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From the headquarters of the lambs, the solution broadcasting from the dollar car rental studios. It's the Dave Ramsey show the B M w as the status symbol of choice. I'm Dave Ramsey your host. Thank you for joining us, open phones at triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two, two five, that's triple eight, eight, two, five: five, Two hundred and twenty five, Josh is with us in Michigan, Hey Josh, how are you good
sell better than I deserve what's up thanks, reason I'm calling is. We have Bridge and we're going to build a house on it found out pretty quick that the bank. I won't give you a mortgage to build your own house and make sure you know a general contractor and have a license and all that So what we did was we build a thirty by fifty garage with cash, and we're living in there? What were wondering is we're going to have this paid off in next year, probably September um, and knowing that we can't build an actual house because we were not contract. We are wondering if we can take out a second mortgage for three and a half percent. Straight once we get our loan down to like one thousand dollars and then just pay off the first mortgage and just have the second mortgage. It is Probably you been borrow on the garage to build the house right
because they won't. Let us you know, they'll! Give you it you know so you'll have to pay closing costs. Won't you can't even right 'cause. They won't even give you a mortgage, but you can get a second mortgage on the as long as you have a first mortgage with them would not matter that's the first mortgages thousand dollars, two thousand dollars or whatever so pay it two thousand dollars get a second mortgage, so we can build a house and then just pay off the for I know I know what you say about second mortgages, Wi Fi said well. So how much are you wanting to borrow to build the house Probably eighty 'cause we're we're going to build a lot when you ate a house and dollars on this garage yeah. It's we got it's probably a hundred and seventy thousand on fifteen acres. That's pretty nice grog to be honest with you. Okay, obviously, and you're living in it, and so what is the? What will be
Terms on the eighty thousand, if the eighty thousand was a second mortgage. Well and- and I guess I don't know all the details on that, because we had a look into it. I don't know if it would be a big I mean, obviously, if it is a fixed interest, for you know three and a half percent. I think what you're going to find is the term I think you're going to find the terms are not very favorable only going to find a higher interest rate of variable interest rate. Or a balloon or all three. Right and we don't want any of that- one any one of those three things is another way to skin this cat and that is hire a contractor, but not for the entire project heard them as a consultant. Okay, just pay the most. Call fee to be the name of their name on the the name and, of course, their name risk? So they have to be able to oversee what you're doing and all right. You know that kind of a thing, because they would be an at risk otherwise, but if they're pulling the permit in the car,
turn a man you pay them for that and you're managing the job. You're, basically paying them a consulting fee instead of a full on. You know, contractors fee which can be very expensive. It doesn't have to be But around you ought to be able to hire somebody even if they manage the whole job for eight or ten thousand dollars. Ok, you get one thousand and twelve percent or twelve percent on a cost plus deal is not that unusual. Ok, yeah 'cause, like for the garage, we did all the work ourselves from the concrete to the trust as being on the roof yeah, so that playing with the house. We also we're gonna take care and we are going to save us all. How in your area, you are in a rule enough area that there's a long lecture call inspection that has be done with a licensed electrician. Do you can still of all of the all that stuff still has to pass code, but if you pull, it do not require a that does not require an electrician to sign off on it. No, not if you,
If you're building a house to sell, obviously yeah, but if you're living in it yourself? No it does not. It just has to pass code. Ok, that's just just like with yeah. That's exactly how it wasn't. The garage we're living in. We did it all. I everything it. Looking electric yeah! Well, you know all you do. Is you shop around? Some guys are building- and you just say, listen. For a minimal amount of effort like pulling the permit and having your name on this, and then I did manage and do the whole job? What would you charge me for a consulting fee because I think you get a much better deal if you get a construction loan that converts into a permanent mortgage all right yeah, because then we will plan was just to save up for three years, and you could do that. Tell me what they're sharing, but life is kind of wanting to get out of what we call a graph I can into a home. I don't blame, But even if it is one hundred and seventy five thousand or garage, I don't blame. Ok, interesting, ok, cool yeah, but that's one way to scan. It is just get somebody to do that for you
