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Live from the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions, broadcasting from the dollar car rental studios, it's casual gaming and mortgage has taken the place of the B M w as the status symbol of drummers. I'm Dave Ramsey your host. Thank you for joining us, open phones at triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two, two five, that's triple eight eight, two, five, five, two two five
starting off this hour is going to be Matt in Georgia. I'm at welcome to the Dave. Ramsey show Hi Dave hey what's up hum. Basically, my question has to do with prizing baby step two to be able to cash flow of business purchas a little bit more detail, I work in the film industry. I am a biting programmer, which basically means I use such computer called him aboard to control the lights on sat. I just got finished with a season of the show that what hurts in two weeks and one nice-
about this job is as ability to write that dimmer board to production, to be able to make cold extra money right now I have a guy that I work with, who owns a bunch of gear. Suki basically provides a year, you know, get the job and we split the rental, but I'm considering before the next user. This service will be in April. If I should go out and just try by my own different board. So I get to keep all of the money instead of well. You are blessed to talk to a guy who's bought a bunch of them. Are boards and yeah we do. We do about one hundred and fifty eventually year and we do a lot of production here. We've got a bunch of how studios here we do a lot of production here and we'll tell you that production equipment is
much like the land of computers. It has a very short shelf life before it becomes obsolete, the technology changes and yes, it does for dimmer boards to and it has you know they'd still do the same basic thing, but the tech g underlying sound underlying a sound. Underlying a microphone underlying eh a computer system of any kind that is operating any production equipment become obsolete as fast as computers become obsolete so now. I would not buy the equipment until it becomes a very small percentage of your world uh It is not a good way to make money by the you buy it and you might get all your money back in the rentals before it becomes obsolete and that's called a break, even which is called a hobby, and so we don't want to things we break even
I think you've got a really sweet deal right now, using other peoples equipment an it gives you work to do and that's exactly what I would continue to do until you get your wealth built to the point that you want to start buying some equipment and paying cash for it. But even then, and we have to around here. We have to run a break even analysis on all of the equipment and there's a the equipment that, to this day, we don't buy we use. Are we out source a lot of production to local production companies and a production companies that travel with us to do these events because sound lights? It's all computer, driven and computers change every twenty seconds as soon as you get a computer out of the box is starting to be obsolete very quickly and that's true of anything tide to anything, technological and hardware these days. So it needs to be a very small percentage of your world for it to make sense, I would not buy it
you are right now, rent actually is in Texas. Actually, how are you on hold? in there how about you did better than I deserve what's up? Well, I didn't hit my sick and tired of being sick and tired moment my husband and I have a ton of debt and we don't make enough to get rid of it, and I'm just and about to lose my mind. I'm just lost: what's your household income, um. He makes about thirty eight thousand five hundred a year right now I talked after taxes and you don't work unknown, stay at home parent right now, how many babies just the one but he's almost two years old, and what does your husband do for a living he's? A salesman for n driver for Blue Bell,
and how long you been doing that he's been there since the end of February. So it's still a new job. Is this a route situation where his income is going to grow?
May, as I've, I've heard that it can go up to about fifty grand a year again he just started. So we are not sure what that's gonna more. That's gonna go okay, humm and you have one child and how much debt do you guys have about twenty five grand on what most of it is my student loans, my cars, you have a loan for that. How much you own your car, three credit, I believe. Last I checked it was about thirty, nine hundred, okay and then credit cards as well. Three of them, yes, okay, all right and in a hospital bill. Okay! Well, there's two or three things going on. You do make enough to get yourself out of this, but barely you don't make much money. So that's one thing is going on our thirty eight five take home. Pay means he's making forty six forty eight. That.
Something like that a year and a new job. Hopefully you can, you know, get the route built up an iv, so the salesman form than the more sales some more money MIKE, certainly garage. No question about that show the arm good product, in other words, it he's got that's a nice that nice part of the equation, but you're you're hot the average household income data from the you know from the federal government. The average household income is fifty nine thousand. How old are you gosh, twenty six and I'm twenty five? Okay, so you're young and getting started? So it would not be unusual that your household income is less than the average right that doesn't that right,
which means you're, starting your careers and getting things going before you had the baby. Would you do uh? We both actually worked in radio and television television production. We worked for a christian radio station in Colorado all right, so you didn't make much money Barely enough, we were making it ok, so I would say, let's do two or three things number one the two shut down tonight and get the every dollar app downloaded onto your phone or into your computer and sit down and do a detailed budget for this month, give this month's income, every dollar of it, an assignment you will feel like you got a raise when you did that. Ok. The disorganization takes ten to fifteen percent of your money away, so just getting organized very intentional about every dollar, so we called it. That is a big deal. That's a good part of this, and that will get you started.
