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From the Headwaters Ramses allusion studios name. I am sorry, but that is just as W Abrahams in your house. You jump in my view, lies in your money. It's a free call, a triple eighty, five, five, two to five and some people say the advice was what you pay for its triple eight eight to five, two to five Roger starts off this hour in Orlando Florida
Your how're, you I'm Grady Thank you so much like Michael sure, what's up a person, a piece, probably my life and I added three hundred and fifty thousand and I haven't you could catch my life and I have around four hundred fifty thousand, but on my theory is maybe five, the problem, with cash and then use that for collateral. To build our online. Probably only around twenty thousand or do cash out some of our requirements and just pay cash for all things in this bill, deprived backup, elderly forty hooker. How much is in return? We arrive three hundred fifty thousand total for where the fifty thousand cash come from We had a home at the beach that we at about six years. Why does get at it and we're just recently sold it? Don't work.
The home you're living in. Would you be showing it if you do the transaction? No, I like it. An avid at the rental Ghana, which it worth Mcafee Hooker and so the ground is three fifty and then you want to build another. Two. Fifty on, Papa that and shall we be it? What six hundred seven hundred desert mocha right? I guess we bitch six hundred now Jamar at might get my edition working here. I got to get that part of my brain working and I'm going to be on the air to embarrassing so six hundred thousand bucks and what your household income around two twenty which also located. Take it. You have no other that we don't. And had been released. Just The payment make sure we do things right. I just don't want to go backwards here is the house you're living in his paid for gather, ok,
others to answer your question. One is you take the cash and you bought land and then you take out a construction longbill. The house and pay off the construction of this fire me pay off the mortgage, the resulting mortgage ass just as you possibly can look out In your case, you can probably do that in just a couple of years to three years writers, if you put four fifty towards us really have a hundred dollar mortgage. I'm assuming you have an emergency phone other than this money right. Ok, so you for fifty towards a six without our project. Ultimately, that leaves Yonder Vivaldi mortgage making to twenty. You pay them for two years right right. Let's Definitely conservative a wonderful thing to do. You got to pay for properties, eight hundred, thousand dollars and real estate both paid for at that point, Problem there at all that's answer number one and I think that's a very reasonable thing to do Number two is what would dimension Ramsay do we? borrow money
and so we would be forced to either save for a little while longer after we bought. Probably going by the property, and then I would just save up and pay cash to build. The house If we wanted to get enough more of a hurry, we would just sell the rental and by more rentals later I didn't. I just pointed out, for about two years now and again in Berlin. I don't like you so dont back in a dead like man, even though time for each other, we can pay it off. I just I guess I did I guess you could have a hundred thinking about the property and sit on it while you save up to pay cash from build a house and keep the one European and that's all because it's not on very exciting, because you want to build the house, you know right, but they have. You ever got your plans drawn your builder selected. Nowhere We have an idea but, like you said,
tat, you re a leaden overtake ear, dusting Daniel guys, finalized in here they got colors. Why? I love, I'm gonna buy the property. In your case, and Marchesa this is how I would do it too. I would by the property, I would want to keep the rental I'm with you, because I like rentals, as you know, and paint this paid for, especially right yeah. What about it a pretty anima, begin drawing my house in saving the rest of the money to build it and leave me. That's a long sleep irate. Now we know you're, my cache retirement you'll get hammered Europe. Ten percent penalty pusher tax rage? Not here again, I call them today in our coming into play, said suddenly now alone, not we never casual retirement except to avoid bankruptcy, foreclosure, so that's off the table, but then the rest of it the I think, but it's got it's gonna fast? Here's the other thing we add another situation, come to. Think of it it takes a we build. It you're too planet and a year to build it. So
got the money to start it and you can cash flow into it. You have to have the entire sum in the bank. If you can see it coming. I think, as I understood art you can look at you, and I must say you by the property. Today you got a hundred thousand dollars left in the bank. If you buy the property, I need to fifty at the of one year about the time you're breaking around when you got a drowned, got the builder selected knowledge garbage ripe. At the end of one year we have a hundred seventy five of the two fifty right start, Ok, you have another. Seventy five by the time you needed at the end of that year holiday. I gotcha so we really not delaying the project, hardly at all when you look at it that way. Actually current home on living, and I kind of did that. I had eighty none of the cash and cash flow in the other twenty percent. While I was building it at the time when I guess ready cash is a better way of saying in your case, it's all your cash, but duff thanks for car,
such an interesting discussion, you doing very well by the white. Congratulations very very well done. Amy is in Saint Louis hire me. How are you- How are you d better than I deserve? What's up we are on that score. Five and six, and on for the past year, we've been putting an extra two thousand on our principal and hope they have the house paid off in four more years, and I we have a freshman and senior in high school and our senior right. Now we have about three. We have three years of her college already funded between a five hundred and twenty nine and mutual. Right,
so yeah so kind are starting to see the light, but a little nervous because, as the current one culture of the stocks and the timing of one we're gonna start using the money show on the questions that I have is we ve been kind of twinning with starting in this next here are currently putting between the two girls like fifteen thousand a year and their college savings. I'm knowing I have one more year for the oldest one, should we be if we increase our principal by a thousand a month will have both said often three years, and we know that just going straight to the house and were not worrying about the stock market, you dad and then started to stop putting in the oldest daughters account and finally paid off. But your hand and then lay a couple years. They spend about huge, poorly Killin Atocha, while we want all his daughters, elder daughters, annual budget for colleges mythology.
