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Live from the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions, broadcasting from the dollar car rental studio, since the Dave Ramsey Show that is at all home mortgage has taken the place of the M W as the status symbol. I'm Dave Ramsey your host open phones at triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two two five at triple eight eight two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five well, ambassador Nikki Haley just dropped in we're going to have her on the air here in a few minutes for a little bit of this hour. As we talk about her
book that's coming out called with all due respect: defending America with grit and grace be a great conversation and we don't that kind of thing very often but hey Haley, is a definitely a very interesting, lady and I thought it be fun to talk to her and for you to listen in so she's, going to join us here for a little while the shower phone number in the mean time for you and I to talk, eight billion, eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five Jill starts off this hour in Missouri, Hey Jill. How are you I am so I thanks for taking my call and thanks for all you do, situation. Here it is I'm forty, eight I've never married, I don't have kids. I am a What time music director for a church, I make forty six, So when I started up to you, I realized there's no way I'm going to be able to care of all my bills and get ahead with that. So I actually started teaching
will band and choir, and so that added another ten thousand a year now the problem is is that they are requiring me to get certified to go back to school and that's going to cost the program that I had. I am going to be. Thing is gonna, be like twelve thousand. For ten thousand dollars job. Yeah, but it's over over a number of years there allowing me five years to do it. Ok I don't know I don't know what else I mean. Is it feasible right now I have my house is ninety. Eight thousand. I have a ten thousand dollars car payment car. Forty one thousand on student loan and fourteen on the credit card. But I'm hanging on. You said, you're actually you're forty eight, forty, eight! Yes, ok! So I think there's a bigger question: ok, the bigger question is what do you
want to be doing for the neck Ten years and let's invest in that. Oh I would not. I would not go to all this angst in trouble over a part time, job. Okay, if you want to be a full time, music teacher and make that your career and you're going to go in and become a member of county and they're going to pay you fifty and sixty thousand overtime, seventy thousand dollars to work for them that's the return and you get to live your dream and you get to smile while you're doing it and you get to make money and it's a full en gig, then a two one thousand dollars. Investment makes sense, twelve thousand dollars investment for a ten thousand dollars part time, job does make any sense at all. 'cause you'll be the first thing on the chopping block. If there's a budget problem, sure it's a a pretty new schools that started up so right now, it's part time, but um. The attendance is tripling every time
doubling every year, and so we uh main private school it is it it's cool and I mean they are anticipating that it will be full time. You're a church music director is just a christian school. It is yes, well there's two things I want to do then one is, I would want to discuss with them the idea that they pay for this ok which they can afford. It and b are where it's going. Take me after I go to this trouble. Ok on the growth of students. We think we're going to make you full time in two years. If you finish your certification, then get her done, you know, but if if they think well, you know I don't know, and it might be twenty years and we all know and well then you don't invest in who know I'm not going to put my life on the line for that, but but it is this certification transferable, then too public. Yes, it is absolutely
now it's going to pay for it. Only twelve grand, ok, in return, you promised to work there. You know and you go ahead and you go ahead and settle on your future salary and stuff. Ok, let's. Let's make this a part of a tip, our game plan not a way to My part time job sure, okay got in it, then it makes sense. Okay, all right! Thank you so much. Thank you for calling appreciate your joining us Quinn is next Quinn is in New York. How Quinn? How are you ideal thing, my call sure. What's up, okay, so My husband and I are twenty three and just got married in September. Gradually I've been working. Thank you so much so I think full time for a little over a year, and he has six more months of where he graduated from undergrad, and I grew up listening to you. Thanks to my mom and I followed your principle. We followed your controls to achieve,
got married. I was on baby sit for my question comes in my husband has fourteen thousand twenty one dollars in student loans. Should we just leave obviously combines bank accounts and everything. So should we just empty our emergency fund down One thousand dollars to kind of payoff about of the ones you were on baby step. Four. When you got married, he took you back to baby step two right. Because now we are one and printer says, and now you are one totally. And you combine your bank accounts, but you know it's just, for you- and I don't blame you because you were right along pretty good and I'm sure he's worth it, but you married into some debt right, yeah, nice pulling out. So I think the main thing is just like, since we're only on one paycheck right now like with the next six months? It'll still same thing, so what does he mean? Does is working his undergrad right? he's working today, starting at degree in cyber security.
