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10/7/21: Unvaccinated Firings Continue, Facebook Cleanup Continues

2021-10-07 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--1400 unvaccinated workers are fired or quit from Northwell Health, along with many other firings and resignations at a variety of companies, while United Airlines' mandatory vaccination program is going very well

--Republicans from landlocked non-border states rush to virtue signal about immigration and the border in order to try to make Joe Biden look bad

--Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit, including about the flu shot, vaccination, and much more

--Facebook's Global Head of Security Antigone Davis calls it "illogical" that the company would be pushing content that puts profit over people

--Newsmax host Greg Kelly suggests that Democrats may have set up and orchestrated the January 6 Trump riots, despite presenting no evidence in support of the claim

--Right wing conspiracy network OAN turns out to be 90% funded by AT&T

--Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz calls the Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen a "false flag" set up by former Obama staffer, while Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn says that the whistleblower is merely "advocating censorship"

--Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz says he is more concerned about "socialism" than the possible building sex trafficking case against him

--Voicemail caller has questions about breakfast

--On the Bonus Show: European parliament calls for ban on facial recognition, Texas man sentenced for posting COVID-19 hoax on social media, Los Angeles approves strict vaccination mandate, much more...

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I want to start today with fire rings and resignations? Over refusal, who get vaccinated at a variety of different employers, but specifically within health and hospital systems. We talked about this. The bonus show a little bit earlier in the week and we're gonna dig into some more details. Jeremy actually sent me A couple of links here that I think are interesting to look at from backers hospital review about. What's going, in a number of different health systems. Let's review fourteen hundred on vaccinate. workers leave North well Health, a total of fourteen
hundred employees of New Hyde Park, New York based North, while health either resigned or were terminated for refusing to get vaccinated. Against Kobe, nineteen confirmed by spokesperson that archers announced one week after New York States mandate took effect requiring healthcare workers get at least one shot by September. Twenty seven include about two dozen leaders at the management level or higher and represent under two percent of North wells employees with the departures north well, is now reporting a one hundred percent vaccinated workforce. This is, as it mentions in the article, a twenty three hospital system and the largest health care provider near estates. seventy six thousand employees and one of a few that have terminated workers for choosing not to get vaccinated so one thousand four hundred- is a very big number at the same time, it's under two percent. At the same time, that's still at close two hundred and twenty four
is much higher than the one half of one percent to one percent number that we previously thought about as a likely outcome for many of these requirements. Ok, continuing Keyser, Sis, bends. Twenty two hundred on vaccinated employs Keyser per Andy has placed just over twenty two hundred employees on leave unpaid. As of October. For for failing to comply with the systems covered, nineteen vaccine requirement. Iser announced the vaccine mandate and early August gave employees and physicians until September thirty to become fully vaccinated for covered nineteen or why for medical or religious exemption? Seventy eight percent of the system's employs and decisions were vaccinated as of August Second, that's now more than ninety two percent, this suspended employs make up less than one percent of the nearly two hundred forty thousand person
workforce. The number of employees on leave is declining as more and more workers comply. Employees have until December one so we previously talked about this issue of fired or unpaid leave, unpaid leave, it makes it easier for the employees to get back into compliance and more quickly come back to work, which sounds pretty good. It's obviously up from the standpoint of the employer, easier and cheaper to read tain someone than to go and hire someone new it also probably from the perspective of the employee. If you just get fired and now even if you go and get back, summated you've got to reapply. Or do you look somewhere else if you're, just an unpaid leave, it's a simple as you going it back soon. As you can go back to work, it seems better for both employee and employer and it does seem to be working there, they're at about one percent non compliant so far, fully
confirm non compliant and then but another health system. Four hundred Henry Ford workers leave their jobs over the mandate. This is the Detroit based Henry Ford Health system. Employees who left their jobs represent about one percent. One per cent of the thirty three. thousand person workforce about nineteen hundred workers got exemptions from the vaccination mandate. More than thirty thousand are vaccinated. They say all things considered were losing a very small segment of our workforce. I quite frankly wish that was zero, but it's not said Bob Briny, president of healthcare operations and c o o, but it's a very small percentage and our new higher process is already offsetting the folks who declined to be vaccinated and resigned so all in all pretty good
pretty good. When you look at the percentage, one of the big success stories on these mandates and requirements is united. Airlines United Airlines is now this is already this is of last week. I actually I look for new or numbers and couldn't find them, so this is already a week old, but that Knighted was down to only three hundred and twenty unvaccinated people left. They were at five hundred and ninety three at one point now down to three hundred and twenty that's out of sixty seven thousand employees, that is about half of one percent and continue go down. The combination is ninety. Six percent just got the vaccine. Two thousand sought exemptions and they were as of a week ago, down to three hundred and twenty. This works this works and, as we have said before, most people, want to stay in their jobs. Yes, they most people like their job, that I dont know about that's a little more complicated, but most people,
