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Should I Pause the Baby Steps to Cashflow a Wedding? (Hour 1)

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For my little boy? Was you should, logically, from a dollar Remo Studios, J Ramsay show what that is used in the fate of mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw status. I am Day Ramsay. Europe owes thank you for joining us. Open phones, Tripoli, eight to five shoe to Melanie This often fail Ville Arkansas, I met How are you hey, I'm good area better than I deserve. What's up,
part of my total money make over this month and I'm on a baby's got too, and I'm trying to lay out a plan of how to pay off my back, and I know that the book goes over the debt snowball, but I had the killer question at my car, and so I've got thousand dollars and unsecured that and then I have my car with them about six thousand dollars upside down in, and I owe twenty three thousand dollars on it and the problem is I've only had it for about eight months, and it's costing me five hundred dollars a month now. I know that this is not. My son that goes not what alone we would start with, but of that other than that, I meant Fifty thousand. I dont currently make any payment on Madagascar that I've tried to ignore and hope that who just Morocco, we go away and though, if I could get rid of this
or quicker, and I could free up an extra five hundred dollars a month to start tackling that debt. What's your household elder about sixty thousand very expensive car, I now Martha regret and yours. I'm not that our combined comes Olga and so I am, I understand you have two types of debt that that is not active. You're, not paying anything on goods, all old, defaulted dead end, one active debt, that is your car, while an adept at me. Stop. I'm not paying on is not yet defaulted on student loans that I just ended up deferred and deferred- and then I have a little bit that the Irish that you haven't collected events and tat to my school haven't collected. Yes, it hasn't hit collection guide. Want that to happen, but I feel like the longer I wait to get rid of his collar and indicate that paid down.
Losing money. Every single market she's going depreciating, I'm just a little terrified of that the army need to sell the car so hot I quickly pay off the difference to seek to ensure that everyone can you wanna? Do it mother, you at the bar? The difference That is now over discover the criterion and get a success, not alone, because only those cars killings of them on cars. Is you should not have automobiles total things with motors interim period? little more than half your annual income because things with motors go down in value, and if you do less than I have your annual income. You should be able to become completely debt not accounting your house, while keeping the car two years on lash, otherwise, the carnage to go around here and you're, not gonna, be done in two years:
when I, when I first started this money makeover a few weeks ago, I sat down, and I figured when I bought the car. You don't have to pay sales tax and then all the payments are paid and seven month, I've lost six thousand dollars, yeah yeah and the rearview mirror windows. Look out the front now and say where we're going and do we want to use this cars. Ankara around your neck, while you're trying to these other things, Oh yeah, I'm gonna sell this. You keep using the word. I that's why I ask if you were single, your husband arrived in this, also I manage post will lack of manage. Most all of our finances, even good here is something it it really ever been very good at and I think he tries to justice we're in hope that I've got this point still would arrive at oil. That's unfair! Ok, it's unfair to Amazon fairly
it's over him gives you ve not been good added its unfair to you, you're, the only one making adult decisions in your house. So what I want you guess, there's my kitchen in that I do not want him to become an administrative nerd. That is your. My gift, that's not his, but I do wanting to carry the emotional burden? decision making with you. So here's how that sounds. You lay out your budget and your plan and he sits. For at least an hour a month and goes over it with you and then the who have you together, make these decisions and feel the weight of this. Then you simply execute the decisions you're, just the CFO. If that point was right, the check that the board told you right in the border. Is the committee meeting you and your husband working together on this? you running over here and do the best you can run and faster and faster harder and harder making all these decisions by yourself, it's causing you carry on destroying by yourself. He needs to feel that with you. Ok, so let him
I'm not trying to make him become some. He's not as an administrative person or something like that. You you ve, got the natural gifting for that, like I do at my house, but make decisions about sharing. I want her to be involved, Decisions are make better decisions. Number one number two, I don't get. I told you so or I don't get shame or regret how I let my wife down now. He made the decisions together, we made a bad decision. We made it together for a very good decision. We met together and so a chain, the dynamic of all that stuff, because what you don't realize You're just starting all of this is the weight of all about stuff is have is almost as heavy is the dead. My and if you can get reviewing gonna get the same Harnish together, Poland, together you're, the one right, the checks and the long run do and all the other the office work. So to speak around the the creation of the plan. You know that's fine,
