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From my headquarters are primarily solution broadcasting from our car rental studios. That's that J Ramsay show work that is done. Caches gang and pay off home mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw how's the status symbol of George, I'm diagrams. Your host. Thank you for joining us. Open phones, AAA eight to five. Five, two to five! That's AAA eight to five! I've, five, two to five
others hours gonna be Chris and Oklahoma. Ichorous welcomed that I've Ramsay Show. I dared thanks like him, I call my pleasure. How can I help sir, saw my wife and I were New Jersey at the Eu Programme, currently in baby step to like we're just started baby step to Canada. Stuck in a rut, and a hard place on something I need to make a decision on, and so our situation, I will briefly about seventy five thousand dollars in debt and get a couple years ago I lost my uncle to cancer. Unfortunately, I inherited his motorcycle, which was like his pride and joy, and so on China side of its best. Would I get rid of this funding to get out of this debt. Don't know what to do? What is it worth I also know what I'm looking around on the inside
a guide. It says, roughly, maybe thirty, five hundred and ninety five hundred and How big is it thousand for Harley Davidson an Otter classic Schriner. While you right here. I felt miles on? It wants allow our kids and I try not to do too much, but you were close to him. I still have yeah yeah, he actually, sulphur new bike every year. He was a business owner needed pretty well for himself, but I never to ride with him. Now, just always talking about that kind of stuff. What your household income, between both of us are no income is about. Seventy thousand. And you have seventy five thousand dollars in that clear, correct. What's not much five thousand
so student loans in their credit cards, and also some personal ones as well. No card that no sir, would you harsh worth? We have one car actually company, I work for they allow me to draw their vehicle, but we have one family com. In its policy worth only about sixty five hundred, but one or two a parcel alone. They wanted to have a lean against that vehicle that we have so I'll catch. You, Carlo, against that car, ok, correct here! Well, here's the thing: it does not fix your problem to show the motorcycle it jobs, but it didn't help that much it's ten percent of the problem right, if our margin that only five dollar motorcycle- if it was just your toy that you bought
I would say it in a nanosecond. This is one of a kind, but it was. He is it's so it has some mom. It has some emotion tat do it that is legitimate and purse finance is just that it is personal Enzo. I were in your shoes. What I would do is work the plan. Really really hard. Putting lifestyle working extra jobs doing everything else. Inside and try to hold onto it, but it means your family's financial future. Then I'm selling it, but I don't think it does today. The kind of. Like appears in my shoes he would he would want. I decision. So you know you know what it's more important that you have you think set up, for your family, like I had a great weight, a great but here's the thing. So it's not.
The percentage of the debt left over after you saw the motorcycle, Does not solve the problem watchdogs. Problem as all the other stuff I was talking about you and I've been on the same page you're on a river every month, you know see the inside of a restaurant leisure work in there and don't talk to me about a vacation. You gotta clean up this mess, that is ninety percent of your answer. Ten percent of your answer, could be the motorcycle. If I'm in your shoes, I'm gonna just crank down lifestyle to nothing to wear the kids risks being about how bad and our poor we are, and all that and I'm gonna be work. An extra jobs on will be shown other stuff and even a garage, sale and put the dog. By the cat on Craigslist, you know and and So you how this goes for six months. If the motorcycle does change. So, if selling the motorcycle does save your family and set them up for the future, then I agree
you sell it, but I doubt it. If it was fifty percent of the bed, I would sell it. You know it's ten percent of your bad, so I'm I'm gonna make a run for six months of this at keeping it you're, not get interaction, you for you. You know it a six month you want to sell. It is not doing wrong to sell it, but it's not if it was up. Motorbike seven twenty seconds until you get over you're hurt her feelings, you know, but, but for this I would make a
keep in it, because twenty years from today the kind of gonna wish you had that, probably maybe for twenty Euro Harley can be found or not. But are you a good question? Thank you for joining us. So when I was in college, I lived in the family Lake House, they called it the cabin they called it. That was a romantic description. It was basically a Yom didn't have heat okay, so just shown how wonderful that family cabin was we put heat in it. To live there. We later added an air conditioner. While I was there and state live there three years, one thousand school twenty six miles from campus and on a wrapped, my car around
three and a snowstorm my senior year in high school, my grandpa, I lived up in town loaned me his nineteen sixty three and which even then was old, pickup truck lime green through, on the tree. That means the year. It was a straight shift and you changed gears alma column of the steering wheel. If you ve never driven a three on the tree, and I I would give anything for that truck crack I would add that drug them, my garage right now, ah, ah. And he passed away years later and I was not in a position to buy the truck they sold as a part of the estate sale and to the neighbour across
three, whose a good guy I'm glad he got the truck, but man it was in perfect condition, had just a few miles on a drove it nowhere. I drove it more follows get my car fixed than he did in the two years previous, in order to have a dual thing: have a truck right now, so stuff like that. You think about when you're sixty years old. That's when I was twenty that, because one thing about that, if you can not have to sell something, they get your family starting now, what have you got to sell it to get round this right down? He always take care your family
