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When You Get Out of Debt, Don't Go Back In! (Hour 1)

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I had one of RAM Cecily broadcasting from the dollar Reynolds Videos that day Ramsay show more debt has gone. Just came out on mortgage has taken the boys, w status symbol I'm day, remsen your host. Thank you for joining us, open phones, Tripoli, eight to five five, two to five: that's AAA eight to five five two to five Rick starts off this hour in Texas. Welcome to the day room. She shall take it over
you better than I deserve. So, what's up I'm in the situation where I just moved to a new house and then in a new city and Paypal given too much or too much I've, I don't have a local church and- and I haven't, taking a program, and I'm not real sure where you stand on, should I be saving money until I find a home church and then typing antonym or should I roll that money into my born when it comes to giving enticing there's a lot of grace around the subject with me. I do believe that the Bible is tithing and I am at either. I give a tenth of my income to my local church, which it sounds like you are as well so the God loves me, I don't do it. So that he blushes me. I do that because he struck This is a really good, become generous and make make that part of the rhythm of your life and
convinced in the studies in the scriptures I've done over the last thirty years that that's a good way to do things. Why do it or somewhere else was do differently? That's fine! You're allowed to be wrong. Carrying it's? Ok, I'm not officially about another word, so we're going or just so the point of view. Generosity is because you're trying to? change into a generous person. Because that church need your money and not cause God Nature money. He teaches us to gifts of regret. Under the question It gives us a lot of freedom on how to answer the question. I would say. If it were at. My house, probably non legalistic me that that money is the tie, the money so I would not go on debt and so on only questions where do we give it wow were between churches and I've been bitten, churches. A couple of times in my adult life and what I did in both cases was. I just poor that
over end up a little savings account I and when I found much, our joint emptied that account into that new church. Ok, Billina for all account yesterday, but I wanted to talk. You see where you stood on the ice. Not but again, I know I wouldn't do that cause day. Ramses do just pray through better. I think you think you know what that does that line up with what you believe gripped your says, and what, if you, the reason God as me, to give as restructuring me thus thracian, and then that phrase me to do a lot of different things. With the generosity, enlargement or even jellicoe, we do believe that the local churches or new testament representation of the old testament storehouse bring all the ties into my house says in the old testament. So anyway, all that comes back to it. Those of us from you that our people afraid that their listening, you're Goin say what well
you just listen and inside baseball here boys and girls, it's ok! So, but anyway, you could do that. The other thing, could you have heard people do is just as your visiting churches were, having the land that week just leave them a time for that week. If you want to do that, More complicating end up with fourteen people, given you stuff reductions later, but bright if either ways, ok, I I would end up if it's me give it's somewhere, because that's the intention behind it. Oh god, I'm accents, begging, open your word. Thankfully, brother, open phones triple eight. Eight to five five, two to five Kimberly's, whether in a higher Kimberly. How are you. I'm getting guide hurrying surrounding way better than I deserve. What's up, I have our question regarding term life insurance, term life insurance through employer, They have the tendering,
each other through each of our employers question is Okita only have life insurance through Larry's, or should we have a supplemental coverage and then How would you break up fat coverage for the find your annual salary or they furnishing that to you as a benefit. Are you paying for it? How we pay for it? the first thing I would do a shop it because it's not always cheaper sure, got his andor, insurance and shop. What you're buying against term insurance in the open market and then that'll give you a piece of information to make this If it's cheaper to buy somewhere else is no brainer we bought somewhere else the downside of having you all your insurance with your employer is, it is not portable meaning when you leave the poor. You lose the insurance and, if you have
become uninsurable while you're there, then you won't be able to get insurance when you leave without insurance. What's the downside of having it all there and so you know, if you had a heart attack, a cancer scare are your diagnosed with diabetes. Those are the three big ones. You can have a real problem, potentially with life insurance. Immediately following that diagnosis. If you were to leave that place, try to go into the open market by insurance. So I don't want you to be without insurance, so I always would have outside of work. Cheaper or near the same price. I just haven't all outside a work for that reason, but that's the main reasons that make sense to you. Yeah. Thanks for the car. We proceed joining Ben is next bans in Arkansas been aware, a day of great armies are better than other servant. With up I've got a question about baby.