try turning the donor, but he does need to look at this with you make your decisions with you, like the selling of the car as an example, and how do that? Ok, so we saw the car, one go bar the six thousand bucks to do that number to the Irish is first who came for you. Do anything you get there a sort of your life you do not wait on them to come up and hit you in the back of the head. They are dangerous to play with its very expensive and failure to ff. I'll failure to pay fees, penalties and then, if you ultimately pulled on payment by interest rate, is outrageous. So you want those people out, life immediately, and you need to figure out why you owe the Irish and make sure you're not replicating that problem, but that stops this year, so you don't end up others problem again, but there and arm. Then we'll just do the debt snowball after that
You got where the car militia that smallest to largest driving a hooptie and we're gonna get this mess cleaned up. As you ve got substantial substantial that clear and that's why you're feeling white up bit your c in the mouth treaty allows you. Your natural gifting allows you to feel the members here and you're feeling their service providers cleaned out clean? That pointed out, let him carry it with you get the Irish out of your life. Does you know another dangerous, just hovering over there? It's monster in the closet, mingled come out bite you by the time you like, he had on the pillow. You know you just don't want do that. You don't mess with this. So then let's get it then what the debt snowball going on the rest of the student loans, whether you're paying on them or not, is not relevant, just start paying on them and get em cleared off as fast as you can smallest, two largest, it's all about home to roost, and it's gonna be a problem if you're not addressing it, some really glad have told me. They govern got started and I'm here to help
help. You call me I'll, walk you through it again or put him on the phone I'll talk to him This is the diver amnesia file,
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What is New York City hide our Europe pay. They thanked her my ticket and my call serve what's up ok day for you here. I'll think about it in my house, and I happened I have? I have a common european none carbon stay ass. The thing is there, I am concerned about it You know there are no. There has failed and that fell in the house then she moved out. I know going to be able to pay them
I guess it was our house- is on the market. Gadget- allows agenda, live there ah someone seventy years. What's the real up, forty six, fifty they businesses this is a point out. Four thousand six hundred fifty dollars a month, Ok, and what is the market read if she's been in there damn you recharging her full boat or have you not a random. If you live on one, would you want to property for if you're just gonna keep it as a rental, what nobody rent for I believe that the same thing now, because my now she has the whole house to families, but she has the whole yeah, but if she emptied it out and you re rendered it and you would only be able to get forty six, fifty four common could get em.
More become urgent more how much but yeah? How much? Maybe goodbye goodbye, ok, cool. So here's what I would do- and I have done this in its work very successfully- sit down number one in person with her just hard single lady took it. Ok, but should not married So I would sit down with her in person. It's very important issue in person and say I am thinking of the bad news is, I think of putting this property on the market, the Good NEWS is, that's gonna create a real opportunity for you and let me tell you what the opportunity is the number one the market real on this property would be about five thousand five hundred dollars. If I keep it, I would have to raise the rent to that, and so your
Gonna have to pay that I'm not gonna rage, the rent being added We just gave her all about nine hundred bucks here. Why, that we didn't raise. The run up to market so market ran is fifty five dollars are not going to raise the rent, because you ve been so great here as a man In fact, I'm actually going to lower the rat while I'm going to grab the rent from four thousand six hundred and fifty two four thousand five hundred. If you will agree to help me, sell the house you're going to help me sell the house by doing to things, one, making it very available to the real estate agent to show and not being a problem child about it. Number two you're gonna keep the house so clean. It looks like model home, while you're here and in return, I'm gonna knocked a hundred and fifty dollars
off of your rent and I'm not going to raise your rent to market eight hundred and fifty dollars. So this is kind of me paying you a thousand dollars a month to keep the house clean and accessible while I sell it, and I will give you plenty of notice- I'm not gonna put you on the street in three days. You have been a great tenant and I want to work with you to cause this to happen and not cause you any undue hard I write like a man if they won't do that, you need to move on. And there you're gonna have to figure out. You know you. Could you can't sell it with him in there? They all messed up, breathing for shale gas, does not we will be able to see at them. They'll get there in a bid to dog yard bark and drawn up somebody they'll be everything in the world. You know I'm SAM, you go in there be closed, piled in every corner and dirty underwear in the hall and everything else, right
you'll never sell it with a tenant that is obstructing you because they can ruin the pie so gotta get hurt by adding a lesson on pay and you a thousand dollars a month effectively, I'm not raising urinate fifty I'm actually lowering it in cash one. Fifty that's thousand dollars and if you think that's a great deal and I promise you- I will give you at least thirty days notice or whatever I mean you probably altogether it I know should provide a month to month anyway, right no family and the other than waves, the least summing up through the renewal of the leaf in September. Ok, well, this is the perfect time have a conversation in September, I keep the house I'm going to market at fifty five hundred. I can't move you before September. And so you want me to put the house on the market until July
