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10/29/19: House to vote on formalizing Trump impeachment

2019-10-29 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Bernie Sanders' polling is up 3 points in 3 weeks, as both Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren have trailed off, and we discuss Bernie's possible path to taking a lead in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary

--The House of Representatives will vote on formalizing the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump, quelling complaints from Trumpists that there is no due process and the inquiry is "unconstitutional"

--On Laura Ingraham's Fox News show, former George W. Bush lawyer John Yoo suggests that Ukraine whistleblower Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is a spy or double agent

--Fox News' show Fox N' Friends edits out the incessant booing and chants of "lock him up" during Donald Trump's appearance at Game 5 of the 2019 Major League Baseball World Series

--Donald Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani, butt-dials NBC reporter Rich Schapiro, exposing more corruption, complaining about needing cash, and trashing the Bidens

--Both employment and revenue are up in New York City since their implementation of a $15 minimum wage, and we discuss the mechanics of how this happened

--A new poll shows 7 out of 10 Millenials would vote for a socialist candidate, and we discuss what his means for the future of capitalism

--The audience demands that David be the next progressive talker to debate Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA

--Furious drunk Trumpist Jimmy from Philly calls in to say he is no longer drinking and should no longer be referred to as "drunk"

--On the Bonus Show: Congresswoman Katie Hill resigns in shame, police officer awarded $19 million in discrimination lawsuit, nearly 75% of African Americans support reparations, but only 15% of white Americans do, much more...

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The David Pakman show at Davidpakman, DOT, com, This is where normally I put up the dozens of emails that I get saying things like David. I can tell that you are a shill for Elizabeth Warren, because when her polling goes up, you talk about it, but when her polling goes down, you don't talk about it or David. I can tell you hate Bernie, because when Bernie's polling goes up, you don't talk about it and when Bernie's polling goes down, you gleefully talk about it and, of course none of that's true, but
you look at the facts. The truth is: we've had essentially six straight months of Bernie's polling, going more or less know where he was at fourteen in late April, and he was at fourteen three weeks ago well, we've had six straight months of Elizabeth Warren's polling climbing from eight in April. Two is highest twenty seven a couple of weeks ago. I just tell you what is happening and for the first time in many months, Bernie's polling is showing signs of life, so is PETE booted judges, but we'll get to that shortly and it's happening at the expense of Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. Let's look at the numbers for which I am, of course, merely a humble messenger, not the pollster, as you can see, at the top of the graph declines for Joe Biden, Ann Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden down about two one, slash two points in
last three weeks, Elizabeth Warren also losing some momentum down about five points. In the last three weeks who is gaining in the last three weeks. Well, it's Bernie and also PETE booted judge. You see, burn, with the blue line popping up from about fourteen to now more than seventeen a three point gain for Bernie. You also see the purple line on the graph. This is Peter Budaj Edge Mayor PETE from South Bend in climbing, from just about four points. A couple of weeks ago now polling about seven percent- this is the highest peak. Budaj edge has pulled since early May, otherwise things are basically unchanged. Kamala Harris continuing a more or less slow decline since early July. Everything else really not not much else going on
Her Andrew Yang still has his two one slash two average tulsi gabbard has her one point: three average Beto still has around two hundred and club, which are around two, so what do we make of all this? Well, Bernie is still in it. That's what we make of it Bernie's doing what he has to do if he wants a shot at this thing, gaining back some of the support that he lost all the way back in April, when Joe Biden entered this race, if you were supporting Bernie, you should be pleased he did what he had to do in the last three weeks, which is he picked up three points in three weeks now, with debate number five coming up, he has to keep it going and it's particularly important because we have this fifth debate coming up on November 20th. It is an opportunity, conceivably hypothetically for someone to make a big showing and make a gain in the polls, but, as I said when I
aired on PBS a couple of weeks ago, the further into the primary we get the less that there is to gain from having a good debate showing because the candidates positions or no The candidates personalities are known. The candidates. Presences presence is such a difficult word to say: their presence is on. The stage are no. Because they've been around for longer and we've been watching a whole bunch of debate so far so the further we get into this thing, the debates actually represent a potential liability either the debates represent an opportunity to do something wrong and to lose support in the polls. The downside of the debates becomes bigger as we get further into it, particularly because there is less time to make up for missteps. Well the possibility of some big gain due to the debates diminishes. So that's just a reality. That's
