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You Don't Need a $25,000 Truck to Prosper! (Hour 2)

2020-02-12 | 🔗

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From the headquarters of Ramsay Solutions Broadcasting, but all our car rental studios. If that day, Brown please we're dead, is dumb caches. King in the paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw how's, the status symbol of choice,
I'm diagrams your host, thanks for being with us, open phones, AAA eight to five five, two to five. That's AAA two five, five, two to five. Is whether such Massachusetts. I welcome that. I'm sure. Who do you think you someone for taking my call chirp? What's up so where? the whole damn they re envy way of. Why I'm so we're just starting number to an end question is, credit cards are in question. We haven't made payments on them, not even minimum so How I have one was dead, smallest, How many of them are? They are there that are in collections. Right now, there's two better question and aren't you ve not paid any payments on them for how long. Honestly, I think like two years, mocha? Don't?
those in your debt, snowball! Ok, is that the only thing that you're that far behind yes, sir, we have other than that current on your paying home. It's all of your current on your cash You work your normal dad. Snowball until everything is paid off, but your home, how much debt that you have not counting the to credit cards and collections. Both of us nine, be no eighty thousand dollars and half a by more than half of that is to know on what the other half. I'm a cop- that's ok, most of that in his student wound and one of our eighteen thousand Carl on the assistant, and what your household income
I have called income right now is sixty four thousand dollars a year. My husband works to jobs we thought that and National Guard foe, I wouldn't get rid of the eighteen thousand other car. There's a lot of car as broke his jailer. Yes, yeah one fourth of your dad and it's you know it's if, if ever the English paid off. You could have car if you paid for it. But it's it's really a big chunk of your life Much. Do you owe on these credit cards that are in collections, One is two thousand and one in six thousand win get ready to address them there. Those are big enough that there eventually sue you. Little ones will never get around and allowing their eventually going to show you know: you'll have plenty a notice when they do sue you you may have
stop. Your death snowball, amended and pile up some money, an old credit card can usually be settled for somewhere around a quarter on the dollar so meaning a four thousand dollar lump sum settlement offer on a six thousand dollar two year old credit card to she has been paid on, or probably saddle that with some arguing in some haranguing in a bunch of whining and a bunch of listening to their grasp it all up, but the other you keep Baden on improbably, shall it for about a quarter on the dollar? Ok, ok! So, at some point in the process, as you're gonna save up a lump sum, I'd like for it to be at the end, although you have a pile of that and not a lot of income it's gonna, take you gotta, while the big, through their so I don't know if you're gonna get by with not deal with these, until all the other that's gone like I was originally saying, as you ve gotten. It's you just can't be their le while so Matthew and sue you. It's not like,
have twenty seconds to come up with the money. Ok, I saw you must wear them for thirty days, you mess with them for sixty days. Not and so you, if they actually do it, they'll, threaten for two years before they get around to it. So you can't use new could tell a credit card. Collector is lying in his mouth is moving So you can't believe all the bluffs and all the carrying out an You're, gonna? Settle it wear them. You have to get it in writing in writing, and it cannot be. Not have electronic access, your checking account. Does it clean you out when you do get around to settling it about a quarter on the dollar in writing and doing that. So, if you're going along in this thing, you ve solved the car in your plan through the student loans and your two years down into this thing and not for years since you put on the credit card and they have been we get around found soup got some time while you're doing that to negotiate with them start
your national bomb pile up the floor for granted settle among lump sum. No payments came ok not sure. That's all you have done, but you got your rather car. It's killing tell me is whether in Georgia high time, we welcome that I've Ramsay show. How do you think you could take him home cheerful up, I'm having bars remorse myself, but you know back in September, purchased a cookie on my back story, I am your marriage with an automotive manufacture, an Irish A car amount of eight hundred dollars a month and so Will you get the car allowance, whether by the car not know you Do you have to have a vehicle either you have purchased? Why will you have two weeks what in order to keep a car my on from male yeah? Ok, what do you work for me?
