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Who Is Going to Provide for You - FICO or YOU? (Hour 3)

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Live from the headquarters of Ramsay Solution, broadcasting, our car rental studios. It's that day, Ramsay show that as DOM Gashes gang and paid all taken, the place of the Bmw status symbol chose. I'm diagrams your host. Thank you for joining us, open phones, Tripoli, eight to five five, two to five Tripoli two five, five, two to five.
Starting off this hour is Jennifer in Kentucky. I Jennifer welcomed that I Ramsay show thank you for it. Could take on my comp obliged to be about the club. Do you talk to tell you about my situation? Shop, iron man, forty eight years old and the new year my husband, and I out of my husband, has caused the way through our path, tat, man and passion. That Kimber ninety one alone, better, any ban on anyway this guy he's got a man property that was in his name only that goes into the state. That is worth a thousand dollars, which is a fine piece of land by the guy on the bed
Guy. Five hundred in a c b, I've got eight hundred dollars and baby in five hundred dollars in a shady or five hundred thousand now, that five hundred dollars in a and eight hundred dollars and bathing enough that fourteen thousand were both by fifteen thousand power all catch. You know that anyway. My question is no know should by these properly, with this kid to build, I hope for the future. Or should I just put my money in investment like a life in Trier? Every time one tat! You must be fun. I'm really allow them what to do to try to build man. Man, my money. What what do you make? What your income,
thousand dollars. Answer that a man these I asked at the end of the day what a night, ok, don't work. No, why because a mile o So do you have a disability income because of your help? no, but I can actually far forward this ability to make more income. I would Why were you unable work? What's wrong My back, I have back issues basically agenda an agenda forward and earns earth. I might go back to work. I re injure my bag. Basically, you're only thirty eight! You shall right now, I'm forty eight forty, eight still only ok. She got a lotta years ahead of you that we have not a figure. Wavery of love in coming in to eat and agree,
a future for yourself. And I began to tell you that idea to fifty percent of his spade learning, quoting whatever his babe. It's gonna be preserved. Jeff. Now I'm going to court here in February the twelve that without a gift, now that's the six months of fire, did here again it he on anything other than that lot beyond me, why the only get that my husband had with thirteen thousand dollars and credit cards Debbie anything. Lastly, watching the estate with just the land, basically. Landon brings five thousand dollars in the boat brings three thousand dollars had more than eight thousand hours or that there is no estate the girl, because we don't have to pay the lawyer for twenty five hundred dollar retired credit around don't herald the crow. If he, if his estate owes
more than it owns. I would this with it. Don't pay, two thousand dollars. To close When a state that makes absolutely no money for you guys the creditors or get paid before you do. You know that right right, So if you saw the boat and sold the lot and brought eight thousand dollars what's about worth, that much is like an elderly old bow. You know what brings you out two hundred via rodeos, Emily S lasting thousand dollars in that then you shall off everything he owned and it only rings. Eight thousand dollars was not even enough there to pay his debts. You get zero right am. I missing something. Others. I make two thousand and nine and missing something about you. State.
Other, then he's got six or seven kid, but I have to exploit there's nothing. There were yeah there's nothing to split unless you'd miss something you're telling me right if you follow what I'm doing with the mouth. Yes, What is gonna try to dispute Leon? Creditors is what are by and large, why there's not enough money to pay on basically well yeah, but there's no reason to dispute with them, even if even a few disputed. Half of them. You still got no money, you're not going away leaving others estate unless you missed something in what you're telling me now So with the money that I have noted with a thousand Why Should I open about light danger? I mean, I don't think you need to get life insurance with a disability and no
What's going on your income right, you don't have kids at home to you No not at the moment that year in March all have been dealt with me, which is my husband, daughter, Gilbert you're, not responsible for her. If you die. You should for from why? Ok so you don't need life insurance, spend any money on their. What you do need is Unita, get the money that you have with the income, you have unless first create an emergency fund out that fifteen thousand- and we can call them five thousand dollars at our emergency fund, and that leaves you ten thousand begin investing for the future, but now you do not need to buy this piece of ground. You do not need to build a house on it, and indeed me to spend a bunch of money trying to settle on the state that you're gonna get nothing out of. If there's more things that he owned that you're not talking about that. You have more than fifteen thousand dollars worth of things to sell off the pay off them
