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10/4/21: COVID Pill Soon As Last 100K Deaths Plague Red States

2021-10-04 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--New "COVID pill" developed by Merck, which cuts the risk of hospitalization and death from COVID by 50%, may be  heading for an emergency use authorization from the FDA

--The last 100,000 US COVID deaths have been mostly in red counties within red states, aka Trumpland

--Arizona Democratic contrarian Senator Kyrsten Sinema flees to the bathroom, and is followed in by activists

--West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin speaks to West Virginians from his yacht, as his state desperately needs help

--Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump's former personal attorney, admits that some of his "evidence" about 2020 voter "fraud" came from social media

--Donald Trump's former fraud lawyer Sidney Powell has been effectively banned from all Trump properties, put on a "no-go" list

--A disturbing and horrifying video of a teacher spreading COVID disinformation in a video explaining why she was not in school that day, the real reasons being her refusal to get vaccinated or be tested for COVID

--Republican Senator Ron Johnson falsely claims that there is no FDA approved COVID vaccine available in the United States by amplifying another false conspiracy theory

--Voicemail caller leaves what might be the nicest voicemail we've ever received

--On the Bonus Show: GOP in the redistricting game for the long haul, slicing up liberal cities becoming the new Republican gerrymandering strategy, CT doctor loses medical license for giving out blank, signed COVID vaccine exemptions forms, much more...

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Welcome to the show everybody lots of big news to talk about, including some really important pharmaceutical developments, as we might called them. Merk is now pushing into the emergency. Use the relation request phase a so called coded pill that they say based on their trials, reduces the risk of a hospitalization and death by about fifty percent now my view on this has been that politics aside having an effective treatment, In addition to a vaccine is a really great thing. There's a lot of people. Thinking about this in the context of the UN's. Well now on vaccinated, don't have to worry because they
and take a pill if they get the virus and it cuts risk of hot. The delegation and death by fifty percent there, maybe people that are going to think about it. That way, but not me, let's talk, bout, the developments and then we will go from their merk, says coded pill. Cuts risk of death in hot the delegation, potential leap forward in the global fight against the pandemic. Drug maker Merk said Friday that its experimental pill for people, sick hope it reduced hospitalizations in deaths by half. If heard by regulators. It would be the first pill shown to treat coded nineteen adding a whole new easy to use weapon to arsenal that already includes the vaccine company said it will soon ask health officials in the: U S and around the world, to authorize the pills, use the decision from the? U S, food and drug Administration could come within weeks after that, all other covert treatments authorized in the. U S require an ivy or an injection, a pill, Taken at home, by contrast, Woody's pressure
pressure on hospitals and could also help curb outbreaks in. More and more remote corners of the world that- dont have access to the more expensive infusion therapies. This would I was to treat many more people much more quickly and we try much less expensively Murchen its part ridge back Bio therapeutics as early said. Early results showed patients who received the drug mom, the peer of their within five days of covert Symptoms had about half the rate of hospitalization and death as the who received a dummy pills, the placebo, the study seven hundred seventy five adults with mild to moderate, covert, considered high risk for disease because of health problem. like obesity, diabetes or heart disease. There, I have not yet been reviewed by outside experts, the dual procedure for vetting new medical research among patients taking mom the peer of their seven point?
three percent, were either hospitalized or died at the end of thirty days, compared with fourteen set of those getting the dummy pillar. That is a significant reduction that time period, there were no deaths among those who receive the drug compared with eight deaths in the past He group this is one of those cases we ve talked about before medical ethics when the test of medication, or procedure seems to be working so well. It becomes unethical to keep people on the placebo and in fact that's what they do. About here. The results were so strong that an independent group of medical experts monitoring the trial recommended stopping at early executives planet submit data to the FDA coming days and expert: stress the importance of getting vaccinated anyway. So again, a lot of people. Hearing this and saying we ve been saying: there's going to be a treatment of some kind, we dont to get vaccinated. That's not at all what this is about me.
