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10/25/21: Shocking Trump Riot Revelations and the Truth About China

2021-10-25 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--An explosive story in Rolling Stone by Hunter Walker reveals that the organizers of the January 6 Trump riots met with Republicans in Congress as well as Trump staffers in advance of the riots

--Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls for the expulsion from Congress of the Republicans involved in the planning the January 6 Trump riots

--Actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shoots and kills cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injures director Joel Souza after being handed a loaded gun on the set of the film Rust

--An overview of legitimate reasons to criticize China's ruling Communist Party, a topic that surged after a viewer phone call last week

--Former President Barack Obama has been rallying for Democratic Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, and his speeches remind us how bad political discourse has sunk in the United States

--Activist and student Jack Cocchiarella confronts Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn at Dartmouth College and reduces Cawthorn to a stammering mess over his 2020 election lies

--Fox News hosts lie about their own vaccine mandate, claiming it is merely a protocol, a meaningless distinction without a practical difference

--MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell now has a new deadline in his bogus attempts to restore Donald Trump to power, and it's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving of this year, November 23

--Voicemail caller congratulates David for an absolutely perfect ice cream recommendation

--On the Bonus Show: Fed will ban policymakers from owning individual stocks, Ron DeSantis planning $5,000 bonus for unvaccinated police to relocate to Florida, TX Lt Gov pays out $25,000 to Democrat for reporting Republican voter fraud, much more...

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Well, it's been an incredible weekend of NEWS, some good, some bad, some almost completely unbelievable, which we will get to, but I want to start today with an incredible piece of reporting in rolling stone from Hunter Walker, where Hunter has put together a story after story of the January six tromp rioters meeting with Republicans with Trump White House staff, and it is all coming together to paint a very specific picture, which is that there were so many people involved in this thing
and mere expulsion from the House of Representatives would not be enough, but we'll get to that. We'll get to that. I want to get ahead of myself. Let's start with the rolling stone peace, Hunter Walker Rights, exclusive January, six protest, organizers, say they participated in quote dozens of planning meetings with members of Congress, and White House staff to sources are communicating with house investigators and detailed, a stunning series of allegations to rolling stone, including a promise of a blanket pardon from the oval office this if even five percent of this is as described. This is his son Eric historic. Let's look as the House investigation into the January six attacks heat up, some of the planners of the pro Trump rallies that took place in washing
Andy Sea, have been on communicating with congressional investigators and sharing new information about what happened when the former president supporters stormed the? U S capital. Two of these people are spoken to Rolex rolling stone extensively in recent weeks and detailed explosive allegations that multiple members of Congress were intimately involved in planning, both trumps efforts to overturn as election laws and the January six events turned violent, rolling stone separately, confirmed a third person involved in the main January. Six rally has communicated with the committee. This is the first report that the committee hearing major new allegations from potential cooperating witnesses, while there have been prior indications that members of Congress were involved. This is also the first account deal detailing their purported role and its scope. The two sources also claim they interacted with members of Trumps team, including
former White House, chief of staff, Mark meadows, who they describe as having an opportunity to prevent the violence, look at the scope of this, the two sources both of whom have been granted anonymity due to the ongoing investigation, Descrie participating in dozens of planning briefings ahead of the big day when from supporters broke into the capital, as his election lost to Joe Biden was beings defied here we go. I remember Marjorie Taylor Green specifically, the organizer says I remember talking to probably close to a dozen other members at one point or another or their staffs for the sake of clarity. We will refer to one of the sources as a rally organizer and the other as a planner rolling stone confirmed. Both sources were involved.
Organizing the main event aimed at objecting to the electoral certification which took place at the White House Ellipse on January six Trump spoke at that rally and encouraged his supporters to march to the capital. It then gets wild along with green, the conspiratorial pro Trump Republican from Georgia who took office earlier this year. The pair both say the members who participated in these conversations or had stopped. Top staffers join include representative Paul goes her from Arizona representative Lauren. Both Burke Mo Brooks Madison com.
Thorn, Andy Bigs and Louis Gomer. It's a who's who, over the most extreme members of Congress, we would talk to both births. Team car thorns team goes hours. Team like back to back to back to back, says the organizer. Now look at this allegation goes. Are one of the most prominent defenders of the rioters allegedly took things a step further, both sore to say he dangled the possibility of a blanket pardon in an unrelated ongoing investigation to encourage them to plan the protests. Our impression was, that it was a done deal. The organizer says that had spoken to the president about it in the level in a meeting about pardons and that our names came up. They were working on submitting the pay
for work and getting members of the House Freedom Caucus to sign on as a show of support the organizer claims. The pair received several assurances about the blanket pardon from Gaza. I was just going over the list of pardons, and we wanted to tell you guys how much we appreciate all the hard work you ve been doing goes our said. According to the organizer, the rally planner describes, the pardon is being offered, while quote encouraging the staging of proof against the election. The allegation is pardons dangled in exchange for organizing the January sixth riots.