about Bernie, specifically now for debate number five. We have nine people already qualified. We have bad tool see and who Leon Castro pending some of the requirements. So we could conceivably end up with twelve people on the debate stage again, which I guess it diminishes the speaking time for each person which in a sense reduces the possibility that they make some major gaffer faux pas and put their foot in their mouth. But once again we are not going to get deep discussion about any issue, quite frankly from a debate that has twelve people up on the stage the qualification period for debate, five, which is on November twentieth, ends on November thirteenth a week before, so they basically have two weeks left
either be in or out better tools the and who am Castro. So we will see ultimately, who makes that stage. Bernie Sanders people who are following Bernie supporting Bernie should be pleased. Appoint a week I mean listen. Elizabeth Warren got to her peak of twenty seven point. Whatever it was gaining are about of a point and a half to two points a month. So a point week is a lot we haven't had polls for about five days and I'm guessing by tomorrow. We'll have some new ones and we will see how Bernie is doing there. Okay, one of the big criticisms or concerns or really fake concerns from concern. Trolls about the Donald Trump Impeachment inquiry has been, the impeachment inquiry has not been formalized. There is no roadmap to what it is that Nancy Pelosi and Democrats are doing and as a
result. There is no due process afforded to Donald Trump, it's all bogus, but even that talking point is about to fall apart, because the house is going to be voting on formalizing. The road map and the next steps of the Trump impeachment inquiry, which is an increasingly popular, Each mean inquiry with the american people, as we've been talking about for the last three weeks. We anticipate that this is going to be introduced today. Maybe already been introduced or even voted on by the time you watch this clip or listen to today's show Will they be uniting under the umbrella of harassing Donald Trump know? Will they officially announce the start of a witch hunt? Gimme a break? This is a formal process which will spell out the rights that a president has during an impeachment inquiry. It will spell out the role that Donald Trump's attorney
can play and a bunch of other processes. So what's the real meaning of this, it is to set up a framework so that Trump can't or at least would look stupid to continue. Insisting that, is a constitutionally invalid inquiry that it's a violation of his due process. Trump has been pulling these stunts for awhile now and, of course, their absurd impeachment inquiries by the house are constitutionally delineated, nevermind valid, but still formally authorizing an inquiry with its guideposts and establishing what do process will look like? Is a good
because we live in the United States, and this is how we do things now. This is going to pressure republicans to cooperate. It's not going to force them to cooperate. A congressman, ROE, Kana friend of the show yesterday was saying this will further put pressure on Republicans to just cooperate with the inquiry. They may still be in the same place in two weeks, which is not ignoring subpoenas, ignoring subpoenas for documents, and at that point we will go back to what is very quickly becoming the most prominent and and sort of foremost issue. In this impeachment inquiry will Democrats at least attempt to enforce their investigative and subpoena power, or will Republicans and Donald Trump get away with ignoring it all again and again and again, and ultimately, this is going to be another point in the process which will simply be spun by Trump
best. Trumpists are already saying. I saw them on Reddit this morning. Why are all these steps an votes being put in place? It seems so forced and consider the absurdity of this first. They said you know. The problem is this thing is not formal enough. It's a wacky witch hunt, there's no limits. It's no holds barred and now Democrats want to formalize it and put some limits and some structure around it, and those same trumpets are saying. Oh, this is so forth. Boats delineating exactly what this is just too much, it's too forced. This is why we can't listen to them, and this is why Democrats just need to do what they need to do. The point I'm anxiously awaiting are the public hearings, the evidence being released the day after day tweets
forms that no doubt Donald Trump will be going on. The possibility of I mean imagine Rudy Guiliani testifying, but you need to enforce subpoenas. Yes Rudy. If you force him to show up will say I don't recall to every question he will say on the advice of counsel. I am invoking my fifth, the fifth amendment privilege again: the self Incrimination or, if the minute privilege he will do all of those things. But you still need to enforce subpoenas, or this entire thing ends up being just a pathetic waste of time. Don't make it a waste of time. Democrats, please, don't make it a waste of time, and let me just re address this point. A few people, even though I am I discussed this yesterday- I still got emails from people saying David Democrats can try to enforce subpoenas, but still nothing might happen. Okay,
let's cross, that bridge when we come to it at least, try to enforce the subpoenas by every legal and law enforcement means that is available to you to say, you're, putting the cart before the horse. It's a big metaphor day, you're putting the cart before the horse. They say it doesn't matter. If Democrats try to enforce the subpoena is because Republicans will get away with ignoring them. Anyway, it's different to get away with ignoring them after Democrats have actually tried to enforce the subpoenas, then merely to say, Republicans got away with ignoring the request, and nothing else happened we are going to be following this. We will see really how this is all structured in the vote. That Nancy Pelosi plans to put forward in the House of representatives very very soon make sure you're following me on, twitter at the PAC and while you're on twitter following me, follow the show at David Pakman show, will take a quick break and be back.