thinking is the following mouth this is a great additional layer in it. But in addition to vaccination, we ve talked much about you know I did what was available to me. I went and got the vaccine, and yet it's not hundred percent. No vaccine is one hundred percent and immunity May Wayne, as is often the case with vaccines, but we're trying to figure out to what degree and how much and how in relation to the mutations of the corona virus, but we ve done all those things and yet we could still get it and we could get really say and we could die. So what do you do? Well here? We have something that additional barrier, it's not something to justify getting no vaccine. Imagine that your risk of death is ninety per cent lower with the vaccine. So ok, let's see overall infection. Fatality rate of covert is zero point eight. Why are we sang zero point? Eight, while officially is one point, six percent, but We have reason to believe that the real number of infections is actually to or even up to
three times the number of cases that are officially known, so that would put the infection fatality rate in reality somewhere between zero point, four and zero point: eight. Let's call it zero point, eight! Ok! So I get it I've seen these a rough numbers. I get the vaccine and lets say that reduces risk of death by ninety percent I've gone now: risk of death wise from Zaire, Oh point, eight zero point: zero. Eight I've reduced my risk of death dramatically on an infection basis. If This pill then cut sit by fifty percent you're talking about vaccine plus having the covert pill, if you get sick as two things together, that would drop your risk of death is zero point. Zero for percent now for the on vaccinated. It also cuts it, but remains ten times higher. If you, if you eliminate the vaccine of layer of protection, the risk of death is zero point, eight percent. If you get sick, you take the
Hilda drops, it dropped it at zero point. Four percent me I would prefer, zero point: zero four percent, as my risk of death rather than zero point four percent. That's just you can do the calculations you want, but that sounding pretty good to me, so this will be submitted for emerge to use and by the way I'm I'm gonna get ahead of one thing there are: tons of Anti Baxter's who have been saying: I'm not taking an experimental vaccine who already sang. Look the cuban pill, knew what was coming? I dont the vaccine, because of the covert pill. This is just as experimental in the sense that it doesn't yet even have emergency use authorization if it gets it we'll have the status of the vaccines have had for a year. only a month ago or so roughly was the Pfizer vaccine actually fully approved
So if your reason, all along for not taking the vaccine, was its experimental in the sense that It'S- U Eu Way, emergency use approved the s case scenario for the covert pill that you might use the thus defined not getting a vaccine is that it would have that same emergency use authorization status of these people. We know that this to me is not an alternative to vaccination. Its if you get vaccinated and you unfortunately get sick anyway, which is not super likely right now, but it does happen statistically, nuts were likely. Most of the infections are in the Un Vaccinated you have another layer of protection and that's a really really good thing. We ve been taught about when in the cupboard pandemic it become a republican virus in the United States. Why would but become a republican virus, wont three reasons: number one Republicans are far less willing to get vaccinated. Then everybody else number two
Republicans or less willing to wear masks than everybody else and number three Republicans are less willing to accept and participate in other sorts of precautions. A physical this than seeing reducing crowd sizes will put provisions in schools, etc. Then so over time. We would think this might become a republican pandemic in the United States. You look republican governors, republican governors are much less likely to choir vaccines, or to go with vaccine requirements in their states and to their much less likely put in place mass or to support, mask mandates in their states and to support other precaution. So we ve been for months. To some degree, it's probably already a republican virus in the United States, more so than anything else based on those numbers, and now we have the proof the new times just released a map of the covert death rate, so June sixteen. So this is roughly the law three hundred thousand two hundred and twenty thousand deaths deaths from June. Sixteen for
June July August September. Ok, It looks like a map of republican voters. We we have the map up on the screen, the man that we have on the screen could be a map of where people voted for Donald Trump, most heavily. It's actually a map of where we ve seen the highest per capita kova death rates over the last hundred or hundred and twenty thousand deaths and, in fact weakened. up on the screen sigh. By side. The map of the last hundred thousand deaths per capita hundred thousand deaths on a per capita basis on the left. on the right. A map that shows support for Donald Trump Verses, Joe Biden by blue and red dots. Now I know that a ton of people will say hold on a second David, but will whoa whoa hold on sir. The states with the most per capita deaths are blue states. Remember its New York, its New Jersey, its Massachusetts for a little while it was California. First of all,
That's no longer true, so that that might have been true. Seven months ago, if you now look at the top fifteen states by per capita Kova death rate today, you'll, see that now it's a ton of red states, the reddest Mississippi, has the highest per capita death rate. You, New Jersey, still there, then you ve got Louisiana Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina South Dakota Indiana more and more red states. What happened? What happened is exactly what we ve been predicting from day. One early for? We knew anything about the virus when it too early to know what to do. This was a new pandemic. The place is that had the bad luck to be early, infected places did the worse. By far these places that were connected by direct flights to China and to the parts of Europe that had early spread like ITALY and a few other countries so overwhelmingly that meant the big area
gateways on the EAST Coast, New York and Boston. At one point, it was cow for California to some degree. Illinois with Chicago Airport in so many unite? and american Airlines flights to the places with the early spread. Those are all blue states, blue cities, but over time as we learn more about how do you suppress spread? What doesn't work we saw do states get more vaccinated than red states. We so blue states where war Madame where more masks and the like. We expected that the deaths start to move over to read states on a per capita basis once the vice. It was everywhere, rather than the chance of what places had the It's the China in ITALY. Early on we expected the deaths, would shift to the poor. since that are not getting vaccinated and are not wearing mast, and that has now happened plain and simple. The ass, one hundred thousand deaths. have been most heavy as you can see. On the map in floor
Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, you get the picture, so Nothing surprising here, the shot is how pull medical. The deaths have gotten now course, liberals and red states or dying to of course concerned that is in blue states are dying too, but this is the true this should really scare the Republican Party, not because they care about people dying. I don't know, I do. Maybe they do? Maybe they don't? You don't seem to, but maybe they do, but this should sky the Republican Party, because it can't be good for winning elections to see your voters disproportionately, be the ones dying from a pandemic that you failing to do the thing that public health experts say should be done in order to control it. It's not possible miss when you look at that map, how the deaths a hundred thousand hundred and twenty thousand deaths our aligning with vote trends that the nation again-
two hundred year pandemic virus is now a test of political allegiance, it is an incredible thing, and unfortunately, it seems like this is going to be the trend for some period of time. Cases continue to decline, that'll be if it everybody it seems like it is really not good in many of these red states- and I guess I was naive- I thought something like this might actually cross party lines and people would just come together and listen to public health experts and doctors, but no I was wrong again. I was the naive buffoon, hey, listen on October, Nineteenth Tuesday, Toby nineteenth were doing something very special. We are due a live town hall. This will. exclusively on the New David Pachmann Show Youtube Channel on the second channel. Called Pachmann live six p EAST three p m west onto they October nineteenth we will
doing a lie. the town hall, all quest, It will be open. Members will get priority in the queue tap to talk to me and to ask questions. This will not be on the main Youtube channel. This will not be on twitch or to which, as people call it. It will not be on Facebook. This will be on the Pachmann LIVE Youtube Channel, find it at you too, dot, com, slash, Pachmann Life or David path. When dot com slash pachmann life, they both go to the same place. Market near Calendar, Tuesday October nineteen, six, p M, collusive pachmann live only Town Hall and in the meantime, always you, Let me know what kind of crazy high Jenks people are up to with masks and vaccines in your state, finding me on Twitter, it department.
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come legislation. It has become very, very clear that both cinema and mansion listen, whether they enjoyed or not, that speculation. I think that they do whether they enjoyed or not the are obstacles to Democrats. Getting things done and right now, what's in focus, is Joe Biden build back better agenda, as as it is called a large of infrastructure spending budgetary issues and on and on and on, and these questions as to whether Kirsten Cinema or Joe Mansion and Origin Mansion are going to support what is going on here and increasingly, they are getting in the way. So, let's first talk about Kirsten Cinema, Kirsten Cinema, was followed into a bathroom by activists filming her during an event over the
again, then I'm to give you you got a ton of questions about this David. What do you think? What do you think about this? Is this? Ok? Is this not? Let's talk about the story? First watch the video, and then we will come to decide A video posted to Twitter on Sunday by Social Justice Group living United for change in Arizona shows the organizers confronting Senator Kirsten Cinema, even following her into a bathroom at one point looking to tie to the democratic representative about our opposition to the build back better agenda present binds ambitious economic recovery plan widely supported by Democrats. Several activists can be seen in the video waiting side, what Lucia? That's the abbreviation for the acronym for the group said, was cinemas classroom on Arizona State Universities campus. When Cinema emerges, they asked to speak to her Actually, I'm heading out. She replies and walks into a bathroom stall over the sound of toilets, flushing and activist identified, as Blanca spoke, the cinema from the entrance, and we have to hold you accountable.
In another video luge by loot, shut the protesters follow Cinema ass. She walked back into her classroom. They said we wouldn't have to resort to confronting Cinema around Phoenix if he took meetings with the communities that elected her sir miscommunication director declined to comment telling the daily beast: we're not dignifying this behaviour with a response. So let's take a look at the video, ok, listen. This is Senator Cinema heading into the bathroom, followed in by activists.
actually I'm had now the moment there are people in order for us to be able to talk about what is really happening. We build that better time right now we re not under three. You forget your leg. Just like everything did you out about anything, you don't work where you powers that we have. I want you to be met if these and I was three years old and it doesn't intend my grandparents bulk, antiquated because of infrequent envy and I'm here, because we believe that we need and citizenship. My grandmother passed away two weeks ago and I was unable to go to Mexico and busy here, because there is no other way to citizenship, and if we have the opportunity of tat they re now, then we need to do it because there's millions of undocumented people just like me who share the same story or even worse thing to happen to them, because I think in seven p m because it I say we go legislation and is talking to me because they re now. We need you to what we need to hold you accountable to where you told us what you promised us that you were going to pass. Will we not don Loris for you? If not re? Ok, so I think,
you generally understand what what went down there. So ok, We ve got her issues with Senator Cinema some are saying David following someone into a bathroom, it's bad! It's clingy! It's an app the loot disaster, the count, your point that I've seen as she wasn't really going to the bathroom. She was just going to the bathroom because she assumed that she would be able to get away from the activists and those fake flushes. They were not necessary pledges. I don't know the answer to that. Ok, I've met were I come down on. This is as follows: its hard to produce What kind of activism we'll get results and there's this common trope of trying to control activism by saying this is off limits, that's off limits and so like, for example, you sometimes when people show, up to the house of a senator. They dont go in. There don't go on the lawn, they don't go in the house, but there on the sidewalk with aloud.
