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Should I Buy a House From My Ex-Wife? (Hour 2)

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Law from the headwaters of re, essentially broadcasting from a dollar car rental Studios Day Rams Asia were dead, is dumb. Just came paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw, though status symbol of children's I'm they Ramsay your host. You drop him, we'll talk about your life and your money. It's a free call, a triple I. Two five. Five, two to five: that's AAA eight to five two to five, dont Lando on the line in Florida, High Orlando, Merry Christmas to you today,
the everything I got my pleasure. How can I help? show me I'm getting married and three one Am I I'm excited. To be honest, I M, I thought my pregnant too. I'm scared and excited. But the only problem is that she is that around forty five key, I'm an unbridled free. I got their free around two months ago. Hurry up for another, I got a fortune I got it all how slowly why, but how they see the three point: five on how to fix it. Regrets at our external borders for both she and I wanted to be a fair and other North bank opposite views enough for all of us. Would May I take all marine birds, I'm topple after them.
About doing all AIR Bp Business in my back yard or party homer baby. Does it not everything that could bring me back around fifty hundred amish purple? Probably the Borg is further, and I just don't know where to start like I like track, slacking off her long fucking after car I'll just ignored. What kind of debt, what kind of debt is her? Forty five thousand I'll show you our long. She has approximately seven. Kay and stood alone and Senegal your credit card, so I have fifty Kay the bank. Great now I've thought about is getting to city, came just putting Sarkar I won't have an approach at all I let alone look? Let me walk you through exactly what I do. If I woke up in your shoes. Ok, just this morning, woke up, and I was in a situation,
go get married this weekend. I would move everybody in the house. The new family is on the way. Now we have forty thousand origin that- and we have fifteen thousand dollars in our banks- and now we have a thirty seven hundred dollar take home pay or about fifty thousand dollars in income. Ok, ok, and we have a car- that's pretty expensive bubbly online so He would probably shall her car. And then we would have the fifteen thousand and works extra jobs and no be an air being many houses in your backyard is not an extra job. I wouldn't go, get a job, delivering, peaches or whatever, and the rest of this debt cleaned up, and you can probably do that in just a few months once
two of you are on a budget and by the way, she's three months: pregnant she's, not a state or mom right now, she's workin, not nazis work here and I shall add, income rage, of her income and any income, you can generate from any thing and you go crazy. Before this he gets here. You're dead, free, and now you have- is your house payment and your debt free? she's driving, not as nicer car, but its paid for and you're drunk. Paid for car and now pretty good shape, pretty good to start to build. Our emergency fund save some money for a little better cars and then and long term. What are gonna do with our career and get our income up right. Why do you do for a living? get your partner look up, and locked. I don't. How old are you, twenty five evil, then, why time
I've been on for equal came at the moment as I wanted to get proper, but I think if I get time actively put public, What are you, what do you doing? Darling, you're thirty, five years old, the makes thousand dollars a year for your family. That has three kids by them. Not poker dealer. Now, I'm guessing, I'm guessing. This is a major young, single guy job and now we're a family man and we gotta think about the next ten twenty years into our careers what you won't be now, where are you go Answer me today, but that's how your brain thinking is out there in the future. Ok then you start saying: ok! Well, what have I got due to be one of those things whatever it is? I don't care the earlier could scientists, that's fine. You gonna take some rocket science classes. If you want to be market. Are you more polygon takes a marketing classes if you won't be a knotty problem, not gifts from certifications, naughty
You're gonna be in a real estate sales. You got to get you relations and get em in the business. I don't care what you do. The less aim at something you got a baby you're responsible for now, That's why you call my god you're. The gathered is a good guy. Who knows that plan to take care of his family? everything you asked me in the way you ask me indicated you ve got good character in their work, of your honor and your integrity of taking care your family chum. I don't know if you'll do it the way I line, but the way The question here is exactly what I would do if I will, in your shoes and I'm my name's, not Orlando. My name's Dave Show that aside. What you're gonna do? That's how I would do it owns a triple eight, eight to five five, two to five and, of course, Davis. Whether in South Carolina Dave Merry Christmas,