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all sorts of new things, but it will depend on audience support sign up in under a minute. At join Packman com, coupon code is available. This is two thousand and twenty all one word all lower case. It'll save you forty percent. You still get all the good stuff, including daily access, to the members only bonus show now hosted on Fridays by producer, Pat I'm still hosting Monday. Through Thursday. We have today second story that serves as a really good case study in the propaganda cycles that are often started by President Trump, but then perpetuated by Fox NEWS, which gets them into the ecosystem and generates these default. Reflexive talking points that we end up hearing for years from the Trump IST right, despite being completely wrong and free of any facts, and I'm going to explain this entire thing to you. We actually have a couple of propaganda cycle stories for you today. There is a White House, National security official
named Alexander, then the man, then men is a whistleblower vin. Man says he heard the the phone call where Donald Trump pushed the ukrainian President to investigate. Trump's political opponents, like Joe Biden, have been men, is set to testify before Congress, which is gonna, be extraordinarily explosive. Testimony we are talking about lieutenant Colonel Alexander been men of better a they did it, that is national security. Official, a military, veteran and Donald Trump has previously suggested that whistle blowers the people going to the whistle blowers with information that they are basically spies and Donald Trump alluded to treason. He had looted too the execution of such he's an s spies and last night on Fox NEWS. Is Laura Ingram Program, a real doozy of a show? It was suggested that what alley
Xander Vinda Mended is espionage and that VIN men might even be, I hope, you're sitting for this one. A ukrainian double agent check this out and pay attention to whether you recognize the making this argument. This is buried in the New York Times piece tonight, but I found it very interesting. Colonel by the way in the Iraq war, but because Colonel Vendum emigrated from Ukraine along with his family, when he was a child and is fluent in ukrainian and russian ukrainian actual sought advice from him about deal with Mister Giuliani, though they typically communicated in English, now wait a second shot. Here we have a US national security official. Who is advising Ukraine while working inside The White House, apparently against the president,
trust an usually they spoke in English. Isn't that kind of an interesting angle on this story? I find that astounding and know some people might call that espionage, but it doesn't actually seem to add any new facts to what we know if you know, in terms of I think Alan raises a good point. Is this a high crime, misdemeanor do you have one person or five people all saying. Well, we objected to what the President said with the President of Ukraine We have the transcript of the call. We can all make our judgment. I don't how this breaking news- actually adds more facts. What we know about whether this is an impeachable offense or not. So if the guy suggesting this looks familiar, that's John. You he's the guy who imploded when questioned by the late John Conyers, when asked whether
he thinks that legally, the president could have a suspect buried alive and he does one of the greatest lawyer non answers, maybe in in congressional testimony history where he says I've never recommended to a president that they have a suspect buried alive. No, no, no, but but cook a coat of counselor you could President, do that uh. I don't know why any president would ever do that. I know lots of president. No president would do that this it for the young people in our audience were taking a brief departure from the whistleblower thing. This is a classic clip of Bush administration. Lawyer John. To check it out. Is there anything Miss professor you that the president, That order to be done to a suspect if he believed it. Necessary for national defense. Mister chairman, I think that goes back to the quote. You just read, because No, I'm just asking you the question. Maybe it doesn't it doesn't, but what do you think? I think it's the same?
and that I was asked what's the answer first time, can I make clear I'm not talk in about, and you don't have to make anything clear, just answer the question with council, I just wanna, make sure I'm not saying anything. You don't have to worry about that say just answer the question. Ok, my thinking right now. Yes, right now, my thinking, this moment this moment, Mister Chairman, is that first the question you're posing. What is the answered it is trying trying to make okay. I you're wasting my time slow, could the president or a suspect, buried alive
chairman. I don't think that I've ever given the advice that the president could bury somebody alive, I didn't ask you if you ever gave him advice, I ask you: do you think the president could order a suspect buried alive, is trying my view right now is that I don't think a president would know. American president would ever happen. Order that or feel it necessary to order that I think we understand the games that are being played yeah, so that guy thinks that the whistleblower might be a spy ukrainian double agent. Last week I had a caller who said: wait David, I thought Republicans were for military veterans. I thought they supported the troops, an I explained to you, that's only true when it serves their political goals. Here is a military veteran who they're smearing as a spy, because it doesn't
if their political goals to say hey, you know what we respect the troops. We support the troops, and if this guy is a veteran of the american military, then maybe we should listen to what he has to say now this may deliberately or accidentally get Lieutenant Colonel VIN Min killed. This is serious stuff or we're doing. Ok when you have someone that Donald Trump, who is looked up to as a deity by trumpists, say the whistleblowers, maybe spies or treasonous, that's already endangering their lives. When you then perpetuate the propaganda on the echo chamber, that is Fox NEWS with John use ng, it's got to be a double agent. This guy could be working for Ukraine. You are literally endangering this man's life. Now they are now, as predicted, shifting to attacking the whistle blower and the whistle blowers character, to get their base fired up and to shift the focus off of what Trump did.
