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The Order of Priority for Retirement Accounts (Hour 2)

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Oh M Lide from the headmarters of Romses Sains, Wo Amin from the knowledge by little didios. It's the day, Lamb's are show for Dat is down Casius king and the fate of Omorgat M W as the statuss Amuls, I'm they ramso your host Missus Yoursa. Thank you to Joinis was all about you. The oll number is Tripoliht, eight, two, five, five, two, two five heben Tempa starts off this hour. I, how are you
he you did better than I deserve. What's up, ah often are a film in a Bil o Ticor. I know a am um. Poeinty two and allowing to say the storie so long, tho, Wr Shore. I thought I had gatherd turn TE, my private ar I with Electri Eye Puit, um. I got completely butchered on he on Nab MID my intrustry when I bought it. Ah Jaluing in at twenty one thoulas a an hand and glingly afford him bout, the Mellor Car, when we won't yoa short have gap. I got into a car accident. I didn't get paid out for the full amount. I still owe forty five hundred the asnow is, I also have a close criticle in which I took my credit Gor Coignificantly, though I can relly prove for many loans, sometimes o that's her Naz bite fom you on what I can be doing it's awsome that you can't get a proove fer, any more ans cause you prace it well suck at this. I
I ever have you touched Dat. You really blew it up. Didn't you no now: Sogato it wasnat. I an egland's Wamen seriously IL kitting as it an work. Un do stop it. So what do you make ah make I Wol Petifor Algenir too? You live with roommates ur at home, or one yet lactually when I had GE trait up for the Criticar Cloy. Ah, I did buy home a to year ago an well I do. As I Dus read the roote down. I live there. So 'N'L pay any Morgan no utility is or think Calca I am at go som MI ever by pace at works out good and ot your. Money to and you make fifty four thousand yes, but don't have a dime I do actually have. I have Borderind and Y ow Bordern on the Trivite cards. Sorfect Timd. How do you have a carrn? No, I don't nt Thay,
I don't have a quarry right now: Hol good by sellows. A are I fight. What up the paile like the Financial AR no that Nat or a li that to the credit or not or a I great it. Oh well, gain crowded, INA Wayd, I egard Youn credit Anyoy. Your credit shocked I yet lieve, it's thy, Lady TE, any auption. I was asking you I legi it off in to to andpla with them, which could be over my previate payment. Ild, be FAS to the over fifty dollars a month I'll be all sop of that it baey Ela's at Oerlord on ter credit that be great, I o get Shaam stop in Upless, Listnless Muss Micious, Caloti Staoka. It must blow this through carefully. One Wer in ride a check and buy a car, probably real.
About three thousand cuz? I have at least a thousand dollars in your account, but then you have one that to your name. Is that correct Yes, yeare other than mirk an the corgett Ih, I'm sorry how much credit or debt is there now a Crage trea, in a hab, O Payniplan that that it will lot. Argo lets Tine Anless! Listen this! If four thousand Fivdrer and three is seven thousand five hundred you make fifty for thousand dollars a year. You have zero housing cost. You need to be on a budget and stay out of the bars on the week end right at the time. Got your party in and spend an all your money and you're broke. You can clear, seven grand in no time you're bringing home for five for forty five hundred forty Forty three hundred a month aren't you yet Glampoy, Brets Wmuch of that can we put on this dat. Let's say it was two thousand you'd be dead free in four months. You
credit. Cardinal Exis is out of your life. You got a paid for three thousand dollar car, then we than emergency, fond of three to six months of expenses, you're sittin there with ten twelve ground and the bank of that Only for emergencies, seen some emergency, so you know you need this. Zem Uncst? That's there then rein a save up and move up and cark as you drop in a piece of crap at this point right liht, I, ah you can do this ye ye. I will et foremons your debt free about six months. You've got money in the bank, nine munch or paincash for a better car. A year from today your life is not looked, look completely different. You can be driving a thousand dollars dollar paid for car your zero deate and twelve thousand dollars. Bank one year from the day, if you follow what I'm teaching you young, Pabu,