How can I help sure ok make good their How do I have spent directly under your phone? I can't hear you: ok, you can grow wait you ok, there we go. Ok go up anyway, so basically get free had to buy a car father, lap, dog, family, some kind of will say bluntly. Maybe even a very well paid job. Let me get free ride back. Are you all for this new insurance? every job? I note your disabled. Thirty two hundred a month back. They said first year you make it Fifty grand insurance some job, the Ex wife, wants you to purchase her house
So we can keep our daughter in that school district and her new daughter, cuz they're, going to build a house on a piece of property out of its farm, you wanna know I wouldn't do that I can read my house out: pay that pay. You're, breaking my how then the red or doesn't pay and your insurance doesn't make fifty thousand. It makes fifteen thousand now you're in bankruptcy court at the political level, the other half hour. How were you wanted it? you're making this up as you go. You really not do this. It's a bad idea. Ok, the job but you ve taken has over promised you you're, not gonna fifty thousand the first year, you just left the job Buying a house, you don't need to make your. Ex wife happy theirs in this equation. That makes any sense,
No, you don't need to be buying a house right now, your brow. And you're in a new job and you're gonna get yourself a pinch. Do don't do it This is that I Ramsay Shep how often You get the best of both worlds, not very often right well with the Right secured program at Churchill Mortgage, it's possible, you can Here a low right now to nail down your budget, an average drop while your shopping for home thou, give you the lower rate. So, if you're buying a home this year, you crazy, not to call Churchill and get your right secured now go to Churchill. Mortgage dotcom are called triple eight.
Two hundred this is a paid advertisements, animal s idea, one five: nine one: Animalised consumer access, dot, Org, equal housing, lender; seven, sixty one old, Hickory Boulevard, Brentwood, Tennessee, three, seventy zero to seven. Merry Christmas? American we're glad you're here is a eight hundred and eighty eight eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five Dustin is in South Carolina. They very personal view that were taken, like all sure. What's up, so I'm currently a graduate students. I have
taking out a little bit of student that pay for my programme. But I also recently started listening to your pod gas. So my wife and I are looking at ways to prevent going for it. And to that end we we do a little bit of money. That's my wife had saved up prior to us. Getting together which in it together at this point, And where we're looking at at tapping it- money original aid. She was actually hoping to save it for a down payment on a house after have graduate, but now there Canada? Listening to you, I know that the house would be Canada Down the road a little bit worth looking at using that money more wisely. Currently, what are you study on most anaesthesia, though very good thing? Jeffrey waiting. Rightly wonder you graduate Graduate in May of twenty twenty one, a teen and how much more caution to finish its gonna, it's gonna, cost
thirty thousand dollars more from right now and how much is in savings about fifteen thousand. Look, I know your cover the fifteen hours Nothing else do about four that the she work, because does work and she makes a decent income. We live, offer income Anderson, swept over after that, even the other summer offer anything I don't get any breaks, unfortunately, I do it and I do a little but a lift driving when and where I can find my particular programme, it is, is very involve the vast majority of genes not work at all. I don't really have too much opportune he to make money. My of my wife, a vast majority of citizens are turned twenty five thousand adjusted loan that this is not an option when measured against lab that ship. The gap. While devil using the savings to finish and I'm not
Jean Claude! Get every Nick allow the core of the couch and see. If I can finish with no more debt. But you said earlier in the conversation I completely agree with, but do you Make a serious bank essential Brussels boards. This is a great career, failed, you're gonna be Ding. Ding now how much longer we have already allocated Lundy already have right now that about forty two thousand thou Ok, now much at all european, often twenty minutes issue as soon as you get well, you rolling, but I guess that's gonna leave my question for you, as I also very recently found out back in order to invest in Iraq. I raiders actually a cap on your house income in order to be able to invest directly met, and so my question was being met when I adequate. I'm I'm on an impression is about to about two hundred thousand dollars jointly for household the house. Come, and I would expect- are joining to be about that once I graduated start work of each bulgarian or be above that Greg's exists,
