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Don't Loan Your Family Members Money! (Hour 2)

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From the headquarters of Landry's solutions broadcast it's the Dave Ramsey show cash is king in the home mortgage. Bmw, I'm Dave Ramsey your host! Thank you for joining us, open phones at triple eight eight two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five, let's eight billion eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five Lindsay starts off this hour in Lynch Burg, Virginia, hi Lindsey. How are you Dave, I'm great. How are you better than I deserve? What's up? Well,
and I are just getting started on baby sit too and we have an agreement to pay my Mother who's owns that house that we're living in seven one thousand dollars- that's not written up as an unofficial agreement, but my husband is kind of feeling like the slave. The lender, and I wanted to see if we should work. Thank you, our baby steps. Okay. So let me understand the house is in your name. I doubt it Mothers house it's in your mother's name, yes, Ok, so you don't own the house you're living in your aunt. Seventy thousand dollars in the! U her! In order to buy the house, that's correct! basically doing a rent to own, but she has been accepting a very small amount of money from us each month, but we need to increase,
and I don't know if I so we can. So what is the? What is the house worth about one hundred and twenty thousand ok and seventy thousand dollars makes you the owner of the house correct, and your household income is what ninety thousand go get a mortgage. I don't know if we would be in the position to do that right now. Why I'm just bad credit and we out we have other debt. Total debt would be about one hundred and seventy thousand What we owe her okay, what is the what is the other hundred thousand on? about seventy. Five thousand. Is student loans. Combined mine and his We have
car loans. We have forty on the cars about seven thousand, each and how long have you been on our plan paying on paying everyone on time? If I'm sorry, You said you had bad credit, but I assume at some point you started paying everyone on time on our plan right we're just getting started with the plan but I do have some with your last light. When was your last light payment? Are you still behind with some people? Yes, I'm and on the student loans. Ok, alright yeah you're not going to get a mortgage you're right, ok, um! Well, you have two or three options today
okay number one. You can move in rent somewhere else and just walk away from the deal. Tell her sell the house. She just can't stand it. Okay, that's probably not the best option, but that is an option solves the problem right number two weeks: and this is the one I would suggest we can write up an agreement that you guys both sign. Your mom and you and your husband and it states very clearly what the terms of this agreement are. Okay, we are renting the property for X move dollars, put a set amount on there and then always pay that amount. Every month like you had to like you were going to be evicted. If you didn't whenever that amount is, and we have the right the option to purchase the Four hundred and seventy thousand dollars for five years, whatever make it up so you're, renting with an option to purchase, and you draw that up
write it up as a written agreement. And you might even run by real estate office, pick up, Elise sign a lease for this amount, an an option to purchase. And in your mom sounds that you got a son that then, if something happens to her, you have a document that the a state would be liable to uphold: okay, you're, not you're, not stock, and so that puts a more of a business, a properly done business transaction, which is how you should have done this in the first place in place until you can get some of these debts paid down and get some distance between two hey you and your and have you know a year or two years of good payments you paying on time or early while you're getting out of debt in the next two years. You should be debt free in two years, not counting the house, okay, and if you do that, then during that time your credit is going to heal enough to get a mortgage
and- and you will, and paying rent. Ok. So when you say be able to be debt free. You mean, aside from from the mortgage aside from what you call your mom, ok, but handshake deals are. More likely to blow up and cause problems, obviously then any other deal and the paper is written up, not because we think you're not because we think your mom's, a crook, but contracts are not for dishonest They don't make dishonest people. Honest contracts are for communication between honest people. Ok, and you're going to follow through and she's going to follow through and then take some of the pressure off your husband. I don't blame him for feeling that way. But we can't really get rid of it today, other than just to move out and go rent, and I don't really think that's a good answer. Ok, so you got a great this house, your mom, fully, intends to sell it to you at a great bye. It's
