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The Stupidity in Your Past Does Not Define Your Future! (Hour 1)

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H oh M, live, or the headquarters of Lansy solutions got hasti from TA dollar Garle city end. It's the day, rams a show or dad is down. He case came in the PAI I hand mortgage has taken a Highey Sompaby, a letvle. You has the stautest symbol of joys. Monday lives. I yerois, as your show. It's all about you, the whole member Tripli, Eighto, five, five, two two five about your life and your money. It's common sense for dollars and cents,
is with us in a Saint George, Utah Alia. How are you Olia good Day, Pavaieu better than I deserve. How can I help well Hunpel think he could take my call dish. Cried please talking to you And have been on your pro about a year and a half. And in that Owi put AL twenty Teve, thousands that we have weeve been very, but we live on less than rise. We literally every single fense that we have that not our balls and groceries goes out Lord said, do I'l my want yor noter on what your household income it about a eight pouden whil, it's impressive yet, are livin on nothin good, literally how me you know bot
of them humble background, so were not used to a lot and were youthful live off ardly. Hardly anything so haven't been a big change for us, but I no question for you today is because literally we put in the ies, grocery money and GA money toward Obet, deam, Ster, Almoh, even like hygene product or change in the oil and card they finger like almost fown unprehunded, they come out of our emergence. You found that we put away Secase, you know everything else goes to that. Fald watering am. Have any vife on and how the budget goes, things that family typically should budget for ah MOD Mabit Te'Ll, be that you, you and your wife you put in your budget because I cuht the Tom Dlug every PAM Doctor Marksock comes up. We have ageno AMA on the Kerudin plan for that and AL
et the hand. Well, as on the whole, of the things you've described are predictable. And so there not emergencies, and they should be in the budget because here's what's happening o you basically are still taking them out of your income. Becaue, Take a mounh emergency fron than Wha yedo. He build their merches. I come back upright Ye S, same thing. You just ran it in one Doora back out the others all. But if itd the bodge Didjust would ha gone straight to the thing an terve run through the emergency fund. Because it's not an emergency hurgency. These are things that are predictable, and you know that. That's why have the budget forms and you got a copy, the total when make over. Now we, Ah, we haven't had any of your look heat to Loo CI must sind, you want everything goin to date, Aaimicen you one and in the back oven of the forms. The budget forms that we used only design the every dollar apt for the budget. A pan guide
those forms and just make copies of Amerge HEAT Gel or use that similar system, but the whole thing is a items on there that 'll keep that one, ndo. Youd ought to put something in every blank, but there's not the blank. Through there to remind you to go o K. That's coming. I know I how to do that, so I might as well plan for it in the budget. Otherwise, The camade Merchens found Thenm will put the marches VON back, which is the same thing as having come out of my income anyway, yer Graly, in it, but he feels a lot more in control because it is CAS you're, actually planning I expanse, that's coming up and that's why we the budget form to look at that. That's a expense that one I can do that you hat to put ing in every blank onlygin by but God's got enough by, othein every Bink right, but you've done a good job you're. Fooling yourself is what amounts to because your act, like you're. Not going do these things that you are going to do,
and so you might as well plan for them and their thing wrong with that. That's not doing something wrong so hold on. I have kill gap and will send you a copy of the book. The total money make over, which you hope you put all of that together. Ston is with us Incinsinnatti Ohio. I just ennow you. I Dave on the Imfantapicay better than I deserve. What's up, Pago am Heroe. Thank you for everything you do Ih and dot. I reefly an tel on your ear. All your beauty, Vidios and I'm ready to take toll of my life by bang, stupid and in in for the past several years and a o beien Ynamalet of Thi, I' racked up a lot of debt over the lift ear and I've always fad a really deep, an income nighted Leetly job where a making about it hundred Trey five thousand year, Whawa go
yen and I'm exqited, but I'm I really wont a fertecty to trol my debt. But the thing is la: no. You said that DU den it from Lord O Tism are a full o larged Crand a but I ooppen, a different kinds of debt, so I have tome a pate londone, a git paid off, which dark kind of wreathed an like a that I'm up until he can have been fethered, though I'm right ill, ASN' Berd of Te Day, I'm been smarked, though ah to have them tard. Lo Criticor Debd be alone. I in an a carnete everythings on Deteil. What AAR is at dull ply like Iowanmic cure Idolt have any paper waiged mentai Langit Ecunary Te Geferi on one of the old Criticer death Knight Bonamacerim. I Get it in the right am order anything with us naked thing, e worse with any tournishment or an aletize wol. She with my incomeday with, Destroyinghe, and now I wouldn't destroy you, but theyd get their money pretty quick. So will you owe on the Cretic Cardelin band? I am a about four fou.
