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10/7/20: Time Running Out for America As Election Looms

2020-10-07 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--The United States of America is in rapid decline and must remove Donald Trump immediately

--Joe Biden delivers a brilliant, uniting speech at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania as Donald Trump tweets manically about him

--This week's edition of Hatriot Mail

--Donald Trump successfully gets 100,000 ballots thrown out in Iowa

--Donald Trump appears to have a manic episode on Twitter, possibly induced by his taking of the steroid dexamethasone for treatment of his coronavirus

--Doctor Leana Wen, and other doctors, believe that Donald Trump's behavior points to him needed a psychiatric evaluation

--Donald Trump's campaign Press Communications Director Erin Perrine tries to make the case on Fox News that people should for for Trump rather than Joe Biden because Trump got coronavirus while Joe Biden did not

--Joe Biden takes an 8 point lead over Donald Trump in Arizona

--Voicemail caller, who is a doctor, wonders when Donald Trump really first tested positive, and believes Trump has COVID pneumonia

--On the Bonus Show: SCOTUS revives gay marriage criticism, bombshell report blows lid open on child separations, Senate majority may hinge on sexting "scandal," much more...

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The David dragged Shout David Cameron died guarded in the wake of Donald Trump, completely depraved and deplorable mass was done at the White House Monday evening. After leaving the hospital with Corona Virus Jack HOMES wrote a very good piece in Esquire about really. What is the earth decline of America and the pressing imperative to remove Donald Trump, and he really hit many Import points that I want to talk about? Jack writes in his peace quote. We have been here going down this road to ruin for some time now. But the end stages are somehow
uglier and more empty, then seemed possible, and he adds that quote. If you were looking for Portrait of an american empire in decline eater. I've Monday evening when Donald J Trump in the thick of about with covert nineteen checked himself out of the house, little at Walter, Reed National Military medical center and was flown back to the wall. House on Marine one going on to say that quote. He climbed the curved staircase reached the balcony, and removed his mask in would appear to be a gesture of defiance of what the media, the deep state scientists reality itself. It was not immediately clear, but that trademark pout was unmistakable. This was authority, Ryan Sheikh. The president was looking at something very strongly. That's for sure, though it will not be an ounce of human
Eddie or growth as a human being after he was struck by the very disease he. So long downplayed and ignored at the cost of so Many american lives- and this article, which I would encourage you to read, outlines the mockery that Donald Trump has made of person. Responsibility and how actions have consequences the excesses of em. Higher the delusions of grandeur, but I'd even further Donald Trump has completely undermined. The executive branch of the United States he's undermined the Justice Department, he's undermine science and education and the people of Amerika and common sense. He undermined and and really eliminated, the status of the United States as a worthy participant in the experiment of humans on planet earth. That is the degree to which this man has de based huh.
oh sapiens, on this planet, we are now a joke and we're pitied by the world. Now it's not you know for a while they were merely laughing. When I now here from our friends in other countries. They are scared for aught for us and for themselves, and they pity us and we are the danger: corrupt leaders, the world over are enjoying the catastrophe. That is the world under Trump, while our historical allies in western democracies are horrified and their deaths, for a change for a return to normal c and part of the problem. Part of this rapid decline has to be rounded for in the more than sixty million who voted for Trump and twenty sixteen and the law equally more than sixty million, that will vote for him again this November. So we often talk about Trump, the people under Trump, the people who
four trumpet the cayley makin nannies and the Sean Spacers. They did of two never work again because of what they have participated in, but what about the sixty million trumpets that are part of this debasement? What happened to posted christian values. On the republican side. I guess it was just be ass. They were blowing smoke. Can't republic and see a man who was lying to them all the time for his own purposes. Not in line with what they claim to be about. Do they see it and not care? Is there that much cognitive dissonance taken please consider how absurd the hospital stunt was notice, that Trump came home from the hospital with the orange face after having the white face for, if days, while at the hospital, because he wasn't getting the makeup contagious with cove, it tromp had his make up done by someone at the hospital. The micro is pathetic and the macro is simply to stow paean how much
All of this can we take. Unfortunately, the right seems more than willing to take much more of it. I spotted this com on a right wing enclave on the inner. Reacting to the Trump photo on propaganda video when he came back from the hospital they said quote: People on the left are going to lose their minds. This is going to be so fun to watch that is emblematic of what we are fighting right now, it's not about conservative values. If you actually look, you don't have to agree with them, but if you just find sort of like a normal traditional conservative they have essentially nothing in common with Donald Trump? This isn't about economic policy. This isn't about social, policy is about angering the left. As they said, the left is gone to lose their minds, are over Trump flying back from Walter Reed and a helicopter. They want to own the lips rigour. The left, as they like to say so. Democrats must win in a landslide this November
if we are to avoid a chance of another four years of this and probably democratic need to win in a landslide on I hate to say this, but to avoid the violence, I fear, we will see if it's close and trumpet it was rigged and I really one We need a landslide to avoid the violence as well. The window of opportunity is closing here we are now just what is it twenty seven days to go as of today, barely twenty six and a half days at the window is clear sing and we have a real opportunity here. Unfortunately, Joe Biden is actually trot starting to help his own cause, and I want to talk about that next yesterday, as Donald Trump was sending tweet after Derange tweet from the White House, possibly hopped up on the mania caused by this steroids, deck cement The zone that he's on to treat corona virus Joe Biden, went to Gettysburg in Slovenia and delivered one of the best poetic
speeches, I've seen in years at minimum now, four years, most of the speeches have been four four by Trump, so that this bar was not necessarily high. It's really hard to care about political speeches when you follow this stuff, so called see the way that I do because rare. is anyone speech, particularly good or notable, but Joe Biden Speech yesterday in Gettysburg was fantastic and, most importantly, it was the right speech at the right time. So, let's look at some clips. Here is Joe Biden talking about the division. in the country. Take a look, there's no more freely place, then here today in Gettysburg to talk about the cost of division But how much it has cost America in the past, but how much is costing us now and about why believe. In this moment we must
come together as a nation. I have to say this was a well written speech, but it also its as such a perfect contrast, trumps antics, trumps antics are making itself easy to write these and to simply be the adult in the room. In comparison to the mess that's going on. It was a well done speech regardless, but Donald Trump is helping Joe Biden here, Joe Biden, going on later in this discussion to talk about the racial unrest and again this is so politically smart, because when you look at the top three is use for voters, corona virus, the economy in light of corona virus and racial unrest in this country and and law enforcement trumps.
