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10/12/21: COVID Down, Debt Ceiling Up, Country Sideways

2021-10-12 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--COVID cases in the US plummet, now down nearly 50%, with the next few months of COVID remaining a question mark

--A temporary increase to the debt ceiling has been in principle agreed to, and David discusses why the show has not been covering the debt ceiling much

--Anti-vaccine chiropractors are increasingly a bigger and bigger problem in the context of the COVID pandemic

--Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson descends into full conspiracy madness in an outrageous rant

--Donald Trump's latest rally, in Iowa with major Republican politicians, was particularly horrifying even by the standards of what we've come to expect from such rallies

--Attendees at Donald Trump's latest rally in Iowa are interviewed, and it's as disastrous as anyone could imagine

--Donald Trump declares that Haitian migrants have AIDS in an off-the-wall Fox News interview with Sean Hannity

--Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene falsely claims that the medication Ivermectin won a "Nobel Peace Prize"

--Anti-vaccine voicemail caller delivers a completely unhinged rant that is beyond belief

--On the Bonus Show: TX Governor bans all vaccine mandates, France will ban plastic packaging for fruits and vegetables, Samsung struggling with its foldable phones, much more...

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Or I welcome everybody, looked It started after a long holiday week end in the United States federal holiday. We were off with the latest coded news: it's it's really pretty good up in five states the covert situations getting worse in forty five plus DC. It's getting significantly better to the point where cases in the United States have now plummeted by about fifty percent since their delta peak. So all good news of vaccine doses are up a little bit. Cases are down, deaths are now down and the question is becoming what
happens in the winter season. So, let's start at the very beginning, our cases looking globally globally cases are down from their dealt a peak of about six hundred and sixty thousand a day insane number down to about four hundred thousand a day. Four hundred four thousand a day that's a decline of nearly thirty nine percent. Now, in the United States cases are down even more precipitously if you believe the data which I think we ve talked about this before big picture, we mostly can, even if we're not getting the full story from every single state, cases in the? U s down from their dealt a peak of about a hundred and sixty seven thousand two about it. Five thousand cases a day, still a ton of cases, but it's a decline of its about fifty percent. Forty nine point something percent. Now the caviar here is do those. Now,
include, what is obviously slower reporting thanks to the long holiday week, and these numbers might end up being adjusted up a little bit as the testing and reporting cut. Catches up and is integrated into these numbers, but big picture a significant decline at this point. In terms of debts, which often follow cases by three to four weeks globally, deaths are down about thirty, four percent from their delta peak, which remember it's not the full pandemic peak. Ok, the delta global death peak was about ten thousand deaths a day were at one point. We were at fourteen thousand in a previous peak so down from about ten thousand a day to like sixty seven fifty within the United States. The death decline is not quite as sharp a deaths in the: U Dot S down about twenty six percent from their delta peak now around one thousand four hundred per day. Remember this relevant data point
we want to think about just how are we doing in general, in a normal, flew season. In the: U S, there is about a hundred deaths a day again they're, not Really a hundred a day. There are concentrated during flew season. You ve got more than a hundred a day during flew season fewer than today in the summer, but but a hundred a day, cove of course, still way way higher than that multiples higher in terms of situation, we are seeing daily vaccine doses trickle up a little bit. Remember that daily vaccinations at one point had surpassed three may You knew doses per day in the: U S that was in MID April. That has come off the way down at one point down two: five hundred thousand new doses a day, pathetic number completely pathetic, and then, as the delta variant started, to surge sorted vaccinate Joe Biden announced some vaccine requirements. There was an their surgeon, vaccination and recently we have seen daily doses administered in the. U S up to about
a million a day, we could be doing so much better. We have so many doses available, but you still prefer to see One million per day, rather than five hundred thousand globally. New doses are also up. You might remember. Last week I said: hey guys we're seeing twenty three million doses a day were up to twenty five million doses a day globally These are still really small numbers. But all mention them. Last week we Seeing the zero point, two nine per cent of the population, getting a dose that's up to now, zero point. Three two percent of the global population is getting a dose each day. Did these are tiny, tiny numbers, but it's an increase and will take any increase that we
and get now compared to the vaccination rate of any other planet in our solar system. We're doing really well we're really kicking some ass. If we compare earth to other planets, where do we go from here, not really clear we have not yet won. I saw funny article which said found she says we shouldn't declare victory prematurely. I was thinking we shouldn't declare victory prematurely again because we already debt and in some places, never conceited. There was even a battle, but there were some premature. Declarations of victory is well beyond beyond that. We ve got to see what happens: in terms of the winter there is the view that, inciting with flew season bringing to see another coke another covered peak. If we're going to see that we would expect to see the numbers turn around relatively quickly as were starting to get into the cold season in much of the how much of the country in terms of those who say we're not going to see it. They are saying no, no because of vaccinations and because of everything that's going on. This is now
