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Getting Out of Debt Is Short-Term Pain For Long-Term Gain (Hour 3)

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Live from their headquarters. Ramsay solution, as broadcasting on environmental studios, adds that day, Ramsay show that has done just kidding paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw status symbol of choice. I'm diagrams your host. Thank you for joining us, open phones, AAA eight to five five, two to five. That's AAA eight to five five two to five clay
is whether certain Minnesota, high Clare welcomed the Dave. Ramsay show iron I've got a duty for you. I really need your help. Ok, three. Nineteen, now out port. My husband of twenty two years revealed that he had good child whose lives younger than my youngest. I have four kids, my youngest of seven by oldest fourteen after he told me this news. We tried marriage counselling could work. Even urge councillors that we should get a divorce from he moved out, He moved with a new girlfriend whose also his boss, I've been a single market, the kids. I have a part time jobs I make nineteen thousand dollars a year. He pays mortgage of twenty seven, Thirty five a month- and he gives me I'm fourteen hundred every month to feed and quoth two kids, I have boy- is also a girl, boss determined his bonus to feel so. I got a percentage of his bonus because my lawyer fought for it. I had
MRS thirty nine thousand. I use part of that to pay off the credit card. But I've been living on. I had borrowed money. My sister to pay the kid Hey the lawyer, keep the head on and after I paid off my bells put us dollars. I have twenty six thousand dollars left. I know you didn't have to sell the house, the kids and I because I can't afford a mortgage, but twenty seven, thirty five a month and I have to question: do I just sock away the twenty six thousand left of my ex husband, this and use it as a down payment on whatever new House, the captain. I have to move in the right kind of living on it, pay. My sister and brother A back as they did learn lonely money and, on the other, they think I have to ask is: should I give up more costly you, my kids, to work part time, so I can work more money and more money on shore
I know, and you are you're a great guy- gave ice. My friend gonna put into these big about five years ago, and I introduced here seven skip the financial freedom Had been- and he actually made me true, he said in favour me am. I chose him a boy if I start with you, I probably would be amiss mouth when I guess the choice she was thrown out was a pre a little bit of spot lighting, Lobo telescoping or what was to come home. Do you know what you want its guard when I married him, but he has millions shortly thereafter to that good. Here, he's always down this she's when this anyway, I'm ok, The way we answer all of these questions is what takes care of you and the children's future. The best.
Ok and right now, you're in a middle square, in the middle of a hurricane, and when, in the middle of a hurricane you dont pay off Dat everything's on hold your hoard cash, you cash close, it sure it's the pad between. You gives you options in the middle of this mass time. So let's pretend we fast forward a year from now. The divorce is fine The house has shown- and you ve got some money stashed away. Still that's been your safety net, because Lord knows, you need a safety net right now. Yes, now what is clear doing for a living? Then? What is your new career that you're doing too
your kids a year from now. I don't know I'm an opposition. I jumped glass. As that you buy an actual great. I jump, but it's only part time cause. I've got the kids get key five percent at the time and we accept them every other we'd get. But the custody thing is we're not giving of custody for money. That feels like your trading, your kids for money, but you have to a line custody with your career that allows you to feed you and your kids. Have to have something were aiming at and right now you're in the middle of extreme betrayal. A lot of anger. Alot of hurt- and it's hard to think clearly about the future, but the or to your question lies in the answer to your future, and so what do I do with the kid custody thing? Do trade, some of that for whatever so that I can work more well. You may have to that may be part of your career choice that you have to do to survive.
