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10/10/19: Trump defends abandoning Kurds over WWII

2019-10-10 | 🔗

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--Donald Trump defends his abandonment of the Kurds in Syria by bringing up that the Kurds never help us during World War II, which makes very little sense

--More Republicans start turning on Donald Trump, including Senator Lindsey Graham, over his abandonment of the Kurds, but big picture, they are still Trump sycophants defending the status quo

--Notable discussions from the TDPS subreddit, including about Fox News' role in Donald Trump's impeachment, and reviews about Pat guest hosting the show during David's medical absence

--Donald Trump is rapidly becoming the new Bill Cosby as 26 new sexual assault allegations surface in a new book, "All the President’s Women: Donald Trump and the Making of a Predator," by Barry Levine and Monique El-Faizy

--A shocking Fox News poll reveals that 51% of Americans want Donald Trump impeached and removed from the Presidency, numbers that bode terribly for Donald Trump

--While defending Anne Sacoolas, the wife of an American diplomat accused of killing a British teenager in a car accident, Donald Trump says "we've all done it," raising a number of questions

--Ellen DeGeneres responds to criticism of her friendship with former President George W. Bush in ways that do and don't make sense, ignoring the horrible history of the Bush presidency

--Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani absolutely loses it during a Fox Business Network interview with Trish Regan, unable to defend any of Donald Trump's behavior

--Voicemail caller asks how we can solve the problem of irrational unsubscriptions

--On the Bonus Show: Crackdown on Statue of Liberty tour scams, virtual reality goes to work training employees, Mexico mayor tied to car and dragged by locals, much more...

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The David Pakman show at Davidpakman dot com bending his abandonment of the Kurds, which we've been following this week by pointing out that hey the cur didn't help us during World WAR Ii. Where were they actually? Maybe one of Donald Trump's dumbest comments so far, but- that Trump said. He was not abandoning the Kurds that if Turkey does things to the Kurds that he doesn't like
we will obliterate their economy, and yet here he is just a day after of course, Turkey immediately started bombing kurdish forces. Saying here's why it's ok for us to abandoned the Kurds, let's sort of work through it backwards? Here's Donald Trump's comment during a truly bizarre press conference yesterday now that birds are fighting for the land. Just so you understand they are fighting for their land and if somebody wrote in a very, very powerful article today, they'd help us in the Second World WAR, they didn't help us with no Normandy as an example, they mention names of different battles. They were there but they're there to help us with their land and that's a different thing. In addition to that, we we try. We have spent tremendous amounts of money on helping the Kurds in terms of ammunition in terms of weapons in terms of money into
terms of pay with. All of that being said, we like the Kurds, I'm glad that all that being said, we still like them, it's nice for him to mention we still like the Kurds, but I'll go further the Kurds. Can help us in the revolutionary war. The Kurds didn't jump in help the union during the civil war. Where have these people been? This is bizarro world. Ladies and gentlemen, now what is important to understand here is that Trump is now defending his abandonment of the Kurds, because as soon as he did it exactly as we pray did, Turkey bombed kurdish forces in northern Syria, but just two days ago, Trump said nothing better, would happen to the Kurds or he's going to obliterate turkeys account trump tweeting just a couple of days ago, as I have stated strongly before and To reiterate. If Turkey does anything,
I in my great and unmatched wisdom, imagine that consider to be off limits. I will totally destroy and obliterate the economy of Turkey I've done before. So what were the parameters of that because saying the hell with the Kurds? They didn't help us in world war. Two is not exactly what you say before swooping in to their defense, as you promised you would just two days ago. Maybe just this hilariously by the way Trump was at asked, so this is an alliance you've ruined now, isn't it going to make it difficult to make other alliances in the future since you've abandoned the Kurds, Kurds and Trump says not. Alliances are easy. The courage, the Us Defeat ISIS, and by allowing this offensive, going to be more difficult in future times of deed, to develop alliances. No, it won't be,
it won't be at all. Alliances are very easy, but you know our alliances have taken advantage of us. If you look at how much money we spend on NATO and how much money, countries, Europe, who are really a much bigger beneficiary, then we are ok. You know this they're there and we're here. Oh good! Ok, alliances are easy, so that's not going to be a problem bail on the IRAN Nuclear Deal without IRAN having done anything in violation of that deal, but somehow it's going to be no problem, getting people to trust us in the future. You be on the Kurds and they immediately get attacked, but it's going to keep being easy to make new alliances, because alliances are easy, I'm glad well going so well and that everything is so easy right. I mean how backwards are things when the guy who got a bogus bone spurs letter to avoid Vietnam is criticizing people who helped us fight ISIS for not helping us in World WAR two, however, many years ago, it's now been since that war. There is one upside to this
