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Don't Choose Company Loyalty Over Family (Hour 3)

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From the headquarters of Lamb, Z, solution, Twa jesting from a dollar remmel studios. It's that day, Ramsay show that is, cash is gaining in the pay of mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw as those that is something I am they ran through your home. This is your show by you for joining us, open phones, those hours. We talk about your life in your money. It's off. We call a aaa too far five thousand two hundred and twenty five. That's eight hundred and eighty eight eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five.
Kim starts off this hour in Seattle, Washington? I came. How are you They ran God. How better than I deserve? What's up make Today, you today, as my husband, I own, a house and condo we're currently living in the House and the Congo is rented out. At his side, if we should solve condo and use the money they pay down, are how mortgage or if it is better to keep the Congo long term for the rental and cut short The Congo worth about probably three thirty, two three fifty and what you owe forty five thousand most nothin almost both and how do you on your home? Ninety eight we go so you could just pay it off, really Really close. Anyone really clever, mature household income monthly or
either. One annual annual may have been makes as sixty five thousand a year and I'll make I'm maternity leave right now, but when I go back I'll, probably be about sixty thousand year old, familiar Twenty five thousand between the two of you very good. Would you rather have paid for sure a house with a mortgage and a condom. We're trying to decide we keep going back and forth. We like the idea of having ball life and paid for mortgage not worry about that, but we also like the idea of having mess now as an investment and have had our many working breath in that way, though, we don't know if there is a better option and long term or if it's kind of just what we need. You
like stylize women. Doubt I get out of that because lack of debt is your number one key to building wealth. Not borrowing money to buy condos, that's the number one key to building while so, if your homework paid for, would you go borrow three hundred to buy a condo, no, you would not. We were sitting there were the paint house. Would you got borrow against the house, the buyer and investment condo? I don't think so. I know I wouldn't I would sell his condo I'll, be out of debt and then I'll take my old house payment. It's not there anymore and I Is that and everything else I can get my hands on the build some wealth and pay cash for a rental property, a few years, but I would be dead free as soon as I get. This thing sold. Watch Britain, while its markets hot too great target that condo sold and get your property paid off.
That's what I would do you know, what are we wonder, but the shortest path to wealth is to get control first and foremost, of your entire income, because that is your first and primary source of building wealth. It is not borrowed money borrowed money does not most often build wealth, broad money most often causes problems, and so you're, not in a situation. Desperate or crazy, or in the stupid column, or something like that. It's just a man deciding ok. What data points do I believe what point what processes do, I believe will take me to wear my family prospers the most the fastest and in the most with the most ability in the prosperity, and that is that freedom and then use that freedom to build wealth with and that's what I would do if I were in your shoes Brook, isn't like
tax sigh broke our! U Heidi, what's up question for a new or listener love your show than working on my best snowballs and regain Anthea year. I paid so bar already sixteen thousand dollars of the credit card that I have no more credit card tat. My car, your job, I made the mistake of buying into a vacation ownership alarm in two thousand. Sixteen yeah the dreaded times there and I have listened to you- know some of your information them and
we know now that that was a huge mistake, and so I have listed it and I'm trying to get out of it. I was fortunate enough to be able to pay for it with cash when I bought it, so I paid thirty five for it and it's an odd year to to whatever and then every other year the maintenance fee on it is twenty. Two, these are essentially eleven. Forty, I got an offer for ten thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars, which just do a punch in the gut. Obviously My question, really, I guess is: should I take that, take the money and run or should I continue to try and sell it system is I've unaware. Great now, ok, it's not a Disney its motto what kind of condoms and final wash which which timeshare system whose the company
interval international hide it higher residents. So high appeal: ok, yeah count upon the The problem with these things is you're in a unique one that actually does have a little value. Ninety eight per in the time I get this call it as zero value and lifting it is a waste of time, but regardless of what you paid for it offer on the table I'm out other? If I'm, U position This is a bad decision and you're just you know, you're giving up twenty thousand bucks here more than that, say I goofed, but I have no idea what the market I want is because ninety eight percent of Montenegro, I'm shot am happy for you that weaken that you can at least get ten for it, saying what I would do call guys at timeshare exit team that we endorse. You don't need to act,
