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Had she solutions, ghastly dollars harmful studios. It's that day, Ramsay show that it is doing in the pay of old mortgage has taken the place of the double your nose out of some of our members triple eight eight to five five, two to five, that's AAA eight to five. Five two to five Chris is all malign in Baltimore Maryland hikers welcome with open arms,
even during the day for taking Michael sure. What's up I recently got promoted at work and I'll be in charge of about thirty to forty p, Also. I wanted to know your top. Three leadership, her maidens Netbook, but you might suggest the new team leader. Well I'll, send you a copy of ours. It's called Entre leadership as my gift it's the planet. Olaf is applied book of how we run this place, growing it from a card table my living room too, now, a major national brand now send to you. I don't love I'll, give you a specific books. Let me you guys to look up now, post anything that John Maxwell Rights is gonna, be awesome on leadership hit my favorite of his arm and he's probably red ninety books, not read all love on. I read a bunch of him he's a good friend of mine about proper
Liza twenty one, irrefutable laws of leadership, Leon. Definitely put that on their that's mandatory reading for all my leaders by the way, then anything that John rights leaving the gym Collins Rights is something worth reading Jim best selling both today and it it should be on. Your list is good too great. It's not as much leadership. Always it is other stuff, but I would read salmon cynics start with. Why. And Simons a great writer in the same space? come glad Whale is a great writer. In the same space is I'm gonna be most helpful to you, probably outliers.
Lad. Well,. Was a myriad of others without Thou get you started, but anything they're not that those three years for guys right. Worth reading there. There there Charlotte Solid Collins is more of a researcher. Than any of the rest of them, MAX what will be more anecdotal stuff than in the rest of them easy reach an but the target. For five of those who get you started and pick up any those Thing you want to make sure of is that you probably start changing some of your verbiage, you're, really not in charge. Urine charge forty people, not really as a leader you're there to serve them and you are technically in charge of them, but you want to you
the creative spirit of army, I'm here to help you win, I'll help you get better and That means you work somewhere else. That's part of your winning in getting better. Wouldn't do that too, but you know we set people free here. Sometimes wonder suck at their job and on, but that's for their debts for their own good. You know and I suck, and so they need to find something are good at so it's help for you, but you must have real candid kind conversations and went on What can we do to get the getaway dawn and get the organizational your way, so you can win and yet how can serve you? What is it you need the wind? Let's get together forgot what we're gonna do to win and when they that you actually care about them, not just about what they do. Become a leader not right. Just push leaders pull some hold on
send you a copy, Entre leadership, we'll get ready to start an incredible journey. Into the world of leadership? It's it's a fascinating. Series of thought leaders and people around managers out of love the space That is where those in Cleveland Ohio Isaac area
Hey, I'm deal well think should take Mccall Dave. My dead now ever said, junior high school went to church in financial peace. Glad when I was in general, and I do not see the older but now appreciate everything that you ve got through the classes and I think starting out in sick and seventh grade made greater really kind of help me get to this point. I definitely want to say thank you. My my question is: have just separated from a job and differ university and now have sixty five thousand dollars in a well over. I re girl at the age of twenty seven, and I am starting a new job now and I'm workin on building up my emergency. Fine earlier
Retail than dollars in it, and I'm completely that three no car no streamline took care of all that, and so my question is looking to the baby steps. Do I continue to build at my emergency? Fine, the sign over the sixty eight months before I will over the role of research I re into the Roth. I re Ursa even be thinking about that, and maybe just contributor rock I re and leave the role rivalry where it is now. We have contributed, leave it where it is I wouldn't, I wouldn't, like anyone turned into Roth. Yet when you do you're gonna create fifteen point out margin, taxes and you need that extra money lying around the cover that right and dear you're, not they are today You need to get our to where you ve got an extra now, splash money, that's twenty grand or bother Nothing grows to eighty, maybe thirty grand what you need in taxes so I'm, but for right now I would just let it sit there and grow and not worry about creating a taxable event.
