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I have one or two rooms. You should, logically from a dollar car rental studios debts that day, Ramsay Show were damaged arm cash is doing in the paid off a mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw ass, though status symbol of choice. I am day browser your whole solicitor about common sense for your dollars and since the phone number is a free call, in some say, the advice is worth exactly what you pay for the phone numbers AAA eight to five: five, two to five: that's AAA eight to five: five: two to five days, starting this our often California hide David. How are you
I didn't get. Are you better than I deserve? What's up. I'm have sort of a question around careers, I'm sort of just starting out. And I'm wondering if it's a good idea to stay with the company and that for several years are too I try and maybe move around too many different companies. Doesn't matter. All the matters is: where are you going in? What's your best shortest way to get there, there's no problem which. Where the company for allow in the old days. People would say you have yet to me but he's on your resume in a short period of time that would blow up your career. That's not true anymore people change jobs, more frequently they ve been changed careers much more frequently than they did say a quarter of a century ago but if I'm interviewing you and you come into our company or I might, our team is interviewing- you ve had three jobs and three months we think you're an idiot and they will think you ve just completely alter our. So you can't, I gotta think about how often works
can about here. How much jumping but if there is a good reason for of jumped around you know, I you know guile for me: Doc, pay the other place. All move Yom gone, you know, or The thing gave me much more advancement, or this was a toxic environment. There's people misbehaving around they're lying and ethics. London I got another and then the other play somebody organs bring great enough and those kinds of If I see three or four of those in a year, even I don't worry about it, but so there's gotta, be like a real reason other than I just can't make up my mind that sort of I've moved around three times five months are five month at each company. So far, ok, you move each tat? What you leave each time there friend different work, different product freedom? Is you don't contract work, announce what I'm at each company ok
No, you just didn't like the next project in train companies. For that reason, each time, ok, what what are you in technology? Ok, We hear a lot of technology. Folks, I got a bunch of deaf team here, a huge to bunch platform in all quarters and everything else- you know Ruby oaks, everything in the world a sales force people all that kind of stuff and I am looking to if I'm gonna go to the expense of bringing you on border, they want, or you can be here while short short of us doing something wrong. I don't want you to just be fickle and so that You don't think about it from the employers perspective and then that, I'll, tell you now the thing about technology. What is this? There's you? Don't you not want to get a reputation on your resume of just going to the highest bidder because Every body will offer somebody more money always- and I feel I feel is growing very quickly there,
shortage of programmers were fine, to hire them and- and I dont want to bring in somebody who's gonna leave. You know because somebody offers on just a few dollars more. Two lighter either. So, if you're different, if you just other up forbids than Europeans, and you're, not a team member- and I want to want a consultant. If I'm hiring you shut. And the way to solve this in your mind, if your messing up is look at through the eyes of your potential employer and others people now whenever they can pay get them in there and they know they're gonna have our turn over the inhuman, paid in this type of an environment. Fine, I personally would more stability to my life than that. If I were you China is in LOS Angeles, high Tina. Welcome that I've Ramsay show. Thank you so much. It was because, a year to what's up We travel deciding how we should allocate these fifteen that of our income in step number five, that's where we are now We have a different
options were very different options, and so I'm having trouble deciding vote for my husband and myself were ignoring the pension piece of it. As per your suggestion that it has been add on I'll start with my husband, fifteen percent of the income would be sixteen five hundred annually. The fourth of decoupling plan of evil to him from work that the investment options are me they're. Ok, should we all seek a teen five hundred a man, or should we put a portion of it into a traditional and then roll over to a rock? The alternative option we have is to put fifty percent in his work at the UN. The other fifty percent they allow a brokerage option and weaken I'd, be lessened wherever we like a burglary jobs. In what We ve been here for fifty four fifty seven million metamorphic. He had been so the option the options that you don't like in there You can bypass that by going with the brokerage option for a portion of it. Yes,
bridge option would allow you pick other mutual funds pretty much open to all hundred hundred, ok and what about your income or you might my income, I not one sixty one annually, so my total at fifty percent would be around twenty four thousand. Within my organization we have afforded three be plan where I can put eating K. I also could put fifty percent into a brokerage her without wanting to, and in addition, we have an option. You can choose between two options. One is you can get a monthly anybody based on New year's Eve service or upon a percentage of your income into our mutual funds. So at micro and having been here for a five year, little do four percent at ten years, plus I'll. Do ten percent of your annual income into a year which opened for three be Georgia? Mocha yard go to mutual funds in every case that I can control. My options as much as I can