And what you owe on the Yah Paiding lenders. Ah Muder belt poor OM id AR go about at a of three thousand little on in the arm call old. How long go did you pay on the Credic or how long os it been bad? um. My fay well for her intie, ah you're not going to get us sa garnishment on that. So don't worry about it, book Ain an I di? They actually suit you, I they have of Ender like a a getran, an h ig an angaltho, an old armcarnate at we ave when I was mere acommin to ORD Fynything upon her three kid h you have an outstanding reposession repossession deficit, after I wanted e in Ther recollection of the fit and INA I took over in DEA's horse was the noun cut o
one has been a ill, a judgment. Everything issued Bu Agriphaa Mxur that the at this point. They could garnish if they wanted to, but I want to make their prevent that, but, as I am triumphing now, the other night, but if they have not been sitting on the judgment for six months or a year there not likely to just suddenly start garnish, they usually go right to execution. If they're going to sell your problem ly find those are problged old, bad debts. Sitting there I'n counting those two old bad debts in the and telling the young aunt, ah OFA penty lender how much other done. If you got no That way, my vehicle, my famy vehicle with your arm, I have bhought, Necativicaly, equity and WI, show you iknow a twenty fie, thousands and thewarth of Awls, I pickin ah, on what I do andknock out the Paida lenders right fast and then the stuff. That's current that
her vehicle. I would do those things first than I would go clean, o the old death, the credit cards and the am in the yacht of the stuff and get es to De Loan's back on. They will garsh you hardly so get them back on the payn of plants for paying the peyments was to Glongs again and on an work. Your way through the debts that your paying thing its on then do clean of the old car dephisit in the old freding hard lighter, but to get Peddy lenders on way. First, over the years Ih'Ve seen so many families suffer by not having life insurance. It's not that they didn't care, it's just that they didn't know. So they did nothing. That's a huge mistake. Listen bans and wives, moms and dads think about it. You died. How would your family pay the bills? The mortgage food and plan for abetr
This is what life insurance is all about, and term life is the only way to go. It's not expensive and it's not complicated. I only recommends Ander insurance and I have for over twenty years, call um at eight hundred thirty five six, forty two eighty two or get instant quotes on line at exander DOT, Kam thanks for Jornas miracle glad ear. James is with us in Albacquerkin of Mexico. I James! Are you a day, I'n doing great yourself, but deserve. What's a aham o kaise o I written which
ye two to ten. Ninety nine. I fear Dacton and I wanted its asec, and move on, and do the best thing I can, with painal taxes or refund, And opening a corporation Alalphi, I don't know which way to go Det, have with a house from the vehicle look on, sir? You just contract labor, I ye it, cannot labor at all, if shipt finding contract in getting work for these people, what I may hear you're, not you're, getting paid ten. Ninety nine! Do you have expenses ye? How many? What Ob Gat knowledge Food o of the reply, unfilled reply, measuring, cold and thing like that, Looka You need to open a separate checking account in the name of your business. You do not need a corporation. I e'll see Thou Creat, ic or expense. You don't need right now put
your ten ninyn on income, only all of it only into that checking account only pay business deductable expenses at account, the minimum that you can raminimum that you can spend by the way goes at Maximis's your profit, but I don't you knowt, buy groceries out of that account. You got it. Out of the question I want to ask anyone else can limit. Let me finish: in most cases you can't deduct your clothes, so clothing doesn't count er. Could I get on Ruofer all the time with Hune and Boot la it's possible Nashka at tax professional about that, but don't get all caught up in trying to act like something as a deductible event. Just so you can run I to your business account. That's what I'm saying D ere. I wanted be Adhonit to opplo it exactly throw out as you lie when they up not only that you don't get. Ought I didn't, have the whole thing tike taken down on yourself, then, if ol
legitimate expenses are coming out of the account and only business incomes going into the account by definition. What's left over in the account is called prophet right, Ye Elca now, in when you get rid to pace some bills at home, like pay, offer dats or eat, or that kind of stuff you take money out. That account every time, take money out of that account to take it home, split at seventy five, twenty five. Seventy five per cent goeis personal account for you to use twenty five per cent goes into a little saving's account for taxes got withhold twenty five per cent of your profhits that you take out of that account. You'll have to tray it until you take it out unless you leave an inn over your end, me yo, can't le POI, s over your endn and what you might o the small ruht right now, you might actually pull it off, but anyway, yet yor egg. You do not have to worry about the taxes until you take it out by Lord.