So what is she studying? Several? That's, wonderful, what a great career field, and so yeah, it's going to probably him from working while he's getting his degree. So actually in ROTC right now, he's going to be going to the army reserves so that all the time and they do pay him like a stipend every two weeks and he had some scholarships coming in, but I'm not seeing you anymore alone, it's just from before. Ok, so you do what you do is creating some income and he's working he's not just going to school So that's good, alright, good yeah, let's just let's roll up our sleeves put our budget together with our. Situation. You know the Great news is in twelve months from today. Your world is going to be completely different, with both of you kicked into gear and he's got a great careerfield yelling making bank also. Ok, thank you so You are heading in the right direction, very, very well done open phone eight hundred and eighty eight eight hundred and twenty five thousand two hundred and twenty five, below is on Youtube says they want your opinion on using the acorns app after baby three
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what about the studio to hang out for a couple seconds. Ambassador Nikki, Haley Bucket list checked that get to meet you. So it's nice to meet you my bucket list as Jack, that that's not true, but thanks for hanging out with us. We appreciate the book is out: it's called with all due respect, defending America with grit and grace if you haven't followed Ambassador Haley's Karere from accountant to governor of the state of South Carolina through some really tough times and some great healing. We will talk about that. All the way to obviously be ambassador to the United Nations, which is like herding, cats and dogs, an understatement, often to get to that as well, but welcome so book tour how's the book doing it still a great I mean people have really been very
It's been a lot of fun, seeing the crowds and going out torrent and taking pictures and a books and If you know it's always nice to be appreciated, and I think that's One thing: is you throw your heart and soul out into a book in you hope people can. You know just appreciate it, and, and we felt a lot of tough, Why are you finding when you're doing this tour? I find this. We're doing some of our stuff that the from the normal people that regular people are all. Ok, Yes and there, even if they necessarily agree with politics or your president or whatever they still. Your smile. They still wanna sit down here. Your idea there ok to talk, it sees character that have lost their minds, I love being out with normal people. I really do because they are not so easily offended and they just they are living, the day. They know exactly what matters and what doesn't
A lot of the stuff just rolls off their backs and you can have a discussion absolutely. As I said, I'm gonna get all torqued up a civil discussion measure right. You spent a lot of time with people torqued up in the last few years. I've, Russia and China was definitely would qualify. Others would definitely qualify. Let's roll back for a second you're, the governor, when the r horrible shooting occurred in Charleston and we're connected to a ton of churches there matter fact I'll, be there Wednesday night doing an event and at Seacoast Church there, Churches are good friends of ours, and so we were really connected to that. I don't call it a tragedy, horrific act that isn't the results in a tragedy just evil on parade and in of racism, but also just in the form of mental illness, apparently
Do you lied through something like that as the governor, if you created a an ambiance of healing, you create a salve spiritually over that over that over people that could have gotten riled up and out of hand even further, and it was It was a scary time not just for what it happened, but where we were going from there and this was twelve people doing what Many south Carolinians do every Wednesday night. They were going to Bible study, but on this night someone else showed up. He didn't look like them. He didn't act like them. He didn't sound like them, they didn't throw amount, they didn't call the cops. Instead, they pulled up a chair and they prayed with him for an hour and when they bowed their heads in that last prayer, he began to shoot. These were people.