Thirdly, the EU cash flow. If you had to come, I like your plan to put an extra prince, borne out the course that allow ensure that you can catch luggage on a longer of a house payment, but you go of income. You can pull this together. It just might get uncomfortable if you don't make it, but I think you're gonna make it yeah. I would do the actual principle in the house. I agree with you the time of year. Your time share. Maintenance fees are coming. It's a painful reminder in the form of a fat bill that you boy
something you can't use and you can't sell one enough is enough times. Your exit team will get you out of a bad situation when the resort refuses to help you. The first step is a free consultation schedule wondered day if they can't get you out, though, give you your money back Gal eight for four nine nine nine exit are timeshare, exit, team, dot, com and schedule today by joining us, I'm glad you're, here open forms, a triple eight eight to five five two to five Michael is with us and Fort Collins, Colorado, Michael. Come to the diver amnesia In order to talk to you, you, too, how can I help
my wife- and I are only said three and five and my company offers a instal employees are purchased plan and I was wondering if a good tool to use for an investment for short term. You have to keep it for one year. Approaches, no now hooker, fifteen percent discount and your stock is likely volatile and a fifty two weeks wing within fifteen percent, so you. Can you can actually lose money on the transaction because you got already or look at the future. Do we kind of hitherto weak low on your stock chart? probably more than fifteen percent move that will make the I don't play single stocks because of the volatility and that includes your company stocks. How are you on baby step three and five? At the same time, I'm confused I'm very foreign facts of life. It's ok, ok, Forfarshire Jean me. Aren't you skip and five does not apply right now. Correct, ok, come back with a good thanks.
I just can't. I'm gonna help children when you're working on Europe genuine foreign and your kids call good my plan. That's our guys! Aren't you just it's a whole different thing. It was a new one. Now good, perfect, perfect, perfect! Ok! Now I just I don't fool single stocks. If you do want to buy your comp stock at the fifty. Percent discount to hold long term because just all Jones up about your company and you think it's the best things and sliced bread knowledge. As far as the stock goes, that's fine I would not allow it to become more than ten percent of your net worth and that if they go bananas on Yonah, goes down real fast. You outta my problem. I had a lady, for instance, eyes over years ago that seven hundred thousand dollars in her for a one k all in company stock and it two hundred and nine,
She kept me from doing that in all the that's what years ago that allows pride twenty years ago that one should amorphous crying she just retired and that company the tag- and it was a big, well known company- and so on. Are you came back later? Actually, but the audition I play their common volatility. Shall you want better diversification if you're gonna play it just cause you're all Jones up about it? That's cool, that's cool, I doubt, but if you're when two don't let it get to become more than ten percent of the network. So Vermilion aired on more hundred thousand origin company stock. In other words, you got your house it for you got your foreign doubt margin for one day and no more than a hundred thousand in your country stock. If you want to play it as you just really really believe in it, but the fifteen percent discount does not make it a play. The we think they will not get a place. You really believe in the future of the stock price, the Do you, those companies unites freak, an apple,
just gone up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up- and I am more money than Egypt We have more money than Egypt were Amelia cost of, and it's crazy. And so I got some kind of a company like that that you're working for you just love that company stock and you're buying it at a discount. That's fine! I don't buy it because of the discount, though, because it again If you look at your companies fifty two week after week, low most obviously a fifteen percent swing, Jordan is whether in Lexington High Jordan, welcome that ever amnesia I know that you do not deserve man what's up Well, I just wanted to call in Cuba. Purpose could have called first. I want to say thank you, I'm a recent law school graduate and thanks for your principles and your encouragement, I was able to get through
college undergrad, but also law school completely that very well, how did you do law school Jeffrey? I want a myriad of things and I know you get this question all I knew and said the reason I'm calling for me- and I think I'm gonna- look different for everybody. Does it for me. It involved some scholarship. I gotta have everything painless scholarship to law, school Berlusconi. Scottish measure? What kind of scholarships we're commonplace issues scholarships for large scale? the mind, we're all through the school itself. How can hook- and I went to the universe, it will vote on. You'll find a lot of the last gold, and even the medical have a lot of of institutional scholarships available through to schools, and one thing I am a lot of people are aware: how are they alone are great based or what