since and put on the market unless she's willing to break the lesion intentionally, they'll shoot you view the conversation now and go- and I won't you to allow me to break the lesion. You leave with thirty days notice before September. If you want conversation now you got. That is the third thing stability, clean, lose em in the least with thirty days notice. And for that, although a thousand dollars, if you stay, I can promise you in September, I'm going to fifty five hundred and I've done several times, lieutenants that are high quality. To informing you that some I paint pop out another month is not a bad denigrate, Romania's good version. I make a lot of money, the rent, for God's sake, since five thousand dollars a month, so humming This is not a damn person. You're dealing with, I think you can sit down, have a civil kind, great conversation with this kind of appeal and little, but a persuasion involved and letting them know with what our laid out here and there,
bring anything illegal you're, certainly not doing anything uncivil this this work and it does work almost every time Our eye cabin is whether, in Orlando high carbon how're, you David, better than I deserve. How can I help get their best taken? My call for I want to thank you all about two years ago. My dad died and let my Mama Waterways Geneva about about five grand to help bury him, and I didn't have five grand. The income of garden fifty thousand screwed up. I grant it really got me in your programme, nine months and not go home again. Now no now opened up. I've got my arm where did they go real estate licence? free regulations. Thank you. Thank you want to know I keep it going, I'm not gonna get rid of my regular job, I have life. I have weakened free, I know, but how do I get this thing off? The ground? Will you
you enter this type of market with what culture, natural market, meaning people that already now friends family, members people you work with whatever ok and what you do you have to race. In your knowledge level to the point of competence you have a really become very competent and, they even want to tag team with an experienced agent on your first couple of listings. First contracts rules, and so you ve got somebody walking with you to guide you through the process with them, so that, as a brand new agent urine making a mistake on behalf of your Clyde. Ok, and but usually where the clients come from. When you first start in the residential Realestate businesses, which called your natural market and again, it's not cold calling is more than ever heard of you before its
that our nose you as a good person. They know you as someone who's rely boy, someone, who's, conscientious and you're. The guy who's turned it An answer is around I've watched you do that, and that gives you credibility and so forth so then you're gonna talk their men to satellite letting now the first house and again the first I was told I was eighteen years old. I got morosely latians three weeks after I turned eighteen and a guy there was one year ahead of me in high school, had bought a house and I helped himself two thousand five hundred dollars and nineteen seventy eight. I still remember: I've still got the commission check. I got from copy editor so, but I certainly at eighteen years, almost too stupid and my first say allows too stupid to do it, and so I had my broken at that time was? My mother was the broker of our company
She walked me through that sale and make sure I didn't mess this guy up in the process and we did a good job, but it wasn't because of me you was cuz. I had some help. This is the Dave Ramsey Show. Collecting money can be tough for small business owners and sometimes no matter what you end up. Chasing clients for payment. There's no magic solution, but making it easier to pay certainly helps. That's why when it comes to payments, I can't say enough about fresh books, its accounting software that helps you get paid two times faster by allowing you to automate so many parts of your billing process with fresh books. You can just sit back and collect payments, try fresh books for thirty days, free afresh books, dot, com,
life, Dave, Ramsgate, that's fresh books, dotcom, Sledge, Dave Ramsay. In the lobby of Ramsay Solutions, Tyler and widely, where those guys? How are you, are you better than deserve? Welcome, or do you guys way of My Alabama far and welcome to Nashville and here to do your dad free scream. Yes, lab at very good and how much will be paid off. Eighty two thousand hundred dollars there How long did it take you, thirty one. What actual and your range of income during that two and a half years started out about seventy five finished about one, seventy six or currently just over two hundred. Why nice job? What
do for a living. What happened to your income ominous is deployed manager in the chemical industry and on board certified fame irish practitioner. Okay, so I'm guessing like you just started doing that nursing thing during this time is that would cause less yes, I was registered nurse at a beginning and then I finish step about a year ago, admonish practitioner, degree, ok, and so that is that we're all income ones Zimmer. Yours jumped up to London about fifty percent from wiser than before, but thirty five percent, you guys are crews and that's all some way to go. What kind of debt was the eighty three and had to vehicles. Tahoe Silverado couple a credit cards button, then. Student loans were bought. Timeshare, which was like the worst mistake ever six thousand six thousand dollars on my. Eighty two thousand six hundred just adds that over time, just you are normal, remotest em, just doing Eiger biologists, Daddy Bobbin along gettin in that love at work,
