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From the headwaters of Wales will bolster the rams, ensure there is doubt casual gaming and w. I am neighbourly relations by you for joining us. Open phones are properly to five five to fuck. That's AAA eight to five. Five through too rose is where those who spoke in Washington, I rose our you, I'm sorry
Thank you. How can I help? Well, I M looking out what my budgets gonna look like after I'm finished does he found and we're in for retirement, I'm fifty nine, my husband sixty one and its It's looking kind of sparse. I mean when I look at that and I think, oh man, that you can always wages, found your book. In January and so what we ve lived most that free we just had kind of had here and there will say, open and hurrying pay it back at looking at that, and thinking. I need some motivation. I need to know how to say: ok, I can do this. I can live like that.
But I'm not seeing the live like no one else on the end of this, because the in such a short between now and one retiring I do it for how to encourage me. Well, if the second part of the live like no one else so that you can later live and give like no one else means that have three million dollars, and you live on a yacht in the Caribbean. That may not be there. You mouth, We may not be able to do that you're right. But the other at the other option is: if you do nothing, you remember eating dog food. That would give me a reason. Do it too, that's just what I mean there's the upside, but there is also the downside. If I do this. I got a real problem, doesn't mean you can't live on social security and eat best.
Look. I shall we have to do this just tat just to maintain our dignity. How much does the EU have not counting your own good and what your household income as about seventy ok and saving fifteen percent of the home mortgage, its paid for two ok. And you're trying to save what percentage of your income with no doubt at all towards retirement will be. It should be more than that. You don't have any payments, that's what I'm I'm trying to figure out. What will you do like seven hundred thousand, you make seventy right. I mean if you save twenty percent of that. That's fourteen thousand dollars a year to off our two. I raise sixty five hundred each is thirteen thousand
you, need at least be doing now at a minimum. We are therefore one key area for a one day with a match yeah. He matches five percent. That's why it that's how we were help. I know you say not to do that. UK can forgone k, but you can stop here for Therefore, I know not cast out completely there's still sixty thousand but you took money out and paid off your house, all the shape. I read your, but how can as always in the cell. It we had six children it. It's too big ok, so I want to show, for it should itself for about two. Fifty two, eighty What I want you to do is just go to Chris Hogan three sixty die com uses. Are I q his retires barred quotient and fill that stuff out
start planning what you need to save. You should be able to save a couple thousand dollars a month as twenty four- I was not a year and that over Next seven years is gonna turn into some serious money, it will turn into a couple hundred grand and you shall this house and move down in her house to some and put another hundred grand and retirements. You should be able to correct, but three or four hundred thousand dollars. Aside by the time you get four sixty five sixty six years old somewhere in there and that should give you some dignity, but you don't have the room in your budget. Making seventy thousand dollars a year to travel the world and retire with dignity? It's not there, so you get to choose which you want it. So if that's what I'm out on others and that should not be tied here, man, you can't leave, you can have your own private corner, a target. Were you just going there of you know. You can't just
like your in Congress. Now you're gonna be very, very frugal and very responsible, but then you be able to retire with dignity and to be able to control your own destiny from that point forward- Zack- is weathers in Birmingham hijack our you are better than I deserve. What's up that funding our hobby in mergers and we like a picture Is that a thought to each other about defined in that strategy? Recently I want to point out is a hobby investor. I would just add some some extra money laundering invested for fine, but you're not gonna, get to serious with it just here we can afford to lose, but we also ought to be a girl wealth with it at the same time, but is out without sight of retired metaphor located outside of on equity. All that stuff that we invest
there's your homepage anyway. Yes, what's your household income about sixty hooker in your questions, one He told me about this new thing called peer to peer lending. I was wondering if you ve heard of it What are your thoughts on it from the investor? Sad, well, it is loaning money. People can't get allowing or else which would be like pretty stupid. The belongs vary in terms of risk and interest rate and the others are all people. There are people, they couldn't go the bank if they could go to the bank. Would go to the bank. And that means are not credit, and that means Indonesia, ultra high risk loans, and now I wouldn't play in the world not at all, not a chance to get away with a good way to learn a valuable lesson losing your butt now? Listen. I do a lot of investing a lot.
