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10/28/21: Donziger Goes to Prison, Spending Bill Gutted

2021-10-28 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--David Liss, health services researcher at Northwestern University who specializes in researching primary care medicine, joins David to discuss whether routine health screenings, check-ups, physicals, and other interventions actually increase quality of life, health status, and life expectancy

--Attorney Steven Donziger is being sent to prison in one of the most outrageous miscarriages of justice of its kind in recent years

--After both Republicans and centrist Democrats have gutted the infrastructure and spending bill, should progressives vote against it?

--Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit, including about 2024, "antibody passports," work visas and shortages, and much more

--Donald Trump's coup lawyer, John Eastman, is caught on hidden camera by the Undercurrent's Lauren Windsor bragging about the January 6 coup memo

--Joe Rogan slams paternity leave and Pete Buttigieg as going after paternity leave becomes more and more popular

--Republican Senator Ted Cruz cites Nazi salutes in a bizarre defense of "free speech" during a recent hearing

--Voicemail caller wildly claims, without evidence, that the Alec Baldwin shooting was a false flag planned to justify seizing guns from Americans

--On the Bonus Show: Billionaires could end starvation, Iran will return to nuclear negotiations, cigarette sales up in 2020 for the first time in 20 years, much more...

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One Definitely. My efforts to stories today are completely infuriating in a moment and a few moments I'm going to talk about the latest with the spending interest sure bill and just the pathetic nature of what's happened and we'll talk about whether at this point, progressive should just vote oh and do everything they can to kill the bill will get to that. But first I want to start with this. of Stephen Danziger, the attorney who now is surrendering to prison, and it is an absolutely insane story. If you ve not been following the story, it is just like a perfect exam bull of so much of what is wrong with so many different systems that we have in the country. So let's read the latest report
from Reuters, Chevron, foe, Danziger surrenders after losing bid to avert prison prince for the lawyer. Why? Well, let's look? Did barred lawyer, Stephen Danziger, who was convicted of criminal contempt after a decades long legal battle with Chevron over Rain Forest pollution in Ecuador, surrender two authorities Wednesday, after losing his bid to stay out of prison. The second you Circuit Court of appeals. Yeah a couple days ago denied Danziger request to delay his six month prison term or grant him bail as challenges his conviction and sentenced to a lawyer, Ronald Coup besetting court documents Wednesday. He surrendered and is in custody of the federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut quote, it is sadly typical of the degraded quality of justice, in this case the only way Mr Danziger could prove he was not. A flight risk was to show up and be imprisoned,
Danziger is appealing his July conviction for criminal contempt and October first sentencing to six months prison by a federal judge in Manhattan. Now. What is this? All about the contempt case stems from post judgment. Orders in us a case in which another Manhattan judge and twenty fourteen bar enforcement. In the U S of a night, point, five billion dollar judgment against Chevron that done bigger one in an in court. The judge said the ecuadorean judgment had been. The cured through bribery, fraud and extortion Danziger, who was disbarred in New York last year, was charged with contempt in twenty nineteen failing to turn over his computer phones and other electronic devices. Among other conduct than you present has been home detention since August of twenty nineteen Tuesday seconds circuit order, also expedite Danziger appeal, so
You have a situation here were Stephen Danziger was fighting this case in Ecuador against one of these big fossil fuel companies and rain forest destruction, and then for what Many assert and we'll get to this in a moment are political reasons and the power of corporations. This has all been please leave flipped and turned around on Danziger who then set guys, I'm not giving you might stuff, and now he's held in contempt and now is being sentenced to six months for that contempt. Now it's not. me saying this sounds wrong The United Nations has ruled that the entire Stephen Danziger House arrest, violet, its international laws. This is from a few weeks ago, close to a month ago. the? U N human rights body, said former environmental lawyers house arrest on contempt charges was illegal
and called on the Eu S to release him in this, provide some context, Stephen Danziger in the early nineties, nineties, sued Texaco on half of a group of ecuadorean farmers and indigenous people alleging major environmental harms by the energy company. We ve heard those stories many times for decades, companies have known the environmental damage that they were doing through their fossil fuel business and echo worrying court ruled in favour of the plaintiffs and twenty eleven an order, Chevron, which had since acquired Texaco, hey nine and a half billion dollars. Then Chevron Counter sued in the United States asking accusing the lawyer Danziger of bribery and witness tampering, and then Judge Louis Kaplan, in the U S ruled in chevrons favour and then Danziger was hit with contempt charges during the appeals process when Federal Process there is in the south. Southern district of New York declined to Prague, Cute Danziger on the contempt charges the.
