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When You Work as a Team, You Win as a Team (Hour 2)

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What is your boy? Am she solutions that day, Ramses Gauges, gang and paid off old mortgage has taken the boys of the Bmw status. They ran to your home, like you for joining us open ocean formulae to five five two to five AAA eight to five. Five truth to tell me is in New Hampshire, Merry Christmas to you, Tammy Brand New Mary, as the EU is well. How can I help
My husband and I started your zero based budget last month so beginning November. Some really this is our second month and we need to know how to budget spending and money that we've already say for things like we've got a new roof for getting on her house this month and are property taxes are due this month. My two hundred dollars a there's money was saved on peace or war. Might show my husband things that that, while we were again by deleting answered not to worry about it, we don't need to put it on a budget for going, I being a nerd things. I need to have it income of money saving than an expanse way on a budget for whatever were actually spending, and when I say we just added this, we want to do this. Right is no I'm hoping you can answer this for us either was finally just shows like you went to a killing class and he didn't.
But you can't do damage with our credit right so many minds yellow so that that you're going out you saw that I mean I could dive and I think the same way when my brain works, but I was formally trained in accounting and finance Academia show that that watch your brain and about rut forever and all he saying is all just what money they comrades jerked out and no big deal. You know and relax it's the same thing! If you to do an entry and an entry out, into the body that that's fine, but it makes you but it's not it doesnt. It's not changing the structure of the budget in its basic in order to put ten thousand dollars for the ravine and I'm on a project for ten thousand dollars out. Ok, one of these grants to encourage change. People's behaviour be more like whereby
spenders, so we're trying to get could be more, could be more savers and white noise, putting it in the budget and could make us be more small, conscientious yeah, maybe making array a written entry will make you'd die alien, better outcome, It's you know what you, because what you want to do is not is get is getting. Habit of not doing anything with money. That's not the budget. Case. You have got the money already so but if you want to do is an entry in an entry out? That's that's! Technically! Ok! and I found it does help you with the idea of getting the muscle memory of the practice of we don't do it lays down the budget we under these on the budget, and so, if we want to do it, we're going to enter it in and then take it back out, but It's a little different wanted something that saved up for a needless right check for that thing, so it's not the end of the world,
either way. So it's not in terms of our plan, there's not a technical right or wrong answer on this is just a discussion about why you do it one way and why you do at another. So it's not. Not the other way. The bottom line is you have the money you're paying cash, the event. You're gonna write the check you wait for some: it is not a safer. You ve saved up a bunch of money, so well done. Your job Elizabeth those, whether some Tyler Texas, High Elizabeth, Welcome Ramsay, show currently think for technical sure. How can I help I must stress that And I just wanted to advise us on and high or a tiny being investing in some on seven may guess that, should we not trying to invest- or in the time I possibly consider transferring money for traditional over the walk and paying the tax system and
right now, I am still only putting at fifteen percent until retirement, but I have some money set aside tat. I could do some other things, and so my question is this: kind of going forward is organizing any pudding or retirement at five will win over what I the traditional mind, your router? it's not it's not right or wrong answer her eye. You know I don't at its edge by that by the end of two years, you can be to have done both anyway. I hope that when you are wrong, you're all if you're all over the rocks now and out, You're percentages sure when you don't other. Ah they issue your percentages right or vice versa. If you have your percentages now, next year you're all over the Roth
the second for well over a hundred percent this year. What I've got ready to pay taxes on? I do that fifty percent of it, but my point is five years today. This is no longer discussion. We will have done all and you just work your way through? Neither of these things are done things. How old are you? I am only faggot, and how much is in only traditional that you want to convert to rob, that's going to create axis four thousand actually about ten dollar tax building right right, and you don't have an extra ten thousand above your emergency fund. Yet my emerging, scientists definitely on the six month slightly higher? But if I told you, I ve been to anything label that- and I have only about eleven thousand right. Now that I could have been broken something. Then your household another reminder that I am making out. Eighty thousand
so I mean you be thereby the year into all in one year. Your four thousand dollars. Yeah. I won't make for a barely make four thousand kilometers yearly out this counter, but I'm in twelve months from the left You will have easily done and the maid enough to do the Roth. You might not do this calendar year. Actually you could do it. This calendar year cause your taxes, aren't brutal April right now the difference exactly elevating, say foreground by April easy. If you don't mind, I have one other questions. Like looking Oh, I have looked into also went over and what could put in my four Owen, K and nutritional guy from my employer. Recently my employers plan does not allow it.