everything in the sound smart except I want you and your mom long term and your husband on to your mom long term, so you're going to get a mortgage as soon as you can, as you get out of that and she's going to get her money, pretty cool, hey thanks for the call open phones at eight million, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand two hundred and fifty five. Two hundred and twenty five you jump in and we'll talk about your life and your money. It is a free call, hoes This is on Youtube, says, I'm twenty eight years old, I contribute three percent to my phone Ok! Is that good for me or not not no be either contributing nothing to your 401K because you're in baby step to getting out of debt, and you You are rarely stopped all investing or you're up at baby step. Five or four I'm putting fifteen percent of your income in retirement. Three percent is gonna you minimal results, even if it's got a match to it, it's with nothing but we're not trying to
end up mediocre here, trying to end up rich show that You can go anywhere, you want to go in your retirement. You can take care of your kids. You can help poor people. You can be blessed and serve charities. You can do you can do all when you have some money and so we're to do everything we can to get money in your pocket and three percent doesn't get you there. That's the whole thing so work right up, the baby steps Jose is how we do it and maybe step one is one thousand dollars who is your out of that everything, but the house three. At snowball. Three, as you finish, your emergency fund of three to six months of expenses. Baby, four five and six we do simultaneously for which the line with fifteen percent of your income going into retirement, not three percent
and then you go to catch college with anymore money. You can get above that more money above that we throw it at the house baby step six and pay off the house early. This is the Dave Ramsey Show over the years. I've seen so many families suffer by not having life insurance. It's not that they didn't care, it's just that they didn't know. So they did nothing. Huge mistake. Listen spins and wives, moms and dads think about it:
you died. How would your family pay the bills, the mortgage food and plan for a better future? This is what life insurance is all about, and term life is the only way to go. It's not expensive and it's not complicated. I only recommend Zander Insurance and I have for over twenty years, call them at eight hundred three hundred and fifty six four thousand two hundred and eighty two or get instant quotes online at Zander dot com, San Diego high one welcome to the Dave Ramsey Show Hi Dave. Are you doing better than I deserve, sir? How can I help Arcade so I need my wife recently, just the at settlement of one hundred and eight one thousand dollars and we're not really agreeing on where this money should go
goodness what happened? Where'd you get a settlement that large from I got in a pretty bad motorcycle accident. How are you doing Uh, I am I'm blessed to be here honestly. Yes, I'm doing ok you're physically coming back, oh yeah, my body, recovered great, so I'm happy. I can do just but uh so main issues in my shoulder. But besides that I'm fine you any future surgeries coming up. No! Ok! Welcome glad I'm glad you're doing so. That's awesome, okay! So what what are you thinking of putting the money on? so me and my wife have agreed that we want to use this money to buy a house, but she Well, we're not agreeing on is that she wants to put the majority of the money all of that
payment and save about twenty thousand for emergencies, and I think this is a perfect time to get rid of all like that and will still have a good amount for a down payment on a house and still have some left over, but she's, not agreeing with me with that, and I just wanted hear your on the way, you think would be the better move. I agree with you. I don't know why she would agree with Maine but anyway, the are. Are we tell people to buy a home unless less you're debt free how much debt do you have together. We have about forty five thousand dollars. I would pay that off and I would hold twenty back from emergency and put the rest is your down payment? If I your shoes. I would not buy a house with that. Still laying around. I think that's dangerous you're asking for try and so on. So my vote is going on your side of this argument, I'm afraid, but honestly, I don't know why she would answer. Listen to Maine. Now me tell you this. I will
Tell that? I would not do any of this unless you guys get on a budget, and you agree to never borrow money again. Ok, yes, that I have tried to talk to her about that. I'm actually a new list, I'm trying to get her on board, but she's not really too convinced about it. I'm also having trouble getting I'm bored with your plan as well yeah. I can imagine so. I highly recommend you don't do anything until you can come into agreement. Okay, because you're going to make a mistake when you sharing- and I when we have an argument like this, we we two we have a rule. We have to do nothing so we can come into agreement on. Purchases large gifts, large decisions, we decide. Nothing is the only thing we can do: so we're in agreement and