Water on all three trumps. Approval is in the toilet on all three and four Joe Biden to focus on this is very politically astute. In recent weeks and months, the countries run royal by instances of excessive police force. Heart wrenching cases of racial injustices lives needlessly incenses. We lost by peaceful protesters, given voice to the calls for justice by examples of I once and looting and burning that cannot be tolerated, I believe in law and order. I've never supported the funding the police, but I also believe injustice is real. It's a product of a history that goes back four hundred years level in black men, women and children. First were brought here and change
I do not believe we have to choose between law and order and racial justice in America. Joe Biden is simply making a contrast that actually makes itself. Joe Biden seems competent, Joe Biden seems stable. He seems like a steady hand period. That is the case dressed, and it was so evident in this speech Joe Biden, going on to talk about masks. You know trump rip it removing his mask when he arrived back at the White House in A veto like moment that summer calling Cove EDA, which is great Joe Biden explaining masks, are not political, their scientific fact. scenes are not political, their scientific and the big focus on Trumps corona virus failures makes perfect sense, given the polling adjusted the newly another two hundred and ten thousand Americans. Could lose their lives by the end of the year. Enough
No, more lets us partisanship, Assai, that's end the politics follow the size worried a mask wearing a mask is not a political statement. It's a scientific, recommendation. Social decision is in a political sense It's a scientific recommendation, Testy Tracy the development in all approval and distribution of vaccine. Isn't a political statement it is a science based decision. We and undo what has been done? We can't go back. We can do so much better and you know all, although it hasn't been in the news as much because of captain covert catching the virus, we again had nearly forty five thousand cases yesterday its building again and it
be getting much worse as we get to election day over the next twenty seven days, Joe Biden, starting to wind down the speech with a conciliatory message. That is very much welcome. who millions of Americans are welcomed by millions of Americans as president I'm a brace hope, not fear peace, nonviolence generosity, not greed and light, not darkness We are presently appeals to the best of us, not the worst obvious present pushes toward the future, not only clings to the past. I'm ready to fight for you and for our nation every day, without exception, without reservation, and with the full devoted heart we cannot and will not. structures and white supremacist go
turn the American Lincoln and Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass. and then Biden clarifying and again this is not. It was a very well written speech. The concept of a conciliatory message is not that notable, but because the contrast is Tromp Joe Biden clarifying. He will be. The president, for everyone is again a really great way to draw contrast, juice toward Joe, but they can't work that way anymore.
Why I'm here to tell you they can and they must, if we're going to get anything done, I'm running as a proud Democrat, but I will govern as an american president. I work with Democrats and Republicans. A work is hard for those who don't support me as those who do that's the job of a president, the duty to care for everyone refusal of Democratic Republic to cooperate with one another is not do this mysterious force beyond our control, its decision. It's a choice we make and if we can decide not to cooperate, we can decide to cooperate as well, just pitch perfect pitch perfect.