Hopefully maybe- and so in that case, what would it be smart Take that savings and put it in Iraq, but we still can so to speak now. The cause and effect what you ve done is you borrowed student loans money to put it off. Right through now, Do that now have never do that now! Here's the other, then one you likely will be working with an organization as a for a one k and you can load that thing for show and it might even be a Roth for a one Kay. So you ve got you ve got other options to save dish that, yes, you are! You cannot do a I re when you're back over two thousand, but can do thy re when you make over two thousand by using which called the back door Roth. I technique, I do it every year my wife doesn't every year, and all that is you open after tax tradition, after tax traditional IRA and thirty
against lighter rollin into Wroth, and there is no income limit on that, and so it's ok, an extra step to get you into Roth, but even You couldn't do that. We would now tell you to borrow student loans, money to fund a Roth and by bar We actually to pay for your school, cause. You use your savings for a Roth, it has. Actually affect, and now I would never do that some men so proud of you. You got a great career field. You gonna make a lot of money be very focused. Very careful, and you're gonna do really great old love for you to finish this with no additional dat Jim is in Louisiana Hygiene welcomed Ramsay show I gave thanks are taken my call sure. What's up what kind of crisis mode. I mean we're just living page after page, and we make way too much money to do that. How much damage is done. I probably I drive a truck for living side by make fifty thousand or better year
that, my wife makes seventy five thousand a year. You do too much money we broke for why you broke. How dare you to talk about it? Now we have heard wealth. Forty thousand credit are dead the five thousand hours du monde, two cars we can't afford wheel in cars, Twenty thousand and jeep coppers eighteen, nineteen thousand right before we're married, she came home with a brand new Mustang side on the watch. Videos on that twenty, twenty five remarried married about a year we just radar, one year anniversary! Well, we did. I if it were my house, I would sit down with her and you say, this is not working. We're both working much off. We make a lot of money and more complete
He broke the plan that we are using sucks beyond belief, agreed I'd ivy. I understand I've done that and I've suggested several times that we try to work your plan, and he says to me that she make too much money to live like she's broke, Social support and prevention are broke you by the way. Are broken by the way, the number one cause of divorce and North America days, money fight, some money, problems, Princess Mary, make too much money to live like I'm broke, and yet you keep. Crap and spending money like you're in Congress Owl. Does this girl. Our boat forty, forty forty five wow back in that way, Well, I mean if Sheikh ninety percent of solving a problem is realising there's one and if we can agree that
a process that you all have used to get here and where you are today socks Then I don't know where to start from there, She has agreed. I bought a total money make over as agree to read that this week, ok, what's a good start, I mean You cannot continue to do what you're doing. Would you agree with that? I totally great and if she will, if she can agree to that, then you say: ok, what are you? What are we gonna do because doing now. We can't keep doing an area that is well, I'm good at making a budget I'm saying she should answer that right about that. That's her! That's our answer! I'm good at making a budget We can only last night when you. She ever has been yet
Otto Mustang. She couldn't afford. That doesn't indicates he's good at making a budget. Delusional. Now, not good at making a budget. Yours handling money and mad at you and I'm trying to shame me, I'm just agreeing with you and I'm sorry you're in this pain so What you guys I've got to do is to establish that there is a legitimate problem here and what is our best source of information and our best plan to chew. Our behaviour shall we get a different result between never say, continuing to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity, which is what
I've done today, I think you're, on the pride track and I think you need equip proposing what we need to do instead of fruitless start. First, talking about that, there is a problem. There is a problem. There is a problem. There is a problem that you noticed. We're broke your motion. We work like animals, we have no money. Did you notice that you need to let the problem settling on everybody has thereby been Walter, I'm in the Nile. This is that I am sure
in view of ram, see solutions on that that breach day Brian and actually guys our yeah pay day. Antecedently we're in leather welcome what you guys live. We live in a central, California and President, oh found great town, and I love the t shirts. We are definite. We are the definition of where people we. It all our. How should I ever saw much data be paid total paid off two hundred and sixty thousand dollars awesomeness. And how long did it take you? ears arose and your range of income during that time. Seventy one thousand two hundred and fifty thousand. While