Can you imagine I would have done it either way with or without the pardon the organizer says. I do believe in this country, but to use something like that and put that out on the table when someone is so desperate. It's really not good business goes. Our office did not respond to requests for the story. Rolling stone, separately, obtained documentary evidence that both sources were in contact with goes our and Bobo. They don't seem to be lying about that part. We are not describing the nature of that evidence to preserve preserve their anonymity and its every paragraph Every paragraph is crazy. These specific members of Congress were involved in the pro trump activism around the election. Certification Brooks and Catherine spoke with trumpet the ellipse on January, sixty in his speech that event Brooks who is reportedly wearing body armor which, but why do you do that? Unless suspect you might need it declared. Today is the day american Patriot start taking down the names that taking down names and kicking ass goes our
in and Bobo were built speakers at the wild protest which took place on January Sixth, at the capital Nick Dire, who is Marjorie, tailored Greens coms director said. She was solely involved in planning to object to the electoral certification on the house floor spokespeople for their members of Congress with sources describe as involved in the planning for protests, did not respond to requests for comment. It seems folks, as if individual rules here are lawyering up and being very, very careful, very, very careful. By the way we have video of some of these people admitting they were involved in planning. Now they would say. Well, we we just planned a procedural objection becoming harder and harder to believe that that's the limit of it here is Marjorie Taylor Green, coming up coming out back in December of twenty two.
listen man who are meeting here in the White House this afternoon, we gotta had a great planning session for our January six objection at the White House Planet, four January six now, of course Sabre, but what we were planning for violence. No, we are. went to lead this election be stolen, vibrio, binding and the Democrats. While President Trump won by a landslide call, your house rats call your senators from your state Louisiana, make sure and there on board. We already have a lot of people engaged: ok, snaking. So this is one of the biggest revelations about the January six riots. It's it's really incredible work by Hunter Walker who researched and wrote this piece for rolling stone hardens dangled people who we already believed involved or admit to have been coordinating events that day with the White House
allegedly doing far more than that and it it's you know all of these folks are playing their roles. The goes our pardon, never trust a promise earn intimation from people, especially if they're asking you to do something they wouldn't do, which goes our had no interest in going to this thing, but goes our certainly interested encouraging others by dangling a pardon which never came Trump Trump told supporters. Let's go to the capital right now. He went and then watch on tv that we're going down Pennsylvania Avenue this story, this explosive story was nowhere on Fox NEWS this morning. Nowhere on Fox NEWS, Dotcom, maybe they'll mention it at some point, but like it didn't even happen, is their approach. So far, what should the consequences be Let's talk about what a Yossi says: congresswoman, Alexandria, Cassio Cortez, is calling for the expulsion of Republicans involved in the play
of the Trump riot we now have, as we talked about in the last segment, the allegations of from to slash three sources who spoke: two hundred Walker for rolling Stone, about the involvement of Marjorie Taylor, Green Madison, Catherine Lauren, Bobo Paul goes our Lui Gomer, Andy Bigs. maybe I'm forgetting one in the planning of the January sixth protests, which turned riotous. Alexandria, Cassio Court has now says anybody whose involved should be kicked out of the House of Representatives kicked out of Congress, a Newsweek reporting, Congresswoman, Alexandria, Cassio, Cortez, key called for the expulsion of any member of Congress who helped plan the storming of the? U S, capital after a bomb shall report allege that several republican lawmakers had coordinated with rally organizers. Her comment came after a rollings Own report, published Sunday night claimed multiple members had been intimately involved,
in the planning of former President Donald Trump efforts to overturn his election loss and the January six protests. We culminated in the violence at the. U S, capital she tweeted quotes any member of Congress who helped plot a terrorist attack on our nations. Capital must be expelled. this was a terror attack, a hundred and thirty eight injured. Almost ten dead. Those responsible remain a day
you're too our democracy, our country and human life, in the vicinity of our capital and beyond. Now I would actually go a step. Further expulsion actually isn't enough. Eo Sea can only deal with the expulsion part because she's, not law enforcement, she's a legislator, but it actually isn't enough. We should be talking about criminal charges here, if applicable, when the evidence points to that, what I mean is there should not be a now criminal charges, because these are members of Congress. It needs to be looked at as if these were any other people. Now, realistically we're not going to see the expulsion Ios he's right. We should see it were,
going to see it. It would take a two thirds vote to expel any member. This will never happen, given the narrow margins. Instead, what probably needs to happen is the prosecution needs to happen, and then that will make these folks analogy In theory, if convicted and immediately removed, it's easier, I believe to Convince- I don't know if it would be six people if he's would be one thousand two hundred and twelve person, probably twelve person jury is, although depends on a lot of lot of particulars, it's easier to convince twelve people off the street, then it would be to convince highly partes actors in the House of Representatives to vote to expel their own to their own detriment by flipping the balance of power. Further against their own party, so that that's just a reality, EO see completely right. We are only in stage like zero point.