tire. Turning on the Kurds, thing that I can point to, it may actually do more damage to Trump, with republican lawmakers, then, with anybody else, republican voters. Ok, I mean many republican voters, don't know much about the Kurds at all and many of Trump's followers. The voters themselves are going just defend anything that Donald Trump does no matter what democratic lawmakers, cratic voters there already anti trump because of the thousands of other things that Donald Trump has already done. Republican lawmakers, I'm talking about people like you, know, Looney, Lindsey, Graham or Moscow, Mitch, Mcconnell and others. They uh, actually maybe angry enough with Donald Trump about his abandoning a group that has been probably working in conjunction with us for our national secure for many many years that he may suffer some political consequences, but even the opposition to what Donald Trump is doing with the hear from people like Looney Lindsey in Moscow Mitch may
maybe merely posturing in order to set themselves up to be more kredible when it comes to saying impeaching Trump. No, that's not something we have to do subpoenas and making sure that Donald Trump actually response to the subpoena's nap because the entire impeachment thing is a witch hunt anyway. There's the possibility that the opposition to Trump from republican circles on the kurdish issue, maybe a calcula it cover to obtain more credibility when they defend against Donald Trump's impeachment. That's exactly what I want to talk about next. I've been telling you this week that some prominent republican players are turning on Donald Trump, not over the Ukraine fiasco, mind you, but over the Syria and curd fiasco that we've been talking about and as we covered earlier this week, Donald Trump has pulled troops from northern
area, despite everyone from many Republicans, all the way to Noam Chomsky, agreeing that this is a very bad idea to do that. Turkey will immediately attack the Kurds if Donald Trump does that Trump did it and immediately Turkey attacked kurdish forces in weather in Syria, and now you've got Moscou Mitch Mcconnell, who is not pleased. You've got Luna Lindsey, Graham who's, not please and Looney Lindsey is making his displeasure known, but we need to do political analysis as well. Here very rarely does Looney Lindsey GO against Donald Trump in a serious manner, and here he is doing it. Tweeting yesterday quote: pray for our kurdish allies, who have been shamelessly abandoned by the Trump administration. This move, sure shores. The re emergence of ISIS now Looney Lindsey happens to be right on this particular if
too narrowly interpreted number Lindsey Graham said that Republicans would get destroyed if they nominated trump. This was back in twenty sixteen, when Lindsay tweeted. If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed and we will deserve it well. He happened to be wrong. Donald Trump won but just a reminder that Lindsey, Graham, is merely a guy who calculates the political space that he is staking out so while Lindsey Graham happens, to be correct about the Kurds and Trump's decision to abandon them. He's found something to critics criticize Donald Trump over, but remember that, just months ago, so at the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, Looney Lindsey delivered what is maybe the most unhinged confirmation hearing speech that I have ever seen from a senator on these confirmation hearing panels. Do you remember this and please I'm going to give you a few moments, get the kids out of the room. This is not what I would want my chill,
seeing if I had children, Looney Lindsay and maybe the most unhinged confirmation hearing speech in the history of american politics. If you wanted the FBI investigation, you could have come to us. What you want to do is to Troy this guy's life, hold this seat open and hope you win in twenty twenty. You said that not me, you've got nothing to jazz for when you see so Tamara Cake and Tellement Lindsey said all because I voted for the. I would never do to them what you've done to this guy. This is the most on ethical sham. Since I've been in politics and if you really wanted to know the truth, you sure as Hell, what have done, what you've done to this guy. Are you a gang rapist? No there's
he's, making sense right. So listen. I have no praise for Graham, he is a flip flopper, put my finger to the wind and see what will get me some kind of attention type of guy. He will sometimes come to conclude is that sound logical or they sound remotely sane and then the next day he will take some outrageous position. That is the exact opposite of logical insane and case in point yesterday: Lindsey Graham attacks, Donald Trump, because clearly Donna transaction actions are wrong to him and then he's at the same time I mean the day before he was fighting against the constitutional shrine by the law. Impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump he's a disgrace and in act, as I mentioned earlier in the show this may all be calculated in order to either distract from the impeachment inquiry to set himself,
