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Ride the Market Waves - Don't Get Crushed by Them! (Hour 3)

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Live broadcasting from a dollar Dave Ramsey it all home mortgage has taken the place of the B M w as the status symbol of choice. I'm Dave Ramsey host. Thank you for joining us, open phones at triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two, two five! That's people, eight thousand eight hundred and twenty five. Fifty two
twenty five starting this hour office going to be Maria in New Hampshire, primary welcome to the Dave. Ramsey show HI thing For taking my call, I'm hoping you can maybe guide us a little bit we are thinking about purchasing term life, insurance and disability insurance for our daughter and son in law. We do have other children, but some issues have come up in We have about a ninety percent guarantee on a diagnosis that my son in law is terminally ill. How old is he two I'm so sorry. Well, at I don't think you're going to get insurance for disability insurance. The knowledge? The there's a terminal illness involved well
good doctor sent my daughter home with him yesterday essentially say ' They need to get their house in order. He because he's saying he feels it Ninety percent sure ready, but they need to do more test to be positive, so he saying that they should be putting things such as insurance in place. Just in case yeah the doctors, not in the insurance business. Ok, current life insurance companies. Ask you on the application. If you have knowledge of an illness. If you lie on that, it's called fraud. And time, and so he can't do that and when he says I have a. I have a diagnosis says it's. Ninety percent terminal. Obviously I'm not going to issue life insurance or long term, disability such so so,
I'm pretty sure he's uninsurable. Based on this partial diagnosis, not the diagnose This is reversed, then mean he get the other. Ten percent comes around. He says: ok! Well, we missed it. It's not that it's this and everybody cheers right. We get some great news, then that tells you run out and get life insurance, 'cause, then there's not a diagnosis that would make uninsurable now would want you to do is to verify this with something more than a radio host, because you got you guys are are reeling right now and you're, trying to gather information to give you some peace, ok and so right track with cut call Zander Insurance or go to Zander Insurance com column and get one of their phone. On the phone and ask to speak to one of their senior supervisors and tell what you're facing and they have the ability to write both of those types of policies and they
help you if they can. If they can do it legally and you don't want to do it illegally and otherwise Not a crime, but they based on the fact that you didn't tell them. The information that you knew there was a terminal illness. Potentially, then they would deny the claim and the the money spent on the life insurance be useless. 'cause, you wouldn't get the money. Okay, right, 'cause, they're gonna, do! If someone, if someone takes out life insurance and passes away within two years, they always do. A detailed investigation right My other concern is well to be honest. What they think he has will slowly crippling and probably you know looking at tend to maybe in years, but what are they looking at Huntington's disease, so
I mean he can still. He hopefully will still be able to work for a while. We have no idea if it was progress quickly enough. My other Sarno's was also discussed, ensuring my daughter, because if something should happen to her right, they were doing come home. We don't want to lose their house yeah. I would definitely do that immediately. They need to get there. When he says get their house in order and stuff like that and putting wheels in place. An which everyone needs to do anyway, but this stuff just highlights it write an yeah she. They both need to have a will and they both need to have the the insurances that are available to them. Whether it's in term disability and or life insurance in both cases, but can walk you guys through that and give you much more in get in detail of it, but if you're aware of a diagnosis, almost all life insurance
locations will ask you if you have knowledge of of a problem and if you have knowledge of it. And don't say, then: deny the claim later, because they're obviously going to get the doctors records later. Discover that you didn't know about it right, and so you don't want to get into all that. That's not going! That's, not that's not advantageous, but The other thing we can do is just start to look at the overall things they have in terms of their debts. In terms of Things they own what they occur, incomes are what what their balances on their 401K. Oh, can you arrange all of that in such a way that it serves the families purposes. Now with his illness, and later after his illness. And you just gotta start thinking through that an we will uh I'll put you on Hold Madison will pick you and we'll see if we've got one of our Ramsey trained coaches in your area, that can sit,
with you guys and help you walk through all of that and at no charge I'm from going to charge thing. Okay, thank you very much. So, when did this diagnosis come in? We came in couple days ago, though, we had a suspicion, 'cause he's been going to vary stocktons. First issues I have been coming up an we had. We just had suspicions that it was something not good and unfortunately, it's and we're just looking. And- and I have a little bit of debt that we've encouraged over the past eighteen months. Other than that before we made a mistake, we had been get free for years other than our house and we're just looking to pay that down, but we just We're getting close, retirement, but better than more healthy financial position. You can put yourself in the better you're to extend some help towards them
you guys could quickly getting that cleaned up. Getting your on a budget and being very detailed, getting your house in order, you know and that whole thing is that Al Sham. Hang on. Madison is going to pick up and will get you hooked up with one of our. And then you touch base with Zander Xander folks and they'll then walk you through this. Phones at eight billion, eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five. You jump in thirty two years old. That's what we This is what we always tell you,
over over over and over again get your life insurance in place. Get with Mama bear legal forms, dot com to get your wills done. It was and get your life insurance in place. You know that these are the reasons you do all these things is we don't know how sad this is that I ran. If you have turned on the tv, you read a paper or been on the web lately, then you know this country is in the midst of an identity theft, Crisis Equifax's, attempting to settle with its one hundred and fifty million breach, victims and capital. One expose the records of over one hundred million Americans. You can't possibly still think you don't need identity theft, protection. The only way to fight it is being prepared with an id theft. Protection plan and the only one I have ever used or recommended is from Zander Insurance call, eight hundred three five, six forty to eighty two or visit Xander dot com.