So I asked them. What would it take to make allowance today? Email, the people who were handling that with the american Fund and apparently it would be like the kind of dollars for them to redo plan no aloud, Captain I'm an assassin, company employer does not believe anyone else whatever be instant. Even during this question is five old over the traditional. Would it be, would have me paying the six hundred dollars so that I could, in the future, will know everything about. How much is it. Now the traditional way. How much is it? traditional fora, one guy you know wanted. I don't know. Those numbers up right now left leg on one may two thousand and twenty thousand,
my guess is that in the neighbourhood of a couple of thousand, maybe it now right now. What was an ordinary might move you enough to do by the policy for I wouldn't be here today. I just let it run it rose to have converted get yourself maxed. I shall certainly be doing everything wrong going forward there. That's what, if it's not on this army, were six dollars. Mathematical,
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Just wondering what the gauge age the Euro credit, and so were thinking about this during my husband, which has some credit because of a credit card through work and If you have any anything like that, so I'm wondering do I hate the morning should go and his name and get the best answer and then to put me on the deed. Or how can we vote? Don't let it may end up that way, but you're not going to get the car We process in service from someone like a Quicken you're dealing with a monolith here who has only one system and process, and you have to go down their path only and that might not be the best path for use. That's why we recommend someone that's more of a traditional mortgage company that
Why has mortgage underwriters that'll actually work with you and help? You figure those kinds of things out in your situation. I'm gonna go and say you may we better off to show both of your incomes. And you would know credit, but you know what I would do not get in touch with Churchill. Mortgage Churchill mortgage dot com they have forces in Michigan and they'll. Be help you with this, and work is firm and give you the I'll give you upper level of service and a proper a customized answer to your situation? that's not one size fits all This runs down because there's a lot of different ways to run a mortgage the different ways in which its Orton, Jeff, someone who knows all the different mortgage the array of mortgage products. Then compares them to your situation.
Plug you into the proper thing and that that's why I die you know just getting your mortgage you know on the internet is not to begin to complicate a transaction by that. Why so there's some things you combine. I wiped click per Amazon, Prime and by some things, but mortgages probably aren't. What am I want to do that with eight thanks for the call Logan's, whether some Columbus Ohio Merry Christmas Logan. How are you I'm doing great about yourself better than I deserve. What's up loud I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place, so You need in our work and I'm in dire need of a new car. And right now I think you would know savings where only options are to either get us a car alone, or my brother gratefully offered me to offer to loan fifteen hundred dollars to get a small beat up car.
Are you commuting an hour to work. So, I met my girlfriend I university and she ended up getting a job I wish you luck, sir. I'm a nurse I got this job. I was actually fellowship in its internal Ohio. Shall we decided to split the difference in the dry and I wanted to move a little bit towards the school because she works night. So I'd rather myself, your eyes in the morning then hard drives there are long ship at night driving I can read something that happening so she's driving almost an hour or two, yeah she's, drive and takes up forty five minutes and how long should run our along with this insanity, go alone to the end of the year, certainly the school year on ice on working at a high school, and then you will change careers or change jobs.
I continue to be high school teacher, but I would defiling change location watch the car that you ve got now at the time thousand seven for tourists. It has joined in fifteen thousand miles honour and the problems in the build up quicker than the miles yeah. You probably run the wheels off that almost and what do you make a year right now and then a fellowship agreement. So I thirty hours at the high school in exchange for Jane hundred dollars a month, stipend and then three matters to us and that will be finished in the summer. She hardly make enough to pay your gas bill. Yes, I The budget plan that you put out of the budget though you haven't, I save about a hundred and twenty dollars a month. And this
five day week gave great Doesn't it but what Start with the premise: premises start with the the boundary the guidelines. The says we don't borrow money for anything ever peculiar stupid, but car. So, how do we fix this problem in your situation? That leaves you with only two options. One is continue to fix this thing in limp with it through May. More munch, when your life changes dramatically annually you know you just the thing you just keep duck. Open, Balan Wire and hold the thing together or The thing I can think of off the top of my head is that you take a weekend job and that money save up and buy you a thousand dollar fifteen hundred dollar car
which had been upgrade from where you are, but I know case, I'm gonna have you in debt to your brother or anyone else for a car. You ve, youve emotionally put yourself in situation here, that's untenable!. You ve made a series of decisions that are painted you into the corner. You emotionally have already bought a car and gone into debt, which is going to be a huge mistake. You're, probably gonna, do it it's gonna, be a huge mistake, Macaulay, shut. This thing up, you shut up Annabelle situation I'm driving a tuna fifty thousand mile car. So what I'm under his move? In with a girl on our from where I work. As my car's broken down all the time it I'll show you You ve made a series of decisions that have that have seemingly box you in the corner, And on the painted yours from the corner, and you know when you partners of the quantity of pain on your feet,