Get your emergency fund on one in bother me forget your house paid off before he rolled that over, nor Roth. That kind of thing so, really you just extra tax money? If I had twenty thousand dollars the military border wandered on pay and tax money and great turn this thing and Roth or do I want to pay it towards a house or don't want to pay it or something else and you're? Just not there right now, so it needs to be extra money so to speak out and That's when you'll be ready to do. That is great, they'll converted to arrive at some point button, but dear premature, at this stage, because again you don't have the extra fifteen. Wanna grandly interim open phones at eight hundred and eighty eight eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five on Twitter fallen, Dave started digging into my workplace for all three, be there's. Only nine funds to choose from and the options aren't right, don't take the match and use the Roth's for the rest, yes and user ass for the rest. Yes, take them.
Because even if they're not performing great use, you still got a hundred percent redder return before you started so up to them do the best you can bear and then go find Roth's up to thirteen percent of your household income in baby step forward. When you're baby step for the major debt free, but the house, you have emergency fund implosion, our putting fifteen percent of our income away and if that's the. If that's the context, but in which you're asking the question Christian than yes, I would go to the fora with three do the four three up to the match. Even if its lousy options, you got about two percent red return, your money before anything started and then go do
I raised until you get to fifteen percent and start my one by this, that five every step six from thanks for bonus on twitter vision. This does that Abrahams one of the things that distinguishes a triple crown award winning thoroughbred from a donkey is the size of their heart, a bigger or move mountains. That's why we try to hire only thoroughbreds here. It's also why we trust unused linked in they are the best matching the right person with the right job. You get a more highly targeted field of thoroughbreds at linked in jobs, get started today and if fifty dollars off your first job post visit
Dan Dotcom, Sledge Ramsay, that's linked in dotcom slice, Ramsay terms and conditions apply. You were joining us America, glad you're here, open phones AAA eight to five five, two to five Brad Legion Ritual and Washington High Bradley. How are you beyond the same How can I help or time listening first time collar. I am
Abner read I've never regiment, never to be, but you have lots. I love that I hang out and my parents were really always call Dave is Dave, tell me about it until they told me the snowball effect and then so I get it paid off all the credit cards they told me about. It should pay off the house. Did it paid off the house, and familiar, I said almost ad free. The innovative marathon. Almost thought you paid off the house. I didn't know that when our deal after all an army? How can you paid off here before your Harvey ok attract but he only Harvey twenty nine how can in your household incomes what one forty two one takes data being almost I went. I got good for you so much question so here I am, and now I'm jumping a bunch of my money into my four hundred and one and what I notices I started watching here gas here then I realized, I know nothing and so on
I'm thinking maybe do. I need to go back to the baby fat and read your book. Take the class and act like I'm just a new, because I actually I'm pretty new well what you got a bunch of bunch of peace. Of information Diskin Bobby later than in the wrong order and so forth, but the Good NEWS is you actually cared about the subject? You did something about the subject of subjects: money, weren't pass haven. In sitting in shooting victim's chair or something, and you make really good money in your obviously smart guy. So there's a lot of good news here So really all the babies sure do or our proper order. What we would call the proper order would for you would just be to fine tune your plan, and I think you would feel a better sense of traction if you had that ok and so, You know what I would do is is here. You are in baby step too, because you have non mortgage laughed called the army right eye.
Stop everything and get that we paid off once that's done I will do my emergency funding money to save for your emergency VON already But in a debate, which is not much for my anger, not much while baby stub once a thousand dollars anything above that that's not retirement counselor penalised. We slam. Armed, the consumer that, twenty thousand dollars of ok and so a purist. If you're working our plan. Ok, you know what you want to do. Obviously, but you can I shall tell you that A purist would take you down to a thousand dollars. That's maybe step everything above that goes on this thing Harvey were stopping the fora, one guy, we're stopping anything, we're on beans and rice, rice and beans- very tight budget and very, very quickly, clear that our v and then very very quickly, move on the baby step, three, which is a fully funded emergency fund of three.