Like at the lance who had lost her daughter, two years prior to breast cancer and she had a broken heart, but she would go around mother, Emanuel, church cleaning singing one day at a time: Sweet Jesus, that's all. I ask of you, give me the strength to do every day. What I have to do, our youngest victim. Taiwan's a Sanders had just finished college and on that night he stood in front of his eighty seven year old, great aunt, Susie and looked at the killer and said you don't have to do this. We mean no harm to you or it was people like Cindy heard whose life motto was simply to be kinder than necessary. That's who these people were. It was the first time there'd been a shooting at a place of worship. The national media came in in droves and they just wanted to define the moment they wanted it to be about racism. They will
to be about gun issues. They wanted it to be about whether we were for or against the death penalty, and I just wrapped my arms around the state, because I so wanted to protect them. And told the media there will be a time and place where we can have these discussions, but not now um. We had Charles. We had to respect the family's and I attended every single families, the funeral open, casket, all of our families falling over the bodies. It was just a terrible scene and then within a.
Take a day or two. The shooter came out with his manifesto and there he was holding the confederate flag spewing all kinds of hate. You fast forward a couple more days, and it was the first time the killer appeared before the judge in the families showed up and the judge allowed them to speak and one by one, unplanned unprompted. They looked at the killer and they forgave him and that kind of forgiveness was so overwhelming that we didn't have riots. We had visuals, we didn't have protests, we had hugs and we went through a few really rough weeks, but we held tight, we held strong, the confederate flag came down, and South Carolina in the people of South Carolina showed what true strength and grace looks like in the eyes of the world.
With just a horrific tragedy, the defining moment it was now of of your time. Were you in two terms the sucker or one? Yes, two I served six years. I was in my second term when that happened. Okay, you know when, in the middle of is that when you took you an investor in the middle of it, it happened in twenty fifteen okay and I after yeah, and I accepted December of twenty sixteen okay and but you stepped out of a term to accept. I did okay and remember that part of it yeah okay. So how long were the view? The you an investor? I was there for two years and thing
you were getting into an what did you really get into it so funny, because I loved serving the state that writes to me? I mean it was just the best job. An right after the president writes priebus. The president's chief of staff called and said in the president wants to see you and I said for what he said. Well, he wants to talk to you about possibly being Secretary of State and I said Ryan's IQ Secretary of state I'm a governor, and he said well. He wants to talk to you need to show up. So I show up the next morning an I see the press I had known him for a few years prior and I said: look I'm just not your person. I said there's too much going on in the world. You need someone that doesn't have to have a learning curve, but I'll help. You all support you in any way that I can fast forward that Friday rights calls again and says, don't say anything. Just listen.
US ambassador to the United Nations. I said why I don't even know what the United Nations does. I just know everybody hates it and he said well. The president is going to call you on Monday. You need to have an answer, and you know it was the easiest time our son was fifteen. Our daughter had just started college Michael and I, my husband, take care of. My parents are in their eighties and my mom has Parkinson's, so they with us, so it wasn't necessarily the best time to move to New York with the President called on Monday and he said alright neck. Are you going to do this and I said well, there would need to be some condition. In place and he said, okay, what are they and I still have been a governor? I don't want to work for anyone else. I would want to work directly with you, so it has to be a cabinet position. He said, I said. Well, I'm Apolosi girl. So I'd want to be in the room when decisions are made, so it would need to be. You know, I'd want to be on the National Security Council. He said done and
so I'm not going to be a wallflower talking head. I need to be able to say what I think he knew that he that's exactly why I want you to do this and he was true to his word from the first day to the last day. So the so, the? U N investors, not always a cabinet position. It's not always it's! It's dependent on the president. Typically Ronald Reagan had it as a cabinet position. He was the last republican president to have it as a cabinet position and then and President Obama did have it as. Very cool. All of this is covered and many many other things in the book with all due respect where all the sellers are sold, you can Ambassador Nikki Haley is our guest, this segment and next and defending America with grit and grace right, subtitle love. It will be right back with
more from Ambassador Haley. This is the Dave. Ramsey show our guest, this half hour bucket list, checked ambassador Nikki Haley is with us her new book bestseller immediately with do you respect trending America with grit and grace we were talking. The time is, Carolina when the
