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From the headquarters of Ramsay so from a dollar rental studios. It's that day, Ramsay we're dead is casual. Gaming in the pay of mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw as those status symbol of job I'm day, Ramsay your host. Thank you for joining us, open phones, Tripoli, eight to five five, two to five: that's AAA, eight to five, five, two to five Randy's gonna start as often Charlotte North Carolina, others, our Randy. Outcome of the day. Ramsay show. Thank you grab me so sure. What's up
My question is on the small business owner and gonna ran into a problem, and I need to know if I should filed for bankruptcy or you many, like corporate turn around two jotted down, the company. What what's wrong. I just got into a situation of having to take out empty aid which are just children. Cash flow on in other daily payments, but I'm paying him back in their eyes. Ok, So what happened to your revenue, the revenue Their humming, the revenue still company, and it's just a matter of not think I grew fast hours. I went from six employee eighteen employees and to stop they do not have a bastard gonna cut any gap, into the business. I think that was just Canada, how they all investors following a jurors right now. I agree so late.
Half of your employs, ok, suddenly cash flow woman. It would help casual, does your number one expense in Europe and European Elles gonna? Be your pyro right, correct Truth. Is there all gone anyway? If you file bankruptcy, gone anyway. If you bring in at her own company and iter come don't mess with eighteen person, companies if they do the ribbon you off with fees. So now somethin. You got turn around you're the man on the issue of the secret soldier, the one group that is what your top line I mean it's always what I may latitude approach revenues and the business annually last year was one point: three million. How long have you had it since two thousand and seven alone have been struggling
say the last two to three years. When you do the hiring spree two years ago, now, there's a correlation in it. So you, you needed the help, because the business was there and you thought these bodies we're gonna our ally and they haven't and I want, though the exact same thing I didn't get as far down the whole as you have, but we actually have metro to watch our hiring around and we do not higher faster than we are a lying on the existing hires, we have TAT S, by that worker has to make more than they cost or we don't get to stay here right right and that's that's it basic business stuff, so you know that That's an and it's a challenge. Man, it's a challenge, as you everybody, you put him doesn't say you view river, an end, an alarm don't make you revenue equal, what they
ass, but overall they have free up people with their support over their support team to deal at all so yeah you're you're, in a mature in crisis motive, you don't see a menu that that's petty lenders. When you get Hammered yes, sir, yes, almost ass, your ear, run and desperate to desperate to desperate to desperate and it's it's really getting not fund. Are you married? I separated I hold are either thirty to thirty five about or it. When I went through losing everything and I don't think you're gonna lose everything I think you caught it and time you're. Just gonna makes him really painful decisions or they're gonna be made for you.
One of the things that happened to me was it. I got a test two on my spirit. I don't have a tattoo, but I have a tattoo or much spirit. Wood burning sat engraved on my Spirit, God. First. Sharon's second kids, third, business falworth. And when you get with your back against the wall anchors pointing their gun at your face. You get that out of whack and that's why ask about your merit, does a high correlation between entrepreneurs going through hail and their marriage gone through Hell. So, if there's anything, you can do to work on your marriage aggressively, while cutting expenses aggressively and you really do have to catch by, have even if And you just call from customers up and go we're not gonna, be able to take care of you.
We were wanted to. I'm really I know your disappoint annoy you can be angry. I just can't do this job Whatever it is, you do I mean in those Ivan ask what you do, but you may not be fulfil some of your promises with my point but you're not going to anyway. You close our union right, you need to do some heavy pruning to the tree show the tree lives What you're lookin out here and and your by yourself aren't you there's nine by you. Gonna be my talk today. It do you really not opened up to anyone about it until last. Couple days is got really stressful there we are but eighteen months buffer. On getting some good advice. Could somebody could alleged you? Were there that's been down the road before I'm ninety smarter than you, I'm just older and have more scars.