Four hundred and fifty six, my wife and I are currently I'm about to wrap up baby step three praises and ever you, it took us about to wrap up babies We are going on a year and probably for sale. In finishing in Europe for much our normal added that I'm sorry about three years to allow a perfect good good for you, ok, which we get on our cars, and so it is ended up. So am I in some cheap out, like yours, recommend? Ok, So now you're gonna get to my good. We are here: it'll go to bursting in working on four five and six on paying the house also really yesterday or the day before, I think I heard you make a comment about maybe doing fifteen percent and traditional until I ask the house and then moving into a rough ordered understand that
but I also know what your lives now guy, what we're now. What do is I would not do roll over into a Roth, while you are still paying off the house, that's what I read, what the relish and the reason is created taxes and we only attacks bill while we're still trying to get out of that so I'm I would roll to a traditional. Then get the house paid off and then roll that out to a Roth and pay the taxes on it at that point, but roll over? That is not new contributions. Gotcha! Ok, I'm exceptional dead! Thank you, sir. Like you, bridges joining a open common sense for your dollars and cents grandma's razor mantling money turns out of works highly marketable. This is the diver
an affordable, incredible way to meet their over welding healthcare costs, its christian Healthcare ministries, irrational health cost Sharing Ministry, a better Business Bureau, Accredited organization, C, H, M members share to pay each other's medical bills. It's not insurance, its Christians financially and spiritually, supporting each other. It's what c term is done for over thirty. Five years learn more at sea, H, ministries, DOT, Org, that c h, ministries, dot, Org person, healthcare ministries as a proud sponsor of Dave. Ramsay live events. Rachel whether California, I read your welcome further Abrahams Asia High. Thank you for having homer, like I'm done very good work.
Talk to you. I was calling I had to question point is: I am going to appease alone out. My husband does not want to go with you. He says that I'm the only with money problems than I was working for how it S. Just like them advice. Learn how to talk to him better or just actually get. Plan together. Could we are like yeah we're going through financial picture verse do when you're married without your spouse is very dangerous, because you will come to think of your husband as any opt in the areas that you learn about and decide that you want to work on, because he is an apt in those areas and that's not a good thing for me to drive a wedge between you and your husband. So that bothers me worried about that and also the word about a husband who would say something like that
If I said that the Sharon like you've got problems, I don't have problems that wouldn't go well on hillbilly, I just tell you should be a sweet about it. As you were cuz you just Okay, sure she wouldn't react well to her husband, treating her that way, Somebody has been married. This will be our third or fourth anniversary, and we have two babies. Well, your husband does not know how to be married. That's our problem, because when you get married, you join everything. If you want a high quality marriage, and so it is impossible for you to have money problems and him not
And so sending you to be fixed as if you're a car that needs to go to the garage and have your mba tuned up is not very husbandly If he call me and told me dead that I would call him a jerk to his face and tell him to go, learn how to go shut down as pastor with a good marriage counselor and learn how to work with his wife How can you handle that? I think we're gonna have to break through his arrogance, because if there is financial problems in his house under his If an he's thinks that they're all someone else he's arrogant cause he's wrong, and so I don't know how do this exactly right now, just conifers trade with amendment link about a second
How long I turn thirty one today, as he is thirty four and you shall you got mood of that run the time he was thirty, what you do for a living He's a stay at home God at the moment, ok or that really adds to this equation. Doesn't it yeah? You he's starting like side hustles with like selling fees, and I'm doing other other like little side, hustle things that just yeah like other I said. Iron on my teacher, but I guess like after taxes it would be five thousand and forty forty eight to forty thousand
Well, I guess the way it would sound if it. If we tried to do this law more gently le sarcastic caustic than I was earlier. It might sound like this guy. I talked to a financial couch and he told me that almost zero percent of couples that don't work together succeed financially almost a hundred per cent of the ten thousand millionaires there researched that we're married worked together with their spouse very seldom. It's almost never happen, statistically. The two individuals that are married operate as two separate entities as if their roommates, instead of being married and become successful, financially and bill wealth.