Generally? Yes, mine were more the two biggest factors and though there grade the men Euro fat score, ok, which I did not a deep announced that score by their virtue little. I would guess University Louvre LOL School, not to be super super expensive. Now is about when I went through my graduated actually twenty fifteen and it was about twenty thousand year fertilization, you're no expense but manageable. Three ordeal gather. So sixty grain gets you through law school the original English wow, exactly That's amazing about that's reachable! I can see that I am There are two hundred sixty grams, The other thing is on the other, may vary from programme. The programme our school had a limit. You are allowed to work up to twenty hours per week during the semester, which I did
The thing is, you can work be I worked material up on the weekends and summer breaks and then the semester breaks that make up the difference. Actually, I started cutting wrath in high school and had a little moaning business than I did in college and then get to go through all school and that's what the rest of it all. My marine Obama food in the rest of my remainder, modulation. That is so impressive view. Ps. You stand a thing. Their level possess their home. Where, if you worked for them twenty hours a week, they would pay tuition only undergrad, nothing. I'll do or not, but they usually, I think I think they do. That's very mild, very cool good for you down, I'm proud of you show your why twenty seven twenty eight years old I'm twenty eight Diana. I get hooked up with you guys. I, when I was fourteen for fourteen years ago, an actual I've been a huge fan led to use about eighteen twenty times twice a year, Shell,
I give you a lot of the credit or I'm impressed man you're rockstar. Thank you for leading the class and that's a great call because it encourages people. You can do law school, and you can do school, and you know you just at the always Toby where you go to school matters, and so thousand bucks for low degree is bad. Some value right. There I really is pretty cool and cut grass to get their law school there. You go man on mom love and this guy, that's all Why do go Jordan. Congratulations brother, make MR you thank you recall a great story. Our question it comes from blinds dot com. They have a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee means. Even if you miss measure, you pick the wrong color, they will remake you're blind for free. So wide savings are happening right now, plus an additional five percent off at blinds not come Slash Ramsay. Today's question comes from Esther in Missouri.
Come on baby step to and on paying off cards so far. We ve settled for no more than twenty five percent on the balance and pay those debts we're on our next step. And their insisting that cannot settle for less than seventy percent I continue to push them or shuttle you have the money I would bet it get. It done If you can only see if you can only do it at twenty five, that's fine or if you ve, got others in line, twenty five then skip over the seventy and let em said a little bit. Sometimes if they sit ship sweat, they wish went down a little bit depends on what the situation is. Obviously, you ve been in a real financial pickle. You you ve gotten behind on all of these cards and obviously you ve got problems there and You ve got a stack of collections that you're on your way through. This is not a thing, but if it's your last card and you can get the seventy percent together- and you want to just put by one this- be done- whether there's not no shame in there. Now you paid larger portion that bill, it's ok,
if you ve got a whole list of them, then just go down little goat. So the next morning go if you'll be twenty five, you don't get this money to the other. Guy My pay off the next two for twenty five. For the money that this one and seventy? What about you? Europe too, for that, so you can skip around little bed. It were you're working, a collections thing like this: it's a little different process as you know, when you're working on settling always get it in. Writing, never give them electronic access to your personal checking account they will clean you out. So thanks for followers glad you want an extra. This is that I've Ramsay shout
Oh yeah story about two families that are very much alike and a lot of ways both families have to working parents in a couple of young gives each as dead in a struggle to make ends meet but they're, starting to make headway with their budgets and smarter decisions with money. They have dreams and plans and the only real differences that one family as the right amount of term life insurance and the other doesn't big difference. If one of the parents die- and that does happen, their well being would be destroyed. That's why, every day I talk relentlessly about getting term life, insurance go to stand or not com or call eight hundred three five, six, forty to eighty two it another lay private Facebook review join, will let you an is called the Ramsay baby steps based, but it's the official one Joanna says of reach. Babies have for I'm think, I'm reading to start investing in Iraq. I rang you're ready for retirement.