see the value in staying in their job and at the end of the day, it's just an additional vaccine. of the many that may already be required. It is not constitutionally problem that block problematic. It is not legally problematic. It is not morally problematic. It's just the right thing to do, and I think that me listen by sheer math over time. The number of resistors will go down either because they quit or get fired or get vaccinated or some get an exemption. So I think these numbers are going to continue to improve and that, by definition, places are getting one hundred per cent into compliance with their own policies. You can save the accept that
exemptions, keep it short of one hundred percent vaccinated technical you're still in compliance. If you get a valid exemption, some states allow religious some. Don't some states allow moral objection? Some doubt a California very, very strict as far as the exemption exemptions go. But if you look at On the contrary, what we seem to be seeing at large employers is that anywhere from half of one percent too, on the top end to wish per cent just shy of two percent are, refusing to get vaccinated. Ninety eight, ninety, nine and ninety nine point five percent point at up at the population level would really solve this pandemic. Of course not everybody's eligible. Yet, but getting to that point at big corporations is a really really big deal. We have been following over the last forty eight hours, a rush to virtue signal by Republicans about the United States border with Mexico. Even governors, sir. Torres members of Congress
from a land locked non border states are being in on the bandwagon. Why? Well? Because, as Joanie Ernst set in a video well, look at in a moment. Every state is now a border state, their first of all. We have to understand at the top level what going on here. Very little has changed under the Biden administration since the Trump administration. As far as immigration goes, what has changed well the pandemic has eased depending on how you look at it. Mobility has re increased and a lot of the pent up demand from twenty twenty of folks who did not move. Physically is now ramping up that is responsible for part of the increase we are seeing in folks trying to cross
seasonality plays a role we ought. We talked about that in the spring, in the spring, seasonality plays a role compared to winter months under Trump. That are the basis for comparison, but very little has actually changed the Haitians duration has not been particularly dealt with by Joe Biden, but that that's We don't think it's been dealt with well in a different way than Republicans. Don't think it's been dealt with well, but Republicans want to make it seem as though Joe Biden has opened the border Anything come on into whoever the how wants to come in and I'm in a play, some cliffs for here of a variety of different republicans, jumping on the action here is Senator Joanie Ernst she's from Iowa what a land locked state
Nowhere near the U S, Mexico Border, listen to what she had to say. The reality is that every state is now a border state whom all of the issues that are affecting taxes said why those that are saying this sweep of illegals coming across the border. All of those issues are now facing every other state yeah. So the argument that they are making is people might come in through a border state, but then that they use extremely dehumanizing language like animals cockroaches. They just spread into all these different states. This is the gist. This is the image She goes on to go full trump in her for
your mongering talking about rapists. That's just! Then they love talking about rapists when they talk about the border, with an extraordinary number of people crossing the border illegally. Of course, we are going to have rape as we're gonna have those that are a terror as well. have other bad people entering. So if that vocabulary sounds familiar to you, it should because it's the exact same vocabulary, vocabulary with which Donald Trump opened its twenty. Sixteen republican Primary campaign for president really in twenty fifteen is when you actually started it up. Then we go. Did this one's just amazing? Ted crews puts honour performance, yet there was shooting yesterday in Texas and TED crews. Has one of these incredible.
Performances where he does his sort of like fake, genuine, very somber and then pivots directly from the school shooting to just go after Joe Biden for the border, it's it's jaw its. We thirdly, jarring and there have been far too many of these are far too many schools, and so we are grateful for courage and heroism. The first responders and we are hopeful that that all of the students, They jewels, had been injured, will will come through and survive right, we're here today because the Biden border crisis that continues to rage on the southern border we try to an error to hear a little bit longer transition folks, what a transition and a very similar dynamic actually down at the Border Republican Texas, Governor Gregg Abbot, went
went down to the borders they set up. An entire dog and pony show with you can see in the background, if you're watching, I see a chopper to tee thanks, I think armoured vehicles of different kinds and in this clip you're going to hear Gregg Abbot talk about the influx of migrants at the southern border. I'll take a listen. This is one of the most urgent matter. There were phasing in the USA, so this time and it's time for the by demonstration to wake up and get on the job and do its job to predict the sovereignty and safety of the United States of America. Now remember, very little is changed. This urgency is a very concocted fabricated, essentially out of thin air. What changed a democratic than the White House? That's what changed? The the
we we have had and ebb and flow on this issue. We have no permanent status for Dhaka recipients. We have not done all sorts of other types of reforms that have been discussed for a very long time, and this is a virtue signalling, a party that they are essentially throwing for themselves. Gregg abbot was actually just to kind of closed loop on the school. Shooting as well Gregg Habit, was asked about the school shooter any sad, listen. This is not about gun control, because the school shooter possess the gun illegally anyway,. area. So, very importantly, with regard to school, shooting that took place today, as well as with really any school shooting that I'm aware of the gun that was possessed by the shooter, was possessed illegally and we will make sure that laws are enforced and and those who are illegally will be held accountable.