occured in the healing process that she letter state through and then President Trump- also machines are being the chooses to be a cabinet position form of Un Ambassador, so I'm looking in from the outside, and I I'm not in your world at all, and so I'm one of those people that just kind of looks at the UN and shakes my head discussed, and it's not a political statement, is just to High ineffective power money going down the tubes and all this kind of I'm pretty cynical about it. So curious when you got there. What surprised you in a good way that you went wow. This is so much better than I thought. The people, the ambassadors typically for other countries it is a very senior position. So usually people at the end of their career, former national security, adviser's, former finance ministers would be or
states would be a UN ambassador, the most trusted person by their president. And so it was good for me because I realized you could get a lot done because they could talk to their president immediately if we wanted to negotiate something or get something done, but just the caliber of people and the quality of people was really impressive. There a lot not to like about the UN, but the people were really impressive, not what not to like. But what was frustrating the based, I mean the waste of money and the waste of time and the bureaucracy of all of it. I mean that was the first thing that I went in being an account myself always go in and look at the numbers first, because I think numbers tell a story in which to get a lot of solutions. Out of that, and so you know we immediately looked at that. In the first year we cut one point: three billion dollars off the budget. I mean just with low hanging fruit and there's so much more there I they they still use elevator operators and they, you know everybody
at the U N Building and they thank the ambassadors are in that big tall skinny building. No, that's all staff. There are thousands of people that work in the New York you and building, and it's just a half it's and so it's a it's. A big waste is very bureaucratic. Every country wants to have their own people were in the U N Staff, and so it it can be a bit of a mass, but we went in and we really cleaned up the peacekeeping missions. We fought for just streamlining a lot of reforms that we wanted to see it to you and we were able to make a dent what changed in you, because you did that. I think the main thing that changed in me as
or the things that I saw. You know right now, especially we were talking about how toxic the political environment is, and you hear both parties referring to the other side, is evil and I've seen evil. I've been to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they use rape as a weapon of war. I've been to South Sudan, where I've talked to crying mothers were one told me that her baby was taken from her and thrown into a fire and she had to eat his flesh. I've been on the summit bowl of our bridge, watching thousands of Venezuelans holding their babies in the hot sun for hours to go, get the one meal they might get that day. The average venezuelan adult has lost twenty four pounds. I've had to look at pictures of children who died from chemical,
from spermicide, that's evil. What we have in our politics right now are different ideas and they should be debated and people should be passionate. But we need to remember to be grateful because on our worst day we are blessed to be in America. Yeah. If you don't love this country, that's the definition of someone that hasn't traveled I mean go to any country and what I found was all of the ambassador they might have resented us. I mean every day I felt like I had to put on body armor, and there was going to be a fight just to know which country we're going to fight that day, but while they resented us, they all wanted to be us. They all loved that we had the freedom of speech and freedom to worship and freedom of expression in any way that we wanted. Would tell me that they all loved the idea that we had opportunities in America like no other place, and so we have to time that
While we live in the best most generous country in the world, it's not going to protect itself. We have to be responsible with it. We have to be responsible with how we spend with that. We have to be responsible with how we you know allow for those freedoms and opportunities. We have to be responsible with how we treat each other. How do you think we lost our ability to have any any such of a civil conversation and the political landscape, and if we lost it that way, how do we get it? I think people were frustrated an I think they were frustrated with their government. You know I came in through the tea party time and people at that point, where frustrated with governments, not understanding the value of a dollar, an the spending that has since morphed into more of a frustration that governments not listening, and you know I think, that
that gave them that gave the rise to the passion, and then social media gave the rise to allow people to say hateful things without having to look the person in the eye and say: You add all that together and you've just created. You know, what's a really toxic and via and every one of us has to be responsible, you know. I know people talk about the President's, not just the president. The republican Party, it's the Democrat Party, its athletes, entertainers everybody needs to be more com. As of what they say and you our younger generation is watching us. And they are learning from every single thing. We're doing it at some point. We have to understand that when we fight and we don't get along, and I talk about it a lot in the book. Only ones that went or Russia and China because they love. How divided we are. This is exactly what they want is for us to be distracted. Anything they can do to take our hand off the wheel. That is exactly right, so what have you been up to since you left the UN? Well, I