now how much of the two sixty was your home a hundred Fifty thousand? Ok, while three another hundred thousand or so in could issue, that all started eight years ago. Tell me the story. Well I am about three months after we got married, he had to have a back surgery, actually his first one, and so we ended up spending all of our savings that we had saved up and while we are going through that, we were six months on disability because Wonderful government may have MR paperwork, so we were living off my income and I was working part time and so of home my coworker at Work Karin, whose a huge supporter of Us- and she told us about you so I went home and told him and he's like its. It doesn't work. I'm not going to do it and then August are well when dry, so we daganu, while it's another twenty thousand dollars, although Shopful then hand-
haven't, I switch jobs and got a new job and became business owner with a guy who ended up by leaving us with quite a bit of debt, so we found ourselves in a big hole by well, you're, catastrophe, after catastrophe out of a catastrophe, so we we got, I still people, God wiped out financially. Somehow we let us, keep our house, but when she said hey this travesty remedy thing, as I said well, I do, but I act don't think a system works. I'm married. She went into this to prove Dave Wrong, but I said I M, under this amended a hundred percent, that if it works, it works if it doesn't work against Ed and do it so we did it in after a year we paid off almost thousand dollars, and I mean we went envelopes who, in everything and after you paid off- forty thousand dollars and, like I can't go back there to go that far into the year before you start gone, ok Dave wins you know it wasn't as much as they went much as a result of this work. I'll call this works, like
tat. We were successful before it was your life and we got into it- knows- like oh, now we can actually get had a debt in this this work and we throttled our budget way back was there was a big part? We called it a couple times and you answer some questions in your helpful, but I really I went in initially with this kind of my arms folded lighter link, like all the guys are doing when we held with. If pew there lay a sure era and then, after round my cloud, this works and I will never go back man so very fond congratulations all away till years later. You don't even have a house payment, it's a neat season baby steps Evans incredible it It is a misconception. Two people, people don't get that the goal is unjustly be able to have a lot of money in the bank. The goal is to be able help people out there well in the p chef, eleven live Fresno. California allows way, but my God
What's this house worth about three hundred and sixty thousand and it's yours- I love it. Where you go, you guys very girl. So what do you tell But the key to getting out of that is your word. People how'd, you do it Well, I wouldn't say, first and foremost, it was my coworker current that I imagine dial she's just a huge. Ability as well as well as a cheerleader, time. We made huge progress at centre, a picture of mortgage in sheep always just be a super support, but also every single person that calls into your show, whether its a or someone who is just struggling. It just shows. It can be done and that everyone needs hope and everyone needs help. So I believe that everyone is doing there we got to do that. There was the key: was we got together,
meeting it was constantly moving? That's fine like we learned that we had to adjust it. We had to, but once we get to the deck, humor debt paid off. We got to take time out and we know why most It's ok! We want to put the money aside to do a steady, to the Middle EAST, or we want to do this or we had a family member that we wanted to help and after we finish our consumer, that but a year later, I my sister's husband, passed away and left her and five kids ensue the year that he was dying knows and then after he passed away, we were able to take a ton of traps back to our control, the visit family and to me that has been the biggest blessing to be able to do that and then six months after he passed away was was gonna, be twentieth wedding anniversary so we ended up putting paws on paying off the house to pay for her to go on a trip with us on a study towards Turkey and Greece and went with us It was just so need to let her take a break from life and death,
the common enjoy something such feelingly culture. Somethin like that having tough times like that, that's amazing! While, very cool- you guys very funny. Well, congratulations: shop, who were your biggest cheerleaders Koran, grin and who I am family members that were part of it I think it was a lot of talking the story telling people about it I've for me, it was, I tell people, work about day Ramsay in that I've, I've kind of her that in this net, and but most of it comes oh yeah. By the way we work, I have house paid off next year. That's when people started and then they they can go really is doing it in that. Can I encourage and motivated me- and I think you do with her two is every time we get closer to a new goal we ve got to tell
and you may or may not like what day roundly teachers, but, oh by the way, my. How should we care- I argue with that part of the Story- love well done. You guys we're. Proud of you. Thank you can go Relations very, very well done. We ve got a copy across organs book, for you have day millionaires next chapter in your story. If you're not there now, you will be soon you're on your way, so very, very well done very proud of you, Brian and Ashley Fresno, California, their weird people. They paid off their eyes and everything two hundred and sixty thousand dollars all over, years making seventy one the one fifty counted down. Let's era, why is three too