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our question that I got from blinds dot com, they number one online retailer of custom window coverings, you give free samples, free shipping and with the new promos they run every month, you're save even more years. From our code Ramsay to get things locked in questions from Katy in New York Day, my husband, I argue with our first child in january- Congratulations! Do I continue. Contributions to my for a one K. While on maternity leave, am I still eligible four employer matching in the event, I do not return to work immediately. Following my leave what type of role
Where is recommended Well, if you are on baby steps for yes, I would continue my contributions in this area. In contributions or companies going to match them because your story, Lloyd there. At the point that you, you your company, you always roll over your retirement account if you're able to your father one case your for three b or for fifty seven year, T s p even a pension if they allow you to take a lump sum always take it with you, and by that I mean you direct transfer roll over into an eye. Our aid in mute funds and we always recommend four types of mutual funds. That's what my purse portfolio is in and that's growth, growth in income, aggressive growth, an international and
all that have good long track records that out perform the action, pay and those are available, and that's what you're looking for a new role over like transfer, not direct transfer, means that you go to your smart vesture pro and you fill out the pay work for the new irae with the mutual funds that paperwork sent directly by the smart, rushed reproach to your hr team, the four one k, check, is cut or whatever it is directly into the mutual fund. Directly under the IRA. It's a direct transfer. If They send you the money, put into your eye. They are weaker to withhold twenty percent on it and you required, the role at all over and self it's a hundred thousand dollars they're sitting on twenty nine dollars. You can only put eighty thousand in your investment. You have a twenty times or tat problem, because that money becomes too actionable until you can get it out
there the next year as attacks refund, so major problem. So you want to do a direct transfers. Let them send you the money Honor is where those in Arizona I Brianna, welcomed the diagram Felicia with Clayton speaking. You're too. What's up So I started. Listen to your background on September October time and Then, on fires than I am gay these end up getting married and about four months. Gown and thank you and I'll have a hard time Nobody had him on board fur. Honey I married in relation to get the ball rolling key on. You have a lot more than I am, and Susan Accountant
I think that might be were my challenge and I try to bring you up in October and it didn't go well. You mentioned he fought data, I guess I then like, undermining his knowledge of finance in the sun and show how old is he kept his twenty five and twenty six. And how much pre merge counselling did you do none. Looking into places, you need some. We need to get in touch with your church immediately or your french church immediately and have some one council, you guys and pre marriage counselling. This is now financial issue, your husband to be does not respect your opinion. That's not good right! Ok,
let me add to it: ok, the number one cause of divorce and North America Day is money, fights and money problems. You are gone. And who your marriage disagreeing about the air. That causes the most divorces. Danger, danger, danger Mean put off the marriage? No, but it does mean get this solved. It is vital that the two of you get on the same page. In my My youngest child is twenty eight and married two years ago. Ok, so, if you one of them if either one of you were my child. I would be up in your grey or not some Dave Ramsay the book. This is such a vital area of you having a high While many relationship regardless Ramsay, read what you heard from mayor him. Not believing That's not the point. The point is he didn't leave unwilling to listen to you and you are not in a green. On debt and he's an account.
Whose deeply in bed. That's weird. Mechanical cars broken. That's weird, And Andy's insecure about it and unwilling to talk to you about it in you Undermine his authority, these twenty five he doesn't have authority. He has an accounting degree. So now that's a dad talking to you you're! Out of your old uncle Dave, Tellin ya! Doin life is so it's not about about what you follow my plan or not. Ok, I'm really want you got to do the pre marriage work that you need to do. And get on the same page on this money issue be caught, and it's just I know that you do but cause you're struggle in your relationship and you're going to struggle in your finances unless you can get on the same page, stay aligned,
digital. I happen. I'm sorry, one more question your folks today he actually on tax revenue, which is why I called about one. A house next year, which obviously were not ready for run before it. That's why I called could I feel that could be a good like sped way, into getting on the same page and finding or why good anytime it goodbye j. He can't goes back. Are you Budgetary realistically be now, and he knows a lot because he has no as nothing but that some say you guys
got really have some issues here that you're gonna have to get solved. I just see all kinds of danger and I don't want anything but good things for you and for him, but you guys are already having major stress points and arguments over the number one cause of divorce. That is a very big deal, and so you really really really need to do the work to get that saw. Please please do not marry the sky unless you can get on the same page. I think you can do the work and get on the same page, but he's being an arrogant, little twit right now and arm. He really is, and you know, I he's unwilling to listen to. You he's got all the answers and arm
The problem is unknown. This guy, I used to be him and I in life will knock him down until league, which, being that guy show that that's please, please, please! Let's get past this and the two of you sit down together and get some pre merge counselling and that's please don't get married lashing on the same page, you're gonna, he's gonna, be entreat you this way on other issues. Everytime you bring something up. He rolled his eyes. You're, not smart. That's what I'm hearing and that's not gonna, be! Ok, that's not gonna work! Catherine is gonna, be up after the break that this is the day. Ramsay show thank you for joining us America.
