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NEVER Take On a Car Payment for an Employer (Hour 3)

2020-01-30 | 🔗

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From the headquarters of Ramsay Solution broadcasting from our car rental studios debts that day, Ramsay show that is non cash is gaining in the olive oil market has taken the place of the Bmw that a simple choice: Andy Ramsay, your host. Thank you for joining us America, open phones, AAA eight to five five two to five that's triple eight eight to five five to two,
five Tony, is on the line in Illinois. High Tony welcome today, Ramsay show a brave. How are you, sir? better than I deserve. What's up then carefully when you? Let me start by saying thank you for taking my call. My wife and I were looking at their cells and they really I spot we made some really stupid decisions financially and when I got fed up with it, I went to my aunt was often the godmother Then she I was at a burning tool that can I could find a problem and she let me your money back over my life and I are way than and is in were ready, and so we saved a thousand dollars. We made a really got decision for my life to go back to work after being a stable mob, but you didn't care or two boys said Alice. Back at work in a way? We have the snow about that
action here. We are. She is eligible for a car package at work which all give us five hundred bucks a month. Gas gardens and paid for current church with their job. But let me she has to trade in her. Her overcrowded go off get a call its ten years over newer and which can potentially com payment. So I wanted to but when I got there, I gotta give you to find out what we gotta handle. This huddled advocates the sound well taken on a car payment under any circumstances. So that means we're not doing this right now entered the day
Side of this is if she doesn't work there, any more. You took out a car payment that were supposed to be paid by this car package, shooting its car packaging more. You still got the car payment right, and so she quit your gets, fired or changes jobs or whatever things happened so no were not taken on a carbon based on a car allowance ever, and I certainly wouldn't do it here now, so she has a car and shaking it back of worth work, Grech, and what does she make fashion exporting that Bosnia? And what do you make
to have a hundred thousand or household income and how much debt do you have not counting your home. We are writing, including the other, how the other car, which is Skype ten thousand left out. If we ever talk about fifteen thousand and debt hooker and saw how quickly making a hundred thousand dollars a year, will you have fifteen thousand dollars paid off three months we can probably net thirty five hundred dollars a month for their new income after our debate. How long after that that she planned work indefinitely, we find there may be a career, and once we get to that step, both gonna jump on that fifteen percent of our income for our for one day, So we're excited about that step when it comes to ok, so the idea of her being home with the boys is on hold. Yes, my mama's is watching them boys wholly before now,
This is a permanent decision. Not a temporary decision to get out of that. You haven't got my youngest is in full time school. That's that's a decision! Ok, ok, go I'm sure you're dead, free in three months. So what you sure you're, ok and then the next step is to build the emergency fund of three to six months of expenses and then what is her current car worth. Her current car, probably more two or three thousand dollars at the most, and they want you to buy a two year old or new or car, and what was the other stipulation on it or to your old or new? Were ten year ten years old or new, ten years old or new, or with the? How and what was the other stipulation anything now, that's it
yeah. Well, if we with our tax, return coming and soon we're getting about eight thousand dollars, so we can use that definitely towards are. They are only dealt with before their hell, yeah no kidding, so gummy ain't that right now, two thousand and three thousands eleven thousand. You have to have your merchants. You found him shall Rebecca. What would I do I would get out of that? I would build the emergency fund, then I would save to move up in car beyond urgency fund buying a car is not an emergency, and you would not upgrade your in your case, so I would not upgrade a car which are not emergency until after you have your emergency phone inflation you're dead, free, showing your tax return comes in, is probably not going to the carriage by going to the emergency fund. Right then, we're gonna use the fact that we have no payments in the world. A new found control over money called a budget. This unity,
doubling of income because she's gone back to work? All of these blessings that are in your life, mathematically, too big up some money and go pay cash for a car and move up in car. My guess is about September. She's can be bonnet twelve. Fourteen thousand our car, you pay cash for with a three thousand our tragedy and that an end you can take the car package, but we're not going into debt to get the car package like too many downsides, plus she kind of have to make this decision is ours you know: I'm not gonna lively, all way or the new way cannon, no middle ground, the issue thing just doesn't work enough. That's that's! Why you're collected and look at how the tool that can now, let's go down with it, conflicts with the conflicted feeling was accurate, because if you were again regal perpendicular to the new things, running shall well done, sir. Well done you guys road user in the heart of man, you fighting it
Claude already game. We already. I can wait so I value I make you're gonna be out of debt and three months, you're gonna use your tax return gesture W. For so that an happen again he's your tax returned, build up there, Since you funding Eurostar, safer car, probably around September, threatened Our trading and does it go down and value much between on there and about thousand dollar cash above emergency fund with that puts her nor thirteen fourteen thousand car. All that and that's the plan so well done. That's cool alike. That lot and other my Christmas man, we're said not a word. We're Goin assumes room now for the save upper house that point problem.