Ok, but obviously the bigger the shovel you have, the faster you can fill the whole land agreed. I so I'm going to send I'm going to send you a copy of Chris Christie. Writes book business boutique to inspire you create some kind of an income from home, while your home, with your baby and I think you can do that if you had a ten thousand dollars would be great and I'm going to say he needs an extra job. I always working a lot, but oh well he's an extra job. And you need to think about your long term. He needs to think about. You need to think about your long term, career goals. Where are we going to be? five or ten years, making one hundred grand and his Are we doing things that are going to take us there, That's where you need to be a. This is the Ramsey show You know so the absolute best investment you can make is in yourself. If your way
in the morning dragging you're not doing anyone a favor get the best sleep you've had on a quality, affordable, mattress from tuft and needle they've got a mattress to fit your needs and they start as low as three hundred and ninety nine dollars. I could tell you all about this, but I really like these guys. They are an incredible company and they will take care of you get your new mattress with free shipping and a one hundred night risk free trial at TN, dot com, that's TN, dot, com, thank you for joining us America. This is the Dave Ramsey show. Caitlyn is with us in Ohio. I Caitlyn welcome to the Dave. Ramsey show,
Thank you. How are you better than I deserve? What's up, and so I'm calling in I'm having to deal with a debt collector and it's for a hospital, so that we actually never received the it's been almost a year now, since we've been dealing with this collector um and it's been like two years since we've had the service is down at the hospital If I, if you never received when it stops, if you never received the bill and it's a valid bill, when you found out about it through the debt collector, why did you not just pay it? from the we didn't ever we well the debt collector throughout the bell. You, it is a bill. You do oh correct from what I guess from according to the high but all we, you know it's a hospital bill. We never actually received it. So that's the other life. What do you do
Is the bill reflect a service that you were actually given? So you do owe the money? Okay, don't you want, but don't you yeah yeah, so it's very slow, okay, why haven't you paid then well, we waited you try to go through insurance or health care coverage, get like reimbursement with how the coverage Words is going to be reimbursed. Okay, but while I was trying to get all the hospital the hospital give us the correct numbers try I'll give a little I'm in this form. Well, that's not right, so we need this code in this code. Took too long, and basically the provider was like because You were trying to run around in circles and be able to get the right forms your car window, to be able to reimburse you and how much is the bill, one thousand five hundred and seventy some dollars good. Lord yeah, it's a lot okay, we did know hospital. Yes, we did. We do
services and we had to go south pain because of the way our insurance works, but not very large or too and it's not our normal hospital. I had to go to a specialist now. I would call the hospital Ministry of Office to schedule an appointment to go sit down with them in person and negotiate this and sat Ok! When I had called him when we initially got the collection, they won't tell you she's with any other like well, it shouldn't collections, but we can't do anything doing things won't they've made the decision to turn it over to collections, but the point is that you did not get build number one For two, they did not submit it to insurance as they should have yeah. The reason they wouldn't accept the card we have like the we have meta share, so sometimes hospitals are also so they're supposed to be in network. At the time you know spend two years I
remember the reason why we decided to go with self pay, but that was what insurance said. Do self pay? You get the bills, and then like more reimburse you for what it was. Did you do not display it? We were planning on doing it, but we never got the bill from the hospital until the collector told us and then sent us this film will like oh wow. What's this. Yeah okay. Well, part of this is on you guys, because you knew that there was a substantial thing that was still outstanding. You just hadn't seen it yet It did come in. You did not handle it properly and so you're stuck with it now, because meta share is not going to so you're saying it's outside their range of coverage on dates now and so you're. Not going to get burst from them, and so only shot nowadays is to settle the bill. You need to settle it with a collector. You can sell it with the hospital, but you'll get further if you can sit down with the hospital in person and try to work this
but I mean, and the lesson to be learned from this is when you have a hospital visit, be looking for the bills, call them. And make sure that insurances have being handled- and you have to you- have to become a an auditor, a book keeper when you do when you have a hospital stay. That is, if it's your job as if it was a part time job that paid you four thousand dollars which in this case, that's what you're facing ouch hard lesson to learn. Erin is with us in Pennsylvania, Erin. How are you I'm good thanks? How are you better than I deserve? What's up? I just graduated from my masters program recently and uhm. I was really lucky not to take out any loans for it right, I'm doing this, yeah and during this time since I was seventeen, I did a lot of freelance work which I've saved up a lot in savings just over two hundred thousand dollars from an yeah,
one thousand dollars from seventeen to how old are you now, I'm twenty five seventeen to twenty five in the last seven years, while you were getting your undergrad in your masters, you put three thousand dollars in the bank yeah I want the colleges that I did tuition for and I applied for lots of grants and scholarships to help pay for my living expenses dating games. Can I say that with my parents- and I java that the time so? What's your master fan, I'm ask a musician, so I got it in violent performance, wow good for you And hundred one hundred percent free with, and so what was your freelance you said, you're doing freelance or you playing the yeah, so I was playing it by I was chewing around, but I was quite limited. Sometimes I would, as well when I was younger, especially the younger students, and I still teach today as well. So what did you make touring? I'm curious touring? It's it's really!