This is the message America wants and needs to hear right now we have to go in a different direction. What we ve been doing, isn't working it's a complete speech. It had in a guy. It's like yeah MID middle school English right it had a getting a middle and an end. It had a logical conclusion that followed from the premises. It was a clear contrast with a sort of historic element to it, abiden expire, sing, a commitment to reuniting a nation that has been so divided rightly so. This is not one of those divisions that is artificial, if the country seems unwilling or Annette well to realise that we have a president who has brought the country to the brink quite literally and Joe Biden very much triggering Donald Trump. With this speech to shortly after Biden was done, Albania remember. The speech was getting Pennsylvania, Donald Trump tweeted, how
his Biden, lead in Pennsylvania Poles when he is against fracturing jobs. Second amendment and religion of court. Those are our lives. Fake, Poles Trump says I will win Pennsylvania, hopefully not we're going to talk about Arizona later, but in the latest. Pulls out of Pennsylvania Biden, leading by an average of six point three and by as much as eleven in the latest Monmouth. all Biden can win Pennsylvania The voting is happening now in Pennsylvania started weeks ago and runs through October. Twenty seventh, we, have the opportunity, let's make it happen you are voting already in Pennsylvania or wherever. Let me know how its going I'm on Twitter at department, the David Michel David Pachmann Dotcom one of our response,
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science to have more influence in government. Make sure your registered to vote make the commitment to vote or before November. Third, I also encourage you to check out the centre for free thought, equality, which is an advocacy group that promotes evidence based public policy. Support, secular candidates running for office becoming a member is completely free. Gives you access to tons of excellent resources related to secularism in politics. Just visit see ethic quality, dot, org! You can find the link in the podcast notes. This message was paid for by the free thought: equality superpower and is not authorized by any candidate or candidates committee David Pachmann, Shell, David Paxman, dad caused to remember
membership at join pachmann dot com, the number one in most reliable, most exciting, most beautiful way to support the David Pachmann show grab a membership, adjoin, pachmann dot com. We do of hatred mail. You, we can't possibly get this close to an election. and not have patriot male reminder about what hatred mail is because covered. Nineteen is just another liberal hoax, promoted by the fake news media. What price tromp gets it. You better, not make fun of them, because this is serious injury, admire, ridden by patriots who hey David, Bagman, because America, because freedom, ok, that there is actually untrue, The important topic that I want to discuss, which has brought up in this addition of Patriot male, take a lesson this David, lose researcher cry, baby, go
to your safe space and don't forget to give your support durable hug. view leftists are such snowflakes Trump, twenty twenty trump. better than Obama Sdr. other president. We had since Lincoln, stop hating How much will you cry when trumpets reelected? I want to see it you better stream at lunch, so this contain you'd idea of how much will I cry? It went from wins more like if someone listen, the poles, looking good for Donald Trump if Trump winds, it's good for me? Financially. I've said this before I'm not pushing for Joe Biden, because it would be good for my business it. obviously better. For my show to be in the opposition, and the truth is
living in Massachusetts. I'm relatively insulated from much of the day to day damage that Trump does obviously When I go to another country, I'm embarrassed to becoming from the union states when Trump is president that doesn't change regardless of what state I live in, but this entire your idea of, I will cry when Trump wins. I will be sad for what it means for the country, but it's really not about me. This is about improving the United States for everybody, and I believe I mean it's like it's now This is not about me, but if I'm totally up front, we better when there's a lunatic in the opposition in the White House. That's the reality and and that's ok. We I want Joe Biden to win for the good of the country, but if anybody's expecting me to cry on election night you you, I would not hold my breath. I would not hold my breath for that either way make sure to fight patriotism.
in your community by using the coupon code? Hey forty, when you sign up at joint Pachmann Dotcom, the coupon code saves you, forty reset and you can use that code on any membership at drawing pachmann dot com. It is spelled HIV are. I o t four zero. So we have a really dicey situation that is sort of the coming together of Donald trumps. Voters, suppression, tactics and demeaning a vote by mail and absentee ballots. Donald Trump, not nation of Aimee Coney bear it to the Supreme Court, which could directly impact what ultimately happens with many absentee ballots, which could ultimately impact the results of this election, particularly if it is close?
We know that there are some democratic wins for both the presidency and the Senate, which could actually hinge on hinge on Abbot t ballots and we already have a snafu. We could call it per the innocent more than one hundred thousand absentee ballot requests have already been invalidated in multiple Iowa counties. In late August, judges ordered Iowa counties to invalidate at least sixty four thousand ballot requests, siding with Donald Trump, the Trump campaign brought a legal challenge. The republican party brought this legal challenge. They ve been filing these lawsuits, all Over the country we told you they were ready with an army of lawyers, they are already deploying them about fifty thousand errors in one county. Fourteen thousand voters in another county will be informed that their request for an absentee ballot won't count
and if you still want to vote by mail, you have to send a new form. So you have here sixty four thousand people plus ninety two thousand in separate case in Johnson County, which is where University of Iowa is expecting a moron bite and leaning electorate in that county. This is a total of about a hundred and fifty thousand ballots. Now that we are talking about, they set requests for an absentee ballot, we have now been invalidated. Thanks to this lawsuit and men, of those people may not know it, they may be sitting there waiting for their absentee ballot to arrive may never arrive unless they submit a new request. Then, early last week a fourth judge sided with,