soldiers and first of all, I am almost positive that we not long ago we have so many school shootings in this country, it's hard to keep track, but I'm pretty sure that under the Trump administration, I'm not blaming Trump, I'm guessing during the time from was president There was a school shooting where the guns were legally owned, although maybe that was the one in California at the bar station. Theirs many shootings in the United States. That is difficult to keep track of. But the point is they always go: did did they go? Listen the laws, don't matter, because the shooters will just get the guns illegally. But, as we said many times or if you have more uniform laws, you make it more difficult to go to the neighbouring place to get the Gun illegally because there are simply fewer guns around,
at some point, the illegal gun was illegal gun and then something happened. We d like to say will have guns are stolen. That's no one spot, but of course we know there are many other ways that these guns ultimately end up in the hands of people who do wrong with them so on the shooting, the normal stuff we would expect, but this border craze they all of a sudden half fox news. With the Cairo bonds and the lower thirds about panic. Panic, panic at the border. Remember that very modest changes in terms of circumstances from trumped Biden but what's changed, is binds a Democrat Trump was a republican and Republicans want to talk about this. Let me know your thoughts. You can find me on Twitter at De Pachmann and remember that, on Tuesday October, nineteen we are doing
sing, a live viewer town hall at six p, DOT M Eastern. It will be streamed, live only on the second Youtube channel. Packman live, find it at Youtube: dot com, PAC man live and six p dot m eastern Tuesday October 19th.
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Seeing the David Pachmann Show Sub read it this morning you can find the sub bread it at David, Pachmann, dot, com, slash, read it we're close, two looks like close to thirty three thousand subscribers to the sub breaded. It's free selling you nothing other than a good time. Let's look at a few interesting posts I spotted this morning of what is. Are you going to get the flu shut this year, user lime guy actually put up a pole and the pole results an unscientific survey of our sub. edit audience. Forty, I'm sorry it lets you hear per o percent. I don't even see percentages here. It looks like it's about two thirds say yes, they are going to get there who shot about one seventh or once about one Seventh say no and about It's a little over that say. Maybe I got the flu shot this year, it fell grey
It really did. I had, I think my arm bothered me a little bit the next day, otherwise, no sir dams, much much much more fun than the covert vaccination seriously put it. That way, I felt pretty pretty let lousy after that, listen per in particular with hospitals very full with covered. Anything I can do to reduce the odds that I need to go to the hospital for another reason or that a member of my family needs to go to the hospital, for whatever reason I'm going to do, and so yes, I got the flu shot, I feel very about it. New data says you can get the flu shot and the covert shot very close together. I think Cathy Griffin, even posted a video or picture of herself getting them at the same time, extremely safe and worth doing so I hope that people will do it. Another user says has David ever spoken about sub credits like Herman Kane Award, I'd, be care
is to nobody thinks about us. A sub read it like this I'd. Imagine he's not a fan, as he doesn't seem to indulge in the schadenfreude. Many seem too in regards to the pandemic. To the submitted at large. What are your thoughts on the Herman Kane award? Is it doing some modicum of good by spreading awareness, or is the toxicity becoming a problem? Users have gotten in touch with extended family of the deceased, harassing and some of the rhetoric on the sub read, it has escalated. For my part, I am a fan of getting people vaccinated, but none of the aforementioned issues, yeah me listen the dock, seeing and harassing family members of those who died on vaccinated from covert gotten out. That's a hard! No for me. I do have no problem with, and I've done it on. The show. High lighting loud and he vaccine voices. who told everybody now to get vaccinating and said they were getting vaccinated and then
got covert and then they died not because I enjoy the fact that they died, but because I hope that they are a cautionary tale. For other people to go and get themselves vaccinated. So to the extent that on and cane award. There is cheering and Hold Herman Kane Award for people who may not know because Herman Kane died of covert. As far as we know, He may have gotten it at a Trump rally. Although its speculative, it's not clear that that actually the case, but that didn't that the reason for the name of the sub read it celebrating the deaths, I'm not a fan of- and I've only looked at that sublet at once, and there was some toxicity on it. I won't lie, but if we can make up if the death can become cautionary tale and get people vaccinated either way some
tragically died, but it doesn't have to be completely in vain if it maybe help somebody else. Another post I spotted on the sub, read it: how can these folks folks, like the teacher David, showed video a very recently who make the claim that they don't want to put the vaccine into their body and how its there right et cetera. How can they also simply ignore the option for being tested with some frequency. Instead, the fact they ignore that makes it look like they actually want to infect people. What possible issue would they have with covet testing as a replacement for getting the back vaccine? What you have to remember is that they don't want to do anything that is under the umbrella of a mandate. So if the problem, you are completely right, if the problem is vaccination and you can skip vaccination with testing
How do you say great I'll? Do the testing weekly or I'll do the testing daily or whatever is required by my employer agency or whatever the case? Maybe it's not really just about the vaccine for some it's about the vaccine, but it's also not doing anything, someone else tells you to do, and so, if you're being told you ve gotta, do one of these two things vaccine or test it becomes less the dioxin and more about freedom, liberty aiming to do whatever the hell I want to do now? We ve already talked about how your freedom to do something has to be balanced against others, freedom, not
be damaged by your actions. Conversation we ve already had, but it exposes the fact that so many people who say I just have a problem with a vaccine also refuse to be tested. I don't wanna be tested, shows us it's not really about the vaccine, or at least it's not only about the vaccine joined the sub. Read it at David Pachmann, DOT, com, slash, read it all right, I'm gonna play for you just a little bit a little bit of another one of these bogus interviews with employees from Facebook. We ve now had one or two of these everything day with. The back story, of course, is that we had these whistleblower documents leaked. We now actually learned the identity, Francis Huggin of the whistle blower on sixty minutes Sunday test defied on Monday or Tuesday of this week and Facebook has been falling all over itself to respond to the different claims, including sort of most importantly, we