Nissan! Ok, ok, so that, but the deal there offering you at Nissan is its maintenance, its everything right. Maybe it's a bargain this is, it does not have this not a car purchase. This isn't employ benefit it here. What they're, giving you don't think, give you tyres, maintenance, gas, everything in the deal the up and You can't drive a car that cheap anywhere else So an you, don't have to keep it. You can turn it in one month at a time right. All young people have to keep it like a year a year. Ok you're keeper year reaching flip around every year. If you want to, but it's not it's not like a normal car payment or normal Charlie's. Now if our information be doing that deal, we purchase a truck
might like they are trying to leave, not my hope and after a long shot. You didn't do that Nissan deals. Are you actually bought a truck or you're doing the Nissan biometric. Ok, so we bought the truck, but give me the eight hundred dollars in my paycheck. Not while why don't you do the day or they pay for everything that will be and I told him I was happy to the eight hundred every month. Anyway, let light by your. You figure that eight hundred dollars they can pay him. Now you got car payment. Now your dad I am trying to compete to sail the true one thing: not yet I would do the deal outward
the least with them is not a standard car lease unless they elect. You often means in your programme, at least on its eight it some it's a rental program that includes all of your maintenance, Oliver Insurance, all of your tyres. Everything is built into it and you can't drive a car is cheapest areas. There are least programme is unemployment benefits, not least by regular harlings, and so that's the way I would do it. I wouldn't buy a car go into debt, get a car allowance from them.
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when I had purchased vehicle amount and brother in law I ran ago and Who were working out a plan for hinder spoken in his back and since then There is now totals. We paid off the chalk cash, so the title screen clear And the insurance company came back, pay more than what we pay for it. We take the weeping, from the bank and gave him asked the help him get back on its feet, What do we do the family, a We don't have any obligation that mean you ve already helped him, and then he totalled of Rock so I don't know I mean I guess you just lost his truck. What I mean you do this to help him. How long ago
So when is he he's gonna get back on its feet clean coal, calculated by the federal government for two years and now Welcome for out two of the four correct so the trunk setting mornings and I'll say that again two of the four years he's had the truck it was sitting. He was in jail. Care about. You they would. Rather, since it is my vehicle as aid for it and when he got out handed in the key tell them not to worry about anything right now. Let's get you back on their feet. A year now and for two years what you dont get back on its feet in the air it is no longer? No! No! No! Not I'm asking did he make progress getting back his feet during the two years, so did your help yet did your help that you gave me?
actually help. A few days ago, get a steady going up and we Couldn t to are building steps so for his work in, but just a long process gotcha, and so why you you, ah you had a debt on the truck and the insurance company paid that when a total right now was very clear: and now were how much money that the insurance gonna give you but the repaid. Eighty four, the truck and their pain. Twenty five. Ok, you have: twenty five thousand dollars or twenty five hundred dollars twenty by building said: ok Why does this guy needed twenty five miles an hour truck that was the thing. Was we offered to help them?
You know I've been in bed for us SL burn times do in my vehicle barometer, if you want to help someone got out of jail, you get my seven thousand artwork. And get a motherfucker You don't need more than that. So yea now take some of this money: biometric but it shows me lie if our in yours, you may ask me what I've got by the same Thou art rotten. Handing the case that's a serviceable truck. He can go to work in that and he can continue to make progress. Do a lot of smart. Thank you. Don't need a twenty five thousand our drug to prosper You certainly don't need that prospect. So yeah just came in tractor serviceable and keep him aren't keep moving in the right direction? you. Are you some of this money? For that the sum of money? You get your money back out of thanks. I worked out. Ok, I mean. Are you you said at twenty five out of you put eighteen into originally so low.