judge, took the unusual step of appointing private attorneys. Instead, look at It is happening here Riddick live in. One of the attorneys previously worked for a firm chevron retained, so every reason to think this is However, on wanting to get back at an attorney that effectively went after them for the environmental damage that they did. U S. District I've found Danziger guilty of contempt in July in the ruling, but in its ruling the euins Working group on arbitrary detention, key Danziger attention arbitrary note, noting the maximum penalty for Danzig, yours charges is actually six months house arrest for two years, without sentencing for something where you would only at the most serve six months. This they wrote means Mr Danziger, having been under house arrest since August. Sixty twenty nineteen has all He served the maximum possible penalty four times over in this,
are the working group recalls that the human rights clause, has argued if the length of time that the defendant has been detained reaches the length of the longest sentence that could imposed for the crimes charge the defendant should be released, the working, five international jurists said they were appalled by the case and said the charge against and detention of Danziger appears to be retaliation for his work as a legal representative of indigenous communities as he refused to disclose confidential correspondence with his clients in a very high profile case against multinational business enterprise. This is the worst of the worst of the worst. This is very clearly retaliation by a company with massive resources, Chevron Hence the guy they allege that the settlement he obtained of nine point. Five billion dollars was done through bribery, but they have not proven that understand that the
allegation was well. They only the settlement by bribing people and fraud and so on and so forth. Its not been proven. They managed to make that case by dumping legal fees upon legal fees to create a problem for Danziger. They got to a point where he was the positions in turn over all these documents relief, take your private dealings with the plaintiffs? He said no now he's in contempt. There is a maximum sentence of six months for that, but he was held under Home Confinement House arrest for two years, even though if found guilty, the maximum possible sentence would have in six months. Every aspect of this stinks every effort was made to exhaust every legal resource possible, and I believe it was yesterday or the day before. Yes, I think the day before it was decided that yesterday he would term turn himself over to Connecticut.
Prison or institution. The institute of prisons are the board of prisons or whatever it's called in Connecticut for the six months sentence. other people hadn't heard this story is absolutely and completely bonkers. Ando I don't think this is the end of it and we're gonna continue covering it. You all know that I in general, a pragmatist, I a sort of real politic realist. I understand That change often comes in small steps. I dont want to let the perfect become the enemy of the good, but It may be time for progressive to kill what is increasingly a guided infrastructure and spend bill because There is almost nothing left in it. paid leave has now fallen out of the democratic package in an urge.
scramble, as described by CNN, to secure centrist democrat Senator Joe Mansion support. Democrats are expected to scrap, aid, family and medical leave from their cornerstone, economic and climate pack, discarding one of the central plank of Joe Biden proposal as they scrambled to strike a deal with hold out senators, the and survival has been in question for several days due to objections from Joe Mansion by initial twelve weak proposal of paid leave with scaled back to four weeks to try to get Joe Mansion support that was rejected, I'd Kirsten Gibran tried to find a compromise with mansion that didn't work. One of the people said prompting Democrats to push it out of the package as they seek to scale back the proposal's overall cost and programmes to meet mentions and mansion made clear. He would not move when asked about the provision saying I just can't do it. and now as
filming this is about to happen. Joe Biden is expected to announce new social spending, a new social spending framework to try to get every Democrat on board the steps that we are now talking about the increments that way are now talk. Talking about are so small in terms of what's left of this bill, that we may mostly have a pseudo slush fund for some projects called infrastructure it'll be cut did as a political win for the central Democrats. It'll be cool, indeed, as a political win for Republicans by having been able to get all sorts of stuff removed and It's going to be barely anything and I am essentially ready to say you know it has some things in it. That makes sense, but the pig, big picture is now so dire. It's so grim. It's so pathetic that it may be tat
to kill this bill and say hey, you need us progressives for this. You and your losing us what has been removed. So far. My best understood you it's actually hard to encapsulate, everything that's been removed so far for a bunch of it, reasons, including that there were different bills that contain these things, Different negotiations pay family leave seems to be gone content by two. three free community college. We already learned days ago. Last week that's gone at Syria Is climate regulations gun expanded, Medicare Eligibility gone. The view Joint hearing, dental stuff that Joe Biden talked about doesn't seem to be in their prescription. Drug price controls, nope universal child care plus making permanent the tax credit gone, some kind of tax to target the very very, very richest Americans. Not that's, not gonna, be part of this. bill, apparently either so listen,
get it it this. This is very rare that I say actually overall because of a mess. That needs to be set now thing kind of makes more sense than the scraps that are left. Rarely a my at that point. People who have bought been following the chauffeur longtime know that, but it may be time with this bill. because this is going to eat all count as something was done when it's two percent five percent not by dollar value, but in terms of the components, five percent of what it was supposed to be done, and everybody, but the left gets a win. Republicans, what nothing done while they almost get a win. If this passes, because there's almost nothing left of it, centrists get what they want, because they have managed to get all of the important stuff for most of the important stuff out of it or scale it down or whatever? So I am,
you're standing. You know that. I note the other shows pretend that the country's way more left than it actually is and all these different stuff. I don't do that here. I feel like one of the things. try to do is give you an honest and accurate assessment of, or is the country on a lot of these issues, the country as well to the left of this bill. There is no doubt about it. and what we have at this point is, I don't Oh, if the term pyrrhic victory even applies, because I dont know that it's victory even a pyrrhic one. I want to hear from you. Is this something that any aggressive that has the ability to vote no should be voting no on, because its becomes so endlessly pathetic. Let me your thoughts. You can find me on Twitter at De Pachmann, we're gonna take a quick break and we have much more coming up for you today.