so. I recommend you do nothing until the two of you can get on the same page. Do you think that she would go to finance? university. If I gave you a one year, membership, I honestly do think We've been talking to her mother, trying to help me out just 'cause, she's, so stubborn about this. An here. Weather is on my side as well, or is it when I ask what I asked was? Can you get your wife to go to financial peace University to the nine lessons? If I review the one year membership. Yes, sir, you think so why she's pretty stubborn. I think that name I mean her mother would sit down with her and explain to her go to the class. It's free! Ok, I'm! give it to you, but I'm only going to give it to you on the condition that she teens with you? Ok, If you go by yourself it will cause a divorce get more and more and more and more excited about getting out of debt and living
plan, and you drive a wedge further between you all- and I don't want to do that so if you can talk her into just attending one or two classes with you, I think she'll go on and go to the others. I'm pretty persuasive. But but. Don't go by yourself. Dude it'll cause problems hold on I'll, have Kelly pick up I'll, give you the Financial Peace University membership for a year, and that includes the nine lessons that you can. And then you can watch them online and everything else, but do not do this without her. It's contingent upon that. My gift alright Dave is with us in Stockton, ca, hi Dave. How are you afternoon, Dave how you doing today, better than I deserve what's up. Well that that's good stay My wife and I are fpu coordinators and we're dead tree debt free and we need your wisdom and guidance on something where we also have a little agreement last year soon after her son got very, we log in so many to help him out
our knowing it yeah We would never probably see the money again. Okay Why would you do that? ' Financial Peace University coordinator. I you know what that's a good question. That's a good question. I maybe be I haven't try to for about a year. Yeah I lost touch with with that aspect of it, but we volunteered to pay for the materials that they take. The class which good, but in the end they didn't discipline. The Celica following the principles building energy signed at all. Well, after six months, we decided, since we weren't, trying to make PS back thing we kind of let them know we weren't alone anymore, money 'cause. They had made no effort to to reimburse anything and there was no communication from them indicating the order is back. Life goes later only vehicle broke down.
An and they could not be repaired in my son had no way to get to work. This is where it gets sticky, Knowing that my wife executive, her parents, trust, would be disbursing funds to all beneficiaries, including him. We both agreed two fact about ninety percent of what they would receive with the understanding? They would immediately pay its back. The checks were written, so the logic was- Taylor, Barnes from my Sponsee, were already people news to them by her parents dressed as of today. We have not distributed about money, but it's getting a little stick here here. It's going to be disturbed couple weeks. We wonder what you do in the meantime, they've they took out uh. Five hundred and eight one thousand dollars loan to pay off four months overdue, rent the other they I'm elected in our daughter. Her life just does not want to work to help out so
My Angela Center Cinemas mirrors and because they have not given us traded besides, building paint a car loan. I have strongly suggested- and I think that's about as far as I can go with- this is my wife side that my wife write, the check to them, haven't come over and cited over to us and we would write them a check for the balance of the love, what they didn't borrow from us. However, we didn't, we didn't Adam and it seems simple, and we know if we if we approach it that way, that would be successful and would eliminate the temptation. And then using the hands and they're. Certainly not cleaners factors agreed Anne in my opinion, be more proactive to solving this superficial. Nine thousand dollars right Y eight right now, what's your network now, but with that, what's your net worth. I don't know five hundred six hundred. What's your household income,
thirty. Maybe Well, let me just tell you here's my opinion. This is all your fault, my fault, okay! You loan people, money that were broke. And don't handle money well and win against everything that you were supposed to have been taught by us, 'cause, you longer family money You're, the one made this mess. Okay, I take you now, I'm to In they're not making it worse, yeah and so one. One thing you could do is just say: forget it that don't pay me back, forget it I'm an idiot. I should be giving you money, I'm never given you any more ever under any circumstances. Right right, I, she she believes it that we should just be trusting mail with, to them and then hope, they'll reimburse to see those memory Amber shoe? Well, I didn't
it's my angle that they're not going to completely ridiculous assumption. That is not gonna happen check with them. You're, never going to see this money and then you're going to decide if you're going to speak to your own children over money or not. This is the crap you get into when you loan family members money. It's all your fault, so I mean, if you want to if she wants to walk you through, that, that's fine, but don't ever do this again, just absolutely ludicrous you're asking for all the trouble you've caused. You caused every bit of this