up to claim impartiality on the impeachment inquiry, because there could be a broader plan here. Trump doesn't have the ability to do non, concrete, multi, dimensional thinking from can't do it. Lindsey, Graham, is capable of that and so there may be a calculation here that Lindsey, Graham, is English, and I want to oppose Trump's impeachment as strongly as possible and the way to do that without appearing like a mere reflexive partisan hack, which he is up, would be to criticize Trump somewhere, but then to come around and say: listen. I've been is critical of Trump as the next person when Trump abandon the Kurds. I criticize them, but the impeachment inquiry is unconstitutional and it must end, I would not put it past, Lindsey, Graham to be thinking in that way and to be calculating along along because in the end, he's disgusting and we'd be much better off. If someone could defeat him in South Carolina and get
out of the Senate, and he in the end is still a participant in a strongly as possibly maintaining the trump be quote, even though he says he disagrees with Trump on this Lindsey Graham's, broader positioning as a brown nosing sycophant of Donald Trump's, who defends the idea of Trump as president as anything other than an national the. That is not changed, and until I see evidence that it is changed, loony, Linda Z is just doing what he always does, which is putting his finger to the wind figuring out how he can make a statement or make a political calculation that will get him more attention. That will get him more air time or time with the president or time in the media or whatever. That's all that's going on here this weekend. Okay,
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tions happening over on the David Pakman Show Sub Reddit. Nearly fifteen thousand of our viewers and listeners are now participating in moderated respectful political discussion at David, Pakman, dot com, slash, read it that's our e d d. I t very interesting post, pointing out or asserting that a Fox news. It wasn't a thing trump would have been impeached by now. I actually I agree, but this is a bit too simplistic, and what I mean by that is Fox by itself has action. Particularly over the last six months, not been the one hundred percent reflexive trump defending tools that they were for the latter part of the twenty sixteen election and the early part of the Trump presidency, I would sort of frame in a different different way. The broader right wing media, reinforced by so
Media algorithms, ECHO Chamber, is what is very different now than when Richard Nixon was under impeachment in the 1970s. So it's not Fox news by itself, although Fox NEWS, at least the opinion shows that I love the guy like Hannity and Laura Ingraham, and whoever else they still a big part of it, but it's the broader ecosystem that exists where you can have folks who are only watching the Fox news shows that support trump and they're watching you know one american NEWS and they're sharing fake news on Facebook and the algorithm is reinforcing that with articles from bright barked- and you know, whoever else is. That is the broader thing it's it's. I would go take more than Fox NEWS, but you are completely right in that it is that ecosystem. That is one of the big differences between
impeachment around Richard Nixon in the 1970s and Trump now, and we will see ultimately what it does for Trump once we know the sort of full scope and final results of the impeachment inquiry that is going on right now, also from the David Packman show subreddit. Finally, Pat guest host the show user Pdx Pro courier saying, I would much rather see pat host the show then Farron, cousins or Benjamin Dixon. I, like those guys nothing against them, but Pat is the og yeah and then they go on to it to say things that I won't say just because our show is, you know, broadcast on FCC regulated radio station had the a job I had my emergency appendectomy a week ago and I completely missed the Thursday Show Pat was able to
together a compilation episode with a nice introduction and he hosted the bonus show he hosted the bonus show on Friday and actually did a couple stories for you on Friday. A fantastic job and we're exploring we're exploring other spots. Where you may be able to see more pat for people who don't like Pat and of course there are people in the audience who, like and dislike anybody who's ever been on. The show myself included don't worry, you are still going to be able to avoid Pat. If that is your priority, but now Pat did a great job, and I really appreciate all the comments not only wishing me well recovering from my appendectomy, but also the positive comments about Pat join the discussion. More than fifteen thousand other viewers and listeners
are participating at David, Pakman, dot com, slash r e d d. I t in the background of the impeachment inquiry in the background of trying to bribe Ukraine in the background of Donald Trump's taxes. In the background of Trump, the band, ng the Kurds in Syria and the immediate bombings carried out on kurdish forces by Turkey. There are twenty six new sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump. There is a new book all the presidents, women Donald Trump and the making of a predator. The book was written by Barry, Levine and Monique L Easy where there are four thirty three new allegations of inappropriate behavior with women by Donald Trump of those four thousand three hundred and twenty six, rise to what we would realistically call unwanted sexual contact or sexual assault. As many of us refer to it are, the theme is always the same trump is using Trump's. Throwing
wealth around Trump's, throwing his power around and sometimes he's throwing his weight around. In a literal sense, the fact that he is physically a large guy to sexually assault women to touch them in bath is everything that you can imagine. One apple has Donald Trump, allegedly hiding behind a tapestry to grope a woman at his Lago Estate. There are literally dozens of examples- I'm not going to go through all of them here.