So running two different tracks inside the same marriage inside the same household does not lead to financial success. If parliament- and I think that an important data point- that is a fact by the way and so if we are going to be successful financially, we are going to have to work together and even though like you know all of this material, it would be for our marriage and our relationship and increase our chances of winning with money we were aligned on how we were going to go about it and that would require you to attend this class with me. And if she has noted that the new need marriage counselling, you dont, need Dave, Ramsay. As others have gone on your marriage to yeah yeah wake?
Will you favour what are they get married? We cannot delay that, like that, and we have happened yet such show that again they haven't. Why don't we yeah, there's not a yaller still operating, is to separate entities, and that's what allows him to think that you have a problem many than our problem, because he does it see you as one issues to separate entities and that's why I mean ways off off base on its understanding of how marriage relationships work. They just don't work that way and that's not to say that you can't be all you can be as a professional young woman, and he can't be all you can be as an independent, professional young man. That's fine, but the point the point he answers when we're married, we become one, and so that's what you guys have to work on. So I would work on your marriage,
more than I would work on your money, and I think you will then lead back to going through financial peace University together, but I'm afraid if you go over there and learn a whole bunch of right things and he doesn't agree with those it's going to cause you to dim even more, and I don't want that for you? I want you guys to get on the same page. Okay, thank you so much but you do Sheikh some help with your marriage by the weather, Shame in that people who don't need help with Marriage ever been married, very long sure now about kill each other for a period of time there. It was rough, our marriage, counselor world, referees, shirt and a whistle I mean it was bad and those after bankruptcy, Pennyweight whoop and during bankruptcy about killed each other too. She thought I was in it because I was- and I don't like being called an idiot specially when it was right, I enjoy it, didn't go well run our house
and we ve got to learn how to live together and how to be married and ensure its raising It's I don't come with a manual. You don't learn how to be apparent, red, MEG maker and be married. You after reed people like less parent and Emerson Egg, rich in love and respect as a great one for you to read by the way a big right one free to pick can read right now. Rachel Brad is with Brad's next Tennessee brand or you I d very doing better than I deserve our can help our well. We started the baby steps in January this year and we have actually heard of you for a long time just ever bullied change behaviour, though this January we started it and we ve paid off or of twelve of our debts ground, paying off total sense. Then fifty thousand dollars right. My question is: we have very large debt that we are very upset down on being wheels
and are wondering how we should approach getting rid of these. We ve tried on all three into seems like we hit a brick wall on all three of ammonia: try hot cars or one well ones. If it's real army we had got it, we thought wearing a full time, are being that still a possibility in our future work on it a lot when he alone up forty, two six, which are worth from what I've researched. It's only worth about twenty eight or twenty nine. Can you borrow the difference That kind of one thing, those words where do you get a person alone is ok. I would rather have a two thousand on alone than forty eight thousand dollar. Forty, two thousand borrow my way out of every one of these and reduce these debts, especially as there are that big to the point
you feel stuck on them, maybe pick out one to keep, but that trailer is gone. Do thanks for the call Dental insurances great, if somebody else is paying for it, but if you're footing the bill, dental dot com is a much better way for my listeners. Wonder dot com is a discount membership. That gets you unlimited, lower rates at the dentist, not just for cleaning, but even dentures implants, route, canals braces and more whether you're getting a plan for yourself, your family or your business. One dental dot com is the way to go visit.