Let him have the seven in the version of a truck, but on him the cash biometric. Ah Susan's, whether citizens in Florida, I certain. How are you. I gave a great her you better than deserve. What's up. Why wouldn't I realise a few months ago that we need to clean up our debt? So I started. I got a couple: total many make overruns written. Do it I'm working on gender budget put together, and I'm really ready, died right in and start expenses and you go on and those on the stats. But my husband to permit me a little reluctant to change the current lifestyle and everything I'm just wondering how I can convince what kind of tat actually taken and the that we should start thinking long term for the short term. Looking at the budget
Yeah they shine on what I've been doing harm in order that these are what our in cutting edge him, how to break it down and to all the different expenses, but he's Eustace, giving a certain amount of money out of the bank for his pocket money each weaken arm he doesn't seem to want think about changing how much you spending what some version of this, and I usually sarcastic version. Ok, But some version of this is honey. I dont want to be married to like a man that were with me. I don't want your mommy, giving you an allowance every week and you whining It's not enough. You're going down here with me and we're gonna go through this budget together, like we're too grown ups, and we Couple argon decide on our future. You get now get about and women side based on that? What were each getting, pocket money, but this you know I'm not
mother, and that's how I ever by grown reluctance. You you're, saying odor his spending, sometimes because I am not even listen, I'm not gonna. Do I'm not I'm, not I'm never going to say no to a spending again, I'm not going to accept that he is not participating in deciding the whole process where we agree together. Not his mother, very We ve been his mother. Stop it. He needs to man up here a part of the equation? Were we make out decisions, so our bid you're paid, and so we have a good future We can have a discussion about the path of what that is, but mommy. I went to buy something you won't. Let me by hunting, Well, where you little boy, that's gonna, stop us can drive you crazy. You don't get tired of that
You're already tired of it. How old is this guy, who have forty two and in the household he grew up in his mother handled the money in his I brought it in. So that's what was model. I that's what was model in front of him and it's a toxic bad model working together is to adults making decisions together on what we're going. Enjoy what we're going to give boredom Sacrifice, to invest for our. Common goals that we both agree are watching its enjoyment and spending, but includes thinking together is a grown up couple. Good mental health, but you can't you can't be as mommy anymore. It's gotta stop you get real tartar that America and he's got away with it for a long time to come. We ll heartbreak, but just go I'll, be your mommy more! and I got your mother anymore- not under it-
your mommy, I'm not your mommy. Don't ask me for money, I'm not your mommy get in here, man freakin up and you again giving a sarcastic version, but you gotta keep turning up that until he hears that honey I I urge you to be a man. I need you to sit down here at the kitchen table as my man and walk with me, Make these decisions together as too. Up adults, I'm not gonna, be a little princess rum whining about what I can't spin and you're, not gonna, be Little Lord Fauntleroy overhear asking his mommy for money anymore. I'm done with this some version of that fight has to occur and it can be planned or unpleasant gentle or not gentle- I don't know it takes at your house- were hillbillies. We fight pretty hard at our house, but
some point: you got a man up here, it's growin up or the ability to forty two or twenty two on taking control of my destiny. I'm gonna take this chaos and I'm gonna take bring order out of this chaos and I'm gonna do it is grown up, oh and by the way, there's two of shares, or both gonna do it has grown up. This is that I am sure a guys. It's Rachel crews and I love to travel. I'm also a huge fan of our amazing listeners, her killin it with their money. If you're in babies helps for through seven, you have sacrificed so much to become debt free and now you can enjoy your life and money without the burden of debt, so I'm so excited to announce our first ever live like no one else: crews and marks of twenty twenty join me Dave and the other Ramsay personalities for seven luxurious days at sea learn more and register today, Ramsay Crews, Doc come in the lobby of Ramsay solutions. Ride on the ten restage fell and the gale weathers. Welcome guys our yeah. I know what have you guys? Where do you live Colombia Missouri also welcome to merge Bill and all the way here to do a debt for each group. Yes,
cool and how much of you paid off, the thirty nine thousand six hundred and fifteen dollars, seventy cents love it allowed. To this day, two years eleven miles: Thou tank and your range of income during that time, I would say fifty four thousand now where at about one fifty while big job- Ok go what I'll do for a living I helped out, would mental I'm sorry. Middle School administration by official title was homesick, communicator, ok and gale. I work for a hospital on patient accounting to permit great Ok, we had a sizeable jump and income in the last three years we got married. How well there is ok, what kind of debt was two hundred and forty thousand com, say primarily, student loans and access, Taxes are guy who's who had the most