Ten thousand dollars in that then you might not something, but on a dozen with you have described to me- you're, not getting anything others estate and that's you don't know anything but dont pay an attorney twenty five hundred dollars to get you nothing and do nothing. Wrap up a state. I would not do that. I would call the Lincoln Tom, good luck, there's nothin here, ginger, send you a he's, gone and arm Yeah, really, I wouldn't- I Wouldn'T- spend the money to do that and finger Africa, honour bucks or something that's fine,
No way, I'm gonna got twenty five hundred dollars to settle on the state with a negative net worth and he should have had. The attorney should have had the integrity, to tell you not to do that, the others, integrity or alike there. This is the diver amnesia. I've gotta go go for you better sleep, you ve been hearing me talk about my friends, a tough, the needle for a couple of years now MA family has their mattresses and now it's time to get yours Let another year passed sleeping on the same old mattress prices start as those three and fifty dollars
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the word John Wayne too, three seven, eight nine text, the join to three three: seven, eight, nine and we'll get it Our question the day comes from blinds dot com they have a satisfaction guarantee. That is one hundred percent. And that means of you mess up even a guarantee that Europe call me that you're stupid guarantee of arms. Guarantee, that's pretty cool if you mess up and miss measure the blind thou reply, for free. If you pick the wrong, when it comes to the scottish heed their ambitious damage in a that they they report shit for free. You get free samples, free shipping, promotional run every month, you're safe, even more useful, ok, Ramsay, together possible deal Bobby, Kentucky should my wife and I prepare mirror wills. We like to
you'd like to leave the surviving spouse everything and then the surviving spouse would change to leave children and grandchildren what individual will be better: What a mirror image will is Bobby's of either one of you die. You leave the other one. Everything. And then everything the same thing happens in both wheels. If both of you die. Time. I got a car wreck or something and so the I would do a mirror image will in those cases, because it saves money in the process. If your, if you don't ever, wills done hit, Mama bear legal forms, dot, com and then We get him down, but a mirror image means that you don't have unique, separate plans, your statement, overlap with the exception of new knowledge cut and paste. If you die, she gets everything she does. You get everything and if you both diet, to have the same plan and That's the essence of a mirror image will,
Brianna is weathers in New York. Hey Brianna Welcome, but that I am sure, Thank you for taking my car sure up. I just have a question about credit. Scores My husband is originally from Australia. Got married about four years ago, and now he has his green cards. Originally before getting into your plan. We got him a credit card, obviously with a very low limit, confuse basically starting like a new person in America Tina. The school, and then we started listening to you and scratch that, on scared about not having a credit score. I was just wondering if you can give me some advice on what I can kind of have you to say it's: ok, not to have a credit card, so You started on our plan. What you mean by that.
Now we have a thousand dollars and savings, and now on babies up to then I'd get out of there. Why? Yet? I urge you to try to get a cause. I went from blowing wildly or by reason to get out of it with you. On the same page, we both realise that a saving account once more, my fourteen thousand to like thousand in the matter of a year- and we didn't know why So about eating out occasioning all that further. I'm getting on a larger than are you getting out a dad, I'm just hopefully become a millionaire. One day start a family. How does he think that two, yes is dad back home that he wants to pay off just pay off The show he at least up of him believe
and you like. I do that. Shortish paths to wealth is to not have debt, correct, ok, and so how is that congruent? How is that consistent with wanting a credit score, because the only reason I have a credit scores to borrow money trail. He's nervous about whenever we buy a house in the future. We own a house now that I purchased- or he was even in the picture, though he's nervous is that wall? You know how, We'll have an issue buying a home if we don't have credit cores have you all heard of, heard me discuss manual underwriting. You go yeah a mortgage company that works for people at all. Scores like Churchill Mortgage and they. They were traditional underwriting method that does not involve a credit score and allows you to get a mortgage at exactly the same interest rate you would have if you had a premium credit score, have you heard
Disgusting. Yeah, I listened to your boss- has only discuss not yet show he's dealing with partial partial information that because he's worried about getting a home so things I'm going to bed, but yet to get out of that cause. That's not good, but go into debt, so there I can get more that later in the form of a house, because I don't I can get a mortgage without if I come score. Which is incomplete information. That's not the devil. Those aren't facts. You understand, yeah, In the sense that sounds like you guys, new talk through an end to understand the UK get a mortgage without a fight. And its base, You know you don't wanna have a meter. Vital score? You wanna have a huge one or zero. The good news with him, as he didn't have much of a psycho scores, won't be hard to destroy it.