sounds like you're. Gonna have to do all of this to get to fifteen percent of your household income right. So should we do for my husband, I think it's a no brainer put fifteen percent, which is around sixteen thousand in four hundred and fifty seven potential. In brokerage can now so you can control, your options. You got better options, that's a better way to go! That's not at nuts for fifty seven than before three bay does not have a raw option. Does it not that I am aware, as I don't have a for a one can also do you know I only have authority, be my employer so you're in healthcare or what I do four major hospital area. Ok, here's what I figured I go! you're doing great, and so obviously- and you have tat, if you max out your eighteen there, I'm taking them, three, I'm taking the brokerage option taken all the matches. Ok,
and so, if I think on the matter that taken brokerage, is it ok to put fifty percent into broke it you desire money grow better. If it's all in one place, doesn't matter it's it's! What the rate of return on word is growing. That can be an impotent in places at twelve percent or one place at twelve percent. The result madman This is exactly the same. Gotcha so we'll do that and then for me will do it will map out at eighteen, five and forty three be anything beyond that. Will you suggest doing putting into traditional and then every year rolling into arrived, paying taxes out of pocket oil? Do I do I do a back door? Rov is what I do in the same situation here over the income limits for raw, so you open it and after tax, traditional and will lead to a rock
five thousand five hundred and eight. You can do on that and pick you some good mutual funds for that, and I'm generally trying to spread my mutual fund investing across four types: growth, growth and income, aggressive growth and international. If you do that with the income, you have at your age, you're going to be a multi billionaire and you're killing it well tonight It's the season of giving switcher cellular service to pure talk, USA, save money and get a free copy of my book. The total money make over and a copy of Chris Organs book everyday millionaires. Folks all appeared talk. Usa plans include unlimited talk, text and data with no contracts. Try risk free today call pound to fifty, say the key words Dave Ramsay and receive fifty percent off your first month. That's pound to five zero key words Dave Ramsay
we're glad you're here, open phones at eight hundred and eighty eight, eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five Becky is in Phoenix Hi Becky. How are you a few days later than deserve. What's up oh How do I fix it near chosen one of your email, peace and the area and I'm a little bit embarrassed to give time, for there are a few more dark, so I received this is called the cancellation of debt. Its middle. Funding, which I think is Bay, the collection agency, I think it's a medical bell, but it says: it's a ten. Ninety nine c
they haven't instructions for Danner. That I am to this end to my income and I looked like the identical identifiable a ban happen on twelve, thing. So do I leave to turn this and to my city. I am at this amount to. To my earnings are due finder, call them to find out what is theirs as it was What did it is man tat that is for given that that is cancelled is income and the issue of Tenaya Nancy for that I also have you been working with them, or are they just randomly cancel the debt as far as I know they random. I carefully. I dont know what it is. I think it might be a medical bill.
But you don't you didn't know you out it well probably I have quite a bit of medical. I don't have any other credit card that car payment, sir Something like that. But I do have medical death. You know what I I would do is keep a copy of that and I in case they were trying to collect the debt because it basically says later forgiven the debt, Do I need to turn my attention to my talent mandates for it's gonna be turned into the irish right the end result was dead. Forget forgiven dad. That is not. With rare exceptions around a mortgage, but throughout the day. Any time someone you ve got a five hour credit card and shuttle it for two thousand dollars the three thousand dollars its forgiven. They can The issue a tin, none in and see entered, is technically taxable income. Then that's what you run into that's what you ve got
Wendy is whether in Pittsburgh, high Wendy how're, you call you than I deserve what's up, then I got a letter. I have noted that you qualify for ourselves and departed and pretty soon, if a bad thing before the mature there's nothing in this field now you would not pursue it. All that means is you're gonna borrow more money than you, oh now, and put some money in Europe, get by having gone further into that. That's a cash out, a refinancing they hand you some cash but you're fired. And that is how that happens- on more than usual. Be it not be a new mortgage that is larger than your old mortgage, because you ve refinanced and Whatever you are now, you know. If you want another twenty thousand had twenty thousand that an
put that twenty thousand in your pocket and go spend it, but you would between thousand further and there on your house so not or not, It's all in the wrong way makes that kinda. That's great, think The goal Adrian is weathers in Miami High Adrian how're you doing great if ever you better than I deserve. How can I help? just wondering I'm currently in grad school and my programme doesn't allow me and I The programme does not your phone caught out your programme doesn't allow you to do what does not allow me to work programme. Why it's a nurse anesthesia programming! doing about forty to fifty hours a week of one of those ok So my question is about five thousand dollars in one case, and I was wondering if I were to pull that out what I just get be subject to the ten percent penalty. Anyway, something. I should probably due to minimize anything that I borrow.