say that they know Facebook and or Instagram art, so good for a lot of people's mental health and that a lot of the things that do most well on the planet, Arms are dis, information and things that are bad for body image and so on and so forth, and they still will allow the algorithm at minimum, if not, encourage the algorithm to surface those things, because it generates clicks and generates. Engagement, keeps people on the on the platform and generates revenue as a result. So we had an interview NPR earlier in the week with one guy who seem completely unprepared. We had an interview CNN. On yesterday's show with a woman who was sort of like denying every claim that was being made. Even the they were really non denial. Denials there very school denials Now I have video here of facebooks global head of security and take any day that name brings me back to us
Junior English, Antigonus Davis, who without really denying that pushing content that upsets people is what they do as its it wouldn't be logical for Facebook to do it, listen very carefully to what she says attaching extraordinarily short sighted. So if you think about some maize experience on a platform, if they're having a very negative experience at some point, they're gonna turn away from that from had negative experience, so it to suggest we optimize something negative for the long term value of business just doesn't. Actually it is illogical, it doesn't make sense so she's, claiming it wouldn't make sense to optimize for a type of content that upsets people wouldn't make sense, because then people get upset and then they leave the platform except it doesn't happen. It doesn't happen partially, because people are
sort of addicted to these platforms and you can endlessly scroll and see. What's the next thing, do I have notifications that someone send me a message partially because there is a sort of like a slot machine effect where you might scroll and see something cool or not, and so the variable reward system works to keep people scrolling and a lot of people might feel like crap, but not realize it's because of brown Social media, comparing yourself to others and whatever else it gives, maybe so she first of all, really denies just as it would be illogical. It ignores the fact that this A business model I mean, like think about tobacco, the long term tobacco cigarettes are not optimized for the long term. Why? Because they kill the users, ok, but in the short term, particularly because nicotine is addictive. You generate a ton of money, so the
dear that it's not it's not a logical business model to do something that in the long term, hurt your customers idiotic, absolutely idiotic and the denial is a very, very soft and and soft and squishy denial as I like to call it now. In the midst of all this remember. Facebook also had an outage on Monday. Facebook has now told the story of why they say the outage took place. The outage was the longest stretch of downtime for Facebook since two thousand and eight to all the people and businesses around the world who depend on us. We're sorry said Facebook Facebook shares were down five percent Monday up one percent Tuesday. Facebook is saying that the issue was caused by configuration, changes on the backbone routers and what the changes were was not said. The changes caused quote issues that interrupted the flow of traffic between route.
Is in facebooks data centres around the world. This disruption to network traffic had a cascading effect on the way our data centers communicate, bringing our services to a halt. So for all of those speculating that this was a deliberate outage in order to try to smother the revelations about facebook whistle blower. I understand why you think that the more I thought about it, the less like we. I think it is the amount of reputational damage that Facebook suffered. as well as significant, number of hours during their at during which their ads went running? There was a financial problem as well. You can see It was all worth it to smother the whistleblowers stuff, but everybody's posting, the whistleblower stuff. Now, anyway,
though I am leaning against it. Having been a deliberate outage. But few disagree with me. Let me know and will have more clips from these very strange interviews with seemingly unprepared Facebook executives, honour Instagram, which you can find at David Pachmann show. One of our sponsors is called private, Privacy is a totally free service that I've been using for years. Privacy lets me create virtual credit card numbers with, one click, and when I use the virtual credit card, the money is taken out of my bank account. You can create multiple cards, delete them freeze them set a spending limit on them, let's say signing up for a free trial and it requires a credit card privacy. Will Otto fill a virtual credit card number and then after signing up, I can delete that virtual, card, so I know I'm not going to be charged again. Something
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We ve been talking for a while. Now I mean really since the January sixth riots about the different stories that those who want it, excuse, what happened on that day have been telling about what took place. Many of these stories you heard before it wasn't really trumpets. In other words, it was anti fa in disguise, or people pretending to be trumpets or indirect conflict with that it was trumpets, but they weren't violent. It was peaceful. Obviously, those two can't both be true, but these are examples of conflicting explanations for what took place or a few people did the wrong thing and it was less about politics but more about those people being unhinged or whatever, and they should be punished, but not too bad because for political reasons there being held without bail, and it's all to strengthen the conditions
good and one guy didn't get big in food and so on and so forth are there. But all these different stories told the F b I set it up. Tucker Karlsson played with that one for a little while gonna play a clip for you here, which is kind of like the next generation. The next step in the evolution of this- and this is a clip of NEWS Max host Gregg Kelly, suggesting that Democrats set up the riots and maybe even carried them out. Maybe in some general sense Democrats set the conditions for the riots, but maybe they actually just planned. They they did it. They did the whole thing. So, let's just go to this clip the
how to play a couple minutes of it, because even the lead up is crazy. Again, this is UNU's MAX. This is really wacky weaponized stuff. Let's get into it, I loved it. I love the trolley. I love King Friday he's going to show up eventually I loved it as a child as a four hundred and twenty seven year old child and occasionally in college look the land of make believe is for children. It is not for adults, but we are in Copines America. They want us to live, in the land of make believe they're going to pretend imagine smearing Mister Roger in order to make it is very ridiculous political point. Ten at black children are being killed by other black children. Ok now