How we found out about it. This is a very common tactic that, to be perfectly frank, is often employed by the left and the right when you have a leak or a a whistle being blown. If you like the content, you focus on the content. You don't you focus on how we found out about it and isn't it terrible how this information went public, the left and right? Does this vin min importantly, though is blowing the whistle to protect our country against Donald Trump, who is putting our national security at risk. Our sovereignty at risk and the way that this fits into the propaganda cycle is that the trumpists will chug this nonsense, like it's being ladle, fed to them and it will become the go to talking point the whistleblower you're talking about the spy ukrainian double agent, who is a treasonous whatever charge him right away really
injuries times that we're living in and this one is really simple to understand. Espionage has a very specific definition, politically spying to obtain political and military information. Well, what do we mean by spying is just hearing something spying. No spying is work for a government or organization done by secretly collecting information about enemies. Are competitors Lieutenant colonel? Then men works for the US and blew the whistle in the US because he's worried about how Donald Trump is hurting? The? U S, that's not, espionage, that's not treason. It's none of the above. It's really important. We understand it because they are putting people's lives at risk. Let's go now to part two
of our study, of how the Trumpian Fox NEWS propaganda cycles work. This next story is a story that, in a normal world on a normal plan, it would not be a story, but in the story of dawn Trump's, two thousand and nineteen reality. This is a very real story. Fox and friends has been editing out and minimizing the booing and the chanting of lock him up. That took place during Donald Trump's, brief appearance at game five of the world Series over the weekend. So to remind you yesterday, I played for you a bunch of clips of Trump, showing in Washington, DC for game, five of the World Series and the entire place booing him as soon as he appeared, onscreen chanting lock him up and Trump visibly grimacing when he realized that that's what taking that's what's taking place, the Real world is not the
ECHO Chamber, filter bubble of his carefully curated rallies. That he's been doing. We talked about that yesterday. Here is fox and friends. Yesterday, with the booing notably missing. I'm going to do audio only here, because there is footage in this video So of the of copy written content. Major league baseball is extraordinary, aggressive. So I'm just going to be doing audio here. Let's take a very quick, listen to this because the president and they are at the game. Last night, they got there right around the time that it started and they stayed a pretty long time. They were greeted with Miss with mixed reaction to. We're out there waving to everybody, as you can see, in the crowd having right around game time, let's take it to the top of the second inning right now and show you some of that Action Alvarez It's a two run home run that yes, so then they just get into highlights from the game. It was all great fun an I love how she calls it mixed reaction, which might be
true only in the most technical sense, but this was a crowd that was very hot style to the President of the United States. They did not want Donald Trump. There is. That is the sort of bigger truth that fox and friends can't or won't tell their audience.
Reminder, this is what was going on yesterday and then, of course, the chance of lock him up break out, use another part of the stadium. Also chanting lock him up. So this is not in and of itself the most important story, but it's a really important story to understand the proper,
and a cycle. This is the continuation of the propaganda cycle. Trump goes to the game. Nobody wants him there. They boo him. They chant, lock him up and front clearly notices. I mean it's obvious that he notices then people they booing. I don't know. I saw the video this morning on Fox and friends. I didn't see any booing anyone say I think there was booing, must be spreading fake news. What terrable people Donald Trump is right about. All the problems with fake news out there, and meanwhile you have fox and friends cutting out the booing calling it mixed reaction trump, enclaves on the internet say it was liberals who digitally added the booing.