The book even identifies the women that malani a Trump viewed at the time as the biggest threats to her status as Donald Trump's, primary girlfriend malani. Of course, now I trumps wife and the first lady during a brief break up between Donald Trump and Melania over trust issues. Trump report reportedly really scaled up the sexual assaults on women, and I think this is an important point at which I should mention. There are people who are talking about the infidelity component of Don. Trump and Melania Trump's relationship? I don't care about that. I truly could not care less about that. I don't care. If Bill Clinton, cheats on Hillary, I don't care if Trump cheats on Millenia, which obviously he doesn't mean, he's paid off mistresses during his marriage. That's not really the important part
They can do whatever they want in their relationship, whatever relationship works for them good for them, the important parts are: we've got a predator here who is sexually assaulting women. This is some who is possibly illegally paying off. The women and these are women who stories are often suppressed by everything- from physical threats to hush money. Remember that in the case of Stormy Daniels, she alleges that her believe it's daughter was threatened implicitly by a guy in a parking lot. Who came up to her saying you don't want to talk about this from stuff and there has been no accountability in part. There's been no accountability because the trouble Lecter it even evangelicals who claim to vote their values. They would rather vote for a serial sex assault. Her then, for a democrat period I mean that that's it's
simple as that with millions of republican voters and in the end the big picture is these. Are people claim that they are all about their values, but then they don't actually live, then they don't actually vote them. Certainly- and it's in remember, you know Trump's previously said when you're famous or rich or whatever they just. Let you do it apparently, not just when we think that we are starting to kind of wrap our heads around how disgusting he is we learn of about twenty six new allegations in this case and meanwhile I mean this- is it it gives me the chills MIKE Pence's wife, Karen PEN, said. I believe it was at a rally last night or the night before a minute. In Minnesota that she loves how Donald Trump treats young- women. Can you imagine being either this disconnected from reality or this malignantly dishonest to go onto a stage
and say about a guy who has talked about how, if Ivanka weren't his daughter, dot, dot dot, who, treated so many women terribly, who has admitted to just going up and grab whatever it is, that he grabs for her to say he loves. She loves how he treats young women now. I do think it would be good to prevent this story from going away again because it gets very and when you have you know the 18th, the 19th, the 20th I mean, we've got it. So Sixteen seventeen allegations we had this is twenty six more we're talking about around forty five women that are two different degrees, accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault. I get that he's not going to face legal consequences. The statute of limitations has elapsed on many of these, but it feels like the least we can do is keep this in the news. Don't let it get buried so
that's in addition to trying to extort Ukraine and this story and that political scandal, and not cooperating with impeachment and all of this other stuff. In addition to all of that stuff, we can keep the fact that there's no way all of these women are making this up in news that there is one way to hold Donald Trump Accountable, no matter what the statute of limitations is on sexual assault and that's by voting out of office in November of twenty twenty, I believe there would be a benefit to keeping this in the news. Although Trump vis, a political scandal, has been a really good job of making the sexual assaults stories go away and the media, you know they will, when a story is hot, they will try to pull in a one of the accusers. For example, E Jean Carroll was one that Anderson Cooper interviewed interview didn't go particularly well, but once that
Jules ratings hit goes away. The stories tend to go away as well, and I think that this is definitely something that should be kept in the news. Let's take a quick break, make sure you're following the David Pakman show on Instagram at David Pakman show, while you were there, follow.
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welcome back to the David Pakman show, there is a stunning new poll from Right Wing Fox NEWS, showing that more than half of Americans want Donald Trump, not just impeached, but impeached and removed from office. Now earlier this week, I told you about the new Washington Post Poll and that one said, sixty percent of the country agrees with the impeachment inquiry and that support for the inquiry has tripled. Among Republicans from about ten percent to about thirty percent
news poll asked something else which is: do you believe that Donald Trump should be impeached and removed? And fifty one percent of Americans now say? Yes, he should an additional four percent say yes on impeachment, but not yet sure on the removal. This poll, being from Fox NEWS, will likely accelerate Donald Trump's break up with Fox NEWS, which we've been tracking for a long time, that's really kind of a sad store, a side story. But there is one interesting thing to mention there remember how. Last week I told you that former republican speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, is now a board member at Fox NEWS, there is speculation. People are saying is Donald Trump likes to say there is speculation, that it is Paul Ryan's discussed with Donald Trump that may actually be behind some of the separation that were seeing between Fox and Trump recently, which is an interesting theory, but a story for another day back to the polling, truly devastating numbers, and
and I want to talk about why- and I really want you to understand the significance of these numbers. I went back and looked at polling from the 1970s Gallup was doing a lot of polling of the Nixon white house in the nineteen seventies. This was on the Watergate. Scandal was ramping up for Richard Nixon and the portion of the country that wanted Nixon n p. Remained quite low well into the impeachment inquiry. Even when the majority of the country already believed Watergate is serious, already believed that Nixon guilty of wrongdoing, in that only twenty six percent of the country believes that Richard Nixon should be impeached and removed, and Nixon remember did-