unstable so, like two years ago I made about fifty thousand and one year, and then last year was really good was just under one hundred thousand, but this year is less it's like sixty thousand, so it's really fluctuate understand ok, not a bad side gig, while you're going through college. Yeah. I was pretty lucky there now, there's! No, you keep saying that. There's no luck involved here. You've worked your butt off I've been very diligent you've been very careful you at home, and you are obviously a world class musician thanks. Well twenty four year olds, don't make fifty to one hundred grand in less they really good, ok, yeah! I know this. I mean it's not it's not. I don't have to know anything about music to figure that part out. So what did you make were tutoring. Other younger child I moved out and much did you charge what I was in my early seventeen I charged fifty an hour fifty dollars an hour
from this is a great story, so you are so successful. How can I help you so my question is my parents were never trained with money? They just only told me to always save and keep my fast, but I've been listening to your show a lot, and I realized that I have a lot of a better situation than most people to have a lot of savings, and I haven't Invested it, except for three years worth of Roth Tyree, how citco amongst building wealth at this stage uhm. So I I I I hear you say put it in like a like an index fund, sometimes just, but should I put it all at once, or how should I best organize this first thing I want you to do is to contact one of our smart vester pros and begin to get one of them in your corner and just click smart, Dave, Ramsey dot com and sit down with them, not what you're looking for
is someone who you connect with who has the heart of a teacher, because there Bob is not to do your investing their job is to show you some options on investing and teach you how they work and they'll make you some really. Suggestions in this situation, but you're going to learn from them you and you don't- you don't depend on them. You don't depend on me. You depend on your green and growing your knowledge in these areas so that you can doing some investing in at yeah. I'm probably going to send some of this stored, some mutual funds, and I'm going to Thinking about when you're going to buy a house someday, I'm going to give some of it for that. I might even pay cash for a house. Oh my goodness, you're in such a good position, when you're ready to buy. I mean you're going to be in a minute amazing position to do that,
and so what does your future career look like well over the next say five years? What are your plans and what do you think you'll make yeah? I am hoping to keep it more stable, at least around I'm getting on Seventy thousand is the median with the highs and lows for the next five years. I was thinking about buying a place, but then also I'm never there, and my parents are very open anything with them when I need too, and I'm hardly at home anyways, so I've been just check taking that off for now, because I don't know where I want to be based anyway. I don't think you can decide when you're going to put down roots a little bit before you buy that'll, be fine you very well sharp congratulations. Yourself up and you're, obviously very now the young man. Congratulations, this Dave Ramsey show I
we call the other day, and I thought it was worth talking about again. It was from a wife looking for life insurance for her family. She asked why I only recommend term life insurance instead of cash value plans like whole life. I use explain how you overpay for coverage, earn a horrible rate of interest and don't get your cash value when you die. But this time I just had her go straight to Zander dot com and get a rate, and then we compared that rate to the whole life plan, and she immediately saw the huge savings. That's why I, suggests that everyone go to Zander dot com or call them at eight hundred three hundred and fifty six four thousand two hundred and eighty two and get a free quote
in the lobby of Ramsey solutions on the debt free stage, one of our own One of our own team members here guns, alas, is with Us- is one of our video producers. One of our create on our creative team, been here about what seven months, maybe yeah six seven months, I'm like that now cool. Moved here from where Texas from taxes Oh, and you brought your wife Amanda so one of our own family members here doing their debt free scream after only seven months, very cool, how much of you guys paid off twenty three thousand one hundred and sixty four dollars cool. And how long did this take twenty
twenty months and your range of income during that time. You know many of that. Well, I don't I'm all your coworkers are standing around, so I'm not going to do that, but I mean you guys weren't here when you started right. So what did you start at an probably thirty honestly. And so it was working outside the home. At that time I wasn't. No! No do you know no just some side. Stuff so for sure we're not asking him to come now that wouldn't be fair at all. Ok, so you start at thirty. So and then I don't know a year into it, or so you end up here no that's kind of surreal yeah? I mean Who is honestly, it was under F P, you that had us apply here, and I mean it changed our lives completely so, like man might as well join the team and and