Hi ya, your subjects, ten percent penalty, my general answer is never put money out of a for a one guy, except avoid bankruptcy. Foreclosure given come at all. I do not, ok, so you don't have an income tax rate and if you It would be very, very small and so yeah the ten percent penalties, all you're gonna get hit with yeah, They would claim that out. A very unusual Adrian, thirty years, I, but I have an answer that question that way twice, but I know that you're a very unusual situation I wanna see pour money for the four o k o my screen. Software appear were Kelly's pie. And what you're calling about before. I don't pick up the call em like we're not gonna do that, but there very very unusual situation, so yeah I probably would use that money to this. How much further do you like being out of school eleven months, a ride,
you are in a great field. You go make some bank. Aren't you the planned and jumping babies. That too. Yeah. I just roll up your sleeves and keep living like a college student and clean up. Student stood alone that mess you got with as fabulous income. You should be getting so go man they should up get on informs us our. This is the day. Ramsay show our question of the day comes from blinds dot com. You can upgrade your homer blinds, not come. The number one online retailer of custom window coverings always put in the past, Ok, Ramsay and you'll see the best possible deal out there. That's the magic word Ramsay at blinds, dot blinds dot com. Emily. Today's questions from Jeremy and I've got an elderly family member whose bought into the whole bay on yourself idea. She wants to buy a d, did whole life policy swears, it is different from whole life. Is it no? It's not. It's crap
or make sure she isn't getting suckered into a bad product. Oh she suckered beyond belief and about product. If you look at it You'll see the fishing lower hanging out with the hook she's been hooked. This is all fall, My whole life is bad. This is one of the worst whole life products out there so I mean like enough. This is the dumbest horse in the glue factories. What this is I mean this is bad. Really really bad. So now, now now Oh, no! No! No! No! No bank! On yourself! you're, not banking. On yourself, Your loaning money, non life insurance company in getting ripped off in the process on yourself. Just meant that stuff they'll do to sell. That crap is just amazing. It is amazing actually is on twitter. Davy is homeownership essential to respond.
Simple money management. Over the course of your lifetime. Yes,. In a given moment, many times know what I mean is this: if, for the next fifty years, you're twenty five and by the time you're. Seventy five you rent. You're, going to spend a lot more on housing and have a look less wealth, then you would have. If you purchased a home over the course of fifty years, is hollow. Essential to responsible money management. If you're in I don't have an emergency phone. I don't have a down payment, its essential responsible money, magic You don't buy a house right now to get that cleaned up. But long term through other scope of your life, you dont want around, because rents gonna go
every year on every I believe, and if your landlord unreasonably your rents in your area went up every year through that fish, sixty seventy year period of time that you need a place to live every year your cash goes up and when you buy a home on a fifteen year, fix right mortgage, you ve locked in your monthly cost for now, The value of the real estate is going up. So you ve got an investment and you ve control. The cost of housing and so absolutely I would buy a whole as a overall wife life plan. In the middle of a certain situation. When he's Where are you not ready yet the bio? So now you quote me inside. But we have no money when homeownership is essential to responsible my range, but now it's not being broken. Have no money flows there'll be a farce,
so the diver amnesia, John is whether some Charlotte North Carolina John. How are you going well beyond same? How can I get a course in the round me and doing were paying for medical expenses? Shall, thanks to your ministry, my wife and I argue in maybe steps for five and six good. We
fully for our future say each year we also have the ability to also cash flow, a normal years, more stuff, medical expenses. Situation, do you recommend that we pay on general medical expenses misusing the Tracy contribution, which weakens cash flow? Those expenses depends on it, they are used in a normal year. The ebb and flow is how much medical more than two thousand dollars nooks and your house then come is. Or in the hundred sixty five out not arrange hooker. Well, Sharon and Dear John, was wages paid and we left the ear ass, I alone, because its tax free that's going in there. Hand arm tax free, if you use it for medical and after sixty five, its tax free. If you don't use, it use that as an additional investment account not just cash flow mathematical? There
get into a major medical situation. You do so you got a huge accounts, but I've got like two hundred and seven. Dollars a much deeper just say now. Put I gotta go Kip lonely in their every year and put it in mutual funds and operator they like an IRA, basically that's all without which- we're doing by wanting to check with you before we take that step? Now? It's not it's not the world either way you if you get into some medical and united certainly wouldn't go into debt or anything like that and you need. We need to step into that age. I say it's always there and its tax free when used for medical in also then We need to step into which a cannon and I've always thought that. But I thank you what you got your collagen. Around the Ramses we ve been really blessed with health, answer we haven't had the health problems to where we couldn't whatever. Pay for it. You know, and usually what we're talking about in most cases of its, even if it's a major he had is this gesture. Deductible