line and have you ever men up time in your life like they had early in that story? Now I've been there we're like. The thing that can go wrong. Does I mean I mean how It's like a metaphor, the well ram dry. I mean who asked pious part of their story, even though well messed up may as well. Determinism awhile, I mean everything that can go wrong. Will and you know what I've found was that Most of the time when I go through a when to go through stuff like that. I still want things happen d listener lives, but when you for a period of time were every single time you,
but an email every single time. You have something happened, something bad! You know it's a real. Like you looks like our countryside. Unama is like bad. You know what I think about it. A lot of times that has now been broke, not broke anymore. I still Dramatic traumatic events happened, but they seldom happen in the same manner Continuous cycle, happened, one right after another assumption about his monies magic or something but they're, just something about having a margin in your life that that it just it just common magic white, quite heart hard and if it does what are you gonna might catch it with. You know well, runs dry. When is rejecting the well well Lander, I've ever been they ve been there and you know what eight years later there are a hundred per cent
that free. So what are you gonna? Do I'm talking to you? It's your turn What are you gonna do new you? coming? What are you gonna? Do it's your turn, ready, sad GAO?
my guess where those involving bar MIKE Welcome reputation Herbert Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you what's up, I have a question for you: sir, you, basically the pulse father got it. I had to tee PS within the post office right They do about the match. But they had a regular, which I do eighteen percent, and I also do a laugh at three percent I do now and appeared. Peace far but he s p. They do have g found. I found three father on
when it comes to converse. I'm a little lost Nokia and how are you forty seven? and I have a problem It would do all Roth from this point forward, because the growth on it is tax free from this point forward. Now the fabric match cannot be Roth. Then allow bad but the the portion. Put in can be growing tax free, I would do that now. Through these options. The g is guaranteed. Fond is much like a c d. It doesn't pay. Hardly anything did you notice. Honestly? Like I said this is new to me. I haven't even really looked into it. I know you I do know. I do want to invest a little bit. So you're out here what years, what we teach people to do. We teach him to put eighty percent into the sea. The EU for a common stock and it
is the best performing of all the options, Basically, what it is is it what's called an index fond? It works like an ESA. Ninety five hundred index fund in what that means is mirrors or is very similar to whatever the stock market does gutter. Up down you're going to really be better than the market, but you're not really gonna, be much worse than the market and the see. If you look back at the track record of your she plan overlap. Twenty or thirty years? You would see that it has by far the best performance of any the options available to you. Ok so I put eighty percent their causes, kind of like a growth stock. Mutual fund is the way it is in essence, be five hundred index fund now the S plan, stands for small companies stocks, what small company stocks always means when you're buying in a retirement planet a mutual fun,
always means that their very crazy very followed. All if you were to look at the are the chart. The raw or coastal ride on the chart is really sharp up and really sharp down wake up. And then down like well God, right Ok, that's because these smaller companies or more volatile make a lot of money. They lose a lot of money, they go broke. They take. Often there superstars or their the worst thing since ever they're, not stable as the big companies, and so they there's some money to be made there, but there some risk there too, and it the second best performing, but got the roller coaster to get the performance. Ok, only put ten percent in that, but it's like put some more hot sauce on your talk right? Why
You know why don't you know? I do reconciles the bottle, but you are low spies on the darker. Ok, that's all we're doing, guy than the barred. One is the I plan on their stands for international, so guess where those companies are fulfilled, no, you got and so now you're buying stock in through that Finally, a mutual financial. If you were to look at the list, it would have stuff like being although you are Mercedes or the company q tips is a foreign company, you can go all over the all the car companies. A lot of em obviously would be in there some other pewter accomplish the chip, men, microchip processors or our foreign don't play shows a lot. Economies do very well foreign, but the worst of these three in its performance? because, even though you want to have some mom, international in your mix. Just for the spice of it. It's not