To six months of expenses in your house twenty five or thirty grand and just sitting there just for a rainy day fund. When you finish that, then you would restart your for a one k must not gonna take very long What are we wait? We got were sick thousand dollars from there. You make a hundred and forty five and you tend to throw at it. So you fifty thousand dollars from being where I'm talking about my ok, that's that's! month plan. You know something like that and you'll be sitting there at that point. One hundred percent that forty. With your emergency fund implies given that your home is paid for, that will leap frog. You then all the way through we step seven, because and then what you're doing is your matching out retirement, and you're doing other investing, and if you ve got kids college, you start pounding on the kids college in there, but
Yeah, that's how it would unfold or to do this in the quote: proper order, well, that's doing is prioritizing things properly, because kind of one around on the other side, you got your investing started. You went around on the other side, got the house paid off words are so to speak because you're vulnerable. Now you ve still got this consumer bat an you got almost no urgency fund What action is now you're sitting here vulnerable because you just because you did other out on the wrong order, but it's not that big deal very, very fixable. If you, decide. You want to submit yourself to this plan or you can do your plan, thereby can do their own thing? Is what have you want to do this? One just works. We about yours. We know about man, one works So what are you gonna do again, I'm fine weather, but we ve got a proven track record. Here I mean this is like best practices dared hold on I'll. Send you a copy the book, the total money make over read through it. For yourself, you'll do it in one night, you're that guy
You know you're gonna, go ok I'll show what they are talking about and you'll see exactly how to unfold. We are in order. Out about here and you will pull the call up on the pod gash. Listen to it again, you you forget, likely what I told you to be right there in the valley. I'll, be further. You call me anytime, but fine tuning too already good things you ve already done. You ve done a lot of really good things. Open forum Eight hundred and eighty eight eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five, DA mayor is next in LOS Angeles, high gum air. How are you It is always a pleasure working with you to what's up. I'm calling on behalf of my parents. So for a long time I noticed my panther living little ITALY and I'm just want to Know- is how we can help them Show me we really believe in having a credit score, so they spent we think every month on a credit card, envy always paid off twenty years they ve never had any.
The charges they ve never having late payments or any interest payments? But they really believe every credit squirrels. Well in this country headway. How do I get them off with that idea? How old are you? I am twenty one you're not is there no you're, not gonna, get them off the idea. Ok, they ve been doing this shuts before you were born. They don't Your opinion I mean I can we call it doesn't. Have we called the powdered, but syndrome want. Someone is powdered, your, but they don't want your opinion about money or sex. Hence the chances of my dad was into a twenty on the chances of Mamma dead listening to a twenty one year old. To them about how to handle their money is almost zero unless they ask and now what you can do is a couple of things
what I mean: you're not going to sit down and have a one on one debate with your dad and him suddenly stopped doing what he's been doing since before you were born. You follow me don't have credibility to do that, but can't tell them about your story there. Disagree, they're, not gonna, like your story, you're living without a credit score you're living on a cash basis, you're not going into debt so that you can go into debt so that you can go into debt so that you can go into bed, which is the credit score dog trade. Its tail, that than how culture lives with I'm gonna that why show that I'm going to bed wiser and going to the wiser than going to death and that's what you're doing done his whole life any easier he thinks that fight go issues provider and goes, not his provider, wealth is provider, and the great lobbies pray probably done a good job with money and sounds like they're very disciplined, that I've used up As you said, moving to this country, they use that as an opportunity.
I suspect they built from wealth, The question is that there might be looking to buy a second home more to give our eventual property the income, because my dad doesn't have any kind of investment or flow on key UNICEF. He was on his own. My mom had a small boy. One came from her work, but it's only point thousand under Meda. Nothing, except like his mistake, which wants to buy property with debt to run out for income, is that she should I, try to encourage them. To also put some of that into account thing and I use the rest of it for that or We would avoid original property with dad. I don't people to do that, and I would
two first build his wrath Irene, your mom's rob. I re in some the grossly mutual funds, so bottom line is they haven't been wealth? I was wrong. I thought they had their basically broke worshipping the alter the bright fighter. So number one tell them your story number two macabre about abuse them to the idea that someone else talk to them about it. I doubt they're gonna, take your advice, would be unusual for them to do so
jobs. Whether rainbow was not somehow George welcome braver amply shop, you John it better than I deserve. What's up gave a lot of things that are worth the motion to contact you years old are now thirty three If- and I are born baby steps down without being sad, were you report maps for one can options that we have available to us. Additionally, but I've never heard discussed on the show. Is
Fonda. My wife's for alone can have failed some sort of task in and she was going to receive a portion of her for one key contribution back my for you is what that amount. We are going to be receiving back, I've already looked into it and we were told we will not be receiving any kind of penalty for early withdrawals and it's not something that we chose to do, but to find an essentially in us that excessive contribution Should we take that money invested in actual account counter? What other options would you recommend us doing? Are you rather ironic as well. Due to our we Colombia qualify for that being back door, ass, better the back nor alters where you open a traditional after tax, not or tax. I array, and You instantaneously relative Roth. I do want every year. And you knew that will use more, Mr President, to shut down yonder, backdoor wroth, and how old are you guys?
