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How Do I Manage the $1.2 Million I Won in the Lottery? (Hour 3)

2020-01-10 | 🔗

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From the headquarters of Ramsay Solution broadcasting from the dollar car rental studios its thirty day Rams Asia were better stop gap. Measures are taken the place of the Bmw status, symbol of joy and Abrahams your host. Thank you for joining us, open phones, AAA eight to five five, two to five: that's AAA eight to five five, two to five starting off this hours, Nora in California. I Nora welcomed that I rooms you show more. Thank you so much
for taking my call. How are you better than I deserve? What's up? No. Thank you. Now my husband and I have just been blast with a lottery winning of one. Two million dollars, and its It's a lottery ticket and We have the option of having these one point: two million dollars given out over twenty five years as an annuity, or we could also gets the lump sum. Of six hundred and ninety six thousand dollars. We are obliged to laughter, have home is paid off. We have a lot of investment that matter fact, but one of your smart best, her hair in California, and down We have an monthly come gross income of seventeen thousand eight sixty three
ah, even worth trying to figure out which is gonna, be the past move, for I My husband was a state employee. And his is to pension. It will be reduced in the event that something happened to him. I can't It will be reduced by half and That was well. Ah, the four thousand dollars a month will make up for that lost income or we take the lump sum And in Basque. For the eleven years that we paid college tuition, but we used for investment and maybe work on health projects. It's not an easy decision. Is it Actually it is for real gauge release decision you
I almost twice as much. If you take the lump sum and ok, we did we, talk to arm too, by her, and I asked you, I said for me to let they get four thousand dollars a month. What I need to invest- and she D say between eight and nine hundred thousand- to invest ah well, pretty, can higher them. If you made ten percent on the money and you invested, You said six hundred ninety thousand was a lump sum right like that before taxes and we live in California fell were at all sure, you're, not gonna, get almost six. Ninety I it's going to probably in temperature to get a ten percent, you need four hundred and eighty to create four thousand dollars a month. How about away the money that you take out from the if you take the law,
long term annuity crap with them every time that shows how much taxable exactly yeah exam we and and and in twenty five years it's not going to be worth as much as in present day if you take the money and invested with a smart, MR prowling good mutual funds, we will end up with considerably more money. Tell best about one hundred and eighty thousand. If you need more now, let's see that's not apples to apples, because your four thousand dollars coming home is not gonna come home. It's much gonna be taxed, what they re thousand, exactly oh yeah, you invest three. Sixty they three thousand a month. Thirty, thousand earlier temporary making ten percent of your money now much are you make ten percent from yours you're? My fourteen years, you're my gate or say an old stock markets doing and good mutual funds. You ve got investments. Now you know how that works.
No, but I am, but I know that I will come out more investor, The money after taxes and that then I will Leaving it without gas and that ability believe me that annuity is not paying what mutual funds or by tackling now. Thank you. Much? Thank you very, very much. The trick is the not until you do. That is because everything else in your life indicate you leave it alone. If you were broken car payments everywhere and yet actually no money and you miss all your money up to this point, then your programme mismanage a lump sum, but your indication is you're not going to smash this one is something that you would invest it leave. It alone live off the income that it creates, which is what you should do by the way are matters where those in Kentucky hey, Matt, welcomed, Ramsay show a day. Thank you for me, I'm sure. What's up my wife paid off our house that too,
years ago about seven years old and- We have as you can imagine, we have got the way things are going out with, opened our eyes and we ve got a hundred and sixteen. Thousand or so dollars citizen are citing the count, and I would like to take pretty good amount of that and do something with it. And we just want to get your advice on what you do that money will go well done. Yeah you're, in what we call baby steps, seven, which is ever paid off and you'll be money aside from the two hundred thousand, that you would call your marginally on our way It's right, mother right, we're pointing on setting some of that aside, we're looking at probably a hundred sixteen probably trying to do so
what about? Seventy? Five of the rest of that year, emergency fund and you're dead, free one hundred percent direct, yes, okra miracle, good good. What your household income! How about a hundred and ten thousand? Ok, you done a great job. Well done! Ok! now just investor. Seventy. Now, though, that you won't be doing at this stage of the game is from acting out every retirement option to keep the government's rounds off of it. So that now is my other question. Wee wee wee Ever Roth array we already are which were which you're gonna be marking out, I'm gonna be making that change soon. And so we re just wanting to know what what did it? basically that want some down well, my two things number one I found out when I study, which starts showing wealthy people everyone broke thirty years ago and of content. Diviners out, studying wealthy people that they really do,
do super duper sophisticate stuff with their money they basically invest their money and things they understand and that day you're comfortable with that's weird stuff, but most of them like for me, exile as an example. I invite Two things made we'll find a real estate and I pay cash for that's it. I'll do anything else Have any other investments and so you know what happening. Is that things. You know that have caused you to make money an undue wherewith investing do more of it. Shall I would mutual funds where this money and as it gets big enough, if you want a pull some out and buy a piece of proper that creates an income. If you have an interest in real estate that's what I would do from them. So a good question,