Some good stuff crystal is on twitter. My husband is not agreeing with baby step one. He feels the one thousand years should go towards paying our debt and not sitting around for something that might happen. How do I get him on board in the humorous? That's you so cute, a precious a broke guy has no money disagrees with a system, a proven process that has gotten millions of people out of that that's precious! It may swayed dumber than rock, but he swayed show. How are you going to get on board? Probably not that way, but rather about how important emergency fund isn't. Let's try something new. We ve done it your way and here's where Goddess withdraw different plan Struthers whole day rapidly thing is a different thing: fry
thing that can happen, but our moral and I'm not sure This is the day Ramses folks
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While they are putting it again or sink or fixing a ghastly, some jobs that make you ask, should I do this myself? Be I why this poor? Should our house body who is an expert now sometimes it's really are, like you know nothing about cars, so you take your garden began it you, don't pull your own teeth on that kind of stuff, but sometimes does not show clear like doing your taxes.
Are definitely some cases that are complicated and require attacks proud to make sure that it's done right and then come back the budget about later. I feel no small business. You got multiple sources of income yet allotted ductile. She allowed a different filings to do dont risk doing all that yourself get an expert. I certainly don't do my own taxes, but if you are sure Do you think you might be simple enough to do it yourself? Godaddy Ramsay, Dotcom, slash tax careers and take our quick tax assessment. Five minutes, it's free and I'll help. You figure out if you should follow yourself or if you're, better off using attacks pro and will tell you the truth, will send you one of our prose only if you need debate, Gerda, Ramsay, Dotcom, slash, tax quiz, free technically five minutes and you'll know what you're supposed to do April. Brawl is Weathers April is in Wisconsin.
Well, how are you? How do you think you could take in my call sure, what's up Since I graduated high school I made by pressing should after bad decisions, I'm twenty nine about one and a half year old. I I smiled in are doing my whole bankruptcy last year, I'm so that overnight that behind me now. I turned to dwell too much on the past, but after listening to you, I just found you I feel like I could have done it had I just on the right? That's funny and known about it. But again I don't want to dwell too much from bad. My my question, are you Dave? I only tab ten thousand dollars Colin Powell bad obviously survives the bankruptcy, but I want to apply your teacher. To my current situation, even though I didn't know about tat, noble,
would I be then, at the end, here of baby step to being bad. I now have my arm just a little over two thousand dollars for my security. And my own my own house, there was one of the only smart thing I ever did was to all my little factor I'll get my daughter and I can reaffirm right around. You reaffirm the mortgage, the bankruptcy and kept the house. I bet that straight out of cash and it was a factor. We bought a catch him with fixed up, and I lived there now, ok good for you a clear, and you too, that I guess after the bankruptcy or the house was under, which constantly gave you enough homestead exemption to where they didn't taken by ok
I got to keep any if it didn't go in and the bankruptcy offer gosh. I got to keep that get to Peter. What do you make a? U I'm thirty one thousand, so I went through a bankruptcy when I was your age. It was larger dumber than yours, because I was dumber than you because I did stupid was rose on the end of a phd. In, do you and be so? I know exactly how you feel a little different setting, but it doesn't matter it was a business deal, but I just I was done on man like you shall make bad decisions and I reaped reap the whirlwind. I will read the hurricane in my life and sewed stupid Naga hurricanes right, so that's kind of what you went through. So the thing I want you to do is this: are you know that was twenty eight years old and turning sixty the sheer size a long time ago?