Come out of it follow these babies, so the youngest of seven, the all this is fourteen after his dad what they always want to commit suicide. So I haven't therapy once a week, so I hear him were quite four times to keep him alive lot lot of crisis corner in your plus one. I mean I actually imp lucky, I have my face. I have my friends great new garbage. Another have all that one in the middle of african hurricane with Russia, to say that a lot of wind blowing around you right now and the end of the winds Howlin outside I hear it. I had come through the plywood right, it's over the windows and so you're. Willow storm and that human rights, a human thing that Europe does this betrayal in anger and fear or real human emotions that happen real human beings when you're in the middle of a storm? So I'm not
the nine you the right to have all about how much should have all about not wanted to consume you, but I want a myth it's there, while we're making sure the so what I would do. To do is calm your spirit gone back porch. The cup of coffee, her lay in the morning for the kids, star, etc. I'm gonna go about what he wants you to do with your life one year from now career was and what are the steps to get there? and then how does that answer? What to do with it? How does that answer what to do with the custody? How does that answer? how quickly we shall the house now much. We fight for that I'm assuming the home has no equity. Early. We bought a house less than two years ago, written just take off tee o my we have consolidated spouse alone that we cannot separate according to the long people file. Seventeen thousand of that am I soon to be Ex owes twenty four thousand
so we ve got about forty one thousand in college loan that the car is paid off. It's a hoop deep at its paid off his girlfriend, bought him a new I've got the old minivan I'm. So I will wait would you write and beans, spaghetti eggs and me we we're we're reality: critic sharp shovel I don't think you're doing fine for where you are and then the question is what does new up Tom, a tree is ensure an optimist or if you can make good morning, no, not note, not up comic, not an eye! Doktor did not kitchen. I could suggest the glass- ah, she ok, Then I guess I guess I'm gonna go back and white border retail sales must go step back and say if your model sister, let's get in front of bored and say well, No, it's gonna get Delta sand, but it's here now Wanna be in this next track. What you got form a gun,
She's, not surprised by this. You and I are surprised, but he's not For me, one extra: what do you mean you and I'll? Tell you what you some of this money for you may have to go, get to hold up the do some of them and more government about Alzheimer's with his hand, so that you can make this money that you have a partner for either the storm just allocation hold onto European turned the corner you doing the best you can do it really difficult situation. A good go for you at her sleep, You ve been hearing me talk about my friends, a tough, the needle for a couple of years now ma family has their mattresses and now it's time to get yours? let another year passed sleeping on the same old madras prices start as those three and fifty dollars and you can try.
Four hundred night risk free? If I'm wrong, send it back go to tee in not come and get started, that's tee in dotcom. Remember it! Ships free.
Thank you for this America solutions. The month, one people decide to change everything January's a time. A lot of people start their whole that snowball starts or baby steps. For the first time read the total money make over go to finance rotational version. We start listening the pod gas? For the first time all that happened during this month and agree, Wait to get started in this process is our number one by selling book the total money make over.
Don't say around now: twelve nineteen, I'm in the online store Dave, Ramsay dot com in color, the concierge team at any time will help me out AAA to me to Peace AAA two to seven. Three, two to three: you are not true There is a way out and the total They cover will show you exactly. How do the baby steps on steroids gonna? Kick it into gear by Jeff is weathers in Colorado. I just How can we re room seizure? did they travel beyond yeah you true, you're amazing. Thanks for everything you do and bless your heart. How can I help you my wife and I are on that's what I've been fixed thanks to the total money make over. My wife is she's. Google stock options as additional compensation from work putting an additional forty to fifty on top of our two thousand dollar monthly mortgage payments, and am I way me here from your mouth shut.
We can't shot a certain amount of stock options to be turning toward them. Mortgage catch them all out and put on George Mortgage. Even with the action plan visions of aspects and just busted this here I'll show you If you want item another earned, it capital gains, an ordinary incomes, not the other world, be fine, but at the end of the day, I'm not gonna borrow money. All my house about stock in her company an offence lay ban on occasion by not carrying out stock in her company to play down your mortgage. It's the same thing We see that they have worked up every packet, but had an example and showed it to her, but she wanted to know that looked like our situation. Does it does here's the thing on the stock options may end up being very able at some point your life you may want to keep a few, may really love that company in love its potential, not gonna, think but no
why would I do that while I still had a whole mortgage- and so are you, everything I can get my hands on, except the emergency fund and accept fifteen percent. Your income going into retirement, not cashing out retirement accounts, which this is not a retirement again. This is a stock option. There. French and I use everything else, get this house might often babyship six be cause with no house payment. We accelerate you becoming wealthy, accelerate the speed at which you can become outrageously, generous, the speed at which you change your family tree and that's the reason for all this. I am people. Do this stuff a lot of different ways with this plan that we teach for thirty years has worked for millions of people and so you right we're in you. Look it up some unbelievably consistent. In the advice that I give around change it much because it cause it's based on principles.