Thanks for joining us America, we're glad you're. Here the shell is with us and Kentucky hi Michelle. How are you, how are you better than I deserve? What's up? I think so much for taking my call and then falling in on your plan for the last seventeen years and and I'm just wondering why He pay off all your debt and um. I have my own business and it's, how do you stomach the re occuring cast and feeling like that, you have but again I don't, but it
Because of the reoccurring cost and in four months? It feels, like that, and I mean in your business. You have recurring costs. Yes, what HALO and marketing costs and things like that. Are you making a profit. And so I have been in the past. So I've been in business for a little under five years and the story, first year made more money than I ever made, and then every year after that, maybe even more money, and this year it's been the worst year so far out of the five year. And yeah we're just barely getting by. I think the market has shifted, and I'm in real estate? And the market starting to change them, and so
when you look in the pipeline, you don't see enough. Coming in to cover you for the next few months for your expenses I you how said anything back for retained earnings, you're having business saving cover slow times. I have about a hundred thousand total saved from to run my household and my business about nineteen thousand a month and when you see you know, ok we're going to have thousand a come in over the next couple of months, and How you just kind of stomach that? When you say you know you have to get rid of this marketing cost or you know, but that also is what brings in business. The reoccuring call are not a problem to quit? Making money? I mean I've got. I've got nine hundred team members on payroll and I don't I awake worrying about the payroll and it's by far the large
expense around here, not even close, but what? What? because what you do have to do is you have to stay out ahead of it. On the revenue side, what you're seeing is a drop in revenue and What's really bothering you is not the recurrent costs, it's that you don't see. The revenue coming back up. 'cause, if you, if you saw the revenue being forty thousand a month, you wouldn't be worried about this right But you don't see that and so current costs aren't water, stressing you it's a lack of revenue, the stressing you right so What are we going to get the revenue or we're going to have to cut how many people right this is not what you just told me has about a four month: burn rate and you're going to be at the end, exactly yeah, so You know, like I know, from being from running businesses in the past, but you know they're slow months, but it at
When you say is this just a slow month or has the market shifted, Barker Shipping bigger deal than a slow month? Right, The whole year has been slow like we're take home pay or to date. For me, it's like to do this pay my bills. Personally, it's been like thirty thousand, so I think what you gotta get back out in front of it and reset your business and say what has be true, for us to get revenues back up where this is fun again, and if I, can't see my way to make those things happen. What has to be true Then what has to be true is you've, got to cut a bunch of expenses and you gotta come quick, but don't, but don't do that through the first one. The market shifted, so go find it who moved my cheese you're at the book. Yeah, I don't know, but I will go get the book. It's much Spencer, Johnson, who moved my cheese. It's a classic takes about forty.
To read it but the thing about markets is they always shift? I mean When I started in when I started this business, there was no internet. And now my eighty percent of our revenues are internet based one way or another, and digitally based in some kind of a methodology, so the markets are always shifting. Markets are always being disrupted, and you need to stay out ahead of it enough. You have to be some kind of profit which stay out ahead of it enough that you can ride the wave. Oh, Market shift: get crushed by it. Feeling is you this wave this tsunami coming at you an I don't feel like you've got a surfboard, you know right, I think you back up with some fresh eyes, chill breathe early watch the sun come up, spend some time with prayer. With the Bible open in your lap and starts. Okay.