I'm very capable of building a house. I grew up in the real estate business, the building business, my dad built houses, my grandpa built, build houses. I'm very capable building a house other than the fact I don't have good sources on some 'cause. I don't deal with him every day I could. I could do usually gc at in terms of the intellectual exercise that it would be. But when I built two houses, I used a builder and the last one I built. Are we used a builder and pay them a cost? What, but, in both cases of item cost plus free to and to manage the whole job in both cases, come to think of it right, and it's usually just not that high to do the whole thing. But you know you can you can probably get somebody for even less than that to do it as it comes only consulting basis. Bath is whether it's Beth is in Texas, high Beth. How are you. I'm great. How are you days better than I deserve? What's up,
Ok, places for deal our yearly income is twenty four thousand. My husband is disabled and a retired police officer, and I'm not able to work, because I have to be here to take care of him. We live on a small farm. We raised all of our own food meat, vegetables camp thing because we just can't afford to groceries but Hammond whole being able to say you won't baby step, one we're still working or a thousand dollars, and our goal in life is just to be comfortable. I mean we're not willing to get the millionaires and and all that, because we were sixty one. We know we're, probably you know get knowing that there, too old to new their family members are saying knowledge is too stupid. You're not going to be able to do anything. 'cause, you're, too old, you're, too poor Youtube broke. Well, I'm the type of person that I think you know when it rains, you dance in it.
So we just don't know where to begin. As far as trying to get ahead or no debt, we don't owe nobody nothing. We have two cars there. Well, there's two there's only there's only two sides to this equation: there's the income shot and the outgo side. And you're obviously you're, obviously not people that overspend and it's just tough to do a whole lot with twenty four thousand dollars. I think you're, probably doing a pretty good job with your twenty four show are there to two things. I would suggest you try to do investigate things that, given your limit, your limitations investigate some other ways to increase your income, which brings up some kind of a side. Hustle that you can do bye to what you've got limitations and then the second thing is start doing, written detailed budget give every dollar a name before the month begins. You can use ' every dollar budget online. If you want it's completely free and it will
organize and make every dollar dance in the rain. For you. This is. Dave, Ramsey, Show. Business owners, the business you started is growing like crazy. Here's the deal when it reaches a certain level. The next step to protect yourself may be to set up your LLC check out Nevada corporate headquarters. I trust these guys to manage all of your business formation and legal compliance needs. Nevada is one of the most business friendly states in the country and you can get a Nevada LLC, no matter what state you're in to find out, if you're ready for an LLC, take Nevada, corporate h, cues, free business risk analysis at Nevada, corporate h, Q, dot com, that's in Nevada, corporate h, K,
you dot com. Thank you for joining us America. This is the Dave. Ramsey show open phones at triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two two five, that's eight billion eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five. Well, I made it out of debt everything but the house, and then you finish your emergency fund of three to six months of expenses that we call the first three baby steps, and that brings you to baby steps. Four five and six, which you do at the same time force putting fifteen percent of your income away for retirement. Starting to save and do whatever is appropriate, Kids college, whatever is unique to your situation on that and just getting your home paid off as soon as possible. So if you're at