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is my husband and I, on baby steps to end army paid up all our consumers that are already have left a student loans with its alive of money that we have to pay homage to the loans on any really want to try and knocking out into very good, for which every bit of extra money that we have on homage to the lone Wolf, but also been talking about giving life insurance outside of my own, I started my its job so he's covered in then uncovered under his job as well. I'm not undermine because I am a contractor and that I have my own business, so are you guys were not used. So I'm forty one he's thirty two. Are you healthy? Yes, large smoke now
no you're, not overweight and healthy unionist maugre insurance and I can be very expensive and you need to do it now. Ok,. And how much do we get typically to help people to have ten or twelve times your income on you, too Farmers come on him. The idea of being what does she make a year? I'm here military saw I d two as of right now, it's probably sixty he had if he heads Eight hundred on him and something happened to him, and you invested the eight hundred. Then you end of it ten percent that be eighty thousand if it made eight percent the bishop four thousand the point: Let the lump sum is big enough to create an income there, places his income For him now he's Miller.
They furnish him. Two hundred k for combat life right. I know I don't know but who had, for he had four hundred do his job and then I have one hundred job. Ok, That's ok answer! If you want to get a little, but less than that, but generally tender twelve times your income, fifteen to twenty your level term and so a dollar back a little bit based on the fact you ve got some of this other, that's fine, but the point being that the lump sum would create enough income to replace the in. Of the person who died. That's, where life insurance should do until until you're, wealthy The kids are groaning gone, you don't have any dat and you have APOLLO money. At that point, you don't need life insurance. If you're me in dollars and mutual funds, no house debt in the kids are growing on. You would need life. Insurance is a madman I am, you could make it off a bat,
and so you become self insured over time by getting The dead building your investments in raising the kids to leave You are going to leave Amber is on. The line in go home. But how are you ok Mr Syria, the area of better than I deserve. What's up in your world, I cannot leave some man advice. My husband been in this job that he then for About six years, it's a so its change. Hands a bunch of times, and anything that oil filled areas its cut. Toxic environment, an unsure environment as far as God Security really hard work, it's a really rough situation and you don't know, what's gonna happen, it's a volatile, vital,
your path, but you make a lot of money. Well knows where our predicament as my husband's canna, given up on being able to find any being outside, of oil fields, where we were Malta will I you understand. Everybody knows my haven't lame everybody likes and bade Hiram in a minute, his heart Where can I mean dedicated as can be Why would you make your hand about fifty, he's a graduate of knowledge, graduate associates, degree, ok and what I just general education policy. He is thirty What you wanna be doing, one is forty one page. Fifty thousand the well that's where I've been trying to get it out of them. I don't. You really knows other than just just data,
what he wants to work hard, but he wants to go home. She's kids, now have to worry about tomorrow not have to deal with open to all that didn't everywhere, though you make money, That day remains our own, be whole life I won't be home is not the goal here. The goal is to have a good career and they make us money, and then you can go home we'll have to order One thing I want for him and I think he likes the idea is theirs- an old business in town he used to work for the men owned it just attire, shot I'd love to be alive I want a business and be able to do this. Data on a business that you dont like harder than workin for toxic people, It was my own business, your abolishes, but yes He will drive you into the ground random. Make that things successful. You better love, what you're doing when you're on your own business and just
an entire shop just because it your own business, is not a plan you need to have learned that involves him owning a business, doing something he loves here. I think the thing for him is he still just tryin to try water. But you're, not lessen our time is an here's. The thing you need to figure out how to sit down the back porch of the kids in bed, Co Cup of coffee, or some miles and sit there and look out at the sunset and say gosh forty one we're all gonna be doing. If I could anything I want to do by the way this is America. You can do anything you want to do now than war Steps of I gotta take, we can do it in we gotta move. Ok out have some more training on that area. Ok, We are now so some money and get out of that. Ok, if you can lay out what has to be true, that's not true today in order be doing that tenure that thing ten years from now, then the things start
open up, because if you say it What if I had to do, a million dollars should now. Don't do anything you want to die. That's the way you ask. Why do anything you want to do? do anything you there's a million dollars, go, do anything you want to, but you, to have a career making money in August your butt. Cash, the million dollars. That's not the point. Point is money. So what are you gonna do anything you want. There are no barriers. You can use a million dollars to create whatever career Yonah. Create. Ok, then go do that amount will give you may and hours to do that. But if you wish thinking that way opened your brain back up gone well, the little man get outta here, nor does it work Shea, while the gadget worker, stupid How does it work. Their work. You know I have a plan says: I'm gonna live the dream
So hang on I'll, send you a copy again comments book, the proximity principle? Oh, and throw in that book called start there's this guy needs to start. This is that I ran Malaysia.