please sort of like on linked from the seasonality of flu season. We're not going to see a winter spike remains to be seen. In about six weeks, we're going to know, but in the interim. Let's hope things continue going in the right direction. We have news in terms of the debt ceiling, I'm gonna give you the news, but I am also When I tell you why I really haven't been covering the debt ceiling story, that much and I know that there are some in the audience who agree with my reasoning and their son in the audience who who don't so to begin with there house is going to vote to extend the debts through early December CNN reporting on this, the House of Representatives expected to vote today to extend the debt limit through early December after the Senate approved a stopgap measure last week in a bid to avert a catastrophic default and economic disaster. Once the Democratic controlled house passes the short term extension, it will be cleared for President Joe Biden, signature,
JANET yell in the Treasury secretary, worn lawmakers. The federal government will likely run out of cash by October. Eighteen, unless Congress raises the debt ceiling, setting up a ticking clock and high stakes com, may not even have that long to act, since the deadline is more of a best guess, estimate than a set in stone deadline that dynamic intensified. Pressure on Democrats and Republicans to reach a deal to address the dep limit. Ok, so what We're talking about here is passed. The debt limit increase to enable the Treasury to keep borrowing money to pay bills for two months. This would be temporary, this will set up? Another round of the exact same thing in December, so why haven't I've been talking about this that much quite frankly, and an eye I want to be careful with my language. You as an individual should barely care about this. The debt ceiling was created in the first place to put a limit on how much debt the government could take on without me
firing a really clumsy process that was in place beforehand, we don't even need to go over the process that was in place beforehand. The point was just let them take on debt, but cap it so they can. Go beyond a certain amount without coming back to us, it sort of what actually us a heel. Bloom has a good twitter threat on this and so he'll tweeted. This is sort of like it used to be that you to get approval every time you wanted to buy something on your credit card. Now it's you just have a spending limit in total on the credit card and you can buy whatever you want until you hit that limit. If he had the limit, you got asked for an increase every once in a while. You gonna need to raise it. Why? Well? The country keeps growing the economy keeps growing, and so, even if you maintain the same percentage the economy and at the wrong borders are going to go up over time, but this entire process, basically a rubber stamp. We ve got to raise it. We ve got to raise it. Work one country our economy grows, we gotta raised the debt ceiling, debt ceiling
creases, remember, are needed for prior spending that already been authorized republicans like to play this game. Where they say we're not gonna, do This allowed Democrats to keep spending us into debt, oblivion, Hoddan, that's grandstanding! That's a lie it. They want to pretend that this has to stop Democrats from spending its for prior spending. That was all ready approved by Congress. The fear is, if they don't do this the? U S will default on its debt so that all the fear mongering and the headline start Republican say we're gonna default because we have too much debt and Democrats wants
spending. The reality is we'd default. If republicans don't raise the debt ceiling, which is supposed to be merely perfunctory, some Republicans will say: that's the problem. It can't be perfunctory that we go into more and more and more debt, but the time to talk about that is when you authorized the spending that now simply needs to be paid and what we end up doing is giving oxygen to something where nobody really benefits from their being more stories about the debt ceiling were actually giving them attention, which makes them more eager not to just raise the debt ceiling and, let's continue so they're gonna get the solved for two months it'll come up again in December. It'll get solved again and it's in no one's interest to actually not raise the debt ceiling over the long term. And if people didn't ignorantly react to it, it would get less oxygen oxygen to begin with and it would deflate
this as something that Republicans wanna get attention for. Think about the number of interviews over the last few weeks months, however long all about this, and in the interviews they're, not even mentioning the fundamental point witches we are now Republicans. We're now try not to raise the debt ceiling to pay spending we already approved. We already approved the spending its for new spending. It's not for Joe Biden new proposals, it's just not what it's for. So the reason I haven't been covering it. Is this really shouldn't be a thing in that this is just a perfunctory part of running government. You want run government a different way where this doesn't come up. We could talk about that. You want to have a bigger conversation about debt and deficit. We can do that, but this is for already approved spending. You can't now say: well, we approved it, but we're not gonna cut the Czech so to speak or allow the spending to happen to cover, allow the debt ceiling. To increase to
for the spending. That's why I haven't been covering it. I dont think any of us really benefit from talking endlessly about this. If we disagree with me, let me know a net Tuesday, one week from today, six p m eastern be having the David Pachmann show LIVE Town Hall, it will be stream, on one place. Only the David Pachmann show Second Youtube Channel, that's Pachmann live youtube dot com, slash, pachmann I've will be opening the phone lines. Members will get priority, but it'll be open to everyone. You can sign, but join pachmann dot com subscribe, Frida, Youtube, Channel Youtube, Dotcom, slash, Pachmann, I've and will be live next Tuesday at six p M eastern time. I hope to see you there, one of our sponsors, disco. There are so many different types of bogus skin care products for men out there. What you really want to go with is just something: affordable, effective