right here. How can I go? Did you guys got after this? I mean Amazing that you played oh how I'm going to get married to yours Levin months ago, two years since two years and two months. Actually, ok, started right before you got married than guess finish up after while credit, back a little further, Surely, when I met so, we had met on should mingle in one of his profile. Was that you had to be in a place that you wouldn't be emotionally the financially spiritually healthy moving towards that. Ok- Dave Ramsay, was all across the profile. Oh my god! Oh god, I had not heard much about you. I had a few people from work, mention you and so when I met, though I was kind of a place where I was a single mom, I owned a home, really was too much hops. For me. And so I was at a place that I needed get out from underneath that house and so thought
along beside me and hoped that happen until he had paid off before me about five thousand dollars hampering close to business, and so I trust at home to home. You walk through the process so that really how a man that's fine as well cool, you guys all grown on that have long hard of that original doubt that we are in a position to that. In addition to that, I was now real before we officially got married. No fun very cool. So are you our people, the secret to getting out of that. As you have added fabulous experience here, for me I I I start off by saying is temporary is one year where these ten years is temporary. You have to be well. Take a step down to take a step up in terms of Christ. I feel as though, if we do apart? Christ would do his part and two more things you
I have to be willing to retrain yourself in terms of how to manage money, and the last thing is This need to the show was a big part of it, and what I mean by that is it was. It was like free therapy to me every morning first thing in the morning. I would either listen to the day. Ramses show, or I will listen to weigh a charge, sermon, so that that that's! What motivated me and gay offered for me. It is making sure that everything that we did with strategic we'd thought long. I'm not just short term solutions. So every thing whenever we were dating and we knew that we're getting married. I stopped taken patio time at work because I knew I'd be paid out to be able to use that money whenever we got married every single stop of ice stepped down onto an apartment on purpose I could have got a town house had more space, but it was every single thing it added to us being able to get your quicker
Above all, definitely definitely do it all at once temporarily, so that we move forward for a future, David, I can mention a few more things for me and I some kind of emotional? When I say this after a while, through the process. I actually went home and I picked up a total of five jobs, one full time and for part time jobs yeah. So His work, and probably a hundred and four hours per week where the sad jobs tureen intramural rules. Name. It idea to help People move, you name it. I did at all, but the other thing after walking gale through the process I went home and within six months I saw all my furniture from my bedroom, William said, and I actually moving in which a college students for two years I live a college still good near yes, at age or forty five. I was living with twenty five year old.
You wanted out by yes, Sir No, I haven't you went all the way, while crazy. I love it. That's amazing good for you. Now that you're there you went through All of this to get there was it worth it absolutely fur, absolutely how's. It feel great amazing my tell people all the time, and I will say this to brag. Basically, all we do now put checks in a bank, because our Iraq nor expenses- I may we don't have any dead. I mean you, don't have anything to spend the money, also saving yes, they were young Lugo in Israel. So you're actually have your control of your money at your money absently. I welcome, You guys are well done very proud of you biggest cheerleaders. For me once I moved to Colombia, J and Stacy Bryant when they were huge part of my life, the work for the pharmacy that I came to combine, work
any chance, but I had to do over time. They were allowing me to do it anything that I can do and then, as well as in our form church family before me, I have to say Christ, my beautiful wife right here I have to tell the world I mean she's daftly, a proper study for a woman. I would have to say my good friend, Todd Robinson My principal Bernard, sodomy girlfriend you Clark and also Cathy Robinson, very cool. Yes, sir good job you guys very well done very well, then we get a copy of course organs book for you every day, millionaires that is your neck chapter in your story, you're on your way become continued live like no one else later you can live and give like. No one else put yourself in you do that very proud of your great job, you to think he fell and Gay O Colombia Missouri a hundred and forty five.