And so my decisions are already made for me next is gonna, be Alex in California, hey like shower. You. Doing very well miss rambling about you better than I deserve. What's up. So my wife and I got hooked on two year. Outcast year we were reading the book that beyond Bless Book with Robert Morrison Eyes when one over the total money. Yes, he is Switched over to the total money may go her, love that and then turn out about the free up and. We live in, and heart of Silicon Valley worry at that in the area in the country where we're look into by home and gone well. I guess we can get the little patch over here and here question that we we ve decided through where somewhere between baby steps. Two and three we have an emergency fund set up with six months of payments I am currently in school,
She is working full time. We are twenty three and twenty nine and we ve listen you're podcast more. Times in the running theme was the fifteen year. Mortgage is what you say. And the question is: how do we at home in this area, with the fifteen year well. Silicon Valley is some of the most expensive real estate in all the United States, right which When you are twenty three or college student, you can't afford a home there. You simply can't afford liver. You don't have any money. A man just mathematically, you just simply cannot afford live there. I mean You cannot afford a driver Bentley either. And so there's no shame in that you're. Just now you just where you are you're the beginning, Junior Greer Show If you ran until number one? Let's go back and correct one thing: you don't do that steps to ensure at the same time they re totally make over you all your savings and you put it on your desk
So you're dead is gone with, accepting the fact that your cash flowing finishing college. Now, when are you gonna, finish college about two and a half years good and your degrees in what chemical engineering? Ok, and your studying that, where. She knows clean college currently Yasser ok, yeah, I'd say knows where were you going to school? Yes, there is As a doctor, I was getting a hooker I don't think college to my knowledge of that type in actual in Silicon Valley, ok, but so and your renting in that area. Right, no, sir! So decision she was my wife and I were living with their parents going to school. She graduated. We got married, moved in with my parents and they have engaged in gracious enough to. Let us live their saving, scraping everything we can end.
We ve been feeling that that call churn it's time to look look to move on Yahoo in our own area in it. So the options really for us, our renting or by your renting and renting, ok you're, bring for right now, because your finishing school and getting your incomes up and again, you live in the most expensive real estate market in the hole. Rigging. United states with a possible corruption. Maybe the apparition Manhattan. I mean per square Foot Silicon Valley, is unbelievable and it's a wonderful area, but people that make two three four thousand dollars apiece and both working lives there, not college students with one of your getting and you just got Meriden and what just got the first job. What your wife make. Sure we make a household and go about one. Twenty now she's got a great job. What she did. She's in business, marketing, great retrograde, step and so, when you get out Mccoy Engineering.
We're gonna, have a half, so you gotta to seventy income or something you know yeah we can talk. About binational Silicon Valley Short, the number start to make sense then, or Closures are going to, and so the direction I would go, but but for the day there you haven't, done anything wrong. Nor is there anything wrong with my advice when you're too, three or o broke college student. No you're, not really bad, you're married already make him one twenty, but But I mean you see my point. You're at the stage of your life is the stage that you rent as cheaply as possible and You know you remember that horrible apartment there you tell your grandkids about someday. You know that there s a stage of life you're in and arm. The problem is Megan, one. Twenty is actually still gonna put you in our apartment in your area, but some political anywhere else in the? U S, we would be that Korea in a year or anywhere else in the. U s you be living in a really nice place. You know can you live in a high income, neighbourhood and-
hi expense, neighbourhood, definite, yes, Sir, that that's what we're facing it and it's ok to how the patients to be, upside? I agree with you. I want to get out of my parents, house of our you too, but your written couple years until you get your income that matches the cost of real estate. In the neighborhood the terrain and there's no shame in that intervening wrong. Not by our house. You can afford a house rent money even making one. What are you can't really go by shanty? None that Would it be in that area? I am for thousands of another illustrate costs in order to with their option is a long commute to school and change the neighborhood. You live in the something a little better. While you're doing this our producers. Can we traffic around their real?
real fur amen thanks for the cop five years from now you can't we shouldn't pretty you doing the right stuff. This is that I am she shut don't let your high student, lower interest rates carry into the new year got a splash financial, dotcom slice, Ramsay Splash financial issue. I trust to help you lower your student, lower interest rates and help you slash the amount of time it will take you to get out of student loans that their helping my listeners pull money out of interest and put it back into their principal for your new year. Reset go online today at splash financial dot, com, slice, Ramsay check your rate and minutes and see if you qualify, splash financial dotcom, Slash Ramsay
in the lobby of Ramsay solutions on, but then three stage mad and failure with a guy's. Our yeah great welcome. Welcome what do you guys live weight to Georgia? All fine welcome to Nashville appeared dead for each group gesture love it it paid off hundred forty seven thousand dollars. Awesome and how long did it take for years and one month we're years in one month and your encumber in those four years, our one hundred to one hundred. Seventy awesome! jump when you guys do for a living, I mean over communications.