And that's why I recognise some of these things so easily in this conversation, because I did the same stupid but stuff and so the chalk and see it anything warm or what you did was just a normal thing: it wasn't you do everything Eve or bad, and you dont have a malleson, your heart, you weren't, trying to screw shut up, you're too strong, a girl, business, and so you you're good guy, but you're going also some more pain at the business and you're gonna fight like a wild man. Keep your marriage, don't let us this failure, if it fails or this business struggle, if it strike extra always gonna struggle. Take your marriage because here's what happens when When he gets tight, she gets scared and The thing where you draw your identity is falling apart. You don't feel good about yourself and when she scared she I you not feel good about yourself, and so you don't want way around her right. I remember
Sharon almost killed each other and her your feeding off myself, business of not providing and the business not winning in my identity being in the business too much that off of each other, and it was a really nasty, crazy cycle, here's your gun, I'm gonna put you in all access, which is three thousand dollars a year, but I'm gonna pay for it. That's or online coaching programme for business leaders and I'm gonna get you one of our business coaches right now, and one of them is gonna hold you by the hand and walk with you through this you're, not doing anything. Anybody else had done before you, but you're gonna. Make some really difficult calls. I think you can keep this thing. I think it can survive still got some gas in your tank emotionally, and I know the business does in a million dollars coming in man. We can fix this, but you don't have to cut your expenses and you have to be embarrassed. Some places that's going to hurt
you're no survive, we'll walk with. Rather allow medicines go pick up, we'll get you with our coaching came, Let me tell story about two families that are very much alike and a lot of ways. Both families have to working parents in a couple of young gives each as dead in a struggle to make ends meet but are starting to make headway with their budgets and smarter decisions with money. They have dreams and plans and the only real differences that one family as the right amount of term life insurance and the other doesn't big difference. If one of the parents die- and that does happen, their well being would be destroyed. That's why, every day I talk relentlessly about getting term life insurance, gotta, Zander, not com or call eight hundred three five. Six forty to eighty two
where should I go from Darth find out for yourself? Why Blanche? Not com, is the number one online retailers custom window coverage, so wide savings happening right now, plus take an additional five percent off blinds dot com, Life Ramsay Livestock COM, I shall simply Richardson Arizona. Do you have any tips getting my significant other on board, we ve been together. About ten years and for the past four years, I'm making good money, but nothing Javert all she wants to do is take vacations and go out to eat.
Richard you We're not gonna, like my advice, but I'll give it to you anyway, because you asked here's. The thing Answer questions on the show what what? do if I were in your shoes and I have read twenty twenty five studies with all kinds of points on them that indicate. All of them conclusively people who are married, get along better them. Well, who are shocked up when it comes to money. And people who are married, verse, Being shocked up actually statistically become wealthier on average others exceptions. Obviously
but there is a tremendous data out there. The talks about the benefits of marriage, now, I look at that through as a Christian through a moral Linz as well, That's not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about the practical data points say that your relationship functions better in that situation, its I will therefore tell your girlfriend want to do that. It is your wife. It's a little front telling your husband what to do than your boyfriend. Or when something important to you? I think we should do this, but there is not really a we either we need to get our budget and we need to save for retirement, but there is not really a we not legally speaking. And for that matter- not spiritually speaking data, not relational speaking, so
just as you leave yourself at a disadvantage. Their view asked some other time I think part of the problem is marriage, show I think you get married and part of your problem, its counselling, even though you been together for brazilian years ya, to sit down with a good After a good merged coach, the marriage, luring get pre. Marriage counselling should clued. Let's get on the same page with money. And in a way to be on the same page. Where money we need to say, ok, we're gonna. Live on a written plan that we, both We too, in that we both have a vote on. It, me telling you what to do. Not you tell me what to do we're gonna, get on a plan and we're gonna work towards being dead free. Why? Because that leads us to be able to be more generous and be able to go on stations or go out to eat and that kind of stuff. But I mean if you will just stepped back and say stuff from,