And I don't have any money in the top of stuff zero and the regions. Real simple, it's just it's a fad thing. It's like bond bitcoin, it's a fad thing. Thereby he asked about it. All people dont have any more money or talking about it, but study millionaires. I don't find any millionaires, I mean, like One percent- maybe that are Bobby investors that play in fact wrap and lose their money they're. Just by really steady, predictable things, and they invest in that losing money is not a hobby, a man, it's not one alike. And so I'm not gonna, be doing anything in peer to peer at all, zero. Zip, not you know what you want those act, but he called mass me That's it thanks for the call
this is the diver amply show.
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blind dad come to raise questions from J and Arkansas? I'm forty three with a household income of a hundred and forty thousand and eighty three thousand dollars and stood alone that other than that. Our only debt is the mortgage. Do we have enough time to pay off the debt, build wealth and live in, give generously sure, that debt in two years, I will be forty one thousand Forty one thousand five hundred dollars a year and you would be dead free in two years out of a hundred and forty you'd have to get by. Hundred Grand Gimme a break, Of course, you can do that. Definitely. Guys, that's a simple thing: you can do by the way. One thing that causes. You too have hope, is the numbers, Sometimes you get hope from the motivation talk. The code should have
right and then sometimes on that guy. Sometimes you get hope from making your butt and get new moving. Sometimes you get hope from other things, but really if you'll just sit down crunch the numbers you start to go out. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, this not an oncoming train, and I it's some simple. My off numbers is living is rocket science here we're doing some detailed analysis. You'll look. Travel on the whole. How big a wholly you on how much debt of you got? Counting your and or not counting your mouse either one usual, not counting your house and then bigger shovel, do you have what your income in that case? What? a good sized shovel hundred and four thousand dollars year. That's a nice income! in case you didn't know the average household income in America right now, fifty nine thousand, so that Stanley above average,. But he's got an above average student loans that too, stood alone, that's thirty, seven and eight sitting at eighty three but
get one? Forty verses? Eighty three Annie ask yourself off asking you play that off. Well, after acts as you're, not getting home with one forty and if actually want to eat you're, not gonna pay off. Eighty three in one year, one forty, This tax is minus. Eighty three equals zero right. And you're not gonna, have any money so we're not gonna, do it in one year or if we bring then the two years, like I just said, half of that forty Gran forty one thousand dollars each year two years out of a hundred and forty that's very, very doable so that gas should be if he gets on a budget quit going out to eat, shells much stuff that the kids think their necks takes an extra job lives on a get that I mentioned each live on a budget and his wife is helping him in their working together if he's married and if you do that he should be. Freeing about eighteen months, but Maximum of twenty four, not counting his home.
One. Forty, you should pay off eighty three, but it's just a ratio of one form, eighty three. What have you com what if he told me added a debt of four hundred and fifty thousand well I'll, be fifty thousand a year for three years right? That's a hundred fifty about three, you follow me and you can you do that all making one forty I didn't. Do it not that's com, for years, and they can do it. They can. They can get there. So you just start look at basically. How long is it going to take him to knock that? I shall do so The forty five years old is gonna. Have a mortgage only. Can you become wealthy doing that sure, yet twenty years left to invest it? Well, margins, you phone and you start investing fifteen percent of your income. If you investment percent of your income for twenty years? You'll be a millionaire most of you In my view, my God and forty guy, oh, and by the way, during that twenty years, you're probably gonna, get a razor too so we're really not projecting accurately, because we all know what the raises a number of a linear, action of one forty four twenty years at fifteen percent
That would make him a millionaire investing in good grow stock, mutual funds indicted for a one k and Roth Irish. Just like we talk about over and over and over and over and over again they rooms and are now returning about investing he's good for getting out of their day rooms. You don't know anything about investing now, his turn more people into millionaires, anybody else, that's all but I don't do anything that you know that investing as a hobby. And I don't do really weird and I don't know get rich, quick animals a play a bunch, a risk. I simply want to invest in something steady. The tortoise wins the race every time read the book the hare losers. People run around with flash and ass. He who hastened to be rich, Wilma, go unpunished. The Bible says, get rich, quick, we'll get you punch Dan start by usually real estate. I have no money but most are buying and selling real state. A hundred percent down percent finance.