So this is gonna, be it you know. You're gonna have an unpleasant five months. I just don't know what level of unpleasant you're gonna have your drive an unpleasant car or you're gonna work like a crazy person all day Saturday, all day Sunday somewhere and try to me a thousand bucks as fast as you can put it with his car and move up in car a little bit, which is probably what I would do if I were in your shoes, I guess. It's hard for me to know, because I would not have made the decision to be sitting where you're sitting. Yeah. Well, I would not. I know I wouldn't have cuz I'm over. I'm not going to meet an hour for anything so on yonder, so many different things wrong with your situation that I am stumble, I'm sorry! I wish I could help. Russia could be more, but I dont think I fix, all that's going on here. But yeah in no cases day rams. You gonna tell you to borrow money for a car, so that leaves you
Options drive that piece of crap and keep it Pope Pope taped together. For three hours, before lunch or take some kind of weaken. Gig were used, work like a crazy person. The third option- you're not definitely not gonna, do, and that is Closer to your fellowship, and then when you are ready to marry this girl merrier, removing whether at that point and go live up their next to where you aren't, which minister that got much on gas and move The high school for five months and finish fellowship, which is probably the one thing that makes the most common sense. What I mean by wouldn't have made the decisions that you like to get to this point. That's pretty
Actually your best option: you'll. Never do it. That's probably the best option, thanks for the call open phones at eight hundred and eighty eight, eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five. This is your show. It's all about you and your life and your choices. This is the Dave Ramsey Show.
The lobby Ramsay solutions Eric here we are with those guys, our you guys are. You deserve welcome Lord yugoslav thanks. So much for having us. We live in cave, Creek, Arizona, Phoenix Area, Yes, now women are very cool. There are books. In that area. One time at the mall. Bearing call we see cooler, What have you got so you're here to do a dead, free screams? Yes, how much of you paid off? We paid off three
Ninety four thousand dollars opted to stake it a total of nine years, very good euro break in their between two Dave. Where, for like two years, I went school finish that had a construction injury but yeah It's a long story. What was your range of income to those nine year yeah? So we were one forty down to eighty five for the four years he went to college and then now up to two hundred actual or you'll do for a living both in sales. I met the vice and he's having construction very good here and I'm guessing with this being nine years and this much money at your house. Yes, yes,
you pay break its awesome tv? Where are you do so? I'm forty six, forty six is well right. Pay for how you're not even fifty love, it's good sense. Therefore, well we, the Gazelle oh good job. You guys, what's this house worth, It's probably for twenty yeah. Why? How ready made the market has gone crazy in Phoenix, and we were so fortunate because when we moved there it was the very low the market and we don't have any dat, so we could afford that was the only you know, debt that we hide. We call on the house and then we paid off. Credible journey, it took two years to pay it off now is our gazelle intense, so it was, it was hard. It was hard,
I would try to say what you do makes indifferent all through your marriage, like we ve grown so much as a couple going through this process. This is not just to get at a debt. Show it's not just money. It's your whole life is your marriage, so I just want to mention that I mean it's been a fantastic journey. Credible optional protocol were your biggest cheerleaders, so my was a huge cheerleader say my older brother, damn thou shalt couple family members on the good said the other not on the dark, saw the fortune ass right, love! That's right way to go. You guys, yeah, that's so cool! So what started you're doing this? What made you say? We can actually our house, because most people never bother yeah well has the journey happened so long ago the beginning of the journey had come home from work one day, and he too said hey. I heard this guy in the radio talking about money. I was reading books about finance, he's a take, a look at the sky and see what you think so
Ex weakened your cds came the view of the very first set a sea. These came that you had created. I listen to those cities and the literally that day my life. What from awesome that we had everything we can? or have dreamed of our big house in our jet skis and boat. It was awesome until it was an awesome because we didn't anything nothing, and it was just so rude wakening and it was so scary to sit there thinking we don't own thing, and I started the journey, so lots alive happened in between the removed about five times before we finally settled in cave, Crick. Arizona Erika hurt option job. He was builder and when that happened that changed our life because he chose to go to college. He said you know. We need to go to college, that The income down because I had to work and we catch bloated and then once that was all done, I printed modernization schedule for the house, and I brought it to him, and I said I think we can pay them
hop in two years and I said, you're crazy, but I really thought we could, but this last two years has socked it was hard. Did all you'd show you to the three ninety four million two years or how much three knife over the house. Was two hundred forty thousand. How can we do that? The authority in two years? Yes wow- that was the Gazelle intent for we ate the gazelle, because we were so tired, rice and beans yet and cleaned up. The judge gauge the other stuff in the previous seven year. Yes, but then, when they looked down, you go ok, game on now we're going through the house and you leaned into it with while good that's right, because he had graduating college, you gotta go job. I had my good job, we were stable, ready to go and we did I love and allow a well oiled. I did it so Eric what kind of injury did you have? I was and trust in the crane can I go and I had my hand on the train, the crane and adjust it pulled.