Wasn't really there and the cycle just continues and perpetuates itself. People were joking when this happened that this is exactly the way it would go and it went exactly this way. Fox cuts out the booing and calls it mixed reaction. While Trump is spread. Conspiracy theories that the booing was digitally inserted by evil, fake news. Liberals, how stupid does Fox news think that their audience? Actually, maybe that maybe that's not the right question to be: king. In any case, we have a problem here, the self perpetuating propaganda cycle. I realized I was going in a direction that maybe is not the the right direction to go in. We need to understand it We also need some way of fighting it and, unfortunately, the symbol direct relationship between Donald Trump's, talking points and the unflinching followers that believe anything he says as if it were possible, combined with Fox NEWS and the
right wing media that helped to foment and expand and signal boost. These lies and disgusting, depraved talking points makes it really difficult to fight against this stuff, and this is one of the things that is being pointed out, by people who were following Watergate when it was going on an are following what is going on right now. That is one of the primary differences between Nixon in the 70s and Trump right now, which is that they both seem to have done impeachable things they both are tampering with witnesses. They both are doing all of the same stuff, but Nixon didn't have something like Fox NEWS and the right wing media cycle and circus, which Donald Trump has to his benefit, and that may ultimately be the difference maker in preventing public opinion from completely turning against Donald Trump. We will see, make sure you're following the David Pakman show on Instagram at David Pakman show follow me on Instagram, at David DOT, hack,
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like to say you really can't write this stuff, Donald Trump's attorney, or we think he still may be. His attorney. Rudy Giuliani, butt dialed a reporter and was over heard talking about how he needs cash and saying negative things about Joe and Hunter Biden now a butt dial, of course, for those uninitiated is when you have your mobile phone in your pocket and it unlocks and accidentally call someone and pick up, and they say hello, hello, but they just hear whatever conversation is taking place in the back. Wherever the caller is, but the best part is that this wasn't just any butt dial on October 16th, Rudy Giuliani, butt dialed a reporter for NBC News named Rich Shapiro Rudy had actually walking to Shapiro earlier the same night, so it might have been like a redial of the most recent name or number in the call log. At one thousand, one hundred and seven p dot m Rudy's phone calls. Shapiro's Shapiro was sleeping, it goes to voice
and a three minute long voicemail is left now often three minutes is the maximum voicemail length before it automatically stops. Recording that's at least the case with the David Pakman show voice mail number. We have a lot of experience with people calling and hitting that max and then being cut off. Rudy was talking to someone else and he was talking about needing cash. You hear Rudy say: let's get back to business I gotta, I gotta get you to get on Bahrain. Giuliani, says at one point: the problem is, we need some money. There's then nine seconds of islands and then Rudy Giuliani, says we need a few one hundred thousand Rudy. Bring this butt dial voicemail refers to Robert several times. That could be Robert Mangus Rob Mangus is a lawyer who happens to be a registered agent on the behalf of the turkish government. Rudy used to work for the same law firm until about a year ago, I'm also fascinatingly,
This isn't even the first time that Rudy Giuliani has butt dialed the same reporter last time it happened. He was trash talking the bidens it was months ago, and he had said in the but dial things like Biden has been trading in on his public office, since he was a senator going on to say about Hunter Biden when he be came vice president. The kid decided to go around the world and say hire me because I'm Joe Biden, son and mom, people wouldn't hire him because he had a drug problem, also sang his son altogether, made somewhere between five hundred and
eight million A3 million transaction, was laundered, which is illegal as we've referred to before. This is stupid, Watergate, stupid, Watergate their stupidity and incompetence are matched or exceeded only by the trumpists, who are gullible enough to think that everything is fine and everything is normal. I was thinking you know, people like to say who would play Trump if a movie was made about this administration would it be Alec Baldwin, or would it be somebody else? If you make a film about this administration, how do you do it in a way that doesn't appear to be a comedy, particularly for people decades from now who maybe don't hadn't will live through what it is that we are living through today? Why do I constant I have to double check to see if I'm reading the onion or a satirical news website when
read about what it is that people associated with this administration or doing how is Rudy Guiliani anyone's lawyer, never mind that lawyer to the President of the United States of America and what so took to be serious for a moment here. What we learned from this but dial what we learned from what this reporter heard, in the voicemail that was left is that the Rudy Giuliani being involved with trying to smear and go after the bye stuff has been going on for many many months. We've recently learned about this. We recently found out about the July twenty five Ukraine phone call, which was just a few months ago, this has been going on at minimum since the beginning of twenty nineteen or close to it. If not, the eighteen or even earlier, and the the only thing that I want to know is the full extent of how deep Rudy Giuliani's involvement goes, because it is very clear that he is up to his I've.