step and this invest thing is now intimidating number one: the death Intimidating and then you killed it now, the interesting thing gets in front of you, it can be intimidating because a lot of people in the financial world ten dollars and twenty dollars words to describe three dollars concepts. And sometimes when you sit down and talk to people like that, they're, more worried about sounding smart than being smart and it sounds like talk Charlie Browns teacher Wah, Wah Wah Wah Wah, Wah Wah. I have no idea what the flip you just said. You know, and so we were sitting in a medical situation a while back in the doctor. Did that and I went a little English. I'm the one paying you English dumb it down for Dave, he hillbilly. You have to put this in words. I understand I don't speak Latin so he started again and started bedside manner. Once you realized through the customer, was so
you just have to do that with people and that when your meeting with investment people they should have the heart of a teacher. So Their goal is not to sound smart, even though of them are very smart, their goal just to show you how win with your money and how to understand an investment, how to select an investment so that you are making the decision. Never put money something you don't understand, because I said: do it or someone else this sounds really smart said to do it I'll. Do that just go Dave, Ramsey, DOT, com, click, smart fester, put it info it'll drop down a list of the smart Vester pros in your area. Those are people in the business. I don't sell it Ramsey solutions does not show investments, but we we have vetted thousands of broke around. The nation who are you know. Things. The way we look at it, they agree with the way, we're doing things and
will help you do your Dave plan, your Ramsey plan and they'll. Do it in a way with the heart of a teacher that you understand or click smart Vester at Dave, Ramsey, calm and then get you going on that John is Weather Johns in Georgia, Hi John. How are you hi David Doing better than any of us deserve, I guess your health just the same sir, how can I help? Well? Quite some time ago, my now deceased, ex wife dot a store credit card, it was American Eagle an bought herself up there and a shirt. This was, a little bit before we got married got the card in my name and- I had it sent to our you know had it sent to the address where we were getting ready to live at and just through the bills away so I never found out about this thing until six years later,
Years later, so the sixty eight dollars in purchasing ended up. They want it. They me a bill for about eight hundred dollars. Do you started, threatening to put liens on trucks that I no longer owned and they were going to change, my wages and all of that stuff and the deck collector and I broke it. I broke it in half and they said Can settle for this amount in two payments So I paid half one week and I paid half the next week. You know each check that I got and I was done with it. Well, oh it's two years later and some law firm is. Coming at me, the same kind of way there you know we're going to take you to court, we're going to sue you to do this you're gonna. Do that and I assume you didn't get the other deal in writing that that's settled the debt. I got that emailed me a confirmation, number
and confirmation number of just just, but it didn't state the terms that when you pay two payments for clear if they did I don't have it now They just gave me a confirmation, I'm not getting that done and not keeping up with it has cost you the rest of this pill right so there's I'm just wondering if there's anything, I can do pretty much just dump these guys on the head. I they We don't know where I live, they don't. Have my actual email address. Have you this is not going to go away until you deal with it. I mean these things haunted you for a freaking decade, it's three or four hundred dollars. Man, so just pay it off so all of my own with that move on with your life, if it was three thousand dollars. We talk about, putting some effort into it, but
she took it out without your name. You married her, you divorced her. Then she died. I mean this. Is in place by the time through all the soap opera. We can't the time you're divorced wife took out stole your identity, then you could at the moment. You found that out and go. This is identity theft. I don't know what thing which is technically the true of the story, but good luck after all, this soap opera. Getting that to stick right. You have to follow please report on your dead ex wife then going to work. Man o just either either negotiate a settlement with him and by God. This time get it in. Writing never pay people. How bad dad unless you've got the deal and writing even if your pay in full now or pay them unless you've got it in writing and keep a copy of the payment. Show that it out and a copy of the agreement stapled together, hard copy, not electronic copy.