America in the lobby, Ramsey Solutions, Steve and Cindy are with the site. Welcome. Welcome where you from W Colorado. Which is near just north of Denver, Denver, ok, cool and you're, headed into debt, free scream in Tennessee yeah. We paid off. We have paid off three hundred and sixty three one thousand six hundred and ninety one. How long did it take Dave that took us six years, one month and eleven days? I love it, an your range of income. It was fluctuating during that time, sixty nine to eighty nine wow. Ok,
We do for a living, I'm an administrative assistant for the Kroger company. And I'm a culinary manager very cool that stuff fun. So four hundred and six four thousand over six years. I'm guessing that might include your mortgage. It how do I get out where people you paid We did who this house Worth Steve five hundred and fifty thousand give are take I love that. How old are you do? I am fifty one today perfect, I'm fifty two Dave well happy birthday that touchdown and you're paid for house yet upset, feel phenomena did you ever think you'd have now mortgage payments? never in a million years six years ago, you'd just working on it. Then what happened six years ago? Well I'll tell you to start a little bit before that Dave. I
heard about you. Probably I want to say back in two thousand five, possibly when our our youngest granddaughter was born. You were on PBS at that time is when I first heard of you and I called to get your kit and I was told that they don't take credit, Yes, so I was a little taken back by that 'cause. I didn't understand the concept of the whole thing at that time and then two thousand and twelve we had heard about it in church again an I just will see. We had to make some changes and I was all in it- took Steve a little while right now. Ok, so you signed him up for the class and he said you did what he yeah yeah, that's exactly how it went. Eventually, I went kicking and screaming. Ok, so what stop the kicking and screaming when you got to class? Why did it change you? Well, I took the first week that I did not go. I knew that she was signed up to
class. She asked if it was ok to sign up. I said: yeah, that's fine, so that it came the evening at the class, and she said getting ready to go. I said, ok have a good night. She goes yeah, we're going together. I said well, no you signed up for the class. I did not sign up for the class. Oh, I was reloading ammunition. I went ahead and did my thing. I was stubborn next week. But with her and eventually became coordinators, oh wow, you know coordinating the class yeah, probably half a dozen times. I think we should get revenge right there, yeah yeah, you re loaded, ammunition. She took off and loaded hers, love it very fun very fun. Well, congratulations you guys! Thank you very proud for you very proud of you. So we've been coordinating. So you got cheerleaders all around your people going yay way to go. In. The video they're are going to love this right here you got people around you screaming, for you,
Absolutely. I love it. Yeah very cold and I think you're crazy along the way we have probably more of those okay. Is there out there? Yes, everybody's got an eye roll ready. Don't they like? Are you right now right? I you join that Ramsay Cold. We definitely made your name a cuss word. It's happened before that's Great. Alright you've got not a debt. Your in your favor you're, fifty years old, you paid off your house and everything you're coordinating classes, the guy stayed home during the first class shows up at the second, he's you, but now he's come your class, no part, about right. What do you tell him? The getting out of that is. Why did this work? We had to be on the same age an obviously the first week we weren't on the same page went to the class
started. Here was about an eventually. She got me on the same page. Ok, but I mean what do you that the you tell the key to getting out of that is beyond same page what else and follow the baby steps now: okay, very cool their work together, yeah you gotta tell your classes your story If you don't I mean you should this is great. I mean the whole full story. The loading them is home. That's that's real! people being real and there's so many people out there trying to act like they got all their crap together and they don't we I'll stay home and load ammunition, at least once that's awesome man I mean we do that's just so cool. That's neat! What a great deal
very, very, very fun. She don't have any payments in the world. Does that feel? Weird feels great. I have to say it feels great. You know. In the last few months, since we paid off the house, we've done a lot. We've been home to visit family. I think some of the pictures that we showed David, if I can share just a little something we thought we were going to come here in June, was our intention and then we didn't get the phone call. We thought what the heck, let's just go home to Chicago, will go visit family. So we did that
and I'll. Tell you even I got married thirty four years ago we were very young couple, sixteen and seventeen years old who so there was a lot around in that circumstance at that time, and my family was not at her wedding. It has always been a missing chapter in my life and my sister, knowing that we were coming out because we didn't get to come to Nashville in June, had planned a whole will surprise ball renewal for us, oh my gosh, my dad gave me away. Oh my gosh, which I've never thought would happen, how fun it's awesome, how old is he my dad? Is seventy six?
