction on the progress that your having towards the debt reduction b, for we make the decision to either cash or role it found good and if that's it, that's eight months, If that's twelve months is not a magic number, but I'm lookin for enough you got feed under your long enough that you go. I can do this race yeah, that's all I want. You're on target you're gonna do a whole lot better than you spot you're, you're rock in it eight thousand a year, you got control your own target. You know what you're doing you're, making your money baby, I mean you you're gonna win! Aren't you I am, I'm really excited about just being smart with my money and giving the pre eventually of my goal to shouted for your proud, very good job. Well done open phones, AAA
eight to five five two to five Gregg is on Facebook. He said David, I got I term life insurance policy. What happens at the end of the term goes coverage cease. Yes, you can re up it, but as you, each hugely expensive and ridiculous you're better off to buy a new term policy of Europe, at that time, but does not mean I don't have insurance good, that's why we you too, by fifteen to twenty or levelled her but say thirty years only bought a twenty year level, term policy and a three year old and a five year old. Twenty years later you a twenty three year old, a twenty five year old, they should be growing gone. She don't have kids worry about if you die Twenty years later, your house will be paid fork, as we tell you never to take out more than fifteen year fixed right loud, and even if you do that, how pay it off early using the baby steps. Years later, you will have been investing in your for one k, getting them
In your Roth, I re in good growth stock, mutual funds and you probably of six seven eight thousand dollars, if your typical you might more so, let's get this done. You got seven thousand boxer in your fiftys. The kids Roman gone, the house's paid for an you die without life insurance. You think she's! Ok, I think she's. Ok, By doing financial planning and becoming dead free, you have become self insured. You shot yourself in a position that your wife is ok without you having life insurance. The only life insurance only need that anyone has for life insurance for their whole life is to make sure they pay their age and a commission, and I really do not want more financial goals.
So gotta Zander insurance jobs, Zander Zander, insurance, Zander. I am s dogs and get a quick, easy quote on fifteen to twenty or level too your rule of thumb, is too by fifteen. Are our by ten to twelve times your income should make fifty thousand dollars a year. You oughta have five hundred to six hundred thousand dollars twenty year level term, fifteen year level term and really a gauge the difference between the fifteen and the twenties about when the kids arrogantly foam, Just make sure that there's money there until they're gone was there on the house will be paid for almost by poor, and you have a
the power money am I going to be? Okay and you'll, be okay, so I'm the Mama so that that's the game plan to become self insured by becoming wealthy. In that free. That way, you don't need term insurance forever. This is the Dave Ramsey Show
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J Katy, whether Grand Rapids Michigan guys now are you. Are you better than deserve? What's up in your world well we're gonna. Do our debt free screen, love? Congratulations are much of you paid off. We paid off ninety thousand eight hundred and forty five hours lover under that take we started this journey forty five months ago, we didn't know about forty five months ago. We just knew you want to be deaf free, but why- Charlotte ME, radio show eighteen months ago. We pay off within Eighteen months, three thousand six hundred ninety six dollars at a level
So what's your range of income in the last forty five much It is not a mouthful of fifty one thousand for the two of us and we were down to zero for a little while and then our eighty five thousand. Who would you for a living I only truck driver all gas from marathon. I'm a domestic engineer with aside hustle lover. Very good? So what kind of debt was ninety four thousand dollars It was you don't like everybody else, it's all the normal stuff. We had cards credit cards medical bills still only all small stood alone. I one get got my city, l, old parents, money, furniture and I guess I craziest thing. We have to finance for the golden dude or to avoid twenty seven hundred dollars with her the dog and I respect the dogs alive.