and you got your first on a pocket, five thousand bucks or whatever it is maximum. After that's a hundred percent for a lot age s aid plans. So again it s just if you get into some words you're in a pinch use it, but I have used it of cash. My own medical and used it as an additional investment account is, I personally have used it excess weathers in Montana, high Alex welcome that over energy high things to my car sure, what's up I have a question about a my. Then- and I are first time homebuyers an eclipse competitive market here in the Duma, So we are wondering if it's better to rent longer our move into some things faster that possibly not ideal house The only thing I'm sure about dream houses is about the time you move into your dream, how your dreams change, so there is no ideal. Is my point
May we built a home about eight years ago. That is absolutely fabulous. It's a world class property. You know as I years ago, so I can do some different now fund managers. It's what we put everything in it. We wanted at the time, but now it when some different. If we get it right, What happens? Is your life changes in ships and technology? come and go, and things you learn about inside a house that you think you aren't you down and things you didn't. You do and all I kind of stuff, so I would just started in the closest thing, you're ready now that's assuming you're out of dad and you have your merchants, you phone implosion, you ve saved a good down payment. Is that where you are ok, so your baby step three b and ready to buy? But you know and you know it to be like in a hurry or something you want to be crazy about him and over pay for something or bought, something that you basically hate. Fifty percent of it you know, but one
I mean it's not that we would hate fifty percent, but it seemed like a market here. Is EL crazy that you possibly have occurred in an offer. For even breathe. Mamma dont man ominous unwise If I may, I will just take your time and you will find the right thing. You may take you a few more months longer, but the people are putting it offers on houses. I've never seen. That's that's rehash. That's impulsive! and that's how you get burned on something. Now, I'm not doing that tat, we find we undertake eternal, and why do you know this? Isn't this is this? Is it's a marrow on its spread, so make me good solid basic decisions that feel like wisdom
and, having said that, we're not looking for something. That's one hundred percent perfect we're looking for something! That's! Eighty percent perfect! You know cuz you're not going to get perfect with my opening statement. You know in the end of this discussion, so no such thing as perfect, no such thing when it comes to house it's a stupid house. I've always another open, follows a trip, Eight to five five, two to five David is on toward I what your opinion on a temporary halt on retirement savings for someone to pay off their own. I tell people to do that. One should put fifteen percent of your income into retirement and baby stepped forward, and everything above that goes to five and six, which five is kids college the above that is six we pay extra on the house. What's interesting is if you figure out what fifteen percent of your income is an look at that over the next,
five years, and compare that to your mortgage balance. It's not what's keeping you from paying off your house. In other words, if you run it You say if I don't save for retirement, I can pay off my house in five years. Usually pay off seven years by saving for retirement. So you're not really arguing about anything cept. Two years difference And so I will tell you, take a look. But longer to pay off your house and get a good healthy diet. Retirement saving going at fifteen percent of your income might be a few rare exceptions if YO twenty thousand dollars on your house from make two hundred thousand dollars a year- and you want just reachable Knock it out right quit the next three months rather than bother with it over a period of time. That's fine! It's not a big deal, but most of the time. You're asking this question: average household debt in America from your mortgages around two hundred grand and so, if that's occasion, you're sitting there, the hundred thousand our income, you
You ve got a five to seven no ten year plan here and we are only talking about a few months or couple years MAX difference between the two decision. And no I would not in that case ninety nine, the time I'm tell you to do the baby steps That's why I have them in that order, because they work in that order. Kelly in Canada high Kelly, welcome the diver am high Dave. Absolutely insane to talk you and thank you. So much for your work will thank you. How can I help calling today because I have been listening for a while, and I love your voice. Ultimately, I still have a lot of anxiety around my financing because family history, where my mom had a successful career, but then flopped because of a health issue and destroyed the rest.