This time share the way they typically do it. They may have some information as to what the actual market value of that is. They work with the timeshare companies are getting out of the times years, all the time and they more knowledge of the market place than I do just call them and havoc recession with him on the phone. I hate Dave ask if you would check into this. For me tell me. Is this thing, Kinnock, if a hold on for a few moments, guy get twenty or should I take ten and run or what and see if they ll help you just call timeshare exiting. I think they'll probably give you some eyes because I don't know the market. Finally in this particular product does again Ninety eight percent of the time. It's oh value, you can't even give them away and that's what timeshare exit team does for people that ninety eight percent a time you pay them a fee to get you out of thousand two thousand dollar your make maintenance crap and that's what you do in that case,
But in your case you actually have an offer for real money. Has trembling probably taking it, but before I take the offer, I'm going to do a little bit more investigation goes Dave, doesn't know what he's talking about on values on this is the Dave Ramsey Show. You ve been working hard to get control of your money. But if you do this, one simple thing that we all do: you are literally at risk of being hacked and someone stealing what you ve worked so hard for. Do you ever use public wifi hacker?
can use a simple device to mimic wifi and with just a little bit of skills that can take over your financial life. That's why I trust cyber ghost VP and try it for free for seven days, protect up to seven internet devices and keep all of your internet connections secure, download cyber ghost Vps today from your appstore. I give her joining us. America Gabriel, is in writing. So vainly I gave her a welcome other Abraham Shep David gave the pleasure you do, sir. What's up
From twenty nine years old I've been working for a company now for five years the college landed at over this company interception own with but he up until this point I'm expecting now. My fourth We final child- and I am a bit spoke yesterday- she'll be doing its bars My career though the company is going come on. My end has not been growing as rapidly as I thought it should mean it. Five years at Bobby gone and other matters what he make up, forty five now. Ok, what do you do? I'm only peak uncertain and I t consultant Grech, making forty five thousand yeah. What should agree. It is basically to your course in
Technology settle several certification. So are you how money classes and things have you done increase your skills during the last four years in a tea field? usually not much, because when I started this particular job over the owner. If your lack of knowledge and not to use four years old, your useless certificate when we talk about your knowledge, regulations are sort of occasions went on, but if you're not continually growing in learning what you do four years ago. You know this is of no value right. Now, I'm costs costs learn. Accosting working on new system are more motivated s, eyes, knowledge and other certifications there. That's what I was asking are: you are you stay and I'm in the growth curve cousin?
knowledge curve is not stay up in your world. It's a steep knowledge, carve you're like a dog you gotta, be reading in studying time to stay ahead of it. Otherwise you you're dealing with four year old information, which you and I both know, is useless. Ok, I got shut. Why are you that just a few severely underpaid. In the window. I called actually open. I've been China make a decision for quite some time. I feel color, I feel appeals. We need to try to leave a company has written to the other has done a good job. I would be. They suspect him What if you're, not disrespecting him? If you, if you can make ninety thousand somewhere else and he's paying what a you're not disrespecting him. I guess our people here. I would expect some vital leave was paying them have a market? I don't know
word. Ninety or not, but but you know, if you You are disrespect anymore. If you lay for thousand box, you know you know no raise at all. I am, and or you know, unless as some kind of a promise of way up a ladder real fast. So I think what you need go shopping and see what your worth chief you get some. And that is now has not disrupt look I. What did they did you get some offers now. Two years ago The time I had enough and I went out and applied in an making thirty seven then- and I got enough for fifty six, but I approached them. He was for a shock. They spoke about again you got my level doubts and most why they decided at What do you mean more self respect? Why? Why did you stay at at thirty, sir? He got up to forty five right here, but you Where do you come to my eleven thousand hours? More? Yes,