get the stress out of your life man, but you're going to have to concentrate and focus every one of those dollars on those goals and not on a bunch of other goals. Got one thing to do: do dat free, build your emergency fun pay cash for your car, put stupid, lextous credit k on a payment for the gap and theyn. Never do that again. Never do it again, learn your lesson. You will n madgap insurance again. You know why you will never have a car payment again. If you get a car you have a real shot at building wealth, you're, a hustler ma'am that a bad sense or me. You know how to hustle an grind you're out their pushin things round, ye a lot o energy. You got sixty the ideas going in this one conversation? You not you has been really impulsive and disorganized. So now it's time to just grow up and fin
this and you can do it and if you are fifty two or your twenty to of the advice as the same some aged thing, so you can do this. You his hold on I'm men a give. You copy the book, the total when he make over and show you exactly step by step. Point by point: what to do do it and walk you through what we were talking about here. You can do. This Courtney is Anspoke in Washington, hey Courtney! How are you dont, Harrio, than I deserves. How can I help Harry Fhon calling because my husband ights recently got married about two months ago: ton gratulation, hereon, think YI. We are on Babi Sup to tackling our DECT together great and he had talked about the Tentaly Ginnings, a second job, the health pay for some of that debt. My concern is: I'm already working about sixty hours a week while going to graduate school.
N concern about him working so much that we never see hetter in prove tank, our marriage. Before I began all your learly weds you'll find a way even with him workin can crave near Yor byarn in a schedrel come together is watch wich, yore, doing watch your schendules and overlaps Hutch Dat. If you got eighty thousand, eighty thousand HAL fast will be paid off if you gots really get after it. Ann Lok. Currently I make twenty five thousand a year on my own, but I'll be finishing up my degree, my degree in a little overyearn, half reight and I will have a peage, the great and Wat
great, and what what will he ol you be doing with THA Piagr de Incriminal Justice Ar Working AUT perfector at inversity, seeting Vey, a great good for you, and what does he make? I lase who makes about thirty five brandier gray, Oka Sha'Ll try the park time DOP if your marriage starts struggling because of that one thing which I doubt, but if it does, PE can Quoit the part on lot like a big life decision when not chiselling. This in stone go like a little money shif. If that doesn't help, sometimes Dat's a bigger stretsher than working this as the Divramsa ship bot, Poa bed, but Ma
IA story about two families that are very much alike in a lot of ways. Both families have two working parents and a couple of young kids each as dead in a struggle to make in's meat but they're, starting to make headway with their budgets and smarter decisions with money. They have dreams and plans, and the only real difference is that one family has the right amount of term life insurance and the other doesn't big difference. If one of the parents die- and that does happen, their well being would be destroyed. That's why, every day I talk relentlessly about getting term life, Ensurance go to sander, DOT, come or call eight hundred three five six. Forty two eighty two
M. Thank Ha Jorning is a MAS that James is with us in Youngstown Ohio welcomed. The dibramshey showed James, oh better than I deserve. What's up my brother back to me thousand, five hundred dollars when he died, but he did. Beve to my Mand, dad my sister or any of his kit, faim what I should do with in Igama, Davy's Bat Hill, Why did he leave you? The money and no one else? Ahn Wt, talking to them when he felt that that than my parent for my fis
Was he when he died ye an he never tried to to on con Ahm. Well, it's not a lot of money. It's not a million two hundred and fifty it's twelve wow twelve grand so on. Obviously, there's conflict and strife in your family. Ah si'm guessing. Everyone has a big opinion about this. Don't they oh et, don't know about is death there. No Idery LEN E Macre. When did it? When did he pass away, Infered thunder and whatwhhow? Did he leave it in life and ns or a beneficiary or something or what in a porter line plot afore one Cabe Eneficiary O cohere. Will you understand? That's taxible when you take it out all right, and since it was left to you you're going to pay the taxes on it, o ka, and so it's not too