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spotted this morning that I wanted to discuss with you today. One asks can win in twenty twenty four David, Sir. If you read this I'd, like your take, despite it being too early, I just don't see, Biden running in twenty twenty four he'll be in his eighties, and I think that three years will affect him far more than pass President's Harris, maybe the presumptive nominee, but she seems like a weak candidates versus tramper descend to so who would be a strong candidate in twenty twenty four give five bucks a month. Voter registered registration and outreach programmes today. Yet this is me, listen! That's the analysis I made about two months ago and I said, were not yet ready a really talk about this in detail, because there are so many unknown who will be the republican Domini. Joe Biden running for reelection, if not is Kamel Harris the presumptive nominee, but I've said before most wrote to me about it agreed. Although a few people were were kind of upset with me, I see it
its trump is the nominee and twenty twenty four I see. A four oh Joe Biden, who will have been attacked for four years and will be in his eighties at that point as having a tough time beating Trump a second time if not Joe Biden and its common Harris. I see common Harris who remains not particularly popular today. But there is still a lot of time to go. I He com, a hair, is having a very tough time against Donald Trump and then, if it's not tromp and its right now based on polling run dissent, as would be, the most problems name, although it took its very early, and this is why it's tough to talk about it I see Rhonda Santas as a more competent version of Trump, who also has a totally plausible chance of feeding, someone like Joe Biden or Cobble Harris being from Florida could help him with this data Florida as well. So I share the concern I dont have answers. I'm asking all the same questions as this fewer
I'm coming to so far more or less the same conclusions, and I don't have the answer? but maybe people in the audience do another post. I spotted asks why, you support something similar to a vaccine passport but for anti bodies seems like It would be something the left and right could compromise on, but I don't hear it being proposed from the left. I'm wondering if there are arguments against it or if people are, even against it. So I guess the question: is if you could prove you have anti bodies to the corona virus, should that count being vaccinated anywhere that you need to be vaccinated if you anti bodies under its it's very complicated? There two primary problems. I think why It is an bodies as measured by typical blood test measure, only one type of anti body and its only one element of immunity. We still don't know how does that
number relate to your level of protection. An ability to spread verses other types of the bodies and potential immunity? So that's part, one part two, there is less consistency about natural anti bodies and how long they last we don't know you're, more sick, do you develop more anti bodies when you recover it all these types of things are still being explored and so well there still very ability in terms of, and he body development with vaccines. There is more known and its more uniform and more consistent and decay appears to be more predictable. So I think that those are sort of like the two main issues would sing. we should have an anti body passport just do a vaccine pass were also its diffidently more expensive to test anti bodies, and it also is much more involved than simply the goat. You get a vaccine, it's free to the end user,
would pay. For you know. Different people have different blood test coverage through insurance, it starts to get quite quite complicated at last thing, this the very interesting article that was posted. All of the discussion of the worker shortage that we ve been seeing its impact, and to know that since March of twenty twenty, the. U S has issued. Why Point two million fewer visas to work legible foreigners. So a lot of the right wingers and by the way this report is from the Cato Institute, not exactly a left wing publication. Why, of the reasons right wing you're saying? Oh, it's PETE Buddha judges, fault, it's Joe Biden, fault, Joe Biden into The Grinch who stole Christmas because of ply chain issues in all the stuff. We already know the supply chain issues were an issue in twenty twenty. Nobody was blaming transportation Secretary Alain Chow back then nobody was really blew. Tromp. For that now there blaming Biden, Buddha Judge, but the other issues, the? U S has
you'd far fewer eligible foreigner visa. Since March of twenty twenty partially under the guise of the pandemic, guess that is a big factor because the U S counts on that labour and it's not being discussed at all, and it should be that that is eight something right. Wingers may not even know about or may be glad about, because they say these people are killing our jobs etc? Will that part of why we're having these supply chain and and labour resource issues right now joined the discussion at David, Pachmann, dot, com, slash, read it this is really really great stuff? We're going to look at now, Remit we're trumps legal adviser, John Eastman he's the lawyer who wrote the info Miss Coup memo with various ideas as to how may be Donald Trump would be able to steal the twenty twenty election Lauren Windsor. Our friend from the under current, has done it again and has gotten under
cover, video speaking to John Eastman, essentially just bragging about the entire memo, his role and everything. Let's take. Let's just go right into it. We ve got video got audio. The video is subtitled, let's just jump right in and see. This is amazing stuff. By the way, this is Lauren pretending to be a trump supporter. She's been doing this
for months and she gets people to put down their garden, say really horrible and damning things. At any rate, we got inside you to go down the capital, and I am delighted that my name in our democracy will be so good. A blowing smoke a people's asses itself, one island where you are, in my view very much. If you really know the words were all godly, while I heard me say while, but, as I said, a good eye catching him coming over the target at my God, I'm a regular. I dont think that anybody in coming, maybe than other than trembling self and biggest importer rather odd argument. I am I doing any lying. So this understand what she's doing she's she's continuing to blow smoke it you know and say
memo with, like your six or eight ways, the steel, the election? I thought it was totally solid, and how dare MIKE Pence not actually go forward, not aiming at you mean and illegal reining in I know I know now is now in these latter days ago, already from winning under his and my arguments about mammal that they also had no credibility, amyloid earth. The ammo, like your mean running right, exactly gradually separate I'd, say that right. So, first of all, the idea that may be the memo was sort of like ingest or whatever he seems I really believe that that was a way to steal the election.
