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Why You Should Never Get a Big Tax Refund (Hour 1)

2020-01-22 | 🔗

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From my quarters. Ramsay solutions broadcasting from the dollar far rentals videos that that day, rambling work that is done guys use gang and of all market, has taken the place of the Bmw as status symbol of choice. They ramsay your host. Thank you for joining us. America were so glad you're here, open phones AAA eight to five five, two to five, that's AAA eight to five five, two to five
Well, the IRA is changed, some things. You know we have we so much run over the last thirty years, making fun of them, although is really not their fault, because it your stupid, Mrs Baldi puts these laws in place in the poor people. Our us, after actually try to abide by these nut allows that we put emblazon so, but yet they get the brunt. Of the arm of the comedy routine. So we call them the cage B and we make fun of their lack of competence in all like honest up, but they actually, I have together but they did something right. They did something right and there actually helping you shall we have they have to be fair and tell the truth Some say that did something right: here's what they did a lot of you continue to get tax refunds, you never get a big tracks refund, never over a hundred dollars.
Because our tax refund is. You have had too much taken out of Yorkshire All year long, you stored that money at a savings account called the federal government at zero interest and when you failure axes of the first to the air. They send you your money back now. I know Santa Claus she's a friend of mine, and he does not live in Washington D c h, you're money you have too much taken out of your check, store to zero percent interest and got it back and active like you did something smart because you got attacked refund. You didn't do something smart, you miss cow. Lighted Year with holdings and you over withheld. So you need to adjust the problem, has always been that the tax tables that Irish put out based on depends
or allowances were so freely, an accurate that people. As I will. I have four dependence, and so they would do the withholding based on four dependence, and it has nothing to do with it. They were just completely incompetent, Firstly, my eldest daughter when she got her school took her first job. We ran the count Nation on her taxes to help her figure out what she should do withholding. She was a single girl living in an apartment with a roommate. She has negative dependence at this point even a real dependent, we claimed six dependence allowances in order to get her taxes in place, and you can do that. There is nothing wrong with that. Allow you to see you. Poorly withheld, is all we are doing, and so we always told you can but what you're real taxes are them back into? the amount that should be withheld and you should have the proper
amount withheld, show you don't enough owing more at attacks time, but you don't get a big refund because you stored money with them so The Irish has put a new thing on their site and change the w four forms, the w for no longer based on allowances, are dependence. You don't have to go in and strangers, but the Good NEWS you can go the irish side, Irish not govern click, the pay tab and they have it. Hacks withholding estimate her there, it would been telling you to do. Is taxes and have that much withheld and that's the proper way to calculate you're. Withholding in that way, you don't get agree fine and actually have an actual calculator there that actually works and, and they changed I'm too represent common sense, and I'm just jump guys hats off to the Irish. Today's lend you don't think you're reared Abrahams. You say that, the show right, what Oh gosh, saw loot right so good
dog of check out the tax withholding estimated now there lot of changes in the tax law, one of the biggest which the tax law has been that your standard deduction has gone way up meaning that most of you are going to file the simplest return with a standard abduction not going to do itemised returns, you're, not running aside business. You don't depreciation you dont have substantial charitable, giving our substantial interests costs that your writing off following the simplest of returns. A lot of you don't mean use one of our tax Li L, peas and pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars to file a basic, simple return, but if you ve got the common, it is to have you do need to get women one of our tax or yo peace, so we're gonna help you with that part to ok, we put together an awesome, quick, little tax quiz that will too,
you're the best way to follow your taxes issue. Do you need a pro or should you use some good software to help you do it that simple? just go to divert Amsterdam Life tax Quiz or, if you just type, they Ramsay technically in the global lion and about your brain wrought up we'll take the little tax quiz We will help you decide if it's worth the money for you to span and if you ve got substantial, actions. You're gonna make more than it culture to have a professional preparing Do need to do that, but I mean if you A very, very simple, little return, don't pay some by five hours a day. You return! That's crazy! You don't do that! There's lots software out their little help you do it and a properly and will direct you on that and help you with that Shout Dave, Ramsay dot com, slash taxpayers are just type in directorate. Exquisitely Goble Google BAR Chrome, bar and pop wrought up, and I find that their take the low tax