And this was a brand new business in Today's world where would I go get the money if I was really excited and smiling again and then Goku money girl, you know how to do it. Ok, This is revenue you need to chase that revenue down and tackle it. To do that. Yep and kind of got to doing the same thing over and over again, and now it's not working right. I think, You probably did move on you a little bit. But I don't think I don't think it moved. I don't think it moved away, moved and you just it's. Two exits? You got drive down and find it. You know that ' and that's what were we, that around here, every day that is a normal the fear of the entrepreneur. The editor of Success magazine used to say the entrepreneur is the only person who can go from sheer terror to sheer exhilaration and back every twenty four hours and that it
such is the nature of the beast for those much that are entrepreneurs. It's just how we think so hope that helps thanks for the call Alright, Melissa is with Melissa, is in New York, hi Melissa. How are you Thank you for taking my call my boyfriend. How can I help. I had a question about how to potentially get my husband on board where is down debt? I recently read your boss and I became really invested in paying our debt down, but after making Roger in saving, thousands that each of us have heard a new urgency fun. I can't convince him that way to pay down. That is the smallest at first, read the book. I now you see what happened was his wife read this book and she got all excited and then she started telling we're going to start.
Now everything around here and we're gonna start doing this from start doing that you start talking about what, instead of why true true so that if I were in your shoes, I would go in and apologize. And so I started, throwing this around, I started doing the China around you, don't even know why it around and you you know. I'm sorry that I moved before word before. We were on the same page on this, but we really need to look at this together, because this is really really exciting and you're gonna read this book this weekend. Some of Take you to the bed until you do I did ask him to read the book he just he says he doesn't like the rain showers here in July. I know I don't care getting the audio book yeah true, I could do that she got a phone because of Xm Radio to ask him on that. But I mean I just pull up a bunch of Youtube: pull up a bunch of Youtube debt, free screams in so watch this for ten minutes with me. Now read the book
our knowledge of the audio book or whatever Listen, let me just tell you the reason it none of this matters. Is he don't care and John cares, he see the same problem you see, but six months ago you didn't see it either. Now that you read the book, you see this new problem and you went gosh. I got not only have I realized, we got cancer, but I got the antidote. And he's gone. I don't even know where cancer and now you're bringing the antidote at Maine this big syringe? And so no, I don't like shots
so five years old inside hello, yeah, that's what's happening with him, so he should listen. If he thought that when you finish the book there be a million dollar check at the back of it great book, he read books because you don't think there's anything in there. So this is about motivation and believe it's not about methodology. This is the Dave Ramsey Show
from your job map view you're on the line to do their debt free screen, hey guys, yeah better than I deserve. How much have you paid off we paid off fifty seven thousand dollars in twenty four months, good for you well done, and your range of income during that time. At about forty five to we're on track to make one hundred and ten this year Suleiman well Don you gas very well done, I'm proud of you fun fun. They were kind of. That was the fifty seven thousand.
So we had forty six thousand dollars in school debt and then eleven thousand dollars in personal, but it was for school so it was all school wow. What are your degrees in. I have a degree in microbiology and I have a degree in elementary education. Okay, very cool, and what, very good. What do you guys do for a living? I'm at a lab technologist and I keep Great perfect just right if you plan to do huh. Yep yep good deal. Well, why did why did go you guys? So how long have you been married about At three and half years, okay, so in a year and a half into marriage. Two years ago that said, Ok we're doing this yeah, so I was feeling really overwhelmed with all our debt, and that was,
wondering what it what we should do and I was kind praying about it and and Then we been with I show, and and just I looked into it right away and I loved everything that you were saying and decided to take some initiative and and help her dad, and I then the hard part was that getting Mallory on board, but so Mallory. How did how did he get you on board? I'm not He just kind of
Bring it up, I'm talking about how he didn't want to be in his whole life, and that was just kind of like how my parents did it. So I figured it was normal and it was just you know. He's saying I want to be a millionaire. I want to be able to retire. I want to be able to travel and do these things, and I eventually realized yeah. Those are good things. I want to do those two, so it so scary at first, but I got on board and fell in love with it really so, oh wow, very cool that first budget was really hard, not that bad yeah. That's that's where the test comes right. Yeah, So what do you tell people? The key to getting out of that? Is your paid off fifty seven thousand and twenty four months, I'm not If it was the budget, I'm sticking to the budget and I'm you know,
before all this started to at? I was feeling like I said I was feeling so overwhelmed and I every time Mallory had bought something out kind of angry and like why are you spending money and we we have that we don't have any money and then, the budget. It was just make a plan that we could follow and once we made our plan, then we, stick to it and it's okay to spend money, because it's budgeted and like it It really helps me feel a lot of peace. Learn? Good job, guys, good job, who are your biggest cheerleaders outside the two of you I'm not a little of my parents but and it