now. This is the black on black violence myth. What do I mean? It's a myth? Are black people killed by black people, get when you look at the actual data? The odds of a black person been being killed by a black person are within a couple percentage points of the odds of a white person being killed by white person. We still have a positively segregated country and people. Overall. Around people like them and thus are likely to be victimized by people that are like them with four years we ve known this, they don't care. This is happening, this is happening and it cannot be denied. This is a crisis. Yet no one wants to talk about it. No one wants to talk about this. It is happening and nothing is being done. It has become so bad under Joe Bide because for he's in so much denial how about this? The crime wave, the conventional crime, atonement, robberies everywhere, shootings and robberies! You know black lives matter the summer last year it led to all
kinds of help yourself to anything. You want the store, consider how unhinged this is by the way. These are all unrelated issues that he wants to put together as by caused all of it, racist to make an arrest or even call the cops. This is bad bad stuff, so land to make believe Joe binds land. None of this stuff is happening, but what is happening? The scourge of white supremacy, yes, white supremacy is responsible for all this stuff. We had to go back quite some way to find footage. Of this white supremacy does exist. Now her people, who are look, you know, he's making fun of. We had to go back to nineteen twenty five to show a rally of white supremacist. Of course, this, whatever degree of up of problem you believe white supremacy is today with the advent of the internet, social media and other types of communication you'd
need parades. Not everything that lacks a parade doesn't exist. I think, is the point that we should be taking from the arson idiots who believe in that and their off in the woods somewhere. Knock yourselves out, don't break the law and if you Well, you should be arrested here. We go now January, six is another fixture in the land of make believe that this was the worst thing that ever happened now that it was a trespassing event, not that Democrats may have had a hand in setting the conditions and even perhaps setting the whole thing up. Woe there's something to talk about their all stuff, is going on. All the other stuff is not going on, but they're saying it's going on. Ok, so he just kind of goes into a completely wacky delusional stuff at this point in time. So this is this is the next interracial where they, tried to blame every one other than themselves. However, when they blame Democrats for the insurrection.
Their admitting. There was an insurrection right like should we consider that a victory to some degree but This is another layer. Is too wise. I've been saying earlier this week. These folks have to be held accountable and when I, when I say that I mean the inside there is need to be voted out of office in twenty twenty two they're not going to be many of the end. sighters are in dark red districts and there's no chance that their voted out is It's not gonna happen, but we need there to be consequences. Number one in order to be able to say here are the people: it's not Democrats, it's this list of people who rioted and they ve been found guilty sentenced, and it's this list of people in the House and Senate and they ve lost their seats. We're not gonna get that not to the degree that I would hope by it's what we would need in order to
undeniably be able to push back against these horrible narratives that are being created. Like maybe Democrats not only set it set up the conditions but are actually set up the entire thing, there's contingent that won't care discipline, that will always believe it was Antigua or it was peaceful trumpets or would it there never gonna, believe it but we want to be chipping away and having something really specific. No, it wasn't Democrats, not a single democratic member of Congress or whatever these were trumpets. They were. Security, they were found guilty, they were, they were sentenced. These are the elected officials did it, and I wish I could say, was confident that we were gonna get that. I don't think that we are. I still don't think that we are to the degree that we really need it if you think we're going to get those consequences. Let me know when and how you think we're going to get them, because I dont think that mostly the slaps on the risk that were seen right now are cutting it and will see. There's the
many cases pending hate this ism. This is really a disgusting store, we not only of media power but Ganda, but also in a sense of media consolidation. Reuters has done a very, very good special report about her the radical outrageous right wing media network away in one Erica NEWS, the people we would see in the press briefing room the yelling questions from the back at tromp and even to genocide. You to some degree. They are ninety percent funded by eighty anti. This same eighty in tee, who buy Warner media which, on CNN, so this story is about a lot of different things. The report on Reuters is extensive and were linking to it. Ok, we today, for time purposes are going to look at
sort of a summary from media eight of the Reuters investigation, ok,. one America NEWS, the self styled news channel that pops out protract propaganda, received the tens of millions of dollars in funding from eighty anti. According to a stunning new report Reuters, unearth how the far right channel, which distinguished itself in cable news by peddling the most extreme twenty twenty election conspiracy theories is being propped up by the world's largest communications company. a Reuters review of court record, shows the role eighty he played in creating and funding away in a network that continues to spread conspiracy theories about twenty twenty uncovered the role that eighty and he played in the launch of away and was revealed by the network's founder Robert Herring Senior in a deposition obtained by writers, quote. Oh I and founder and chief Executive Robert Herring seniors testified,
the inspiration to launch away and in twenty thirteen k front came from eighteen to executives. They told us they wanted a conservative network They only had one which was Fox news and they had seven others on the other leftwing side when they said that I jumped to it and built one. Since then, eighty anti has been crucial source of funds flowing into away on providing too. Of millions in revenue court records show ninety percent of all ends. Revenue came from a contract with eighteen see own tv platforms, including Directv. What makes this bizarre to even thorny or eighty and owns Warner media, which is the parent company of CNN CNN parent company is funding o a Anne and again I encourage you to check out the entire Reuters report. So there are, I mean there are so many stories here. Guys, first of all, may be Anti trust.