tousand dollars it's whole. I know if I should rule it. Inle Fronte you, if Yo'D, even if ye do its an an TED Ioray is what I turns into when you roll Beforeheand that that's what you can do, But even then it's taxible when you take the money out. So if you take the money out and ivit it to them, based on twelve thousand five hundred, you will have paid taxes for them So we don't want do that for sure. That's not right, but if you want to cash it all out and pay your taxes and after taxes divvy it up ere. You can do that, there's nothing wrong with that. I'm ANT Enna Ayeknow I don't know I mean you got a look at your family situation and say what is the right thing to do here? I guess the main
that matters as I guess two things. What main thing is? What would your brother want you to do? Ah, he should have gone back and changed it. It sounds like because it sounds like you as back on speaking terms with his kids and his parents right. Why and he didn't, do you think he'd want you to divide it up Ahm? I bonk with the date of my poor, the prove financially fobole an he who would not hake up Soth my Quite abet, o cane, so you can just make a decision. So I think this is what he'd want to do. It was all left to me and I don't know what to do, but this is the best I can come up with them than a give some of the kits when you ad. That right, but your sister's going be she's going to be all twisted anyway and she
A eming tree never really gone along with em when he Borre Oer before ten now and you pas, don't need the money sother ow, they gon't be upset about this. No elle they're, not work of. No oncan. So your sisters have set about everything anyway, all the time I were not Olly about her cause. You ne e make her happy, no matter what Wha TEL, oh op, if you won't give some the Kis A's fine, but here's the deal cash it out and set the taxes and then Tertax, give them money not out of twelve five, but more, I got a nine grind, o ka you wan't wild. You put it in
and they all honor Aplin, oh Chise, how old are they o hitmonth or Sallen? Are you not speaking to a two year old? They was at into the ped, be why the Garken of the Pa Maga, oh cat, that you said he was astranged for a, hiads. Now not only Glet, o ca. Why did he not have them as the beneficiary am? I don't know YO Erselt before they were born and oo BOT, what do you make a yer? I may true? and my woife mate a goner and four together
If I were in your shoes what I would do sit down with a smart, Vester prow and I would open three accounts on the kid's names as AR called custodial accounts, mutual funds, an the kid's names and you're the custodian. You watch O'Erther money for the good of these kids on the behalf of your brother. He should have left this money to his kids, not you and that's what I will. I wouldn't keep any of it. If I were in your shoes, these are little kids. They have nothing to do. Ot that these were grown. Kids were MADD at Ther, dad the AL you're talking about this but this is tle. Tu girl can't don't know eething and shall ye im I'm going to roll this into an inherited iray and manage it for them OM. You can let somebody know that it's it's in your name, but you're can take care of it for the kids and if he might Unlik thing by your ankle in ohor you can do with what you want, but I would set it aside, Aninherited inherited IRA. Let it grow at some point. You could Intwo into mutual funds on the kid's name it with yourself as a custodian In my mind, if I 'm you im, I keep con
lish money and manage it for these kids and I'm Gunto, give it all to them at some point. I'm a animal mange, and that's what your brother should D been doing anyway. So good question thanks for Colmmin Dillon is with us in Gran rabbits Michigan, Pi Dill, and how are you I name I couldnot imtalk to you, you Towo, what's up OM. So I am I sho frequently marry my high school sweetheart, I'm twenty five. Mary clered of my lasht monkh wow im here er for now I have a question of she had know deat by a few OM, the marriage. I have do it lone the ah um, twenty thousand of which is the crewing enter, is not a growing interest right now and nine thousand IRS I'm wondering what your recommendation would be for the best way for us to tackle, though well, I would list your debts smallest, two largest, I would pay
mom payments on everything, but the little one, and I would attack your smallest that and so break these apart, regardless of if there are growing interest for nine, which is not the mild. How much do you make? I'm actually finishing up glory now, ah ow Bredwate in May on Thom Barmathy, school Dood and end my wife hah. She TA nurse Yo Prought, we probably together and I'm still working don't have had much time see I we probably make about sixty thousand and they'll, be a hundred. Sixty eight fear um right? U Snat's the Blad N Yo pass Ure boards and your FARC as you're, making six figures, shoud, probably Manan. Sixty seven ES nurse and Werein Rapids, and so heart of it is then I'm confedering rather than three, which pave considerably lishe. Ah, we have they now faved up, probably about twenty four thousand. Ah,