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Slash P, a k I may the link is in the podcast notes for this episode. Number that the David Pachmann Show is primarily funded by viewers and listeners. Like you, through our membership program, you can grab a membership. It join pachmann dot com, whether you watch on Youtube or listen to the pod cast by the way audio podcast record week last week for the year more people listen to the audio podcast last week then in any weak dating all the way. Back to the week after the election November of twenty twenty one, things were crazy. I've we haven't even been promoting the audio podcast, but it is it's going nuts so thing everybody who's been listening and you can sign up a joint pachmann dot com. You get a bunch of great perks, including the really bonus show just for our members, so um I've talked before about the problem of chiropractors
and now we are actually seeing chiropractors, who many of whom are in our anti vaccine and I'll, try about what I mean when I say many chiropractor are increasingly a force of misinformation, as reported by the Associated Press. Oh, what let's reading a bit of this article and then I'm going give you some some of my thoughts, This is an article from Providence, Rhode, island about a event called backs con. Twenty one promoted as teaching people, the uncensored truth about covert vaccines and people went participants travelled from around country two way: Wisconsin Dell's resort for a soda. Convention. That was a sea of misinformation and conspiracy theories. The featured speaker was the end he backs activists from the twenty twenty movie plan dynamic. Convention was organised by members of a profession that has become a major
purveyor of MAX vaccine misinformation during the pandemic, chiropractors at time when the surgeon General says, misinformation has become an urgent threat to public health and invest Negation by the AP found a vocal and influential group of chiropractors cat but a living on the pandemic by sewing fear and mistrust of vaccines. They ve touted supplements as alternatives to vaccines. Written d actors notes to allow patients to get out of mask and immunization mandates. Donate large sums of money to anti, I've seen organizations and sold anti vaccine ads on Facebook and to grant the AP discovered one Cairo. You're gave thousands to a super pack hosting anti vaccine Pro Trump rally on January sixth. They have also been the leading force behind Anti vocs. Events like the one in Wisconsin were hundreds of chiropractors from around the country shelled out too
hundred ninety nine dollars to attend the ape he found chiropractors were allowed to continuing at credits to maintain their licences in at least ten states going on to say, public health advocates are alarmed by the number of chiropractors hitching themselves to the anti vaccine movement. You in their public prominence in sheen of medical expertise to undermine donations, responds to a pandemic that is killed at seven hundred thousand. So let's talk about chiropractors. Ok, I'm not one hundred percent against chiropractors, I'm about eighty five percent against them and yours, but what a hotel by that, when you in some places, people go to acquire practice almost like a primary care doctor. In fact, in California, peace chiropractors can be pc peace and they are often anti vaccine and they often promote a ton of different whew, so the stuff from chiropractors. That's a disaster include
goods. Things like for the anti vaccine stuff who, as well as chiropractic adjustments as treatments for systemic conditions of different kinds, infections, etc, neck adjustments, back adjustments, etc. Just simply no evidence that they treat infection and other systemic conditions. Ok, number two: a lotta chiropractors, are in the womb stuff like, and you can see some of these on Youtube, immediate, there's people that go to chiropractors on Youtube. They film it and you hear stuff like make sure drink a lot of extra water after the adjusts adjustment to flesh out the toxins released by the back cracking and the next stuff that I did that's total nonsense. I mean just when you think how the body works for drink water, to flush,
through the kidneys for adjustment, and it just doesn't make sense, ok, so that you gotta be very, very careful with next stuff check out on Youtube, and articles from spine surgeons and back surgeons, about the risk of neck adjustments and can happen from neck manipulations done by chiropractors. All of this stuff is horrible, huge at at best you're spending money on something that will do nothing and at worst you you could end up really hurt now. What's the part that maybe it's ok there are some things. Chiropractors do that are also done by physical therapists, more within the realm of reality as long as you understand their goal so like, for example, I once went to a physical therapists when I was having back pen and they do some very?
specific back, cracking things not where you put a strap under your neck and pull to extent no, but just some specific backtracking things which they say. This is not really treat But while we are building a routine for you to say than muscles and maybe deal with a spasm or whatever some of these specific bat crackings can provide some short term relief, now get beyond that. We gotta be really care. With chiropractor. So it's not a surprise that this is a group that is doing things that, are horrible, including, as we covered in Florida saying just come on down and I'll sign off on a mask or vaccine vaccine exemption for you and that is extraordinarily concerning and I'm really glad that the ape? He is writing about this. It says
Purveyors of vaccine misinformation represent a small but vocal minority of the nation. Seventy thousand chiropractors, many of whom advocate for vaccine. So I think that that's important and what would upset the people they say so should no one go to a chiropractor. I use this. Is my idea, you can find this information online. What should be done? you considering going to a cot chiropractor? Is you call up and you actually ask their view on chiropractic adjustments, and you say: do you believe- or pragmatic adjustments can be used to, for example, treat things like sinus infections or immediate imaginable, Cancer, imagine what's your view. Who on vaccination etc. You can usually pretty quickly. If you ask there's like five or six questions, you can find online to ask of possible chiropractor, you can