One dental dotcom today and learn how you can see the dentist on a budget that one dental dot com The few owner operate a business, particularly a small business. We're going to be doing an honorary leadership theme hour in the next few days. Taking your questions about business, about leadership, hiring marketing whatever you want about about business, by showing book. Contrary leadership as our playbook of how we have grown this from a card table my living room, two major I shall brand you ve got a question in that You wanna be part of that on trailer, theme out just a mail me, a Dave on air at dive, Ramsay Dotcom put trade leadership leadership or something like that. The subject one Kelly will get back to
and we all arranged for you to be on the air we never tell. What to say. We just want to make sure we've got calls associated with that subjective to vote or to the subject in talk about whether we are talking about and I'll tell you talk about what a relevant about fair trade Dave own air at Dave. Ramsay not come put leadership or entreleadership in the subject line. Please yellow get back to you. Chris is where this criticism of Virginia Hyccaric welcome that I am sure they think they are better than I deserve. What's up Can you be ok, I can so my wife and I called out of debt got into babysits four five and six hundred words phone did go from house of our dreams and then a fifty went out no car So my question: should we
short at the hour wish I'd. When you got out of that, you bill Emergency Fund, and then you went into debt to buy a car. You absolutely ok! So my question is once we get to the point. We pay the Koran which should be March. We all the money from the emergency funding go back. The baby steps to turn it off dollars be done or do I leave the money in there for my wife security, because she appreciates the fact that there's a problem buddy there, I don't know where you gonna follow your plan or mine, but a great question. I guess I saw your plan then I'll, take the money out we paid outbreak Well I mean, and then after that, are you gonna go by another car? No, no. It was a I mean what's wrong,
about one hundred and fifty what I can tell you that when we do the millionaire theme hour and we I view the milk there's we asked them what their largest mistakes were. It uses calls in the category of what you just did: gotcha. Ok, just let you know so you can impulse a candy bars You don't need the impulse of fifty one thousand our car right. What got it gets, so I mean Yeah I mean, I guess your own baby step to aren't you Joker Saga we'll take it down with a thousand dollars right now and but at the car? If you were working our plan, although fish like it, feels like yours, it's a bit circular, obviously, because of the way the stories gone down, but not a bit circulars completely circular, but yeah.
I feel that I guess that's the thing is, I guess you and your wife need to surround, decide what you're really I do- and I am being camp of communists are casting with you, but you guys need to bow beyond the same page, a new both they decide. This is well we're. Gonna live so that, if trot. There's something like that again. She smacks you sideways. You know, or vice versa, metaphorically speaking, but I mean sure and then go out and buy expensive stuff. Without talking to me, I don't want by expensive things about talking to her. We don't make decisions that first on values that we ve set in place. For instance, we don't borrow money anymore, and so are you gotta get aligned on that in both committed to that or you're gonna. Repeat the cycle forever and that you ve gotta figure out in is with us in Georgia. I e and welcome, but I've remsen show headache not that pretty but we're working on it
question? My mom is eighty years old. She worked her whole life and a couple years ago, the company she was working for went out of business a little bit of debt, and so she worked out some things with her cry stand up and going pretty well but she's. The point now where she she just can't live off. All she has is social security, we're helping her know what we was, what we can so we're trying to figure out I go back to her creditors and revisit bottom line. Is my wife done the math more than I have? She has a little less than ten thousand in debt. She just kept Roseanne, Barr, medicine and living, and we can't we can't make up the difference. Retorted out is the dead? That's a little less than ten. Small creditors, a couple of small credit cards she used to buy stuff off of and that was caught her little by little thing and how she shares them from death area. So ten thousand dollars for the chronic arch private pretty much here. Events is all in your debt. Look up, that's goodness was asking, and
Is she as she been paying all of it until recently, She's just gotten to where she can't to them and paragraph card whose jobs are she's, so she's got a rent, is how much worse by Washington I was a very clear here okay and how much are their social security hundred hours a month and that's what she's trying to live on just no other income. Now, how old is she sees? Eighty ok and she has no other minor movement with us, but that have happened yet either way I mean obviously shall the house over those gone heartbeat. But what is Does she have any Any anywhere in anything has the house and it's over a hundred years old and when we sell it will be lucky. If we get anything for the land for it, then she really has no no real