In this stuff, and we may never know because no matter what subpoenas Rudy Giuliani get he may ignore them. If Democrats don't actually enforce those subpoenas, I hope we will someday learn the full truth of it. I'm not optimistic that we will, I said, before that the issue of the minimum wage is a complicated issue. I've been asked before would a fifteen dollars minimum wage nationally be good or bad for the economy and the true is that a lot of the answer depends on where, are. You are measuring whether it's good or bad for the economy, and I've said this before you know we could stick the talking points on this show and do black and white stuff everything is either very good or very bad. It's all good or all bad. That's not the reality. Okay, so when we about a fifteen dollars minimum wage in lower cost of living places where a
fifteen dollars, minimum wage might be doubling the prevailing minimum wage. There could be negative effects in some ways in terms of the destabilizing effect that that could have on the local job market, etc. That's a reality. On the other hand, in high cost of living places a fifteen dollars, minimum wage may not even be enough number one and two is unlikely: to hurt the economy relative to how much it will help afford their day to day lives an inject more money into the wallets of workers, so we've got to be thoughtful here. There are some who say raising the minimum wage has no negative impact period. That's not true. I mean that's just not true. In all cases, of course, there are people on the other side who say any increased. The minimum wage causes layoffs. It causes business closures. It will blow up the cost of everything, because businesses will just raise prices in order to account for that. But, of course, that also isn't true today
we have a new case study from New York City. New York city, raise the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour a year ago, the restaurant industry, which is one of the ones that it is often the focus of minimum wage increases. The restaurant industry is doing really well in New York City. Despite this New York City, restaurants have seen increased revenue and they've also seen increased employment. Now the way they've done it is that prices have gone up slightly at New York City, restaurants, detractors of the minimum wage will immediately say whoa whoa whoa you raise prices. Customers will stop going out to eat the businesses will fail. They'll have to fire everybody and the minimum wage increase. Will backfire hasn't happened, and you know why prices don't have to go
very much! Imagine that the minimum wage goes up, for example, eight percent, and imagine that restaurants account for that by increasing food prices by eight percent, now more than likely they wouldn't because the labor costs are only part of what it costs to run a restaurant, so in eight percent increase in wages would not even require an eight percent increase in prices. But ok, imagine that wages go up. Eight percent food prices go up, eight percent, a ten dollars burger becomes ten dollars and eighty cents. Now, I'm not going to write that off as nothing, but for most people you're not going to go out to eat a different number of times, because the burger goes from ten dollars to ten dollars and eighty cents. This is the reality. I don't want to be insensitive. I don't I'm not ignoring that zero dollars and eighty cents on a ten dollars meal
be meaningful to many people, but the reality is that for the most part, you're not going to drastically change your habits. If your burger goes from ten dollars to ten. Eighty cents, but on the other side of the ledger everybody who works at the restaurant and gets a raise because of that minimum wage increase now has more money to go out to other restaurants and to patronize other businesses where they live. That is hugely still. It is to the economy overall. Now, there's no question that if the New York City economy starts to fail because it's been a strong economy in New York City for the last year, if the New York City economy starts to fail, it will be bad for lots of people. It'll be bad for
Strunz it'll be bad for their workers, but in the economic environment in New York City of the last year, the minimum wage increase has been a very, very positive thing now. They're also trickle up affects to having better paid workers other than just they have money to spend at local businesses. They are happier they have a higher standard of living and thus are providing better service, which is good for the businesses they may be able to a or living closer to work because they can afford it or having a more reliable car to get to work becomes economically within reach, which makes them more liable workers an helps the business. So it's really important to think about these changes. Chemically rather than myopically. This is not to pretend that the minimum wage can be increased endlessly, but no one is proposing that this is a very I'm in red herring on the right, where they'll say, listen if fifteen dollars an hour is better than ten. Why not
take the minimum wage, twenty five dollars an hour or one hundred dollars an hour or two hundred dollars an hour. Then Everybody will just have tons of money right. Liberals well hold on a second One hundred dollars an hour is not an equilibrium wage. Huh, hours an hour is not a wage that is the lodge, a living wage based on the cost of living of any particular place in the United States of America. It is a distraction and it's really important not to fall for it. So my sort of view on the left discussing minimum wage increases is number one. Don't let them set the talking points, it's that we have to argue against with stupid stuff like make the minimum wage a hundred dollars an hour. If you just want people to make more money that stupid that that that's not even worth discussing, but let's not be the ones that pretend that there is not another. So
to the ledger. Minimum wage increases have effects, they have trickle up effects and they have trickle down effect. We don't have to pretend that There is no risk to a minimum wage increase to be able to justify it. As the right policy, in many cases and in many instances that's the approach, I think that the left should have in the more informed we are about studies case studies. Like the one we see in New York City, the better will be able to defend the policies that we want to see. Let's take a quick break, make sure to give the David Pakman show a like on Facebook at Facebook, dot com, Slash David Pakman, show very quick break and back with much more right. After this, the Dave,
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of media jump in today at join Pakman dot com and patrie on dot com. Slash David Pakman show the David Pakman show David Pakman dot com. Okay, as many of you know, I am not a socialist. I am a social democrat that probably doesn't come as a shock to people who have been watching the show or listening to the show for a while social Democrats are capitalists in the sense that we are not trying to overthrow capitalism and replace it with socialism or marks or communism or some system in which there's no more private property, private business, etc. We recognize the many many many failings of capitalism, but we want to fix,
and one of the reasons that capitalism has to be fixed is that it doesn't work for tons of people. But the interesting thing about this is that if you want some form of capitalism to remain you, better. Damn well fix it, because the longer and longer it goes without working for millions and millions and millions of people. It makes the system more at risk, being overthrown by some other system. This was the concept in fact of marxist. That eventually there would be this uprising of the proletariat that would take down the bourgeoisie of course, it does not happen in the United States, but the worst capitalism is the more likely that that becomes. That gets us to today's sort of news, which is that case in point
There's a new poll which says seven out of ten millennials would vote for a socialist candidate. I do wonder whether the people responding to the poll actually know what socialism is, because it seems like lots. People talk about socialism and they don't actually know what it is, but let's assume for a second just for the sake of discussion, because the analysis is still an interesting one. This poll was released yesterday it finds? Seventy percent of millennials are either somewhat or extremely like we need to vote for a socialist political candidate. Fifty percent of millennials have a son very unfavorable view of capitalism, which is up from last year overall capitalism is still viewed more favorably than other economic systems sixty one percent positive, but this is a very clear.