You're gonna go bankrupt as what you just said. Matter of women because the economy is no cycle when the economy cycles, all the stupid that you're doing is exposed Warren Buffett when the tide goes out. You can tell her wish guinea dipping Wednesday, get stress test and you can tell what's going on with its revealed a stupid when you're my the tone of money in the economy is on fire and white hot you Well, I think I can I can do whatever here again and you d Think year, you're stupid is covered by just ship, parity that means not stupid and but once the biggest rush tested it'll show up. I'll have to give fancy gas get out of there, use your income as your most powerful wealth building to and become a millionaire and retire or digging I'm sorry! I wish I was just some big fancy thing, but it's really not that's yet that's the whole thing
and if you want something more sophisticated than that, then you're not Following the data point that millionaires follow you're following something you read and something stupid on motley fool or something stupid which is aptly named, or some stupid on in all see any money things do not go together. I'm you think about it really, shall I mean real Why don't you just study what rich people do and do what rich people do wisest heart? you wanna be skinny talked a skinny Paypal, but how'd you do that stowed away. Cookies and around five miles this morning, all right! There's your plan wisest hard. Hard gonna, like cookie, just a problem but The problem with my money is not that it's some big complicated. Thing, I don't understand the secrets of the rich. Now you know one control the person on your mirror. That's the problem, The problem would not my money is the person Mamma. If I get this guy, my mirrored behave, he can
guinea and rich the Ngos weathers in Bakersfield California, I go! How are you yourself better than our reserves are. How can I help you? I would quickly I'm pretty much all we have a house and my mom's house, so we're paying her the mortgage to leave their my girlfriend about to finish extra, possibly Amber January. She going for order. Technician, we're wandering forty paycheck and save it to pay off by how straight up my mom, or shall we invested Well, I would be one hundred percent debt free first except the whole Monday of any dead except the home. Now, ok, then. Secondly, I would build an emergency fund of three to six months of expenses. We call that baby step three.
What you ve got that rainy day fond then I would start investing fifteen percent of your income into retirement and beyond that I would pay off your house early, the NGO. You don't have your girlfriend's name on the that you bought from your mother, no good. You should not have a house Are you should not own a home with someone you're not married to you will get yourself in all kinds of crap, so technically, This is your house and she's your roommate. It's ok legally. That keeps you in pretty good shape and it also understand that the problem for hurry is unless she's got a ring on her finger, called marriage. If she uses her money to pay off your house, that leaves pretty vulnerable, and I would recommend her not to do that Anderson. So, do know if you're gonna start
start living life towards the future together, then, that's why the law is all set up around marriage and the gives her protection you protection and lots of other benefits by the way. So hey thanks for the call me this is the Dave Ramsey Show
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You. I am so ready a coup. Tell me about it. How much did you pay off? Well, I paid twenty, a thousand dollars in twelve month. Twenty eight twenty twenty eight twenty eight, twelve months and you're a range of income during that year. Why? about fifty two thousand and with the promotion and some good bonuses. I M, around fifty eight good for you, therefore limit. I myself for a trainer. I do stop. It really really boring that I absolutely love a couple of it. Looks like we're. Gonna get was the twenty eight thousand. It was student alone. You were ring teacher good for you. And you knocked out how long you been out of school. Would you on july- I beg you. Ve been out of school about twelve years out
I know hooker so you're like here in your early thirties, then is an ok cool. What happened twelve months ago that made you say enough, Sally may you're leaving well, listening to you and adjust just unknown. I excuse upon, but it's no borrowed. I started listening to your upon cast them that to your book. The total money make over that lead to financial peace, and here we are, I got. Click on the train. I didn't want to wait. I wished us. I was on it foggy the end of the line, and I wanted to spite- and I did hello, you beneficial for turning I've been doing softer training five years, and I was a substitute teacher, so Ok were in your career, set you up for this to do because you're two saying look, there's one way to do. This is the right way if you,