Amy languidly early or evening it only dollar, maybe lying in the mortar like. Why am I doing them as them? How about that ha trot legal adviser who came up with a way to steal the election sang the reason Pence didn't do it spends his establishment pence depends to a stir,
bullshit? You really do what needed to be done to stab Mulligan ended as very mild. Drawing from doing is destroying the inside monopoly and reviving the Republican Party in the Netherlands, where they are more of a wild and an uprising. That's got in there and he saw it and got ahead of time. They all his sky is a true believer of this idea. That tromp was this big threat to the US the abolition than he was coming in in doing this. In doing that, and that's why my pants and others didn't did didn't help prompt. Take the election that if there is
ever a true believer. It's this guy. We have another clip here and it's it's just as crazy. Let's continue watching came down down down again so understand. The question here is tromp himself did marched to the capital like he said he was going to with that of maybe succeeded in stopping the count on a regular window had already started, and if he got me got down there that I like how he minimizes the insurrectionists coup as the
making of the windows there was a little more going on and breaking windows when they would have had more meaning. I know I know I know said John Sullivan Geiger, basically down again again video alive. So again, this gap, is how dangerous these people are. We necessarily know with this Eastman character. Is he a true believer, or did he get paid to write a memo like ok, yeah here is like a hypothetical, very hypothetical. This. Nobody, really going to pay attention to this? No one's gonna believe this. This wouldn't even really work out are now I'll, just write it for you cause I'm getting paid. No, no. No. This
your cover video seems to be making clear. This guy is a true believer. He believe the anti for conspiracy theories, he believed,
it was actually legally viable to steal the election. The way he outlined in the map. It's it's incredible were his words, another five level instigating within the happy I was so. The riots were anti foot and the FBI guys want evening. I now Ireland ninety down anywhere engaging in violent ringing right where and what he said on his down their peacefully and patriotically your voice, her that's what you actually, what trumpeted was even hours after there had been violent riots, four hours, Trump reluctantly,
did a video where he says it's time to go home, but he mentioned we love you and you're completely justified in being here. I know why you're here it was stolen, etc, but it's time to go home after just hours of pressure of people. Saying Trump, sir, you got it. To say something you gotta get get these people home. There's a third part to this interview which, as this that we're. Recording today show Lauren Windsor has not yet released, but I encourage you to take a look at it when it is incredible stuff and have more on this on our instagram, which you can find it. David Pachmann show. One of our sponsors is called privacy. Privacy is a totally free service that I've been using for years. Privacy lets me create virtual payment cards with one click, and when I use the virtual card the money is taken out of my bank account You can create multiple cards, delete them. Freeze them set a spending limit on them
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quality and value of primary care. Delivery, David great having you on today, So you know in the context of Obama CARE, but also, more generally, there's the discussion of of preventive health care, idea that it's cheaper to prevent or treat some early than it is to wait until becomes more serious. I think that intuitively makes sense to to a lot of people, but that take sort of a lot of different forms and shapes. One can be. You go in the doktor every year and they feel around listen to your lungs, etc. That could include doing regular blood, work, cholesterol, complete blood, cow, etc. Then there's so other types of screening, starting to do PS, say and pray. State exams for men at certain ages, coal and mammograms, etc. So, there's all this different stuff. How can
start to kind of categorize these things and think about the impact on people's people's health from them. Well, I think I would at least what we do here in the research world or another sort of medical care world is Theirs, An organisation called the: U S, preventive services task force, and that's been around for a while, and What the formal corrected is that what it is hook, services that are recommended by this group, the? U S, PTSD Earth, as we call and services that are recommended by the by this group, are now four the covered under pretty much all, were certainly most insurance plant. The people have so we're talking about some of the things you mentioned there are things like coal and ask of bees and colorectal cancer screening mammography for women aged fifty to seventy four I reckon vaccinations, etc. So there are many services that have been shown. There is clear
did they can help. People live longer, healthier lives. and there's been disk Researchers who has really sifted through the data continues poor, threw it over years and they these are beneficial services. Other things like, I think, Screening that I think you may imagine Pierre say task. Even these kind of routine lab test, alot of those services are actually recommended to be done regularly, maybe for some high risk patience, but for your average low risk patients. Some of those services are not recommended by this group. An arm necessarily covered for free through your insurance plants. yes, so you do. That is this idea of what is it that were trying to do like with a general health check and one answer would be well we're trying to diagnose something earlier in order to control it and then a subsequent question. I guess would be ok if we do that, are we