and then go over to irish dog of and hit the tax holding estimate her there and calculate what your actual taxes should be, It's pretty simple here is another. You can look at another way you can do if you wanna back into it. And we ve said on the air here for years. Show. Let's say you got a five thousand. Our tax return. Ok! Well, that's. Little over four hundred dollars a month for enlargements. Forty eight hundred, so you have four hundred and ten dollars a month too much coming out of your check. Now, if nothing big changed from last year to this year, meaning you get married. You didn't have a kid. You didn't buy a house with not a big change in your tax calculation. Everything's Pray it's the same than usual simply need to reduce your withholding by foreign ten dollars a month that simple and you'll be very
The five thousand dollars there in your reducing The amount of withholding Azure five thousand our tax refund, comes under the column of stupid things. You have done because you made no interest five thousand dollars for a year. You parked it with the freaking government and then acted like, You do a sophisticated and score to touch down when you found your tax return it. Smart, it wasn't sophisticated, it was stupid, stop doing it lol, people do this billions? an billions of dollars or part with the federal government every year. Only too returned back to people who are certainly surprised that there, represent interest savings, account the federal government back do not over with whole chain. Withholding and take our taxpayers They were actually not gone. Slash taxpayers will have you ever this this
is that ever amnesia your local police, Farmer received several calls and night from burglar alarms. Most of the time they have no idea whether there is a crime or not all the alarm company can tell them. Is the motion sensor went off simply if home security is different. If there's a break in simply safe uses real video,
evidence to give police an eyewitness accounts of the crime, which means police dispatch up to three hundred and fifty percent faster than for a normal burglar alarm, go to simply say dotcom slice. Ramsay. Today and get a free, simply safe security, camera, that's simply safe, dotcom, Slash, Ramsay here in Florida welcome other rooms. I day. Thank you for taking my call to organise. My question is actually about Bob. I arrive
my husband and I are in baby food that we are actively investing in retirement, but I do have a formal one, a through my turn employer, and I also have an old like a plan. Tat basically has nothing. In eight years, though, I called the company that the five year plan is with and asked about rolling into a irae. They told me I could do that, but I would need your role and ensure a traditional IRA. First, then roll it again into Roth Irae. They also said that once I roll it into a rod irey, I couldn't do two separate ROV areas for my husband and I, but I could do a joint Roth IRA, my questions are. Why would I need to roll it to a traditional furs and also
it is a joint Roth Irae, a thing because I've never heard of it, and I have not been able to find out any information on line tat. You can do a joint, Roth Irish. I think that piece of information was wrong. The rest of us are telling you correct, though you had relatively tradition, first and then to Iraq. As a matter of fact, you may put off rolling into the raw. You may just relish traditional later on. Convert that to Iraq. Did you create taxes when you move it often you'd, only the tax bill, your baby step to Doha, and so let us the traditional when no taxes right now and get it in some good mutual funds. So it's performing but yeah. You cannot take your retirement account and put it in your husband's name. That's not ok, so it would just all Ba Roth in your name, but never fear everybody a safe. So if
both of you LEO and you stay married all your life that you're gonna combine your monies anyway. You're not gonna make a distinction between oh that yours and that's mine, ripe right. You both have millions of dollars, we're gonna, be just fine life's good, if you were, if one of you were to pass away, you would inherit the IRA as spiles. Hopefully you ve set that up in here will, if you were to get forged, and one of you has all the money in their name. The other one or get half of it anyway. Now can sell, for instance, has has found a thousand dollars in a forum Kay I've, has nothing. It was stated a moment ago. Divorce. She ends up with half. Therefore, one k in the negotiation and almost every state so you're no risk, there's no downside for it all being staying in your name. In other words, I wouldn't go ahead and take it to a rather yet cause. You don't need a tax bill yet and that's where I would start so. I thanked for the girl
good question Gary is Weathers Gary's in New York. I Gary welcomed that ever am she shall pay. Thank you very much for she take my call to save a quick question on gifting that upstage in my life. I got got plenty money and I want to. I want to spread the love. If you know what, ah, I ever done in Sinai lie living rally. He's got a small business. Repairing building musical instruments is doing well. I actually had to move wants to expand his business, which is Please look at another movie. Watch the movie farther out a rally cause it's expensive. There was a ranch and wants to. Basically you buy. Build something around five six thousand square treat of commercial space. We can expand as business. I would rather talk good. I would around you would render ok, ok, so my wife and I have been gifting them, six thousand a k per year that the max you can do without heeding the ten percent give tax. And ass I was looking at maybe accelerating his business by getting here