do the same for other people and make some of these videos that I'm watching exactly very cool good. That's neat man very cool. So what got you got started on the whole process twenty months ago, yeah so that he starts prior year before twenty months it was. It was crazy. We had a brand new baby girl and he was hitting us pretty hard. I mean over the course of price six months. Car was breaking down multiple times, got our tire stolen good, Lord moved for time, because of terrible landlords and just crazy things and unexpected dental bills, yeah yeah, so all of that, and I mean it was we just couldn't make it. You know it was just enough so hard we actually even got on government assistance for a little bit and it was. It was rough time.
The video world is volatile. I mean it's or either making good money or you're, making nothing yeah I mean and getting a job or getting a gig and keeping it is tough. It's a tough world yeah for sure you were doing video stuff back then of course, yeah doing video stuff and actually that's what it had main. So I was looking for a job and I found one in Houston and you know got a little pay increase an kind of our I've had it it was, you know, was make more money, so we're just spending. Not really look at the budget, and I remember specifically one night we're both the living room and I can actually, I can't remember, who actually bought something online, but one of about something online and in the back of my mind, I was like. I need to go check our bank account and sure enough. I went to the other room and look at our account and we had two boo
two dollars in our account and thankfully being in the video world, everything is crazy, expensive. So I grabbed the first thing that I could I grabbed a microphone and I put it up on Facebook sold. It got a couple hundred bucks immediately and I walked back into the room and I was like hey babe. We should which, prior to this financial peace thing that I'm sick and tired of being broke. Yeah, no matter what I make it's all gone, exactly exactly yeah! I was pretty much on board from the beginning. I I was kind of tired of our budgeting talks. Being like we have a little room to spend all way better hold back and, like I don't know what that means: yes, the real numbers here and there weren't any. We have run any real number telephone number was zero. Well that yeah they weren't being produced. There was no numbers being produced, yeah, that's great! So then you've finished financial. University. Are you doing financial peace University and
you online and see the job and you think Nashville yeah yeah, I mean we honestly I mean over. So I guess we started back in March and I came here in October, in relief. Yes on the job, and I was like man like I, I just remember the our our change really, not just financial. Like I mean I think everybody going through the class. You know the bank account going up, it's kind of a given, but really what I think the biggest thing with prior marriage. I mean we just we communicated way better. I mean it. Was it made a huge impact? so being able to once I saw the job was like man. That sounds awesome. You know when I I I know what kind of impact it in our life and so yeah. I want to join, join the team for sure now work that has meaning work. That matter, you know exactly very cool man. Well, congratulations! You! show your friends back home. Ask you, how do you do it? How do you get out of that? What do you tell mister
to getting out of debt. Is communication is on the same team, yeah yeah. I mean, I think, that's the the biggest thing is I mean I know everybody feel you're gonna comes on the stage with this communication, but for us I mean it's, I mean that's true. You know we're we're just looking to back that up, and I mean our us being on the same team man, yeah! That's that's a huge huge thing for us, I'll guarantee, sharing Ramsey steps on that stage. She'll, say: communication. That's her answer to every question: that's uh regarding this stuff! So will congratulations you guys very well who are your biggest cheerleaders? I know what you're working here you got cheerleaders all around you. Get your layers outside your co workers. Here, we've had that we've had a lot of support from family and friends, but we're particularly grateful for our good friends in Houston, James Alyssa. They let our financial
this class here son along the way, and we miss them a lot yeah yeah. They they were the ones open the door first time for you very cool yep coordinators that teaches classes have a huge impact. Yeah, it's a big deal to be a coordinator adventure like thing it is actually funny thing so for us I mean so I mean just part of our story is having my you know our our daughter just join in I mean she doesn't really understand what's going on, but I mean just having her kind of be a that whole journey I mean she even has she been paid one of our last one of our final death. She like push the push. The buffalo pigs actually push the envelope in ok, that's cute yeah, alright cool! Did you bring her today for getting the shot heard, the shot? How old is Maya now she's too? No cutie? Ok, fine! She was there. We
our final payment. Actually we're talking bout coordinators, we let her first class or we just started first leading our first class, so cool and our final payment was made on the they have a class? That's so neat very cool. Well, thanks for leading again, that's pretty incredible we're honored to have you on our team, we're very proud of you here, and actually we have one more thing I can share. Can be a big sister take over and announce this to all right. We've really enjoyed this journey. I think one of the biggest things for me like getting on a budget making the sacrifices.