quickly sus out like which, which side of things there on you can also more than likely get what you need from a physical therapist and there you're talking about different different type of setting in maybe something to consider as well, but chiropractors, increasingly a source of an vaccine disinformation, let's move on to another source of disinformation, Tucker also show on Fox NEWS, is a major catalyst of disinformation and his ratings are really good So what is doing now. He's going further down the spirits, he rabbit hole to the point that you can't even understand what he sang. This is a really common characteristic among charlatans, amongst no science, purveyors and others at a certain point. Things, they say no longer makes sense to anyone even their followers. But that's ok, because there,
followers assume it must make sense to some one swim in it just go with it. If you look back at Jim Jones from the Peoples Temple, this is the guy who got. His followers to drink cyanide, laced Kool aid and kill themselves. His so called teachings overtime. Would make lesson I sense to his followers and some of them would be sort of conflicted. But the fact that it may sends became a source of his power. He must really be telling us level stuff. Here I had the good sense to start following him. I'm not! you're standing what he sang, but it must really be important stuff Alex Jones his conspiracy theories. Became and have become increasingly unintelligible. So anyway, here is basically an Alex Jones type. Conspiracy theory from Tucker Karlsson related to the White House. Looking
He said that the Biden administration used for Joe Biden third vaccine does look at all of the things that are Tucker Karlsson in furs, from the fact that the White House has like us set that looks like one room from the White House. Take a look at this and keep them informed of international incidents. Instead, they are, in some cases, freelancing to crush anyone who opposes their power. My Flynn, for example, he was briefly the National security adviser in the trumpet administration. What we learn from the destruction of my plan,
really. Was that sure you can elect Donald Trump President, but does he really run the executive branch of governments are an m realizing? I started this too late, we're getting to MIKE Flint in a moment, but let's to pick it up at the beginning. Take over the latest example. These are pictures of a fake White House set by the ministries and has for some reason, constructed across the street from the actual white houses in autumn at the eyes and how executive office building Y gotta the trouble they only have white House we'll Stephen Miller spent the last four years in the White House is an adviser to and here's his explanation for it, because he would now quote the reason by uses this bizarre virtual set for televised meetings and on an actual room by the EAST room, the cabinet, the Oval Roosevelt, sit round the cerebral I wrote the raising does. This is because it allows intermediate script directly from a face on monitor and without teleprompter glass. That can be seen on so this this is actually quite silly, because if that was
concern you could just do that by setting up a different camera angle in any of the rooms Tucker mentioned like even at its at its core. It doesn't even pass the sniff test. Now we can verify that. That's true, but it certainly sounds right. Well, maybe dividing can't speak from the oval office because he's not sure what to say so has to read it all here. So that raises a much deeper question. The question is not is Joe Biden mentally impaired obviously has to get one glowed over, but are much more important question for the rest of us is, if he's not running the government, then who win that's real question. Clearly: the FBI, the D, a J and the military already acting independently of the elected president of the United States, as you decided only the human form of international incidents. Instead, they are, in some cases, freelancing to crush anyone who opposes their power,
ok, so it's starting to get very, very conspiratorial and then just to show you like how far this all goes. Here's one one more example: here's Tucker's pre view of an interview with former national security adviser, Michael Flynn and he's talking about deep state conspiracy, theories the long interview with my friend coming out Monday told us what is really obvious to everyone who watches an unelected group with in Washington effectively runs the country without reference to voters, nurses assessment we have two separate remember. We have the one that actually gets elected in those into office, and then you have government inside it. Washington Shouldn T that operates under no rules.
The third is other than their own. Who's ever in charge of their own engage element was still controlled by Morocco Bomb in, and I would say that that's two degrees is what we're operating with today. Whether we like Flynn is not some internet, celebrity or conservative activist. He was a three start generally, who became a complete and total lunatic once he started working for drunk or before, and we just didn't notice that intelligence agencies the number two guy for all american intelligence. He spent his entire life working in the federal government and seating at that. So he knows what he's talking about here is a reliable guide to how the government actually works are whole conversation with my friend by them is, he could not be a less reliable guide as to how the government works. Mike Flynn seems to have had something happened that is made him Plainly delusional about even the basic fact of how the world works, so this is really the their basically talking about, like an Obama, run deep state of some kind and
This has many many iterations. This is a family of conspiracies much studied significant, of literature on it. Sometimes it's called the day. It's a shadow government of some kind. Sometimes you call it the deep state. Sometimes it's the Freemasons. Sometimes it's the Jews. Sometimes it's the Vatican could be the Trilateral Commission, the Illuminati, the build the bergs it it's. It's there's a bunch of versions of it and this seems to be what Tucker Carlson's audience now wants. When we talk about away and and whose max or what beyond Fox news in terms of what their willing to put on air. Yet it's true in a way and yet look what's happening on Tucker's show lately then, in addition, when we say well, you ve got em NBC, which has left and Fox NEWS, which is right, sure, they're both corporate media networks with different editorial bents but there is nothing on MSNBC that is equivalent to this. So this