UN and go I get me question. Should I now shall we pay that I'm o nine thousand right now? No, you cannot Wen YO get our school first, the skinoskool with adding rdad, don't borrow another time and that's your furt gull. So I didn't no farms UST had to do a residency little aft who, on the Anna it depending ot what your caurier path is you like the hollow I'm home will interesting like help with in enintration or management. Pipe things than indulged. Gene, an hospil girl like that do require leaf. The one may be truly an rather ive thy, and what does that Ben a a min. No application oter Tright now and Nona not thought the residency which the career field pay. Whif. You go that route rather than Infarma Cist Ih. I would fa about a hundred and fifty
ahout the same thing. So why would you do that? Im job Batefaction Kinn as a resident you'd make twenty four ah about fifty about fifty Hooka Tory fifty Y. Well, then, have you got the Mone of FISH School and then DES id with YO' done the residence or not ah Tromagi YE at lease Mon'Sieur? if they make sure your finishing with adding no new death and then aside from beyond that list, your debts smallish two largest and pay them off in that order, and start now and working as hard as you can work residency or not our time job now or not together as a household attack the debts in that order hold down I'll. Send you a copy. The book the total money make over will show you how to
are wedding. You plum talk you as I saves you, money, from Minnesota said we switched from vhorizon to pure talk thanks to Day Ramsey. I was sceptical, but after leaving the big city and travelling to a rule area service coverage never lapses were also saving forty dollars a month. Gasp! ocuous, as has the same great coverage. LAS and no contracts. Try risk free to call pound to Fifty and say the Keyword Dave Ramsay
declares whether is a gentle tol, not Golid, I glare, nor you. He bave neen get her ye better. That I deserve what's up e Mesan, Ih, just lost, may an think you as a much for your programm, because we has enupt to paint off the lass of Ourlone, a the alliard he preferred or pale. I and the gland babies at Theer three now and we had a question about baby' set flogged. Looking color, though H am who are I accompanied on matches? Wher we pould in for atirement as Noineri, an o Ippe unfetfor. When you increase an a wa, but into reterment at it. Kin persented that included. Whatour company mapped no, it's what you have Fut you put in Fifting percents,
Ches just gravy on the biscuit, that's that much more perfect and now ul a thumb as you do match the or wroth before Non wroth, how pent yo ever wroth for a one Kay at your company. And we have a eye for three, be Tefore IY, be De Day DE day over it as a wrath they Now Adele dad Ocal an what your dier er both of you at the same place, ye look. I then you do up to the match how much as your match, Hickpethent. First six per cents match one to one: yes Ulcan, so that takes care. Six per cent of our fifteent is both of your, is, and we know that o key an just. Take your total income tounds point one five and that's the dollar amount were trying to get to, but we gota six per cent of that done at match. Then I would do wroth. I arraise next
better than non matcher met better than non matching traditional, which is what your four or three b s Lokeye, who so but the matching is a hundred per cent read er return before you do anything she'd debvil to do that. Than you do too wroth I a raised, and that would be Al thousand dollars. If you are under fifty or Yol under fifty, yes, Hoca, fifty five, HU is eleven thousand dollars more on top of that six per cent. If that gets you to fifteen per cent you're done, if it doesn't, then you'll bleed back to the four or three being put some more in there. Until you get up to a total of fifteen per cent, including the two rots that makes UT a him yet ther you she. How did that ey dad DA match? First foroth? Second, traditional? Third, yet that's your order. Back well done, Yer'Ll be rich, a lof. It cabin is whither sin San Francisco, high cabin, are you on RI gave him much better than I of their power, thus saying how can I help