I don't understand why you state I guess I wouldn't be long enough Loyalty is a two way street. Did I mean you're? Here you have a ability to your family to earn what you can earn in the marketplace. Again, if there's a tie, better money involved percentage was then loyalty comes into play. And but I and I would have no expectation as an owner here someone stay here and make up our work for me a hundred years ago when he was make it thirty, two, here and he learned back in those days you our cold. Fusion is way back in the day now it only means that we use ruby or else for everything in and other languages and more advanced and confusion, but but but You got a girl for him. Ninety k any head to look it's like did I can't pay United K imo help you pack, your desk. You ought to take that love you man, I want you to win and I can
I came close to that and why do they do for you to do me do, but you need to come here. Let's get a box unpack your dad, don't take that ninety thousand our job dude I'm come on seriously, so yeah you need it. You need to get a different drop. Your loyalty has become loyalty is a wonderful trade. I suffer from the same thing. My hillbilly dna makes me very, very loyal to people and up, but I and I have and many times in my life to the point of toxicity that that I get it used against me and it becomes a toxic type of Welty, and you know you can't you in a relationship that is not working and this one's, not working financial. You gotta, go you gotta, go gotta, go make someone our Jennifer's in Detroit Michigan high Jennifer. How Dave I'm gonna? How are you better than deserve? What's up
I have a question. I have been listening to you, I'm not too long, but all day long, multiple sclerosis- and I just gotta move further disability. I have a son, though he will get benefits as well and I'm on my baby, said too I have little over a thousand men that so I'm so excited like really like these huge snowballs at my dad did with that, and I use them. Credit union, human, I in college. So my son is a five hundred and twenty nine who at this point he doesn't plan we're in a college who wants to do skilled theory, I have both laws and tried to traditional areas. We had a mass for so long. I don't know that I live to retirement age. Should I That money liquid, for in doing so.
Or how are you? I am thirty five nuclear. In the end you're the only income in the household. Yes, anything but man, ok, your first goal is less war, for the baby steps, even in your unique challenging situation, still gonna get you out of it: still not build an emergency fund and I'm gonna stop adding to any kind of law, from investing until you ve done those two things: your emergency fund and your six thou, not that's gone cassettes you in a lot better place with the peace in your fine outcomes. A sea peace like and I've, got several friends are battling with immense and the one thing they all tell me is that as stretches increased their symptoms in Greece, right Russia. I love you have calmed me, give me all sectors it it'll be ok were because you see, there's a plan and rain
there's something even better than a plan and that's the plan executed, because if you were sitting there, Thousand dollars in your rainy day, fond and Z wrote you would have even more peace agreed at which extend your all literally cancer. Literally for real whatcha. Let's do that. That's a big deal and stop investing temporarily into you. Do that, then we come back to your second question once you ve done that when you get to baby stepped forward, to you add money into retirement with a life expectancy issue orders just build up some some money in your emergency fund. Are in your in separate investing. I probably would do some separate investing I'd love for you d, like a hundred thousand dollars in a mutual fund that you ve, invested and grown. That is not in a retirement account. Ok, I have found that meant that an adviser who, as the heart of the teachers, I'm excited he'll, be with him. So will you
biographer anytime, you need some help. You call me back I'll walk with you, but I think we get that financial peace in your life and I think, that'll help a lot so stop investing temporarily and work. Your way right up in about baby step forward when you get there are probably not using return, Accounts at this stage, I'm probably just going to throw it in a mutual fund so that you've got access to it and it's liquid for you or your son depending on who needs it, because it's thirty five, you probably going to have some cash needs before fifty nine and a half. At Ramsay solutions were big fans of leaving a positive the legacy for our children, love, faith, responsibility and a powerful financial legacy. Friends,
time. Share, does not fit into that equation. Do not leave your children, a legacy of increasing timeshare maintenance, face of high pressure, upgrade sales presentations or a debt. That is strangely difficult to offload timeshare exit team can help you leave a better legacy. Call them today, aid for four nine, nine, nine exit, eight for four nine, nine, nine exit or time share. Team, dot, com in the lobby of Ramsay Solutions, Gimme and Nancy are where those guys. How are you? How do you like me to meet you or do you guys live? We live before March, more open gray. Welcome to my shrill and all I'm to do your dead, free scream at three I much paid off. Eighty six