I was thinking of him if he could be building or buying. Their ranking, that I would give him the money to do that and do it in a way that which the boy to taxes which is but say hypothetically its three hundred thousand. I don't know what a pity, but for something like that. That it would get a base would give him a note or a mortgage and then use getting that I gave in each year for him to pay that back pedal on back to me, you can't others wondering what youth would you given that there are other only I believe, that's done all the time, is your internet worth under twenty five million its undercuts between ten and twenty two net howled argument: sixty two, you can eat you can do the planned you're. Talking about and given How high you're net worth is. I probably would do the planter talking about
we'll get. You can use up part of your estate, your federalist, eight tax exemption with I believe this year's about twenty three million came and you could use up say three hundred thousand of that, in other words, that much is exempt from federal state tax. I view ended up with when you die Dave. Thirty million dollar network are thirty million dollar estate and you didn't do any tax planet you stay planning at all? You would be taxed on the differ and the exemption are your. Your state will be taxed on the z, Emption differ an exemption in the states, us or thirty may imagine, where three million seven me a taxable if you use up some of your exemption, three thousand of it and your. State continues to grow. Your network continues to grow and you live a while it will. You could get up. You could create tax system for your estate later.
Ok, but there is another possibility. Is you can do what s called a unified state tax credit which you use up some of your estate tax cuts, while you're alive, but it reduces the amount that covered when you die when you die here, So you can you know you know you know, that's why I, because your network, so high in your sixty two you're still young, stations are so high. You obviously need professional state take planning if you haven't gotten, but but but I wouldn't use up your exemption because you are actually probably gonna break it less tax law changes, and I don't know what tax I've gotta. Who knows I mean it will weigh up under Trump meaning. Then you can have a larger a state that is not true. More so than hidden and in a long long time. So anyone that that's just two points the wise, but your way, your actual
using up any of your exemption. You're just backing fear annuals every year the annual tend to go up so who you. Don't you run fifteen each from you and your wife to your son in law? Fifteen, from you in your wife to your daughter, then that that gets you two sixty, but one that's twenty you can ever do more show Eurasia. A year and you do have forgiven. Of the loan and the loan is never recorded and you have in your will that that loans forgiven death. Results, never gonna be collected on right, it'll, just sidestepping give taxes are you're doing Yet I would do him. Would you think about it? Just a note will not go through a full market. Will elaborate. Just do yeah. You do a little one page, no dissent! Jerry and cheap off the internet You can go to Mama. Bear legal forms, dot com! If you want to download one out there, so you one four five bucks or somethin, probably and then just keep it in the
and flip over on the back of it each year and reduce it with handwriting. An initial it Imagine one of your January activities every year sounds perfect. Thank you very much. Thank you, sir. Well done good question very interesting. Open phones at eight hundred and eighty eight, eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five, Carlos, is on Instagram. Is it wise to refinance mortgage after five years of a thirty year term, absolutely you can save on. The interest is wise to finance it. After fifteen years of authority, your term twenty five years of other your door, if you can save on interest because you are not paying all the interest the front in that is a misnomer, because a more personal andrews. No you didn't they introduce calculator. The outstanding balance, simple and miscalculation technically, is how like arithmetic is done, So you did not pale interest on the front end. You paid more interest on the front in because you had a higher balance on the front end. That's all it means. So
You you would always refinanced when you can lower your interest rate enough to justify the refinanced cash go to church mortgage dot com? They can help. You figure that out for sure, but basically so you ve got a five thousand dollar they have caused. How quickly can you recoup the five thousand dollars with the interest. You would save, feel safe, two percent on two hundred thousand because you're right is going down two percent, that before a thousand dollars a year so little over a year, you ve recouped. Your coffee definitely would do refinance. That's how you calculate what your break even analysis on it. This is the river amnesia
here dark USA saves you money down. From Minnesota said we switch from Verizon appeared talk thanks today, Bramley I was sceptical, but after leaving the big city in travelling to a rural area, service coverage never lapses, were also saving forty dollars a month guys here knock USA, as the same great coverage for less and no contracts try risk free today call pound to fifty and say the key word Dave Ramsay.