bigger, saying senator whatever vote for this vote. For that and there will be people said. No, that's that's over the line. I don't wanna, be the one saying: if we're not breaking the law and we're not doing violence. I'm not feeling. Super comfortable, like I'm the person to say what types of actors of activism are ok or not, because if we only ever did the activism that's comfortable for those in power, literally nothing whatever change. Okay, so I'm not making like a big statement about what is and is not allowed, because I I think I need to I'm, not the brute there's this properly other people that are willing to give you the list, my view is: I don't think this is going to achieve anything. That's how I feel about this specific incident and basic we either my bill share sarcastically tweeted yesterday. I think it was alongside this video word definitely getting the three point five trillion now. I just don't think that this will work and remember also that if your cinema,
Arizona and who voted for you and bill share, also tweeted Cinema may be widely loathed on twitter, but not so in Arizona. The most recent Arizona Nepal has her favourable unfavourable at forty six, thirty, nine, not amazing, but her net favorability, is three, higher than Mark Kelly, also in Arizona and her in favour. Ability is four points lower her favour ability among Democrats is nineteen points higher, but favourable Unfavourable with Democrats is still a net positive. Now you could make the case well, but it's mostly Democrats who votes so it still leaves a vote liable to a primary challenge. Will open challenger right without a doubt in Chad? That's that's! Absolutely fine! I think the point here is even though there are conflicting poles and she's loathed on twitter, she probably has a kind of ok popularity level among the people that vote for her, which three years before reelection is problem
fine. So the idea that she's just completely tanking in front of the people that elected her doesn't really seem to be supported by the numbers. The point is what she's been doing. I hate it. I think that this absolutely a disaster it's just I've been a disaster to date, with her own constituents, and so is it. wrong, to follow her into a bathroom. I don't. It's going to work to actually achieve anything is the way that I would say it. I wouldn't follow people into a bathroom. And I get that some are saying she just went in there on that base- The idea was that she could hide out. Maybe I don't know, I dont see this as a really changing anything, but I do agree myself from nine months ago. Saying this mansion cinema stuff is really going to become a problem. I want to talk about Joe Mansion next Joe Mansion as much as or more than Kirsten Cinema,
has become an obstacle. to Joe Biden agenda there there's really no other way to set, and I think, he's enjoying it he's the love going on the Sunday shows he seems to love having the amount of power that he has because of this razor thin majority. Fifty fifty with common Harris is the Thai breaking vote in the Senate. Well, you can imagine anything more. a privilege that are really know what to call it over the again Senator Mansion emerged from his yacht called the almost heaven to have some real conversations with West Virginia's, who kind out to his yacht every single day of the week she's just depressing on so many levels. Let's Tiggle! Listen this
Joe Mansion talking to West Virginians from his yacht. Let me talk and were all wrong minor, wise frittering away a lot of Lithuanians luxury began work and are we really can you do good thing? I want to get a good deal as balanced as well, and I won't be enough for some it'll be too much for others, and West Virginia was different. There's a lot of poverty. What are you gonna do for the floor in West Virginia we're gonna be worthy everything. We can agree that we need a tax, the rich. I agree with that someone everything we should endorse: fixing attacks both everybody here we should be also negotiating lower drug crisis. I agree with you: one thousand percent were on the same page. We really are I in my yacht and you on your kayaks, even though I'm getting in the way of all these bills, we really are on the same page twelve we have here. Let me explain on that when we get to that eventually, but right now we can even take very broadly twenty twenty six. Let us work taxing the ranch. I agree: we're gonna my direction and famous bang. So, as you can tell the conversations not really going to too far, but of course,
the imagery of Joe Mansion is the guy standing in the way. Not only generally of an interest sure bill and spending bill as big as well. Many Democrats and Joe Biden, why it's not just that Joe Manchin is generally standing in the way. Joe mansion is standing in the way. Of West Virginians, who were his constituents from getting that who so desperately need it and talking about it from the back his yacht. Ok, that you can't have more citys imagery than this, and I hate to say this way- Virginia is a disaster. I M not going after the people of West Virginia. What I'm telling you as well Virginia needs this week, Virginia is ranked forty seventh out of fifty in healthcare in terms of access quality and public forty seven out of fifty fifty the worse, not the best, just to be clear West Virginia is ranked forty fifth out of fifty in terms of