You wanted to go to now. What. What about me with, like us, seven hundred and something score, and now we're going through this whole plan. When you pay off all of you, the one hundred percent and all the accounts are closed. No outstanding debt of any kind. Now you have a mortgage on your car home correct. Are you under my name, your credit score is going to continue to be. There It will draw up as you pay off these, but it won't rob so low that will keep you from getting a house. Is larger, keep your home paid on time, but if you like, pay off a credit card and closed that account, it will drop your psycho score right, I'm open and open until that, no, no, no we're playing with that, inconsistent. You cannot tell me in the first five minutes of our conversation that you want to get out of that.
Abolish snakes in your house. You ve gotta, stop it, you gotta, stop it! Who is going to provide for you? You are fight As you think, Psycho is your provider, then you need to stay in debt and need a play footsie with fighter. But if I can your provider, only we fight provides you anything. Is you go in bed I'll get a car is going debt than you keep playing with fire go, but we Finally understand that the only way you get a car where you're gonna become millionaires, you pay cash for the car and you're not going to payments than you. Don't need five go to buy you a car, you buy you a car. So what's the source of your success in the future, you are five go and this the decision you have to make out loud and you can't do it does What I teach he's gonna take five away from you so should fully embrace stupidity and go heavily in debt and key If I go score up- or
You need to go extreme. The other way, there's not really safety. In the middle doing a little above a little fight. All obey, we'll get you kill, don't live, don't run, live in the middle. You don't get ugly booth.
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on the line and Peoria Illinois Hyaena. Welcome that I Ramsay show congratulations on being dead, free way to go. Thank you very much. If you paid off, I paid out twenty nine thousand five hundred and twenty nine dollars and twenty seven way to go out at the stake about fifty four weak fifty four weeks a year plus or minus ok, and are, and what was your income during that year range? Seventy thousand
Why do you do for a living? I'm a physical therapists coup it's a lot to pay off in one year, making seventy years Did you sell something big know how it all hardware? no selling anything any money savings you turandot no all beings and rice yeah, you did nothing What, if sacrifice and hard work, but definitely worth it well done well done proud of a very good job, very good job congratulations! What kind of that was the thirty thousand! It was all getting Ah, what should agree on a doctorate in physical therapy. Ok Is that what you do? Your pity, yeah good for you? Ok! Wow! Are you shingle. Yeah sure one. How old are you? I am twenty seven percent. So what made you decide at twenty six years old a year ago to attack this very fortune?
and to attend undergraduate debris due to academic and athletic scholarships for a track. I plan to attend physical therapy school right, after undergrad, but I didn't know Thirdly, how is going to pay for that, though? Lord really work things out for me. Injured and there was unable to compete on, attract him by is able to still maintain my scholarship and then since I was travelling or competing for the tracked him. I used that time to work for different job. While I was still a student, on the track team and recovering after a surgery while and then, so applied or many scholarship, and, as you said before, it May there that my part time jobs, and I then paid for my first year physical there before in cash. But then,
how to take out loans for the last two years. But then I continued to work weekends during fiscal, barely school and also when I was doing my clinical rotation and then upon graduation accepted a full time. Fiscal there be job, and my goal is to pay off my there in one year, and I took financial at that time as well and good, one tenth and Mason sacrifices, and then fifty four weeks later, I'm was that for I love it. Why did go you get after it He taught you turned it into a competition. Didn't you had a gold mine in. I was going to do the hard work to get their very cool. Well- and it doesn't hurt that the very profession that you chose everything to do with trend Forming due to setting a goal.