to be what talkers audience wants and Fox NEWS seems to be gleefully promoting at an end and signal boosting in accepting it again. I think it's because of the financial incentives, even though there have been advertiser troubles with Tucker and his show the rate things are still there overall, this is a good show for Fox NEWS is business model, we're gonna, have more of this on our instagram, which you can find at David Pachmann Show. One of our sponsors today is blue, chew a unique online service, delivering these same active ingredients as Viagra and see Alice Innate Shoe, obol form and at a fraction of the cost. Giving my audience and entire month supply for free, so if you think you could benefit from an extra boost of confidence, all you have to We take a short quiz on their website. A licence doktor approves your prescription. The medical
She comes straight to your home within days in a discreet package, no driving around to the doctors officer, the pharmacy, no waiting around no art Conversations with your doktor all of blue he's tablets are made in the USA. The entire process is just a few clicks: go to blue to dot com. The link is in the pod CAS notes and they'll give you an entire months supply for free when you use per no code, Pachmann, that's php! Emma and all you do. Pay! Five dollars for shipping are right. These Two stories are going to contain video clips, really not suitable for children. There's no gore or anything like that. But you'll understand. I think, as we go so Donald I'm held a rally over the weekend. Just another rally right? Who cares? Will this one was actually one of the most disturbing an alarming rallies? I can remember maybe the most alarming I've seen from Trump, because it had all the normal things it had the lies and will look at some of the lies. It had the delusional crowd
whose ignorance has been completely weapon, Ized, which we will look at the cheering at horrible. Things, all of that, but this round in the important election state of Iowa had some audible in key differences. First, as Dino Bid dollar wrote for CNN key Iowa Republican elected officials were there at the Georgia rally a couple weeks ago, Trump attacked that states republican leaders this time this weekend in Iowa, despite the insanity of triumph for the last six years, losing the White House were Republicans in twenty eighteen losing this. In the White House in twenty twenty instead being a riot on January, six I was republican leaders were all there and there still supporting him he's a very dark signal for democracy. Chuck grass he has done over dollar rode after criticising trump since men of the January. Six riots was right there in Iowa this weekend praising Donald Trump, so after all of it in now toper of twenty twenty one trump is still in control of the party, the blood
and loyalty is still there and Trump spent the rally telling horrible corrosive demonstrable lies about the election of twenty twenty. So let's jump right in Trump heavily into the xenophobia here. He sang the afghan refugees are, people will quote soon be hearing about. He seems to be being too soon they're gonna carry out attacks against the. U S and you'll be hearing about it. It was. I was surprised that no ideal is getting on those players. We still don't have any idea. Only three percent were caught qualified to be taken to a place called the United States of America. Is that something three percent you're gonna be hearing from those pull over the coming years in a very bad way. Right trump, then talking about is travel ban as something to prevent people from coming here who want to blow up our cities the Democrat bill will also admit air, we far and national previous
they denied undermine national security travel ban, remembering the travel ban votes it. Oh, what a horrible thing I said: no, we really dont want people in our country we're gonna blow up our cities. If you don't mind, we don't want, we don't want fifty, when you blown up now remember that the travel ban was actually turn get it at countries that were source countries for people who came here and attack the United States Trump. Then moving to the topic of abortion, saying a democrat support, killing babies even after birth. Now, that's murder. No one supports that its also legal, but take a listen to trump quickly, bill, abolishes the height amendment, forcing taxpayers to fund the far I have six reap abortion agenda, ripping babies from their mother's womb right up until the moment of birth and in fact killing babies even after birth. You saw that
in Virginia with the governor of Virginia after birth. So was a widely debunked fake news story. The right couple years ago. Actually it's not true. The crowd maybe doesn't know, maybe doesn't care who knows they. So then we get into the twenty twenty lies. Here's Donald Trump Tease The idea that he could? He might come back because remember here You concede see Hilary conceded. He did it met. They called it everything the book. It was fine when I say that is the difference here, We can see that I never can aided that's how you fire up alone, Mason crowd, then from saying the corrupt media and Democrats used covered to put in place mail in voting it's hard to even exist.
We follow what he sang, but it's part of the twenty twenty big lie that he continues. These people are so corrupted the media. Look. I don't need to do this, but the here is corrupt, and you know what I started up so proud of this two things I prove number one. The elect since a totally corrupt in our country. They have been for a long time, but never like they were this last time they use covered in order to achieve an rig the other thing is how design is the media was because there were at ninety six percent approval rating. We, I came along and now they're like in what the twenties and then just to here just to show you, how much he's in control of this crowd. The crowd actually starts. Chant tromp one as trumped just tells lies about the twenty twenty election, but let's hope he does three needs in Arizona needs it and with all of them numbers being so horrible.