You get my roommate do not want to go out to eat. That's it for discussion and I want to talk to my wife about we eat out too much because more? Eighty years all we're gonna be broke. If we don't straitness out its different discussion, it really is and I know some of you- don't think it by you wrong again. I've read twenty If our studies on this and there's all councils, socio economic, psychological, relational data out there. The matches up with money I believe as well, which happens to be handy but arm, but is it's not just this blind thing of all just one of those guys who believes in God well yeah is one of those guys obliging God and so on. I'll be married before you're sleeping together are no doubt, but that that none of us know something like that, and you know how much I care, not at all so that's what I believe
so you asked you're gonna, get that that's what you're gonna get shot those of you that are getting engaged or thinking about getting married. One of the best p of research that I ever saw and of in probably bread somewhere Solutions in several different locations says that, before you get married if you, if you want a highly successful marriage and a very low probability of a future of divorce, I mean make divorce rate. Well under ten percent. If you do this, it's amazing, these four things be in agreement on these four things. Money is the number one thing. People fight about in marriage in relationships is money should be an agreement on it. Finding agreement or money is everything because where are you bend. Your money says what you think is important and when you think two different things are important, all the time
You're. Never gonna have fun to both of them. That's fine, but you never a bright relationship when one of you wants to spend you're in Congress and the other to save everything and live in a cave and only caught comparable group on Thursday and collects. Let you know and so you have to get on this. You have to have this discussion, this meeting of minds on your value system on money and that's a budget. That's getting out dad that Building well for its putting money into Fora, one Kay Does we're gonna be an everyday millionaire? All those council things ripe. Being an agreement on monies. One thinks number two is being criminal kids how many to have if we're gonna have them and how we can treat them. Ramses are old fashioned people, as you can already tell the inmates do not run the asylum at our place, we are in charge.
Your smaller than me? I can take you out make another one that looks just like you. That was my theory. You're going to behave and my grandkids are being raised the same. I thank you. Jesus shall there you go not mean we're just Rachel Hell, we think they're in charge their respectful and as the three year Old said the other day, they have consequences if they're not three year old, says, consequences Rachel cruises answer. Capillary unbelievable. So I have come going to get your butt busted? It's a good thing. You know so how you're gonna trivial Tommy. You have, if you don't have the third one. In large, are you gonna do The crazy people in each other's family and air family has crazy in it. If you don't, there's crazy in your family. It's you!
every family has crazy and it somewhere how you gonna deal with some. If someone who's gonna violate a boundary at some point. If you don't have that set up, you're gonna get to experience it and it's gonna be a strain on your relationship and last being in an agreement on religion its. Very unusual for people to have long long, long, happy, highquality relationships that have two different spiritual beliefs. Now not talkin bout. Mr Methodist, I'm talking about one of you doesn't believe, there's a god. One of you does so on that kind of thing. Because a change it will you value system, gives you your beliefs in your beliefs, gimme your attitudes and those give your actions, and so you Actions are always gonna, be in conflict with each other, when you're gonna, basic belief systems and in harmony, that's what it comes down to we need to be an agreement on religion and large kids money if You do that prior to marriage, I'm telling you you can
most wipe out the probability of divorce. If you want to toward a couple dangers cup or the data points without household some states over fifty thousand. You did not have a child, or to marriage out of work, In other words, you both graduate from college. These are all balls, you control. If you do that, The four things I'm talkin about your divorce rate dropped below five percent. Fifty two percent of Americans end up in the Boers yeah, but it's messed up situations most of the
you can control, allow these variables, that's the quality of your character, the quality of your life, the quality or decisions and being in harmony intentionally. This is that I am sure a guy, that's Rachel crews and I loved
travel, I'm also a huge fan of our amazing listeners, her killin it with their money. If you're in baby steps for through seven, you have sacrificed so much to become debt free and now you can enjoy your life and money without the burden of debt, so I'm so excited to announce our first ever live like no one else: crews and marks of twenty twenty join me Dave in the other Ramsay personalities for seven luxurious days at sea, learn more and register today a Ramsay crews, dot com, in the lobby of our solutions solution. Rwanda mean where those guys are. You well go while come off. Where do you live probably Utah and although it is natural that Odette Free Great yes, sir, can grow regulation so how much of you paid off