three hundred wow and how long did it take twenty months good for you and your range of incomes are intent on one fifty two hundred coup? What do you do for a living in law enforcement and I'm in sales got what he so it's a marketing consulting great good, for you guys welcome so what kind since eighty six thousand very can our credit cards a cup of coffee A motorcycle symmetrical that aid. You know everything you, girls were normal. That's it decision but a lot more more. What happened twenty months ago made you decide to be weird. I think it started then twenty months ago, I was actually on a flight from Texas to Florida, with the coworker high and he was telling me that all his kids had paid off cars and paid off college and he was telling me they Ramsay, and I thought that that was crazy, an awesome, and so I started Reed books and listening to the pied cast by myself. And obviously that didn't do very good for about two and a half. Here's the money
ass. Most this uncanny with the Pied cats and finally came around and twenty months ago was confused passing and we had children and we definitely wanted to change our family tree New Moon while the others. A friend of mine. I was doing a funeral form a few years ago and two others were speaking in one, the other guy set up a phrase of never forgotten. He said death is the tuning fork, Research, you know when you have some guy, like that, you lose your day, that's attorney for you reset you get in tune again and so that they give you the wake up, call minded while very cool. Very it's a lot to go through. You know that Life insurance, peace and leaving a legacy all of the, finances. We wanted to make sure that our kids had an advantage and urgently so you guys gave us a plan or too low Slovakia's eureka. Here we are three earlier than a four year old Gabby and your watch unhomelike grandma knowledge on very cool, very cool. So what you do?
once once Kenny decides or chemicals the pod gas, we gotta do this studies on board, and so twenty months ago, its game on and what does that sound like going you to sit down and decided to go or what I think she's a pretty good silver up, so she saw me I didn't really listen to anything until after she can inform me on it. So from then I caught a secretive secretly would like a lesson in the car and color. How long and we sat down and when over our finances and started cutting so that we really need like cable one step bags. The monthly suspicions that you're just used to, but you don't need so within that, and it was game on that point. In a bad motorcycle, a motorcycle accident actually- and I think that was his wake up- call when, if something so
swear to happen him on the job or in the motorcycle. We didn't have life insurance, we had a ton of tat. Kids would have been a mass, and I think that was the first budget meeting that was really emotional and really intense. Show you do. A motorcycle noise, an officer or just a hobby. No, it was just a hobby and I had a before we had kids and thence to radio used to fires gone no, it's gone. We found they actually paid off, you lay down wants. It makes it easier to circulate while unbelievable so what? For those twenty months was the key to getting out What are you tell me what you did you pay off eighty six thousand box and only months as radical yeah? I think it starts with the why you talk a lot about purpose and in sales. We focus a lot about the end goal and you know after being Mary Eight years you you kind of stop dreaming. You have those kids, you have that house and then why so we started dreaming about building. We started dreaming about vacations and
every time. I was a luxury exactly every time I was upset about my search box, not coming. I thought about the vacation Kennedy and I just took in San Diego and this vacation in Nashville, and you dream about Why and you live with within your means. I think the budget helped us live within our means for the first time in years, marriage, but for the last twenty months it's been lots of talking lots of budgeting. Did you set? You saw the motorcycle here that was after the accident was, too much longer, I think about six months and we pay that off. Ok and then, from that point we sold it and then use that money towards the next. They also. What did you say? Why you're getting anything that was it you? Don't you just cash flow? This wow. You been on beans and rice yeah. We call it pasta, we're italian, so as to be able to learn a lot of good start very fond, very
all his daughters married into an italian family, so they go there and get gravy yet and in the largest assume that meant gravy and biscuits not of your italian spaghetti, sauce right out of my mouth watering. I want some unknown spaghetti solver now, while goods. Our? I love. It will congratulations. You goes very, very well done what was the hardest part of this? For you guys. We talked about this boring as we can now and I think that it was It's getting started in just coming up with a plan and then just continue and not get off course and all the stuff tat. We sacrifice really didn't affected thing and we actually had more money than we thought when really sat down. So the sacrifice wasn't really much in it a lot easier, especially when you start paying stuff off as soon as the first one happen. It is more of an addictive term and we just wanted can you to pay everything off. So it was us every.