education as far as higher ed and Pre Kay through twelve are concerned. As far as infrastructure, West Virginia is dead last fiftieth out of fifty african states- that's based energy internet. Access and transportation, so I could go on and on, but the poor and is that West Virginia is one of the states that most desperately needs. This spending spending, education, health care and hello. ITALY or maybe not hilariously. Maybe it's more of a tragedy westwards India is one of the biggest takers. If states had I'll, fair queens. It's not a term I actually believe- and you know it has its an old- from Reagan, but in any case, if states had welfare, Queens West. Jenny is one of the biggest welfare queens. West Virginia is the fifth most dependent state on money, the federal government, big, strong, independent, no
Actually, they are highly dependent on federal. Money and this is the guy that they have. from his yacht. Saying we don't do that. You had a maybe we'll get this or maybe maybe we will get to that Romania is not well served by Jo Mansion. The country is not well served by JO mentioned, but yet I'm not going to forget the reality. You will know that I am also a pragmatist, You primary Joe Mansion with Bernie and somehow Bernie wins among Democrats in West Virginia. Then you get a Republican in that sea and so we We are in this conundrum, and I continue to believe, really the path forward is if mansion has two, if mentions the Democrat, that we can get in West Virginia, then there to be other seats, one from other states that are more moderate. Sure taken all of the above approach. I'm not saying don't do that! but we often end up in that the conundrum we're gonna have more of this clip of the mansion. Addressing peons from his yacht on our
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an trump himself Sidney Powell, Jenna Alice Fox NEWS News Max away at like we know who was spreading them by where did a lot of this stuff surface from about mass if dumps of ballots in the wrong amount of food being brought to overnight workers and the water main break being fed. You know, like others who came, with it. Originally, there was a total lack of evidence for it wasn't subjected to any real, rigorous probing. It was just repeated, but where did it come from? And at least far as Rudy Giuliani is now admitting under oath. at least some of it was just stuff? He saw social media. It's that humiliating? It's that pathetic? It's that harrassing. So, let's take a look at this report. Business insider Rudy Giuliani admits under oath that he got some of his evidence of alleged election fraud from social media.
Rudy Giuliani admitted under oath that his evidence of voter fraud in the twenty twenty election in came partly from social media. And that he did not interview or fact check his sources. Donald former personal lawyer, made the commons in a deposition on August. Fourteen in relation to a defamation lawsuit brought by former Dominion Voting systems employ Eric Comber, first published by the Colorado son humor, assuming the tramp campaign and others for promoting basis. Conspiracy theories that he helped quote rig the elect and for Joe Biden in, deposition route. Giuliani admitted that he got some of his information about tumors alleged role in the fraud. From his social media posts, but be sure if it was Facebook or another plan, those social media posts, get all one to me.
question about whether he saw any other evidence linking humour with election fraud. He responded right now. I can't recall anything else. I laid eyes on the consumer. Z theories about consumer were sparked by act Nations made by right wing pod cast host Joe aldermen aldermen claimed to have infiltrated an anti. A conference call in which someone who identified themselves as Eric from dominion boasted about preventing Trump from winning the election. According to the New York Times, aldermen offered no proof of his claims. The podcast host, then FF Eric Commerce, Facebook profile on which he supposedly written Anti Trump messages, Rudy and other Trump allies seized upon almonds, allegations feeding them in the now infinite infamous November nineteen press conference, one The smart matic patent holders, Eric Humor, I believe his name is- is on the web as being recorded in a conversation with anti for members, saying
He had the election rigged for Mr Biden occur into court papers. Giuliani spent virtually no time investigating the claims. This is great jewel. on he said he was too busy when asked why repeated those claims without verifying them Giuliani, set in the deposition its my job in a fast moving case to go out and investigate every piece of evidence. That's given to me Why wouldn't, I believe- and I would have to have the terrible lawyer g, let's go, find out if it's true I didn't have to did you do that from is totally abandoned, Rudy, as far as we can tell so, there's no advantage to Rudy lying in this deposition write his rep patients in shambles finances, are eroding away. He might as well tell the truth under oath and he is telling them With your, I believe you know we joke about people's research. They say they ve researched the vaccine, they ve
He searched the election It's not his job to investigate pieces of evidence which he later sites and presence in court and this is a lawyer who actually is materially involved in this stuff, so when your cousins sisters, Cash here at the local job lot so is, I researched. The vaccine under and what they mean by research and understand even Rudy here saying what I do I mean I'm just brought: I'm I'm bringing this stuff to courts. I don't have time to actually see. If what I'm saying is true, this is one of the biggest lies perpetuated by right wing media for nearly the last year and so of the stuff started. Just something Rudy saw in social media. He had every tool at his disposal, but he went What sounded the wildest and most egregious, that he came across on his computer errors phone