Healthcare supply chain excellent, very go both great career. Good, for you guys well done what kind of debt was the one hundred and forty seven thousand with all our Morgan? Why are you proud of your eyes? Look at our previous is crazy. How old are you guys? Thirty's you, one aid for housing opposition party. What does this house worth robot to ninety one fine doing well done you guys acts, man three paid off thousands in a row on our dead freeze Grange today, all by youngsters, album thirty seven under while I'm impressed very We could also tell me the story: how did you know that decide to do this. What happen? Well, your name, it's been like a household name for me with my parents, and also my grandparents had been really gotta doing your plan before there was daydreams report.
They told me when I was younger that they both worked, but basically just live off. My grandpa grandfathers income, removing just see I saved my grandmother, so they ve always been the wooden blow their means. I took that the heart from early age, yeah, very cool, so you a group of an attribute, maybe a little bit I and so what happened? How long have you been married a seven year, seven years? Yes- and I definitely did not come up with a few in the house or heard of Dave Ramsay before our marrying the sky and forcibly reserve our marriage, we weren't really on the same page. Financially, we never had any budget meetings anytime. I would spend money at target, he would say what is it for? You know why you sending their yellow here, people there, and so we decided it was about time to my house. So we looked into your programme were seriously or I did and really found that it was going to be a successful for us and Just so helpful, every month meeting and being on the same page, I dread and really knowing where every dollar goes, the trenches communication, especially young marriage. Absolutely every merge. British!
play when your brand owner getting things kicked off. Ok, so, while very cool you ten paid off your house, where do you feel feels amazing, Amira, just one that things are going to talk about that you just have a feeling that, like those that means that we have been tents in your shoulders whose skills it gets it's gone and adjust its onyx. Went aboard, says incredible feeling enters a peace and no one you guys can work together in accomplishing a goal to that tells you that gives your confidence to face. Whatever's common in the future. So very, very well done! Well, your highly successful in working. They get out of that plan early thirties. What aid for house when, when one of your friends goes in their kind of how like half sarcastic but also have one now
How did you do that? You know what are you Tom? I mean that if we take the sacrifice and just focus, I kind of say that it's a short term pain for long term gain. We really gonna Justino bite the bullet and do it and then you know you just feel like you suggest that relief off your shoulders and amazing- and it is you know, people can't believe what we did when we tell them. We paid off our house building at the myth that they have to limit their mortgage for ending the you know. Some people are our age. Do add, I hope to encourage them indefinitely, leaving it led them in your direction and tell them they can do it if you have to have focused in communication and it's possible so focused communication, the whole processing and sacrifice, and those are the keys. What else I mean nothing for us in the beginning, since we weren't on the same page and now something that as we move closer and obsolete, followed a few thousand than I think it was like our biggest turning point, which is being on sale.
Aging communicating goes before you know. I would just like to mention just gaffer on every little thing announced by weight to controlling and no, not you and I'm under separate. You know it comes out on triple keep on Tuesday that many I have heard my life to make sure that we have some fine amount of Asia very low and I'm here to make sure that we all eat dog vin retirements. You go it's a good balancing act, its workin for you guys how do you gas very well, your biggest cheerleaders? Well, we actually baby sister here, she's wrangling, the kids and I am bound to support us and my parents have been very supportive and appearances. I am I roll immediate family religious tentative blessing, very cool, very cool. Well, congratulations! We are very, very proud of you very well dine with you. Now you want to try to the kids, are somewhat wrangle. Do you wanna put him in the picture, so if we can get a man what other names and ages, we have
Madeleine over here is two and a half, and then we have Amelia over there and she will be one of them. You have an email you. We have an email of little that's all summer, beautiful, very, very clear imbalance in practising a lousy. Does not love luxury Marilyn's ready. Very well, then you guys all right a hundred and we got a copy Icarus Organs book for you every day, millionaires! Next, after your story rose here, you go. I love it I had a hundred and forty seven thousand daughters paid off in four years in one month, making one to one seventy com, down Madeline, let's era,
british wine to three world on you guys, very well, then it lost on me. I hope it's not lost on new gas as your listening that I take a call from one. A three year old, there's two years left in colleges. Just got married while making one twenty and he can afford a piece of real estate, is not write a by how and the next thing that happens on the show- is a thirty one and thirty two year old step upon the stage making when seventy between him and making serious bank here that's a lot of money, but they paid off their house in Atlanta Georgia in four years.