six thousand fifty four dollars and thirty one sensitive lover. How long did it take it take is to you Nine months ten days, one thousand five in thirty, eight pizza deliveries lawyer that allow that, and are you a range of income during that two years and nine months, and indeed it started around thousand upwards, to the ninety thousands and now that were passed, baby steps to drop down again to eighty thousand what do you do for a living? I went early intervention programme for Easter Seals, goodwill good and I work as a job with strainer for a desert industries, restore user employ discounted thrusters pond, very good good for you good for you, what kind of debt was the eighty six thousand dollars? I have here it was, four thousand four hundred and eighteen on car loan, sixty four hundred and secure alone, seven
one thousand five hundred on credit cards eighteenth in four hundred honour for one cologne and ten thousand. Two hundred and thirty. We owe our parents and sleep at night. Thousand under whom equity, then you are ever Canada, possibly the hotel, Perry Man you're, just the whole a cornucopia of debt- oh my god, well done well done! So what happened? two yellow the album married Fifteen years so fifteen years Bob and along a normal got yourself. India, all you do is work and pay bills, just work and pay bills, and so something happens two years and nine months ago, and you went nuts sums that change your what happen. Well, it was two things: the first we get house It was the first time that we had a house and having a mortgage. You know that hear me so I look what I can do and I found the total money make overbooked, read that
was real embarrassed because you wrote it for me. When we're going to California, I got the audio above Library- and I told her- I mean look. Well, we're on the road I have this are you, but we should listen to you and I just looked straight because I can look at her guy she's gonna point at me: she's gonna, scowl, There are no she's, very, very supportive, so we decided to take a few and while we started to you, my father passed away omega and just when you, ass we were ready for it emotionally. Obviously and financially. And you know my name the great man worked hard all his life, he wasn't ready. We weren't ready. So when we I said: I'm gonna make sure that my kids don't have to go through that. So in few. We learned about life insurance when we learn learn about the increase.
Encourage getting the right kind of coverage. I was all for it had to do it. How was your nap seventy two, sir, any data of cancer so you guys had a chip in for the funeral net cost, often even having to do that. When we did my, sisters- and I saw you know we are page- then- were able to prepare better It was really sad, not more scale than anything, especially for my mom. We would have preferred for her not to worry about that. But because we are not ready. You know she had December needlessly mother like that kind of wake up. To keep things, get you re really serious about something? Oh, yes and hurt your heart, while. Commissioner, you are driving towards California. This guy has put The man of yours has put this audio book on the radio on what
are the Cassandra whatever it is, it is not Cosette bone is going from radio, lose your on the listen to this guy, You everything you ve been doing wrong. What were you thinking? What everything that you explain? It just clicks. It's it's the right thing to do so wasn't hard for me to to follow in and go along with it. It was. It was the right choice. It is felt it was. The right choice you're like ok came up. There was, I bring it, bring pain like no one, I also later we can living give like no one. I also that we're not in opposition in Ireland our position we pass while, while very goal was the hardest part of this journey. For you all on my part,
I was not having him at home. He had two jobs. I was working. I was going to school and had to take care of the kids, so it was. It was really hard, but we were. We have been blessed about the whole process even before before we even heard of you, I got offered a job looking for a job after job and throughout the whole process. I've had a raise so things we ve had blessings. I've come to help us out through this journey using the you guys are holding stuff in your hand, yet only what these are and what this is about, what swears our credit cards every shredded up during her a few classes. We put a map of the world in the back to reminders that wonderful all around the world. I love it. So those are all your personal credit vouch for my credit card. Would you like
attacked bother boxes, for while the Good NEWS is the world is right there behind. But you Rolando holding a little desire to parliament. Whenever I had to deliver a pizza- and maybe I five miles and a quarter out of it, they get the gazelle unsafe or I ll get it on the next one. Just keep working hard, keep going, keep going, you know, you'll win so allow peace, I worry delivering pizza for which company pathogens, pizza, Hopper, John Jay, and how many nights a week you do that the beginning. I was doing it, I think five nights a week and then we can, going to school became a lot harder size scaled back to three, but there was some dates someday. When I go to my first job in the morning, at seven done. There are three thirty sorry for thirty beard, Papa Johns for forty five and work are the way to one o clock.