the syntax up, it's just not gonna work. There's one way to do this. Do it the right way and so you didn't question either uterus went in and whatever I said, do you did their work my time going to and from work listening to you and thinking. How can I do this faster and you know how can I squeeze this budget even more, because I really got competitive with it? I'm not married. He can tell I saw the rails asked. What was the craziest thing? You did to save money, oh gave, I start cutting my hair, getting my hair Kai and stopped waxing my eyebrows. I got it all myself and I haven't done that the euro. Will you do that for you about it and it wasn't a value so that now it now you ve got now you can go get some
mythology back into your life right, that's right there despite day in my future, about where you ve earned it wait girl, I'm proud of you. Did you have people cheer new owner people down you're crazy? I had a lot of people curing beyond they also that I was a little crazy. They just didn't show it, you don't know what you're crazy lady. I could people work in the back of their eyes and, unlike you know why you're here saying, go go go, but you know Who'd from me now, maybe not for them. Ok, I really had to suffer. If that is, it is good for them. There is no more of the no good for your while the dawn well done So when you tell people the key to getting out of debt, is you pay off twenty eight thousand box and twelve months Megan? Fifty two What's the key, what's a secret to getting out there in the pretty, here. I have to say it is an excellent at the moment,
the most vanilla answer you can get, but it's true once you put in a use, every dollar every single day Doesn't matter what use every dollars amazing, but ones, see the numbers in black and white- there's no room to argue in either one appeared offer you, don't you either going to sack I fear not it's the after pick left or right Love really choose this day, whom you all serve well, timed, very fair, very well that what was the hardest part of this of you for the last, while much water on this point. I have to say it wasn't a sacrifice, believe it or not. It was really not having a spell, while I have accountability partners, it wasn't the same as having someone you come home to you now to talk about your struggle. Oh man, I really wanted to go out to lunch. Today. I had on a few people in the office who asked me and I had
they now another. There was no one there. I was truly only accountable to myself how nobility partners are wonderful by if I was gonna do it. I had to rely on myself here. A lot of single people call in, and that was the hardest part for me. I waited for those Godfrey scream. Now I want to hear the families get out of that fight. You know I heard people with my ratio is my age. An any just gave me all the hope. That's exactly right well done Well done world, I am very proud of you. We ve gotta or you're you're, an absolute hero, we'll get a copy across shoguns retires bar book for you and that's the next. After in your story to become not only debt, but now a millionaire and, of course, outright Generous as you go along, congratulations you that's the point.
I've learned listening to you every single day for the last two years. So why were honoured to have young audience and proud I'd be very proud of Laura in just remember York twentieth thousand, now write off in twelve months all parts of fifty two thousand and fifty eight thousand dollar, and you can do it counted down. Let's hear it british grew your countdown stories to wine, I'm that free world and well then Cindy is in two high sending. How are you. Are you better than I deserve? What's up so, I'm really excited the type you first of all. I just want. Let you know that you're getting a lot of exercise biking walking around here, because you go with me every day: well,
feeling better already thanks. How can I of today, I've got a little moral dilemma. I gave my knees up when she got married about six years ago, mine, my knowledge she never went to it. Since then, she's gone to school soon shall still long. Sleep are brand new house recently and now she's having a medical emergency and she wants to treat a politically, and so she started a gopher me account and she said to the whole family. Who should do my dorm windows having a hard time decide in. If I sit down to it or not, is not a dilemma for me, I'm not giving a dime! Ok.