and yet today I dont want I like what you said. I don't want to dwell on the past. What I did at that time and what I still do in a sense is. I look at the decisions that I made that put me into bankruptcy, and I want pretty much. Do the opposite! Right! Ok, so the only reason to revisit the bankruptcy is not to shame yourself not to feel condemned by your past and that kind of thing. But what I want I the reason revisited is terrific to Canada, a CSI on the patient figure out. Why died? You know why Whether one is modest financial situation die, I killed it now. What did I do that killed it right, and so I, figured out? I dont borrow money anymore. I figured out at an end money for savings figured out. I one living on a budget. I figured out
Everything the opposite of what I teach today and song broke I'm ok, you know and what you want do is say: ok, here's the three damas things I did. Why did I do those? And why will I know, Do them again and then lock on it and leave it in the past for so long from which all you really want to do, and and then no condemnation notion, being on that and we move forward. Rearview mirror and the car smaller than the windshield. The windshield is good through every mirrors, looking back at the stupid stuff we ve done. It does need to be too big when all was rather too much time there, but enough. Don't cut over in that line and not somebody on the ditch right, so I would like to say that What I would do there and there is a real good mental health kind of feeling, the beta emotional health counterfeit
that spiritual health kind of feeling that to get them get them, get the get the good stuff out of the pain and then leave the paying back there. That's what I I could think of it like I'm. I gave my daughter and I a fresh start we're very bad what'd! You do! I start and you keep doing the same stuff and learn anything negative, restart unfair, because you're right back into the soup, so You got it you now to change direction. You know you have to repent, were a Christian would call it turn another direction, shop all that now, then, where are you you're in baby steps? You have ten thousand dollars in that you make forty five thousand hours a year you have paid for house. You need to get your debt it off and the need to build an emergency fund of three to six months of expenses, and so. To get on every dollar and you need to the financial, patient, adversity and finish learning the lessons that take you into a positive future away from a negative past. That's where you are now hold on working to shine. You up we're help,
single mom. Here Gallo girl got a new life, a fresh start. Let's put her on solid ground. Put you indifferent. Entropy should, firstly, the one your membership, the class, every dollar, plus all the community's alleged can be there to help you snow rocky world, kiddo, limousine, Minnesota. I learn welcome, but over I'm sure I did. Things are taken across sure. What's up, I will finish that trade starting work Ivan Sexy centrally. I'm just did our budget numbering thing and after putting such a grip on doing their education of paper, the college as part of the faded, what what left over to put into the market twilight thinking they have more for that we had a five year. Go to get that done. We get make certain my main question. I think we get in
a light. Would it be? Ok, it's like you can prevent, says the employees paying for five percent per annum. People everything's! Ok, you're! Out of your out it at your investing your saving for college or put stuff on mortgage. Anything in this in this line up is ok. What would I do? I would stick with fifteen percent. You just now turned the corner. You just getting. Here too. The rhythm of this I'd be putting fifteen percent of your income and retirement. How much are you putting in kids college waiter? Am I doing about a hundred and fifty for each of us any mother, you're? Ok, three! Just thirty six hundred dollars you what your household and five hundred and forty how much we want to put on your house while we like you, I like it, you're, probably not on my be I will still
This is that I ran over the years I've seen so many families suffer by not having life insurance. It's not that I didn't care, it's just that they didn't know. So they did nothing. That's a huge mistake. Listen!