Now we have to get rid of it to equate echo to realise that what we didn't have a conducive living environment, the zoo of them like a small box over an apartment Florida and up we can we get rid of input of huge loss. I felt so you know I am payments on dogging alive, yet lobby YAP, much you guys, you mean you may every them ass, one all golden doodle for twenty seven hundred dollars an hour living. Didn't conditions aren't conducive, my gosh fine, so tell me the story: what happened? They got you guys on board you an ok, we're gonna we want to get the lander stupid we want to visit the lander smart. In short, it was basically the biggest. Why was that gives me? It was our daughters are daughter, was born nineteen to go after she was born
I knew we had to do something to get out of that, because we want to do. We only want to give her the life that she deserves and we didn't want her to see apparent battle with foreclosure and bankruptcy like I had to do with my parents, I've had to see them go through that and I'm sorry that was the biggest. Why can't I get out of those of the living environment isn't conducive and and the skinny did. The back pedal did a little bit further than that even before that before might mean? Oh, I was living in Florida and I was working for my stepfather, the diamond. Unfortunately, here have taken his own life. You knew severe money issues and the United at finding him. It was a pre. It was a pretty bad situation in just between man and seeing what my parents had to go through in an army. Eyeliner de Tournay like up calls a new baby, I'm so sorry I am in water, I lose no. I didn't want it that eighteen months ago, that's when it lets you up. So what did you do
do when you got lit up now. The baby give you the motivation, we're gonna. Do this we're getting out of this mess and sixty thousand of ninety goes in eighteen months. I mean you guys want hard, then did you I mean really all had really took. After all. We can. I got his eyes, I mean I was really the biggest thing and I knew we had to do something because my wife she want. You know she wondered little girl, the goat gathered? Schools angel? She wouldn't do you know when she grows out, then, if we had not cheap- and I thought it would be nice if the pay for this in cash rather make payments would be stuck with other payment owing other people, and she was again so that ultimately was the biggest fell for her. So what did you do with them They bought the main thing you gonna do if you won't pay off sixty three thousand and eighteen months, Michael eighty, five grand that's a lot of sacrifice. He added the guide
If we agree with that- and you know really coupled with that as you gotta- have that huge- why I'm just like he always see no talk about Michel Dave. You gotta have a huge. Why that from the genus moment, what did you really mean? Are you gotta come to reality with the numbers and said that body when I do and we listed the the amount of debt we had the title that, It's amazing just how much we had when we actually lately unlimited on paper- and you know it- you can't get where you want to be. You don't already know where your answer you gotta, really come to reality with those numbers. What did you say
Well, really the biggest thing that we are the sole everybody like us. It was said that damn dog- you don't know you make the joke and restore other on the on the show. All the time you know sell everything to the point where the dog thinks it's an actual. Clearly, the dog was gone, provided that there is not a joke and selling cars, while yeah we'll see The only long story short I met before I met my wife. I had I bought it, for I was financed the two thousand. I must thank GDP, oh yeah, that was that was gonna call at the time, but stupid. I think I'm back on it at an impulse by Three year, little years later, gotta two thousand thirty
I think they D were now in my life and I together we got rid of that. Try to save money- and this is in our view- is that you cannot smart stupid well, I thought I could do that by trading in that more thing for a pickup truck, because I thought I could save money each month on payment. Why did but ultimately put myself a little further in that in the long run, for that was really dumb yeah? I had three new cars and when we face our daughter was born. We ended up do an hour. Roll over we'd be got rid of their pickup truck and got to You guys all over the negative equity among those in which the for fusion and afford focus in any way make a long story short. We pay those. Often we were done with that. Like all cars, realize how stupid that is, while good for you guys. This is fine do you guys got a bright future? How old are you thirty one. I am almost thirty one good for you how's. It feel not only they get control.