Okay, but when you take it out, set a sot o. Fourth of it, for income taxes and self employment, ax ause, you got both sides of Fico which is Ar Arfyika, which is on fifteen point three, that per cent right there and then you're ometax, if you don't make over sixty or eighty thousand dollars in that profit, you will have in cometaxion excess a ten per cent nat the effective yield so that that's what you're looking at and too twive Opperson'Ll cover you and then what you're supposed to do is once a quarter you're supposed to file a quarterly estimate with the Ires, which shows your income of the business, your expenses of the business, thus the profit of the business times your tax right and that, How much was most to put in with your quarterly filings a fourth of your hen, I di Nat, and I could do that with my fepie every quarter, yet an you should it's really alitereally a one Patce form s feres to di. But the point is you: will the money to pay your Quarterlis in that Lite. Saving's account because you withheld on yourself and cried
do. You know my ready withholding thirty percent of every check now just be they could. I don't know about this folly and that's why I called you like: you were good, but at eat. Ar't Thi note of every check because you've got some expenses coming out. Yes, so your net profit is not the same as your income ncray, and with that Unheparate checking account it in a bit, a cards to everything's recorded to the bank but still they'd every received. And everything paper Inventul YE well You don't have to Bever at run on the debit card. Thes Funt as Lac, Aso have got access to Thee Yoh, you might hip print on your webside, an in all your bank statement and drop I'll drop, a copy bank statement into the in into your filebt. You might not have access to a three years from have ye hat audited. Si. You know you keep hip, keep good records at Whill, you see p ake and at Vagoon. How best do your record keeping to Survivan on it? You ought to get all about it, but you do want to keep up with the stuff and be able to prove that you actually spent
eyown something for business, that's all you've got to do but Oher arm YO, you good shape, you're, doing good good work there and ye your thirty per cents, probably too much Ahm in it, because it's of gross not nat and because his thirty precens to t twenty five, I think you'll be fine. There. But that's what I wil doing. Yo just opened it in a d b, a open, the checking cown under D B, a doing business as in you know, I'm that is James, O d B, a doing business as James's company, whatever Ich called right, and I what's on your checking a db, a Kaliyolna Wis with your social security number yi'm, have thave a Why number you not endure got that way as coo legal and then, when you foll your the Lier of the Scattle Sea on your taxes and onm you know, you'll run that out and if that ah comes up onthe stanner deduction than you'll, be in AL your usuar Scanefulsy, so your ourtackskoc can wo. Every bit of this, its real by bookkeeping, but just run it as a separate entity,
It is a business only entity shepherd on. Apart from your personal, When you take the money home Mori the mor money o'n take home. That money home then boom there. We are whereat, we've not got TE Rty two a'm? Ah Erpay bills and pay off debts, and so forth. Genfer is Uffalo New York hi Jennifer? How are you Dave him gowin very to talk to you just the same. How can help all AAM in the Regon master, the greedy graduate with on cobsantal debt to go with at about forty seven thousand dollars. I currently have a full time dob, but in considering taking a different job that is now in my career fields, o whats ER masters, Sai, Ga Hadack from the Lecerature Ditesions t what he making in the noen in a new gage, ah Nudad it of hourly nineteen dollars an hour and I'd be dropping from twenty five dollars an hour for time. They have en we why
than currently doing nothing related to my field, and I could go to a crow, not for profit. Why. Because I want to be in my field, so adley that you'll take a pay cut. Why don't you go get a job? Field, I gets you a pay rays, a bigting I if that Hel very call to do their work ad committed Trooth that they had gone Yeah but your forty seven houres nolers your get in Yefore Seme, you're, Takin, a pig cut. Why? But I you have an Iorae from a Piro career slub. That would cover that. If I were to Adam thirty three you, if your empty it you'll be taxed at your tax right on, which is probably twenty per cent plus otemper cent taxpenalty so you'll be a borrowing money at thirty percent interest to pale for student Lon that that would be dumb. Oh regh, would not do that
and on Howold. Are you Erydry, Ulca, you're single, yes, Ocu, H, Welli? I think I would look at maybe some other ways to skin this cat. I'm just because you're doing work, you're called to does not necessitate a pay cut. I do work called to him better paid than ever been payding my life and that we Presupp the work that as meaning has to be at a non profit, we presuppose that work that were called to has to pay less or somehow it's not holy, and I'm. I really want a push back against that presupposition its its not I stought, accurs, not logical, so on. Oh, I want you spend some time in prayer. I'm not saying do something that you're not called to. Ultimately with your life, I am not saying on Ne- I just think there might be another way to get at your calling