happened thirty, one month ago the putsch honours get out of debt that free journey. So I finished grad school and she had started back and the where she was with working part time, which was fun and in the hospital she worked at shit down the labour and delivery unit. So we were an unsustainable trajectory. Pretty much everything I made is what it took us to just get by and so we just decided we. We can't do this anymore, and so we sign that for after you, charge and gonna get started, make too much to be theirs broke pretty much exactly highly educated broke people It's as fairly normal man. That's what happens out there, but don't there's a wake up. Call a life bump up in the road for life. Gives you a wake up call absolutely and about that time the church starts teaching financial patient, firstly, and you guys drunk We also wanted to. We want two kids, so we had to do during this time. That's why it took us thirty one more so, for about six months. We just pact everything we could in the servants get ready for. For Haiti, grace machine was born, and so she turned a year old, just about
ago also very far, good for you guys out from the so. What are you tell? People he's getting out of that. Is you want of an aggravation? Firstly, you pay all three thousand and thirty one month, what's a magic communication and about it we didn't she didn't know what I made and then really cares she didn't know what I mean who had separate checking to chaos. We just didn't communicate we weren't on a budget. I was an engineer and pretty much had always been able to earn, must stupidity and what they got to the point. Didn't do any more, and so we communicate now. We have monthly budget mountains. We do the whole nine yards. You know it's made a huge difference in our marriage. Our processing never stop giving way, never stop telling the whole time and even times that came up and they charge we still gave, even though it may not have as much at the end of the month to put down to our debt. But the Lord was
more than great ties the whole time so never stop giving as well amazing world. On your whalebone alone, over good principles show the urban married almost seven years, answer to it, for that. You ve been doing this, so you You were in their foreign have five years and then, all sudden now we're gonna sit down together. Combine, the money were combined. Cameroon combine the problem and attack it together its exert! I reversed budget mating, MA abandoned it or, as I had like, add a fourth generation spreadsheet for a budget. I was really in the pivot tables in the home. That is pretty is everything s hand and delays. The first three or four were or were pretty rough, now had some good fight Oh yeah, that's real Mohammed! Unless what usually happens, and especially when you mean going along with that separated and then it just like a collision more than a meeting at school, but the new
Good NEWS is now Europe now you're saying now you got it the lane and you're running down the liner blaze going good. Yes, sir! Well done you Well, then, you have people here and you are not but we got a lot of amateur listening. The Jappy will make in front ivy along the way, our yes, we are not tar face anyway. I'm sure lot of support from family special Foma were really supportive ahead of you for it life, an industry where we actually had an opportunity to teach Van up financial base September? Yes, so that was there and get experience tale that that makes you finish it for sure. I got you gotta play through when you'll get example say absolutely otherwise it is being hypocritical. That's perfect, well done you guys world, I'm proud of. You think you are a good job. We get a copy. Chris organs retire inspired book, for you want that to be next
after in your story, which it will be with these numbers, is an incredible to be millionaires and continue that giving that outrageous generosity is you go along so very Very well done you gosh excellent job I'm are and where may Gazprom Alabama area Piedmont? Eighty three thousand now right up and party want money, making seventy five now making two hundred counter down at zero dead, breeze, Greece, they re word. I saw you knock out right there and that is bad. Yours right job open volumes, those our triple eight eight to five five, two to five terrorism, LOS Angeles. I too am are a welcome that over amnesia I entered me on the shelf day more honour to have you. How can we help? Thank you
We doubt in we kind of planned out all that we have the best that we could and we have agreed a working with an interest. My make sure that we are going to be will get the goals that we want, but we got stuck at seven because of a kind of having a hard time figuring out where the light at the end of the tunnel is and how are getting get about last and vital step, which I am also a lover of reality. Ever since I was a child and I would love to purchase having a family home with cash flow but living in other health area of Angela's, you can barely get a bitter for like hundreds of them. So how are we gonna do that, because, where ten years away from or even ten years away from getting stuck in numbers of it before everything's paid off you're a hundred percent debt free. It takes you seven years our time, I will be maybe anywhere from seven to ten years trawler, but when
we get to members, I'm not gonna. Take another ten years, a crew, the wealth to purchase the home. What your household and go well my husband at one end, and I met one sixty one. So your modem thousand dollars a year. And you have zero dead at that point of any kind. How much can you save making three hundred thousand? If you don't have any payments in the world we will have one payment and asking me to kids private every three kids play by then we have to now private go Catherine and I've known him and we live in a really bad school neighbourhood. I guess you could say relatively speaking in a house with cheap, though we bought it and its great and if you're sitting there with applied for house and your motion through or by then maybe four hundred thousand a year household income, how much can you save?