Nothing in this arm and I had to have some work done here. So the surgeon said you're done doing construction and we had a big talk and I just went back to. Yeah yeah yeah, you your mind now ass. She got degree in businessmen, Mrs Mann wanted to construction, large equipment sales and I'm gonna construction per as you know the business. Yes, if I make sense, and then you ve got the degree now to go where there are very good you, your experience in the education to pivot, and go another direction and you're making great money between the two of you know. When you read again, you are, and you know, I'm a housewife and lower world. Well done so what we have to help people the key to getting out of debt is yeah. So the key have to have a budget. You have to know where your monies coming and going, but you have to have a partner teamwork that shit. It is for gonna have somebody
Have the hard time and that's that best friend needs to be right there to pick you up, and then we work as a team and then adjust it works it works. Fuck you the things to be so rich and we can give the perhaps say this. So the biggest line item in our budget is our giving. That is fantastic. Who would have thought we could have ever done that globally? Promo kind is so great. Thank you so much jewel in writing. What God put you here to do Dave? Thank you. So very much were proud of near the reason we do. That's also, thank you guys are heroes. Are, I am terribly afraid, exert zone of three ninety four thousand protocol, but to forty in the last two years. That's my house and everything.
For nine years, counted Download Sarah that various three two one lover much blood. Well done! You too well done. This is our downright your folks wow when funds is our triple eight eight to five five, two to five Gus is on Instagram baby. I've got credit cards with high balances, I'm following steps to pay them off. My question is sure to close the accounts and never looked back. Once there paid off, see locus. You have opened credit cards that you up to her balances. Then you pay them off
and you're wondering if you should keep them so like a dumb question. Of course you shouldn't keep them, what's the point in paying them off and you have a tendency to use them. We have noticed. Of course you pay them off and of course, you close them and, of course, done with credit card you're done, with growth. I don't have a credit card. You ever credit card, you are advocating a car. I have debit cards I go to travel more than eight two of you put together and I put up with I'm stuck by us, puts up without their debit cards. Work fine. Thank you very much and do everything a card. Looks up. Put you in that you have to think this folks if to rethink its parent, they should get you some debit cards. Put some money in your Killed don't die,
stuff. If you don't want money, a debit card thing works and close the current accounts all of them every one of them, issues that were amnesia.
With a merry Christmas to you better than deserve. What's up in your work, My husband early on that members feel good air. I guess we probably Phil, that responsibility for appearance without our fathers at a young age my mother, the handle her funding is very well,
another guy, my sister and a few more of our family members and, of course, when they turned their eyes and they are working for money and in times of need days, you know they come dies and asked for in it hard to say no or more currently, you know trying to focus on our own that and get it I think paid off, but we you know very open about our success with you know that, in the end and ass. They were are you know emergency find? It may know it better. They know that we have that thousand dollars and savings, but boy something and they can return to ask for it. No is not working any more, but the sound except at bay. Saying there's a lot of things going on in that used by MRS Mathieu as an excuse which breaks my heart and of course I want to see those. You know my kid
no use having enough food on the table, you know. Sometimes I say they don't have money for groceries and we make we had the least income at as our everybody they might entail, stop it. Stop it on my mainly about your sister in law should start with her. Ok, May I make more money than you and then move either. Cage yeah so let me just add women stop that just asinine. Just ridiculous And then has the unmarried. Gold ask you for money and she makes more than you do and then, as an worse than that, travel agent for guilt trips. Babies during, which can be your fault now you're their mother stupid back I mean really, and so here s the thing. Here's the thing what's happening is this: what the only thing is gonna help you is you're, gonna have to get Europe have to learn to love her better. You don't love her well and
your ear additional wimp. And what's happening, as is the region, your lamp, as you think, that's being nice. Being nice. You are buying crystal Meth from meth at it. You're buying her drugs a killer. You are participating in her behavior. You are not helping her, you are harming her, you are in enabler, does not make sense. Unfortunately, when you get her money when she doesn't handle money. Well, she makes more money than you. That's the same thing is giving a drunk a drink, yeah, absolutely as others. The proper way to love. Her is not make her Happy on the short term is to help her win long. How is that gonna happen by you, giving our money now the way. She's gonna win long term. Is she decides she's gonna, be a grown up and be responsible with the money she ass? Well,
when she's no start winning and so here's how it would sound at our house. Ok, Sis those babies of yours- and I love you. And I'll do anything in the world, for you accept, bring harm to you in person, separating in your financial year responsibilities bringing harm to you and I'm not gonna do anymore, because I love I love you too much to him. You continue to be bad with money, yeah me too you'll make too much money we broke. Here's what I'm gonna be! Ok, going to give you fifty dollars this time. This This is the last time and I'm gonna give you a clash called Attribution of worsted learn how to handle money, and if you do not, Go to the class every no class and you not learn how to handle money
do not ever ask me for money again, because I will not give you any more under any circumstances. Yeah. I love you too much to buy your drugs. And you have to get there you're, just a sweet person just a tender, hearted kind person and in you? You're gonna have to see what you're doing Is mean when you're dissipating it with your sisters and irresponsibility be mean to her, We can extend the same conversation, your mom and then that'll help become through the enable. You know in some people say what David it's love now, let's just love! So tough love, it's like you yeah, you know, you're, ok, don't want brush your teeth are yet your teeth. For two reasons why we don't smell your breath?