One in figuring out what the fall out and what the repercussions are going to be from these incredible allegations based on this rolling stone, peace by Hunter Walker, but EO, see completely right. Law enforcement and the justice system needs to be ready to go as well. These people deserve to go down for this and one of the real problems that makes me worried. There is likely to be more of this. The next time they don't like an election result is that there have not been serious consequences. Yes, we started to see some verdicts and okay, there are people who are going to have to do a few years back for the political figures involved, no consequences whatsoever and we're going to now see if this will push things over the edge. We know that this congressional committee has
investigating in looking at this evidence, but his law enforcement looking at it is the Department of Justice. Looking at it. Joe Biden shouldn't get involved the way he hasn't, but it should be looked at we're going to follow it. Let me know your thoughts about all of this visa Twitter, where you can find me at deep Hackmen on Twitter. One of our sponsors is sunset: Lake C b d: a farmer owned company shipping, super quality, c b d, directly from their farm to your door. They cut the middle man which saves you money and gets you the freshest possible product which includes tinctures flower, dummies, skin topical, even c, B d, coffee, which I've really enjoyed the whole team love Sunset Lakes DVD, especially there see beady oil and the gummy we always say send us more. Every time we run out, CD is reported as being useful for relieving stress pain, and
nation. Some people use it before bed to help would sleep and Sunset Lake is where you want to get your c b because they pay employs a living wage. Their farm is sustainable and, of course it because they support progressive, shows like ours there giving David Pachmann show listeners twenty percent off when you go to David Pachmann, DOT, com, Slash c, b d and use the coupon code pachmann that's coupon code, Pierre Kay EM, an you can find the url in the podcast notes are I am going to talk about the absolutely horrifying situation involving the actor Alec Baldwin, who accidentally shot someone to death on the set of the film rust. It's it's almost inconceivable headline actor Alec Baldwin shot some one to death and injured another person with a gun on the set of a movie, but that's what happened
the weak and we ve gotten. I guess I would like to say some more clarity, although it still not exactly clear what happened down to the detail, but we have recently a general understanding of it. So let's look at the latest report from the Associated Press and assist. And director unwittingly handed Alec ball when a loaded weapon and told him it was safe to use the moments before the actor fatally shot a cinema cold gun. The assistant director announced according to a search warrant filed in Santa FE, word. Instead, the gun was loaded with live rounds and when Baldwin pulled the trigger Thursday on the set of a western, he killed cinematography, Hyena Hutchinson D
actor. Joel Sousa standing behind her was wounded. The Santa Fe County Sheriff's office obtained the warrant Friday, so investigators could document the scene at the ranch outside Santa FE, where the shooting took place. They sought to examine Baldwin's, bloodstained costume for the film rust, as well as the weapon that was fired. Other prop guns, ammunition and footage that might exist. The gun was one of three that the films Armourer Hannah Gutierrez had set on a cart outside the wooden struck sure where a scene was being acted assistant director, Dave Halls, grabbed the gun from the cart brought it inside to Baldwin Unaware it was loaded with live rounds. It was. Unclear how many rounds were fired, Gutierrez removed. Shell casing from the gun after the shooting and she turned the weapon over to police when they arrived halls didn't immediately return, phone and email messages. The AP was unable to contact Gutierrez. Several messages sent to production companies were not immediately returned
the film script supervisor, Mamie Mitchell, said she was standing next to Hutchings when she was shot. I ran and called nine one one and said bring everybody send to everybody. This woman is gone at the getting of her career Mitchell said she and other crew, members were attending a private memorial service Baldwin described the killing as a tragic accident. There are no words to convey shock and sadness. Regarding the tragic accident that took the life of Billina, Hutchinson, wife, mother and deeply admired colleague of ours, I am fully cooperating with the police investigation. My heart is broken for her husband, their son and all who knew and loved Helene no charges immediately filed. I know that the New York Post, for example, which is a Foxier news, Corporation Slush Fox NEWS, a pub publication, has been talk about manslaughter charges against a Baldwin. If you look at the article is sort of like based on what one legal expert theorizing, its speculative,
We just don't know about that at this point in time. The question that's not been answered is why were there any live rounds on the set and in it Finally, there was the belief that there was a blank and you can. You can hurt someone with a blank if you're right next to them that this was a blank and a tragedy, an accident involving a blank. Now we ve and at least its being said, it was alive round, and so then the question is why, I were there live rounds there. There may be some explanation, but we have not yet got an answer. Another article from CNN Rust Director told the thirties. Alec Baldwin was practising drawing his gun when the weapon discharge, the shot that kill the cinema tie refer on a new Mexico. Film set last week, was fired, actor Alec Baldwin was practicing drawing his gun according to the director who is injured in the shooting, listen. I know that there are people who, because out
Baldwin is a left winger and played Trump on Saturday Night live and there's a lot of right wing people angry with they just hate Alec Baldwin. They are saying Alec Baldwin has committed a crime or, or is the blame here now you can slice and dice this a lot of different ways like, for example, was one argument that that went like the I'm gonna give you the argument. This is not my argument and it was Alec. Baldwin is ultimately to blame because, even if some one else made a mistake by putting I've round in a gun? Even if someone else made a mistake by handing Alec Baldwin a hot gun and saying it's a cold gun. Alec Baldwin shouldn't even have had his finger on the trigger like what, if you're onset and Europe Is it you just never put your finger on the trigger periods are ultimately its Alec Baldwin's fault. It strikes me as a bit of a stretch if an invite
negation reveals, Alec Baldwin should be charged with something I'm not gonna get in the way. Believe me, but my instinct is Why was there alive round at all and if there was, why was Alec Baldwin given gun, allegedly in told that it was a cold gun, not a hot. That's my initial reaction now in terms of what this does too Alec Baldwin now psychologically for the rest of his life. I can't even imagine I'm not seeing is the victim of not calling him a victim, but if he was given gun and told this is called gun and it has alive round and then now you ve killed someone. It's I mean just it's it's impossible to even think about it's impossible to even even conceive of, and so there's to be an investigation. At some point we will no more. We ve already seen in the first few days, though it was, could have been a blank. It was it max, with a blank. No, it was alive round at one point. Both stories were were out.