Nor in Toronto, Canada falling into a dead prescribing Nora, how area? may be under great hurry you better than I deserve. How much of you paid off Eight thousand dollars in work for years, but sixty thousand other in the last twelve months way. Why and your range of encounter in this region and the twelve months I started at six seek and at the end of hang up the phone I was up to one fifty that's why the acceleration mainly.
Mainly yeah yeah exactly well part, partly that and partly I promised myself, it was a student loans to get through to get through school, and I promised myself it will get p Come over thirty and I woke up last year- January and thought I'm gonna be thirty. Next and I haven't read much headway. I had you know about ninety percent of it. Let us build a pay off when I bought Well, I'd better get on this guy. They divided by twelve figure. When I had to pay work work backwards in? and their and got it in that way. Good for you, for a living a black lawyers that you talk about so often on you're, so how much of the six seventy eight was student loans. All that I was all student loans, Why would you do what were you kick your practice and again, you're making good money and you can pay off your that wider go. Thank this house feel they feel their conflict. Erika I used to live here.
You're coming all the time you your phone, call all the time, and I you know I Was there any more for active payment of hearing what other people are going through and then having are you saying over and over again about broke? like lawyers out there. I thought, maybe you think I'm one of those people are making that but I'm not making any headway, and you know I'm not good enough life or anything like that. So what's the point, button and having their evening combat you're. Not like He had waited here behind you. Also, it really was that that I kind of turned into instead of you know, you Shall I, with, moreover, a listener? The power- and you know it adopted your plan and it really worked really good for you very good, proud of you well done well done what he told me The key to getting out of debt is I realise that you know really really
from listening to you, but I realise that is not enough to say. You're, making sacrifices or even to make those sacrifices. Because you feel like you, don't have enough money in only four, you drive your car or you don't take that occasion or you don't do this- don't buy those clothes, that's not enough the key to getting their money is putting some intention behind it to me, Those dollars aren't lost somewhere else. I felt a gardener didn't eat occurs. I was now living in a little to your apartment arrive. I'm getting other than my realise, because the out you don't have a budget which says those savings for driving that either car are gonna. Get you out of that fact, you're gonna, come about that money and redirect it towards a certain feeling goal. Then it'll just get lie. That's what happened resting wasting sacrifice without intention does nothing retreat. I really learned Paraguay and I feel like when I figured that out
basically of January of last year. I realize it's not enough to just say I'm gonna go get a brand new car. It's not enough. Did you say I won't by those clothes today? You also have to say I mean by that and I take the money that I say why not by my car and put it to one wanting outline my since it was a student there have of yours, you put an exact timeline on your goal and it may drew back into what you had to do, and you said here, What has to be true to be done, the term. I'm thirty, I gotta work more, and I got every one of these sacrifices count towards this loan, and so you changed changed everything when you put that deadline on it here at TED. I could sixty thousand divided by four. By twelve story, and I I thought, okay. Well, that's a pretty big number but I made a commitment as well can either as a priority on the on the budget line as much as when you know what you don't think they're, not your income, upshot dramatically
I made a move to a really big law, firm internal, so I was working in a small offer, and that is also what happened. What school? You don't pictures right away my first year, long winded thirty. You want more scientists. As you are. You are worth more than you were being paid in. You prove that by moving well I guess so. I ask you now looking for bigger opportunities and for better opportunities, and I didn't make it for money, but it certainly was a definite help for sure. Now that's pretty common with, employers. As you you start kind of lower than you. Do you go about quite a bit? Even since then I've, my salary have gone up in your paying up alone it. While it therefore quickly in the first couple years- and you know that Now is to try to not lose. The momentum say still aggressively continue to live on the same. You know. I saw that I wasn't going to offer lifestyle creep and and hold by catch up quickly in terms of welfare.