We are therefore reason. Maybe we should be having more than just a handful of internet service providers, who were vertically integrated and also on the programming. Ok, that's that's number one. We have many of these laws on the books. There's been no appetite from Republicans or Democrats really in enforcing the stuff. You do here. Sometimes from Democrats. We get a break up this that the other thing we ve heard it from Bernie Elizabeth worn, not of nearly the topic that it should be. That's one story, second story. And then has done a bunch of critiques of away and ok. They gave exposed away and lack of journalistic integrity, and they did it accurately do is CNN know when they do that that the parent company is the same their own, by Warner, which is done by eighteen, tee and agency. Is that not own, but is the main funder of away, and it wasn't mentioned in the segments that we're done on CNN
makes me wonder whether they even know it. If either way, you would think it something that should be disclosed now: full disclosure. It appears as though eighty in tee He also owns this shop now, I'm getting it that's how the taboo disclosure and talk about it appears as though eighty and he is in the process of selling Warner media. So at some point the CNN away and connection may no longer be true but this is another example also of how we have to remember. The poor I marry bias of corporate media is money. Msnbc is corporate media and editorially. They lean left Fox news is corporate media editorially? Did they don't just lean right? I mean Fox, is on the right something different than what MSNBC is on the left. Cnn has been anti trump, I would say objectively so because of the disasters trumpeted during his.
presidency. But fundamentally CNN is aid for profit entity and that's the number one bias above all else. and we have to remember that a lot of this stuff, the technology for delivering this stuff becomes invisible and we just look at oh it's, You know why Rachel MAD, oh here and then its Hannity here we ve gotta, remember the technology has its own biases and structure that kind of overrides all of this other stuff and eighty anti we ve got stuff, that's considered more left and stuff. Basically, we want to be able to monitor all these different things, that's the bottom line and whether ultimately, we will see any serious enforcement of Anti trust. I dont know, but there is certainly not the. problem. Is that even now that Republicans talk about Anti trust in breaking up companies
there really just wanting to break up social media or control social media so that twitter can't ban conservatives. I guess it's completely cynical their newfound desire. To deal with Anti trust. The laws have been on the books for decades could have been enforced all along and they just don't want to do it. So we will see what happens. Read the report from Reuters on eighteen t funding away and will post the link to it in the description to the Youtube, video and we'll be back right after this. One of our sponsors is blinkers: who's been supporting the David Pachmann show longer than any other sponsor blink, as does the apt that lets you listen to or reed an entire nonfiction book and just fifteen minutes. Blink IST is The way to absorb those books. You can't make time for blinkers, takes top nonfiction idols pulls out the books key take away. an insight and gives
to you in the form of a text or audio explained that you can consume in fifteen minutes with blinkers now you actually do have time to learn about all the things you ve been wanting to tackle on the blinkers I just listened to this is your mind on plants by the great Michael Pollen super, trusting the history of caffeine and so many other things. Blink is too as you covered on podcast to blinkers, takes long. Episodes of popular pod casts and destroyed. Was them into audio. You can listen to and fifteen minutes with blinkers. And become knowledgeable about so many different things. You can have relations with people about more topics? Blinkers makes you more well rounded: try blink for free and get twenty five per office subscription go to guess, dot com, slash pachmann. The link is in the podcast notes are right. I want to talk about
republican reactions to the recent Facebook whistle blowers revelations allegations statements during testimony that happened earlier this week. That is going to give us a little an entryway, intimate gates. Then we'll talk about Math gates's recent statements when actually questioned about a weather He's worried about the possible building sex trafficking case against him. It's oh really really wacky, but let's start first with the facebook stuff. Ok, so Francis huh, When is the whistle blower, we learn the identity of the whistle blower Sunday night on sixty minutes Monday. She testified. In Washington, Dc Matt Gates is suggesting that the west Blower may be a false flag. Being advised by former Obama staffers what it means to be a false flag,
So blower I dont know the documents have not been called inauthentic. Facebook has just rejected some people's characterisation of the documents. Facebook has denied that they do the things the documents show that they do, but the documents have not been called in Nothin and so it just always starts to get conspiratorial and weird here's Matt Gates appearing on of horse. A way in which we found out earlier today is ninety percent funded by eighty anti. Let's start, there That brings us to the non whistle blower whistleblower. I think folks should really question whether or not this is a false flag of miss. Organ is apparently now being advised by members of the Obama too. Really doesn't strike us as someone trying to advance the conversation to democratize access to information and when you get down the core of what she wants. It is a basis for Facebook to be able to discriminate against view