Which is biggest thing to happen, you guys cuz. You were just out of control on every front. I make hours and golden doodles in everything and then not yet. Not only did you get control, but then you you know I got control, but you rustled it all away. The growing got out of there as I feel it feels it just fill liberating the shield. Just feels really good, I mean when we when we made our last pain, which is on her car. I paid off my car literally list this past January this year. Which it had only like five thousand. Some of those that I had the money in Vienna. We had some money, I'm like which, if not this out and then I got a bonus. Men are tax reform and we had about being weakened, They a little busy, but we have ten thousand hours and savings that we had to sit man. We don't want to touch it because everything there baby, I'm in the middle,
So in short, what I said in my life and I came to an agreement, we should listen to the front in this money up front. Now. Let's wait till we get to the last part of our debt snowball, and you know you the ten grand then because then we know at a debt. We owe nobody. Anything in the knowledge that we can rebuild. Our emergency fund show that our last car payment, which was her car, we paid our largest pails ten thousand, the uninformed, seven thousand fourteen sense, and we were done with it in February. Congratulations well done like you? We ve got a copy. Chris Huggins book retire. Inspired for you. We want that to be the next chapter in your story you become millionaires and outrageously generous along the way, and I think you're on your way, Jason Katy Grand Rapids Michigan? Ninety four thousand paid off sixty three of which, in the last eighteen months, great story, fit one thousand dollar and come down to zero back up to eighty five along the journey counted down. Let's zero death use Google
just like that doesn't get any better man. You know it's amazing. These stories, There's always a moment in the story. Don't like watching a movie where's that moment and the music changes. But, above all, you know where people's lives hit. That point- and I go no more- no more I'm done I've it I'm sick and tired of being sick. Tired eager those hours here that, like you, come right over the top that story arc and everyone they stories is really there were heroes, man heroes always say, save some point. The story I've had not living like this
This is the diver amnesia our scripture the day proverbs. Thirteen twenty two ever walked with a wise becomes was that the companion of fools suffers farm come on you thing or anger round. Why don't you tell us, we welcome said life is partly what we make it impartially, what it is made by their friends. We choose because
for who you hang around with you become them. Charles, is in Denver Charles welcomed, the diver amnesia Interlaken. Michael sure. How can I help So I'm twenty two them currently student. About to enter into careers in air traffic controller in we are more than the next six months great and so my question was one of them try out in a career what's champion anyway. I won t begin like the one. I start the jobs that we my focus or should I just start, cash or house on another, not without a mortgage show. My plan was becoming for a little while men by buy house. Do. You have any death. I'd know that good, that's a great first up, the first thing after
you would do is make sure you have your emergency fund of three to six months of expenses and that's not college student expenses. That's out there doing the adult job expenses! Ok, So what you take me operate my life about terms about six, not just your rainy day fund and then the next thing we tell folks to do is that baby step three. We call it baby step. Three b, is save up a down payment for a house and baby step forward is fifth percent of your income going into retirement. Now, if you're just fresh out of school and you're. Making good money is an air traffic controller which you will be. It should be, fairly easy to say, fifteen percent of your income and still be very aggressive on saving toward your house as a single guy who's used to living. Like a college student, you have some big lifestyle need that you ve developed, yet you know
I like it. I, like I try to avoid that. You know you ve. Just you know: you're used to living longer college students just keep living like that and we'll polyps some serious money towards getting a house over just a couple of years, meanwhile Starting your forum, one k in getting a match in getting some good, drove on getting in the Roth for a one. Getting in the Roth ts be whatever available to figure there yeah so you're, Iraq, Irish as well, but all in good mutual funds with long track records, and if you start that twenty three years old, you will be wealthy, it's just a matter of women and men. Of course, more aggressively. You save the faster you'll, be wealthy, the more aggressively save for a down payment, but the two primary pieces of millionaire status, as we study millionaires is that they use therefore one case their retirement plans to build wealth with mutual funds, and they get their house paid off those two things
are the first two things that millionaires: do that led them to millionaire status and that that your first level of wealth. Is millionaire status moving beyond that. There be some strategy, some things that might change, but how getting to that first level, I'll give you my prediction: I think you'll be there in about a decade. Just listening to you beyond, depending on. If you decide to marry, someone has just been all money, but a young don't do that if he gets in I'll get some. I have like mine to you and you keep your eye, ball you keep focused and you love a good life, but a frugal life, and you invest, invest, invest and pay off your house, paragraph pay off your house, you're gonna be wealthy. You can be wealthy relatively quickly, so well done. Charles Rob is in New York City. Hey rob how're, you are, you gave do not deserve. What's up
so I have a career. I question for you are currently a teacher. I M getting that physical education, which is really my passion, was teaching. God was meant to be a bridge to that I don't. I read forty days work, I love of Red STAR they all. We did the same thing. The other part of this those like I am also interested in educational leadership, and eventually I could see myself doing that, which, the increased by salary is well em down, I'm just a little. Has it because a family time and they keep coming back to visit, because that really my passion founded, I don't want to make a lateral salary move just been thrown around while I'm gone such a water, are two choices right now,
really. I was eager to get into that or to go back to school and get the educational leadership which would increase my salary button, the family time. What you got a thing for me but I'm not, but I'm not going to my passion either in output, I'm into I'm very isn't. I could see myself only the leadership in the future. They said, you know They have got it right now, so very entrusted are very interested because of the money or very interested, because you have a passion for leadership, so their involve their both there. The money. Is isn't it always nice, but I'm also in your ship, You know something I could see myself going down the road how wrong I'm on thirty one August, forty one or fifty one, where you wanna be doing at that by leadership. Then, what's the path to get there, how did it happen?