trump campaign and the Republican Party upholding a recent law making absentee voting harder in Iowa Republicans pushed the law in Iowa over the summer. It slows down the process for getting through and sending out the absentee ballots. It makes it more difficult to get people their ballots. In time. What or democratic party officials doing that their scrambling there there you know always half a step to two steps behind them. I need to now try to contact people who believe if they have an absentee ballot coming to them, but actually don't and they need to figure out. How do we communicate with these people? How do we get Everybody to request an U absentee ballot, very expensive, not impossible, but very expensive. So is there any good news here? Ok, if I, define some good news. The good news is in most electoral scenarios Iowa
not likely to be the deciding state. It's it's unlikely that two Biden get The two hundred and seventy electoral votes will hit on the results in Iowa. The bad news is there to pull this and the already pulling this in many different states. So we have to wonder, and the time lines, and we have to understand the deadlines Monday two days ago was the deadline to register in many states. I mean I'll, give you the list, even though the deadline has past errors, Arizona, Arkansas Floor, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky Louisiana Scipio High, O South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. Did you register? Because if you didn't it's too late, ok you're ensure if your registered Google check voter registration, your state and you will figure How to confirm your status. Delaware is coming up on October. Tenth, you have until October, tend to register in Delaware. Idaho, is
Ober ninth Illinois was yesterday. Maryland is next Monday. I believe it is Missouri is today you have until today to register in Missouri. New Mexico is Yesterday New York is Friday. These dates are coming. The election is happening now, there's no more time to wait, vote dot. Org has all of the information about how to register how'd, you get an absentee ballot how, when and where devote early everything you need. We, early voting start this week in California, Iowa Main Nebraska South Carolina. If you're in those states, you can start to vote now, the voting in Indiana and Ohio started yesterday, Arizona starts today. Georgia starts Monday Kentucky and access Tuesday a bunch more next Wednesday. The election is now my friends- and this is not the time to keep waiting for something. It is time to act right,
they are going to pull every dirty trick that they can. They have lawyers Where do you go? They will try to challenge absentee ballots. They will try to stop the counting of absentee ballots, a new posts We all talk about tomorrow has Donald Trump down hope, you're sitting twenty one points, it's just one pole but the numbers are getting very ugly for Trump and the uglier. They get the more all caps tweets. We can expect to see from him on twitter and the more they are going to try to use lawyers and other subterfuge to steal this election there is no more need to wait to remove it insanity the election is now yes, We need automatic voter registration. This visit this entire paradigm of registering a vote and deadlines disaster. Ok, we need to fix it. We need to fix so many problems, but we have four weeks minus a day right, twenty seven days to go, we have to vote right now,
we will keep pushing this, make sure for the latest updates on voting and how it's going. That you're following a son, Instagram at David Pachmann Show and while you're there follow me. I need to be granted tat gave it got. Pakistan, David Agnes, Shell, David Pachmann, dotcom deterrent, One of our sponsors today. Is Lucy and they are giving my audience. Twenty percent off Lucy is accompany founded by Caltech scientists, with only one mission, which is to help people quit smoking and raping by offering a clean, affordable. Nicotine an alternative? Now many of you know you ve heard the stories I've known several people in my life who have struggled with quitting smoking. I've seen how did Well, that can be, and nicotine alternatives can be hugely helpful
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welcome back to the David Pachmann Shell. Yesterday, after Donald tromp abruptly tweeted out no second corona virus stimulus after conversations with Mitch, Mcconnell and other lawmakers, the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, God phone call with House Democrats, and they were talking about Donald Trump tweeting out we're not doing it. and stimulus, which seems like it seems like the last opportunity, Trump had to do something to actually gained some votes this upcoming election and Nancy Policy, suggests it or wondered whether Donald Trump Use of the steroids decks him at the zone for treatment of his corona virus. might be impacting Donald Trump decision making ability, because even for the standards that we have come to expect or Donald Trump, his behalf
Fear is out of control and last night hit, and indeed Donald Trump appeared to have had a steroids induced manic episode on Twitter. If you will I urge the scene at the White House which, at this point, no. If the White House is more like a psych ward or a bio hazard unit, at this point, I guess it's like a bio hazard, Psych Ward, Donald, would not stop treating last night things that make absolutely no. Hence it is again raising questions about whether Donald Trump is experiencing mania as a result of the drugs he is on to treat carogne virus. Now, as I told you earlier this week, it's not just observers from the outside that have these concerns Donald Trump, junior. As Gabriel Sherman wrote in Vanity fair on Monday, Donald Trump, Junior
Reportedly is worried that Donald Trump is manic and wants to stage an intervention and, as we ve talked about four cortical steroids. Induced mania is not an uncommon side effect from the drugs that Donald Trump has been taking Donald Trump already has a tendency to have the sort of uptown manic and then depressed periods or or episodes and last night was completely crazy. Ok, so look look at what is going on and remember. This is not some obscure political adviser or a podcast host. This is the price and of the United States. At seven forty one p m eastern last night, Donald Trump tweeted. I have fully authorized the total de classification of any and all documents pertaining the single greatest political crime in american history, the Russia hoax. Likewise, the Marie Clinton, email scandal, no reductions, so it's a crazy
it's already wacky, but then forty in its later Donald Trump tweets about these same documents, which he supposedly just declassified trump tweets quote all Russia Hoax sky no information, was declassified by me long ago. What you, you just said, your d, classifying it now trump goes on to say, unfortunately, for our country, people have acted very slowly, especially since it is perhaps the biggest political crime in the history of our country notice in neither tweet is Trump actually say what crime was committed. That's a theme, but long ago you d class I did forty minutes earlier. He announced he was d, classifying these documents and forty, and its later he says I actually declassified this stuff long ago. People or even on the right concerned about the mental state of Donald Trump and whether this is being impacted by the steroids that he is on it.