points that they don't particularly like. So this is a couple points here are right and then what we're gonna look at a clip also of the brilliant Madison Catherine explaining what he believes. This is all about. So a couple different points here. First of all, the idea that all of this is to be able to a further suppress right wing viewpoints on Facebook. Right wing viewpoints dominate Facebook. I may just just dominate face when you look at the top posts on Facebook most days it's been Shapiro its Hannity, its Dan Bonn GINO page. Finally, there will be a Rachel Maddow clip it's talker, eight. It's it's actually quite the opposite. In practice of, what's going on on Facebook reports that Mark Zuckerberg
it has been meeting with Tucker Karlsson, another rightwing media figures that doesn't mean that he believes in their political views necessarily, but the idea that Facebook is just very disrespectful to write viewpoint, overwhelmingly right wing nunnery is spreading on Facebook, its nexus of this stuff, so that's Matt, Gates, then Go to Madison Catherine, who, in his sort of mealy mouthed way, says kind of the same thing: This is all a way to try to justify censorship of right, wingers albino I think that he should be forced out, but you know to tell you- and this is purely conjecture, yeah glad you mention that Madison good good, so blower they had come a capital hill who were on the sixty minutes just on Sunday and then forty eight hours she wound up in front of Congress. Let me tell you that surpasses I've ever seen. Congress move now, let's to deal with that. First of all, sixty minutes films, their stuff well in advance. It's an edited produced show
There is no question that people knew this was happened. This was airing on Sunday night, a with all of the different legal clearances that have to take place, and so many different things- I dont know when it was filmed the interview with the whistle blower Frances Huggin, but the idea that You know whoever right having Chuck Sumer sitting at home and Sunday night. The interview could shows up on tv and he calls- and he says MA am come to wash and of course that's not the way it happened. So so, just the timing thing as part of the basis for this conspiracy really is what it is. Conspiracy theory. Just doesn't past the sniff dust. I believe she is actually there to try and advocate for more censorship and less freedom of speech, because this is an anti competition marketplace for, though Facebook as long as more regulations, she didn't argue for that. She simply didn't argue for that, and so this is sort of that. The story that they are lacking
two and its really really interesting, because there's this incredible- It's not even a hypocrisy, but you have this idea of they don't want regulation, but they want Facebook and some of these social media platforms to be forced to allow the right wing stuff to be published with. Is regulation, but then, when Congress actually acts and people start asking questions and holding hearings to say what Maybe there should be regulation, they don't know that regular sent that type of regulation censorship weight. So did you want the because it still regulation to go to Facebook and say you ve got a pub everything Ben Shapiro says, Everything Madison Conference says it whatever the case, maybe that's very heavy,
the government intrusion into a private companies, business model publicly traded, but it's not a government entity is the point so that that's very heavy handed regulation which they want, but At the same time, France it. How can has brought the DC and let's figure out what we can do and now this Arizona. Now Democrats are going to try to regulate facebook and to try to live. It's not about principles. Is the point endlessly. I've told you these people did they claim to be about principles they're not there about whatever justifies the out
they want at the time they'll tell you a is the reason that the outcome should be the outcome and the next day they'll tell you the opposite of aid as long as it points to the outcome, they want. That's all they care about. So that's my gaze in medicine, Catherine, on Facebook. Let stick with not gates now in our next story and give you an update their so things are. Things are still happening, but as far as Matt Gates and the possible sex trafficking allegations article from the associate press about Drill Greenbelt Joe Greensburg is the friend of Matt Gates, who pleaded guilty earlier this year to sex trafficking. He is asking a judge. To postpone sentencing until next year, so he can keep cordon
it with federal authorities. Now our lay persons understanding of this from the outside is that Joe Green Breeks cooperation goes specifically to the substance of what MAC Gates did and what MAC Gates was involved with. That's the belief that the idea of some kind of conspiracy involving these individuals, amusing, that from colloquially not in the legal sense so your green breeks as Gimme more time and keep giving investigators stuff, which we believe might eventually be used to charge not gates. Green Burg asked to move the sentencing to next March. This will give the former low the tax collector from Orlando more time to be interviewed by federal investigators. According to the court filing, which said, the extension was unopposed by price caters, meaning there probably getting pretty good stuff quote indeed, Mister Green Briggs, ongoing cooperation, which will not be completed prior to his current sent Sing date could have an impact on his final sentence. He wants
we're sentence by continuing to give them dirt Green Birgus, facing up to twelve years in prison prison after pleading guilty at last made a six federal crimes, including sex trafficking of a child identity theft stocking wire fraud and conspiracy to bribe a public official gates. Was not mentioned in the plea agreement, but green bergs cooperation could play a role. all in an ongoing investigation into whether gates paid a seventeen year old girl for sex? So, let's now go to some clips of Matt Gates, Matt Gates appeared on a b c three. I believe this is down and fly order, and he is asked about whether he is concerned about What's going on with your green burgundy says that he's not he's more concerned about socialism, are you that you're gonna be charge based on jobs. Burg's actions and your associations with them in your actions with them.