It's the season of giving switcher cellular service to pure talk, USA, save money and get a free copy of my book. The total money make over and a copy of Chris Organs book everyday millionaires. Folks all appear talk. Usa plans include unlimited talk, text and data with no contracts. Try risk free today call pound to fifty say the key words Dave Ramsay and receive fifty percent off your first month. That's pound to five zero key words. Dave Ramsay in the lobby of Ramsay Solutions, Matthew and later on that then free stage guys. How are you re welcome? Welcome, welcome what do you guys live eleven,
will our lab at welcome, all the way international to do that, breach, Graham you, Sir, and how much will be paid off. Eighty thousand dollars good for you and how long this take two and a half years, while also cash flow and having a baby do and H, back repairs, repaired or basement for safety and a water heater, oh yeah, of course, so that work and your range of income during the two and a half years started at sixty worked. Although we have two hundred and thirty while when he got the physical therapist and my wife is the hardest work in the family, she stays home with the kids I may get. I got there I wonder where the oak area will introduce them in a little while our I got so the eighty thousand dollars and dad what was it thereby school loans. Of course, the ads it after lunch uh student loans, how he has been married eight years now. So what happened two and a half years ago, such you I'll fire for this man I'd look.
The interest and follow we're losing a cup of coffee a day does the burned money, and then We wanted to change our kids lives and we want to leave a legacy to them and the saying that and want to do that- and I just got tired, been taken third air so had the conversation come up, what happened? Well, I mean we had read your book when we first got married and we know we're really frugal and pity school and it would have been a lot more ass. I feel like that really helped us, but then we can, the round and we're alike wow word this country. Forever make him what we're may again, if we don't just make some kind of changes, and so we just praying and asking the Lord and somebody introduce him to a different type of physical therapy that paid a lot more and more. Like wow, I think we should do it. That is commission based. So that was a big for us like ok, you don't have patience, you don't get paid, but if you do a lot of patience, you get paid a lot, and so I mean he just he has worked his tail off and wages scar on the same page and
I do a visitor day really that I didn't want to do. We would call that our day visit game. All man, how strong grand ok so you sat down. You show me a cup of coffee, a day's burning and we Canada stop, but we really gonna get serious about it than than so. What you took the new job? and then what you start doing, what the money stuff. Well, we I gotta pay honour to my grandfather here Julian at Winchester. That's where I grew up. He planted a seed of you. Listen do you wanna, go to peat or go to a baseball practice, and so we knew where to turn we just so now we made a budget and we start to, and we took a b you. We start a coordinating, F, p awhile and that kept us really accountable. As you can't tell all these other people to do something you're, not really so it can. I had to lead the way and that does I think, just haven't simple accountability in a really helped us alive.