really have cheerleaders along the way. It really was mostly only Us- and everyone was like- oh good job, good for you until we became debt free and then everyone was like say what I like this, so that is kind of how it goes. How do you like me now yeah yeah, great stuff? Well, done you guys, we got a copy of Chris Hogan's book for you everyday millionaires. That's the next chapter in your story where to go hero, proud of you very, very, very well done map You and Mallory from Utah fifty seven thousand dollars paid off in twenty four months, making forty five to one hundred and ten counted down. Let's hear a debt free scream, three
two one one that is is done! Merry cool, very cool! You guys very well done so proud of you, Linda is in Pennsylvania hi? How are you hi Dave thanks, so much taking my call sure, what's up. Well I'm calling with a question about a huge mistake that I made a long time ago before I found out about your program. I found not about your program in March and started in April, and I got my husband on board and in the mean time we paid off about twenty seven thousand dollars in debt for it, but the problem thanks problem that we have is I the mistake is I co for a student loan for my son. My son. Is
Twenty three years old, he still hasn't graduated college more now, basically a strange phone number, not speaking to him? Why? This because it is very irresponsible abusive to us emotionally and verbally. My husband is a step father, so it's pretty much the new it's gonna raising them, so the mistake now that he's not paying his still on. For pain, you get too that's what a kosher hurting for cosigner does one hundred and thirty grand right, yes University for engineering, is twelve credits to go, so he didn't even graduate and anytime. We would ask him what his plan is. Basically that caused him to not speak to us, and now we have a lot of sentiment lines because we're stuck paying these bills. So my question is: were basically debt free
except for home and we're now in the mode. We find there are merchants, and now they are. You got a hundred thirty thousand alone. Why not? I guess my question: who is what to do with high interest rate loans? Like not My husband is just salaries and because You know because of the whole situation, and he just wants attack- came the mortgage hoping come around and then hopefully you know supposed to do the right thing and pay off alone. So I guess that's: where he's I didn't hear anything here. That tells me there's any probability of that happening right. So and then my other question is I've looked into refinancing, but as long as my songs on the loan, the rate is ridiculously high 'cause he is, full credit. Well, don't bring any finance them. Now learning
you're, going to end up paying this. I'm sorry if you have a twenty three year old who's being a twirp he's abusive. He's not worth spit right now. He had him finished his dad gum engineering degree any at these mad at the world and he's king of the world and it's going to be a decade for he grows up. You're right, you're gonna pay this for speed and PAM you're going to pay it. Azure Cosigner wait an should we the fund our emergency fund, it would take about five or six months and then just attack it. You have one hundred and thirty thousand dollars student loan. You need to pay. Wondering what is your household income five hundred and Seventy thousand really it off in a couple years, yeah about three years. For now too? You think so
sixty thousand out of one hundred and seventy says you're living on one ten, where you can do that: ok, yeah and just look at this, and I don't blame you for having your heart broken. I really don't blame your husband because his step sons of twirp for being mad about that, but you sign this and he married you- and this is you're not getting out of this and the kid ain't going to pay it so you're going to have to I'm so sorry, sorry for the heartbreak and their strange Minton, but I would just take it on and get her done in two years. This is the Dave. Ramsey show
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two seven three thousand two three Ben is in La Haben. Welcome to the Dave Ramsey Show. Hey Dave! I'm doing alright! How are you my friend better than I deserve, sir? How can I help? I love you That's wonderful! So my wife Why are just about debt free, it's still better and better the closer and closer we get and I guess over the past. Five years. My life is changed a lot. I've become a lot more disciplined in what I do and what I am as a person how about a? order in my life and the better. I become at the same professionally and personally, the more I want for my future. So with that being said, I I'm I'm looking into starting today. No idea what I want to do, but I I want more of my life than just working for somebody else I want to. I want to take the future in my own hands
that I know I always have to take steps to quickly, and I don't plan things out or not. So I guess I'm asking for the the proper, That's a I need to do in order start this up. I'm taking a lot of blacks from your entreleadership podcast. That's wonderful! But I'd like to hear your thoughts cool. Well, congratulations, very neat: how old are you I'm pulling What do you do for a living uh I work in sales for sign in sign any furniture also music, director, church, okay, well, thing about business. I. Basically other than there's fourteen different profit centers under this business now, but they're all related. Obviously,. The thing about business. It is I and when you it's more of a grind when you own. Your own place right, and if you get into a business because there's money in it, but you don't