a lot of ways of getting into that and then do. What do we do that? You put that in like a mutual friend for five years. Wait for it to grow, then pull it out an cashflow. What idea that stages, others through them and S M p five hundred fond and in this really have to wait. Five years are destroyed in that's what to do now off. I get some extra money, throw it in addition be, and they want to see a picture. This data used some of that money, the balmy peace around state. Theme they're paying without I needed to get that final boost. The kind of thing we're gonna scarcely go out this morning alone. They really if you're, making four hundred thousand a year. You got no payments, seven, eight from now on abortion. Six thousand every two or three years a while three year that one might think about it. I mean to a year for three years, six hundred rise, not making only higher dear in our yardstick, the wanderer I wandered away, and then I think you're gonna be fine, appears to think the average mill
the typical millionaire. We talk too and we ve started a bunch of them off their home and about ten years typical person this stuff, is by another about seven or eight years. These are on their way to be a millionaire liquidity, but that that's that's how this works. And your own track. Your fine, you don't have to see all the way through
you were throwing us. America were glad. You're here is where they should now reload. Taxes. Welcome today were amnesia breaking up all sure. What's up well, my company offers both traditional end well. For one case, I have about three hundred. Sixty thousand total about three hundred thousand, that is in the traditional clan and arrested him locked the plan good after listening to you
I'm actually changed all my future contributions to go to the last option dead, but what what my quest should I moved the money from the traditional plan into the raw and if so, what am I since for paying taxes, the only way I would do, that is if your home is paid for and if Everything else is obviously paid for and you ve got extra money in your pocket to pay taxes with our EU border. Oh yeah, ok we have three hundred k and traditional your taxes obey probably like seventy five grand or so here is your house paid off about halfway? Ok, let's get the house paid off. First, just let it grow. Ok, a thing it basically is investing Matthew by the way it works out is were turning three
thousand pre tax in the three hundred thousand tax free okay, so it's it's? It's very similar mathematically too resting an additional seventy five thousand dollars, which is the tax aerial approximately? So I would not do that about of the fifteen percent going into Europe of your income, going in it by beast, have four until you ve gotten the homepage off a baby steps six, but when you're baby steps, seven and your rock and long and you got an extra seventy five grand or whatever the tax bills gonna be. It is again a way to let the Red let that grow from that point forward: tax, free and it as the same mathematical effect with your investments as having put an extra seventy five thousand dollars into your investment plan. So you have to have some good man what a great this day for your age and halfway bite off miles. Do you are killing it Jack,
because in green Kentucky hijack our U howdy day. Thank you, take my cup sure. What's up my wife and me we're maybe step to I'm almost fifty years old. I'm alright retired from one job. Now the job and you know, I been studying the baby steps and I am disappointed if our I retire in ten years, will I know you say: don't invest in four hundred and fifty seven for four hundred and one to tell you get baby steps run. My question is this: why com in ten years time. Save enough money to retire or how much data vigour ten thousand dollars have one. I've got to go student loans to credit cards. I've got a farm thereof, then I'm paying for a vehicle. How much the only forum
eighteen thousand Woody Allen vehicle I also have a second mortgage absorb the vehicles at five thousand. Most of the student lunch now almost over this, a second more out its forty thousand, what your household income about a hundred and my wife knockabout about a hundred forty fast! Ok, So, making a hundred and forty how quickly you gonna play pay off a hundred and ten Our goal is three years sent me: that's what we ve got a shoe fora, I'd like to equipment, but that's kind of what our go with so here's the thing you you have a valid concern that I need to have money to retire on good idea. Mellow! You need to do that the question then is mathematically. Do us putting money into retirement now and stay