Other I just wanted to share was all the sacrifices being worth it, and we have been so blessed by the Lord and by our friends and family. We have a lot of hand me downs and worn out stuff that at one point I would have been a little frustrated that we can't we couldn't buy it ourselves or you know we were making that sacrificed and I get those things ourselves but that mindset change of looking around looking at are worn out, table or old car and saying finding joy in those things and we have been richly blessed. Yeah. That's been one of my favorite parts where you live like no one else, and now that you found contentment godliness with contentment is great gain So of course you have a copy of Chris Hogan's everyday millionaires, probably already, if you don't even have another one. So that's all good and we're proud of y'all. Congratulations! Alright! My Amanda and right here from our team.
Twenty three thousand dollars paid off in twenty months he's been on our team for seven of those and Congratulations guys counted down. Let's hear a debt free scream. Three hundred and thirty two well hours ago. You guys absolutely awesome, that's what all this Is the Dave Ramsey Show
Our scripture that I first Peter Fortuyn as each is received a gift use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's, very gracious, reference. Simon cynic says a team is not a group of people that work together. Team is a group of people that trust each other. We there, we go let's Simon love, it and that is with us in Missouri, hey one. Welcome to the Dave Ramsey Show anyway. Thank you, so much how many people you help. Thank you. I thought that the screen yeah. It was a good one with a baby announcement mixed in yeah. Yeah, that's cool yeah. How can I help today? Well, I'm on
my brother and a sister on their financial in and it is organized disaster and, and it turns out that my sister in law is diagnosed bipolar and My understanding is that there are people who really cannot have access to money. People who have problems with gambling or addictions or mental health problems, and- So I have no idea. I have no idea how to tell them to limit her access, because she's, very she's, she's, very flexible, very resourceful she's got a lot of explaining the trilogy wonderful she's an expert in robbing Peter to pay Paul. I don't know how to I don't know how to begin to tell them to limit her access. How did she not get access to money? Ok, so this is your husband's brother and his wife
no, I'm sorry, it's my brother and his wife. Oh ok, we'll talk to your brother is my brother and his wife, who I talk to your brother I told him what I mean she. If she wants to do it well, it was she has to best part of her s of walking out. I bipolar diagnosis is continued coaching and counseling potential some pharmaceuticals, depending on what the cause is. And sometimes this is chemical- sometimes it's not and in an agreement that until he reaches a level of healing aura management. That is reasonable. She's, not capable of handling money and she's going to go around him and in secret destroy their lives. Okay,
and that's a part of her to part of her mental health plan. So if she agreed to this computer, Pointin does things anyway. What does that mean? Well, It means that your number one he needs to be. He needs to be watching with her, but but if you're he's doing. Regular counseling Ann is working we plan to deal with her her by situation, the likelihood of that goes very goes way down. She's off of all the bank account then she would have to go out an lie and cover up and do that it can be done. I mean when people are either depressive, they go. You know they go off. Ransom, sometimes, but but likelihood, if you're in a you know with uh, health, professional and you're actually walking through a system here. That is not. Simply maintenance, but is
process leading towards healing or better management of this then likelihood of are going off. The ranch is there when people are not looking and we're not dealing with this and they're not taking their meds or they're, I don't want their counselor and they're not walking through this. That's when the ranch? It's not. When they're saying there's post every week and there magic meds are applicable an there cation tight with their spouse and and that kind of stuff. It's when everybody when they're just cut loose and they're adrift is when. Stuff happens, but when they're working a system in a plan, most people can walk through. That I believe me how we work. We work with I'm, not a mental health, professional okay, then you know anything about this. Is I've worked with bipolar for thirty years, because almost all bipolar: have financial trouble yeah, you know, because of the obvious and but The. What I want to give you is is that there's great hope, good