the second thing is: if you don't brush your tv and I don't have any you know, We love you too much to not let you know why Brush my teeth we care you're gone. Your teeth because stand here until you do until you learn to do it until it becomes a habit twice a day for the rest of Europe, blame life. In that way, you have teeth cos. Either handy you get the jobs and they help you get married and they but you know you need teeth right, and this is the same kind of thing, but does a baby is eight year old boy? I was gonna brush his teeth, lock and promising a hundred percent the time they don't you we have to make them do for their own good and that's not tough. Love. That's just love and rights a good daddy, a good mommy. It's all that is, and that's all you're doing here is being a good sister. I don't should be made to your sister I don't want you, I want you raise your voice. I don't want you unkind, are sarcastic
I was all but sarcastic pick another that are meant to go to try to give you a little strength. Ok, but truth is, but the truth is you just others want just surrounded kind to her, but firmly just like you were, play, but you wouldn't ever be mean to a little four year old kid, but you are going to make them do what they need to do. Behavior Weis in or to exist in this world you're going to behave in a restaurant you'll sit here and you going to say yes ma'am and no ma'am and you're going to behave and Europe learn self control lobby, and I love you, I mean I got the programme, babies and five a month or five, which means when they're all at the house, one I'm is melting down at all times, right just oil, but the wait. Do we get mad at a mamma? Will get Madame their maximum animal temper? Fit spit fly another here. Now. Listen, you know, but I'm still Papa Day is not know. We don't play that out. Of you nor should it not be kind, and you
lower your voice, low bed where no straighten up here, and the union same Conversational, your sister be a loving conversation, but she's not gonna like it for a year, Then there are the Kohen January, and I thought I mean a little How do you any more here, Our budget is even higher than what it was and will show them. I mean it's not your job to health issues grown person. Yeah she's got kids, it's her job another moment and yoga This is ridiculous, your mom, is no better. I mean your same situation, your modem behaves all the term has gone away, where that probably sons way back when you daddy, was laugh, yeah he took care of her The new had a budget, and I was the first one to take the step to learn how to budget
Don't you know? If you are, you want to send the gas station they put ten dollars and an appeal up to the top, you want to invest in them. You can do that. You don't put him in the class, will help you I'll. Give you I'll give you a couple membership. If you want it, but you have to call Kelly back after you have these conversations. Ok, ok and tell her put on hold you young connect phone numbers off affair phone numbers, but but you know If I don't wanna go on get membership right, you don't either, but if they all go out I'll pay for it and you I can help them together, but but I'm not sure on the many, my agreed on the show for thirty years, and I have heard some really sad stories. You're only around I've. Never given a single person here only earn money. Can. I go to advocate that total stinkin labour empty shell could turn into a telethon. You know, but but we're not doing. That is not what we do. We're gonna teach you how to fish we'll get fish away.
And so that's what you needed in the book is called boundaries by Doktor Henry Cloud and miss I mean you need to read it. It's a wonderful book, Help along with what you re seeing here boundaries, but where your family doesn't have any and you're not put some of this is that over amnesia This is James. Childs producer of the day ran to show that you know you can now listen to the day. Ramsay show on Pandora an Spotify for all the ways to watch listened check out our showcase Dave, Ramsay dot com flash show
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