Does anyone even nowhere start sure The best thing you can do when you're getting ready to do an investment you ve never done Wanna get some help with investing we're gonna car. You get a car mechanic you ve never done a well. You can lawyer, do your will. If you people, Don T you gotta Deniston, pour your teeth and then Testing is no different. You don't have to die Wyatt you learn about from an expert who teaches you and can help. You actually fell out the proper working at the thing done. That's what I personally do. I know a lot about investing our can actually do it, but I'm really more fool with it. I don't have to to study eight thousand mutual funds in the side, which ones are the best. We said asked you invest in your. I re Roth for one k for awhile kay whatever you're doing across we're types of mutual funds: growth, growth in income, aggressive growth and international,
when I'm in the open market, meaning I have a lot of options. I always by ten and twenty year old or older funds do not buy three year old funds. They don't have a long and of track record for me to trust that they know what the they're doing. Then I put a fourth and age growth: growth in income. Aggressive growth in international and are you so smart vesture pro? What is that, while you're getting rid be Joanna a smart investor? So we call you smart, vesture and- pro is someone: that's an adviser in that world. It can help you in the cells, the mutual funds so clear diagram should our com? You just click? Smart vesture. We feel a lot of information, a drop down a whole list of the smart, Mr Prodi, in your area choose which one you want, but these are all, people that have been vetted by our team. We ve through and talk to them, they had the heart of a teacher. Sloan Slime you trying to sell you stuff
go along my way shop, that's how we do it this day. Ramsay DOT, com, click, smart, vesture d is in of Argo, hiding, what kind of Abraham show for taking my call sure, what's up I'm going to try and make this brief. Murphy has basically lived on the couch the last three years and I have a mobile home that I previously bought with my, and I'll about forty three thousand on it. I think it's probably worth about I am a bit less. Income has dropped drastically up to now that it's definitely Kenya. When your mission got. Gotta do a good job in Lhasa job. So I'm
job right now that I'm not play nice, Dana, I'm make about fifteen. Sixteen thousand right now my plan on making about thirty to forty, next year, just determine tat to get me a good job. I know, I'm not. I don't need this another home and I know that you recommend selling them run My father has offered to buy it. Why, when I wonder why, to put it on his property, all yes sure to him: yes, author to bring it back to me for less, then, making payments for and though I just kind of waited your approval, I guess you're a hard blow around the death and make sure that this will be out of the debt. You're out of the hole in your home ownership issue, he now has a mobile home on property. Already owns he's gonna
to someone and right now is willing to read to you a deal to help out his daughter, think, that's awesome. Ok, ok! I think it was kind of hard for me to take the help and I'm just gonna needed some approval. Drifting does love you. You ve been through a divorce leukemia this at these times. You need help. That doesn't make you a worse. I just to a human being and you gotta go dad. Yes, you are you're, not a parasite living on his couch cause you to lead you to work. That's not what happened to you. Ok, bad crap in your life and Anna he's just walk away the unease hurting the Chinese able to help you and he wants to help you and I don't think that's bad on Part at all, you're, not you're, not someone who's they are unwilling to carry their own weight or something like that. You ve had some bad stuff, Camacho KEDO. How old are you well,
Yes, take your dad's help your doing nothing wrong from a character standpoint and some day You'll be able to help your kids cause you're gonna get your financial act together. Ok, much obliged opens a triple eight, eight to five five, two to five Teresa, is in Minnesota high Teresa welcome other diver amnesia, today and I really appreciate being able to speak with you. You too. How can I help? Well, as I was I hear screener, I be honest with you somewhat embarrassed by fifty six years old and I honestly until I started listening to you, not everybody was ended, and I thought that's how it here
to be a lot of people now all people I do not know there was another option and any poor management, and I sat down he really started. Looking at you know what you were saying and how to do things, and I think my basic question is ethically picture all you know with eighty one thousand dollars in Dutch? Am I to all to be able to be out of debt and early retirement you're on your way to all you'll, never make your old man and tell me your fifties engineered to all. I want you all to all eighty one thousand dollars in bad. So what's your household income so miss? where it gets a little embarrassing, we actually have a very good outcome. I make a good and I make one hundred eighty five thousand a year. They don't worry in a year
and you're wondering where? Is it all going home We are working on it. Like I dont like honour. Ninety five, you have eighty one in that. Why can't you be debt freely here? Well our goals to sell the house, and when we saw our house we should be able to be entirely that failure to show you how to be there for you. If you want to show you how she can, but we like going hundreds of eighty thousand year dollar, if you two hundred thousand Algeria and you paid off eighty thousand hours. I mean you had a rough it on a hundred grand for that year. You kill me here. I know I know You, you just gotta, watch important and if you mean you ve made enough money not materialised, Because I can readily masses if those are you tell me if I'm wrong, we'll get you trotting out, earn your stupidity, oh yeah, oh yeah and you just about are able to resume a lot of money.