You have the number one cause of divorce America Day were anything you would make sure that item what if he filled in the blank on that and you were engaged, you would make sure that item were handled. The number one way you die is a certain thing. You would avoid that thing right, fish die. This is not only does. This is simple so you really do have to look at the staffing and realise that you're not the exception to this. All of us are not the exception to this the bar or a slave to the lender. You're not here, Corruption, exception.
This is the diver amnesia. In the lobby of Ramsay solutions on, but that free stage Ricardo, whether they regard our welcome today, Ramsay show. Thank you, sir. Where do you live Sir Palmdale ERA, LOS Angeles, California, all the way to Nashville to do it at pre scream from ally? Yes, a coup it should be paid off, sixty thousand dollars sixty thousand an hour longer that take twenty two minutes: twenty two months: action on man and your range of income and that two years ago I started off at thirty five thousand unless you ended up at sixty five good for you,
What do you do for a living professional driver truck driver, ok, good for you go so what our debt, which are sixty thousand a little bit of very think, pretty much mad about twenty two thousand: instead loans, nineteen thousand on a car, sixteen thousand credit cards and the rest on personal loans, while? Okay, so will you listen to us in the truck yes, a lot pod, gastric swam? Usually in the? U, to channel Youtube giant yoga, go very girls show up happen. Twenty two months ago made you go on this journey words can at a nowhere was one day I was listening is actually on November? Ninety doesn't seventeen. I was just listening and we know wasting time on Facebook and my cousins actually are. She shared. I wonder your videos because she was taking it for you at the time and I think I believe
was well you're dumping that video so enormous carry suddenly well, I have them now. Let's see what what it's all about. So I listen to video in at that moment. I I felt like you are talking directly to me everything he said. You know I felt Goin through announced, like it just makes some since that you know why haven't I thought about this before? one of the key moments that I remember was in that video. You said take a moment, no close your eyes now think about how would fear he had no payments, nor did nothing. I remember, I close my eyes and I exhaled enough felt this. Pertinacious go away while and I was like well just by thinking of not having it felt that release as like laudably locker, we get rid of exactly like I'm doing this all right, I'm doing a game on your love, it so Utah.
And what was the key to getting out of that for you in that twenty do much. Definitely the budget. Definitely the budget in just need a plan. You need a guideline, Tell your money exactly where to go. What what to do and what you need to accomplish. You know. I'd thing for me was a little bit easier to get on board cause. Prior to that. I was really I was already in this self improvement Journey saw. I was already listening to succeed where less Brown Braun S reign. Tracy, all the answer. So to me, after hearing your videos and earlier podcasting everything I just everything correlate together. In some way your things I just on similar to brown and exemplary, and I was like connects it just makes sense, so
You know. So that's one big thing. You know like six heckler says in our view, if you don't have a go, if you aim at nothing, you headed at every single time which, specially with money, that's what happens now. You'll have a budget, because here they're here there then you're wondering where away I'm so definitely the budget also work work, work, and you also have to be. You have to basically decide that you want to do this. If you dont decide you want to do, is we always find some kind of excuse some kind of you no reason to not do it or in our try to find a caviar? and you know, I'm always find it do- wish they dont you gonna. U found an excuse to lose exactly exactly and and then you have to be willing to sacrifice. We know you all
You will reach a goal unless you sacrifice- and you put your mind to it, because everything good require. So in some sacrifice, while man you're all far out of you. Thank you. So Did you tell your cousin? What caused sissies? Yes, I did. I did and in Ossetia actually join me here today or while human number, one cheerleader. That is definitely one of the top. Once yes number who were you're the cheerleader, my family, my sister, you know my father Other relatives. He now that words like me, boy now, maybe it's not for me, but I'm glad you're doing it yeah. So in other words, Lee cheering on and in encouraging waited Goma how's? It feel now that you yeah the feeling you thought you were gonna have when you watch the video yes and more yes, definitely just
peace, financial he's hurt. Now, just a relaxation were enough to worry about this payment that in this bill that bill done? I'm free, yes, very, go very well done very well, then, how long you been Robin I'm an actual only been doing it three years arm, like I said I was the Self Improvement Journey zone. I was building stock in that's what caused me to you not to be under self improvement Journey angle, oh I'd switch careers, teach her driving and. Now that I'm that free, you know I'm still now. I can take my time, decide what I really want to do. When I grow up as most people. I did it to earn my stupidity here and adjust. It won't work you ever where you won't ever earn it or you got the stout in man, I'm proud of you think you and Mr Vegas