below my wife and I we had a baby this year. Thank you an modifying our state plans and were having trouble collecting AAA Guardian and Atruee, and a I was just wandering Loo Har, a new youth for both picking a trustee and a guardian for our baby, with rare exceptions of Emto be separate. Two different people who, Ahm. A trusty would be some one. That's going to a follow my wishes and be has a bit administrative or money flare. There MEI there fairly good Wirth, taking care of business, a gellow business acumen. They get a lobit of ability to get things done. Ore organized thoy're, not flighty, irresponsible, obviously, that Canthank right and the Trunsny the trustees to execute your wishes
um an so if you died, you liok, I am somming your naming your beneficiary on your life insurance to be a trust formed at your death for the good of your children right. Yet her doing the springing. Try Oka good and I'm yes or you name a trusty, an yew name in there in detail. What you want the trusty to do, how the Monach, how the money 'is to be handled, but as far as the guardian for the child. O'm, it's a different criteria. Office who's Goin to raise this Childe way. I wan't eraged here left the heart and altho a promenetructetrai ar we when like family, the Truxty and he corpose of the saw Mady, the Culpritrict Ein conjunction of family im, Butt OU, a family on both sides had had come up. If you ah money and boundaries and they don't really had NE money. The way we do Mamma ow he clout. Here's ta thing it. If, even if
Don't handle money the way you do im. Are they sht and smart enough to fall the wall. Now Some ramlas, your Dispunctiol Afthere Gan an not follow the law, but the law as lay half to follow what the document says, or they could get their butts sued by your kid when they grow up but mere emos mahaying all the time in these situations. So if you can trust them to what you say in the document, then then that day cause. They don't do n t Ye'Re going, tighten the thing up and IL leave them Alon a leeway. I mean it were defling enough Tut. We were writing in a fiubit of Setific and Tide is possible, Hochista Pino. Asdacted, the of gemaling a life insurance from about a million in Athebe it the very tempting Zor Wer worried about it. I don't blame, I it's ver, so you're very wise to be concerned about it. I probably it's
like, you need to use a professional trustee, I'm not big fan of those, but I'm a amabe Gerfail, o them than am this dysfunctional family tiariadev. I mean it not my aunt Junebut were a lack, a better option. I think that Fol Gan A dont Yel NE an Ye Ot, the think sometimes you can do. Is if you had a close friend would be, will not think no knot about that that actual be a better idea that that be take it on and even the guardian things. Sometimes people do that we had friend's eye was an OSS, but we had some friends who named a a family that was having or having children an elong asked the potential guardian and they were Tevry en other, just very, very, very close friends, obviously, but they named them as the ardian the Heavenan infertility issues and they named them. As guardian that die so the en up that the transfer never happened, but ah, but that was interesting way of looking at it. You know I did little bit
thing and there's somebody Beeno in their church than Hade the same? A christian use that they had and shared in that kind of a thing, and that's that's really what, cherlon! I we're looking for for a guardian, an Arta. In our case, we had family that we could do that with. In our case, my NA b ABA, not easly our Kidscan Brop. I away t explore I and our kids have kids right now, like you do, and so our grandkids and they're looking exact, same kinds of issues as an Ildi DE wants the grandparents to step in and want the another brother or another sister to step in and that kind of thing and that it manits it's. He got a it's a lot of things to think about you're very, very, very wise to be thinking about it. It's the Yorb yokall you're goin, to do very well with money and you're got a be like, because those are the types things that great dads do and
great moms do and people who are good with money do te're diligent on things like a state plans, wheels, life insurance and all I con o stuff and very, very good, and then the thing you got find as Yound up up dating it in up over the years. Think yor, not change in you up Nacke thinks youre, not changing you up, Naytd ourcase. We uned up up daiting hours, not major moves, but we we've fine tone it every year, and I am not in my personal estate plan because it's gotten so stinking complicated. So but anyway, thanks for the call appreciate you joining us, open phones at eight hundred and eighty eight, eight thousand two hundred and fifty five two to five Arica is a member of our face Book PRI, the facebut group. You can join it. It's called the the Ramsey baby steps community, If my job offers a complimentary two times my income in life insurance, do I just get my own eight times in personal life insurance to make up to the tent