could I hear anything like that? No other pieces of property. Items that would bring a few dollars yard sale. Nothing that we know of. No. What's your car worth? oh no about seven? and I'm actually told me twenty seven out of solid invader bail, but I'm trying to figure out. Ok, seventy Okay, we're not going to fool with that show: okay, here's what it will happen if she does not pay the bill right. Nothing. They're not going to bother to sewer on debts that are the small and if they did, the only thing they could do is judgement lien and you can't lean Social security income,
now, they would put a lean against her house, but they can't they won't do anything with it. If they did do that if they went all the way, lawsuit and ninety percent of the time on a small undertone, not a credit card in each one of these, is under ten they're not going to bother with it, because they're are more than the stupid. Account is worth okay, so if she doesn't pay them another dime she's. What we call judgment proof. She doesn't have anything for them to get if they file and get a judgement. That's not a good plan and they will call her and test and they're going to give her a hard time and is going to be a lot of emotion around this. So it's not long term plan, but for today the thing we do is keep the lights in the water on a roof over her head and we eat right, that's the first thing we need
If there's any money left after that, she needs to start spoiling it away to start working settlements with these guys and what is your household income. My come well, I'm fine! Thankfully, working now remember wife, the boy sixty thousand. So if she is on April to pay her bill, which is that land here she makes eleven or bucks Jabez and water insurance on the house put food. Or table, there's not much left a great by rail every. If you Clare and she declared emotionally and morally, feeding, herself and taking care of necessities only unable to pay the bill you quit paying the bill. These debts are gonna, go bad. Ok they go mad. You can go back and you guys, you and your wife can go through and work them and settle them for probably since on the dollar I don't suggest people go, do that on purpose, have a choice here, that's what she
gonna, though she can't pay the bills needs to eat, I would never suggestion credit card bill. That's morally wrong, but if you can when it goes bad, then you go back and settle with him later. That's probably your best strategy at this point. Directions are going to end up having to go. This is the Dave Ramsey Show. So the white people nowadays judge if they are living. Sacrificially
they can win if their living like no one else, so that later they can live like no one else is old and junk either smartphones. If you're really living sacrificial. You have an old, junkie, smartphone locker the original, antique iphones or something right? And but once you live like no one else later you can live like no one else can give like no one else than that you can buy a new one, another. No one's though I am link as minds about two years, all lemme multi meaner. I can afford to shut up getting on the new ones and if their creeping me out it look, a three hour monster YO it looks. For monitoring with the low three eyes looking at you. Two hours is like a normal thing, but three hours we can achieve a monster Creeper me, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna call it I think it's called
I still have the six you'll have the six year. Changes has no one I next year, like no one else. Thirty, six. I may be so it might be. A success ass, like normal saw, is not the big one, not normal, reaffirming its tiny it's not no. No! It's not like the old old ones that are really smart. I got it's like a normal size. Ok, so there you go. The producer James's live in the life appropriately sacrificial scan Iphone six, I've been pressed. Well done so, but I mean the three out monsters their freaking me out. You don't eat when they take a picture of you. It looks like something from monstrous ink is looking at you. I don't think thou think the Iphone people thought that in their design, all they were going to try to get the coolest camera in the world built into a phone.
So the noble got like a real camera anymore wise. Yet you know people have a real camera. The money one in a hundred has arrived Camera walkin around they're, usually like real photographers or something so do everything with stinking Arizona in turn for home in order to obtain a spirit, bows dollar here, lay arm yeah some He told us that the bank that holds our mortgage would want us to take. The refund from the whole mortgage I paid into escrow. You said they might want to see that the bank did say that that would be a good idea. That refund was nine hundred and eighty nine dollars.