and have the benefit of a right wing media echo Chamber, defending everything that he does all the time. This thing started two weeks ago and more than half of the country now believes that the president should be removed from office in a Fox news poll. Now there's another interesting thing for most presidents, you gauge how things are going by approval Ng Trump's approval rating has become completely secondary. We are now gauging how things are going by how many people want Donald Trump, impeached and removed. This is not normal. The fact that the focus now is not on approval, but on impeachment support means the things are are very different from the way they normally are with american presidents. This is so by the way new territory for Trump in that in business. When he's gotten into trouble, he has the escape hatch of bankruptcy and he's used. It he's pulled, he's pulled the cord on that escape hatch. Many times you get it with the
bankruptcy from what's going on right now. I guess the equivalent would be resignation, but we're very very far from that really being a discussion. So that being said, a refusal to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry makes him look more guilty to normal people. His followers will resist that they'll say now. Now he's doing the right thing to witchhunt he's fighting it he's not going to bow down to the witch hunt, but even some Republicans are going to see Trump's refusal to cooperate at all as a sign of guilt, Nixon tried to fight impeachment, he lauste Trump thinks he can fight it and win. He maybe write a buddy may not now. Let me throw something else at you about the fifty percent wanting Donald Trump impeached and removed Trump lost the popular vote, ok by a lot by more than any previous president. Millions of votes this is now being called a coup attempt by defenders of Trump and by Trump himself. This is a coup to review
the election results and remove Donald Trump from office by the very people who never voted for him. In the first place I went back and looked. Every impeachment in history was called a coup attempt by the defenders of the press that was at risk of being removed, so that is another propaganda technique made to once again distract from the facts, and I encourage you not to fall for it. This is a constitutionally enshrined mechanism to investigate and adjudicate the wrongdoing of a president. It is not a coup, it's almost the opposite, and it is not a new thing. Every president facing impeachment has had defenders say this is an attempt at a coup. It is not this
the system is designed. This is a sort of you have to see it to believe it. Video that is extraordinarily weird. This horrible thing happened where the wife of an american diplomat named Ansa Kulas, has been accused of killing british teenager in a car accident, the teen was on a motorcycle. It happened near a british military base. That's used by the Us Air Force, the parents plan to start a civil action against the woman who is driving the car and the woman immediately left the country after the incident. Now as a diplomat's wife, she is said to have diplomatic immunity, but there is a question about that which I'm going to. Get to a little bit later. Donald Trump was asked reportedly on a phone call by british Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, about rejecting Ansa coulisses immunity so that
We would have to go back to the United Kingdom for a potentially for a criminal trial, and Donald Trump has rejected that request. So yesterday he answered questions in front of reporters yesterday or the day before. He was asked about the entire thing and he says: listen, we've all done it and the obvious question is: we've all done what we've all driven on the wrong side of the road, because we're used to driving in the US and we were driving in the UK. We've all run someone over with a car and then fled the country claiming diplomatic immunity like what is it that we've all done, that Donald Trump is talking about. He brings up that living on. The other side of the road is a difficult as they do in the UK and that these things can happen in that it's all. It's happened to all of us. Take a listen to this, the woman driving on the wrong side of the road, and- and that can happen you know those are the opposite roads. That happens. I don't say it ever happened to me, but it did when you get
used to driving on our system and then you're. All of a sudden. The other system where you driving it happens, have to be careful very careful so young man was killed, the person was driving, the automobile has diplomatic immunity, we're going to speak to her very shortly and see if we can do some thing where they made. It was an accident. It was an act, it's a terrible accident. I won't say it ever happened to me, but it did like what what is he talking about did or didn't yeah? I I true. I am I've watched this. It must've been ten times. What is he saying and even as from that, the great Empathizer right I mean you just Trump has a way of when there's been a tragedy. His comments just make you feel much better. They make you feel much better about the tragedy that make you feel much better about humanity. Yeah right now well as far as diplomatic immunity I alluded to this earlier. There is a question about the diplomatic immunity that is being
international lawyer. Mark Stevens is claiming that actually answer clueless did not have diplomatic immunity in the U K, because her husband, Jonathan's, the coolest, was not actually on the official diplomatic list and that, by extension, his wife and is also not protect
the by diplomatic immunity, it's always a mess. I have no idea what will ultimately come of this. It's of course, a horrible tragedy and trump saying we've. All done it is about is a brutally glib as a response to what is effectively vehicular manslaughter. So my questions to you are what the hell is Trump talking about when Trump says: we've all done it. What is he saying that we've all done when Trump says? I won't say it ever happened to me, but it did. What is he saying happened to him? Let me know what you think post a reply. If you're watching on Youtube send me a tweet if you're on twitter at D, Packman. We will take a quick break and be back right after this. I want to talk about the Ellen George W Bush thing. I want to talk about Rudy Giuliani, going cuckoo for cocoa puffs during a fox business interview with Trish Regan, we also have, unfortunately, a really kind of depressing voicemail to respond to today, but