And we were my wife. We were in the video you, you have the chains on you might get. My wife was light. We should have our own chain, so women, these paper, machete chains and every thousand dollars we would do, we would cut it down and it was the mean it was hard to look at that every day at the doors is motivation, but has also really fun to the snip. I can do that extra visit. It would make me very vertical. So you literally are a financial peace. Grand baby It is not without some philanthropies babies, lots of them on the air. Many financial police, grand babies, Annette your Grandpa. I want the brakes and he is one of the original financial peace books when our very first wrote it back and ninety nine to be broadened for medicine today, and so this is. This is truly a legacy situation. That's my father, my grandfather, Winchester, ok, you're, fathers and Winchester. Do then? Yes, you? How can I virtue
Winchester right now. You may now get some at your dad. Then he brought up all books region over. Yes, the original really is what started this whole thing. A thousand wow you gas will congratulations, ok, you're coordinators. Success, you pay of eighty thousand dollars and that number argue with you, you did it So when somebody says how do you do this? What are you tell him, man, I tell them that woman. If they are on the same page. I think you have to know your. Why, like our, why was we wanted? We want to do so. Many things in our life and we just like we couldn't do and being in debt, so we have
he bar why, in the forefront, reconciling with every dollar was huge. For me, I'm like a big fan of that, because when I have to come face to face with my spending when I have to say oh, I went row get target and I really have to apologize to charge rose. Rogan target will kill your book may on a lotta. Women probably fail me on that. You know I just we had to be real with one another in a brought us closer, because there was It has had to be so unified. So I think that was a huge part of getting out of the EU. Taking extricates you're gone rugged target setting a work related target had earlier. You heard all the time. People's marriages just get a ton better filler. We went from walking together than run together than holding hands, and it now just armed together, as has just been in a war. Again, marriage string very go very girl good for you guys. So how do you feel about that? You did it
It's also add is ass. The word is, we know that this is the the step in our baby stuff. We know, we see those kids and when that their lives are gonna, be changed and so were thankful for grandfather: the seas he planted and my dad and in others going down to them? So it has just incredible that to have that one. I think when you do Something hard to give you confidence to go out and do other hard things results. So I'm actually like in hindsight grateful to the Lord. Let us through doing them together, yeah yeah art things together to turn. That's that's a big part out as it prepares for all kinds of cool stuff in the future as well. An you, guys, think very well down who are your biggest cheerleaders?
men or muff our family law. Here my grandparents Muslim Julian, my grandfather are outside the blonde budget. I instagram she there's always cheer and assign. The issue is also school. The digital age is getting a ton of people around you and our church family was massive, and your people cut in the chair with us and so absolutely on that in a credible way to go I am very very proud of this is so need, and I know you Grandpas, proud of you know your dad's, proud of you very good stuff, very good stuff. It's gonna feel good. It does gonna feel good. Get out? I bring the kiddos into the picture. Let's talk ass, to get an introduction for the dead free scream. What are their names and ages? Isn t lies far. This is Luke whose three- and this is no less- she is one and a half now left. Her voice? We heard a while ass a mere that's fine, good job, guys,
our eye Matthew and liner we're gonna copy across organs book for you every day, millionaires! That's the next chapter in your story and Sunday will be talking to your kids as they continue apples legacy on through this whole process, good stuff the EU and China Knoxville generously, eighty thousand dollars paid up in two and a half years. And sixty to one thirty Caliban Lens era. Free must govern three to one where we go. That's fine Your change your family tree, when I saw the show that I'll be doing this thirty years later, and I will be talking to a young man- has grandpa you're. Not my radio show when he was a little character, gone to baseball practice.
And I'm not looking at his little kids- Wow- that's a legacy. Rather, that is why you guys are offence. Tree. That is really really been changed and that's happens when gods ways of doing things intersect, a family and they by armed by in on it oh yeah. There's some and flows some bumps and bruises along way, but there's an old. Blue nineteen, ninety two financial peace book out there and that that answer right now, and that's not broken on me. That's a hamley or heroes. Look at what they have done, the others grandpa dead. What this dad mom did and now what Matthew and online are doing absolutely incredible. Stuff that is inspiring hey. Why don't you be that grandpa or their dad mom? that Matthew and line up some he's gonna, do other, will pay you there's
the neighbour amnesia our scripture the day some twenty three for, even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me you're right in your staff. They comfortably they'll Carnegie said: if you want to conquer fear,
don't shoot home and think about it, go out and get busy It is interesting that we worked with a lot of people over the years that struggle with depression, depression is a very real thing and folks, thereby polar struggling with it because it it's. Really caused money problems, specially Bob because again manic depressive, romantic. They are spending grazing and then their depressed about it, and so I certainly not a clinician, and I am certainly not a medical doctor butter. I've come to appreciate and empathize with ie and although the process, the people go through two key that sometimes with medicines sometimes always wished him coaching and some counselling