And I'm really tired. You work your bought off. What do you do for a living I am I'm a nurse petitioners unbroken psychiatry, ok, cool! So here's the thing the me The thing, then, is that what discussing here is not a mouth problem, Mitchell Behaviour problem and you know how to somebody of your problems, and this is what this is someone coming in your office with an extreme situation and answer is an extreme change in behaviour patterns. And you know how to coach them through that weight so physician healed herself, ok you're out get our written budget. An early around dollar, where the freak is all this money on you and ask yourself that you and your husband have to say we work too hard. We make too much money to be. This broke were You know we're heading towards retirement here and we
a few years to straighten this up and a car in Austria but fly right as my mother used to say right- and you can do this- you can do this, you, you might planning and my math on this easy. It's between your ears. So it is possible if we pay this often a year to the very maximum that we could still save enough to be able to have retirement. Ok for absolute but you're gonna have to get Europe pay attention for the first time in your life, and it is an old or new tricks like not at all
although this is the driver, Amnesia Margaret was moderate. Welcome that every measure think that they can make sure. What's up I bade go. I went to college. I could, for average, pretty much harmony
He graduated ably my bachelor in two thousand and eight during the crisis. I couldn't find a job and I went back to school for my masters and steel was not able to afford a blood was homeless and so I ve got a job. I moved to Florida and I made forty five thousand dollars. The problem is that I have a hundred eighteen thousand dollars on stood alone. Then what is it extradition, there is an element I want for measures to green and counselling. School counselling, ok, what you do making forty five thousand. Yes, and you have a hundred in how much London honey. Eighteen thousand, older and thirty three So now you stabilized yourself, you ve got a sustainable situation, meaning you make enough to eat and have a place to live in the home.
But I was not and is not at your door anymore. Yet another strangers hovering over your head right. Yes, because I cannot fight to make the payment following my student loans, not even before interest in it. Is going up every a month What are you thinking? You're gonna do I'm not sure, but right now, I'm doing a baby sitting on the weekends I'd stay after school. Doing after school programmes trying to catch up boy is the same Impassable- and my friend told me that maybe I can just a role in the army and see if there is any way in the contract they can pass on my student loans, Is the military what you want do for a living, yeah, you're just trying to escape the student lunch gas, because I feel again my pain. I do I do pay my tie thing I feel, like you know tat. I need a breakthrough,
I came out by a property. I came to start a business when I have a lot of business idea. I can. I embarrass young anything you tell me, stood alone situation, but I didn't you can start a lot of businesses withdrew sweat, you don't need a lot of money to get a business idea going special, some kind of aside hustle that might make you more than you do with it school care thing. I don't know what you're making, but how I dont think the military's, the answer for you because you're not going there because you want to you're going to try to escape, and It's gonna end up being a miserable experience for you with that motivation. The line, I think we will do just continue to work on ideas. Your career, an idea, for short term income in the interim, Can you do with this degree? That makes you more as your long term, career also. What can we do a sad hustles with some of these
de as you ve got going commissioner, your copy Christie Rights Book business, boutique, equipping women make money doing what they love and maybe maybe some of that material can put some of those ideas to use. Get your small business idea started. You do not need ten thousand dollars to start a good small business. You don't lie Two people start all kinds of small, the shadow. All things are worth almost nothing nothing and on this not an unusual at all, You just gotta think through what you're gonna do and how you do it. I believe that what we work on in your situation, it is work on your long term, career gulls, and and in the midst of it also that could overlap with aside hustle idea a business. Idea as aside hustle, but in the meantime we gotta make some extra money and until you get them, more time, gig, where each producing more, whether it your career choice or
It's a small business idea, hold on. I have Kelly pick up and will give you a copy of business boutique and get your going MIKE is in Nashville high MIKE welcome other Dive Ramsay show how everything we do with a view to Ma Am- trouble with your phone. Can you speak directly into better Albert. Yes, ok. I have a quick question about requirement for you. What am I doing everything right? I have I already individually and then as an Irish through my workplace that you started up this here. I also bought a house and was Nashville about five years ago and probably know the market has taken off, I have already thousands,