maybe will will let us discuss some interesting things, all of that and more coming up right after this short break, the David Pakman show at Davidpackman dot com. The David Pakman show is audience supported, media and you can mute any amount you want on Patris on as little as one dollar per month. Plus you can get the daily bonus show world famous at this point and the daily commercial free tv show by making those pledges at patrison dot com, Slash David Packman show this is audience supported media. We depend on the support of our viewers and listeners, whether you, listen to the podcast watch on Youtube or Watch is on tv or even listen on the radio patris on dot com, Slash David Pack,
the David Pakman, show David Pakman dot com. I want to talk about the controversy. That's exploded over Ellen Degeneres, being friends with George W Bush and defending her friendship with them, and I actually knew about this friendship for a while between what seems in some way sort of like an unlikely pair of people who would be friends that a leftist lesbian talk show host and a NEO con public and former president- and you know I mean I think it's fine but part of Ellen's commentary on this hasn't been good, and I want to talk through it with you because, as I said before, it's really profitable to have a take on this. That is
There are one hundred percent on one side or one hundred percent on the other, and the truth is that there actually is some nuance here that I think is relevant to discuss an I've been very careful over the last two one, slash two years of the Trump presidency, not to inadvertently rehabilitate George W wishes image. So when I say Trump is much worse than even George W Bush on this or on that, I want to couch it and make it here that I am not looking back at the George W Bush presidency through rose, colored, glasses or in any way minimizing the horrors of the war criminality in all of the stuff that George W Bush did, and the reason that I think this is important. Is that with time it's easy to forget how disgustingly terrable George? will you Bush's presidency was- and many of my viewers were really young during that presidency and may not even really remember it so they're getting a lot of
understanding of that presidency. From what I happen to offhandedly say: that's why I take it really seriously, not in any way, rehabilitate George W Bush is image. When I can to Donald Trump are to anything else. So other day, George W Bush and Ellen Degeneres are spotted together at a football game in Texas have a grand old time, and some people started to mad about it. How dare Ellen be friends with someone as horrible as George W Bush and the controversy got big enough that Ellen responded to it on her show she did several minute segment on her show now the right thing to do this segment correctly would play the video for you now and I planned to do it, but yesterday a bunch of people got copyright strikes and their Youtube accounts got completely destroyed by Ellen's production company for using a clay
of the Show- and I don't want to do that- I think that'll be counterproductive to the segment so find the video online of her response. It's very easy. She essentially said: listen, I'm friends with lots of people. I don't agree with on politics. We should be kind to everyone when I say be trying to everyone. I mean everyone, not just people. We agree with politically I'm friends with people who wear fur an I don't wear fur and I'm still friends with them, but when we say because to everyone I mean be kind to everyone. This is a paraphrasing of her response, but you can pause this video if you're watching on Youtube find that video then come back. I just want to avoid the problem of the wrath of Ellen's production company. If I play the video now, she almost has it right in a sense, but she goes too far. So, if you want me to sit here and say, there's nothing along with what Alan said, this is great bipartisan friendships. I'm not going to say that. Do you want me to condemn Ellen as a terrable person for what she said and saying it, so
completely wrong. I'm also not going to do that. There is a good message in there. Okay, if people were able to get along in general, better across party lines across religious lines, cultural, whatever, society would be much better off and Ellen is right. I mean we all have families, friends and colleagues, and you can't at every opportunity that you meet someone with a different opinion even an opinion you find disgusting, start attacking and yelling, even during a football game and say I will not be around this person, you are not going to be invited anywhere. It's not a pragmatic way to carry about your life that part of the message
is one hundred and ten percent spot on about, but this is a former president, okay, so for Ellen to simply say we have disagreements just like. I know, people who wear fur and I don't but we're still friends. It suggests a sort of political amnesia about the fact that George W Bush is not just your uncle who is against abortion right, and I think that that's the problem I had with Ellen's response. George W Bush is a war criminal with blood on his hands, whose decisions as president led to the deaths of thousands of american soldiers, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of iraqi civilians. She is going in the direction of almost suggesting that these are differences like tastes in food or wine. But what we're talking about is one
the biggest foreign policy blunders in modern american history that led to endless death, sanctioning totally unamerican torture by the US government campaigning against LGBT rights by the way, L, of course, being a lesbian herself scaling up the war on drugs, really really bad and then the a lot of hangers on pop up, and then they play the role of the enlightened centrist, and this is just so stupid. The really bad takes. Here's one example: there's a Hawaii congresswoman named Tulsi Gabbard, who is running for president actually, who tweeted quote, Ellen's message of being kind to all is so needed right now enough with the divisiveness. We can't let politics terrace apart. There are things. We will disagree on strongly and things we agree on, let's treat each other each other with respect, aloha and work together for the people to listen. This is a fine message in general,
but that doesn't mean you have to apply it to the few people on the planet who are actual war criminals, whose decisions have actually led to the deaths of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. Now there will be people who say but David, you know. The truth is every president is responsible for deaths through foreign policy right that so, does this mean you can't ever be friends with any president. No I'm not even saying I have a problem with Ellen's friendship with George W Bush, but the sort of flippant and glib nature of not saying it's not just disagreements. It's his pleat Lee boneheaded decisions. We're not only discriminate Tori against an entire class of people, which I am a member of an led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of know. It