improving quality of life for extending life, and- and I guess the answer is not always. Yes, it kind of depends what we're doing right it too Yes, but I'm again there are a lot of kinds of screenings. We can do a lot of can respect your checks that can be done where again, if you catch it early and there are the aim of all well known treatments. You can certainly be extending life and quality of life. the problem? There is that there you're doing things that are necessarily recommended me back Ghana could fall arranging things like p? I say TAT could be things like routine last. There is potential for a lot of these false positives as you or maybe the test find something in it is potentially worrisome and leads to the sort of cascade of testing lots of worry on the part of the patient edition testing and sometimes also no reasons offered, sometimes for all other mammography that happen. Sometimes so will we
while we try to do so in the research world medical world, find a balance between whether it as we heard, I think sometimes when we think about the vaccination to paper for top it. Where are you potential benefits outweigh the potential harms and again there are several services, certainly colorectal cancer screening being what were. The potential benefits certainly clearly outweigh the potential arms one of the things I read and I be interested in hearing what your research has shown or your take on it. Is that a lot of the things that are done? on that kind of India, cardio vascular under the cardiovascular umbrella? Don't see to actually reduce and individuals chance of having a heart attack. What is is, can you tell about that a little bit? Is that true? What is it even mean to say that well. What would I, when I certainly can't say, is there someone bread and butter things we think about most breed. Most ass, they are typically checking
your blood pressure nervously that all hard hunches is that The Ngos are certainly one of the most important things that can happen in terms of helping people if I have a problem and getting it under control with many highly active out expensive treatments that help prevent heart attacks, road death and set out. Other, maybe more exotic kind of tests again doing a lot of digging doing a lot have tested, are necessarily recommended again We were talking about the potential harm. Could I waited potential benefit when we about the annual physical for a second, and we have the parts which are a disk russian, where you might mention symptoms or answer lifestyle questions And then you have the physical exam with depending on one's age varies, and then you have here are the blood tests
other things that I want you to do everything but the fish? the goal exam could be done virtually What do we, my about three, and what do we know about the importance of the part? That's happening. Person with the annual physical versus the other and, of course, once you at a certain age in their there's a of Europe, a prostate check that obviously cannot be done virtually so you're right. A these sort of elements of these visits could be done virtually What I would also say is that work tomorrow, research has shown ambitious. Research really clearly shows that the physical examine some. A comprehensive physical is not necessary. One. Has been shown to be clearly affected. I think you alluded to. There is we're talking about lots of screening flask, but a risk factor checks. and again, as he said, a lot of that could be done virtually could be done. Even on can sometimes be a questionnaire on your computer
things like screening for depression stream problem. Drinking screening for smoking tobacco use, So much of this is the screening is, can be done virtually what were the. I think what was interesting, what we like to learn. What can be done really well virtually what are some good model to do that? First, really, it's really is a lot of work that can be done, but let's say you do find. A patient is depressed. Now you, don't I screening virtually. How can you connect with them and get them into get recommended care or the order of things. Blood pressure screening, if someone's experience that it? Certainly they could be doing it? Perhaps one of these blood pressure, It could be that could be used at home. That said, it's, not always so simple, and I think it would be really interesting to see whether the bowels, what were we clearly find can be done well consistently home or virtually verses weapons, to be done in office, and how do we get there?
the division of labour worked out one. Things that seems like it might make it more difficult to ascertain sort of health outcomes in health status might be that people who Do the annual physicals may be folks there are already more likely to may be make healthier lifestyle choices or maybe even better diet or or or whatever the case may be. Is it p able to separate that out to really talk about the impact just of the physical and end the the screenings. So there's nothing. Maybe a couple things emitting there were me again, go first, go back and say this physical exams himself. We don't really need these comprehensive physical yet as such on his well at these visits, please check ups as I like to call them up. times. What we find is the people who are most likely to get these checkup visits are people who have gotten a previously behaviour for that we found the pit
until benefit isn't as great as people who might be sort of height from higher risk groups and for those folks who are necessarily as motivated, I was really heard them just think about getting one of these checkups, but from a from, irrespective of the healthcare system were or health system that's where we need to do a little bit better work in terms of identifying those patients and finding ways to get them in finding ways to help them understand the need to come in and the benefits apple coming in or if it doesn't about coming and doing some sort of a virtual street in Greek meeting them where they are and doing one of these seconds, because that's where I really check up his have the most people who have been necessary they were connected with the doktor, who might be overdue preventive services, whether it s cancer, screenings, vaccinations, etc? It's often mentioned that there are people who believe that the reason that a lot of these things are suggested, etc.