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by a majority of Morocco. This is the day rams common sense or your dollar teaching you to live on less than you make a concept. Congress camped grass, Duncan is whether, in Georgia, high Duncan welcomed that our relationship. On that deserve. How can I help you Haven't really employment trouble you get started the point palm my note. Her obligation, I believe, is gonna hindering my employment capabilities bonds, I'm in the National Guard, national
about one week a month in about two weeks for year. I'm how ready yet- and I mean I'm out from it no one on the next couple years, next year. I expect to you about thirty or forty percent of my time have some sort of Milton them an export out like a weekend here a month here, frontier, gonna intermittent I'll. I think we're gonna hinder minority to get job now alike. He remembered ass. Well, because you be, it will be hard, you to add value to an when you're. Just there half the time exactly and it's not that you're mad at the military and wooden support. The military we ve got share their national guard and when they go out, we salute them an honour them and pay them in love them and all that kind of stuff. So you can. I got two options in this:
wait, don't wanna is you you work, I mean you work some kind of thing, a job just for money that has no demands on it, so you bring your delivering pizza. Doing that kind of thing, because you can turn that turn turn that on turn it off at any time right and then meet the obligation that you ve got and so what rank? Are you in the guard? every drop of this second lieutenant. Ok. So what does this paying? Taking up fifty percent of your time So what do you do in one week a month? dollars a month now does not weaken a month? Is not your problem made? Forty percent of your time is your problem such events were on after years, actually to hear what will you make a year in the guard? with the age about maybe ordeal,
thirty five thousand and ok go, and so, if you supple there was another thirty thousand with a sad gig. That's! not necessarily your life's gaol. That's not a bad thing. Ok, that's one option show back up a second. What is your long term go? Where do you wanna be in ten years military or what appalling owner? glancing and bore for career I got some sort of business. Darwin myself. Yeah, like everyone, knew the underside side, but have income in short term support myself wagon gonna. Do my I give you on the sidelines in advance. Absolutely so I think that that was my second thing in your answer, It's me straight into it was instead of, doing the Ober or the peach ITALY breathing with forty percent of your time. It's a lot of time or sixty percent to forty percent in the next two years, devoted to the guard. What
I would use that time for is to start my dream business and begin to grow. It Now, obviously you have to grow it in such a way that you have some help or the service that your proof and can be turned on or turned off when you're gone, the weekends on a problem a weekend here or there. You can run a business without even begun a couple not really. No problem do not want to commit done all that counts, but if you, if you're doing the, if you're too, if you're on Begone for four weeks and customers you're lookin for you- that's a problem in your new business, absolutely so Either got to staff to cover when you're gone, in your business model, in your new business or the businessman was simply something that your kind of duty free lance thing, consulting thing. Something like that as your first step of opening your business for this two year period of time, and so your job
simply not available on those days and you can't do consulting or you can't do freelancing her However, it is on those days I mean you could how does make up some say you did catering, you want to go in the food business. Ok, you would just not take any parties to cater during those weeks is not a big deal and they go well. We age it. Well, I'm sorry, I'm not available that and we would have yet another client. You couldn't do right, so you do have another client this case. It's the guard and not cook in there. But ok, see. My point you just tell em now we can do that for weeks, but it doesn't destroy your business. You can still begin your catering business if the I'm making that up on us and that's it. But whatever it is, you use it. Can priest either structured in such a way? you're, just not available, do not available for free lance, consulting catering, whatever it is during that time or you, staff in your business model, to cover the gap that is there.
Malaysia is with us in Maryland. Probably I can turn off my back. I had the wrong one our militia earlier and Merlin I molly shower you. Good I am very nice to talk with you Dave sure, how can I help my question? is my son is sixteen in the tenth grade, hopefully going to the eleventh. Is it too late to invest in these? twenty nine here in the state Merlin Maryland, you could but does not do much. Ok. Because you are going to the five twenty nine is. It grows tax free Your son is how old again sixteen he just turned succeeded and again we have two years. And so they ten thousand dollars, and then it grows ten percent It made a thousand dollars, thousand dollars is not taxable