Redemption story was a lot better than coming to Nashville it doesn't. It just shows how God's plan works. I was just so adamant that I was coming here. We were coming to Nashville and my sister just kept saying. Well, why don't you come home and I said if I don't go to Nashville will come home and up to a week up to the time before we thought we were coming here. She just like. Why are you coming home now? So in a weeks time, my sister Chris had put an fam in France, have put that together for us, believable just finished up they're far down? I might be missing almost like touch down. That's awesome, very cool, very cool, great redemption story, yeah, absolutely way to go. Dad I'm ready go sister will blame her for the whole thing, that's good, very, very Google resolution yeah, that's good, that's fine! Well, I'm you delayed, We got here, but I'm glad you delayed. I wanted. I'm glad
to hear your story. Yeah, good stuff, we're very proud of you here. Thanks ramseys. We like people like you around here all these people that This building is why we're here is people just like you you're our heroes. Thank you Dave great work now you are too well done. Very well done all copy of Chris Hogan's book, for you retire inspired. That is the next chapter in your story now you're to be millionaires halfway there on the house alone, so well done. That is the chapter of this coming to live like no one else now and give like no one else now so you, position to do all of that very well done Steve and Sandy Denver CO for three hundred and sixty four thousand dollars paid off in six years and one month, being sixty nine to eighty nine, wed, zero debt free screw three
one praise God, free that's right. There. Then in amazing. The way things work out. Resolution comes to things. When you start healing and trolling the variables in one area of your life it is amazing that the natural flow of things in God, universes of the other areas of your life, start being under your control and healing as well wow, great great story I think I've got the best job in the world. Don't you guys get to watch these heroes? You guys are heroes. I'm proud of you! You can do this. You got this, I believe
this is the Dave. Ramsey show like in Fayetteville North Carolina, welcome in a room she showed better than others are man what's up in your world add a question so mean wiper. Looking at trying to get out of debt and decide whether we should get rid of one of our cars or both of our cars. Ok, how much go on car number. One
the car number one we owe seventeen thousand and what is it worth and it's worth private sale anywhere from twenty to twenty six thousand k, you car number Do we have thirteen thousand eight hundred on and it's worth anywhere from around fifteen around fifteen? project, so you're right side up on both of them. That's good news! Ok, and what's your. Hold income. Uh, I make sixty six thousand dollars a year. Ok, car values total more than half your annual income. And your debt does not, but robot value, I don't want more than half your annual income tied up and things are going down in value. What's the Directory on your income, if you're making sixty six this year, what do you think you're going to make next year
route, seventy to seventy two somewhere around there, and then that gets us there right, 'cause, that's! Ok, seven thousand and values today so you're right on the bubble. You've got you've, got the max possible invested in things that are going down in value. Never do this again, even if you keep things even if you keep these, Ok because I mean let's say you're making one hundred and you got fifty tide up in cars as long as you perpetuate this. Those cars go But you know they lose about sixty percent of their value in five years for years, right in there and You really do lose your butt on a man. You can't I mean I don't mind having a nice car, but I want to be a small percentage of my income or smaller percentage you have how much other debt do you guys have We have a mortgage which we owe two hundred and thirty four thousand on. That's it. Yes, sir you're, only debt other than your house is your cars. Yes, sir. No Sir no credit cards no matter.
Launch no credit cards, no medical bills? Do you like these cars. Um probably the one that we owe the most on we're, probably looking at getting rid rid of um. Ok, then we've gone back and forth. Things, obviously what is it? What's? The twenty two dollars car twenty? Sixteen Honda Odyssey: ok, nice, car, very nice car, ok here's the thing, here's! What I would do number one, don't let the purchase of vehicles even with cash things with motor wheels total of all your own with motors and wheels ever approach, half your income again after this, because it's going to cause you to struggle bill. Well, if you understand the concept right, yes, sir, okay, but it's so if you choose to these: that's fine. Can you pay them both off in two years? Thirty, one thousand dollars in two years. The answer is: yes, that's fifteen thousand a year. Camp out, fifteen thousand dollars a year, making six thousand and seventy grand something wrong with you. So Saturday Your schedule
and you know so- it's like, one hundred bucks a month I mean you know you can do this, and you'll be debt free two years or less. You want me to do it quicker than two years really, but if you're going to keep them, get them paid off in under two years, preferably eighteen months and never let the purchase of vehicles even with cash approach, half your annual income again, if you want to keep them, then you hit the guideline if you hit them barely and the fact that your income trajectory shooting so that gives us a little bit of leeway here, it doesn't say we want to repeat this or cause to be a pattern. But if the pattern it's here- and this is the- much time and then you're going drive these cars out of while you're going to pay cash, for whatever you do point forward and be a little bit more conservative in your purchases in the future. Then you'll be right. Track. Is that logical to you? Yes, sir? Ok I keep my wood but under those circumstances, Skylar Spokane WA, hi Skyler. How are you hey? I'm