Is a desire from medical practitioners to avoid, lawsuits to say: hey, listen! I do I did my part. I did everything I'm supposed to do we're going to add stuff in the more stuff we add the more likely it is. I can say I didn't It malpractice I did everything I was supposed to do in your experience, how? How valid is that concern or that assertion about the entire preventive care world certainly not, I would say it is surely not a view that is related to the entire preventive care world has spoke about a couple minutes ago when we talk about her Most insurance plans are going to cover with zero co paper patient and, as a result, fordable correct we're talking about these high value recommended services that have been screened and earth and are reviewed every few years by the panel of experts, and these shown to be consistently high value services, not at another.
that we need to strike the right balance. We dont when I come out and say we want people to come and protect us and get some of these recommended high value services, where it's good is that again, their covered with zero coping. Most people are not going to have to spend time to be getting these services, their checkups their camp. Greetings their vaccination stream for depression, Et Cetera, some of those lower value services. Some of the things that people as you mentioned, might be sort of more sceptical of adding some Those things there is reasonable scepticism and some of those things that action, some shoulder isn't good guy you, those but the typical check up covered by your typical insurance company, we're talking about high value services that have been shown to be effective and again aren't gonna cost people money to be receiving relief, to this end. I dont know if you can say anything about this at all, and if, if not that's fine, when we talk about the dental cleaning, and now we're talking about dental health number one. There's research into
connection between dental health and in general, health, which seems to be pretty compelling and number two. It seems that in that case were really talking about something with very specific benefits. where, in all of this, does the dental cleaning every six months and with or without X rays, which I know is a big power source of controversy for some yeah I am. I don't have much expertise their sole. My research has really focus on dental bidding them much but, as you said, I've heard that There's a lot of research showing that dent openings or associate, I believe, with good kind of cardiovascular and heart health outcomes, which is quite interesting, probably relates to some issues as as it deals inside information in the body right army, but also maybe speaks of the fact that, while a bit of housework asylum, sometimes healthcare is in the United States. In that a lot of us, you know health insurance coverage is separating dental coverage and those aren't maybe Agnes Turley as sort of
Harmonised were as comprehend as they should be entered in the dental care area. But again, regular check up sounds. I knows it is something it is recommended for dental cancer and, as has been shown, to be associated with good overall health outcomes, a very, very interesting we ve been speaking with David List, whose health services researcher at Northwestern University, he conducts research to improve the quality and value of primary care. Delivery, really appreciate your time and sharing your insides David Andrews pleasure. one of our sponsors is magic spoon, breakfast cereal, sweeten tasty, like the cereals I loved as a kid, but without the sugar or the carbs. Every serving of magic spoon has zero grams of sugar, only foreign at Carbs hundred, many calories and packed with thirteen grams of protein person if you're doing Kido perfect. If you do low, carb great, if you're
he's trying to reduce your excess sugar and taken because its packed with protein it's great before or after a workout magic flavors include cocoa, fruity, frosted, peanut butter, blueberry and cinnamon they're, bringing back cookies and cream they're bringing back maple waffle, you can build your own variety box and try them all magic spoon, is so confident in the product. If you don't love it as much as I do, they will refund your money. No questions ass, good, a man spoon, dotcom, slash, pachmann. The link is underneath this video and you'll get five dollars off when you use the promo code pachmann at check out all right, let's just been to the paternity leave debate now. I've both to eat and get into this. I think it's important to mention that the recent hubbub about Secretary of Transportation, PETE Buddha judges paternity leave. It's not even necessarily about paternity leave
There is a homophobic aspect of this, which is the feminist nation of a gay man, like PETE Buddha Judge, taking paternity leave, which really should be for moms. It's really for women. Has he been learning, to breastfeed, Tucker Karlsson, said feminine using a gay man. So there's a good there's, a homophobic aspect to it. That's that's one piece of it. There's a their piece of it, which, for some people it is political opportunism which is under Trump the Republicans weren't blaming Trump for the supply shortages that we had early during the pandemic under Trump. blackens weren't blood, blaming trumps Secretary of Transportation, Alain Chow. Now Those very same Republicans are blaming Joe Biden and blaming PETE Buddha judge so for some its political opportunism then, there is also an aspect of this which kind of feels more psychological: either Like a my dad wasn't around when I was little so there should. Nobody should get paternity leave kind of like a by can't play in the sandbox, I'm in a poop in and shut the whole thing down or also.