also remember. Rudy wanted twenty grand day from Trump to push all of this stuff. Basis partially of stuff? You, aw on social media. Funny, though imagine that. he's lying about where he got it like. I think he's telling the truth, but imagine saying that its from social media was to cover up where he really got it, and it's like somewhere even worse. I don't even know where that would be, but I do believe that Rudy finally is telling the truth trump Abandoned him, his finances are a problem. I can't think of any reason that he would lie now and this is where the stuff came from it came from social media will it's been a long tough road for the delusional unhinged Trump fraud lawyer, Sidney Power by It does seem as though her story has peeped. and now we are were really in the day Newman. As I like to say, this might be the last piece of Story as
need Powell has now reportedly been banned from all of Donald Frumps properties, recall that she's been a beleaguered attorney for a while now Early on in the twenty twenty voter fraud lies, she was very involved. She appeared at that mind. Blowing press conference were Rudy, Giuliani, hair, die, melted all over his face and the one where she made the wild claims about Hugo Chavez. Antigua Cuba some guy named Eric Humor and many others at sea point. Sidney. Powell clearly was working with Donald Trump, but soon After that outrageous press conference, the Trump campaign put out a statement saying Sidney. Powell is working on her own trying to create this since, because what she did was so humiliating, Then she showed up at the oval office. So it really wasn't clear what was taking place well now, she's and totally disgraced we ve come some of the really embarrassing interviews that she gave in the last few months her coat
Rudy Giuliani has been sanctioned by various bar associations to perceiving seemingly abandoned both Giuliani and Sydney power, but to add insult to injury, Powell is reportedly on trumped, so called no go list at his properties. The daily beast reports that quote, since he left Office in January, certain advisers and long time associates to Trump have captain in for well short list of people who they should look out for include yet trumps, private clubs or offices in Florida, New Jersey a New York, the point This roster is to intercept. And possibly rebuff attempted outreach visits or phone calls from ahead full of conservative figures, could bring the ex president more undesired headaches This is expanded on further a daily beast article, which says what
Does it say Sidney is very much on the no go list her prob. homes right now do not need to be the former presidents problems. Powers. Legal exposure right now is, of course, massive and ever since she right to work with Trump to orchestrate a coup. Last year against Joe Biden, feelings of forestry, and bitterness have lingered between Trump and power, but that means is, in the end, try will turn on you in this case without you even diminishing your support for him? We know that if you go from one hundred and ten percent supportive of Trump to ninety nine percent. Supportive trump off turns on you anyway, in case Sidney, power seems to have made out maintained her loyalty through and through she's, It was repeating all the same stuff, but here it seems to me because she so wacky that Donald Trump is kind of backing off a little bit. I would imagine that Sidney Powell thought she was They get massive rewards and
access and fame and power for Dreading the election lies about Trump and doing the press, conferences and the like. She did get fame in a sense for being completely whacked out and disconnected from reality. but we know what Trump does when people are no longer useful to him. They might be no longer useful to him because they ve turned on him. People like Michael Cohen, they be no longer useful to him. They don't have any more money in the election is over like his supporters, so we just tries to fleece them out of their last pennies. He doesn't care and They might not be useful to him because, like Sidney Powell, they have just been. The cuban made fools of so much in the media that they can't do. Inform anymore anymore and think about Sidney power. Who would hire her now for actual legal work? I wouldn't higher her for NATO are real estate, closing, never mind something like what she was, I do for Donald Trump or anything in between quite frankly so now going well for Sidney Powell banned from Trump properties
going well for Rudy Giuliani. And what there are lessons here and one of the big big lesson seems to be Donald. Trump will turn on you. no matter how close, no matter, how much he seems to like you. He will turn on new, and even now there are reports. We don't we to what degree their true. There are reports that the relationship between Trump and Evanna, as well as Jared cushioned, have started the deteriorate, because Yvonne cut seems to think some of this stuff trump has done over the last few months. Continuing to push the voter fraud lies is just begging him look bad, which, of course, it is with much of the world, but his own supporters absolutely love em for it. So that's the latest drew if you invested in Rudy stocky would be downright now. If you and stood in Sydney Powell stock. You would be down even more.