If it's an email, printed out staple the receipt. From the wire transfer or whatever it is. You do keep it in a file rest of your life, because People will hunt you down twenty seven years later. Yeah I know about the statute of limitations. I understand statute of limitations. Good luck! Your day, people are going to hassle your butt and you're going to have to go to court over three One hundred dollars now now, just the thing get out of your life, but listen not dealing with. It is not a strategy hiding from it ducking I'm off the grid, is not a strategy. In touch stay off the grid in today's world, alright David's with us, I think
David is in Alabama, hi David. How are you well Dave Thanks, Sir Michael sure? What's up so here's the deal? I've got about forty thousand dollars of debt. I've got seven thousand dollars in credit cards on paint I got ten thousand dollars car note and then I have about another twenty, some odd dollars of bit that's going to charge off, but I'm not currently paying off. My question is: I also have two rental properties with five units combined between the two of them they're, profitable, investments that I've had for about five years, but I'm considering doing is to sell them to become debt free. I could, if I sell both properties in that proceeds, would put me in the black. I could pay off everything I owe and brief free and clear, but I would lose potentially a long term investment that has been profitable right by another one. I could the circumstances that led to me being able to buy these are not
only to repeat anytime soon and that's my concern is: is selling myself short in a long term by selling something that I may or may not protecting the back. If you got a great deal, all you're doing is taking your profits. I yeah and you're, using them to clean up some of your mistakes and now that the mistakes aren't haunting you mathematically, you can go ahead and start saving and working towards some wealth building which might include purchasing some other rental properties later. So no question in your mind: sell the properties become debt free, ok, I kind of If that's what you would say, but I wanted you to know you kind of we're going to do it. Even if you didn't talk to me, weren't you well, it's nothing Yes, I did yes, I know, but you are being actively way you structured. The way you structured your sentence is you'd already made this decision. You just want me to say it with you, so I'm with you. I agree with you. I think you made the right decision. This
Dave Ramsey Show
Jennifer is with us and now she's, not I'm sorry, stage the debt free stage in the lobby of Ramsey solutions? My brain completely fried Alice. Stacy are wethers, hey guys. How are you well? These were focused but not finished, alright, very cool Chris Hogan for you there you go good good quote. I like it and where do you guys live, but we live
Antonio Texas, a little town outside of San Antonio, which is about the Texas on it and all the way up here to do your debt free screen. That's right! Love it! How much have you paid off eighty one thousand in twelve years, good. Twelve months, twelve months, yeah, ok and Ariel space in the other one and what was your range of income during that year? We started at one hundred and fifty ended at one hundred and eighty five wow. What do you guys do for a living? I'm in emergency room, nursing rn, and I do media relations. Ok, very cool good for you guys well done That was the eighty one thousand and it was things well for sample we're young and frivolous with our money? I mean we didn't know each other at the time, but we both had that same kind of pattern. So that was part of it and then another part of it. I would say about one slash: three was credit card debt student loans, credit card debt, two car payments and then really random stuff like a phone that wasn't paid of
random. She just kind of normal yeah. I guess yeah, then a borrowed on everything, exactly exactly. Ok, how long you been married about a year and a half yeah so right after you got married. You decide we're not going to be normal anymore. We're going to get this mess cleaned up. It was too stressful. We had to clean it up, she'll tell me the story. How did that unfold? I don't want. My mom actually introduced me to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. I was very fortunate, but did not take advantage of the opportunity when I was in my early twenties. I ended up kind of reading your stuff like in it not having enough people who were in my life doing the same thing, sort of forgot about it. We got together got married and I was nervous to ask him, but once I did, he was like: let's do it, let's, let's set up our future. I was more than happy to I mean anything: that's going to improve our life in every aspect that was open to it, so sure not sure why she was