I wouldn't get money to people who do not take another Nigel advice. Ok, because the non participating in their crazy, her finance. Plan is nuts could shoot it have one pulse return responsible. She buys whatever she wants and then, when there's a problem, she's a victim if you finance that you are financing crazy I'm not gonna. Tell I shall I go wishes, treating us like her emergency fund that she does not have and we re really hard to get to where I feel like you know, that's why he's not gonna cost shipping? We have because we do have money. And at its heart Listen, I'm not be a main here. The bottom line is that you guys you have done absolutely nothing wrong you I would have no change what's whatsoever. This is like
walking up somebody on the street and the guys. Ankara than a skunk gonna goes only money for food, and you know what he needs. My forehead, my for a drink and you're about to give a drunk a drink. That's? What does go on my account just by an alcohol for now galling only differences is a different kind of miss behaviour and you it's not a loving act. It's a codependent toxic asked for you to respond to this look of Codependent read the book boundaries, but after Henry Cloud would give her die kind about it. Just followed wooden respond at all just ignored. This is that I ran she shut.
My view is whether some Tucson Arizona pay Matthew welcome other rooms. You show a data bank for taking my call procure chirp, what's up adequate for buying and how I am currently in that we are working on snowball ban are snowball and we are living in an apartment and we're carrying it out. My hundred fifty dollars in right now you tell me do not goaded by house a man that, through the good guys met- and I would agree with that. My question is: what is the number and change. What is a house
in writing. I and my mortgages, nine forty and I'm still work in a snowball than the men. The math doesn't change oh you're, saying I would say no by house until you're out of debt and how I emergency fund in place and then a downright while the regions simple housing is never as simple as your lie: leisure, laying it out If then, the number does change its more expensive to home on the list around or on a monthly cash flow basis, because at number fifty dollar payment also represents a hot water heater that goes out heating and air system has to be updated or a roof. That lakes Anne and grasped that has to be cut, and so on. There is all the costs associated with operating hope, it's worth. Homeownership worth it because it goes up in value and because you stabilize your month, payment. It's worth it in the long haul so our I love that did you owning a home because you you're right
Gonna go up over ten or fifteen your period, you're gonna come a lot better owning all, but a two month period, you're, not, which is how your analyzing it, which is just your monthly rent versus public house payment and looking to get into a home to rent but those father the rent and hundred enough. There were now how much debt, if you got thirty two thousand Looking at what your household income, I believe it Here- we cleared it into his either fifty two fifty three together and tell me more about a majority. For a token slowly on take my authority to the well. We ve got a lot of Maghreb. I wanted to have to pay off in two years. We we must sort store. We renting a home. And decided that we would save money on that right, movement by parents and their small to better almost Ricky. I didn't know my life and I didn't really work out
If I'd do other years, basically is now you want me right, but what why did that puts you behind understand that it didn't work out, but why that quota year, like because all the money that we had with you, that we were It does not say but put towards yet had to be If they get into a net back into another part, man ever get back and forth murders you fine, you didn't tell she fifteen thousand dollars to do that: Why? Now we just we geographical limit on earth like we were fairly got out of it, so it was. Bad move to try to do that. But the point is you're exaggerating. You didn't get if you make fifty thousand dollars a year. Even the buyer! Even with moving twice. You should be the pay off thirty two thousand dollars in two years. You know the move did not cost you. Fifty. Thousand dollars a year for two years. I just didn't capture that there's that's impossible right,
So he came across you re a hassle. Caution concentrate not focus, not stay on your budget, probably the ivory. If, if you wanted the answer that their data caught, the Turk I give up in Dakota, well, forget it men, don't I know you have a wagon and that we believe that makes it, and that's actually logic like I blame you for that. I've done that I myself yet but What do you say? Let's start today, look forward and say: ok, fifty plus Plus, whatever income, we can pick up doing other things we're gonna just bear down, and say boom how fast cabin Thirty two making fifty well. If you paid off Dana year, you basically near you be done in two years, and you you can do that.