Going from we live in an area we can afford a live all the way to enlarge on cheap city. May it's no Silicon Valley, but it's not cheap city, and I ve got a paid for house in their early thirties with two: little babies, I mean, if you will do a lot, but a math on that You will realise that its various where they are to day, but where this can take them. Went when you got no baby, that that lobbies, life has changed forever because
just investor house- payment from thirty five to sixty five, that's gonna be ten million dollars typical housebreaking allowance, two thousand bucks a month. You do the math you put that do you just investor house payments that giving it to a bank your whole life. You see guys the banks in life insurance companies, the car companies have been stealing your wealth for generations, and yet you fight me and tell me how you have to have a credit card They Ramses unrealistic, but then I get to talk to couples like that. That are gonna be worth five. Ten twenty million dollars I retirement and you argue with me over airline mouse cause you're, stupid. You're still supporting the very organizations that have drained the middle class of its wealth now we gave it to them voluntarily that insisting that, with a gun we signed up
car payments. We signed up with credit card. We shy was Sally. May we saw up with mortgages. We signed up with a home equity so we could take a vacation we couldn't afford. We signed but nothing down on the couch and have been thirty seven percent interest we signed up for. A the age tape, deck player and financed it. Now, looking at that, a few years later, how stupid does I feel this is abdominal culture We give all of our wealth away to other companies. Our whole lives and in a broken site, I sure hope, together which is well known, for its ability to handle money will take care of me. That's just DOM still be broken, that much trouble finding air thirty one ready to yourselves with pay, of all in Atlanta, it's your turn baby. It's your turn
that I Ramsay shout our social that I saw one. Twenty eight to you shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands. You shall be blast. It shall be well with you. Martin Luther King Jr said whatever your life's work is: do it well a man, should do his job, so well that the living the dead and the unborn.
I could do it. No better good good. Open phones or trouble. Eight eight to five five, two to five: that's triple eight, eight to five five, two to five. Joshua is in Texas, say Joshua welcomed that I Ramses you're good, So you go today better than I deserve. What's up in your world well, I have sort of a commander alma. I kind of got a late start in life. Today has been a lot of time taken air like I'm family and now that I'm getting started I asked return here about you, I had a offered an old job that gave me one of your leadership books and saw I've been trying to change the job I have about. A thousand dollars in debt about We shall be inhabitants, medical bills, from when I broke my shoulder and that my luck
The thing is I right now door dashing stop doing about between fourteen between a k a year, but I get a career going and I was gonna go to school or commentary art it's about forty six thousand, my question is: should I focused on trying to pay down my debt first or should I wrote school in an end like that. I was from grant and insert let's do it wound and stopping go a little bit more began to get a career guy. What worries me I'll get always believe in getting a career going? I never believe in going in there to do it, there's gotta Another way always take debt off the table when I say ok well with no doubt How can I still this off and water, some other things that I can do ways I can get at that. So how old are you I'm sorry. I just turn thirty four couple months ago took to anyone big time, chef.