I'm not I'm way more concerned about the socialism engulfing our nation, then the scandals assets trafficking no were becoming socialist. What seems to be engulfing the media. I'm glad that People are able to view the he's anonymous baseless allegations against me through the lens of the extortion effort that Steve all four, a part of that other people were a part of our you worried and that by the way fierce. If your hearing that in seeing what on earth is not about a gates- and I I believe you may be even his dad is somehow tied into this their claiming their being extorted or that gates his dad was being extorted or something like that up then asked more about Joe Green Burg and gates
basically seems to throw him under the bus and says he regrets ever having been associated with your green Berger. I believe there may have been a time where Green Bert swung by the office, but it certainly didn't have anything to do with any bad acts on life or no vessel friends, her I'm assuming the answer's no, and why not? When I became aware of some of green bergs misdeeds, I deeply regretted my friendship with him and an misdeeds in which gates is believed to be involved. Not note. I want to speak to my constituents who have believed. I do believe that its fair for the people of North West Florida to judge me based on the associations that I've had- and I am deeply regret, my association, which all green
politically, socially and otherwise, but when folks evaluate that, I hope they evaluated alongside the good work that I've done yet. Unfortunately, the other stuff he's done is also terrible. Now in Florida they may not think daddy's from a conservative party Florida represents a conservative party floor. Did they may not see it that way, but we still reasonably think Matt Gate could end up charged with some pretty serious crimes, and I told you I was at last week or was it monday- must have been last week. Maybe was three years ago modern times times weird these days now I think it was last week that gates has hired a who's who roster. Of lawyers who specialise in defending against sex crimes. Now he is entitled to do that. Everybody is entitled to a defence, is innocent until proven guilty hasn't even charged. Yet you tend to get lawyers expert in the subject relevant to your interactions with the law, and so the fact that he's hiring experts in defending
sex crimes certainly points to the probability or possibility. I guess better said that such crimes may be what he is ultimately charged with we're going to follow it. Hopefully, sooner than later will know where this is going We have a voice mail number, which is too one nine to David P, totally different vibe today for voicemail, it's a very personal voicemail segment, take a listen to this day, a target for our energy Georgia a night. He had a good, I think about oil. You eat breakfast honestly. I think air out segment, Navy or even four click to something because everyone, everyone can benefit from data tat. Well, listen, I'm not gonna, give any health advice here that I am not qualified to do that and you should go to I don't who were doktor nutritionist Autonoe,
I will tell you my typical breakfast repertoire. We need a break from the serious stuff folks, please don't come after me. After don't don't go. I actually get a lot of questions about my breakfast. I am not a big savory for breakfast guy. I'm sorry! I'm not a big sweet for breakfast sky, Morbus savory for breakfast guy, so sometimes I'll have a precise and a coffee right now. I know that Croatia is what sweet, but that's like as sweet as I would go. No marmalades jams preserves. Or coolies on it whatsoever to the plane crash sought gotta, be good great. You want crowd crunch on the outside in a fluffy on the inside and a coffee, but more typically like at her. my don't tend to have crescents typical for breakfast. For me I will all. Saute up a slice or two of turkey bacon. Turkey, Bacon Turkey, folks not regularly and an egg over medium and then
half an hour cargo. That's like a perfect breakfast for me from the standpoint of slavery and from the standpoint of protein plus healthy fats, plus fibre, it sits really got everything there. Sometimes now this this people know about my love affair. We fell in love with sweet potatoes and if I've got roasted sweet potatoes from a previous meal is left overs. I will sometimes take a sweet potato and make some vertical cuts almost to get me like an english muffin size and shape too little discs of sweet potato, which I will saute up egg over medium on top of the sweet potato almost like Benedict, except instead of english muffin, it's the sweet potato, that's not bad
I think that basically, my bromine did some somethin, like that. I might make have a kind of toast, somewhat more of a bread mood or something like that. But those those are my breakfast I'm not into I haven't, had cereal in who know How long I am a fan of oatmeal, but not for breakfast. I like yogurt, but not for breakfast. Alright, let's move on, because this is just a waste of everybody's time. I hope I've answered the question sufficiently on the bonus show. Today, european Parliament calls for a bare feet. a ban on facial recognition, some people say banned the virus and get rid of it. European parliament is saying: ban facial recognition in Texas, a man has been sentenced to fifteen months in prison for posting covered nineteen hoaxes on social media very serious and Lausanne Louis has indeed approve that strict covert vaccination mandate that on Monday, we said could becoming they have approved it. They have approved it. I will talk about all of those story.
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