and what you've trained for without having to take a pak, ot, ah yeters, took something that somebody offered you that might be less than your worth. Probably h the new worlkd and given the Yougaquaint aportion of Outlarsin that nineteen dollars nowr en sound very appealing of that Helpe thanks for This is the day Wereinjesha Know,
Jonathan and Jessica Ar Withers in Rochester New York, Ake Guies are you three our you better than I deserve Wild Westday Bettle Eserve us Seel must screen your deat free. Congratulations! Thank you. Should be paid off one hundred two thousand seven hundred thirty dollars, Lum it thus take thirty seven, alright and your range of income during that time, not
we gote out at ninety four thousand in not ternlly, anticipate hundred twenty thousand dollars, o Kine, very good, very good cool, very cool Some Ot kount of Dead is the hundred and three thousand. It is a three thousand dollars was actually my credit hard in the wreck of that were combined school alone student loans. What are your degrees in nurse prancentures. I have our master's agree in their things. An I ave, a an Busii in business, very good, a been married three and a half year, Loca so you got married and started this at sounds like exactly so. What prompted you to do this could will get married, just go further into death. Well, I take Ye Appointo Day, because my parents Pought INA Axciante through year a previous thirteen week, a few all cloned. I fail back
in their relationship ended as well, but not before giving a house together Person? No hello umm, you wreck the car, bad real man, oh no, tell me you're out of that deal. Alo Yedet tat been out now for quite untime, ha ha think I. Real for real, so I wrest the audience listening. Do not by Sfor, some one. You are not married too, and I Anjonathan Yel's amen. I crinned every time you About that David, I'm glad you peak about it ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha fit of Myngosh, so the engagement ended flogged financial piece. You bought a house with her and then what happened? abele. Then I got out of that and the and of a meeting Jessica Arme to a church group And thus Yarty handle the money
very well and she didn't have a credit card Got on the same page before we are married, she was already on off her lont she had to Her are on degree, are nursing at it, the time hand um. We kan my, thing after we got married just like to say very good, o ka, so did you tell her about your former, a Classh Fon Antropation versed flunked out of but knew all about. Thit well Det. Were you able to go back and pull the books out and use some of it to get out of Det a acture that I was, and I rer at told them money make over before we got married cause? I realized I had knocked up and was not fired up to a get on the right path, perfectly gas ar very success. Congratulations very proud of you, what you The key to getting out of Dhat is.
Am I would pay pen a foregoing, Luxuryes and Diffn experiences now and exchanged her rely. Of being dot free in the long run and Un Annon tting up motivational points for yourself what you think your future migh. I get you're able to get out of Dhat for I'd Sun, Ile, Sir, elf. I've always wanted to be able to send a few months in Spain every year lonce I retire Intil. I Cald have kept thinking about that entually will be able to do that. If we get out a dat, no very cool will you tell people on the key to getting out of debt, well, replied Ot be marrying up Y, the ever dollar of Hap and budgeting has been whigh, I trie DA other bug after they'd didn't work am Fou fo Yeu, being on the Thank pages huge and for me, Persing Atr Ill struggle with Compatment Amon
R, getting out of death and just being able to look Ahad and see that there's much beggter things than you can. Even imagine what you tell your money, how WR to go ive like no one else. So later, YO can no one else. That's the only reason I do it and give like no one else show their flashing ape picture of one of your old credit cards on the Youtube Channel. Periodically it a black hole in it of Perce firearms were used on this particular card adetaric, it was some Buckshot ACK on a nine mill mer, Bolt Juff, goonight, Ahm Sha, adenstead of cutting out the cards. We want to mix it up a little bit and were able to pape a back up. Henwe kept it I'm afraid, a bout where getin out a Dhat, Voka Ella recognized the nun mill, Menner, HOLLAND, an Relised, the other was buckshot, and I see it now. No Kak
Yet a little violence is in order, ha ha antalely it Terfy God an it very good. You gozwel very coo ho are your biggest cheer leaders. I will play both of ourpairing were really helpful and om more than most excited for us when we got out of that too now: cool good, good. Well, then, to have people in your corner. That love you and her older and wiser in saying do this. I wish I'd hav done it when I was your age and all I con stoff right, meriedly now very good or very proud of your congratulations? We've got a copy of Chrisogan's book for you retire inspired number one acellar. That will help you to close this chapter on Dat, an open chapter two, which is where become an everyday millionaire, come now. Lay outrageous a generous along the way you're on your way. You guys are going to great. Very the only thing