We do, as I have said before, from within His followers is really not much, but with the followers it something very serious and scary trump, then continuing to struggle with certain words Minneapolis. Of course, many Annapolis, that's just par for the course now that's not working! I do well you see in minutes, many Annapolis, Sir, I went to account friends in many Annapolis once it was weird really really weird trump then refer owing to someone s personality instead of personality, He was with us all the way. Every time I needed something out, he's very personality, sometimes right. He's tough per snickey of course means fussy personality me. I don't know what that means. Your guests is as good as mine trump. Then hilariously mentions the apparently he serious, he'll quickly finish building the boy,
her wall. When what are you talking about? We will quickly come led the border wall and we will end illegal immigration ones. And for all we will have to started all over again. Remember he was going to do the border, while in one term we all knew he was in and he didn't didn't happen. Does the crowd crowd, know that do they care. I have no idea Maybe this is the same kind of magical thinking we talked about where they see themselves as being in like a war where individual facts don't matter just if trumps says it, you ve got a cheer for it, because your part of the crowd that, what's going on here and then ultimately trump wound down the rally with a complete the unintelligible rat about critical race theory, including in the military. We all. And critical race theory and our classrooms. We will that horrible, crazy, critical race theory, our military. We will benefit from our places we will batted from
federal state and local governments will be banned, primitively band and will never be allowed to come back again. I don't even what I can really say about this other than, as I said before, I find it sort of quaint when they talk about banning a theory. What they mean is banning the teaching of it right like how. How do you ban a theory, but it seems what they mean They want to gag order, which is, of course, very authoritarian and very much a restriction on what people can talk about. Quite frankly, no absolutely delusional of that the crowd goers as much as trot. We're going to listen to the crowd growers in this next segment, but the really danger- is cherry on top. Is that at this stage of the game, this late in the game problem
and I were Republicans chuck- rashly still openly supportive of Donald Trump. After everything he did. Twenty twenty four is real looking as rough as you can imagine, and will have time to talk about at once. We get beyond the midterms next. Let's talk about the rally attendees. So Trump had a rally in Iowa over the weekend we looked at the things that from himself said, and it was completely out of this world bonkers trump still getting support from were Republicans Chuck rashly. Was there so we're others? What another people that go to the rally, because without them, Trump is just a guy speaking into a mite found really really great stuff from RON Philip Kuski car cataloguing and covering the rally goers. So let's go through. Some of these and you're gonna see really again what we're up against. Here is Jane, Jane says she decides to move from Alaska. Iowa when she heard
Trump would be there. This is crazy, Tiggle! Listen! I found out about the rally before I move that was part of the incentive for moving as well as my purse rally residential made someone moves. When I go to one of his rallies by the way this young lady wearing a socialism sucks hat there's, no socialism in the United States by socialism works is her hat. When, aside through the most about presidential, oh my gosh everything he tells everything straight as it is no lies. Nobody asked nothing and not for this country needs absolutely no political correctness and name no line. What how do you? How how this this is. The most dishonest president, we ve ever seen and part of what appeals to her is Trump tells us like it is any doesn't like Joseph moved because trumpet around I considered moving actually to Louisiana. Once when Billy Joel play, I heard village always playing a concert there. I think I should really moved there that that make sense. Ok, here's
another woman who explains that her family hates Trump and she breaks down crying. This is really something to see phase. I know my whole family has turned liberal and I don't know I haven't decided reason that way and they ve all been brainwashed to think that he's the most horrible man ever when he's saving everyone, I mean I'm going to start in emotional, because everything depends on those american depends. As we have got to say, we ve got to do everything we can in I'm ready, an american citizen in England, but I've been here. I don't know why. I find that extra funding after the crying I'm, not even an american citizen, but she lives you're, ok, I've in this and we ve got to save it. We're just got to get me a village semi shouldn't even boat, which is interesting because in the guidelines
right. That's why the enemy in the last hour- and we know we know we're going to suffer for a while, but it's going to be good. It's gonna be more laborious than anything we ve ever seen. And you understand, I'm the guy introduces the the full religious thing, but then she She talks about this idea of we're going to suffer in the but remit it all this kind of- in dominion, his extreme ideology, faith in God and pray and do everything we can everything absolutely very well. We will. I may just keep the fate I do. I haven't really think that this man is gonna. Save us he's gonna, basically, saving the world, not just us everyone, everyone- and I just can't, wait until the I'm never going to say I told you so, but I'm just gonna be so happy, and I don't know what else to say. My husband was United States Marine and he died from
an orange from his time in Vietnam and envelope so I mean that's, you know at least her family figured out that they shouldn't support from that's that's good. It shows us that, even with families, some people can ultimately see reason, that's good Here is another woman who explains that during Obama, Christians were persecuted, but then front came in and then they had free of religion and Trump is like the most christian president ever wider, which is just so not factually accurate Is it that you support present from sunlight Reagan? What's going on here, I now when we, when we were Christians, we ve been prosecuted. That's not true man. You know me, there were no rights that were re established for Christian
under Trump, we always had it is in the constitution. Christian from may actually be an atheist it its action shocking how non religious trump has bamboozled. So many people into thinking is a Christian Berlin. He claims at sixty eight, he became her life. Maybe you really became picture. We really were now what's going on when communism, man, there's no communism
you know where dykes being strangled. Her freedom is being stolen from us. So it's really you don't, and this is like a perfect example. If you actually ask her given ample of a freedom you ve lost in the last nine months. Under Joe Biden? You would get an interesting conversation. I few said give us an example of communism in the United States. It would get very interesting, the real question is: is this just a low I q individual or is it brainwashed individual or is it both in some way Here's one last one just to show you the craziest. So guy setting
is there to deliver legal documents to tromp to help. Try. I don't know what the documents are supposed to. Do. Let's see its Thomas, ok rich, go in our says, you are of forty six. President periods says our Lord Dear, Mr President, Donald Shade, tromp. I have come to this lever legal documents to you so that you can give them to your legal team period. Arcane Jesus Christ spoken to put you back in your office at the White House, now costs money. Are they legal documents or are they religious documents if its geez this who has spoken to put Europe back in the White House. Why is it even a question of legality, like isn't, isn't Jesus more powerful than leak, legality which tax on earth I haven't here present drop back an office when he does watch us travelling. Let me up, I have a document on here. The valley I'm going to deliver Chiesa says this time to deliver
I am absolutely there's a real okay, so King Jesus there says it is time to deliver dont know what we make of this. What I do know It's really hard to reorient these people to reality, whether it's hard because of a just limited cognitive capacity, whether it's hard because of brainwashing, whether its I'm, not saying it's mental illness, but what whether it's some kind of emotion, on balance its very tough to fix what we just saw a. Let me know your thoughts will take a quick break and be back after this.