Ten you'd all night it kept going this morning, seemingly nobody able to get Donald Trump under control. The speculation is that This is literal Roy rage, the President Roy. Raging on twitter for hours, Trump projecting about Joe Biden. Saying quote. I just hope the voter understands that they are all fake news trying hard to push a man that should never be president of our country. It sounds he's referring to himself there in twenty sixteen right wing media. Eventually, when the republican primary was over getting in line and pushing for tromp who should never have. president of the United States, Trump again a radically after stopping the second corona virus stimulus. just hours earlier out of the blue Trump tweets quote. If I am sir
and a stand alone bill for stimulus checks, twelve hundred dollars. They will go out to our great people immediately. I am ready to sign right now. Are you listen Nancy. This was just hours after he stopped negotiations and said were not doing a second corona virus stimulus again. Is this? Some kind of Roy Rage is Trump thinking clearly, did someone get to him and say which, by the way, would have been good advice? Mr President, Sir, as he likes to say the stock market imploded when you tweeted no second stimulus, it was sort of the last opportunity in these twenty seven twenty eight years of yesterday days before the election, to do something good, the american people and made may be regains and vote, may be Trump realized. What am I doing I'll I'll now tweet? I would sign stimulus checks me making no sense from there.
inventing a new number system, tweeting eleven com, I double zero. So that's not. I don't know where you know what kind of format that one one comma, zero zero North Carolina residents get incorrect. Voter registration forms, two thousand lay county voters received faulty ballots. with no way to vote for president many others throughout USA. Here go. This will be the most corrupt election in american history. Then trump again, You're, saying remember: no more second stimulus tweets to demand stimulus money for airlines tweeting quote, the House and Senate should immediately approve twenty five billion dollars for airline. payroll support and why
hundred thirty five billion dollars for pay check protection programmes for small business. Both of these will be fully paid for with unused funds from the care is act have this money. I will sign now and then a tweet that is both completely incoherent but very disturbing Donald Trump. Saying quote: I don't even know this means, so I had to constantly I'd off all this scum achieve more than any other president in first term, and then they talk chaos. They create did crimes against me and this administration- There are dozens more, but the point here is tromp is more out of control than usual and just in
I join the scene at the White House Trump already difficult to control Trump now is on steroids, which can cause. Mania, euphoria and delusions of grandeur, anyone who wants to go near tromp has two will, where full p p, based on a report that we ve gotten. Why? Because tat- has corona virus any is presumably still contagious unless he actually had it for way longer than we have been told, in which case he might be pass the contagious phase. the only alternative to Trump still being contagious, that they really lied about one trump first tested positive. It is a man crumbling before our very eyes. A new Paul has him down twenty one, so Where are we right now? We could be if we get the job done, we could be getting to the end of this global night, mare, but it depends on you going out to vote. It depends on me going about believe me, I'm going to vote, I would crawl overboard
can glass to vote. I would crawl over shards of outer now send me for creative people. Please send me some more metaphors. I can you whose akin to crawling over glass to vote. I would like to be a loaded up with some good ones for them. For the last four weeks of this campaign, and we can move on to the end of this national nightmare. We have the opportunity, there's twenty seven days to go so ok, let this is now. I want to be clear that This is not my idea. Doctors are saying that, based on Donald Trump Behaviour the last seventy two to ninety six hours. He needs a psyche. Drug evaluation are right, and so we saw where it would mean you could go back years, but for this episode we saw on Sunday Donald while contagious with corona virus. Donald Trump went
on a corona ride around Walter Reed Hospital, with secret service agents in a hermetically sealed secret service vehicle to wave to his supporters. This started to raise some red flags that you know If you ve not been paying attention the last four years, maybe trumpet not well mentally may be. Trump is not well cognitive. Late, then Donald Trump pulled a bizarre stunt where he checked him. Self out of Walter Reed Medical Center on Monday flew back to White House walked up the back steps or the front steps. I don't know which is the back of the front of the White House. defiantly removed his mask in his or glory and filmed a completely propagandistic video, the likes of which we anticipate seeing out of North Korea, but not necessarily the United States Even Donald Trump Junior has now said, Accord Gabriel Sherman in vanity, fair Monday, that he thinks trumpets manic.
that an intervention is needed. Well Leanna when who is Cnn medical analysed a doctor, a visiting professor it Washington University said, based on Don comes behaviour. A psychiatric evaluation would be in order. If Trump were her patient and left the hospital, while still infected to go for a car ride, she would demand a psychiatric evaluation. Tweeting quote: if tromp were my patient in unstable condition, with contagious illness and suddenly left the hospital to go for a car ride that endangers himself and others. I'd call security to restrain him then perform a psychiatric evaluation to examine his decision. Making capacity the doktor, my friends. This is not normal behaviour, the bereaved of manic tweets.