equity alone. I o one night here in the house. I know you're not completely accurate. It says that the house, nor about three m gone very tempted to the over how pay off the home equity alone, and I would have about a hundred thousand dollars, and I you rat towards a down payment on another house and put a lot of that away for retirement. Could I just don't feel like I have enough? They might not. Thirty five thirty five years old here, ok! Do you like the house? I do I actually have become, burns hands on paying off the home equity alone. I sold my reality, which really hard so my workplaces, five minutes away. So I'd like to work every day, while an eight minutes, downtown neighbourhood non likely it. But I would add that I would not sell it. What is it
in Cuba, Fifty thousand a year of an over fifty thousand, and so you have. How's that the homework, what alone, which is? How much together both put about one, sixty, ok and what other dash d? You have not that you're an income fifty thousand a year. You told me that I'm sure, ok, I'm not sure that at thirty five years old, I would put you on a budget, a written plan. Concentrating on this money thing, but the your friend, aided by your level of traction and so dad free. Do you have any money saved for your emergency fund as I have about hundred and the money market right now? Let's get that raised up to three to six months of expenses as your first order of business. In other words, ten grand give or take. Your situation just for emergencies? Never touch freely ass above
There must begin to save fifteen percent of your income. I feel Chris Shoguns three six Grit Chris Hogan, three sixty dot com, and our are iq tool which are free to retire inspired quotient calculate what, fifteen percent of your income saved from thirty five Eighty five will be thirty years of saving fifteen percent of your income, which is seven thousand five hundred dollars a year, It's gonna be huge. Show me millions of dollars. Without showing your house and so you need to get in a situation where your budget allows you to say fifteen percent of your income. You should be there, once you get that emergency phone implies an the driving payments except the payment on this house. Very doable, but you gotta game plan, a financial help with the budget jump on every dollar dot com and use the budget at its free loads on your phone or on your desktop, whatever it takes, Thomas lay your budget out
that puppy laid out, and then you ve got the ability to control the money that you ve got the pudding in Britain away again Chris organ. Three sixty dot com check the hour. I Q, when you put the numbers and on that you're gonna plenty of money. You know we find thirty, five years old, you just need to get started and do it that's? What down to show? thanks for the call appreciate your joining us open, found eight hundred and eighty eight eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five for being here, we appreciate your boy. We folks moratorium about showing your house but you don't like your house, because you'll hear me, ask that sometimes one ash inflation seller house unless you you're out of your things are moving anyway. Most of the time the House the problem. Now have your house
those fifty percent you take on pay. The house is the problem we gotta go: you're not gonna make their. Unless you have an income in Greece coming in the short necked short term just over the horizon, you're gonna have problems fifty percent of your house, but have you take home piping out? That's not gonna work, but other no situations. Usually the house would not the problem.
Getting, organise going on the budget was getting your other debts paid off, maybe solid car which he did in his caddy. Secondly, to put you in a different position, you do that. I thank you for listening. That puts us our that Abrahams, you show in the books links to James Childs. Our producer social pressure involves greater. I am diversion your host we'll be back a guy's displaced persons, senior police, whether they really did you know over fifty million show every people listening radio stations across the country to find a station near you had a day, Ramsay Doktor, Slash Shell, more money, doing what you love check out: Christie, rights, business, boutique, podcast crises,
firing and equipping women to become successful, running their own business hand, Chrissy right, and I help women all over the country, take their ideas and passions and Hobbes and turn them into profitable business. If you have an idea in your head or dreaming your heart and you ever wondered, if you could make money doing it, I'm here to help join us on the business duty had cast where we are equipping women to make money doing what they love she described, because european business booted podcast forever. You Lucian the pod cash hates aims producer of the Dave. Ramsay show this
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