And doing the hard work to get there, and so you coach people in doing that. Thing you're doing every day, although its in the physical realm than them financial round ripe, exactly didn't hurt a shovel yeah. You did great wealth. Very very, very good? How for you now that you're out very thing? looking back as I wrote this story and how God provided at every step of the way, and now, having that peace of mind, I don't, have a big burden of there Ford and worthy of many years? Now? be able to save up and give like no one else in the future, while very, very good, you stay with me, yeah, ok, I'm sure some cut out, ok. While excellent good good good somebody tell people the key to getting out of debt is now that you ve done it. I would say that
Things were discipline and maturity having the disease to manage the academic world and then multiple different job required a lot of time management. The people that straight having a go unbind and then Also, maturity, like you said, is learning doodle delay pleasure where the greater result over me and during school took the delaying of, when I was working the weekend the men working and going to school more than forty hours a week this, knowing man making those sacrifices during that time, would then prepare. To be able to pay off my back sooner and give like no one else later, a love it allowed you care, gonna get our well done. Kicking it hard very good who is your biggest cheerleader. Therefore, my family,
I have always been very supportive of me and they turned me along every step of the way we go. Mama, dad and still all of us Cole, orientation and discipline and drive in you were that come from that's a good question. I would say that dead and it was dad and lay coaches who also saw when I was in high school there. It was good at running and the potential to go to college than on scholarship, very good need good for you for proud of your great job, great job, we're gonna go Microsoft Guns book for you every day, millionaires that is the next chapter in your story, the first chapter, lots of them pursuing happened yet for Hannah very, very good. Our I'd had I am Peoria Illinois, thirty thousand dollars paid off and fifty four weeks making. Seventy thousand all
flawed, complete discipline and delay pleasure counted down. Let's era, debt he's got three two one I'm at dawn, Roger Baby, oh yeah, Oh fine well done well done it, like when I'm on social media or when I'm getting a hate me out of our mailbox, Half of all or most of America seems to be full of people. Who. Are angry because they got themselves in that and they feel stock that they. Get themselves out, and Our suggestions are ridiculous. Things we teacher are ridiculous. And on their just. Plus, and it's really sad when
compare them to the people like can I, on the show nothing hopeless. In her life. Her dollars per her ability to compete track, went away due to an injury What was her reaction to that. She usually extra time off to make money to pay for her groundwork. Oh my cache She was not a victim sheet, The problem into actually a blessing extra time off to go. Do that and soon ass she set foot out of school. She did not big And her whining parade she'd knock the WHAM violence she's, not Surround sucker thumb and say, I sure hope we can someone who will pay my bills that I took on.
All she did- was gonna work. You want our work. May you it takes to pay off. Two thousand dollars making. Seventy you have to take taxes out that seventy you have to eat and pay rent and put guy Senor car to go to work to get the seventy. Let me tell you what Hannah did she she had nothing in the world fifty four weeks. Now life. There was no room in there for life. But she said: I'm I'm, I'm I'm gonna get this over with I'm gonna get this behind me. I am in charge of my destiny, I am not a victim. I am a victory for
big difference. People decide that I know. Sometimes you get big down, get beat up, but then don't get angry at everybody else, get angry at the situation and go be thick thorius. This is that I am shocked.
Our structure that I proverbs twenty one in five appliances, diligently, surely to abandon, but everyone on this hasty term, wrongly depositing my friends Ramage managers when people are financially invested, they want to return. When people are emotionally invested there. Contribute at our work. This is that I rams Asia. Thank you for joining us America. Open phones, AAA aid to find. Five too, five Nancy, is whether, in I naturally are you my call to get out. Come on baby that two right now I have you didn't found nothing school.
And I'm actually back in school house for my laptop, which my current job pays for, and I'm really is on fire- they have already in the months that I've been in financial future by paid off fifteen thousand just from savings and budgeting. For you Now I'm looking for additional work, but I am also planning a body which would leave or pay for any cash, but in April on my question is in my search for it. No work, I'm realizing that time is very precious right now, I an unjust. Advice about how to prioritize the school that I'm doing with my current work? In addition to possibly taking on more work like, I said, while planning a wedding, I'm willing to do it. I just wanna be saying about it and I'm curious what you have to say about it. I think I am.
Priority number one is your current job. It cannot suffer. Priority number two is continuing on your studies and right next to it is spread. Three finishing the wedding planning right show was Extra work is the least important in the overall priorities, but sure would be nice to have some extra money to throw at the wedding and at a dead end. If you look at it that way, then you need to be stressed about the your work and you say: okay, I mean the gunners is your nurse. You can do wacky stuff with extra work right there. And so you can to save my work. Three Saturday's. Or I'm gonna work, I'm gonna work. The weekends and he are or whatever and other two weakens or not, and if you get yourself to deep into stop right there
the work we have to start freaking out I'll give you study, started suffering or you're. Not able do your regular job because you workin too much on the sad gig then you'd have you know you have to pull back or stop And so you can that Canada the sect, because it's not a priority, you I have to. Be said Anne and be tender with the second job you can slap at around and make it do what you wanted to do that magazine, lower yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah I have. I do have the luxury of being a little bit picky about what I want. I do because there I mean I'm getting every other text messages from my recruiter, just cause. I put about me out. So if you're, not my life bond, what you're looking for it is you how are you what kind of shifter you workin now Actually I worked as a nurse manager now in the operating room. So I work five days a week Monday through Friday. Seventy three,