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a teacher in her school district who did a video on Youtube, called a lesson plan and It wasn't a lesson plan. It was an explanation of why this teacher, whose name appears to be Carly, Sue based on the Youtube Channel, that has been uploaded to this. Is explanation of why this teacher wasn't in school was a mess two. I guess her students, and the reason she wasn't in school is because she refused to get vaccinated or be tested for covert. she goes on in this video to spread all sorts of disinformation about the vaccine? Viruses masks, we're going look a little bit and just understand. There are hundreds, thousands of people like this, who teaching your kids right now now take a listen to this I everybody. I hope you have been a good day. I just got done walking. May my pop eyes on this beautiful Sunday and
I wanted to make a video because you obviously can see them not in class today right and I wanna go over a few things, one of those things being explaining. Why I'm not there, deserves nowhere. Teacher is please first thing: is I'm not sick? I've not the arab sore Throat, I feel great the reason that I am not at school today is because administration has enforced the job. And dates as well as if you were fears the job, then applying testing ends. I have strong. a very strong stance on their, I feel that its constitutional, I don't know
This is not a law professor by the way, and that does nothing unconstitutional so that we are starting with LI remembered this semester. Students her ever ever just my body with something that is experimental, it doesn't fi as real, so she's whispering vaccine. Remember that it is a vaccine and the or one has been FDA, approved its gene therapy, it is not gene therapy and if you asked, any of them, not one person, we'll tell you what is in the shots the truth is the ingredients are known they are listed. Anybody can google this now there. She would probably say well. The ingredient list is a lie, but that different argument now. So oh I've done our research and there it is
there. It is the holy grail of spreading disinformation. I've done research the past two years, is about this, and I knew I get to this point and I knew with that. I would make this decision. I didn't know exactly how it was all gonna play out, but I just feel really bad. You guys have to deal with it first hand. I feel horrible that you have to the prom. Is that their having to deal with her? She the problem seated. I'll play out because its its painful and its ok so ominous skip forward, because later in this clip I mean there's a lot of nonsense here, then she goes into just spreading straight up, imaginary cuckoos stuff about medical. This information take a look at those oxygen actually kills virus the right to breathe,
The right to make your own choices I'm guessing this his anti mask oxygen. the virus, so the mask is bad. It's a free country. We thought it was, but it's not we the fight for freedom and, if you believe in freedom, if you believe in living free? Then you got it. Something about it, you gotta have some courage. You got to step up and decide what you believe is right. so just know that I'm praying for you guys. I care about you so deeply and. Stand strong, ok, God wines and just persevere, finnish, strong we're almost there Can you imagine your kid being taught in cool by this woman and there's so much we can say obviously their approach. some parents who, like this stuff, ok
It seems like a disturbing a nightmare to me that this is the woman that might be teaching our children, but there is enough Their thing I want to mention here, All of these people they all seem to have the idea they don't. They don't seem to question that They might have figured something out about covered would change the entire pandemic. That the entire global medical community haven't figured out. They did their research on their home computer and have figured things out. There public health experts, epidemiologists immunology tests, pull monopolist's. around the world haven't figured out easy to call that merely delusional. But it's Really a form of incredible arrogance in a sense, the the idea that they may have done that now. Discoveries happen, discoveries happen and they come from from different places. But the The idea that these
so the ones that by doing research, figured out hey. Are we going to do to get rid of companies? Don't wear masks Oxygen kills the virus, put oxygen on the virus virus dies, you dont need masks, you don't need a vaccine and also throwing in God, stuff to as well. It is delusional its day. Just to have these folks teaching kids, There is a level of arrogance as well that they may have stumbled upon this and this is a major issue. Would social media? Actually this is I've. I've mentioned before I'm almost done now, reading the book, tat, not by Neil Postman you this. Must red book for anyone participating in social media renews I'd, I'd! Think it's imperative! Everybody read it there is this reality that Neil Postman wrote about that when you get a new technology, Zizi to say: let's make it's only used in these ways, but not in those ways, and the truth is once you ve gotta technology. The technology changes the culture in irreversible ways,
one of the ways in which the internet high speed, internet internet, phones and social media have changed. Culture is that folk suit don't really know anything now are empowered to do what they believe, is research and to believe their opinions about anything at all are just as valid as those of actual experts. Now we ve talked about the crisis of expertise. This is not. This is not the fallacy of. You know, saying, If someone's an expert, then invited the. If the only reason you trust someone is because they are claiming expertise than that's a thousand we're talking about actual experts here- and this is one of the seemingly irreversible impact of widespread high speed internet- more, phone smartphones and our social media- and this is really scary staff and she's she's teaching people she's teaching. Kids, although maybe not much longer, I guess we'll see
Here is another one that's floating around, Senator RON Johnson, Republican from Wisconsin appear on Fox NEWS. And said. There is not an FDA, approved, covert vaccine in the. U S, You might be wondering wait a second. They they just approved the Pfizer vaccine out how it buddy talking about there's emergency use, authorization for J, J or young soon, as some people like to call it for Madonna, and there is a full approval for Pfizer RON. Johnson says there isn't now it his his explanation is nuts but I'll explain to you. We're going to hear different RON Johnson here, he says well was approved, was Corpsman Natty, which is the vaccine that Pfizer cells in other countries, but that's not what actually available here now. This has already been debug, but let's listen. Try