listen some people wear for, and I don't- and it's just you know we're we're friends or whatever. So I want to be really clear. This is not about cancel Ellen. I tweeted about this a couple days ago and people started writing back wow David. Your cancel culture now you're trying to get Ellen canceled because she's not being partisan. Your part of the problem now I like Ellen. She can be friends with George W Bush. I don't have a problem with the friendship per se, even I'm sure, on a personal level, he's a nice guy. I tell you about his paintings that he as whatever The reason that I'm okay with the friendship is that, ideally with friendships like these, we would be prevent people, like George W Bush, from doing the horrible. Things that he did when he got into power in the first place? In other words, we can't diminish the sick nature of what he did to a quitting it two choices about food wine or wearing fur or not, and that's where Allen loses me. This is a war criminal with the blood of hundreds of thousands of people on his hands. Who were
optional casualties of his administration. There can be a limit to unconditional kindness that doesn't make us terrible people. Would we apply the same thing to I mean I'm thinking out loud. I don't know the answer, would we say? Listen. Osama Bin Laden did terrible terrible things, but I'm about being kind to everybody and we're going to go, hang out and watch soccer in Pakistan or wherever else I don't know. Maybe you do. Maybe you don't? What about a mass murderer? Treating someone with respect versus this writing things is mere choice. Disagreements is a problem, so in the big picture, more discussion, more friendship, socializing between people with political differences, is good but saying that she and Bush merely have differences of opinion is political amnesia or it's an difference of the worst kind. That's the problem I have with it. So it's not just Donald Trump who's, increasingly unstable as a result of the recent impeachment inquiry and the corresponding Ukraine fiasco and everything else, that's going on
Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, also seems to be unwell. He went on Fox NEWS the other day starting to hold up a pad of paper to the camera shouting about some completely fake scandal, in which Obama is now supposedly implicated, and it made for extraordinarily entertaining television, which also confirmed how post fact we have Gotten Rudy was interviewed by Fox Business host, Trish Regan and, to her credit, she asked mostly terrible questions, but, like a couple times, she actually asked a good question which is hold on Rudy setting aside all of the other details. Why was Donald Trump at all involved in getting trying to get not just you rain, but also China, to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and Rudy is incoherent and doesn't answer check it out. There's a lot to unpack here. So to start us off in trying to attack by in Rudy literally defines bribery is done by Donald Trump. Was a one off. We
have highly unethical conflict. Contrary to what Joe Biden said today, there was no conflict. The New York Times said there was a conflict, Joe Joe really lost today. I don't know if you saw the clip, but he very very angry reminded me of some of the people investigator as US attorney was in it, but the reality is that what happened in Ukraine is, if she is a one off, could be an isolated case of technical bribery offer something of value in exchange for official action is the classic common law crime of bribery. By did that he often one point: two billion dollar loan guarantee threatened to take it away in order to intimidate Strong arm is his word, the the president of Ukraine to fire the prosecutor, technical bribery, offering something of value for official action. Like Trump said, we want that livable. If you deliver a Biden smear, we will get, you
of millions in military aid got it thanks, Rudy for clarifying that. Let's continue here, Rudy starts going into Joe Biden's. Corrupt, and the Obama administration might have been filled with this type of corruption. It's the Clinton Foundation, it's Obama, it's all of it, says Rudy. He got elected vice president, and then they monetized his vice presidency. For hundreds of millions. Certainly tens of millions of dollars. It's just so often is just too frequent. It's just too anytime saying I don't know my family's business when his family's business was in the newspapers. Now I mean look at this phone is clearly a conflict of interest. He should know I mean it just sucks. For goodness sakes, it's corrupt effect. That's what it is. It's big! It's a big scandal. It's a big pay for place game. It raises the question how much more like this was going on in the Obama administration. It's.
It sounds like the Clinton Foundation to Maine where they were selling out the country and getting donations to the Clinton Foundation and Obama was Gee. I don't see it wow, that's what what is he talking bomber Clinton like what is this guy talking about and then Trish Regan gets to her question. Why is Trump involved in this and here's how Rudy defend Is it and notice that there is no answer in what Rudy Giuliani says? Ok, so then the some becomes yeah? Okay, conflict of interest? Maybe maybe far worse, I mean to your point. It could be much worse than a conflict of interest, but then why is that President of United States ask think about it. Why is he doing any digging? Why doesn't he leave it to you know you and others to do all that? Why get involved, because this came up? Not? thing to do with Joe Biden running for president. It came up to maybe in November of twenty eighteen over almost year ago, when every Ukrainians reached out to me through intermediary,
told me, I wouldn't believe it. For a year and a half they have been trying to give us evidence that more collusion took place in Ukraine than in Russia, where they believe no collusion took place. So I'd. I've done that Becaus Trish, I'm his defense lawyer If I were doing this for a terrorist, those phonies in the Senate and the house would be defending me. Remember Trish Regan's question was: why was Trump involved in doing this, and Rudy justifies his own involvement in this and then Trish Regan tries again, but why was Trump personally involved in this, but you know that the concern is why it? Why was it even? Why would your name come up in a conversation with the president of Ukraine? Why would President Trump beat talking about about Rudy Giuliani talk about no actually, technically, you are right, sir. I'm not.