nervous, but I don't see, let's see approached me because it definitely is a weight. That's lifted off. What was the hardest part of this for you all, because you, you kind of had the young single, crazy did stupid stuff than get married and grow up and we're gonna get series now, but I mean that that's a big change. You have a lot of change going on. You change the way you live your life because you got married, you change the the way you handle money. The way you look at everything, there's a lot of change. There was the hardest part of that. For me, I guess you talked about earlier in the show choosing and it was choosing to sacrifice. I chose to put myself in the whole, so I chose to dig myself out with sacrifices. So for me, I'm kind of a big
I love food. I grew up in a family that owned a restaurant. So a lot of my budget when I looked at it, was eating out right in a fancy cheap, you name it. I love all types of food, so that was something that we really changed. I started meal prepping on sundays for the entire week, so really went from twenty five dollars a day per person to a more like five dollars a day per person, so that shaved off a good amount, the little things that you don't realize that really build up. So that's what really got me there and for me I really wanted a home like our home to build and it just we don't have the money for it. We had to get out of debt first and it was hard. I wanted a house so badly with my new husband starting a new life, and I we had to wait until we were in the right place, but when you
all the other stuff. You didn't wait right, so that was kind of our like our penance works. So forgive me father, for I assume yes, the lesson we won't forget love it. That is great. Well done you guys. So what do you tell people key to getting out of debt, is you paid off eighty one thousand dollars in twelve months? Tell yourself self, no, an use, the every dollar app and don't just use it to log your expenses actually stick with it, yeah, that's a big difference, and actually before we even started well. Actually, when we started using the every dollar app, it really did feel like we gave ourselves race and then the next day we listen to your podcasts and you said: download the app download the every dollar app you'll feel like you're, giving yourself a raise and that's exactly what it felt like. It's been a blessing for sure
cool. So you listen to the podcast and use the app and did you have I'm sorry? We took the class, we went through FP, yes, ok, wow, alright, for nitrogen Versteeg Graduates. Are nice very cool good for you? Alright so who are your biggest cheerleaders people in your class, then I would say, absolutely we actually talked about that before hand. You know I mean, obviously we had family members. Ported us. They understood what we were trying to do. But we went to this class at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio and they they gave us. The nine week course and they really felt. Although we were strangers, they felt like we feel like family. They were taught talking about stories that you wouldn't talk about with strangers. Usually, but again they didn't feel like strangers. We were everybody was each other's cheerleader for June. That's cool at MAX Lucado church is a great church. Yes, yes, it is MAX, was up for the day is a good friend, very cool? Well, why it got guys very well
very well done excellent, show any are during the twelve months. How hard was it to get the budgeting going? Honestly, I don't know, I guess, maybe because we're newlyweds we had a, we are still in the honeymoon phase and we were wanting to really you know, work together and learn how to do that together and we wanted it so badly. We wanted to have freedom together so badly, and so honestly, our budget committee meetings, they turn into a smooth ride. Pretty quick and now we have fun doing the first one was pretty difficult, but I would say a second third: it just kind of all fell into place. What was the sticking point in the first one gosh? Well, I think Rachel also talked about in her podcast help. It was basically when it was the s to
tions. You know she talked about how that when they went through the first month her and her husband, they were way off yeah. So for us it was like not wanting to mess up that budget and we weren't doing it right, and so we spent a lot of time kind of just over thinking it Ah, so it was and then, as the month started rolling by then we got more yeah! Well, you get more accurate, exactly that's cool, get it dialed in exactly rough edges or but buffed off well well done guys very well done we're proud of you. Ain't got a copy of Chris Hogan's everyday millionaires book for you, that's the next chapter in your story well on your way to that- and you know reason you won't be there- just keep keep walking the baby steps keep doing this stuff. We teach and you'll be there before. We know it very, very well done one Stacey San Antonio TX, eighty one thousand dollars paid off in twelve months, making one hundred and fifty to one hundred and eighty five count it down. Let's hear a debt,
Very well done. You very, very, very well done, while absolutely fabulous. Jackson is on Youtube and me this question Dave. I've got fifty thousand dollars worth of that. Forty of its student loans, five in credit card debt, the other five in medical bills, I really don't know where to begin. Well, you make a of your dad's, smallest to largest in the payoff balance, guess is that's going to be one of those tiny little medical bills. You know it medical bills. You probably have seventy two dollars owed to diagnostic. I don't know who diagnostic is, but if you drive near hospital you get a seventy two dollars bill from him. Ann you don't want to