my income or do us still do ten times in case, I lose my job. Ah, when we AL say ten to twelve times your income so you might do ten times Instear twelve times, but what you got keep him on as lose your job. Obviously you liok deluge the life insurance and if you became uninsurable, while you were working there and then lost you drop, give me more in truth, if he had a canter scare, scared Ty beady, something like that. You might not be t, Ssurane should be left to do his life ins, is allmost, never portable and almost never leaves with you come, a Hinsa, that's wife! You know it it's nice to have it as benefit, but it's kind to gravy on the biscuit. Thour falthew would have the maiden etitos in there the toe personally own Tisl a twelve times yourself ten times a five pat, a twelve pounces, a room
Bemunmaniantm Rachel's with it's in a forange count ycons. I gret you're welcome of the dive Ramshe Shoff igh eir you doin better than I deserve. How are you an TU's? The same, I think you aa, taking my call srure. I have a question UN I'm Goed Eno Y, changing my family tree little bit by being the first one who want to go to college good for you n. Well, I stand in the extended Munity College Programme for about five Ertho, while I'm finally decided that I wanted Fefiars O veterinarian. I've been faving, money am a diligently they knowe to a lot of stings, a people, my age from twenty four, a lonty fourd
other things you know, but I'm to train o davings are working and Orange town Soft night's honor, clear eyes mead some guidance about what to do, because I have some pretty big gulls and men, not that much money. Up onthen, I don't know any that right now on'. You know an between Ity Plans- and I just I just need to have some guidance here, as I'm applying for universities right now felt and what is it Yunie guidance on exactly tho on I you know I want to have money while doing it and and. Ann. I mean like work. Ame time or I could do full time sit, but only for a year with the money that I have faved Ite now, and should I be faiting for retirement of Ankind EI or the lot going on unti know you shalnot be saving or retirement. I would ugress your money goes. I would exclusively focus on your goal, but
a better investment and retirement is Rachel. If Rachel gets her V M, she is going to make a lot more money. I diont live you. Yourself, and you know you do a good job with your practice, as so worth in building your vent nhere in practice on Tho, I know several vets that make ridiculously good money. It's wonderful! It's a erefore, at's, a wonderful field to be in financially and so the right way. Ah. Well, that's what I would do is completely focus on The second thing is on with very rare exceptions: Whe you go to school, doesn't matter, you have an animal that you have taken to a ventlariam.
Idew. I were I', actually been working in the ecnition for seven year, o hood or what I mean. Why? If you ever had anybody walk into the Ventnor in clinic and leave because they didn't like the school the vent when o now ATI's a third, isn't it ye I don't even know where my vent went to school actuall. I do because he went to Arscot to Masco Bcase. We talk forthat other than that. I wouldn' Ave, known where he went to Schook as I don't. In an interview, Tof Vatsail. No, you went to that Ventnor in School, AMA Pikgin, my dog over there. That is Don happen, and so, if you, twice as much at a as school, be to make the SAM Money, that's dumb youf, follow me! Yes, I'm on that note, then, should I see if I o to get Un Thikagast the bachelors? I need to take up a division courser, probably another year before I applied for that Gool Throat Sill on Onfittering
out of fate and Infituition July DIS, Layd on like Miton o k, o Ka there's no value to being outstatead doesn't add value to the proposition doesn't at vow, you being o vat, it's just as s a state line is all here. Ye U want go as cheap as you can go and still get in that school. You Arne a she cheapest vet school. You can go to and learn how to help animals right, yet, as thus were earelly at the own ey you're try to work through which is brilliant on your part. Not Yo do two: don't you go back in those vetch, you've tecked, for if you've Lette Evytect for more than one Vetnarian Ye Thas Entary now, which you I can talk to all of them and asked them how a who they know that can pay for your school, because I can tellyou the drug us. You've been around the business right, the drugs, the drugs that it's like human drugs, I mean the it's hugely profitable