Actually right? I am, I know, you're right you're right. I saw the memo the transcript. I read, it's a highlighter and all yes bring me up yeah what is alleged to bring up because for five months before actually eight months I had been investigating you cry in collusion once again, Rudy can talk of out whatever he wants, but there is no answer there about why Donald Trump was at all involved in this nonsense then asked about why he doesn't have. Evidence of this. He says: oh well, of course, Biden had the evidence destroyed and removed. Obviously, I don't have the rest of it, because Joe Biden bribed the President Ukraine, who had the next prosecutor, dismiss the case that contain that evidence called the ant akgaes along with Christmas, along with by and son. I wasn't looking for Joe Biden, the Ukraine. This gave me Joe Biden, and they do you know something he interfered with your case. I hope it's coming through the
these are the rantings of a madman. I mean, quite quite I'm, I'm being serious about this. If you're watching your probably notice thing that the interviewer Trish Regan looks visibly confused, Rudy Giuliani, saying that's because route making no sense and still giving no answer to the question. Why is Trump involved in this and he keeps up with this the Ukraine stuff? Can't you just say you cry: it's not the Ukraine and then Rudy wraps it all up with his rapid fire rhetorical. Means where there were a lot of drugs and a lot of other problems, and you don't think we think you're corrupt You don't think. We think that your country is hypocritical and don't you I think the president of the United States has to vindicate that. Don't you think we to straighten it out article two section: three: the constitution, something of these demo. Pics of trashed says the President of United States has the
location to take care that the laws are faithfully executed, bite and trash the laws of the United States to the in Bay president of my country, and they found that not be cause the candidate for president. He was on thinking about it. Then I found it. I started my career and maybe I'll end it rooting out corruption at the highest levels of government and I've done publicans and Democrats right, man Rudy just making no sense and it's sort of funny, because Rudy will often be interviewed by other Fox news hosts and when, like Hannity when she Hannity interviews, Rudy Hannity, interrupt all the time to steer the conversation and to refocus it and to also add his own perverse spin to the stories. Trish Regan doesn't do that. She, let's Rudy Giuliani, talk and he comes completely unglued as a result of it hopefully someday. We will have a full
counting of how Rudy Giuliani even got himself into this position with Donald Trump in the first place, because it's totally incoherent. It makes no sense it's not clear. What Rudy Giuliani is talking about and as far as clarifying, I think the whole point of this interview is: let's clarify the Biden thing: let's clarify your involvement: let's clarify the president's involvement. Things were less clear for sure after Rudy Giuliani finish this converse. Turn on fox business. We have a voicemail number. The number is two thousand one hundred and ninety two David find today's find today's voicemail really depressing this there's a lot of stuff related to this. Going on behind the scenes, take a listen hi David love, your show, my name Steve from California, so I've been watching your show on Youtube for a while now I noticed that you have to consistently qualify every statement you make with criticizing the left or something similar needs will see. Gap Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warner would have you had, you said
we'll, send you a rational messages or unsubscribing and get upset. So my question is: how do we solve this problem of people not being able to have rational conversations and listening to mild criticism? Perhaps organ different viewpoints yeah. I think it's pretty outrageous that you have to go to these ranks for your own audience. It's really a can the talking to children, and even in this case, where the we're you likely largely agree with you yeah, so just one Do you think that is, but let the show- and thanks have I don't have the answer and I think it's important to say this is a small percentage of my audience, but it is allowed percentage of my audience and yeah I mean listen. I I'd say. Is leading the polls and I get absolutely destroyed. I say Bernie is
longer on money out of politics and I get absolutely destroyed because I'm picking sides or whatever you know, I'm doing the best job. I can to tell you what the facts are and to interpret the facts as best as I can, and so there's there's two ugly sides to this. There is the political side which is stuff like that. There's also, you know the people. I think one of the criticisms of even tell goals who vote for Trump? Is that they it's claim to espouse certain values, and then they don't vote them? I don't want to do that. One of the things that I do on this program is as a business owner. I try to actually live the valley. Is that I espouse. I think people in the US are overworked. They need more vacation, for example, so we take vacations on the show the staff gets time off and Just the other day. I got a message from someone. I guess I left this. To said, I love what I love the show love almost everything you say, but you guys take too much time off.
And I'm canceling my membership, I'm still going to watch the stuff, but I'm not going to give you any more money cuz. I just don't think you deserve it. I'm a business owner and I don't take any vacation and I didn't write back cuz, I'm not going to engage in the stuff but You know when I read that I hear that what what the person is saying is. I need to have a better work. Life balance. What kind of person would I be as someone who politically is advocating a better worker time off and resources and better treatment of workers if, then, I said we're going to work through the year and will have three days off at the end of the year right I mean it's like we're not going to do it and if you're going to cancel your membership for that or going to cancel your membership because I've reported polls, I see it all- is kind of part of the same problem and unfortunately I do not know how fix it. I can only keep doing what I'm doing and do it the best way I possibly can we will probably more about that and many other things on today's bonus show the bonus.
Is available to paid members answer patrons paid members can sign up and join Pakman dot. Com patrons can sign up at patrie dot com, Slash David Pakman show we will talk about a crackdown on fake statue of liberty tours after Alec Baldwin fell for the scan. We will talk about the rise of virtual reality for employment training and we will have a truly horrible story about a mexican mayor. Those stories and more on the bonus show look forward to speaking to you. Then the David Pakman show at David dot com
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