go back to school and get that degree down and getting to know. Unless you know the family time is a thing for me to but am fighter and also food. That is it It is also a passion of mine, but it the lateral Valerie move, and I am also a little more at risk. It's a salary, multilateral showering move, but more importantly than that, when you're fifty one, you know she yourself doing that right! That's true! so it's not allow Russia remove it. Your old dream, your new drag, your new dream is leadership, ok and then I get it or what can out maybe more Fishing was family time. If I want to go into that we'll take you to get your degree. May prove a year and a half years ago you know, I think the thing we ve done a lot of things. Is we ve grown this business over the years and our children or never used in the process, but we worked our butts off to get things done.
But hit our goals, and none of our children will tell you that they, the daily, stay out- and so one thing I would disappear, or tat, important dates and that's things like birthdays or problems or He tournaments or whatever. I coach, muslins hockey team. While I was busiest crowd here, Never, Mr Hockey tournaments ok one when they moved it, but but I other than that, and I never mr prom date in terms of the mental boys coming to pick up the girls. Pictures and all that girls gonna pick up boys or whatever works and are thus not many, whether that will, however, the holding a we were there for the important dates birthdays Conniston. We scared the round, those on whatever we were doing this. Good thing. Is we made it a point to be there when we were there too many townspeople com? only time with family and there should, in stupid television turn off your television unplug you're television, when you're home with your family,
and you know, actually engage so when you're studying study when you were a family tree with family people You know tomatoes, we got our mine on the other thing than the one thing we're with shall be focused and focused on you're doing right then, and there are some people call that call a lot of time and in its quantity quality time but be present. Wherever you are be there be in the- hasn't when it wherever you are- and I think your kid I'll, be fine and your family be fine over a year and a half, because your lives, go on your show them what it takes to go, Gotta go and in all the power of education and going back to get not agree to moving the leadership, and this is something up. To do and our look our mother tongue, my dad, went back to school and got his masters he can move in the leadership and in your setting a precedent for their mom there's a price to be paid for something is worth doing and arm
might mean Udall you're, not, therefore, every day and you might not be- will make a meter broccoli every night you know, but that that's so what? You work around that. You work with it and it's only a year and a half, it's not throughout their entire childhood. Not you! You work a hundred hours a week through their whole childhood it's a year and a half, so you pay for ice and the family just have to be on board with you. Your wife has to be on board with you and be pot the goal and be in agreement with the goal and then you'll be fine. You'll, be just fine. It's a temporary thing. That puts us our that I Ramsay show in the box. We will be back with you before you know it in the meantime. Remember, there's ultimately, only one way to financial police a nest daily with the prince of peace,
Jesus. You guys, like Thomson senior executives, looser for the day, raising this hours over more great content or used to catch the most watched with rules and the fairy. Every day there are several loaded with everything should be scrapped make more money doing what you love check out: Christie, rights, business, boutique, podcast crises, firing and equipping women become successful, running their own business. Creasy right, and I help women all over the country, take their ideas and passions and Hobbes and turn them into profitable businesses. If you have an idea in your head or dreaming your heart and you ever wondered, if you could make money doing it, I'm here to help join us on the business duty podcast, where we are equipping women to make money doing what they live here
from the remedy network, including Christie Rights, business, booty podcast were were you listened Abad, Gash, hey, it's just producer of the day, Ramsay show this
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