On weekends ahead, I started my company. I call the eye. While I work on weakened the original agenda, if somebody said they needed something I'll, do it I'll bring your backyard Doug Puppy, What was the order burst paying I, while job begun firing, Backyard of debris took a while, but it paid it paid very well. It was actually my mom, so part of me is like mom. I don't want to charge because as your son, I should be doing this for free, but I owed her some money. I said you pay me whatever you think is fair and when she paid paid me, I took out the Mai for the time being. I just gave it right back to her and she said. What's this I said you're, my last, that mom so Pay you often My mom bless her heart. She wanted to forgive the debt. When I order was my dad when you I became a bonus, so you never get
enjoy his is written the bonus, Gazelle Endidomi, so edges, Eliza we can't forgive this Cassandra. Forgive myself, forgive just! Let me pay back in whatever you choose to do with it. You know you don't want to Make its presence present awesome but let me let me have the satisfaction of giving this back to you and when I did it was a joyful moment. Love it well done well known in Europe I with you in their names and ages, are what yes So we have set my big boy he's. Fourteen years old, Daniele princess earlier she's eleven Sendero did I my little girl with the curly hair. Lover is nine years old or I very closely and we ve got a copy across organs, retire inspired book for you, that's the next chapter in your story for sure. To be millionaires and outrageously, or a song, the way you'll be calling on an everyday millionaires, our one these days they can, I say one more thing: yes, sir, it's just dumb, along with their new home,
about finances yields the hottest communicate about other things, because I was so far away. I wasn't when my wife and just I about money held this year with a talk to each other. They counselling were we to communicate better now, marriages allowed stronger, and I want to thank you for Rice, God. Gonna downright a debt for his great three two one. For two years and nine months, making five thousand two hundred and eighty with a thousand pizzas delivered. That's a mic drop. This is the Dave Ramsey Show.
Scripture of the day proverbs, one thousand four hundred and twenty three all hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. Paul Meyer said productivity is never an accident. It's always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort. There you go. Open phones are triple. Eight eight to five five two to five isabella are isabel. Rather is whether in Virginia isabel how're. You wonderful that! Thank you. How can I help so? Am I today is about my husband and I own rental property in Algeria, and here we ve been wondering now for the last twelve years plus years. We, Get there for a year and a half so are we spoke to our town? We do have capital gain on it. It's got both since we purchased it.
We have always that pretty much about between three hundred dollars every month, So we do have doubts that out, I'm looking into going through your girl out financial university and begat free and then a couple years here, are the handle where we talk about keeping it for the kids education, sure if we should sell and take get punished with a capital gains. Witches goodies asked the amount. Looking at fifty the sixty thousand dollars, or should we just he got an figure it out later. Now, I'm not sure what to do. Look at how much that do you have three thousand dollars and acted alone and get credit cards and what your house then come. Closer three hundred thousand hours
we must show the rental to pay or fifty thousand making three hundred. Do you. No, no, no and we perhaps. Finally, we have investments and fallen k and anger stock business. Just that I guess, Only money I just hate make a hundred thousand dollars. Stop your fault. One case. Stop your investment, stop everything and pay the fifty thousand, often what six months you be deaf roused six months, hey. That can be done. However. My main thing is this: data but again that gas it can't. We can't seemed why is there a way to get around it now? pay capital gains? If you take the cash rather Ronald Property, You don't need to take the cash up by the data we establish that didn't we, gradual why're? You are showing the riddle property now. Well.