about to get all these little mosquito bills, flying around your head, little small ones, four thousand and fifty eighty one hundred and ten that kind of stuff take up a lot of space, a lot of envoy looking at you when you look at your builder or and that kind of stuff so list your smallest to largest pay your minimum payments that are allowed on everything, except the smallest one. Do a badge squeeze every dollar out of your budget that you can sell so much stuff. The kids think they're next, take an extra job show all the money you get from anywhere that's smaller step when it's that is gonna take all the money you can for a used to pay on that and any other money which squeeze out of our life and we put on number two. When I was gone three number four number five, but you're going to do you
after those medical bills are really really fast. It's probably your smallest ones and you're going to get a real sense of traction and excitement and you're going to lean into this and you're going to work like a crazy person and Jackson you're going to get out of debt. This is the Dave Ramsey show
thank you for joining Us American. Our question today comes from blinds dot com, the number one online retailer of custom window coverings. You get free samples free shipping and with the new promos they run every month, you'll save even more. When you go to bed dot com, if you want the deal, here's a magical, the promo code, Ramsey Emily, is Texas, my husband in order for natural patient. First, we have a little over one thousand dollars between our retirement funds. Does this mean we've completed baby step? One? No, you cannot cash
out your retirement funds for an emergency? You need an emergency fund of one thousand dollars and that's a separate little account. It doesn't have to be anything fancy point is. If the alternator goes out on your car, you need to have some way to fix it. Tire blows out in the car. You need somebody to fix it. Kid gets sick and he will pay the pediatrician and it's little stuff that little knocked the breath out of you when you're trying to get started. 'cause, it's almost as if, when you start working on this stuff, things start breaking to see if you're really going to stick with it. It's like this is test of the emergency. Are you really to do do this network and that's kind of what happens, so you need the one thousand dollars it's not in retirement that your baby step, one! No more, that anything else. That's not in retirement you used to get out of debt and above one thousand dollars, we don't cash out retirement, though I accept to avoid a bankruptcy or foreclosure
facing that kind of thing. Jennifer is with us in California, hi Jennifer. How are you I'm done are you doing better than I deserve? What's up uhm? I am forty one. My husband is forty four and we rented a few I've been through it twice once as a married couple, I kind of lost my minimum. We were doing good about two years ago, then my husband want to get a credit card to help build our finances. Full moon said get house with the next two or three years and never think I'm like falling from there we make about thirty five thousand a year. We have our combined verbals in school, full time as well as work full time to combined able to combine still knows of twenty five thousand dollars. I have a car thirteen thousand dollars and combine credit cards of just under one thousand dollars and. So overwhelmed right now the said that he
he's been wanting to pull lift kit on his taho, which will cost about eight thousand dollars. She said she wanted to put on the credit card, then declared bankruptcy. And I'm like, and I'm so overwhelmed right now. I don't know what to do. Well, I mean two of you have to decide how you can live your life. I can't decide that Fauria, you went through financial Peace University and you chose not to do anything. I talk to right. So what I mean, I I've told you what to do. I mean you know that you you need to do that stuff. You know. I gotta tell you it's stealing your husband's a thief he's proposing stealing to put to run up Dat with the full intention of turning around bankrupting.
That's the thing: a bankruptcy is not the evening, there's good people they get in bad situations and I'm not mad at people to file bankruptcy. But if you tell me, I'm gonna run up a bunch of that, so that I can file bankruptcy not to pay the bill. That's the same thing is by being a bank robber. You just stole that money and show your husband has a lack of character. That has to be addressed, and you know you went through financial Peace University, but then you went out and start taking out credit cards to build your credit, and you know I don't teach that that wasn't what you want. It wasn't what you learned in there, so I can only help you. If you will do the stuff we teach. I can help you, but I can't participate in your craziness. I mean you run around doing all this crazy stuff.