kind of a Two Quaid tropes of it being feminine too take time off when you had a kid rights, so there's a lot of different motivations for different people. The latest is Joe Rogan a wing in on this. During an interview he did with a Brigitte Brigitte fantasy, fit potassium Exactly sure how her last name is colonel, I believe she's, a comedian, and again they get into this issue of Buddha judges, Turning to leave take a lesson and then we will discuss Are you crazy people adjudged during this whole time is on paternity leave and yes, what they mean as during the supply shortages that we're having good this entire time. Pete Buddha judges on paternity leave to go, listen, man, I understand, is hard to raise a child, but is not supposed to be for the person who gave birth,
crazy, yeah right or now over. Seventy ships containing five hundred thousand containers are waiting off shore. Five hundred, when he was rang, know those ships p Buddha Judge, doesnt control those ships, PETE Buddha judges, one guy comes three hundred thirty million people. Even if you believe that it's the Department of Transportation that controls those ships there is adapt. Secretary of Transportation and an under, granary of transportation. The idea that it's because p is holding a baby instead of a fire. Even though he is actually been participating in meetings anyway. The ships stock it's it's such a silly childish idea at length as negative feedback loop that is rapidly cycling. I control that if it continues unabated will destroy the global economy and, like that's a nice hundredth, lied and their local yeah
so it's complicated, but I do know the tracking stuff has something to do with it too, because there is already problems with truckers. They kind of abandoned. California was Lord two years ago, the civilisation of vote. The data they use are watching truck. Is their nationals geneticists recover ships to those indicted last week? Why are there so many, because there This is why that's why I'm here, because there are other affording around her waiting to find space to come into their to go, wait and they can kind of get in there, like you said, if there's always seven out of hundreds of cranes, emptying them they're waiting its nights, it's nice and that's why you Jim, buy toys and its also affecting small businesses out to get us to the point here is their blaming PETE Buddha judge for this, and isn't it women that are supposed to take leave when there's a kid bore, not the man now, interestingly Spotify for which
you know Joe Rogan now licences is show works for Spotify used use whatever term. You want a big Six months of leave regardless of gender, which is which is interesting at the other thing about this. Actually, let's look at. Let's look at one more clip because I have some other thoughts but the relevant to this next part. questioning white who do you believe, should pay for sometime ground all. But if I was an employer, I had a euro area. I oughta guy work for me. You wanna take three months off because his wife gave birth. I d like what are you talking about MIKE, Learn to live, give birth to support his wife. I pay for free to understand those most people. When this happy ends. If they make enough money, the wife will not work in the father will were right. Now that might be plausible. The man makes more money. I have
ends where the wife is a doctor. And makes more money. I have friends, were the if, as the lawyer and makes more money and it really doesn't make sense. What you'll Rogan is actually saying. so even that already is based on a whole. This is just sickly, its assent. beside When you assume yeah, you got you guys know. The thing. Ok are and then the wife's waistcoat a child- and this is normal yet and there normal. What does that mean? These are such loaded terms, and unfortunately this was not you. I think if someone else was speaking to Joe Rogan about this what you mean normal. Do you mean it's historically typical based on Something that started during an era where often women didn't work at all and were less located than men, which has been completely reversed at this point in the EU with its it's, this very kind of like nineteen fifties thinking that's not really relevant.
The dad provide support when it comes on. If you're saying that the man and the woman should both Like three months of this is a new thing: yeah right, new isn't bad now, like that's, also fallacious. Continuing to do something. The way it used to be done. is not an argument. The fact that used to be a different way is not actually an argument and are not now in Europe, but we're not in Europe. This is better, and so then, then we add in this idea of in you up the men are famine eyes. Their sissy man here in the United States were manly, so it's like their hitting all the different troops here now I want to introduce a different kind of question into this. No there's this movement Haldeman's rights activists. Now there are people who believe some of the things men, rights activists believe and they're, not actually men's rights activist. I think it's important say they just kind of gravitate words the ideology in some areas, but there's
his whole movement, which is about complaining women. preferential treatment on everything in the United States, men get the shaft when it comes Me too, divorce, men, at the shaft and women get preferential treatment when it comes to police interactions, around domestic violence, women get preferential, treatment and men get the shot you all this different stuff. You would think that they would saying, hey, you know what this is great women have gotten the preferential treatment on maternity leave at all or paid maternity leave now were equalising it the men aren't gonna get the shaft anymore, but that's not the perspective of many of those very same people. So just it's all. Stereotypical tropes, the Europeans as the sissy girly men, real men don't need time off in the? U S: medical work and then I'll come home and then hold the baby or whatever it is very antiquated stuff and then the other thing again. The context of blaming people.