this is a hundred and fifty dollar discussion to our discussion. It's not it say it doesn't really, but doesn't really break the bank that your text for this two year period of time, so you can do edible heard anything unless he didn't use the money for education and then you ve got yourself set up into a penalty, but the the growth is not gonna, be substantial, so the taxi. Things due to the five twenty nine is not gonna be substantial, does not make sense. That makes sense and a kind of figured it was too late we would like to say money more college adjust the five twenty nine doesn't give you any big tax benefit, because it too, you not gonna, have a lot of growth is too low. Have a lot of grow barely a year, but not like, though a bunch of money aside for college and get to get into school, get him. It is something you can afford that you pay cash for right, well,
I have a back up plan and I don't make a lot of money. I'm forty five, I'm trying to I'm trying to purchase my first home, and I only gross about five thousand two hundred and fifty two a year and I do have dead. So I have money The sad for whom I am hoping that I can apply for money So I can get in Baltimore City and I have about five thousand satisfaction. I have just about three thousand Emma Phone savings account that puts out myself, which will very difficult, but I do down like a lot of other folks. I do live paycheck, paycheck, birch Ok, there is no doubt that there have about force
thousand united, you don't need a by tribal start. You don't need to buy a house to get rid of that. I heard you say that you know I've got it. So, let's get rid of the debt. Let's get the emergency fund bill sketch you on a tight budget, so you're not living paycheck paycheck. To accomplish some of these goals will look for extra income and begin to clear your debts out there, and then we can be in a position to maybe just
Cash out of the budget help him as he goes along. Ok now one switch gear in advance phone, but which gears and talk about him. Ok, he is your single mom. Guess you make fifty thousand dollars in Baltimore he's going qualify for a lot of different kinds of scholarships. Even some need buy stuff, so he is now- and you are now in the get him some scholarships business like. I want you to apply them to apply for a thousand scholarships between now that I'm a graduates, I'm not exaggerating, one thousand of them- do get turned down for most of male get a bunch of re money. He also needs to get his butt out there and get a job, and it can be worked hold relations through the also needs to pick a school that he can forward, which is the cheapest school out there, because you broke there's nothing wrong with. That is exactly what idea when I went to a lot of
that alone, I'm gonna send you anthonio meals book. Show you exactly how to do this without any stood alone that broke single mom. It's called death re degree I'll, show you, Doing he doesn't have to have that they can go to school. This is the diver empty nor should I proverbs nine nine give instruction to a wise man and he will be still wiser teacher. I just man an evil, accretion learning distinction between righteous and wise interesting. Given strong
the wise man and he will be still wiser, teacher righteous man and he will increase and learning. Some new wants their Benjamin Franklin. So tell me, and I forget, teach me, and I remember involvement and I learn Stephanie is on the launch definition. Georgia hush definitely welcome. Ramsay share family thinking like for taking my call my own, and how can I help you, sir? I am after my total debt at peak. It ready,
hundred forty thousand dollars undergraduate include under a good answer, but above all, and I did a tear off. Why would not paint about continue to wait? I have no other than the size by schools that hard to get on the phone. I don't have any further. I do have that divided up into sixty thousand one provided in replying to have paid off by the end of this year, for the rest of that. Fortunately, seventy thousand tat s how we think about ten year. Please tell me you who ran high paying specialization eighty, but I think that one or a year that's my homepage. I wanna we re now. Yes, really is odd knowledge, not right,
mathematical, incorrect, wasn't, philosophical undiagnosed. Why you do not have any doubt you do not have a fifty percent tax rate. My contracts have one eighty when I got up, but then my bet, your hundred either a thousand dollar. And how long have you been doing since April? I fear you need to sit down with the tax professional. You should be getting an outrageous tax refund or someone doesn't. I could find out where I'm sorry, but I think that in our pockets are you putting money in your for a wink? I now are you having other things tomorrow, reject other than taxes. Now.