Very well done good job good job, who are you is cheerleaders probably for me, because I definitely don't come from a family that approval of that you know it That is a bad word, my family and I was pretty. He could above of the fact of how much I tat. I had it, you know how that I was saying it off. I didn't she My journey really with friends and family. More because I was, embarrassed that I had allowed it to get so high. In the first place, though, really I can't get it on my own, but I would say that the biggest shooters was people. What's your show, I mean I listen to you. Shallow every day now is to hear the people the same journey in the here all day, and there you are able to confirm the successes and failures willingness on the part of nearly well. Thank you for listening,
We appreciate were very proud of you here. Ramsay, we are your cheerleaders. You are a hero, nor a very, very well done. I've got a copy across organs. Book every day millionaires, because that is the next chapter in your story. That's where your headed, not Gloria view anymore? You gonna, be one enrich lawyers like it, oil than Nora in Toronto, Canada. Seventy eight thousand dollars paid off and three years, but sixty in the last twelve months, Megan Sixty Uptown one fifty count it debt breach, grew three two one I free. Congratulations was Nora. Very, very proud of you very well done open phone.
AAA eight to five five, two to five. You jump in we'll talk about your life and your money, vows Valentine is on Facebook and says I'm debating between a twenty and a thirty year term. Life insurance policy have two kids ages. Ray and five are not planning on having anymore. I'm still running thirty so my wife takes care of the youngest, so two kids, three and five. Well I don't recommend a thirty year policy recommended fifteen or twenty, not gonna, get mad at you over thirty, but what you, act before it is usually wasted, because your life usually does not work exactly the way you have planned it right now, there's a couple of things going on, As your children get older.
Your need for life insurance goes down every year, for instance, right now, two and five old you're, probably at your highest need for life insurance that you ever have. If you out, fifteen and seventeen year old. You can see the window. You can see the light at the end, the tunnel when they're gonna leave home and doesn't take merely as much to raise them to maturity as it does to raise a three year old to maturity, and so you know you Your high point, now, thirty years from now, you re near that you have a thought, three year old you're not gonna happen. More kids? What would you do that? Second? that happens is as you live changes. Your income goes up. Different situations happened in your life. You may a policy or drop a policy of out of bunch of different policies over the years, and as long as you don't lose your ensure ability, it's not an issue, but you're not gonna, have a need for for more than twenty years. Anyway, if you follow the stuff, we teach never more.
Fifteen your mortgage, it's your grown and gone and you build up wealth. You do. Those three things are need for life insurance dissipates, increasingly overtime, your need for life insurance going down every day. This is right I'm sure
Car gale weathers in Maryland, cartel. How are you? Where are you going? Do it better deserve what's up What kind of financial cross Road and we ve been stretching out of its decision? Will you prepared. We use repay your pay off over hundred thousand thousand dead now thank you, and I were at a point, will be just have one one o clock laughter. Oh, we all about ninety six thousand dollars on and we also
Palmer unharmed at a global level, about two hundred fifty thousand dollars on what we do. A farmer will probably there are paid, often have rendered him Wanderings shoe in one of the probably them told about him a paid off shit, we filled. Probably the latter to pay off my last bob, alas floppy here Deasey, so that you can start pan while clamour more. Did you get closer to being bit free or shall we say, my family just keep come along in this, the Ngos in jail. Ninety six on one rental and how much on your personal, two hundred and what is your household income? right. Now, we're probably about two hundred came and show how quickly, if we don't a thousand Atlanta? How quickly do you pay off the three fifty. Did you
a hundred unless you're out right. Why pay all these many six by my widely dispersed? We pay that of buys junior twenty one one. We will pay off, the wonderful income combined plus, ah my job, because the only me I don't want, which is one and conquer, all that my following toward a mortgage Wikipedia a plumber Malta to swiftly pay off within another two years after that supply about three years everything paid off. If you shall the House in Atlanta how quickly you out aroused him alone are good doubt covered a b c that we do not have them two years. One you're not a year off to you last year, also about two years, would have four thousand Atlantis one you used to live in and you just kept because when you moved right, you're my wife, became a have definite still what squatter. So we got a problem, Madam company,
we wait. Let's say you want to continue in this out in the most. Absolute are really cares why I don't do long distance land because of stuff like squatters. I want my opera Please near me with very rare exceptions. This is a property you're, not you sitting in D c, and one day said hey or by a rental house in Atlanta, that is not something you ever do is its by default not by planter strategy. Why? And so, let's break loose break them on illusion, accelerate you're, get out of that plan by the way you're gonna buy another Rennell property for cash? Three! from now and allow our in d c or for years from now, because you're actually gonna be paid off and you have so much flow? You never know what to do with it. That's the plan you man, that's what I would do. Yeah deaf Would they live again I let loose talk there. Why? Ok number one is
was a rental property by default. It was not by strategy, it's not something you would do over again and so under it number to business. Landlord is a pain in the butt and generally inefficient at best and mare at worst number three. It accepts did you get out of that plan by year away I got of your license, places to bless your heart education and appreciate you listening the answer is whether genes is in Florida. High ends area, how you doing better than I deserve. What's up at a sister in law, there is serving in there Mary and she's at she may be stationed down a Europe and my wife, considering offering our plates for her just think, she's in quality, that and we wanted to try to help her get out again. She gets quite a bit for her house, an allowance.