been talking out talking to people and not Russia and China anymore, which I've loved. I spent a lot of time on the book reason why I want to write the book now was. I knew the facts would be there. I wanted the emotion to be there. I wanted people to know what the behind the scenes was like at the UN and the decisions that were made and being governor, and you know, being a woman, and family and how you tackle. All of that. I also started a policy group called stand for America and that's because my son and our
What are they don't get their news from television or the newspaper it's from social media, and so this is a platform where we try and engage the younger people and it talks about capitalism versus socialism and why there's an anti Israel bias at the UN and and what Medicare for all will mean, and so it just gives some things there. So I've been talking with some college groups as well and just been enjoying taking a breath. It's been nice. I was raised by a powerful lady and I'm married to one, and I raised two more than Rachel. Cruze is one of our daughters, one of our best selling authors that speaks regularly and we talk about this kind of thing all the time and you talk about in the
This is a fabulous phrased as a woman. What does it mean to know the power of your voice? You know it's not use it all the time, but it's knowing when to use it when you use it make it mean something, and I think a lot of times. It's not how much you say it's what you say, and so I've always tried to tell everyone to use the power of their voice. You can move mountains with your voice if you use it for good now. Sometimes people find their volition, they they have so much anger that they can't stop talking or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Just to spewing that's different than finding your voice. That's exactly right! Look. I saw I'd heard a lot of spewing at the United Nations, so I can tell you that that that happens, but our words matter that we see it on the twenty four hour news cycle, ing ending to say, and so they have to say something and it can come out well exactly right. It's not it's not
thought out and- and you know, when you've got an avatar instead of someone signing their name to their hate on online digital courage, which is actually cowardice, it goes there shall ambassador, thank you for taking time to come by were honored to have you in our home now this has been a lot of fun. Thank you so much and browser Nikki Haley. The book is, with all due respect, defending America with grit and and having met her spending time with her, I'm sure that's exact, What you'll find between the covers this
is the Dave Ramsey Show in the lobby of Ramsey solutions on the debt free stage, Jim and Sandy are here Georgia, thirty north, just Northwest Acworth yeah. Absolutely welcome good to have you thank how much debt you pay off
one hundred and ninety nine thousand eight hundred and fifteen dollars, and how long did it take to pay off two hundred grand forty six months, all right and what was your range of income. During that time we were in between one hundred and forty hundred and seventy ish give are take. Will do for a living sales traveling warriors both guild. Wars, yeah, ok, in the same in the same industry, same industry, different companies- oh wow, your competitors; no, no! No! No! She said yes, he said no, I'm kidding what kind of that was the two hundred grand it was hard mortgage. Oh I'm, looking at weird people instead of your house and everything baby at the house, well done well done! That's only debt. We had full of it. Will congratulations so how long, we've been married.
That's it's going to be ten years this Thursday, so happy anniversary, thank very fun. Four years ago, and we're gonna get serious about this. Why? What? What made you decide to do that? Well, we built here's. What's it we built a brand new house? Okay, a and we decided we had a five plan! We did the fifteen year finance we had a five year plan, an the but there's a lot of my my job it was commissioned sooner, the more commission no more got thrown at it. So we're able to knock it out in three years and ten months, wow, wow, So, once you shut down that goal in front of, you gave your regional to work again even hard. Oh yeah, absolutely yeah, being in sales and having a real, clear thing like that? You go out yeah I'll, make one more call yeah yeah just go one more! Thank you! Yeah I've been there. I've been doing that my whole life. I love it as I have to have a golem useless without a goal. Well, you don't
I'll turn you guys well done, you don't have a house payment, now I never been completely debt free in your adult life, now, nope, never and not in the ten year, marriage for sure. Now now now definitely it's a house worth uh now probably well close close to around four hundred, and it was two hundred and seventy nine. I think we got it very good. How does it feel to be completely free this money. Funny is the for road warriors when we paid the the off, we literally literally left, go, do our we both got home an we looked around and were like, oh this is so exciting? We have. This is ours. We don't know anybody anything. This is our home So it was really exciting that first day we came back home and that's the same motion. I tell people. Take your shoes off walk to the backyard to go.