Their trend line. Even if many of these people are mixing up socialism and social democracy, the trend line is clear, and this is why social Democrats, who are for better regulated social capitalism, need to fix capitalism and by the way, not that I'm in the vulture capitalist free market, laissez faire type of camp, if you're a vulture capitalist- and you want to keep some form of capitalism, this should be a wake up. Call for you as well. This is why you need to be fixing. Capitalism with the socially democratic reforms that people on the left of the Democratic Party have been talking about for many years. The least damaging thing to a capitalist is to fix capitalism or they risk some other system. Actually, becoming something people really and truly want. You know when Donald Trump says during his state of the union, we
will never be a capital of socialist country. He doesn't know that, as I said before things change in countries, they can change slowly. They can change more quickly than sometimes we believe is, but the reality is that there's no real risk right now of the usb coming becoming actually socialist, you know: college tuition paid through taxes is not socialism. Medicare for all. Isn't socialism gun controls, not socialism, but the right has both successfully and unsuccessfully used the term socialism as an argument to attack socially democratic policies, but eventually there's going to have to be some accounting because as capital is- As we know, it continues to fail more and more people and failed to provide a basic standard of living and allow these just sickening accesses of wealth too.
Email, late, more and more and more at the top millennials who see that system is failing them. Why? Wouldn't they be open to some other system? They don't see all of the great things that capitalism is bringing them, because it's arguably not brought them a lot of great things. So, of course, they're going to look at something else big, Is our version of capitalism is fundamentally broken. So if you really want it out the benefits of capitalism, and by this I mean some of the main tenets right- private property, private business ownership, taxation which tends to be progressive taxation, although you know different people argue about how progressive it should be lots of the things that we have. If you want to really make the case that is working, you've got to make it work for more people, and that includes,
I'm sure no one drops below a certain standard of living that includes cutting down on the corrosive influence of money in politics and influence peddling. The data is increasingly clear on this. Something will have to be done or other systems even misunderstood systems, and this is why I said you know a lot of people. Don't know the different, don't realize. What socialism actually is? It doesn't matter because, no matter what your assessment is of what capitalism is and what socialism is, if people understand that the system as it exists is not working for them, becomes harder and harder to argue that this is the system that we should keep in the last twenty four hours. And I believe I know why I received seven- emails. Asking me to debate Charlie Kirk. Okay, if you don't know who Charlie Kirk is. I admire you and I envy you, Charlie
is a right wing bomb, thrower associated with the right wing group turning point USA, the whole premise of turning point USA, as I understand it, is that the left has taken over our call is the left has taken over our universities and so what T, USA or the paper USA is some know it does. Is they go to it is in university and universities and they spout their bogus talking points and they'll argue with people. In the crowd and sort of Ben Shapiro like, but not as rhetorically skilled as Ben Shapiro. Candace sewing is other person associated with the group. If her name doesn't ring a bell, I double envy you not even being involved in these toxic cesspools. Congratulations So here's one example email that I received yesterday. In fact, Dear David Charlie, Kirk need to be brought down every year, someone from the progressive media challenges him in every year. I know it's not going to go well Hassan Piker. Look
a rebellious teenage, punk, saying: f you to his conservative father, SAM Cedar, evaded questions and looked easily fumbled and ill prepared, and now Kyle Kalinsky as much as I love Kyle and think he does great work. I knew as soon as I saw the announcement. This was going to be bad for reasons you yourself, I'm sure surmise, so I won't go into them and sure enough, while and funny, and throwing a few good punches. I do not think Kyle did well in his debate in this debate visibly nervous, kept pacing around his podium, evading questions and letting ramble on his sales pitch with no interruptions. It's like none of these people did their homework to find out what Charlie's talking points would be and just thought, Charlie, Kirk that moron liar yeah. I can take him on. I know my stuff, that's why I know you would be I know it would take a lot of work, but you understand what it's going to take to take down Charlie Kirk,
and I think you're the only one with the disposition to be able to do it. You know his debate tactics, throw out a ton of misleading facts and half truths in a quick amount of time. Knowing of them are bound to stick. He's got at least a dozen shotgun shells of information ready to go at a moment's notice. He is not to be underestimated. He is really smart it has been obvious good memory and you're. The only progressive I can think of that can match him. So I'm begging you David for the sake of the progressive movement that I see getting damaged every year by this a whole. Take this effort down you're, our only hope, says John. So, let's go through this in pieces. Charlie Kirk has debated at Politicon on paper last year, SAM Cedar last year, I believe and Kyle Kulinski this year, just a few days ago, I've not seen any of these debates other than five minutes of Hassan versus Charlie, in LOS Angeles during last year's politican. I saw the part where Jen Cougar Hassan's uncle was