Life, and I don't want that to happen to me. So my ultimate question is when do I know that I'm going to be ok. When you're in Heaven, until then the gangway about here on earth down you? Don't I mean you don't, there's always some possibility. The greater your wealth and the better you're insurance programme over all the them less percentage. Probability that you're gonna have a problem there completely overtakes. You but I'm I'm dead. Free of God in our net worth of tens of millions of dollars and tens of millions of dollars in cash. In addition to that, Something happened that I could the hypothetically lose that I'm probably more. Ok, though than I was when I was broke agreed. In the more wealthy build the more you lower. The probability are the more
increase the probability that your encroach ok, but you know I could have occurred, right. That's my fault and someone sue me and take everything I it would be a really long trip for them. It's all set up to be very hard to get too, but it still could They can also just a matter of the more wealth you build, in your long term, investments have Mortier emergency funds, implosion more your debt for the more you on a bus,
You have a sense of plan, the more you have heard, insurance and place where this liability, insurance, health, insurance and all kinds of things, the more Euro guys so you're gonna get progressively more ok and that's what we're doing with financial planning, what we're doing with the baby staff you can do it and other than that of the lips bogeyman. If you're worried about this is that every measure
they never join. You never had another that payment or they never idle, autocratic. Our belt. You got rid of that stood alone. That's better runs along that path, You never had another carping. What, if had or about money again? We were going to do to get there, the change a lot of stuff. For sure I mean you have to take from the start, have you been doing off your list of things to do right. I did I used to do Stupid zeros on the internal, exactly what it looks like look in the mirror and Mary was stupid. You got change right,
you can keep doing the same thing over and over again expect a different result as the definition of insanity. How do you change the only way I've ever figured other people changes. You give them information that they didn't. Have you put them in, Mmm unity that walks with them. Some accountable and encourages them, and you should very clear path for transformation. You don't wanna, be normal, you don't wanna, be normal financial peace University helped about five million people. Take control of their money and Their lives few join one of these groups and get a membership. The lash you a year for the online and they every dollar plot The charter, your bank and you gotta, wanted option go the nine lessons at your local church and will give you the kid to go through that and you learn to stay on a budget. A written plan
using that every dollar aptly most robust, beautiful app out there when it comes to budgeting four million people now using that I up you can try for. Free if you want, but we'll get him financial pressure burst into that one, your membership and and then go to the group. It's gonna change everything for you because you can't be we will not allow you to be comfortable being normal anymore checks. GotTA, Dave, Ramsay, DOT, com, visit, financial peace University or call AAA twenty two peace triple Two to seven three, two to three: launched altogether several years ago, when a very first are teaching staff. Thirty years ago, a sharp pulling up statistics. The Wall Street Journal Seventy percent of Americans are living paycheck, the paycheck seven out of ten houses on your street have too much month left at the end of the money, normal
car, payment of student loans, Mastercard Discover Card and American Express card. Now, Well, if I go on vacation, I pay for it for the next year after a goal. Vacation normal is Christmas. As a crisis, normal is go out of my car tyres got on my courage, a crisis normally have no freaking idea how my kid is going to go to college and I feel like a dog, because I've not done a good job weapon for my own good. Normal, I don't I'm gonna retire and I'm really sure that social insecurity is a stupid plan, but have not done About these are all normal things, nor is the number one thing couples fight about in their marriage is money. I think we socialists are. Normal shocks will be normal. How many more anything dilemma normal is not. Ok,
that scripture and Roman says be not conformed to this world. Dont be normal. Find out what people are doing that are not winning and don't do that hello. Is that what you're saying don't be conformed to this world? Don't do What people that are losing are doing and expect when I don't know why that's rocket science, but it seems to be. In that scripture continues as but be transformed our? U transformed! When were you ever transform transformed in different areas of my life. Turn up a mere thirty seven years. It's a really good thing for sure and she's not married. The same gathered married her thirty seven years ago does he was torp. I'm a lot better person than I was thirty seven years ago