Dave, how are you better than I deserve? What's up, I'm so! I recently got these to you around. June July this year, and I started my debt snowball and been paying off my student loans and and how you construct it. And how old are you my mom twenty eight good for you, ok, yeah! and my mom she's notice that I've been paying off. My in my and I have one private loan that is on the bottom of my debt, snowball and she disagrees with how I'm going about paying off my my dad because he not all manner a twenty eight twenty eight year old man pay your own bills right, I yeah I do business. What business is for mothers uh,
None besides that she has access to my bank account by when I opened it up at the eight I open yep and when I was in high school and she thinks that you're, a man write, your mommy doesn't need to be in your business anymore, you're twenty eight year old man right. Go down and change it right now. Ok, ok and then just I appreciate your concern. I love you, but this is what I'm doing right and- and she's helped me out in the past before when things been tight and like I'm not going to hide any more now you're getting out of that all right if she stays there, if she supports you and you live in her household, then that's one thing, but if you're a free, agent a twenty eight year old, standalone, independent man. Then this is just mom who's. Turn. Who is overstepping her boundaries? That's all it is that's all it is, and she loves you. She she means well, but she
knows your LAN crap right right! yeah- I mean it's, not she's, not a bad person. She loves her little boy but to to you to Hershey oh boy, that used to do whatever when you were eight right, but now right. If you missed that point right, and this is normal for mommies by the way. Sometimes I have to remind my wife that my son is a grown man. Twenty six inch married and it's known as none of your business, you know I have to remind my wife of that. Sometimes I don't do it very often, but she's pretty good about it, but Mommy's love their voice. And sometimes it's hard for them to grow up but hard. Let him grow up, but you sure it's your stance as a man to handle this and you just loving. Put a boundary up in mom, I'm going to pay off my debts and I got platinum, working and, I think hard, we're going to be proud of it. Sometime mom and you just move on just like just like a friend of disagrees with the way you vote right, You got friends vote different than you uh
I try to stay out of it too. 'cause there's a dadgum minefield, but but I mean you know, point being that I love him anyway and they're going to vote, how they're going to vote and I'm going to I'm going to vote and I still like him. I don't disqualify friendship due to the way you vote right right, I don't know I'm not that narrow minded. I got a little more intellect than that. So anyway, that's This way I would look at it just look at that. We should just don't agree with you know what, if you bought a blue car and she didn't like blue cars, I mean it's the same thing: ok, is that you know you get to decide. You bought the car at your money, your life, your twenty eight, and you know that kind of stuff. So I'm glad she loves you, I'm glad she's concerned, I'm not being mean to her, but she just she just poking around with stuff that she, They would be poking around and you need to stop her from doing it. So you can have a life gently. Kindly I'm not suggesting you be rude to your mother. That's against the rules right! never be rude to mom, but but we can put boundaries up and
kindly firmly reminder how things work and that's what you do here. Thanks for the call open phones at eight billion, eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five hello, don't I'm going to have to ask MEG Meeker about that one? That's an interesting thing that just popped into my head. I don't know that I wonder, If there is, I think I'll, just I'll go ahead and start some of you on Twitter. You ready, I kinda, think I'm not positive, not rotated. Take a stand on this. I'm going to ask her. Then it's hard. For moms to let go of their sons than his dad's to let go of their daughters. I kind of think that, because observe that, with some of my buddies too, they marry off their daughters and they still love their daughters and their special place in our hearts. It's always got your around the little finger, but the need for me: go interrupt, my daughter's life is very minimal, except to the extent she works for me, but I mean
but I mean in terms of her personal life, to go over trotting around in my muddy boots through her house, so to speak is very minimal. I think. Maybe it's a southern thing. I don't know that's in it. I'll have to ask mag maker about that she's, the parenting expert and she, that was how that works. She's wrote, strong father, strong daughters and strong mother. Signs and all that kind of stuff, so interesting, interesting, stuff, that puts a sour of the Dave Ramsey Show in the books are thanks to James Charles R producer and hello, Daniel researcher producer and phone screen- or I am Dave, Ramsey your host and will be back,
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