And of course it's not working, so I think the two of you need to sit down and talk about how we're going to have a high quality life over the next thirty years. Is it going to be we're going to run up debts and file bankruptcy, so we can put a lift kit on a tahoe that sounds like a thirteen year old child. So I mean you're going to have to address this immaturity an address. This lack of vision in your household and the two of you are going to decide. Are we going to grow or not? Are we going to be big people, or are we going to be little people and there's lots of fifty four year old children? So you know 'cause. The child is based on the way you act is based on your level of emotional maturity, your level of spiritual maturity and that your relation to your ability to do relational things with each other.
So I've- I I'm sorry your overwhelmed, but of course you're overwhelmed. I mean you've, you put your porch seeds of weeds in your garden and then, of course, you've got weeds in your garden. And so now we're going to do I really want to weed eat Are we going to pull it out? Are you going to put him up by the roots and we're going to stop doing this stupid, butt stuff that isn't working for you? You know: go back through financial patient versity, both of you. Get it with a good marriage counselor because obviously you're not on the same page, get yourself in a good church, a stab lish, a vision for your household for your future. Where do you want to be in thirty years? As a couple? Are we going to live? Thank God it's Friday, oh god, it's Monday, our whole lives. You've got these things. The neat thing that will happen for you, Jennifer is the moment you decide both of you and you're firmly committed live
a better life, a more mature life. The moment you do that A lot of the anxiety in the sense of being overwhelmed will melt away. The situation will not have changed yet, but just the fact that you're going to deal with the situation what's killing you is you think this is going to go on forever and that's what the rest for your anxiety in your over comes from, but even in the exact same measure in once, both of you decide. That's it I've had it we're going to have a vision where we retire, millionaires. Thirty years from now an we're going to get about the business of causing those things to happen, and it probably does not involve putting a lift kit on a tahoe so that I can bankrupt it. Oh my god, so you just have to look at these things and that's what you've got to face. Alright Leslie is with us hi Leslie in California. How are you I'm getting yourself better than I deserve? How can I help
I'm twenty nine years old and right now I need about twenty one thousand year, and I have forty thousand in debt. So I'm trying to figure out like to start cool. What do you do for living um right now. I'm currently just working in human resources. I just got promoted good good for you in forty hours a week, yes good for you, ok, you're, single um Why do you have a partner? We have a ten month old baby, but we don't live together at the moment and do to finance it. Ok, fine answers, don't usually get worse. When you get married, they usually get better Yes, it's mainly me and with all the time in the past, credit cards and um closed accounts
when I was younger. So I just you know I try to pay them off with you know. My income right now has a thinking out loud. That's not that's not what I was saying. What I was saying is: if you have a child together and you're, not getting married, Becaus of money. Money usually gets better when you're married and you work together not worse. Yeah money, the only thing reason you're, not married. Uhm! No well do you know that yeah 'cause, we don't. Together and then he looked an hour away and our jobs are in two separate locations. Ok, is there a plan towards becoming married yeah? Yes, there is ok. Then, let's do that sooner rather than later. Ok, you have a baby.
I know I mean it's not like this in going on already kiddo, I mean you know so, yeah that and that'll help. You guys put the thing together and then you come. On your problems and you combine your assets and that's what marriage is about. An that's what's best for this child's long term now mean time you can roll up your sleeves and start to attack this step by working three jobs, but that stuff to do with a ten month old and by yourself. So again. We need a vision for your family, long term and let's take this to get there sooner rather than later, that puts a sour Dave, Ramsey Show in the Bronx hey it's Kelly. Producer and writer for the Dave Ramsey Show. If you would like to do your debt free, scream, live on the show, make sure you visit Ramsey dot com, slash so it registered. We would love for you to cut the National Intel Day, your story,
hey if you've got questions about retirement, investing on becoming an everyday millionaire go bigger and broader. With my man, Chris Open on the Chris Hogan Show. I am excited to be able to talk to you all week in and week out, we're going to focus on your calls and it's going to focus on building well investing and how to become an everyday millionaire subscribe to the Chris Open show. Where were you listen to podcasts, hey, it's Jay, producer of the Dave, Ramsey show
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