thirty three, and I want to signing the fifty five hundred each cover their mothers and back and it would be pretty close. Yes, what's and if she makes over one hundred and twenty doesn't she in this is she's a highly compensated employee and the the four hundred and one case got poor participation. That's what happened here. Around one thousand hours a year and enough of the other people that work at the organization in the lower ranks of income, don't pretend paid. Therefore one carry they don't allow Joe the the highly compensated people to put money on the lower compensate people not, and so though, a limit how much you can put it in that case? What this me is that her company desperately needs to do from education to their team poker, and that's what companies bring our in our smart dollar stuff. A lot
these times, because that way, if you walk through people through smart dollar, they get on a budget, they get out of that and then there, if they start, therefore one k at fifteen percent and that's if they're, making twenty thousand or if their Megan too, thousand, and if what she's got a large percentage people that make than she does the in her company that are not contributing how big. Company is there so she worked for it's actually a relatively large company. Excuse me, I know that They had made some. This is not the first time this has happened. It made some are just to try and alleviate, as happened in moving forward, and we are hoping that it wouldn't be the case and ultimately, I think they were doing Automatic and war and some other options to drink it. People to people try automatically there all the time the pit, but the bottom line is broke. People don't investing for. One Kay you can't Otto unrolled brought people because they turn around and turn the auto unroll right back off there. Now
but money and closer broke, and so on you ve got a day. What she's got a media companies is twenty thousand employees or two thousand not by closer to locate, we work with countries outside our timetable. To hollered are smart dollar guys get her age team on it because Education is an orchard, can't force people say one broke now: moving forward. Looking on my me asking, I know say we would want to still take advantage of any contribution that will allow us to get a company map. Sure you're talking about the back our raw option. Should we only goes Company match, then assume that it's going to fail and not max our for one key contribution We continue to try and max it out and if we get the money back through the back door, is affordable. Care is therefore one clear off. He asked that the option we selected. They both options. Hooker, it doesn't matter, mean bolter you're gonna end up in the minorities away.
Certainly? I got through the match, but above the match. If you go into this and they put you back out every year but over and a backdoor ross like you're doing this year. That's why nobody in the world its it. You know if you like the options and things that are there, but I really obviously she's a leader in the organization based on her income and really would encourage heard a sit down talk with some of the other leadership and especially the age, our people that are managed? before a one case, because it is an education problem, and when we become able smart dollar most of these highly compensated penalties get reversed and end because of other people start contributing. The only answer is for the people up and down the spectrum to contribute. Otherwise you're gonna get hammered. Others everytime, thanks for the call open found a triple eight eight to five five two to five Brandon is in LAS Vegas High Brandon. How are you I'm doing it better than I deserve. What's up
I can assure you of my life they may live page after page a mind that my fellow days then either in Congress, a user I'm gonna go, I'm unable sit down combination with them pretty soon, get some advice on how to really started our vision and guided and boy on sharing and by can apply for the future how long you been married to their daughter, a couple years. No work. Now, then ask your opinion today. Now, but they are always they are always struggling. I know, I'm sorry didn't need the help. I do said they weren't looking for him. And I'm in here in a pretty weak seat from a credibility perspective you're just
not knows get married. Their daughter two years ago and so what I would do is changed. My tactic, I don't think you're gonna be, will sit down and be MR teacher here. Aren't they it's gonna work think you're gonna end up is defending them or they're. Gonna nod like Babo hadn T go, do whatever they want doing, nor your butt So instead, what I think I would do is monitored starts from conversations sound like hey. This is want me and your daughter are doing and we were really struggling and we were really scared and when waste doing this in the budget and we started in. We cut up our at a college- and we start doing these things- feel so much better dinner and just kind of drop, a few of those things out there and occasionally and then sometimes somebody I look at you and say, While I because I wish I could do that, while I could show you how