Judge country, a three hundred and thirty million people? The idea everything depends on one guy whose home, with his kids. These issues started under Trump, no one blamed transportation, secretary under Trump Alain Chow, it's pathetic last possible angle. Is it possible There are people that are worked up about this, whose dad's weren't around when they were kids their day? didn't have any paternity. You ve never mind paid paternity leave, and their transferring that into the same type of thing were seen with student loans. Listen, I had to pay my student loans, so we should forgive them for anybody. Listen! my dad wasn't around when I was a kid, so there should paternity leave now is. There may be that psychological element, that's affecting some people's view on this as well. I'm not talking about your Rogan have no idea his family history, these are general questions that that I have. I be curious to hear your thoughts It's been a headline floating around over the last twenty four hours that
republican Senator TED crews defended giving Nazi salutes at school board meetings. Now, that's not true. I'm going to tell you right now, that is not actually what TED crews did TED crews did is, is horrible and play it for you, but it would not be accurate, that TED crews defends Nazi salutes. What TED crews did defend is the food, act that parents doing Nazi salutes at school board. Meetings is protected by the fur, amendment. Now I think it was still very stupid to do and it also is theoretic something which could lead to an investigation depending on circumstances, but that's actually kind of a second or third layers. Let's talk about what what's going on the daily, this beast headline is TED Coups D his parents, doing Nazi salute at School board meetings. Maybe yummy
he'd. He certainly doesn't defended the salute. Ok, do a fiery Senate Judiciary Committee on ones that hearing on Wednesday TED crews at one point defended parents throwing up Nazi salute scoop of school board meetings as protected by the first amendment, oh god, I'm crews, along with other Republicans, land based the attorney general merit Garland for directing the Justice Department, to investigate the rise in violent threats against educators- now. Remember the National School Board Association. is the organisation that asked that the school board protests at least be considered under the guise of domestic terrorism. That was not what the Department of Justice FBI merit Garland ass. They were asked to do that That's really really important! So we're gonna play the clip and we'll talk about implications and indifferent things here so, but listen very carefully to the language that's being used. I did a quick just sitting here during
hearing, I counted twenty incidents cited of the twenty fifteen on their face or non violent. They involve things like. salt. They evolve a nazi salute. That's one of the examples. My god it did not see saluted the school board because we thought that the policies where oppressive general Garland doing a Nazi salute and elected officials that protected by the first amendment. Yes, it is ok, so I think We should be careful with our language, and so all the headline saying TED Crews defends or supports Nazi salutes he's. Do something horrible in this clip buddy he's not actually doing that. What TED cruises saying is first of all, a Nazi salute is speech protected by the first amendment. That's true Now the first amendment doesn't insulate you from the report. oceans to that speech, so crews is correct, saying that a nazi salute is protected.
speech and garland agreed, that's not actually the controversy, that's a fake part of the car, traversing. No one is saying a Nazi salute is not protected by the first amendment. Crews is using all of this to go to this idea that me, Garland told the Department of Justice to investigate parents doing nazi salutes as domestic terrorists. Number one, not true and number two It's a red Herring merit Garland correctly explains later in the hearing the National School Board Association wrote us a memo. Saying consider whether some of these actions at school board me My parents are domestic terrorism. That's what the national sphere Abort Association, asked to have happened it was not something merit Garland directed, but let's go to the next and maybe more interesting thing just because something is protected speech doesn't mean it can't be grounds for an investigation, its
now. Imagine that I say the school board meeting. I've got a dead body in my basement, captured just to come up with something, and then I leave me What I said is, I guess, protected by the first amendment. In other words, a state run school, I'm allowed Speak the school can't sensor me whatever, but you could stay. Then hear what I said and say: oh wow, we gotta now investigate you because of that content of what you said. I was able to speak My ability to speak was not curtailed by school. The school, which, I guess you could say, is state government, but what I said can still have consequences. And along the same lines with getting into the specifics of a Nazi salute or whatever the things that parents say, at school board meetings could
to be used as the basis for investigations, whether its investigations into domestic terrorism, whether apparent in talking about you know, I'm hence masks like I slap my kid around at home when they do something wrong, but I'm not gonna put a mask on well protected. I could hear that and say: ok, you were allowed to say your piece, but we now we're gonna use the content of what you said to launch an investigation, as you say in your smacking, your kid around. So these are like too three four different issues. The lessons here are maybe not to use nazi salutes of examples of things that should be defended it it no matter what you know. Maybe tat. Crews can pick other examples and make sure to look at the video, because, really, I think, is an exaggeration to say tat. Crews defended the salute he was trying to. the point about its protection under the first amendment about which he is right and then into all sorts of other things that don't make sense. Let me know your thoughts about the segment We have a voice mail number. That number is too one: nine to David P. Here's a piracy theory that
the Alec Baldwin shooting was a false flag. Met to cross cut to confiscate guns It is true man, the entire intellectual travel, happened with Alec Baldwin. The parties can be said. Is that that gun was planted with the real bullet planted still there, very conspiratorial language. The left has an excuse Isn T J C. We need to take action. He's on the guns? We need to regulate, we need on the population of these guns I should mention that in your discussion, because there is Absolutely, no evidence to suggest that this is the exact same argument that some made about the Sandy hook school shooting when Obama was president. It was state in order to have a big national tragedy to then subsidy. we try to confiscate guns. What's pathetic is even after the sandy hook, shooting we.
Even get universal background checks, pass nevermind, confiscating any guns, and the reason I haven't mentioned at Troll man is that there is now No reason whatsoever to believe that that's what took place we ve got it. Bonus do for you today. Don't let this stuff rot your brain sign up at joint acunn dot com. We will see you on the bonus check.
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