performed as well as the U S economy has in general and south, temperature put ten percent in there? those last ten percent or more for flavouring and the meat the state is the see. That's. Why do eighty tin, tin Is she harm do, and that is a basic, you're, saying for the regular appears p yeah like to do the five percent match. Yes,. Ok and then take the rest of it. In so doing they temper and for a web? Should I just not there? It also tunnels, fifteen percent. I would put up fifteen percent of your income in the t, S p Roth led them match five. I do ten ten and beyond that, then I would get your paid off when your house has paid off our MAX Everything, if you could put more that he has to be a word or if you wanted the rocks on the side. You could do Roth. I always on the side benefactor,
What does some raw virus on the side at that point I use it at your age. You can do seven thousand dollars of your marriage and another seven thousand for your spouse and so. But we want. I wanna get your house paid off beyond fifteen percent to fifteen percent of your income going to the Roth Ts P. Take the five percent match did eighty tin tin, and then beyond that get them paid off when the house is paid off. That put you what we call baby steps, seven, which is the last of our baby steps. Where were you a hundred percent that, for you max out all your investing in retirement and your generosity and everything starts to really go crazy. It'll be wonderful and you're gonna retire multimillionaire when you do all that sound. Well done sir? Thank you for the call? The EU is in Indiana Matthew. Welcome that I Ramsay Shop. I really resonate with workers of Europe.
The stars are again here: your phones, gardener, Morgan, pajama, Kelly's gonna, get back to your work, it out davers whether some Mississippi high Deborah welcome that over amnesia. Hi? How are you doing better than our deserve? What's up I have a question on. I am we're just border, thousand our core and we pay cash for. But the problem is now: it's broken down like every day. What's wrong with it, and We don't know the heaps of working and that it will not start almost every other. Look: it's a Bmw experts, I'm not sure. What to do about it. I should get another car or they would use at all cash on three thousand dollar Beemer being yeah? I know which is very expensive to work on yes,
ugh I wrong purchase when you buy a three thousand, our car you're trying to buy a car, there's ugly and cheap to work on, but that is reliable. Instead, you bought a cool car that is worn out. Yeah, so you're, probably selling this one. I'm just wondering more too recommended we got one. I have found a car came and finally to spend all of our cash sell. This car and by three thousand dollar used on the. That are inexpensive to work on and much more reliable, a beemer is a great if you can buy a new one or a slightly used one, but they are horrible Hoopdriver. Mercedes is a horrible humpty Kosovo. Expensive to work on, and so You're buying your thousand year, two thousand dollar car to get by with no car payment. You buy something, boring and
Spencer to work on and that it has a tremendous reliability till you don't buy a high performance sexy car. You get that later. When you got some money, but Don't do that with South Korea, all members are never good idea unless be more mechanic through the alarm, Mercedes and out? These are not good idea. It took sponsored worker shush, Heavy afford a Honda inertia That's all you got some size to it and got some. Why two, it is what you mean. And you don't care if it's ugly, all we care its reliable. Low miles? Don't care a car. You have to give a name to that's: ok, big blue Oh read this kind of stuff: that's what what when you're buying opening, not something people are a sort of impressed with no we're, not
as for other people, orders to get out of that, I would salad and get me a reliable three thousand dollar car for cash. This is that Abrahams issue AIDS victims in senior executives visa for the shell, listen more watch where with gave way- and you shall have your smartphone catch- the full show her watch the highlights and check out days. Guess how did he asked or downloaded today? Money isn't the always when we talk about around here, get life. Changing advice on your career from my good friend and career expert can combine all makin com and show, according to a recent Gallup poll, nearly seventy percent of Americans are disengaged at work. If you dread going into work every Monday morning and you're just trying to make it to the weekend, you can call me show is for you, everyone has a sweet spot. You're sweet spot is at the intersection of your greatest talent in greatest passion. We will help you discover what it is. You were born to do and then we'll help you create a plan to make your dream job a reality. You matter and you have what it takes, join the conversation on the can com and show hear more from the Ramsay network, including the current common shop. Where ever you listened about gas, page
producer of the Dave. Ramsay show this.
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