Oh I've not arrived yet blaming you tell you that's right up to your guy, just don't get it. It but she also in a moment of weakness, will tell you the truth, and that is that, thank God, her husband's, not who married thirty, seven years ago, have you been transformed carbon transform, ammo. Dad I'm a better grandpa than I was bad Papa Day. Man followed. Grandkids we're gonna be out of the measure to their parents. Are you better than you used to be something to hopes? I hope you're getting better, where you were transformed me not conformed to this world, but be transformed transformation, beach, and formed? Now this is by the renewing of your mind. Information in your brain shouldn't- have twilight
listen to the show you listen for new information and for the inspiration that comes from people that call on, and you go while that lady just environment, that guy just inspired me that debt free scream just inspired me You do not listen the for the fact that this show. Actually new content everyday, because it's basically- I am content everyday for twenty five years: say the same thing over and over operator tone they got. You say the same thing over and over and so do you you got one story: Dodi terrorism. Under the gospel, we come up? I got. I'm a wandering pony. I help you, France one their lives and believe that they can take the steps to not only get away from the edge of the cliff financially but then also become wealthy and I'll show. You exactly how to become a millionaire exactly how to become a multi manner.
And it's not theory- is proven. Now, tens of millions of people last year Several years have done this Last year alone, the debt free screams were over fifty million dollars on the ship, that's the ones that were on the air doing their screaming, and it's a six week white lists to get on the area And we don't let everybody own if you're still usinor stupid credit cards wanna go. Let you do that for each Graham, you don't qualify. You figured it out yet. And not everybody gets on their wants to get on the qualified. So there it's not approve It is not a at something we do to inspire the listener. It's not for you, for the listener be not conform to this world will be transformed new information in your brain new inspiration in your brain.
The renewing of your mind, the renewing a my mind, Yama pasture, does tell the same stories essentially that for them thirty. Seven years, I've been going to church in thirty five years of being on and. Still here in the same stories, but you know why every Sunday, their different Arthur everyone is another. Parents with gardener twig our church a whole hobby, because a sum obligation or something often renewing of your mind? It transformed you transformed you and that's what we're doing here and that's what you need to embrace, because I gotta tell you you don't get transformed by most of you, get transformed by pay you your mind renewed, and then you change your habit. You change your decision should change your beliefs. First, you change your attitude. Second in the neck, cause you to change your following your activities, and so each
your beliefs about that, and we change our attitude towards that and then the action is you get out of that and that's when you get up records and actually cut them up. That's when you Over and I've twenty two thousand dollars a Muslim is given over twelve thousand on that one. I still wonder Why just cause you and read the checks on reason, you'd be out that, like run at this moment, but say that if you haven't done that yet that means your belief system has not changed. You have not yet transformed so Oshtoo. I worked at it because that's what we do here. Were all about making. You believe that if you plant corn When will grow, shall plant some corn that you're gonna report. You show. If you'll take these steps, if you submit yourself to a different process, then you ve ever used before you're gonna get a different result than you ve ever gotten before. If you want to go
something you ve, never gotten before you gotta do something you ve never done before in your marriage, your parenting, your career and your money, So you need to just reproach yourselves at work and say I'm actually gonna work while I'm at work. Why are they a breakthrough? transformational transformational. If system after change that something goods gonna happen. If you do that, because otherwise you do, you want to carry on the little man going flame, everybody else. Crap the United Nations is time and not be normal. Normal sucks transport. This, if it ever amnesia guises change Giles producer of the day. I'm excited to announce the more now very six hundred radio stations across the country to find one year you had today brandy doktor, slash
have you got questions about retirement, investing becoming an everyday millionaire, go beggar and broader with my man, Chris Open on the crucial genscher. I M excited to be able to talk to you all week in week out we're gonna focus on your calls, and it's going to focus on building well investing and how to become an everyday millionaire subscriber the crash of ensure wherever you listen about gas page producer of the Dave Ramsay show this
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