the drug companies of Sel drugs to vetnarians, big time right. Ye? We a big time business. I bet you a those might have scholarships ill went into that. Think Yo Ther are bets yo that they're Inl. You look for industry. Specific things who are the pliers of the equipment, you know that you, Here's, the the surgical equipment or whatever the two years, all that kind of stuff, and you just you keep working all those kinds of angles and look for scholarships, and even if there wer a company that hires vetnarians and they would pay for your scholarship. If you work for the couple years after you got out before you went out on your own, you promised to M Lacount an indentured servant, progrim in Orham, saying that that kind of a shall Kalo start search around poking around on that, but Sometimes what happens in families were you're. The first one to get an education is
are in all of education. It's like this mythical thing up in the clouds. In Orm science, mystical, a and so they're willing to pay too much I've people in your situation, pay too much for their education more often than people who, like me Yoo, my kids, going to school. I have a college tor I'm amount of working with a college degree. So well my kids, your regular school. I know it clly what I'm willing to pay, which is yen, Awl, the minimum to get the degree na he whole deal, and so that's what you aim at and that's that's way, I look at it Rock Storck, I think you're gone to great. If we can help you you, let us know O Open founds, a trip eight thousand two hundred and fifty five, two hundred and twenty five, eight hundred and eighty eight eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five en will talk about your life and your money Joanna is with us in Sacramento. Alifornia hi Joanna. How are you.
GAD Harry YO better than I deserve? What's up, not a perfect, I thank her tigging Mecall m. I'm I heav some advice: arms, oh my mean question is: should I stop my for one gay contribution and DE our long payment for a year, about a year and a half to focus. On my credit cards Tio Weght. We can anntar do that, iat. You know why I teach you to do that am that Preyham Lo Yal now, but I mean you could be free, the other way? Hypothetically right? U they just longer because you we put money in your Forl one cay that you could Ben put on the debt right all right? Oh I'm thery. Four and I've been working for sick her and I only a
arm to my batmas of foreign CAE about thirty thousand dollars, because you got dead to Michelm AR stopping the contribution is that I'm not saving for retirement for a whole year arm right. The six tures, you've, not many progress could not put enough into to one case. Why you not put a for Oone case cause, I got Dar payments all right, John Ther Don payment. You can get yer for a one Cay contribution's way up and Yo'Ll be a Mainer man though my company contributes Althou fellow Deffee Ordera Hatot, like that Ber Tann you're only get em IND Sot on it for one year, Wheny ow won, o yer oggre, DOI Kno, though Amakin Nouvan S to Striten Futn more to PE the vine, thirty thosand dollars pound credicardet. Have you cut up a line? O gardscent
And they are in Nearl nine o them Cavill shut up the Credic, cart Eseup. I an have you cut up the credit cards. No, there do you have them near you. No m matter, Jelie! Oh ook it! I want you to cut them up by by the time. Go to better night. You have to cut a mapuca, oh er, you' lot er get Dhat. If you keep um aroun, nay, you have it deside where' we going to do this burn the boats or staying. Stay in worstay, we're not goin ywhere. We're got ahead out hard. Stop all your footliss, an here's. What happens the thing concentrate on the things you focus on of the things you win at and when folk. If you're willing to move to get out of Dat then be willing to cut up the credit carts out of that and be willing to temporarily stop yoeufore a one Kay to get out of deat? Why? Because, when you that you have control of your largest wealth building tool, which is your income you'll, get out a then
stir and you'll have a higher probability of getting out of debt when you just come completely as like I'll me by thanks. I don't care, Do anything else that all I'm doing, I'm getting out complete laser focus, wife dispersed merely lights. A room life is has cause dot called a lazer. An if e could or due surgery, the the Lazer completely focussed. This is the Daramju Sha hey it's telling since you PO du Cer in pound Spreeter for the day Brahamse's shell, you would like to be your Depreys Greme Life on the show, make sure he visit, Dave, Ramse, dot, call, Slycho and registered. Who would lov for you to come the National until day, your a story
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