Yes, sir, cheers: yes, yes, wow, so very cool, so you make good my and I'm guessing. You were empty nesters. Yes, both on the road. You said ten years and. You said: ok we're just going to we're just going to do this. We're just going to be game on singular focus. Other than that, what do you tell people, the key to getting out of that as well, the actually I've tried to tell friends and colleagues is we run our house like it's a business? Is Jim and Sandy LLC. It has to turn a profit and that's the way. That's our folk. And we've been that way from day. One from our first date were sitting across the table from each other telling each other? What we didn't want yeah?
and when you, when you might have been in the rear view, mirror because, because what you want changes, what you don't want, never change right and and so it's like we were dead. Free except for mortgages or whatever back then, and so Both went into it, we've been a team from day one. It's been fantastic wow way to go. You guys very, very cool, very cool. What was the hardest part We really had a hard part. It was all The hardest part would be there. I gotta tell her number one two things. You didn't get a receipt. Well, dollar nineteen cents doesn't matter need a receipt. He said picture get received, run a business. She wants your expense report documented yes, sir, yes, sir, and then every two weeks the budget is set the household budget every two weeks, so it's around the 13th and there's maybe
very little bit left in this discretionary fund, so disturbing go honey. We're broke when I go okay, in other words Put that on the debt. We were broke. That's it we're broke gotta, wait till the 15th or 16th willing spending more money. So exactly so good, you know there's about that, though, that is tremendously satisfying when you take control of money instead of it controlling and that's what you're talking about the two you're joking around, but the two of you really together she was functioning, is the accountant and control. But you were making the decision together on principle that we're going live, like no one else, we can live and give like. No one else. Man well done you guys, so proud of you. Thank you who are your biggest cheerleaders outside the two of you, but probably John I would say our son Josh will was probably our biggest cheerleader he's he's also going through. He went through half po okay and we put him through F Po, actually and so he's. Probably
biggest cheerleader. He still in baby to working on now working on a little bit at that, please only that he's only got a little bit left to go, but does so yeah. We will share their stories and I don't think it really inspired him, and so it's wow and he kind of pat it on the back. Well, so If you're going using the every dollar app yeah, ok, right there we go, I did so family affair. Now, yes, yes, very cool. Well done, we've got a copy of Chris Hogan, book, for you everyday millionaires, because you'll be one in twenty minutes, if you're not already without value and then a 401K. You might be there now. You are you're there now. He everyday million. I love it see. That's happens and you fit the profile if it exactly in terms of a paid for house in under ten years, and the and the balance being in 401K Asian. Virus. That's the normal millionaire in America, there's a lot of other, to get there, but that's the primary methodology we found. Is we exactly what you guys did so very
We got a copy of the book to confirm that for them very, very good stuff right. Jim and Sandy from Atlanta GA two hundred one thousand dollars paid off in forty six months making forty to one hundred and seventy, that's their house and everything they're, weird and counted down. Let's hear a debt free, scream, two yeah that's how it's done right there so absolutely impressive, so you guys very cool and they're free. I know you guys listen to this. And I know you guys, watch it on youtube-
and in those millions ever look millions of you looking at this, but let's just listen to me carefully. For second, it's not a joke that when she walked back in her house, she felt different. Here say that the house we went on the road if we paid it off. When we came home, I looked around. I felt grateful and I felt different you what that is that's a slave that has been set free, the is slave to the lender and when you're free, you don't have any debt, Completely house and everything you almost literally feel a light switch in your soul, flip
You almost feel the switch flip. You didn't even know that you felt that way until you don't feel like a slave anymore, and it's this light feathery feeling it's the sense of liberty, the sense of freedom. It's different! You guys and it's very real and it's worth scratching and clawing for it's worth sacrificing for it's worth fighting, for. That puts a sour. The Dave Ramsey Show in the books
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