Now are paid off in two years. Eleven months make a bit before to one fifty counting down. Let's era debt. It grew three too reason we're looking right job, you guys great job man or an increase, story. Very, very cool, so check it out and that's how you do it six jobs. What what yeah, let's call taking control of your destiny and it's amazing. People need help doing stuff and always means a job. People need help doing stuff and then always means a way to make money specially with an economy like ran right now. This economy wide ought and in others
work to be done and there's no good paying jobs with a yes. There is too, cancer get banned jobs. You just been a worse. For some I blame you looking to be a victim stopped being a victim. The start, looking for some different, do you twenty dollars an hour baby sitting, my god I mean really I mean to go down a homely po and get you a leaf. Blog rich people are afraid of leaves. You can make money jobs everywhere? You can do alchemy. It's amazing what you can do to turn turn dollar and obviously fell, has figured out a bunch of Mamma here everything in a Worley everytime you, up, there is another opportunity to make some money another opportunity to work and prove what my grandmother used to say as a great place to go when you're broke Tal. It's a sure fire moneymakers game, just don't be I'm about it. What would you take a minimum wage job? Don't do that make some twice mental. My story tells minimum wage dumping
pressure wash driveway, make a lot more minimum wage and there's all kinds of stuff you can do out there just go. Make you some money, it's like they'll, send it just for a short period of time. You just don't do forever. You gotta longer get yourself out of bed. She gets like back. Well done guys well done. This is that I am sure
you're, not Israel stage car like money, everybody's got an opinion about it. I don't know what the crap are doing you're not set the budget due for seasoning array, MRS with big opinions about it. You Talkin about showing your home and you're, not you're. No, it all neighbours as well. The market is so good. You'll have no problem selling. Your neighbor isn't telling you that not even a good real estate market can guarantee your home or sell for what it's worth. I mean Listen, I've got a really nice car. Work on my car now, one hour? broken college accurate Tool Box in the trunk and car. And I can turn a ranch on all car, but,
if the heard on this car right now, Oh you know, what's in there, that make our free computer reboot the thing you know it. Different world. I don't die why expensive stuff? de I why showing your house the biggest that goes into selling your most expensive asset, your home for tat. Dollar is not real estate market. It's an experienced high, octane real estate agent. Get the most out of the house in the shortest period of time. That mean price, a home right. They might Get it buyers in the door. This is Some monkey with a licence. Its counting on the market to do their job for them? Yet any idiot conceal a house in a hot market with gives fast and the kids for how much you should go for. And everybody goes. It gets roasted licence and Sally gotta roasted licence, crazy, Joe out the church got a real stay licence, thereby is gonna. Roasted life does not mean there good the business.
How many houses you shall, I fear, Damned on Harrison by show your largest assets are two houses. Your friend that's DOM. Like some by working on your Maserati that and know what they're doing dont. Don't do that. Don't lose money by choosing an amateur get an endorse: local provider, that's a higher, in high protein proven peak market performer. We do not have ie l peace of salt to our last. We, Allow you in the program, I'm sorry you have to go back. Successful before we will endorse you, we don't endorse. You show that you become successful. You real estate, people. They point cannot be your ie up when you're really really stinking good, and you said forty fifty sixty a hundred thousand a year. That's when we'll talk about it. So don't
lose money, gotta die Ramsay. Dotcom click on De L, p. For real estate endorse local provider for real estate. Unless it is whether in Oklahoma, high Alyssa, how are you I'm getting Deveria better than deserve. What's up say that hey walkers love, the year, two thousand gells that free scream with his eyes. Can we go in an excited about that? Why are there no ball and actually are burned with different in November? will be my ninety days of trying to figure out my budget. My travel dialing it engine I have been doing, though. I've been budgeting, Patrick Debate. So. I'm kind of wondering is that Wrong, do I need to start, would you let to monthly budgeting? I that's all I couldn't see inside What do you mean to do monthly and paycheck paycheck both because you ve got