They Vashe. Ok, I'm trying to trick him into asking you but tat, I don't know, but in any way talking about them they are. They are but it also talk about it. I don't I don't be. Goin in just tell your story about how you were doing some damn things and you are hurting. You were scared and, and then, when I started doing the x and why and Z, why things got so much better in your die. Their daughter goes MA. I asked my life: is so much better, so go in and they go Joe could do that when we could show your house. As I say I wish I could now you got an opening. Ok, but when you call a meeting for an intervention with people, you don't have distant, an in depth relationship with its short term. You married little while they're just now, listen to you playing at work but must try to get them to ask for your help and then you know you could just leave my book or something
applying to torment to make over Booker Parliament, financial bees, university or whatever, maybe the bad guy and the ECB with an attitude now my kind of stuff, I'm pretty good at that part so arm, but If you can lead them and off too to me. Then I think we can get on their bare arm, they called you up and already said, hey, I love what you guys are doing, which all come over and shows what you're doing
why now you got the opening right, then the election, because they asked for it but you're, just watching them and its hurting your heart, because their parting themselves and broke all the time and they need to be. They make too much money to be broke and you ve got the solution. I understand that I didn't ask you get him by this. Is that Abraham solution
for joining us America. This is the direction we shall help involves AAA eight to five five through to buy chances, whether in Nashville chance, our you chance had better day what's up, Well, try to question my question was: how do I differentiate myself to employers? So I graduated from within by a business, the green economics may two thousand and seventeen and I've been looking for ever since I graduated
on the last everything or finance save one of my college courier and I graduated from body good for you and I think you know that more my background, since eight seventeen I've been independent, Himsel, I've worked my way through my are you school in all four years. My college development What do you want to know What do you want to do? What I want to do I turn to the data endless I'd like to get a job, and I feel ok, then, what thanks to that position is worth. Oh, the growing market rate about me in its two thousand algiers out there which people with experience that are not strike out of college right, that is that it is for people who are supposedly out of college vassals agreed have zero too
one years of experience in the field of culture I've got some doubt landless share, but they made more than that, but I would think it shows wondered where you got. Ok go well So the first thing is go to kin common. Can my website. They can common, show working common dot com either. One and you want to download his pity after their house, stinguished yourself an interview process and also how to ride resume. Little actually get you an interview now a couple things one most employers. Unless there are like a huge, huge companies, sadly really dont care. About whether you on the Danes list. They we don't care? What your GPA was? I'm glad you did that. Indicate to me as an employer that Europe guy, but true
we all I care about is: can you do the work here? That's what I hear and to the extent that that indicate you can do the work fine, but to be concerned about your street, smart. As well as your book smart as to whether or not you can actually pull that data up and use. Common sense to look at that data. That makes sense that guy so what any employer, and then you go degree any con. You know this one any employer is looking for is a return on investment we spent a sixty thousand dollars on you that they want. Six hundred from the data you produce as our produce data that gives them some kind of insight into their business. That causes them to make money is illogical. So what are you doing? What are you doing for food to eat right now? We're gonna work. You saw you got aside her solar or part time work or something Why you're trying to eat right here so
I only received our unemployment at his past June, I'm a courier, I deliver. I deliver I'm circles, hospitals, regional hospitals and when I complete my runs from the day. I usually do love nor dash the people. I deliver food that your book I showed you making. How much money you know how much money you making. It really very roughly amount than a given month. What do you make roughly. To give a month, roughly two thousand the twenty five dollars, sucker, half a what you're your market value is us about. Bed analyse them here, a couple of ideas- and I don't know exactly how to help you break through, but I will tell you that You need to be really really careful in the language That you use your sentence, structure and so forth.