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So former President Donald Trump was interviewed in and in a can't, even really be called. An interview is really sort of a softball propaganda piece it it was. It was soft propaganda that Trump and fuck news host Sean Hannity did together. The big headline from this interview was that Donald Trump said the haste in immigrants are bringing AIDS into the United States and people wrote to me, and they said you know David there's a lot of aids in haste in Haiti? and- and so we have to. We have to consider that lets. Let's look at the clip and then we'll talk about it here is tromp explaining it all to shun Hannity, and you know it is one thing that nobody talks about, shall we have hundreds of thousands the people flying in from eighty eighty? Has it tremendous AIDS problem ages, step beyond ages are real bad problem, so hundreds of thousands of people-
are coming into our country. None of you look at the statute. If you look at the numbers of you, get just take a look what's happening in Haiti, a tremendous bra with aids! Many of those people will probably have aids in the coming into our country, and we don't do anything about it. We let everybody come in. So first of all I was not able. To find any reporting that hundreds of thousands of patients are coming in budget by Joseph is not able to find evidence of that It is true that there is a higher rate of aids in Haiti than in many other countries. That's absolutely true! It's real events in terms of what's going on with immigration, taking early when it is not a virulent, We contagious disease like covered although certainly more serious, it's just
here to make that the focus again, unless you just want to portray a population as dirty, unclean, sick and infected, which is like a classic of authoritarian. But towards minority groups that that's really what it is. If you really want to have a public health sort of conversation about migration, that can be done. That's not. Donald Trump, is, is trying to do here, check out this next This is a segment that starts with Hannity asking Trump a question, but then he sort of gives the answer, and it's really weird like where. Where does the question and in the propaganda begin, you know you your last time on this programme, and I think we need to put emphasis back on this, that your conversation, later the Taliban before you ever discussed any deal. A withdrawal was number one and was based on your yours stated threat that you would obliterate that, do you remember
exactly what you say but goes on a source and says your brother, to that end. I you said you would destroy them. You destroy their province, you destroy it and it would be, everybody in the area would be dead. Did you say that everybody? So I what I said and at a very strong conversation I said I decide to cover patient this way, but that's the way it is then I said we would do so serious harm to them he killed any of our soldiers or anti american citizen, so really Hannity kind of handling the question and answer for the most part there Trump then did this put. This is just amazing, trumped up about vaccination and how a lot of people now dont want the vaccine. I can't tell if Trump is this stupid or if this is done, Tromp says when I was president, everybody wanted the vaccine now that
Mr President, a lot of people don't as if that something that make Trump look good, I say the other. There is very interesting During my administration, everybody, one of the vaccine, ruins nobody's oh gee. I don't want to take it now. They stay. And that's because they don't trust the binding? ministries. I can think of no other reason, but we don't want it aren't gonna, take it when I everybody wanted it and we were doing great yeah. Oh, so let me let me translate that for you what he means, under under me. My followers wanted the vaccine because they thought I made the vaccine and left wing wanted it because they understand science and realized. Neither I nor Joe Biden had anything to do with the vaccine. Under Biden. Left wingers still want the vaccine because they understand science and realise that neither Trump nor Biden had anything to do with making the vaccine but suddenly trumps
There is no longer want the vaccine because their morons that's what it means and trumps like That means I'm great. Aren't I fantastic as a result of that? Isn't that an amazing thing? From then says that the he defeated ice this in IRAN? I couldn't find any evidence of ISIS in IRAN, but trumps says he did it. We define we defeated one hundred percent of the ICES Caliphate in Iraq and ran all over. In Iraq. We knock out the aid. By the way we did a ran indirectly, a very big favor goes there, not big fans of ice either through serious We not get a hundred percent, and we now after leadership and we so I was not able to find any evidence that ISIS was in IRAN. I he's right that arrangements have been very much opposed to ices for a long time, but just cut. Weird we knocked out ISIS in IRAN
and then lastly, a completely unintelligible moment where Trump says something about. You never used to hear the term mandate, but that we're in shape or something We never heard a term mandate, but people have to have their freedoms and we should be in a great between the people sitting at it. They should now have to review it covers whenever you want to got plenty of name wartime virus that China virus. You could call. We had plenty and aims. Well, you know when Where were you able to understand that, because I certainly wasn't, but folks, everything is smelling, like this. Guy wants to run again in twenty twenty four and horribly. He actually might have a shot at winning