there's going to be more information coming and and will wait and see what that is, but just a horrifying situation and a tragedy, because someone was killed and some one was injured. It would be bad enough if there was just an accident with a gun on a set. This is now beyond that and it's it's a tragic act, as life was lost and I'm curious to hear what folks in the audience thinking I pert perfect for me: Alec Baldwin's policy play, no role in my assessment of this whatsoever. Just none whatsoever curious to hear from you up. We got a call from a viewer last week who brought up China and a discussion of the portrayal of China in american media and during that Conversation during that phone call. We talked about xenophobia towards Asian Americans over covered. We talked about intellectual property theft and a few other topics, and I gotta very good email from Thomas over the weekend and Thomas said to me. You know David. There is a China story to talk about
but it's not really what the collar brought up intellectual property theft to issue. It's, not the major geopolitical issues. I know there is no real evidence that China intentionally released covert as a bio weapon. So that's not really like the big story with China. Yes, Zenith, we are against. Asian Americans for real or perceived misdeeds by China is something we should be against I'm gonna be xenophobic against Asian Americans because of something the chinese government did that that's happening and that's bad. But Thomas wrote, there are real issues with the Chinese Communist Party. That's another issue to clarify the c c p, in China, as in chinese people are two different. Things were really talking about: the chinese government, the Chinese Communist Party and, as Thomas wrote to me, there's a ton of negativity towards China in general. That's very surface level. Some
it is based in plain old bigotry. Some of it is peddled by U S media, but there are many real reasons to be at odds with the actions of the Chinese Communist Party. So let's look at the real concerns with the chinese government, the c c p- and these are reasons to go to war with China. Caviar, I'm not suggest, war. I know that there are people, possibly on the revolutionary laughed. Who will see this segment and say I am called for another american military intervention? No, the I'm not even and these are reasons to no longer trade with China. We stop trading with China would be disastrous for the IMF, an economy as its currently set up, we're just going to talk about issues with the chinese government first, the ongoing weaker genocide. Wiggers are a muslim ethnic minority in China. China has been credibly occur, used of committing crimes against humanity, possibly genocide against the weaker population and other, mostly muslim ethnic groups in the North West region.
Options Yang, leading human rights groups, including amnesty. and human rights watch have put out reports accusing China of crimes. Humanity, further actions, there are re education camps, there are horrifying things and much has been written about it. That's a real substantive issue with the chinese government. Second Oregon harvesting: this is all the If you put a positive spin on it, this is oh, we get organ donations from prisoners who have died, of natural causes, that's the story that China would tell did tribunals ruled in twenty twenty, that China is forcibly harvesting organs from prisoners, prisoners who certainly didn't volunteer to donate organs, but it goes even further, possibly even prisoners who were killed for organs, not who have died. Naturally,
The number of transplants centres in China has gone up over three hundred percent. Wait times for organs have come down dramatically, is not clear why China doesn't have much in terms of an organised organ donation programme, how is it happens? How's it happened. It seems this is a likely explanation and it is absolutely horrified note that back and twenty twelve atop chinese official said China's gonna phase out the practice of taking organs from prisoners who have been excellent. As of twenty twenty. We believe that that still going on, even if it's not aside from executed There is a lot of other ways that you can accelerate the process of obtaining organs from prisoners. It seems that that's being done absolutely horrified number three China, so poorly Miss manages its own infrastructure that it like. He has led to hundreds or more chinese people it's hard. Get real numbers from the sea cp to die due to flooding,
The idea here is that, yes, there have been heavy rain storms that are not man made right. Humans didn't make the rain storms, but there are serious allegations that the deaths are a result of this infrastructure Agnes Craze in China, where money is poured into projects that look good, sometimes generate returns for people, but meanwhile simple infrastructure that could be improved to prevent senseless death from heavy rains and people drowning are ignored. Ok, complete mismanagement that a real criticism of what is being done and then such corruption from the c c p that causes all sorts of problems: massive fraud, embezzlement around these half finished villages where people make a ton of money. The projects are abandoned after the contracts in the cash or handed out, as well as reconstruction projects that never really happen. Although many people rich from them, and then, lastly- and this is a really big deal- a China's continued aggressive posturing too.