I have seen people time after time after time when they fly themselves to dealing with the issue at hand. This diagnosis, then I and take the steps and they put the guardrails in place in their life. They move on now receive complete healing in some case but at least get to a managed level to where they don't destroy themselves and everybody around them. Ok, if she's not going to engage in that. Then she's not trying to get better than he has a diff set of issues that are not money, issues. Ok then, he's dealing with an alcoholic that won't quit drinking and refuse essentially and that's a different, that's a different set of decisions as how long tolerate that without you going crazy, because thanks for sure, crazy
If you deal with crazy long enough, it'll make you crazy, you know it just does and it just it it it and that's why people stay in toxic. Situations where someone is abusing them, they turn out to have mental illness as well from the from the scars of the situation. So You know, if he's dealing with it proactively, she's dealing with it proactively. I feel really hopeful about their future, but she does not need to her name on anything financially until she gets. Is to a management level, a manager. Level with some track record of a couple of years, because she can it it add. Not only the probability of a problem, but it adds stress, which causes her to activate. If you take the responsibility off ever, it gives her a better situation, which she can heal. Is that make sense yeah good for her, it's not just like punishment like,
you're not worthy to handle money thing. It's like this is good for you, If you, a better environment, cocoon to heal in, were walking together, why in a plan we're on our kids were doing or therapy again. If meds, I'm not prescribing meds, I'm not a mental health, professional and there's a lot of garbage. I mean ok but you're doing this stuff man of what it takes to get better. You have to do the stuff of what it takes to get better and everybody has to hold you accountable to do the stuff of what, to get better and then, amazingly, you will get better. Most of the time is a very high success rate with this, when everybody does what they're supposed to do so on good luck with that, I hope that up the whole we can get your brother and her to hear this in a loving voice and kind voice and help them through it, because it's I've had a lot of really good stories on this there's plenty of bad ones, but when people decide to address it, there's good results.
Alright Matt is in New York, Hey Matt. How are you hey I'm doing good. How are you better than I deserve? I'm a little short on time go straight to the chase. Will do I own a heating and air conditioning company come and there might possibly be an opportunity for me to sell the business. I currently cash out about one hundred and fifty K year. Just for myself, I do have a couple of guys that work. For me, and I have a mortgage left on my house of About- two hundred and eighty one house is worth about five. Fifty I really loud a really good time. What the show for SH. I would hope that, if installed sold So for that I would maybe walk out with about three hundred enable me to pay off the mortgage. There You want to get more on that, take out take out cost to pay a manager out of your one hundred and fifty and then
yeah you're, probably it's probably by writing a three hundred somewhere somewhere around there. Three four hundred, maybe maybe five hundred somewhere in there. It's not worth more than five, not worth more than five hundred, though so would you sell it did? What would you do after you sold it? Well, it potentially there's two options. One I would sell just pay off the mortgage and they go about doing something else. I want to know which I would want to know what you were going to do don't run from something run, to something I would most likely stay in my industry and probably take a union gig out of top paying position, Why would you do that versus what you got now? What you got now sounds pretty good, it's great! What I have that's great, but I just grow your business run run your business grow your, but control your destiny, take a union gig in coast run your business grow your business going. Three hundred thousand a year, do you get quit doing that
unless there's some other reason to sell this. I don't hear it. I think you stay. There is a great book out called info. Game by Simon Sinek High lyrics Read it before you make this decision, puts us out of the Dave Ramsey Show in the books will be back with you before you know it in the meantime, remember, there's ultimately only one way to financial peace and that's to walk daily with the prince of Peace Christ. Jesus! hey, it's Kelly Associate producer and writer for the Dave Ramsey Show. If you would like to do your debt free stream live on the show, make sure you visit, Dave, Ramsey, dot com, slash, so it register. We would love for you to have a national account date. Your story, if you-
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