at it, Charlie from the audience, and otherwise it was just Charlie and his son yelling at each other, have no idea how the debate went with Kyle over the weekend. But what I'm hearing is that people are saying Sam has signed in Kyle, didn't debate well and didn't look good and David. You would do better. I don't know that I would do any better. I don't really have any reason to think that I would do any better than SAM has Hassan or Kyle in the debate format. I'm flattered that John and a few other people who emailed me think so. I actually think that the problem is the debate format, the Politicon debate format. Is either no moderator- or you know, like a showpiece, moderate moderator who doesn't really moderate with, and this is important, a crowd that reacts to the base lowest common denominator, talking points and starts to interfere in the debate. So I believe the problem is the debate, because when one side cares about facts,
Hassan and Salmon Kyle generally speaking care about facts, at least as they see them right and the other side cares about gotcha and optics and kill shot moments and repeating the same tired, talking, it's that are meaningless, but they are effective in front of a live audience. You are at a fundamental disadvantage, So I don't know that I would do any better. In fact, I may do worse because I am more suited to a different type of debate, so to really debate these people, you need to be able to go in depth without interruption from the audience and without the next talking point derailing everything you need a formal, controlled format that bores a lot of audiences. Sadly, it's not going to create an event that will get politican to shell out the checks of you know, ten thousand and fifteen thousand
one thousand dollars per invited speaker or debater as they do now. I don't know if people know, but we get paid to go to politican. So would I debate Charlie Kirk? I mean, I guess, maybe would I do better than Kyle SAM and his son If the format is the same, I don't know that I do any better, but my focus- and you know I've said I have a story to tell about me. Not being a political on this year and a big piece of it was. I had this emergency appendectomy, but there is more to the story. I'm really trying to focus on the important stuff and productive conversation. I want to be talking to people who have read philosophy and political theory, not people who repeat the talking points that Candace INS feeds them right. I think if, if, if I making myself clear, I think that the best way sort of elucidate it, let me know what you think: why engage in debates with bad faith participants when the form that will not allow you to actually expose them for the intellectual frauds that are. Let me know what you think: we have
A small number that number is two one: nine two David p. This is funny it's actually kind of good news. We've not heard from previously drunk furious trumpets Jimmy from Philly for awhile, but he is requesting a name change. Take a listen, very rigidly compelling yeah. From now on. Since I've stopped drinking, I did men, you referred to me as a serious psycho dot trunks right where it's a longer did drug Trump supporter, because I'm not drinking anymore but there? So I don't know what would be the appropriate car? Okay, so Jimmy I don't know I. I am glad that you're not drinking anymore, because the drinking was becoming a problem. Jimmy was having on some nights that he would call in to the live streams. I don't remember if it was four or six of like a very high alcohol percentage. Ipa in India Pale Ale for the uninitiated which, by the way, who like super hoppy beers, give me a break, but that
the story for a different day and I think they were like eleven percent. So he was having like four to six, which I believe is like eight to twelve normal beers. If a normal beer is like five percent, I think some of those like in a water beers like bud light or maybe even like two or three percent. This guy was putting down a lot of alcohol, so I'm glad that you're not drinking. I think psycho not might be a reference to the fact that Jimmy now does Ls D E. I don't know if that's a code word for someone who does LSD but in any case Jimmy seems more lucid when he calls in, and for that I think we can all be grateful. We've got a great bonus show coming up for you today. Democratic congresswoman, Katie Hill is resigning because of allegations of improper relationships with staffers. We will talk about that. The police officer who was told to tone down his gain there were not mine has been awarded nineteen million dollars in a discrimination, lawsuit and a big gap. A chasm or Chaz am depending on.
Something has opened up on the issue of reparations where seventy five percent of African Americans support reparations for slavery is only fifteen. Kind of white Americans do according to a new poll and we're going to dig in a lot of what is going on with that issue on today's bonus. Show please get today's bonus, show the bonus shows for members and patrons you can get instant access at David, Pakman, dot com, slash membership for by becoming a patron at the five dollars a month for greater level at Cape three on dot com, Slash David Pack, The David Pakman show at Davidpakman dot com
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