a passion for it, it'll burn, You are, and so I would start thinking about what would I do for free if I could. Will be the thing that it would make that I would get up and go to work every morning early and I would stay late and I would it for free. If I had unlimited funds in the bank, you know what would not watch what just fun, what makes me smile what what rings my bell. What is the pat? What gives me some passion? What gives me energy not drains my energy and that everything, and some of those things are the activities that you would do Some of them are the end result of the activities you would do and To kind of put that in perspective. Around here. I like working on new ideas, an broken things and so
operational parts of this organization are run by excellent leaders and bother them much because I really don't want to. I don't want to deal with it and I am a teacher I love teaching, Doing the show every day for three hours, I'm a teacher, our and so if I don't have an opportunity to instruct someone on how to do something better today is short and so I enjoy teaching from the stage I enjoy teaching on the radio and teaching with books. Whatever videos all I kind of staff in hand and then seeing someone learn that and it benefits are live. So I'm a teacher at some wierd and you just kind of got a look for that and go wow. What would do that? because if you think I've been coming, I heard on the show three hours a day for almost thirty years, and I still like it. That's strange, you know yeah, that that is very strange, and so you know that's the kind of thing, though, if you could find something that,
that even is half as good as that in terms of you, just love doing this thing and then you love, seeing the result result. In our case, we see the lives that are changed. We peoples just touched. We see people getting out of debt, doing their debt free screams. We see tears run down there face saying the stuff you teacher train changed my life in that you know the psychological income is the what happens after it, but the teaching? teaching is what I do and then I get to see the other end of it and and that's this whole organizations that way, and so, if kind of fit into that you don't fit into our company, even you be a teacher to work here, but you kind of got a Can I gotta love the crusade, that were on not just do programming not just do ship and so the same is much more true. When you're the So I would just do some soul. Searching is what I'm saying in Canada. The KEN Coleman thing of okay,
What's my sweet spot, what's the place where talents are my passions intersect and then what types of careers are businesses with lead us into, but I've seen people buy a sub shop franchise 'cause. They thought it make money. I hate everything about it. And so there sub shop fails and everybody wonders why? Because all those sub shops don't fail most up and make money, but if you hate it every day. Which kind of fatal. You know it, 'cause you gotta get up and go down there every day, you got, the flu, you got a got, work you own, the freaking place you know when owner different when owners. Babies. We don't take off eighteen million weeks, we come to work. You know: we're the cuz. We got to I'm not mad at you. If you take off your family leave act, but I have had a lunch hour,
Thirty years I have a lunch fifteen minutes I only a place, you know And so that it's a different thing then, and if you're doing all of that on something you hate. It'll fry your brain man, so do some soul searching or be what I would encourage you to do? Get the offer leadership book. Can commons materials I'll, send you a copy. Is book proximity principle some of that stuff in there. But Xing that sweet spot the intersection he talks about between your talents. Passions and say, and here's a type of business where that comes alive and type of business. Where that comes alive. I like working with my hands great then it's a type of business where that comes alive and you can make a brazilian dollars and you can do it with scale and you can help a lot. People by inventing a widget- I don't know what it was ' what is it that makes you come alive. And that kind of thing, but the the opposite of that is. I was talking to one of my guys in here one day I said: hey
I can move you into leadership. You've been here. While he goes man I like what I'm doing leading People in dealing with all the drama that you deal with when you're leading people would be leukemia to my spirit. Well, phrase and how many do you take a job or open a business out there, people and Leukemia your spirit. Nasty, but you know you got You got you got to just you can get all over you! It's just you Oh, your butt song fireman Do this every day, I can stop from doing this. Not say this stuff. And then you're ready to go. So that's what I would do excited for you. Then I think you got a really bright future, some good stuff coming for you, can feel it in the air thanks for calling in
puts a sour. The books are thanks to James Child's our producer, Madison Browder's, filling in for Kelly. Today I am Dave Ramsey, your host, we'll be back before you know it in the meantime. Remember, there's ultimately only one way to financial peace and that's to walk daily with the prince of Peace Christ. Jesus. This is James Child's producer of the Dave Ramsey Show. Did you know you can now listen to the Dave Ramsey Show on Pandora and Spotify for all the ways to watch and listen check out our showcase Dave, Ramsey, dot com, slash show money, isn't the only thing we talk about around here? Get a life changing advice on your career from my good friend and career experts can call all my Kim Coleman show. According to a recent Gallup poll, nearly seventy percent of Americans are disengaged at work. If you dread going into work every Monday morning and you're just trying to make it to the weekend, the KEN Coleman Show is for you, everyone has a sweet spot. Your sweet spot is at the intersection of your greatest talents and greatest passion. We will help you discover what it is. You were born to do and then we'll help you create a plan to make your dream job a reality. You matter and you have what it takes join the conversation on the CAN Coleman show here more from the Ramsey network, including the can call in show where ever you listen to podcasts, hey, it's James producer of the Dave Ramsey show this.
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