Ok, so I don't hear a twelve hour shift that in this field, but are you have we guarantee, should The paragraph one cupful of wild share in their through a month, LAO weekends. There, too, to the extent that you, physically and mentally, can do that without causing the other stuff to fall apart, but I wouldn't work a Saturday Sunday, twelve every single weekend, I think think my brain would be frightened. I couldn't get much not even further oh yeah. I didn't want to get off track on their wedding, other studies and we certainly don't want to lose your main day. Job gazette you're at your career. This pay for all the other stuff by the way are being very kind to you. Sure you want to be sure you serve them, show yeah you're being smart to ask the question: is why an alarm to adjust processing it with your loud that's I needed. I just needed to hear the priorities as well as a less than that. That was really helpful. Here's
you're going to get married you're going to get the degree and you're gonna get out of that. What the Only question is how fast exactly that only question so that the poor, but of it happening is a hundred percent, the We question the heirs, the timeline. Why, by so you're you're gonna be fine. You got a great way to go Glad you talk up. If you talk about it out loud before you weighed down into it, then you don't feel- the pressure of it and you don't feel stuck in the extra job and overwhelmed by very smart to do it the way you're doing Joanna's in North Carolina, high joy and welcomed the day. Ramsay show anything. You I can recall sure, what's up I am two month, Albion, baby step for and currently self employed to I'm an accountant I want to know
on the array Roth limit? How do I maximov my fifteen percent and they ve for? Are you giving employees now? Ok, sure your car, Frank self employed and You can do obviously do Roth, Irish, six thousand and seven thousand if you're over fifty, are you over fifty here? Ok, so you do that and arm. Then you can also look at a sap without employ pension plan will come money. Are you making a thirty eight thousand a year? Ok good Well, you can put I if you dont employs is perfect for you there S. P you can put up to thirteen point. Eight percent of your net profit into account, I knew beg you qualify, those who arrive now in the old days did one way back before I had any employs once
employees. I quitted and went off, went on. What kind of a system, because it employment by them the same percentage So why it changes if you start doing some hiring, but I. You're not shut down. When you're smart, vesture pro click, smart rush, Dave, Ramsay, dot com, I've done a list to the small investor in your area you select, which one you want to work with down with them and they can help you get the Roth going into some mutual funds and help you get a sap going between the two. You really get to fifteen percent of your income for your baby step for guideline, Cheryl is whether Charles in Michigan High Cheryl, how are you good. I need your help, I'm on baby steps. I'm a woman and might have given single However, I have a whole but I will a John on and I have a friend is running from me
however, her family business went sound in the last couple years and now that she them Then again no longer able to pay me round and round she didn't, because I didn't to achieve a good friend- and I didn't I- so you're just rounding. Are you trying to help her here? How long she been living for failure? over a year. I have a very good job She's living under the poverty level- and I did my wish stupid- open credit card. My allowed her to put my current challenge things like that, the building upon it for now. I just don't know in my bed snowball do I take on that and this on her turn that you're dead, ok, ok, she's! broke and should make a minimum payments on it. But I didn't know your alteration: I'm gonna pay your debt, ok,
You just gave her a bunch, your money back Why do the right thing. I'm sorry! It's not about doing the right thing. You have a credit card, that has a dead on it. Moreover, I am not a moral issue. They're, gonna show you if you don't buy the credit card, she's going to pay it. Browser like a minimum payments by money. You know she's not pay any ran, she's bro. She doesnt work should have an income I'll pay. You back you knew that again, but you know you don't you gave her the money now you and you gave it to her, only credit cards and you get by Veronica,
don't kid yourself and are you really have some boundary issues with his lady? It's not a healthy situation. The Turin, I don't smell charity. I smell weakness. There is a difference, I'm just telling you what her puts us. Our that I ran to show in the books will be back with you before. You know in the meantime, remember, there's ultimately only one way to financial situation as to walk daily with the prince of Face Christ. Jesus, hey, it's tally, says you pretty certain funds going over the name, Ramsay South. You would like to be heard. Every stream live on the south, make sure you visit, Dave, Remsen, dot com, so register love for you to come the national. Today, your story, money, Isn T always when we talk about around here, get life. Changing advice on your career from my good friend and career expert can combine all makin com and show, according to a recent Gallup poll, nearly seventy percent of Americans are disengaged at work. If you dread going into work every Monday morning and you're just trying to make it to the weekend, you can call me show is for you, everyone has a sweet spot. You're sweet spot is at the intersection of your greatest talent in greatest passion. We will help you discover what it is you were born to do and then will help create a plan to make your dream job a reality. You matter and you have what it takes, join the conversation on the can com and show hear more from the Ramsay network, including the current common shop. Where ever you listened about gas,
James producer of the day. Ramsay show this episode is over but check the episode notes for links to products and services you ve heard about during this episode
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