I'm bills will only come up once a month and you're missing that when you do in the project. Patriot yeah I have laid out like which ones are needed: universe, paycheck and which ones I need to deal in. A very real shows us you ve almost on a whole monthly budget them amongst the object, you gonna go out and jump on. Every dollar it'll help you do that if you're not using it yet every dollar dot com download the app and use it you don't take. But ten minutes a my to set it up and get it going. Can comic, keep it managed as you go through. You can watch the Czechs go through so yeah, it's is a combination of those. Two things is you're. Making money behave because you you ve got a plan, for it than you make it stick to the plan and right now, you're doin, that by the bye, paycheck and it put it, paychecks together, you got your month, then so that's you ve got it, but you, he d scope back and look at him a month at a time. So good question: do you did you do it love. It Don Savannah isn't Missouri, Hey Savannah? How are you
I'm great area better than I deserve. What's up, ok, your husband and I are the precepts air? we are almost. Is that three, that kind of planning a had forbade he's got so that we have available to us is a portrait you seven plan, but I haven't worked my plea I've had a rough option good wondering and he doesn't have anything available here- is some kind of produce parked all of that money when we start investing it was sent into my raw forthwith, be southern waded, looking about Can I can I re outpost? a couple Roth. I raised a balance it out because you ve You got more options on the open market Fifty seven referred com which this major putting off comp delaying your compensation but you're doing it and then it's gonna grow tax free so has the same effect over for a one k, but it has to quickly little different product, but
The options that are available in there, I think you could pick you up a couple of six thou how're, you guys I am thirty. Four and thirty. Five now pick up a couple. Six thousand dollar Roth I raised on the outside it with a good, smart, vesture Pro and then dumped the balance Get to fifteen percent in that for fifty seven and because, you got eight thousand mutual funds from the open market, for which seven we'll get ten or twelve trees from on average. They may have twenty two may five out somewhere in there thou? So Jason is where those Jason's in Minnesota high Jason. How are you. Good day? Are you better than I deserve? What's up? another kind of way up. My Meyer plan Flash statistic here for lack of a better way to say here, my wife and I would add, up to you back in September, two thousand eating
Developed a really good lifestyle with the budgeting and all that kind of stuff develop good freedom to that which is which have been wonderful for a marriage for a family. For young boys at home as well over the course of these two years, about thirty four thousand dollars into loan, that one car, and I need, above all about yourself in abundance of some medical bills to along the way got real yeah yeah. It's been had been reassuring in its good having gold the accomplice along the way to help out, turn Golan Yanza living give, but nobody else can so you mean come on the physical there that I make about seventy thousand dollars a year you have a mortgage on a house other remaining balances about a hundred and twenty three thousand we have a car alone. Right now is that due a family, minivan nice, reliable vehicle with about fifty five hundred must on it
ten thousand dollars TAT in the bank right now. What am I have? Ten thousand discharging the bank we're not gonna fuck I went there and for you here? The failure of a large portion about would get. It was very, very greatly. Hollandaise sauce got repay your car off. Yet this naturally deadline Villona does one. Yet Awesome your debt free. I know I promise after this house would pay for my life in order to drive down there. Now I mean you, ve made your car off tonight, you're dead for everything, but the house right here Firstly, do we don't you do right, we'll never get it. Maya elaborate well done, awesomeness! Very! rob is whether in Kentucky Arable area. Better than I deserve, what's up, They were better now go back.
Liar about were broken by now granted life Patrick earned by one by paragraph eleven crime, even the kind of guy who had begun my paper. There are, however, some kind of put it out of the battle that bank with them I am confident that my plan around, I regret that in connection with the web page, you will believe you. Love is an illegal foreclosure. You should be set aside, have to seek the advice of an attorney for that. I don't have much other that you ve got it whether you can find your way through that other that bad,
you gotta, get that you ask the eighth thing off every one where the other openly you can chew them. If it was a legal and illegal foreclosure that removed, then that left you with dead did manage than you wouldn't be bankrupt, which will be actually manage to day you got no thanks for this is that I am sure this is Jean Charles producer of the day ran to show. Did you know you can now listen to the day? Brandy show on Pandora Hand spot a fine for all the ways to watch and listen to our Chopin Dave, Ramsay dot com. Slash, I have you. Ve got questions about retirement, investing becoming an everyday millionaire, go beggar and broader with my man Chris open on the gross organ tat. I M excited to be able to talk to you all weekend and we go we're. Gonna focus on your calls and it's gonna focus on building wealth, investing and how to become an everyday millionaire subscribe to the christian show wherever you listen
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