Last year I was one hundred and twenty dollars short for property taxes on escrow and I kind of want to put that towards paying off the x or killing baby step two right now. So what's the smartest way to go about that. Okay, so before you reduced your insurance bill by three thousand dollars, you were one hundred and twenty short for the year. Yes, and now you've reduced it. Three thousand Yes, sir, I don't understand insurance, and We got a refund from cuz. We cancel the policy early. A refund from their home owners and they wanted to pay that refined into S. Girl just in case were short at the
the year and the refund was not three thousand. The refund was not hundred refunded. Not yet. How can the savings of what I pay during the year? One thousand. Okay, what here's, how you can decide that you don't want to come up short on the escrow? You did come up short last year. You can decide that by doing an actual cow, How much are your taxes and how much is your insurance now, and will there be in there when they come to you based on what out of what's in there now and what they collect your check between now and then ok, so you can do the math so that when he's your tack where your taxes do in your town,. All this has couple years go subcontractor, God it's out in a loud voice as its lot of places in the fall. So Octopus November's like right now is not unusual. Ok, it's not necessarily true, but you can find it
Eaton jump on the phone. Maybe you'll find intelligent life at your mortgage company and may They can walk through this with you. Secondly, the math is what putting in monthly out of your out of your payment for taxes and insurance. Will there be enough in their by the time the bill is due for both of these are either of these taxes or insurance. If there we're gonna come up short by four hundred eighty six dollars. He would send them five bucks right desert, and make sure that account balances out, but I have no desire to park and extra thousand in there that's not needed. I want you to show how much was your hot you, homeowners and autos. You save three how much of that was homeowners, amateur, withdraw those on the savings.
Five hundred dollars a year on homeowners broken. So that's like forty bucks a month. Yes, savings! Ok in you know, and you came out one hundred and twenty low last year if they have the proper bow. There, and if you already made that one twenty up everything I doubt you really shouldn't have to put any money on their to cover. It. Twice as much as last year at this point when we were in escrow. The on the math with what's in there, versus when the pay dates are and going to be needed, but you know you ve lowered your caused by five hundred bucks, so you should be in the black. Without adding anything unless there's unless the timing of the payments screws you up,
That's what you got jump on the phone and figure out, so I would want to come up short cause, they're, gonna, wanna, Jackie Jack round, your escrow count. Screwed up everything else I want to come like six or seven or but short because a timing and but but also don't want to have an extra one thousand dollars sitting there earning no interest forever, because it goes in. There is very difficult to get an overriding out. It's a process thanks for the call clad that the opening up to save three thousand dollars. That's pretty soon, An incredible Matt isn't Tennessee! I met welcome they ran, she shall be gone. Than observe. How can I hope so? I just thought it listening to you Polly about a week ago, and I just finished your book- the earth more.
Actually, I don't got me thinking more about finances and stuff like that, though, essentially my question: is this mammoth yon? They are twenty three. We are completely deaf free about. A month ago, we just got clear proof of our first house. We have about ten thousand between us which would go towards you know the closing off and support that. But my question is: do you think we should go through on getting a mortgage this young, since we are completely that free or do you think that we should in a stay ranking and get a little bit more in saving one, you get a bit more and savings. I don't care how young you are it's all about the math and the process. I wouldn't never under any circumstances, buy a home until you're married because all kinds of bad stuff can happen. Legally, you get yourself into a real pinch because, basically from a legal standpoint there's no romance involved in the wall
legal standpoint. You just bought a house with your roommate as a partnership and if your roommate decides to run off to Oklahoma house with a deadbeat roommate. Oh by the way your heart got broken in the process, but I don't care about any of that. A real stinkin mess on your hands and you just get in the car. For the horse, there's no hurry, Wendy ones the day when the wedding next April awesome! Ok, I want you by how Tom next year and save money until then the need it definitely may I know that we find a fifth in the beginning. State is always gonna. Gotten is clear proof that think my only for opening baronet denial of having to read my bet. It again will be your twenty three. You got time. Don't don't don't, by which I mean you're not married to you, but if you want to buy a romantic about honeymoon you good bye, if you wait a year and save up and
about a year to know how far from your mother in law to buy this is the Dave Ramsey Show. Hey guys is quite thomson- senior secular producer for the day, razor sharp this hours over more great continent or user to catch the most watched every three years and buried every day. There are several loaded with everything show,
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