two ways you no one but I'm sure is proud of you and less as a friend and he lives in your area there and allay yes and I I'm sure he's proud of he's a good man, so good staff, man Well done. Thank you very well done. Ricardo from LOS Angelos, sixty thousand dollars paid off in twenty two months: Megan thirty. The sixty five cow. Zira. That bridge grew three to seize up, whether What are we gonna? Gob acres opens book for your number one bookseller everyday millionaires in your self improvement journey. Your own is gonna. Take you there be an everyday millionaire? Shall we can assure you that stuff? That's the next chapter in Europe in your book next chapter in your story. Very, very, very well done!
if you ever get a chance to listen to the famous zigzag glare talks, their classics he's the master. And for that matter, less brownish. Well, look less brown! by now Youtube you guys and watch some of that stuff. He is fabulous. He's the guy The first guy I ever heard that said, or change your life only when you become sick and tired of being sick and tired. You get hungry, I'm not hungry! Hungary, when you, in Hungary you'll! Do it. There's just so much to this idea that you have to get mad. You have to get this rule about.
Changing it. Were you finally say that you're here, all air from less brown, and it is a great motivator, but it's exactly true, it's exactly true, so wonderful world class communicators, speaker It's exactly true. You will change your life when you finally say I've had it not when you get your intellect tickled with a new idea. Dont, do it sorry it's only when you get disgusted, you say I've had it I've had it, I'm not going to live this way any more. When you reset healthy level of disgust that less talks about- Ricardo around that when you change everything, a symbol
exercise a close your eyes and don't do that if for driving, the closure, as think about What are we feel like no payments. No master card, American distress, no student loans, but around so long you think it's a path. Nobody, you three brief that this programme should share
Thank you for drawing America, others with the day Bramley Show Kathryn is in Canada. I gather and how are you getting even written Greek on regular, because your true, what's up I might have been a little back when we have run. I went to a three financial court yesterday that we just about money- and I like other, would act much poet free and they were saying it better to do a line of credit instead of a mortgage. Could you can pay more of the principal interest at the same time, instead of a mortgage anomaly?
all my husband, I were like all what this becoming people do. What would she do? Love I'm calling an. I need to know what you think: it's a scam, They want to charge a three thousand or four thousand dollars to show you how to do their right when he said it would He is not here now. You want other free seminar, yeah yeah, but then they course to show you how to do this? They want you to join their thing No? No, he said it would free. They do everything. They show you what to do in everything they just want to help people get out a debt and healthcare mortgage faster. But I don't know it's all its also false, okay, so sad theirs There's a scam won't around there's, not a scam, but it should a but just a rip off where their charges four thousand dollars and teaching people to get a healer can the news that pay pay their mortgage another. He locked and pay it back and forth in and they try to convince you that that pays off the mortgage faster. Here's the deal, ok. What do you have? A he lock are worthy
have a mortgage there is only one way that it gets paid off when you the amount that you oh, called, the principle. And when you pay the interest, did you? Oh, ok and, of course, the faster you pay down the principle, the less interest there is in either case That is true on a mortgage that is true and on a ah, ah, he lock. It is true. So what happens? Is that your interest is calculated on a mortgage monthly. Do you and it's calculated on a he locked monthly, show an example a simple example would be if you had a six percent which would be unusually high, but it's an easy example. That's a half a percent a month, six percent about about wealth
So whatever you owe that month in outstanding principle, point o five point, o o five on that which is a half of a per cent is your interest him out anything else. You pay above that reduces the principle in either case. It's called a simple interest calculation and that's how it's done in both cases show there is no magic pill to get out of that. Yeah away hey the way you get out of that is you pay off the debt and it doesn't change if it's a mortgage or if it is a hillock. Sadly, these Gaza Runnin something. I can't tell exactly what gazillion vigour that were there no charge you yet, but I M It sounds like that. Other things, going around a few years ago, Jessica, is in tax aside Jessica. Welcome to the diver amnesia I what's up