India, Taiwan and the South and EAST China sees more generally, each of which we ve talked about a little bit in the past. So on India, there have been somewhere between Four and ten skirmishes of note between India and China over the border various face off, we ve talked about it a little bit on the bonus show before the situation in this China, Sea involving China, the Philippines in Vietnam, where you see military activity by China. Now full maneuvers other aggression outposts being built concerning and then also conflict with Japan in the east. China see other part of the sea. It include. It includes Japan having scrambled jets in the past and other. Ah escalation. So to be clear again, I want to be really careful. I dont want with China, I'm not seeing invade China, I'm not seeing the! U S doesn't also do bad things. Lots of countries exhibit this type of aggression. The difference is number one allotted
criticisms of China in the: U S, media and from people like Trump have been very surface level and lead to xenophobia against Asian Americans, which has no place whatsoever. There are actual horrible things being done by the chinese government, many countries that also want to do horrible things dont have both the aggression and them the means to carry it out the financial resources at their disposal, the massive population that China has bigotry against Asian Americans because of this are chinese People anywhere is wrong and were against it. I am also not sing cut off China from economic. In point, our economy is now to injure trot intertwined with China's. It would take a really long time to be able to unintentional that relation, without destroying the american economies, are not calling for that. But there are real. Gene political issues here and humane Tyrian issues about which we should be concerned. It's not bigotry to talk about that and the IMF,
working media rarely touches these actual issues. Let me know what you think: will have more on this story on the David Pachmann show Instagram, which you can find at David Pachmann show on Instagram. science has shown us that lowering your body temperature at night helps you sleep. I can't sleep hot room, that's why I love our sponsor Chile. Sleep which makes customizable climate controlled sleep solutions to sleep better. Their flagship products are the Uller sleep system and a cube sleep system, which is what I heard Both are hydro, powered temperature, controlled luxury, mattress pads. You can make them as cold as fifty five degrees Fahrenheit. If you wanted. You could go as hard as a hundred and fifty degrees. I like the cooler option. I keep mine at sixty degrees and it gives me a great cool night of sleep.
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Obama speaking at a rally and realize, while the political discourse has really collapsed over the last five years, in particular, as the virus of Trump ISM has degraded and coarse and political dialogue, we can't say wow, that's actually uniquely talented political speaker, Barack Obama doesn't mean we liked what he did with drones or surveillance. So, let's get to it and please don't read it to this segment more than what I'm actually saying, there's a bunch of important elections next Tuesday November second, I'm gonna be covering I'll live with you on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, starting around eight p m eastern onto the next Tuesday night, one of those races Virginia gubernatorial election now in this race, incumbent, democratic, governor, Ralph, north them is term limited out. So it's a race between two challengers, its Democrat
candidate, Terry Mccall, F and absolutely dangerous right wing Republican Glenn young Kin, young kin is a real lunatic. I mean a true political and cultural extremists young and has made clear his allegiance to Donald Trump and I'm busy initially, although he since kind of backed away because it seems like maybe it's not gonna help and that much young in four months, didn, even acknowledge that Joe Biden legitimately one the twenty twenty election. It's it's that crazy of a guy he's against abortion, unease against gun safety, measures he's really really horrible. The races tight its with the margin of error I could show you Poles or one point to point, doesn't matter within the margin of error. It could go either way. So former President Barack Obama has been out campaigning with Terry Mccall of and in a very specific sense, it was really refer Fishing not because I like Barack Obama's drone policy or whatever, but because Barack Obama was able to do something that often gets lost
And were in the day to day of the current right wing, insanity and extremism in at one crazy thing after another, which is Barack Obama, distilled just how absurd. The modern Republican Party and American Right wing has gotten. So let's look at some clips in this first one. This is like a classic Obama thing where he hits a bunch of issues about the hypocrisy of Glenn yanking and he touches on opportunism and other things. He starts with some jokes and builds into hey guys. This is really serious. This is this is like a textbook two minute political speech excerpt any real. It really is an interesting to look at it and see the that's great. I was convinced that the cosy
large private equity firms the world by this time, washing dishes and going grocery Sharon, but who knows maybe, but You do notice that, like whenever a wealthy person runs broth as there are we want to show you what a regular guy there. So he starts with the job and I know people simple Obama's, rich to gather breaded. This is political speech. This is about what are the policy he's in and making a connection to that yes Obama's, also incredibly wealthy, but not so great. But when you're, a supporter of railway, whether twenty allegiance joy flag, that was blown, The insurrection, the capital on January six, so he's doing two things here, he's starting to shift from the jokes to the series. and he slowing down the speed and then at the end he ll build back up, but instead of with jokes.
With anger that he wants the crowd to feel with emitted. It's it's really textbook the biggest threat to our democracy in my lifetime, when you don't separate yourselves from them, when you, when you don't think, that's a problem or you don't want that's a problem! You you me where the loop plant visualization, please where and what quietly council support from those who seek to tear out our democracy. Either. He actually believes in the same conspiracy theories that resulted in a month, or he
doesn't believe it. But he is willing to go along with it to say or do anything to get elected. And maybe that's worse because because. Because that's somethin, Mercosur and the now here's the final arbiter will end of Sean. actually are in office. What do you want to stand up for? What are you willing to say no to your own supporters? What are you willing to say there's some things that are more important than getting electric, and maybe american democracy is one of those things so that Really well done political speech, you don't have the love, Barack Obama's politics or whatever. This is a really great technique of starting with jokes and chuckles and then You slow down, and you start to get serious and then what
You have the audience with you. You then build up to exactly how Obama finishes that integrating people too, about Glenn Young in the way they should, and we should be outraged about this disgusting guided. Is there really notable skill that Barack Obama has in whatever your thoughts are about him? We have to recognise being really good at something and that two minute clip is such an example.
Of some one that is really at the top of their field in being able to deliver this kind of speech in this. But I do one more clip here in this clip very concisely: characterizing the right when cold culture war as a phoney trumped up culture, war designed to create outrage. I like this just because it's a great assessment of what we ve been saying for a long time. Did they just there not doing policy there? Just trying to get people fired up with these cultural issues? We don't have time wasting on these only from culture, wars, this fake outrage, right wing, media panels produce their rating and the fact that he's going along with it instead of talking about serious problems that actually affect serious people. At the shame, I thought what those elections about us. Nowhere, you need rejected.