At some point. We need to start our car kit college fund and you make three Howard thousand dollars a year. I think you need to get it budget which spend money like you're in Congress? Well, the thing well happen. We live in a very expensive come on, you may thousand dollars a year. Really your spoiled rawdon! You, your Unbelievable! You can hit your knowledge goals and you can hit this debt free in a heart, may cut up you're freaking credit cards and stay home quit travelling. Quit buying crap ankle we're not to eat every night you make three, thousand dollars a year. You. Can you can hit your investment gulls? You can hit your college savings girls you
living on a written plan and doing stuff on purpose you and your husband to sit down and real. Get serious about fate facing this stuff. I mean the fact our this broke. Making this kind of money is well known, is pitiful You really have to address this. It's really sad and and then, if you want to sell the rental, you may have some capital gains on it. If you want to have a different rental, you can do Collating thirty one tax divert exchange and saw that rental and use the money to buy a different rental, and you won't have any taxes on it That is not your problem, Europe Ms called lifestyle: that's what your facing and if you don't deal with that, you're gonna wake up broke at retirement and with a lot of this, really bad taste in the bag. Your mouth call regret job is where, in Kansas City, a John, how are you I gave you don't better than deserve: what's up Some of the bridge
Diane listener was heard. To a long time ago, but anyway, He seven retired in two thousand and six Gonna want new run by much figures here, a wandering Am I gonna, be all right over and I get older. We got used to it. Anyway. I've got the money. Credit unions, cash, Sixty four thousand dollars And I have Morgan Stanley account I've got nine. Four thousand dollars, and I've got a hundred and this house, and in are re, and a hundred thousand in a regular ban. Couple years ago. This is gonna what what what me is up
that out of those two things out of the american funds and put him in this ambiguity well. I have to operate my brother and this that and the other, and he was going to do some- do that and I thought well, Well, maybe I should be let myself to make sure that that's their that get lost somewhere along the line that I'm kind of. Thinking while- Miss out here. I don't know if I didn't if I should the should, I do something you haven't any I'm giving income coming in yeah I have my income is a source of security and I've got to pensions and Tony Blair and about thirty one hundred a month and then one of my pensions at another question one of my pensions in the last six years, it has been cut to tie-
was picked up. I just a part time jobs couple days a week not make about six hundred dollars a month, on that which is your homepage, they have I'm there, for you, don't have any idea what you're housework maybe a hundred and sixty thousand somewhere around their single yes, the other, so you're no longer. I was about to do this, time. Job now we draw is in order to take that turn around us from cash. I got on hand until I get where I can draw my I already, and will you where you can draw your Irish? So what I would do, is sit down with a good financial adviser. If you wanna know we recommend in your area you click smart vaster, Dave Rooms, you got com feeling a little bit the phone you know, drop down list to the smart rest reproach in your area. We recommend here's. What is what
I would tell you when you shut down with me, to do that. I don't have that works. Those government work for me and I'm not in the investment business. But if I were Cup in your shoes shall answer questions here on the show and one would do is simply this. I would take the Morgan Stanley or take the IRA and, like the other, The grand it looks to me, like about three and fifty thousand dollars. They are not counting. The sixty four were in your simple cash account: three and fifty thousand. I would invest that as a group now combine it. Put it into if it's in our age or whatever is put it under some stuff, like those American fond your room before some good growth stock, mutual funds and hi spread my investments across I'm fifty seven across four types: growth, growth in India, aggressive growth and international, you want to go a little bit more conservative, smart pro Provo coach, you on that I'll teach you you decide what you wanna do you could do.
Still the aggressive. You could substitute that out for a balanced, but either way. Let's say you made ten percent on that money thrown on fifty times Tanis five thousand: that's three thousand dollars a month. If you never touch anything except the income, that the goose is the golden eggs is laying all you takes the eggs. You don't touch the goose three and fifty years the goose you easily a thousand two thousand dollars a month in income half of that three hundred and fifty two which invested properly, For the rest of your life and never touch the three fifty and it was and perpetuation it would run out pasture day after another word: and that's why you need to have some by sit down and this together we have enough money to live the life, you one live a good job, good man,
what's this hour, that everyone should show in the books we'll be back with you before you know. In the meantime, a number there's all familiar only one way to financial peace and that dialogue with the prince of these crises. This is James Giles producer today granted show once again, you may be sure one of the top five most downloaded party has passed geared to give your daily dose of motivation. Inspiration strike if you're looking for fun and
to go ways to save money in your everyday life. You need to check out the Rachel crucial podcast from money, expert, Madonna, Rachel crews, guises rights of creators, and I'm so excited to tell you about an ipod. Has a lot of you, darling, paychecks paycheck their end as you don't even know where to begin that they have this need this want to get in control of their money, and is that you have come to the right spot. So each episode during at a time of inspiration and practical advice not subscribe to the Rachel crucial podcast, makes region. Today there are more from the Ramsay network, including the Rachel crucial. Wherever you listen depart, gush, hey, it's just. Producer of the Dave Ramsay Show,
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