Monday morning, Tuesday night, it all basically seals the deal that Donald Trump, maybe as desperately as he needs. Corona virus isolation needs psyche, Patrick evaluation. Now, of course, we have to ask. Could this be related to the decks him ass, a zone, the steroids on which Donald Trump has been put to treat corona virus? Maybe yeah? I mean why would trump risk peoples I've just to wave to fans outside of the hospital. Well, maybe it is the decks him at the zone, but maybe it's just tromp, because he doesn't care Donald Trump. weapon, eyes narcissism and has destroyed any semblance of empathy over them. Asked for years Trump even tried tweeting that had he not die,
his corona ride around the hospital. The media would have said, he's wrong. Not to do it see if you can follow this Trump quitted treat. Tweeted quote. It is reported that the media is upset because I got into a secure vehicle to say. Thank you many fans and supporters who were standing outside of the hospital for many hours and even days to pay their respect to their president. If I didn't do it, media would say rude ridicule, Thus, there is no one in the media who would have said if Trump safely stayed in the hospital trumps really because he's not driving around right now with corona virus. It's ridiculous secret service agents were disturbed by it. A veteran secret service agent expressed dismay the Corona ride around Walter Reed, and did say
that when you are around Trump, it's difficult for people to say now that if you say no view you, you suffer that it that it it leads to even worse outcome, It is actually scary where we are, as a country right now Has not only do we have a president who has been incompetent all along his decision maker capability to the extent that it ever existed, is particular Lee gone and do you know we can speculate? Is it the steroids? Is it the disastrous polling? Is it that the White House is so highly infected with corona virus. It could be all of these things. It could be a combination. Ok, it doesn't really matter how. you think he ended up in the hospital with corona virus. He tried to make a mockery of facts and science and this is where we are right now. Whether he's fit to serve as president should not even be a debate at this point in time,
yet? Sixty million or more people are still going to vote for him and he could could could, but hopefully won't he could get another four years. It is an existential threat not only to the United States but to humanity for them. Man to get another four years he is out of control. It is completely wept, nice to you all know what to do. I won't even say it. Let's just go to the break, you are it's it's. letters I'll, tell you that openly and we're twenty seven days. Ok, but I'm not can actually say it. You know what to do David Pachmann, Shell, David Pachmann, dad come. I want to take a second, to tell you about. One of our sponsors, Essen H, masks. Essen age masks has thing you need when it comes to face, masks and other protective gear for cove at night
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because they ve donated over sixty thousand masks to health care institutions. There. An excellent company shipping is just five bucks and shipping is free on orders over a hundred and fifty dollars you can get there. By going to David Pachmann dot com, slash mask the links in the podcast notes, and you can save twenty percent on everything in their store. When you use coupon code, David David TAT, Michel David Davidpakman, DOT, com so this is actually incredible. This is sort of like the height of a complete disconnect from the real world. Facts, rationality empiricists some common sense sanity, it's the opposite of. everything. That is good. I'm going to a video for you of Trump campaign, press communications director.
Erin Perrin, going on Fox news towards the end of Donald Trump Hospital Stay for corona virus and she says: hey Tromp now is the better candidate than Biden, because Trump has the first hand experience of having the virus. Joe Biden doesn't have that. In other words, you should vote for Trump because Trump has the virus and Joe Biden does not she's make. The case that you should not vote Biden because he lacked personal knowledge of what it's like to have corona virus, and I am at we're gonna play the cliff first, this actually is a much bigger issue of the lack of empathy that exists. The American Right I don't want to get ahead of myself. Let's look at the clip. First, though, is that something we should expect with the best case scenario. The president leaves the hospital today get back out on that
campaign trail. Will we see changed messaging when it comes to the crunch, Iris, it will move more to the forefront of the president's sittings and key issues while first hand experience as always going to change. How someone relates to something that's been happening. The president has corona. That's right now he is battling it had on as tough as only president twelve can and listen. That, of course, that's going to change the way that the way that he he speaks of it because it will be a first hand experience, but you know that experience that periods of not only krona virus but being president of the United States. That's why you just see a different maroon overall from it, but it's been haven't. Authoritative. Experience has been sorry. I really have any sort law and order and it's been the economy. Does this become key shunting yard. I own a virus as well. He thought about at all unless he has experiences commander in chief, he has experience as a business man. He has experience now
of fighting the corona virus as an individual, those first hand. Experience is Joe Biden, he doesn't have those he doesn't. That's right goes Trump now has experienced by in corona virus on a personal level, Joe Biden does not because Joe Biden been responsible and Donald Trump has not, and it led Donald Trump, very predictably, catching the virus. So I guess vote Trump over Biden because trim has corona virus. What a loser Joe Biden is: he can't even catch Cove id during a glow We'll pandemic. Well, tell this to the families of the two hundred and five, Ten thousand, we were just like eighty deaths shy a few hours ago of what will vary and be two hundred and sixteen thousand deaths due to corona virus, say it to them. That Trump is the better choice because he caught the virus these or p.