I'm calling, because my husband actually had been introduced me to listen to pause airport task, and I actually believe that we have three nine. We ve saved money. We have paid a former credit cards working on three other ones. We plan to him all paid off by February's burst. We're yes, we arch and the buyer first, how, at the end of the year close August September area phenomena that I'm running into the issue, that money is at issue, my husband and his parents. But what does kiss his mother had multiple heart attacks last July and its depth? Dad has early signs of dementia and then we have three kid, so we were pre approved for four. Fifty on how flung I honestly M scared
Where does it work? Busy goal was to pay off in ten years and years living gas oil and we saw that may be four hundred despairing. Fifty is more realistic, but I know we're going to need a bigger house than what we already have now. So I just wanted to get some advice like. How should we move in the process? Should we just bite the bullet and spend the hundred thousand four hundred thousand on the house around one hundred and twelve years. Well. Here we make roughly one fifth d. It might have been worked over time, which you guys they'll be one seventy five by then them twenty twenty, ok, we'll you're out of debt February first than you have your merging she found in place of three to six months of expenses. Next, that is by be stepped through. Then you save her down,
position by late summer early fall correct, moving our car wound and have to be paid out before you buy the latter go, I'm a bonus coming inputs can appear. One our car off and they are you dead three February, first or not yet Jude credit card now come on you're around? When will the cars not on our part and my husband check will be paid off in February, probably market on over dinner, so but probably large, but my car will be paid out for another. Maybe two year. I'm scared! I dont want update you, don't by announcing a harsh paid off so pay off the car first, you need to be dead, free completely, that free other. How much do you own you're freaking?
My car, I owe to mete out, and we got it, ok, so why don't you just pay it off? Was it take two years You make a hundred seventy five thousand dollars a year should pay it off now we're thinking, but I'm scared that wouldn't overt member herself how'd you overstrained yourself, you broke in buying cars, can afford you're already over extended I want you to play and I want you to pay it off and not a money for your house, premier, colonels payment or food, or something like that, but you the car, is in your debt snowball. You list all of your debts, smallish two largest pay minimum. Events on everything but the little one attack the little one in the next one. Then the next one and then the next one. It sounds like the order of the three dad says: credit cards to the his car to your car. I, like your car sales. Instead of this road. Ok, I'm gonna attack it in that order and so now
buying a house until this time next year, because Did you get this car pay it off and you need to have an emergency fund of three to six months or expenses and You need to save your down payment for your house at that point. Let's go back to your original question. Once you're debt free once you have your emergency fund in place and want you to have a down payment, then the most house, you should buy the absolute maximum. After you, put your down payment down whatever your loan balances, the payment honor. Being near fixed rate, should not be more than one. Fourth of your take on pay
Your husband have money coming out of his check right now for a one K. He died tat. You should stop that temporarily until you achieve these goals temporarily. So, let's knocked the dead, I'll get the emergency fund get the downpayment and then by house where the payment is no more than one. Fourth of your take on pay on a fifteen year fixed rate, Let's go that way and if you do all that you're very be fine! That's gonna! Be this time. Next year, you're not coming who all of that by fall. Now that we introduced a twenty, does not occur payment under this regulation, so you need to be dead free. If you buy a house with that, you are asking for trouble, I want you to buy a house, but I want it to be a blessing and not occurs. As you said, I don't want you over extent, I don't want you stretched by your house and as soon as you move in a house with that, Murphy will show up
can go wrong. Will he will bring his three cousins broke, desperate and stupid, and this house will become everything's. Gonna get my stuff. The shouting become a problem. One of those roused elderly relatives you're. Taking care of gonna have some kind of a medical crushed all kinds: it's not gonna happen As soon as you buy a house, while you broke never buy out, why your breath it makes you broker that's why they call them brokers. This is the diver amnesia
hey it's Kelly, associating certain funds may not for that. Everyone's episode is over, but if you heard about a product or service, it didn't have a chance to write it down. Don't worry. We was everything that is mentioned during this episode in the pact has shown that section. Thanks, though I have, you got questions about retirement, investing and becoming an everyday millionaire, go beggar and broader with my man Chris open on the gross organ. Shall I M excited to be able to talk to you all weekend and we go we're gonna focus on your calls and it's going to focus on building wealth, investing and how to become an everyday millionaire subscribe to the crucial them show. Where were you listen about gas page producer of the day. Ramsay show this
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