this country, roughly seventy percent of seventy five percent of the country, have gotten a single shot just says sixty five percent have gotten have vaccinated, so consider that fact to that within the natural immunity where it bird immunity right now joining you in this legislation that Loomis center, Roger Marshall, TAT centre MIKE we and looks like being crane moving something on the house. Side has any democratic spress. They want to join. You. Now another, albeit all kinds of different bees legislation pushing back on this mandate but buying something else ever tell America We do not have an empty approve vaccine being in the. U S: ok, listen carefully! Here they have deep later Baden switch. They they approve the common version Finally, drugs, not avail, the! U s even admit it. I the letter three days later going. What what are you doing? What they do is extended. The nurse use observation for the fire drug vaccine. That's available in the. U S here, there's more
Thirty days later, they haven't ass, a very simple question if you saying that, through the fighter drugs the same as a co modality, why didn't you provide empty approval on that. So there is not an empty approve drug and of course they announced it. So they could through these mandates so that people actually think ok. Now these things ready approved. So the first thing you have to ask yourself is why: why would they do that? What would be the point? I am I'm trying by into the conspiracy, guess if you believe that that's what happened you believe it on the basis that they, wouldn't really get the Eu Way. U S Pfizer vaccine approved because something's wrong with it, so they submitted approval for Corpsman Addy, which is the Pfizer vaccine and other countries, but that was not act now is this is all I know this has been widely looked at its been looked at strongly on Sk medicine has a very specific article. Addressing this question. I've
that the FDA said Pfizer's commonality. co, mere natty and by and tat formulas are distinctly different in their vaccine. Approval at her is that true infectious disease, pharmacists, Brian Alexander rights. No in terms of what is contained inside the vile of each. They are identical Pfizer and by on tech simply formally branded or named their vaccine. Comber natty by on tat is the german biotech company that partner revised to bring it to market five. Comber, naughty and Pfizer by on take covert. Nineteen vaccine are biologically the same thing. They are likely the same thing. The can fusion stems from this section of the FDA vaccine Info, one, the lights, vaccine has the same formulation as the EU is authorized vaccine and the problem can be used interchangeably to provide the vaccination series without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns concerns. The are legally distinct, would sir
differences that do not impact safety or effectiveness. The FDA desires to have a single, combined vaccine information sheet, a single she. Keeps things simple for people giving the vaccine and getting it since branded and unbranded vials are chemically identical despite being legally distinct. This Information must be included on this It's just been debunked in its another one of these things that they feed, who else but the low Information Fox NEWS audience bright, kill me doesn't have the wherewithal to question it or maybe doesn't have the interest in questioning it, but a week ago, were five weeks ago? This has already been out there. It's already been debunked, it's not true and again. This is another. One of these things were, while RON Johnson Research did any found answers here. He is both something this is like. Sometimes you'll see a post on. Facebook
and it will say something like God hey, you know what data. hope it doesn't like beat juice you know. All you got to do is drink beet juice, everyday and you're going to be fine. I've been drinking beet juice since the start of the pandemic. I haven't gotten it it's like wow, they missed everything, Is it airborne versus drop lid? And does it aware the infection happening in indoors, they won't tell you that be juice kills it there are. Medical discoveries, medical sculleries happen and sometimes they are caught their counter, intuitive or whatever the case may be, but the arrogance with which some of these folks present the findings of there, research is really something to explore. Sociologically an psychologically hey, We have a voice mail line and often the voice males are just disgusting. I have Of the nicest voice I've ever received to play for you today,
you can call the voice mail line any time to one nine to David P. Call anytime, you want here is just stay. Beautiful voice, mail in a sea of insults and add hominids. Hi, I just wanted to say that I think that you're amazing person- thank you again. really happy about how you show has progressed over the years of watched it. I hope you continue to you now do what you're doing and stay healthy and stable. You are thinking of what a nice message. What a truly just nice message. Those really are rare and appreciate it, but criticisms are welcome as well to one to David P, is the number call at any time. bonus, show today. Ok, we're gonna dive deep into republican redistricting plans based on the twenty twenty census number one, its clear from
early plans that they are going with the gerrymandering full speed ahead. A number two there even proposals to slice up, liberal cities and put a little bit of one liberal city in part as part of a rural districts and their part of a liberal city and to basically try to complete, eliminate the reality that liberal cities should be read: presented by the liberal elected officials that those liberal cities want to see representing. That's we're going to talk about all of that on today's bonus show. We also going to talk about a Connecticut doctor who was good patients. Blank covert nineteen exception for exemption forms, vaccine exemption for the doktor. Sign them and give them. patients and then, if the pay, It needed a vaccine exemption for whatever reason they could use this doctor signature. She has surrendered hermetic medical licence now the doktor and that's a good thing, and we're going to talk about that
How do you get access to the bonus? Show you go to join Pachmann, dot, com and sign up? That's it and then, lastly, Tuesday October nineteen. we are doing a sclusively Viewer town Hall, where I will just open the phones and take questions from everybody. Sir p M eastern Tuesday October nineteenth, it will be streamed exclusively on our second youtube. Channel pachmann live, find it at you, to dot com, slash, Pachmann, live or David Hackmen Dotcom, Slash, Pachmann life whatever's, easier to type, either way October, Nineteenth Tuesday, six east three way members get priority, but we will be open and opening up the discord lines to everybody. Alright, we'll talk to you on the bonus Joe see you
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