all who will say anything at all that in the moment, they believe will help get Trump reelected end now. This. The real thing I want to talk about here is where we ve talked about. You know, are their trump voters. who might abandon trump because getting corona virus makes him look weak as silly as that is air Perrin is making the opposite argument here, which is vote trump, because he has corona virus, and you know that, what's the logical conclusion to this show yours solidarity with Trump by going out and getting corona virus yourself. I mean it's, it's the epitome of irrational thinking and they're. All making having the virus some kind of badge of honor in a sick way, but The really important thing I want to focus on is you know we ve talked before about the homophobic republican politician,
who only when their kid or their knees or whatever comes out, do they say I've. I realize I've been hurting people. I ever knew what it would be like to have some one in my family. It's this complete inability to empathize with a situation that is not actually their own. That sort of the basis of this argument right if you believe that the old, we await a really understand the seriousness and seriousness of the virus and the urgent He of dealing with it responsibly, is to get corona virus. Then Maybe you would vote for Donald Trump, but this is exactly the problem of thinking we eat a. We hear from the right all the time, these examples of how they can now empathize, unless they specifically, they personally are affected by something I'm not worried about that, because I understand that Joe Biden much like many people even with
Having the virus themselves can understand. The urgency of dealing with with it can understand how highly contagious it is, can understand the health implications, the economic implications and on and on and on, and then just like to take this Second, and imagine that it's a serious comment. Obviously it's lunacy to say, vote trump because he caught the virus and Biden. Didn't that's crazy, it's crazy to say that it is the last gasp of desperation. Hopefully it won't work, but let's take it seriously for a moment and imagine for a second that we want to evaluate this as a serious thing to say: Trump got. The virus received a helicopter ride to top notch health care from a team ten doctors and who knows how many nurses and support staff in a six rheumatic.
sweet or, however many rooms. It is at Walter, Reed Medical center trump still doesn't have experience receiving the inadequate unaffordable health. air while either having lost your job or having to figure out. How can I survive because now I can't work because I have the virus that is affected, so many Americans, even the argument that now that Trump had the virus. He better understands the experience of Americans. That's also wrong trump still decide. having corona virus I do not understand the typical experience for unaware. again who either has or is related to someone who has had serious corona virus and again, why do they need to experience it personally to finally have an awakening and understand it, it's like the anti gave Republican who understand and their own homophobia once their kid comes out, is gay or their knees
out as a lesbian or whatever the case may be. These people are disgusting and we absolutely must remove them, So tomorrow, on the show I am going to talk about a new pull. This is not some wacky pull. It is a serious pull from a good pollster that has Joe Biden twenty one points ahead. Donald Trump nationally, and I'm going to tell you. We should pretenders, though, that Paul doesn't exist and we have to go and vote, but that's tomorrow today, I will talk about Arizona. There is a stunning Newport This is out of Arizona where Joe Biden is reportedly ahead of Donald Trump by eight points, which is binding, largest lead in Arizona and recent memory. Now, of course, this is just one pole an average of recent polls. Donald Trump is now trade.
Wing Joe Biden by three point: four points on average in Arizona still nothing huge, nothing certain, but daddy point led in the later, Paul? The only pulled that we had recently is very, very important and in similar news from Arizona sort of in the same Paul Democratic and your mark Kelly is leading incumbent Republican, Senator Martha Mc Sally by eleven points that Poles Mark Kelly's led to an average of six point. Six. There was a debate I will that was last night between Mark Kelly and Martha Mc Sally, fringe worthy performance by Martha Mc Sally, she was actually asked multiple times, because she's kind of been trompe ripe. She was asked. Are you proud of what Donald Trump has done? She refused to answer? It was absolutely cringe worthy, she embarrassed herself and the reason that these poles or so compelling a noteworthy is that if you look at the history of Arizona, presidential elections. You see that the last time a demo
product presidential candidate, one Arizona was ninety. Ninety six, that's twenty four years ago, when Bill Clinton, defeated Bob Dole and won the presidency and before ninety ninety six, the last time, I'm a Democrat One Arizona was nineteen. Forty eight in the last seventy. Two years a Democrat has oh, We won Arizona twice if these now where's were to hold in Arizona, and Joe Biden wins by three four five six seven. It would be a signal that is going to be a very bad night for Donald Trump now, on the other hand, if it goes differently, it could be a perfectly fine night for Donald Trump important to know for our friends in Arizona the last to register to vote in Arizona was Monday, so that date has passed. Other important dates. Absentee ballots are being met. out to day October, seven early in person voting we'll begin very, very soon dates and ours may bear.