So excited after you? No special. Our cars were done. That was one of our last things. So, as you got further into it, you got more excited. You cut deeper. Yes, here then was like throng every last penny: everything I'm wearing a target date. I just didn't even tent myself, there were no vacations to see grandma. No, I actually skipped a couple of friends, weddings, and so that was really hard, but it's all worth and now you're done or does it feel now no payments, little surreal, especially like the amount of money that we see that we're saving every month to keep our paycheck anything Most people do I auto bill pay. So the only thing in there's like the mortgage and your watering, your electric oats com, amazing
that's pretty amazing. You were actually getting ready to teach our first f pew on the twenty sixth, allowing people been asking us how we did it, so you go through the glass. Now we just podcasting links and now you're going to go through the whole, the whole programme and over the good for you, while made very neat so now. How does it feel may thing we're on baby stab three b and we're getting ready to build our dream home and we would have never been able to do that with almost ninety thousand dollars worth a damn looming over our heads. I can definitely sleep better at night years emerge first formula free, yeah, yeah. I got a bankruptcy before our marriage and those bad habit started creeping. Never again, they're gone, no permanent change transformation, Are you guys well beyond well done very well
I will get a copy across organs book for your retire inspired. That is a number one best seller and the next chapter in your story to be millionaires, gas and you're. On your way. You make really good money, and now you control at life is good as originally generous as you go along Kennedy and Nancy for Myers, far to eighty six thousand dollars paid off and twenty months in one fifty to two hundred counting down. Let's era debt groom three to why we're gonna get man, that is also very, very, very well done, love it. I gotta tell ya, I I'm so pressed with People were meeting all over America that are made.
The decision to control their own destiny. There is really just two camps are people. There are those people who are going to. Control their own destiny, in spite of the obstacles, in spite of the problems, in spite of the tragedies in spite the walls that have to be claimed climbed over and then Those, then are the victim victim of everything. You can't go ahead. America, one percent have everything and not just the wired but on twitter, and I now know this gush, your media people that he always or Spirit animal he's lying. The really now I just back of the present fix my life or he's not going to you're going to have to fix your. The job of this
diagrams Asia our scripture, the day proverb and sixty nine, the heart of a man, plans his ways, but the Lord establishes his steps. Washington, Irving, says great, so great minds purposes
Others have wishes. Folks election of those long enough. You here so long enough, and you listen to the debt for each group. Long enough, you find there's two types of people with money: Wilder's la types of people, but people fall largely in the two buckets. There's the bucket of people who are doing their debt free scream. They are happening to their money, the other bucket of people as the people. The money happens to them. Knox Stephen cover used to say in his book. The seven habits are highly effect People the number one habit of highly effective people as they are pro active. They happen to things, everything doesn't happen to them. You make solution that we can't control all the external variables in our life but
we are largely in charge of our own destiny or we Stand back and shake our head and wonder why everything bad happens to us. You There tell your money what to do. Or you wonder where he went. Money flows from people who do not manage it to the people who do manage it. If you take someone who manages money well and as a result has become wealthy. And they lose everything they will become wealthy again, the cause that made them well, they didn't do not leave when the money left he's like someone who does not manage money well and are given a pile of money. Have you ever They end up with nothing because they I happen to their money. Their money happens to them creation,
point, lotto winners. When's, the lottery, the bankruptcy rate is fourfold the national Average forty, it is likely to file bankruptcy. If you win the lottery as not isn't that weird. The vast majority of Lotto winners a decade later Have nothing because of We think that caused them to play the Lotto in the first place is gives you an indication that you're gonna lose it. Watch some athletes when they get money and up with nothing because they had, we still they ve, got scale. They had no character. No facility to manage the money Nobility to say no nor building of good relationships and boundaries, those other
that leads you to build wealth and so wealth. Intentional act. Now bad stuff can happen to people and sometimes people or poor, because people our oppressing them. I understand that I'm not picking on the poor, that's not what I'm doing but what I am saying is: is that sometimes your where you are, of a series of decisions made? usually your where you are, then you can make new decisions, you don't have you are my family away? I grew up in my neighborhood, my people, those your house. It's a start. When people are gonna, explain why they're losing it is not their fault. The little man can't go ahead. People like me. You alone and about the Isms litter out there. You do isms a real their real?