Ok! You need to sit down tax pro because her something not adding up here. So the good. That's what? What? What? What field? Are you in medicine, primary care? Good, ok, do you have the capacity or the the logistical ability to pick up? Some iii are or pick up some extra hours at the primary care practice that results in extra income. I M here right here: I prefer. Now, though, I am being very careful about how likes I work, because only you just got out of school. You know by now you got five hundred thousand that we want to be worried about. You burn out your flame and out here die in here. You need to be working like a hundred hours a week. I won't talk about burn out. You need to get your button gear. You need be megatherium. Granted coyness measured in about three years
then you can talk about burn out and back in your hours back down to forty hours a week and make a hundred eighty if you want, but I want you double your income for three years and be out of that and get your tax thanks right now. This listen, if you make honour for two thousand and you live on nothing if you go back to live and like a college student and you start shrunken money towards a five hundred forty thousand problem. Let's pretend you put an end, you do what I'm talking about. You increase your income because you increase you're: u increase your income because you increase your hours and also stuff temporarily and you're going into crazy land use, go nuts for short periods because you need to be in panic mode. Someone just walked into your office that had walked into my office at a stage for cancer and is questioning the intensity of chemo
That's what just happened in my office? Ok, yeah yeah! You got cancer stage following this- requires a radical treatment plan, five under forty that otherwise you gonna have the rest, your life. I want this risk. My life is in at this is a curse, so I rely on nothing you put a hundred thousand dollars year towards it is done in five years you put hundred fifty thousand dollars towards it. It's done in three and a half years you put two thousand hours towards. It is done three years that simple and you live on thirty or forty or fifty thousand bucks. Laval, nothing and you don't buy stuff. Like a doctor, crusher broke Doktor Europe Bankrupt broke doktor, so you don't be bought. Houses you'll be buying. Cars can be investing in stuff. You are broke Doktor five, four thousand hours in that and you need to act like your hair, is on fire and completely focus and the faster you do that the fast you're getting there
and then the faster you're gonna live the life you dreamed of. When you pay this huge price personally and financially, to become an empty. The horrible news is, you have an unbelievable mass, the ban lifted. The bad news is your deepen debt, the Great NEWS, as you have a huge shovel and fabulously bright future. Your future is so bright. It's on fire, if you don't screw around with this. But poppet in the mouth, hit hard aggressive treatment plan. The patient is dying and that's the metaphor for you yet after it get after it. So you can do this, but rather just some things you can't just go with the flow go with the flow gotcha. Here you have to come against.
Oh, you ve become against the way people think in your world in your world. People think this is ok. It's not! Ok! It's stupid, clean it up! Gosh! I hope our non You are right: Mary Ann is whether in Michigan Pie Marian welcome that ever Amnesia Highgate boots were taking my car sure I am fifty eight years old a real chairs. So I'm commission only divorced six years left my marriage with zero. I have some guy And I am getting a an inheritance thereat, I'm trying to figure out if I should pay off my gut or in vastly inheritance. So my God is when I divorced I've had to very mortgage. My house
and put them my name and my ex husband had to he lacks so those got rolled into it. So I owe on my house with those three hundred and fifty thousand my house is probably worth five. Fifty I have student loans from two of my children for sixty seven thousand and then that he like one of them, is for thirty, eight thousand and which was remarkably help around two hundred thousand harsh and I have saved a hundred and thirty thousand since the divorce. So that's just sitting in the bank I have known
since I have no irae, I have nothing else. Can I have one more child through college that I am paying cash for as I go along good and what you make an what our money, like him, I night after taxes and expensive to run by business around one seventy five year.
You're killing it well done, you're on your right. It already a higher cue to grow. The deadness got on no more than a need money. For that show the way I answer questions here, Marian is, if I woke up in your shoes, what would I do and it's really easy cause robots image, primary and an olive oil state, a grub, unroasted business Chicago how your brain works, momentary onto company one has grown up. I got my license, lanterns eighteen shocking to come out of your world in and so what I'm telling you it's gonna kind run contrary to the way, the the way your brain functions normally in your world, because your great sales person and you have a big, a great ability to create income.
But then you are not always sure exactly what you what you want to do with it. You know right here, that's that's kind of normal in your world with the way I said it was always tried out. Her must have pity effect. What I would do. If I were in your shoes, I would pay off these other things to little. That's immediately, six thousand seven hundred and thirty eight. Today I begin to work on paying off my home as quickly as I could. I bug an emergency fund, because I want you completely debt, free house and every For your sixty and then you can start piling money and mutual funds are buying from paid for rentals to get yourself out. Mass so and get yourself into a big our money so that you can retire with paid for house and a big power money It's a sour that I've Ramsay, showing the books will be back with you before you know it in the meantime. Remember, there's ultimately only one way to financial peace and that's too one dealing with the prince of Peace Christ. Jesus daydreams issue,
once again, you made the day, really show one of the top five most downloaded party last geared to get your daily dose of motivation and inspiration described today. I have you, got questions about retirement, investing becoming an everyday millionaire, go beggar and broader with my man, Chris Open on the crucial densher. I M excited to be able to talk to you all week in week out we're gonna focus on your calls, and it's going to focus on building well investing and how to become an everyday millionaire subscribe to the Christian, ensure wherever you listen about gas page producer of the Dave Ramsay show this episode
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