on Th Adro, quick as those loather pitctures beside my beautiful wife and no child that we cashload a pebert WR. Two more if Ige that I tolder after arm onto that journey, just realizing you know, then one around move much, but if I get those pictures up there could that one older looking bike at Bennett, the time a lad, Iterd building it up. Towhart I was ye. I looks like a cool byk, Cand Scell out a character, very cool ye that that probls by shed a tear when that Oner olld out, didn't you. Oh ye, Bert omotonally, Increwaha, ha ha ha ha ha Truedelty and non nm. Oh well good job, you, gas, very good job, Jonathan and Jessica, Rochester New York, a hundred and three thousand paid off great story than in thirty seven months, makin. Ninety four to one twenty:
DOW Lat's here a deat free, scream, hurry o what man ver you gell? I love it well done very, very well, then interesting So you know what the moral of that story is you're, stupid stuff you did in the past does not write your future if you've done something stupid with money, you've made colossal mistakes with money. Do you know what that makes you over twelve every one has.
When China than he felt some hazing what a deal of so much heart ache in that the stock with a few yards. I allow us in the break up of flunked out of an actual vision. Firstly, all yeah me too body made to me too, and so I got to sit in the seed. I've got a phd in the U N B. The stupidity of your past does not define your future. Try that again make sure you hear that knew where it. The stupidity of your past, does not design or designate your future or dictate your future. The decisions you make today will affect tomorrow so make new ones
ready said: go
I and our question ouf the day its from blindsdock com to liver, one all line or rejailer of custom window coverings inside wide savings are having right now why you can take an additional five per cent off if the years the MAGIC word Ramsey Blinds, not Tom, Slash, Ramsey, Tephany's and George are Wer recently completed baby step, three, which means they're out of death and have their merchants. He found in Pliche, except their ome. Wi'Ll be meeting with a financial baszer, soon to start Onr may be stepped, for we know nothing about investing and feel very cloolish. How can we prepare ourselves to be a bit more knowledgible before our meeting. I would
You two things on that. One is hear yourself by being very comfortable with the idea of This is your money, cheer money and she money. There is no reason for you to ever be embarrassed, ashamed or afraid. To demand that you nderstand. What's going on with your money. See. What's weir is, as we go into these din ar we going to the scour thi scales off us and they've got on a nice tie or Noy dress or whatever and there they have. Ancial adviser sitting Plack sitting on their desk and we'll nothin, and so we Feel all intimidated most ashamed, that we don't know anything but here's the,
it's your money, you're in charge of this money got, you in charge of this money. I me in charge of it. Ha't put that guy in charger. Put you and chargi a your money, and so don't want you to go in there with your head, bowed ashamed. I know anything go in there go square shoulder head up. Upit's my money and they have to earn your business by teaching you something about how to do something with your money that you didn't know before and if they can Eat you and the ore thing they can do is intimidate you, then what you've got is the wrong person. It is not your problem, it's their problem because you're, the Customer and Oy they earn your business is by teaching you.
So I wouldn't go in there humble mean you, I wand, goin. There humiliated humble Zokue, but humiliated Nin't know anything you on Jes, Don' um herled me nah. You can s, I Lis unnointing about the stuff, but I LAS Ile Scompany Rames. Tions. I said in somebody's technology meetings. I got two hundred technology people in our tame here. And they use words. I have no idea what they're talking about it's like Technoca, ing or something I mean. I don't know bat it is I a go in these means, I'm an en. If I'm Supp understand. What's in the meeting tho, sometimes I'm observing the meeting and I'm not supposed to be in just not up to me im MUS, letting the run and their meeting among and interrupt everything bacsed on my eago, but if they're trying to get e to drop two hundred thousand dollars into a new server or a new Graham or aknew whatever the It is their job to
me know why I would want to give that much money to that and if they can help me do that then I don't feel ashamed. They should feel ashamed. Cause I own the company ten. I less now, no beans about technology, an more andid two years ago, but I still I don't. I am no Teck I have no, I mean I'd start, you know Ew of these things are the new answers, but me of the different things the basic concepts cause I've had to learn enough about the basic concepts in order, the investments and guess what I Azere. That can teach me the basic concept cause. They know all the details. Same thing you needed not enough about the bashic Cept that you can make the decision intelligently on your own and if they can't help you or basic concepts enough then you've got the rson. You should not be intimiated, you don't have to be a bit more now.