Very, very doable as a matter of fact, I think you're probably undo it nineteen months, because I think you're really gonna be sick. Of that apartment, you're gonna be a means and rise. Rising beans, we're gonna, focused completely focus we're gonna lino this we're not gonna get distracted ever again, it's completely blinders we're looking only at the go, don't care what they buy, thanks, not going discuss where they body we're just gonna. Do it, and when you lenient, like that, with that complete focus, you can do that. Have you guys been through financial patient, oversee MIA, the girl with our charge, like I said that was what three years ago now go back. Ok and let that, but that some artifact, let me sign you up again because it on a membership basis now and that It's you into the every dollar plus and give you the online access and plug again cause what I've gotta do you need to get the though the pressure around you that positive their people that are on the path that home
accountable inside, stick or that stay on stay off down the road. Don't get the ditch stay on the road, don't get the ditch and go back to get join. Another group I'll pay for it or you can go back there and I'll get you sign up for all the online for a year and the every dollar plus four year and then joined. Open the area again that's what you ve just You ve gotten distracted and I'm trying to a more lenient gonna, get your focus back and I want you is to be laser extreme And then you're gonna get your house using a chance, but not what the House get you you had owned a house with what you been the last two years. You you might again foreclosure, you could have been real measure, cause you're budgets, tight. May you got kids run around you got that you got that country's. You got tight budget. The house represents risk in that situation. That's what we wish. Our Murphy moving. Your spare bedroom ambiguous three broke network stupid with it
Although we now have jelly pick up we'll get you resign and get you home. The venetian risky membership for a year. Tiffany is where those in New York City, high Tiffany? How are you don't worry I'll, be I've been watching? You shall be sunburn cool. My personal view. How much should be pulling into my fall and k weapon? come up. Thirty thousand dollars a year with no company match. Does it have a Roth for a one can track left who witnessed mutual doing they were there that of the four one cases with mass mutual for rack. Really, it's a whole life company, Their mutual funds available in it I get began when some, though.
Ok, well here s the thing: if your debt free- how are you actually I all five thousand dollars for not even though you should not be doing that you should you been watching the since December to your own beans and rights, baby one is a thousand dollars saved baby may be, is to become that free other than your home should open a thousand dollars off before you start investing baby three is an emergency fund of three to six months of expenses. And then baby step forward is fish. Percent of your income, which is forty five hundred dollars a year. In your case, going into your router my plan. Now I the fall in your case. If you don't have a match, I would go to a Roth I array and pick the four types You will find that we're talking about only when you get to baby step forward only We get a baby step for, but you need it
the large paid off, build your emergency fund. First, then start investing! Fifteen percent of your income multiply fifteen percent times your income, and that will you without lower income such countries? Forty five hundred bucks, I'll, get you there. Started. That's a healthy amount to start investing, but don't do that and to get these other things cleared up. That's baby. For war, do maybe set forward until one two and three have been died due things in that order, because I need you later. If you need to lay the foundation in place to be to build the house on don't build a house or that the foundation in place first, so good question. Thanks for joining, brandy is on twitter, is Ernie benefit to wreak your mortgage after making a large principle payment, no casting your mortgage is was so you paid your mortgage down paid it way down. Then you reset the pay. To originally set on thirty years, but you paid us
our down now that it's gonna pay off and about seven or eight years? recasting it is to upset the payment to drop your monthly payments down on a longer term. It's gonna keep you in that longer. If you that lowered payment casting lowers your payment over a longer period of time, resets the mortgage Do that you're gonna pay it off as quickly as possible. There's no better!
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