Instead of forcing our communities to cut back at a time when we're just starting to recover, we should be doing more to support people who are educating our kids and keeping our neighborhood safe. So you guys get it a very, very highly skilled political order. His drone, and was horrible. The surveys was horrible. I'm with you I'm with you, but I am glad to see him out campaigning for Terry Mccall. If that this, I would say this is the biggest race on the ballot next Tuesday If you live in Virginia, makes, you're getting out in voting the difference between Terry Mccall. If an admittedly establishment Democrat, no doubt about it versus Glenn Young I hope and pronouncing that correctly not be more different and we're gonna have live results for you. Eight days from today. I hope you'll join me. Eight p m eastern eight days from today with results. I want to place. Are you an incredible web? This is this. I just love this. This is so good. There is an activist and student at Dartmouth, call
judge named. I hope I'm pronouncing his last name correctly, Jack coach guerrilla. He went to one of them with radical extremists, republican congressmen Madison caught Thorn, who continues to claim that d? tromp actually won the election in twenty twenty and our friend Jack confronted Madison and it's really heroes work. This was at Dartmouth. Car thorn is reduced to a stammering mass unable to put together a coherent explanation to defend his position. Let's go right to the video. This is really really good Likewise, we ve got form a majority of Republicans believe that President Biden was not lawfully elect, no you know that he was as you want, and twenty twenty election So when will you stop why your constituents admit the dollar? was an endless senseless attack, our democracy. So, first of all it
It's it's a loaded framing of the question, but for the format for what Jack's trying to do. It's absolutely perfect I will leave you back here. On the fact that President Biden was lovely so. You see she's like last year on year, sixty states, namely the state, will see the same guns. Now we hold up. Who was it that did the elite legal thing? That, of course, does not mean that Donald Trump
We, who is with the governors who, when I want to know you, know reality trump, definitely one or let us say, where's eggs or was it the will of the people, or was it the willows they legit will who it what was violated exactly Madison changeless already a loss. January citizens rights when you re at this kid's got up her management written on.
from Jack Cultural, a really really well done and, of course, the stuff that Madison Catherine is saying. We ve heard it so many times before, and it sort of a gift gallop when you throw it altogether. Well, there were, it was against the constitution, the? U S, constitution and the states change the rules, and it wasn't the will of the people Oh, but it wasn't the will of the legislators, but actually it was the legislators who changed and when you put a dropbox in a park or change the magic hold on a second. How does this mean Trump one? Let's look at these issues, one by one by one and listen this Catherine. He has his talking points. Prepare right he's been he's, been hurt perpetrating this lie and and perpetuating the talking points for a while now. So he knows the talking points, but in a format
where you can really take them one by one and pick them apart. You see that there's nothing there. Every single one these liars should be questioned and they should be facing exactly these questions. Every time they appear in public. Explain exactly how it is that Trump one number to explain exactly You talk about the constitution in terms of the election, but you never mentioned the anti constitutional attempt by the January six riders to stop the certification. Are you for or against the Ex explain it? It should become impossible for these people to evade these, questions every time there in public and a really really great job there by Jack Coach, Lorella, a generation, z activist and student at Dartmouth, college and might my guess is- will be hearing more from him and hopefully a mean at every town hall at every opportunity. These people should be asked these questions. You ve gotta, be prepared
you gotta, be prepared with rebuttals, because they're gonna have summer bottles, but really nice job, we're gonna, take a quick break and we'll be back after this one of our sponsors. these comments here, coffee, the world's first froze Coffee I've been very impressed with the coffee. I've had from comments here. I'm a tier sources there, beans from some of the world's best locally own specialty roasters, and the comments here team. Is there of their own way of protecting the fresh this and aroma of the coffee by taking its concentrated liquid form and flash freezing it. So it keeps Those original flavors nuances comments here comes to you frozen just add hot water or for iced coffee. You just melted. You can use to make a ton of different hot and cold coffee drinks. the way they lock in the flavor like this. You really can tasted it tastes. Fresh I've been getting at
of enjoyment. Out of competition, they ve got a great variety. coffees, it's delicious. The way you make it is super convenient and you'll twenty dollars off. When you go to comment, you're dot com, Slash Pachmann, that's c, o M e t e r dot com, slash o k I may on the link, is in the podcast notes for this episode. Ok. This is really great for weeks now I've been reminding you every time we talk about Fox NEWS, criticising that various vaccine requirements at different companies. I've been reminding you Fox NEWS, has a strict vaccine mandate than the one that Biden has proposed for companies with a hundred more employees. As we watched Tucker Carlsson and Laura Ingram and Dan Bonn GINO criticized the requirements outlined by Joe Biden that all sorts of different companies have adopted sports team
seems airlines. Other organizations Fox news hosts, would not men, hey our mandate here at foxes, even stricter Joe Biden, said, get vaccinated or test Weekly Fox whose is doing get vaccinated or test Daily and where a mask around other employees. If you're not vaccinated, Fox use, host, wouldn't mention it, they would just talk about. Vaccine mandate is They would mention by the way. What were we work? It's even stricter last week during his, and in TAT Hall, which we covered life, Joe Biden actually brought. This up. Joe Biden actually said hey. You know that there's this cynical hypocritical, fox coverage of vaccination they have a mandate. Okay, so take a look at Joe Biden. Mentioning that I fascinating. I turn on fire,