Joble before you go in there? All you have to be is remembering whose money it is at your money, not their money, an so kind o strut in there a little bit I'll own the place. Your job teach me not my job to be Beholdin to you, because you'v got five letters after your name or less so Thate. And do not put money in something because day ram. She said to I put money and something because somebody else said to own put money and investment of you understand it. You nowthi people lose heir, butts on stuff, but money as up. They had no idea. They trusted the guy Hisname was Barney made off they trusted. Za Guy- and he was not a croiup Was an enthusiastic ignoramus which byt Screrw you more often than actual crooks people, theire, enthusiastic agnoramuss yer met them. They're enthusiastically, stupid.
E've to Tellin you, the exact wrong thing with great enthusiasm and well Ther enthusiastic and they seem to know what their doing, and so let us go that, instead of Yew understanding what yu need your money, Intechalwy, we were Erthyse Prowaphlatess, have they Thley Slus er money at Sallye's, Countr, music stars and these Hollywood holleywoch let's lose their money. We work with them all the time when they hit the wall. You hahd to lion dollars on E, where it wuln't well bcause. You gave it to people and walked off and thought Wil Take care of me, you like what baby setter when Yeu goint to be a grown up. I'e got me a man whon, the gas Inefell meenings. We werein trotagon those rooky camps and tell those kids in a a s for not for long evergenafelker, three point eight years, so I trot explain to him gas like fogot me, a man Dave get your Mal Soyes. That mean you got you a man You bought a man with your chining, How anmy we mean you'd got a man when he taught him
me a money ment. He Donl take her of me here. That's what they say right before they say I lost all my money. An amont of covers borilustrated broke, gave it to some one else to manage and you did not know what you were doing. If you don't anything else, just put it in the bank at least you know where it is, do put money in something you do not understand ever unless you Understand it and you needest Numb, you Needit not surely go in there knowledge able, ah Tiffhany a bit. Knowledgeable, but you need to leave a bit more knowledgeable when you sit down with a smart vesture pro they there. Their job is to have the heart of a teacher, not the heart of a salesman. Are we don't recommend them. Quick, smart vestor at day roms. I got compy on a fine one. You should I'm not in that bes. But I'm telling you how do business with them by the way the same thing, true with any buying the financial world. You sit down,
Insurance personally dropped their glasses down the EN of Ther Nowse neck, like You'R, an idiot farther butt, some otheyse entrance be blactually. Teak in Timidation selling as a technique to get you to without understanding what you own you. An attorney and he's doing your, I a stay, Why, in your painting, zillion dollars Ther, that his job is to help you understand not to be condescending and ive Haugd to explain it to Does I teach condescension at some law? Schools is one of the courses, I think, and I'm just not going. Listen, I'm pay to her sandy followers. Now, for you look down your nosehares at me, you can Sust stop wrap right now manner worth forty times, S is so stop it stupid. Now us stop and talk to this again you're here to advise and teach not becoe sending oi h've any tolerance for that, and you should neither deal the
stat agently roll their eyes, because you don't like the way a house looks you Thron state agent, their job is to help you find something not intimidate you in to buying something because you're scared of your agent, Omar GOSH. People do all the time don't, and so these people in the financial realms in particular insurance mortgage, real estate estate planning, certainly investing you have of a demand that they teach you they teach you they teach you, but that you have to learn. Ought to get our masters in business that you have a larn the level of sophistication, so you don't lose your money as it's your fault. E loas your money, not theirs. If you give it a some and didn't know what I was going into it. Your fault. You are stupid. I thocd to I know which Dupid looked Lite it shall I do the show Laaga
Echday in the Newem Bae, tell you don't be stupid, no Whac going into a stong foote in there good good question This is the Diht Ramesa SHO Ey it's Kelly, since you put you, Sir, in Postreingor for the day Ramesey shell. If you would like to be your deatly screamed, live on the show make sure you visit, Dave. Ramsey did not call flash o and register. We would love for you to come to natural until day your story. If Y
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