Indicates when you're talking to a potential employer that you'd Udall feel entitled to anything that you don't feel put out. You shot low, put out that that somehow everybody hasn't lined up to hire you, ok and if you can as for that to me in an interview, I'm not gonna hire you, because what that tells me as a hiring manager is nothing I'm due as an employer is ever going to make you happy. That's what I hear. Ok and I understand your frustration, but I'm coaching you you follow me so go in there and say: how can I add value you owe me something and you weren't saying that over lay. Don't misunderstand me: I'm not be it on a pick and on you, but just be very careful that you're there to serve. When I have someone come in here, the says: hey. If you pay me sixty I'll make you six hundred and I can show you how. That's somebody. They gets me and my attention
if I hire a sales rep and I'm gonna pay them ten percent commission, it's the same thing right on pay item. Sixty are making their bring it in six hundred and grows revenues right I can do that all day, long and think the guy or gal can sell and shocking. I can that sales version that, because they me more they caused me and all that I think so that that you're doing so a couple odd to throw on top of this number one three ideas and I'm going go too, can commons website and download both of those Billy Ass, their legit. They will give you some good. It's how to win the interview and how to write the perfect resin. My resignation are worthless, though, without these other two ideas idea. Number two You need to find some one that works for the company. I don't care if it's in shipping that you want to go to work for that you can make a connection to a friend of a friend. I ape somebody you go to church with whatever the deal right and so
I can walk your resume and or into the hiring manager and say hey. At least Give this guy look because here let me give an example on our place. We are two people last year were in your city. We had. Thousand applications lost in that moment or how cool you are. That makes sense, and that's how I got my current job friend vague onto my computer, yet we gotta get. We gotta get just get just get me in the door. No, I'm not. Asking you to hire me because this guy, I'm just ask get me in the door. Let me get in front of them. Ok then go in there. You know all polished up. Not we not nerd it out, but I mean you know you come to hear your brush your teeth right, you weren't about all that stuff you dress apparently for that particular workplace, you go in there. You smile, you, look the guy in the eye and say I can add value All I need is a shot. I would
bring you in this company this organisation, more than I cost and I can show you exactly how can do that and as a matter have done a little but research on the company itself, so you can actually show them how you're gonna do that right. I've already looked at this area over here. I think I could do something in that area. Then the idea None of that work cheers and way to break in offer to work for three weeks for free I'm gonna, come in here and show you Give you a sample of this pizza and you're gonna want the pizza. I'm gonna to give you a sample of this biscuit. You're gonna want the biscuit and What is more, I am not drown. Beware them probably strange, but I will come and work for three weeks for free my feet in here and show you guys that I will do anything that it takes time. Add value to this company more than this company pays me. I just
want a chance to be a blessing? I want a chance to serve this organisation. Is organisations, customers and if kind of come out it that way with that attitude in the that body, language that till now a tea, your voice and changes, your sentence structure and, That's what I'd Kaliko! You knew all about earlier, your sent in structure and the way you approach the thing. The emotion you're using cause- I gotta, tell you they are they're not hiring you based on your degree, they're, not hiring you based on where you went to school there, not hiring you based on the Danes list. They are not hiring you based on any of these things. They are only. Hiring you, because I can make your own. You then cost them and that we're trying to convince the love based on our education, based on the tools that are in our belt, based on
carry myself based on must reach March. I gotta tell you, but you ve been independent on your own. Some seventeen is probably more impressive to me as a judge or higher than the Danes list. So there you go from the think about your job chance you gotta without going any further. You call me back man. This is that they were actually pay. Its Kelly says you pretty certain facts. Munificent Abraham suggest this episode is over, but if you heard about a product or service, it didn't have a chance to write it down. Don't worry! We waste everything that is mentioned during this episode in the pot tests show that sexual makes policing.
Have you got questions about retirement, investing becoming an everyday millionaire, go beggar and broader with my man, Chris Open on the crucial genscher. I M excited to be able to talk to you all week in week out we're gonna focus on your calls, and it's going to focus on building well investing and how to become an everyday millionaire subscriber the crash Ivan show wherever you listen about gas page. Producer of the Dave Ramsay show this episode is over but check the episode notes for links to products and services you ve heard about during this episode,
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