may people every day overcome their isms sexism, racism, People overcome their isms all the time Hardware castle, smarts looking forward controlling the destiny is, can you body? Do it? Apparently everybody can do it, but most people choose not to they choose not to control. The variables in their life It comes down to something as simple and in personal finances, doing a budget when you do a budget it, Is you exercising the fact that you believe you control your destiny? If you're, if you victim of destiny, why would you or do a budget if you're it. Gonna, be controlled by ism if you're gonna be controlled by the way grew up if you're gonna contribute control, but people in my family people of my
Heritage people of my ethnic background people of you fill in the blank if you're gonna be controlled by that. I thus, I other saw the tracks Dave most millionaires by the way ass majority of millionaires grew up on the other side, the tracks difference in them and the next door neighbour that still on others, are the directions. They decide that it won't live there, so they picked. Bought up and they moved to the other side. Actually live like no one? I also that later I could live and like no one else consequence May we see things like this million families that have been through financial, patient diversity. You know what the number one data point between them being successful are the ones that are a success going through that getting out of debt, the ones that are the number one doubt upon the door budget, we can predict,
your success in financial patient, firstly by the second class non classes. When you go through non lesson, The second lesson we can tell if you're gonna be successful, did you come in with zero based budget done in every dollar. The way we teach you I've got my own version of Dave rooms. You I've got my own version of smart, I'm a fish I'm Day Ramsay English, I'm gonna do for attributes university English you're not gonna, make it We are that up only one family people do somethin. You got good data. Ok, we got good data. We know exactly who is gonna, make it there's not. We can study your behavior and tell you if you keep on this Have you are going to fail and you ve already started down the wrong path, so you got terrain, go back and start again the people that Hu there, every dollar budget complete the class they
quickly go to all nine lessons they they in the membership for year continuing to watch online, they download the podcast. They watched the debt freeze. Dreams, all new tube inspired to stay on their budget? How interesting. They were sick and tired of being sick and tired. There said I'm not gonna, be those people anymore. I am going control these variables. I'm to control. My destiny. Do sometimes are transmission, go out, terms or a car wreck is sometimes somebody get cancer does sometimes somebody die. Yes, sometimes tragedy happens. Yes, sometimes I get laid off yes, but guess what get up and do it again, get knocked on their but and they get back up and they do it again and you get back up. You do it again. When you a plan You believe you are in control of your destiny. If you fall off your back a mess up you get back up and
I would again you don't the every dollar app off your phone by fairly easily gone- goes its free. You shut down there and you do your budget. The correlating statistic between people that win at anything and people lose out those that are intentional people there or intentional you don't accidently the freaking Superbowl they need for interview: the Gaza, the innocent were you do that. I don't know the just got just one. I have no idea now. It's an intentional act of a decade plus two decades, usually a practice Skill development that brought them of that a thousand hours, a practice brought them to that you don't accidently play a guitar. Like bread. Paisley, it's not accident its intentional act.
Some of you got drunk and woke up married, but most people getting married isn't intentional act. You day, you court, you're, very focused. You do. Everything right. You smile at the right time and new shaven take a bath and it cost According to Work- and you get married, it's an ant. General act. You win at what your intention of wealth. Winning is not accidental Winning money requires budgeting is no exception, you don't get it. I ask your smart motorbike of your smart. You gotta twice as much. You think you're, smart! That's! What's this hour that Abrahams showing the birch we'll be back with you before you know it in the meantime, remember, there's ultimately only one way to financial beast: that's too long daily with the Principes Christ Jesus. This is genius childs producer at daybreak issue.
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