Yesterday I had a global I've, always loved cooking learned from my grandpa, my grandma. My daddy was just on my way for my life, I gotcha and I mean I will I will qualify for power grant. I know that your that'll get me. You know between six and eight the total course, forty six thousand so that take you down, like thirty nine billion english ninety somewhere else. If you can find a way to pay for this. Well, there's a lot of places to study commentary art here, This is our institute. It's gonna the only locating the bailiff guaranteeing county. I shall move, all right now, what you want, then, that I'm liking it now I live in a half rhyme apart owner, also there's no more if they made, I own cards in Austria, like I've, been able to keep. What I have to pay out is very minimize, basically following an insurance, you now
and rationalization with all its causing. You look, it go and fifty thousand dollars and that, while you're already thirty seven thousand dollars and that to be a chef most of what make enough money to justify the costs that you ve paid for their education, there's, not many hundred thousand dollar. Your chefs there's review. But there are not many. And yours. You spend a lot of money to cook and there's another, or that I've got a servile friends that are celebrity shafts that make serious money in their own restaurants and are big time in that world. And so I M not saying don't leave your dream, I'm saying: don't leave your dream in such a way that it becomes a nightmare. And so you never can bring about a different way to skin this cat now. Possibility is fine, a company that is, opening from restaurants that you can work for in the kitchen, and they will consider paying for some are all of your tuition for you to begin one of their corporate chefs, ok
that's why they maybe, but that might or might I might involve moving too but listen run. You Michael you might. If you make a fourteen K. Let's say someone gave you a job. Making forty k is assume chef where you're going Drop in veggie, ok, get everything ready for the gotta come in you're doing all the work get another credit, that's the Susa forget is already use regimes, but I know you do all organic and so you know you're in the kitchen doing work you're in the training programme, but your mind. In thirty or forty thousand, which is a lot more than you're making. Now you can afford the pay, rent, an apartment, not town, to go, leave your dream and by the way they're gonna pay your tuition too, The coroner art school, maybe a different one, but that's ok, but honor arches all over the map, what you can pay for it, and then the results are all over. The map in what you end up making, It's not like getting engineering degree
Engineering great Britain was logical, might depend on type of engineering you're going into, but are very predictable outcome as well of getting that deal thing is a little bit like acting there's some on that make really big money and the rest, I'm the broke so you can. You can make good money and I don't want you will not live your dream, I'm not on you. Do that. But let's not go. When forty six thousand, because that's a guarantee you're gonna, make ninety cause. It's not. It's just not. And again, friends, all in the restaurant business friends that are celebrity chefs friends that stuff. For a living, and not many of them would disagree with what I'm saying again, I'm not drawn by a dream killer. I dont want your dream to become a nightmare because you get half way through this. Something happens and can't finish, and now you got thirty more thousand dollars in debt and you didn't even get the degree, and thus people do this stuff, all the time so
this is a different one to the cap and I would skin it differently. Thank you, Sir sherry is with sherry is in Kentucky. I sharing how you I am doing wonderful. Thank you so much for taking my my pleasure. How can I help already my husband might have a quandary. We are trying to figure out what to do We have a fight, here is lacking? values probable by around two thirty five to forty five. Fifty two and fifty thousand at the problem where there is it, has a mobile home instead of behind now. I have been, and eight years put a new high Our architectural treatment were found ass. It can't be real legal personality dream two weeks ago, And all of a sudden thought were occasionally
oh twelve thousand dollars on this, this property. The mother, how everything Have you got my dollars that you sent on this achievement on them along year, aren't you going from Shangri La Mobile yeah, but how did you know they ve been double wide. It's not a single by built trailer, it's done Why is it right to try and get hooker? We bought it with the property, not realising what we were getting into them. Like all her money so the whole property and everything you got paid all down and twelve thousand dollars your two hundred a terrific, our farmers almost bite off yet your household income, about seventy five Well, we tell folks not to have a house payment that is more than a fourth of their take home pay.
Fifteen year mortgage. I would draw up plans build a house that fit that guideline. What we were considering doing at, and I won't get a construction alone and a permanent mortgage, and I would have said, hold a trailer. Dont worry the lawyer great? Not only do we have a worse, but we also have a widow. Well, you don't run out of the damp applause put enough and into live in long enough to get the house built. Why because what we have put in it you're gonna, throw away when you throw the trailer away. Yes, well they're area that we are in most of the houses on the street, where we all this was one of the older properties that, with your most of on average, twenty five to six hundred, will you ve got too much pressure. Ground is what you're telling me with a bad tremor
veiled your house that future budget on fifteen year fixed for the payments, no more than a fourth of I don't buy and put the trailer in the damp we're oblongs. It's a trailer, we'll put shingles on a trademark. It puts us our that I Ramsay show in the box will back with you before you know it. In the mean time remember, there is ultimately only one way to financial bees and that's too, dealing with the prince of peace crises This is James Charles producer of the Dave Ramsey Show. Once again, you made the Dave. Ramsey show one of the top five most downloaded podcast last year to get your daily dose of motivation and inspiration subscribe day
Have you got questions about retirement, investing becoming an everyday millionaire, go bigger and broader, with my man, Chris Open on the crucial genscher. I M excited to be able to talk to you all week in week out we're gonna focus on your calls, and it's going to focus on building well investing and how to become an everyday millionaire subscribe to the Christian, ensure wherever you listen about gas. Hey! It's you, producer of the day. Ramsay show this episode is over but check the episode notes for links to products and services you ve heard about during this episode?
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