one of the things I truly love is when a radical idea log gets confused and doesn't even understand their own ran, sit and disgusting. Talking points when I was interviewed by Jesse, we Petersen in LOS Angeles a couple years ago. I had trouble not laughing when he would use terrible debug talking points but like he would get them wrong. About socialism and other things. So today I have a clip that's really emblematic of a lot of the covert disinformation that Loading around republican congresswoman Marge Taylor Green has been a big voice against vaccine requirements against masks favor of various unproven treatments for covert, including Iver Mechlin ship. Heard Unreal America's voice recently and hilarious. Let her hilariously claimed that I've ever met in one a Nobel peace Surprise. Now, there's two layers of confusion. Here I won't explained them yet. Let's look at the clip ever met in is a fair good, drag it safely. Nessus been Britain for decades it even one a Nobel Peace Prize, and it is apt,
late, irresponsible for by the administration, the CDC Doktor Grouchy in any of these doctors to be advising people took to not prescribe it. Isn't that just the best, so two layers of confusion here. First of all, I ever met them didn't when any Nobel Prize and definitely didn't when a Nobel Peace Prize. There are two I insist, William Campbell institution Maura, one a noble prize in twenty fifteen for discovering that a modified version of ivory, Actin called Avram Actin could be used to treat infections caused by roundworm parasites. Nothing about Nobel Peace Prize, nor anything about Ivory ACT to treat covert so consider the fallacious reasoning here. But this is the type of stuff these right, wingers love they latch onto it, Marjorie, Taylor, Green, says or implies. We should be giving Iver Makin for covered two people, because I've
in one a Nobel Peace Prize, and then you look at it. I remarked in didn't when any price, especially now these price to scientists, one a Nobel Prize, in medicine for their discovery that a different compound. Based on ivory. Actin called Avram Actin could be used specifically for treating roundworm and her view is Nobel Peace Prize given to people for covered, but it Scots repeated and repeated you here at once. I've remarked in one a Nobel Peace Prize or Nobel Prize and Do you hear the talking point everywhere and it is everywhere. It spreads uncontrollably without any real investigation the reason Marjorie Taylor, Green, got in trouble here by the way is that Nobel Peace Prize this is like a little too much, so there has been more fact checking like really a Nobel Peace Prize that doesn't that doesn't make sense.
Had, she simply said Nobel Prize. This would almost certainly have continued to spread without even more fact checking of it done, which fortunately did take place. Sadly, her reelection is likely to happen. She's intervene, Red District back in February March. There article saying oh she's got a tough uphill battle, big primary challenger, as far as I am able to find this morning, no serious republican, primary challenger to Mars retailer green, and it is not looking good at all. So we may well be dealing with another two years of Marjorie Taylor, Green and another two years of exactly this type of just humiliating, humiliating nonsense. I have a voice smell number that you can call anytime you want. This is an end he vaccine collar who's been called in for a while. She took up a full three minutes today on the voice mail. That's the max! It did cut you off. Let's
into a little bit of it, some pretty pretty full on stuff here. Remember when you got to go to some critics somewhere and get your vaccine, I had of the crowd there. Yet that didn't happen. Well talk about bearded dickhead. Guess why where'd you gotta go, get another one like that's, not a set up, billions are being made and that's why they're turning away any other possible solution. Like the that's. Does no evidence of that me. Billions are being made, but there is no evidence of the second part you gotta all right, but you get a little weird sounded. Rosen more, but I know Rosans politics or like this, you prefer you get caught serve. You got two basic had drugstore right. You don't have to go to the american people
but they ve taken away something that someone could take before they got in a position where they needed to go to the emergency room. And yes, sterilised are a really bad. Dr Lester that I am a systemic have been taken away. I mean, if opiate it's it's pretty typical, that for certain covert you give Dexter, methadone or maybe they're using present, and we know about the effective steroids and does it does suppress the immune system to a degree, but maybe allows healing to take place. That does nothing new is nothing controversial. There are happening at that guy at them. How much the merchant Pfizer pay you for this boy. You know what's funny about that: it's actually the anti. Acts people that are being paid when the science is clear. You dont,
need to pay any one to report on the science, and this is a very good point that was me, to me in the email which is David, you know when people right you and they say or they they leave, nothing you're getting paid to promote the vaccine for Well, there's no evidence anybody's being paid to promote the vaccine, but you don't really need to pay people to just look at science and report it, whereas we know of prominent and he Baxter's actually being paid influencers. Really our amatory erect be rated in the black man to be gone. Attacking I reckon I human drive the fewest worldwide for years it inside the World Health Organization list of essential drugs for young women as we talked about up before used for roundworm parasite. So this this is. This is just a peak into the voicemail. We ve got a great bone, so for you today. In the midst of all this Texas Republic,
governor, Gregg Abbot, is banning all vaccine mandates. France will ban plastic packaging for most fruits and vegetables. That seems logical, right, and we'll talk about, Samsung continued struggles with their full, the bull mobile phones. What's going on their trouble in heck Paradise. All of those stories and more on today's bonus show signs. The joint happened instead
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