We're thinking of maybe offering our plates for five hundred dollars a month, just wanted to hear your opinion on that Europe lay she don't live in it. Now, just a broom out of our home a letter to let a room in your place in your house that, yes, her, ok, how old is she forty? an issue working to get out of that No not. Currently we have got her the appeal loud run, arm but she's had filled. You don't somewhat reluctant to go through were hoping. We in encouraging incursion when she moved here now, okra and how are you she'll be stationed in your area three years. I don't know probably the game plan that you ever stay with us for three years mile.
I we will get worried the trouble with relatives renting from them doing business with them are working with them is their unclear about the Zack parameters of the deal poker and that's We will end up getting man, and so I would put exact clear parent on the deal from a relationship standpoint, I would ride out a one page agreement, not as a legal agreement, but just this is what we are agreeing to. You can stay here up to few years at zero rant As long as you are putting over number of dollars onto your bad as a result of that. And that needs to be way more than five hundred. It ought to be like big, like two thousand or whatever number big number and you're. Looking at budget and you're, saying, in other words, your working a plan to get out of that, and so we're gonna. Let you live here for free as our gift to encourage you in
your chair later on that up to two years. That's what I would do, that is a gift to my sister in law. Ok, would you suggest, having any, charging of her not or not, and I would encourage you can if you want, but I would just give it to her as a gift. It doesn't cost that much to have her there, maybe she's option something for food, but her being there she's, never there she's at work being there's not going to really add to your expenses substantially again, you gotta work out something on the food issue, but she's. Believing on base most of the time or on the job or whatever she's doing out there, and so in all you work out some a detail on food, but I really I would just do that to encourage- or unless you just desperately need money do need money. Now now we're ok, ok I mean but I would not let her live there and pursue nothing there under english work for any price,
There's an old learnt from you four thousand dollars a month. If she, if the whole she's. There she's gonna, be frustrating you all, because she's been stupid with money and you are shut up. You get up close and personal view, gonna frocks report Rosalie, your stupidity or just like you mean you don't know, and so you can for. If she wants to work this plan will help you and participate. With you and You're gonna show us that you're doing that, and that's the only thing you rent call. She was Europe to open up your life a little bed and show us and we're gonna, be here on ability, partners and your cheerleader, but you want to continue down the road of stupidity, live somewhere else, and we will love you from a little bit more of a distance. We still love you as much. We allow everybody paper people no family. I mean eleven, more of a distance than your spare bedroom yeah. That's all you want do, and it's not just money, stupid, there's all kinds of stupid. Thank people do you just gotta think that through. But I lit lots of clarity
right it out and all about encourage, managed, not about you being a micro manage or something but you don't have to live here. It's ok, we're still gonna, be friends, we're still gonna love, you you may not want live here, you man. I want to do this and that's ok, but If you're gonna live here, we'll, let you do for free return your own path to thousands of dollars a month and that or whatever the number and the budget tells it should be, because she's got the zero rent and she ought to be reckon up. Man shall be nay on a moment ago, a dead guy month and just kick in a sling kicking kick a kick it make. It happens. That's what I would do very cool question, cool opportunity to help somebody that you care about and costs yourself another life and a wonderful positive way, that puts us hour of the day Ramsay Show in the books are thanks to James Childs producer Caledonia, associate producer and phones, greener They ramsay your host and we
by a guys like Thomson senior second approves or for the day razor sharp this hours over more great continent or used to catch the most watched every three years and the fairy every day there are several babies who showed me, more money, doing what you love check out: Christie, rights, business, boutique, podcast crises- firing and equipping women to become successful, running their own business, Chris. You right, and I help women all over the country, take their ideas and passions and Hobbes and turn them into profitable businesses. If you have an idea in your head or dreaming your heart and you ve ever wondered if you could make money doing it, I'm here to help
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