Berry, based on where you live, contact your county for details about in person in early voting locations and ours operate of operation. The last data request a ballot for absentee assuming you're already registered, will be October twenty third week Voting will happen on October, twenty fourth and V very, very important for our Arizona friends. If you land to male your ballot. You have to male it by October. Twenty seven must be postmarked by October. Twenty seven This is very important. In some states long as you mail the ballot by election day. It will count that is not the case in the very important of Arizona. You must mail, the ballot by October, twenty seven and then of course, November. Third, in person voting election day, every single state. We will they're. So what do we take away from these new poles Arizona that showed
Joe Biden in an increasingly strong position. They show me Kelly in an increasingly strong position against Martha Sally. The polling tells us only that we have an opportunity to make some real change here. The polling tells us that we must vote. The polling tells us that our vote can actually make. a change happen in our country that, if you imagine a big cruise ship very, very difficult to redirect takes a while right, big, heavy massive object were try to reorientate a few degrees, just a few degrees. If you leave the port of Boston Heading towards Europe. A few degrees of difference here is the dish prince between ending up in the. U K, verses, ending up in Morocco are right, that's them Before that's the analogy. Please, and thank you, let's all vote. Let's all make this happen. We have a voice
number. That is too one nine to David P. I got a voice mail from our friend Doktor Eric doktor. Eric has two theories about Donald Trump Corona Virus, both logical. Let's take a lesson. I do it in a doctor. A comment from New Jersey called a couple of times a lot, a covert hospital. I want all these things about the idea that transactions tested positive a while back and they work hitting in planning on never even disclosing into the public, hoping they would lock out is ever have to, and it was only after he started getting sick that they said. There's no way. We can do this in a contradictory, just tested positive, never bring into the hospital preventative me.
Actively yeah. I think that that began to get to the part two of Doktor Eric's voicemail. That explains a lot of things. It explains why doctors won't answer when Tromp had his last negative test, because. Probably wasn't dead. You know, Tuesday, the day of the debate last week, trumped showed up too late tested and they went on the honor system, the idea being a we tested and when he got on air force, one any tested negative in all. likelihood. Did he wasn't tested? It's even Possible that he had already tested positive by that time. That would explain it when we wonder why was trump given treatments that are you really only given further into the course of the disease like decks him ass, his own when Donald Trump got it unlike day, two of his treatment. Well, Maybe it wasn't really day too. Maybe that was actually day six or day seven. So what Doktor Eric suggests explain
a lot of the irregularities? Let's continue at me. I would put it back dozing as he does not tally of resources. Nondescript corona buyers, illness. He has covered the Mona Candy. That's also got pulmonary bilateral ground glass or, as it is that I have limited markers. Otherwise there was that they were normal fever, low oxygen, had called it an earlier date there really not supposing it that way, yet so Doktor Eric, I believe, is completely right here during the press briefings with Doktor Sean Connally calmly, doctor the doktor, Donald Trump. He very vaguely said that trumps hands and done and ex raising a whatever imaging. They did that it all was in line with trumps health status and the progression of his disease, and then, when he was pressed to say well, does it
shown ammonia. Does it show irregularities, the doktor didn't say, and so of course doktor. Eric is right if they able to honestly come out and say: every scan was the scan of a completely healthy person. They I ve done it because their desperate to make Trump look super super healthy. I think that doctor Eric is completely right here. It speculative, but you heard it from a doctor. Therein coincide If you have an understanding of propaganda, you would likely come those conclusions. Doktor Eric has the benefit not only of being a listener to this programme so that he understands the propaganda component as a doctor, he so understands the medical component and the implications of the symptoms and the medications and the time line and progression of the disease well said Doktor Eric, thank you for the insights tonight is the the presidential debate between Comma Harris and might pence there was question as to whether it would happen there question as to whether there would be plexiglas separating the candidates. The Harris team said: let's have plexiglas
This is a highly infected. Whitehouse. Might Pence was exposed that the Amy Coney Barrett Super Spreader event and the pants team refused and said we don't want plexiglas Karla wants to bring her own can bring her own well, as this morning, everybody has agreed to Plexiglas the very, very clear that what happened over the weekend in the debate between Linsey Gram, an Jamie Harrison were Jamie, Harrison brought his own plexiglas and it just looks bad. It made it look Lindsey gram. Doesn't care and isn't taking grown a virus seriously. Clearly, the pants people realised Why are we fighting this we're going to do more harm if we continue fighting the plexiglass, so we will have a with plexiglass debate tonight. The debate starts at nine p. Dot M Eastern, but I have question join me for the pre debate show with your comments and questions and a lot of different things. I will also be debuting a new new song that I think people will very much enjoy. I be live starting at eight thirty
Eastern, maybe even eight twenty Eastern on Youtube and twitch Youtube Twitch join me. Therefore, the debate tonight before that we ve got a great bonus, show plan. You today, the United States Supreme Court is again reviving criticism of gay marriage. We will talk about the latest bomb shall report about child separations at the border, and we will try about how these Senate majority being in the hands of Democrats or Republicans, after all, is said and done on November. Third, this that majority may now hinge on a sex thing. Scandal in North Carolina, not Nobody agrees, it's a scandal, but some people could say that it is a scandal. We will discuss all of those stories: and much more on today's bonus show get acts ass by becoming a member at joint pachmann D calm. Otherwise I will see you tonight further VP debate live stream, don't miss it.
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