to find out how popular, but are you doing there are doing very well, I think I'm a three percent favourable, but but all kitten aside, one of the things I find you realize they mandate vaccinate concerns I find that mildly. Fascinating violates mildly fascinated now. That is absolutely true they mandate with the option of testing out just like Joe Biden from proposed, except at Fox. If you want to test out, you ve got it has daily instead of weekly. This now pushed Fox news into needing to comment on it. They can't just pretend it's not going on and their reaction just to lie in play a meaningless semantic game. That is completely bogus. So take a look at what the fox and friends crew said: next morning about their own mandate of misinformation. He said about Fox. He thought it says. Ethics
Finally, the fox has a vaccine mandate. You have a testing option its box, so would he said is totally inaccurate. We don't have a mandate, we have a protocol ranks and perhaps a little difference in which, until the present we don't have a mandate here says Steve do see. We have a protocol. Why? Because you can test instead of getting vaccinated, but that's exactly what Joe Biden proposed Joe Biden said: vaccinate or test weakly and Fox says vat in eight or test daily and where a mask and hears why not a mandate, but it's a protocol is so silly just look at what the words mean a mandate is an official order,
or a commission to do something. Well, Joe Biden order. Is you vaccinate or test weekly? So by that definition, its mandate, Fox NEWS is order, is vaccinated, has daily that's a mandate by this definition. Its amending now a protocol is the accepted or a stout Wish code of procedure or behaviour in a group organization or situation? Ok, so let's look at Protocol Joe Biden, establish code of procedure is that you backs and eight or you test weekly to Protocol Fox NEWS is established code of procedure. Is you vaccinate or you test daily? It's a protocol there. Both mandates of a particular protocol. This is meaningless semantic trash and I tweeted about this. Over the weekend. I said So apparently, Biden required vaccine or required weekly testing is a mandate but Fox NEWS is required, vaccine or require daily testing is a protocol and I receive
if a ton of really great responses, but one twitter users ditty track one line lays it out the way that I did hear saying a protocol and a mandate are synonymous both mean something has to happen. Policy is also synonymous with mandate and protocol- and that is exactly correct- so this shouldn't surprise us these are just hypocrites. These are people who, mostly keep their jobs even as Dan Bonn GINO was saying, I may quit den Gmos thing with them. I think it was cute Nicholas Radio networks are, though it may be that he has a show on Fox and show with a radio network. It might be cumulative, he was saying, was an I'm vaccinated, but am against any vaccine requirements. So I may quit my job here depending on what happens here, thousand mentioned the fact that he is also an employer fox, which has one of the strictest requirements. Now there are some
lawyers that have gone further and they ve said we just don't want to deal with the testing, or we don't want to offer attesting option. We just one everybody vaccinated, that's it and certainly that's their prerogative in something bacon legally. Do that's not actually what Joe Biden proposed for companies of one hundred or more employees, and what Fox NEWS has gone out of its way to do is something that's even stricter. I've, a friend who recently started work at a at a West Coast, West Coast based start up, and during the hiring process. Even right there, when you apply it says everybody on our staff has to be fully vaccinate. This allows us to do in person. Events where We can't we just test everybody on the way in, and we ve got these two layers, everybody's vaccinated and tested. We can do stuff and they they do things just don't apply. If you're not will
if you're not willing to be fully vaccinated by the time. You start just don't apply and much like hey this job requires you to work to over nights a week. Oh, I don't want that. I'm not gonna apply fine you're being you're told up front. That is something companies can certainly do, but that's not even what actually being discussed when we talk about the job. I'd requirement, so it's great that Joe Biden mentioning it during the town Hall Thursday pushed Fox hosts to start talking about it. Their reaction is so bogus. Their explanation is so pathetic and and and some man, it's semantics at the end, it shouldn't really. Surprise us and will see, my guess is that there is going to be more commentary on this from them, we have now, as predicted? Another new goalpost another new deadline from my pillow, see YO and founder. Glenn Del. We Call him MIKE pillow. The latest is the Tuesday
or the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. So last month, our friend Zack, Patrice so from salon, wrote that article, Michael in Dell, moves the reinstatement goal posts again now trump we'll be back by Thanksgiving. That is in stone. Everybody says my pillow guy spite. No evidence, no paperwork and no legal case. Pillow exact, it native turned election truth. Berlin Dell has revised his prediction yet again as to when the? U S Supreme Court will hear his undisclosed Lee argument that the twenty twenty election should be overturned, Linda made an excited announcement that his mysterious legal team has fast tracked internal research, claiming that is thus far imaginary Supreme Court cases now ahead of schedule. This last month. Remember this is the big announcement everyone he said to Steve Bandit. I made a promise
this country, that, with all the evidence I have that we would get it to the Supreme Court, and I predict that they would vote. Nine zero to look at the evidence. He then asserted that before Thanksgiving, which falls on November twenty five, the court will have heard his case or not here he admits originally, I hope. For August and September, I asked all the lawyers yesterday were taking this to the Supreme Court before Thanksgiving. Ok, there is now a new clip of pillow talk, to MIKE Lyndal just a few days ago? now still before Thanksgiving. But it's only now going to be that an attorney general will be supporting this going to the Supreme Court by Thanksgiving. So it's another backtracking first, it was by Thanksgiving. The Supreme Court will have voted to take the case, and here the evidence. Now it's I'll have an agee supporting me by
I guess it's, the Tuesday or the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, take a listen to this Tuesday before thanks. You're gonna have an hp this repair to go. You got the lawsuit filed, Zynga start that evening or the next day, a marathon of information on Frank speech, Wednesday night Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. Isn't it is this sad? or is it funny or is it stupid or or is it all of the above remember after dinner member of twenty twenty it's a year ago, guys it's a year ago with this point will be more a year by the time, Thanksgiving comes around we survive long enough to make it the Thanksgiving a first? It was guys between today, when it was November between today November eighth, I think it was when the media called it for Joe Biden between today.