and I have heard some of the most wonderful stories of people doing what bill current. You, too said. If you want to conquer fear, don't sent home and think about it in a sense. If we want to conquer depression, that's it on and think about it go on get big, there's something that happens when you're out moving around. That being, wing, something you're tired, because you did it. It's like exercise your if you'll do act. If you start exercising it releases, all these wonderful, sir, feeling the calls inside your body, endorphins proteins, all kinds of wonderful things are released. But when you're sitting here, usually get, nor that it, and so amazing, if you want to conquer fear, dont, should home and think about a go out and get busy. It's almost as if you know one to conquer the stuff, we're talking about the are getting out of that, how you conquer that you're gonna get busy
I wouldn't be work. How much can we work hard on Afghan worked like a workaholic for a year, so You never have to again. You know when I work now whenever I want a work. A lot because I like to work in a like what I do: I'm leaving here and going to Florida in the morning. We're gonna speak donor in Claremont for church this weekend Kicking off real charges, kicking off an attribute university or going be there for those of you down? There come visit I'll, be speaking all weekend on Saturday, not services, services, Sunday services and churches, free, kimono, we'd love to have you and arm but I have here in the clear, more Florida area ran a shot of Orlando like doing that, a couple weeks we open Chicago in my important Harlow in his place, doing the same thing in a church, Wide Lodge often attribution? Firstly, Amerika get off and on an I'm goin, I like it, I like doing stuff, and so, it's interesting, though you get energy from doing things. Now,
thinking about it. That's the point of the whole thing shut. Our eyes, leaves weathers Steve is in New York. Hey stave welcomed that I've Rams Asia taking my goal sure what's up, my wife and I are working on the biggest actual. I call that when the two lives. Eighty percent of the way there so I got her too. General easily to arm. Allow me on the contributions to my love for fifty seven to ten percent. And I also have the option where I can now contribute additional money. Some attention both rejection, post tax, finally, on doing about eight hundred hours and I'd, say about three quarters of that is post tax, but a hard time getting to agree
to, let me stop that's all. We generally mark out the baby steps and get moving. I dont know what to do right now, but your discuss that the fastest way to become wealthy, is to get to know. The reason that she is pushing back is because the money I get that extra money. That's going to my intention. Is it Jeanne your quarter per cent return and she's just half hour. Where the car is guaranteed. Eighteen percent interest, I know I'm a hundred percent, an shoes. Almost there now well understand. That the oasis is a temporary decision You can do whatever you want to do. Obviously, so you can do your plan of yonder your plan, but you're calling me about how to do our planet and shawl, and yet that way. Obviously you can do whatever you want. I mean that's, not you guys are allowed to do whatever you want, but in terms of the thing is
I hire a personal trainer in here, the six pack and I have a keg I don't want to listen to him that doesn't make sense. Even if what he saying to me feels weird we understand why you saying to me what he said to me. If he says do this time, The exercise do this type of nutrition. If I want to look I can only looks like a great god, and I have a big, huge belly, which I do then I needed do what he says to do, because he has the proof my things has gotten me a big belly right. Right. That's what we're dealing with yourself now shut. The point is, you know your plan, her plan, your best, thinking her. Both thinking he's got you where you are you're trying to do a new. You're thinking to get a different result. That's all positive, although that's good!
so Unita embrace that and, as a friend of mine, says, submit yourself to a different price. Ass to get a different result- submission for me, is real hard submission for most people is really it's for your wife to a process is really hard. She struggling with that. That's that's a human thing. That's ok, the meagre, a bad person, but it's a human thing. So anyway, the arm The answer as to why we teach you to do this might be important in this discussion, so you can try discussing it this way again, Why we teach you to stop? investing, even though its not mathematically correct, is simply this. What you focus on you went out, and this is a temporary thing. You're, not gonna, up, investing for very long.
I'll. Take you very long to get through this in the sky of your life. This is one two or three years: This is not thirty yours. Not ten years is not even five years. It's for a very short period of time, so that truly- is a hypothetical radical discussion, the math really doesn't change much in two years on this, so stop for two years What you focus on is what you win. No one wins on something without focusing on it and sometimes focusing exclusively when you guys got married. How long ago was that those who govern dreary? Ok, so you been married seventeen years, yeah I'll. The reason you got married is because you focused on her. To the exclusion of all other girls, and for that matter all other things. You couldn't think about.
Anything else right then, but her she couldn't think about it, else, but you and you I'm getting married because you focused on You are completely absorbed with it. You completely body and you drank like you see what I'm saying and what you focus on is what you want at the reason you got married. No one elections are, toxic relationship gets married because someone didn't care, you know like a breaking all here right that's how you win. So that's my argument for this and that's why our stuff has worked, and showed the discussed with missing out on the return, Guaranteed eight and a half percent returned the disgust with that will drive harder to get out of that sort,
do recommend turning off all investing temporarily, because what you focus on you win, and this is more about behaviour and focus then there's math it will. It is the shortest path to wealth for you, even though that feels oxy moronic it is the shortest path to wealth. That's the deal that puts us our that I Ramsay show in the books. Are thanks, James Childs, our producer kill it anywhere associate producers, I Ramsay. Your hosts, we'll be back with before you know it in the meantime, remember there's ultimately only one way to financial peace and that's the warp daily with the prince of peace.
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