in that longer or do I take what used to be dead payments for years from now, which is a bunch of money you're paying out money like crazy. The view tangle, if you take all of what you used to pay and that payments and make that your investment plan for seven years you're, not a lot of money, so I set out to do what you say. Is this not not tab to the four fifty seven or anything until we get through the baby. Please you want what I'm saying yes, Sir August Apparently, there are about fifteen or sixteen August, but I want to get for sure, and I want I want to follow. You stay about Ottawa, be wanting east people, I wanna do it here, The point is not to just follow just blindly, but my point is that the payment, paying on debt will make you wealthy. If you get rid of them, stir than doing
no better for fifty seven and are a little bit of fora. One k and then and get out of that at the same time, math likely. You come out here if you get rid of the dad and used what used to be the debt payments to attack this with you. He gave a seven years with you got the money on plant or to death and attacks. Fifty seven AL his wise product to three thousand dollars a month. Right, yes, are at least four main. You know she's our saving for. Graham and want us like sixty thousand dollars a year. You know, and I as such serious money and trust for seven years, plus it grows during that time turns into some money and that all the data which tell us all the people that become millionaires even if they do it later, like you're doing it, the ones that where are the ones that clear that that, because that freeze, the money to become wealthy with faster
what ground you lose during those three years or two and a half years, which I'm a challenge it down back a little bit two and a half to three years. The money you the ground rules, by not investing you more then make up by turning those that payments and folding em over into the gumbo. And you just to stir in the we're ordinary this rolling over and so be your gum. Mathematically this way out and so be causes, short period of time, novice thirty years two to three years, would have to think about it. Does the math would quit working at that point at some point, but it's a shoe. Predetermined cash flow, meaning All your money, not goin to the stupid bank and payments is king when it comes to call bring you to build wealth Brian is where there's old anomaly we copy Chris Organs Book retire. Inspired you need that book and each on his website, Chris, three sixty dot com by the way to hang on Jack College. Don't pick up
be that by only up to a day. Thank you, like Michael sure. How can I help well, I'm trying to cash flow. My wedding for next may cool and my fiance and I are both in baby steps too. We have a joint checking account the rebels turning money to what I was movie pause, baby step to travel, cash wolden wedding. I found a picture I going about this the right way. Ok, what is your income take home somewhere around thirty five bullets Over time, the fairies ok! So what are you pay? access on the year, including overtime. Maybe your language here, just short of sixty five, ok, what does she might about? Thirty? How have you been engaged.
Two months ago, Why are you waiting a year to build it? Raise money and gas for the wedding? Ok, how old are you going to carry out? Ok, cool? What if I said, get married sooner and pay cash for the wedding? I think that we be overdue. The wedding hurried fee reception- that is a little expensive, the wedding now, ok, so what is the you're both your ear personally having to pay all this? There's no parents helping at twenty four years old, correct, ok, so you have a hundred thousand dollar area. You have a hundred thousand dollar income between you four thousand dollar income between the two of you. If you stop every all, investing all paying extra on that. You should save up and paper
patient wedding. In about three months ago, have a reception for five hundred people for twenty three years old, favourite yourself, I'll bring Bologna will have sandwiches. Let's get married there's no way, I'm writing a year from twenty three years, the situation fusion dating a while. You get the remote counselling and then get all your life. Man, that's never to wait to get married. This is the direction we should pay. Its Kelly says he producer and balanced reigned over the day, Ramsay Shell. If you would like to be geared every scream, live on the shell make sure you visit, Dave, Ramsay, Dotcom, flash, so unregistered library to come and ass. I tell them your story if you're looking for
on a practical ways to save money in your everyday life. You need to check out the Rachel crucial applaud cash from money expert, my daughter, Rachel crews, guises rates of crews, and I'm so excited to tell you about. My party has a lot of you following paychecks paycheck their ends as you don't even know where to begin that they have this need this want to get in control of their money, and is that you have come to the right spot. So in Egypt, the salary and get a time of inspiration and practical advice not subscribe to. The rates of crucial pod cast makes region. Today there are more from the Ramsay network, including the Rachel crucial. Wherever you listened upon, gush hey, it's just producer of the Dave Ramsay show this
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