Remember, eighth and December fourteen the day that the electors certify in each state- this is gonna, be flip too, to Trump or pump, as some of them would say, didn't happen between today December, Fourteenth and January. Sixth, when Congress counts the votes, the he's going to be flipped Trump they're going to stop the counting on January six. We know how that turned out. Riotous coup insurrection attempt in Washington DC four hundred people arrested roughly three hundred four hundred, something like that. They didn't go up fine between January seven January was a twentieth or twenty first. That was the that that was inauguration day now. Actually dont. Remember let me look at my January calendar. It was the twentieth. Ok between the the riot and inauguration day, it's gonna go to bite, it didn't happen, ok! Well, then they started to fork
They some said all right. It's gonna be between January twentieth. In March or April, others said we succeeded, it's not real Joe Biden that became president, it's the joint, the real robins dead, it started to get even crazier. Then you know April became early summer, and then it became fourth of July and then it became August and then it became the fall, and now it's going be Thanksgiving, but not really thanksgiving. There will be support from the attorney general for the Supreme Court case, and the Supreme Court case will come at some point thereafter. We I said in November is expect this to keep going and going in going until at a certain point it becomes listen. Guys The way to really do this is gonna, be by winning the mid terms. If we win the mid terms, then we'll put Donald Trump back in and then even if they win the mid terms. trumps not coming back, and so then it'll be well now that
one, the mid terms, let's just Elect Donald Trump and twenty twenty four, that's the sequence and there's gonna be grafting and trying to grab cash throughout the entire thing candidates trying to rob cash. By saying give me money to win to then bring trump back or to finally bilbil speaking coated language to really deal with the stolen election once and for all. But Actually, it's just gonna be, oh, that the way to get trumped back in his to elect him and twenty twenty four, which we have been saying all long- we knew all along that. That would be the case. So no surprise here might pillow as pathetic as ever. We have a voice mail number, and that number is too one nine to David P. This is wrong. funny someone called
in about on a live stream. A couple months ago, I recommended a particular ice cream. This is a fantastic ice cream. It's a cut, the brand is called it see their greatest or graders. Let me actually see I wanna get it right. Is it great and ice cream greetings ice? This is not a sponsor graders, ok, graders ice cream, I've been a lifelong, Jerry, Garcia fan, but I dont think it's actually that great. I just didn't know of other cherry. I screams gratings black cherry chocolate. Chip ice cream, maybe the best price. Comrade I mean on the show. All sorts of people now are obsessed with this ice cream. Take a listen to this. I've been a member for I got over a year. I want to tell you try it on your recommendation. Creators, black, during a stream excellent, yet the feet Jerry, Garcia out of the water,
currently be something out of water. Thanks for everything, You do. I appreciate your time here and everything that you do for us. I appreciate ticker. Yesterday I tried to get myself some of this graders black cherry chocolate chip, a scream, it's the one flavour that was gone from the graters shelf. I went to my grocery store and I went- and I said Sir, whereas the words the nay, nay, said here it is sir and there's a there was graters and they had black raspberry and they had vanilla, and then I just see an empty space, and I look at the tag and it says black chairing the black cherry is sold out, I'm not taking responsibility for that. I think I stumbled upon this, as many other people were stumbling upon it as well, but I can't get my hands on the black cherry ice cream. So in the future,
sure I'm not gonna be mentioning any products that I'm interested in buying because it doesn't seem to be going super well in terms of ability to get them, but fantastic. I screamed not a sponsor just good. I scream- and I think, like a dozen people, have told me David this- this ice rooms, amazing, we ve, got a great bonus, show for you today the FED plans to ban policymakers, from owning individual stocks, and this is an issue we ve been talking about for a long time. The personal financial interests of members of Congress number to run. Santas radical trompe in Florida republican Governor governor of Florida and Florida, which makes it even crazier he's gonna, give five grand signing bonus or wants to two on vaccinated police that are quitting other police departments in other states to come, be cops in Florida, ok and then lastly, Texas, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, who
offered to start handing out rewards for people who find voter fraud. He has finally paid out his first reward to a Democrat for identifying identifying voter fraud carried out by a Republican. You ve, you love to see it. You really love to see at all those stories and more on today's bonus show a sign up at join pachmann dot com. You ve got a spell it correctly. And email sometimes be will say David, your membership web, it has a virus you spell my name wrong. It will take you to a different website that I dont know. What's on it. Ok join pachmann p a k. I may and outcome sign up coupon code felony, twenty one. The code is such a big discount. It should be a felony but its legal, ok, felony when one is the coupon code sign up a joint, Patman, dotcom and we'll see you wanted it,
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