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10/8/20: VP Debate Comes & Goes As Polling Collapses

2020-10-08 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Cory Doctorow, author of two new books, How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism, and Attack Surface, the third installment in his New York Times bestselling Little Brother series, joins David to discuss surveillance capitalism and much more

--Kamala Harris outdoes Mike Pence in the Vice-Presidential Debate, although it's unlikely this debate will move the needle one way or the other in the bigger picture of the 2020 election

--Donald Trump is losing everything in stunning new polls released in the last 24 hours, confirming that the Trump campaign needs something to help them dig out from this deficit

--Notable discussions from the TDPS subreddit, including about a possible Trump lame duck period, upcoming debates, and more

--A bruised Trump with a swollen eye delivers a bizarre video from the White House in which he claims catching COVID-19 was a "blessing from god"

--Donald Trump announces he will not participate in the second Presidential debate against Joe Biden because the Commission on Presidential Debates has decided on a virtual format

--Donald Trump gives an outrageous interview to Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo where he is as incoherent as he is dishonest

--Voicemail caller says that Mike Pence is "such trash" that flies are literally landing on his head during his debate with Kamala Harris

--On the Bonus Show: Biden affirms he will eliminate student debt, 24 superhabitable planets discovered, LGBT groups take over right wing hashtag, much more...

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The David Jackman Shell, David Tagamet, Dad got it to begin with last night's vice presidential debate between Vice President MIKE pants and Joe Biden running made Comma Harris Senator from California expected things were very high for common Harris, her experience as a prosecutor and certainly her performances during Testimony in the Senate have been but parts They have been elements of why expectations were very hi for how she would do and she did well, and I believe that she won the debate to the extent that there was a winner, but I do think that she
not nearly as tough on my pen says she was on Joe Biden during democratic Private debates. I think there were missed opportunities, but I'm going to say more about that in a little bit, but the big picture here, if we want to, we don't want to miss the forest further he's in the big picture. Is that common Harris did well on every think corona virus related. She did. Kay on economic issues, and she was sort of so so on some other topics which we will discuss. But if you ask me, what will the impact of debate beyond the election, I believe that it is almost zero. It's it's not zero but it's very, very close to zero, because with breathing going on with Donald Trump behind in the polls? Donald Trump relief sing videos from the White House in which he really doesn't look good, which we will talk about? Nothing have and in this debate that will change polling very much and that's not good for Donald Trump and MIKE Pence, because if you believe,
the polling is even roughly accurate. They need something to put them back in the lead and the most like please scenario is that in the next seventy two, forty eight twenty four in the next five minutes, Sir new scandal will pop up and the vice presidential debate, which will be all but forgotten, but let's look at a few moments from it. First of all, the fact that there are even was plexiglas installed at the last minute between the candidates. That's not good for MIKE pens that the black sea Glass being needed is a topic that in and of itself is an indictment of the tree pens handling of corona virus, and indeed they were right into corona virus. It was the first question I actually think this was commonly Harris is best but of the entire debate coming right at the beginning. Well, they merit Can people have witnessed what is the greatest failure of any presidential administration and history of our country? And here are the facts
Two hundred and ten thousand dead people in our country, and just the last several months over seven million people who have contracted this disease, one in five businesses closed we're. Looking at frontline workers who have been treated like sex official workers. We are looking at over thirty million people who, in the last several months, had to file for unemployment and here's the hang on January twenty Eightth vice president and the president more informed about them, nature and this pandemic. They were informed that its lethal, in consequence, that it is born that it will affect young people and that it would be tracked it because it is airborne. and they knew what was happening and they didn't tell you. Can you
so this was Kamel as best moment if you watched only the first question or only the first ten minutes agreement, which was on corona virus and then you bailed under debate you come away with the best possible impression of how it went for common Harris. The rest of the debate was more mixed, because MIKE pens kept going over his time, sometimes by as much as a minute The moderator was unable to get him under control. Mike pence would contain really avoid answering the actual question being discussed by going back and answering the previous question or going to questions one point it got so bad. I wondered if pence was going to ask to spend some time on questions from his twenty sixteen debate with Cain. He just wanted to set the agenda himself and binding that with the kind of calm, arrogant delivery. That pence is known for, I think, certainly he came up looking good enough that his this is not going to say I
can no longer support Trump Pence because of pence, whether any undecided were convinced the that that they still remain much less clear. Here's an exam. Apple of pens doing this pence asked. Why does the Eu S have a much higher death rate than just about every other country? Might pence just talked about something else and higher the net of almost every other wealthy country, and you have two minutes to respond without interruption. Susan Thank you, and I want to thank the Commission and the university Utah for hosting this event, Henderson rehearse privilege, on the stage with you. And our nations gone through a very challenging time this year. But I want the american people to know that, from the very first day, President Donald Trump has put the health of America first before there were more than five cases in the United States, all people who returned from China, so I will spare you the.
Sure, but he did about two minutes of that without actually answering. Why does the United States have one? the highest death rates per capita in the world from on a virus. In another moment. Might pence was asked about that Super spreader event that they are but the White House, not this past Saturday, but the previous one, the nomination The party for Amy Coney bear it, and, Of course. We know that that event was at least partially responsible for multiple instances. Multiple key since the corona virus related to the White House, watch pens just bail out the speak up on behalf with you Can people of vice president? You were in the front row in a rose garden event eleven days ago. What seems to have been a super spreader event for senior administration, congressional officials, no social, distancing, few mask and now a cluster
grown a virus cases among those who were there. How can you expect Americans to follow the administration safety guidelines to protect themselves from covered when you at the White House have not been doing so? Will the american people have demonstrated over the last two months they were given the facts there willing to put the health of their families and their neighbours and people they don't even know first present trump and I have great confidence in the American people in their ability to take their information and put it into practice and the height of the epidemic. So that is not pence building. Some kind of clear answer about the super spreader event at the White House: that's pension, landing and raving about other things- and that was the entire debate here? Is it
ample of MIKE Pence, apparently realising that the corona virus portion of the debate at the beginning did not go well for him. Here is pence asked about presidential health and age and disability, and my pension as well. I'm gonna keep talking about corona virus. Had a conversation are reached. An agreement with President Trump about safeguards are procedures when it comes to the issue. Of presidential disability, and, if not, do you think you should you have two minutes without interruption, we'll shoes thank you. Although I would like to go back, I we move on wildlife issue- that I would like to go back because The reality is that we are going to have a vaccine senator in record time That was the whole debate. I won't give you more examples of that. Might Pence also did
some of his normal theatrical, which include refusing to accept the science on climate change. Repeating Donald Trump talking about point about how forest fires could be solved by force management which they claim Democrats are either against or aren't doing and then maybe the most bizarre moment of the debate was when a fly landed on MIKE Pence, his head and stayed four minutes and the fly landing on hiked offences head was funny to start with, but the fact that it seemed to be stuck in my pencil, hair gel was even funnier, and that instantly became a viral moment. The Joe Biden campaign immediately starting to sell flies waters and Many many allegories made too the biblical meaning of when a fly lands lands on you for it more religious folks in the audience. It's it's ominous. It's not good, but the moment that many sir
I was commonly Harris's worst of the debate was when the topic of packing the court's came up now. The Quest then came up during the Biden. Trumped debate last week in the question is: if Joe Biden is elected and Republicans confirm, Amy Coney bear it to the Supreme Court. Will Joe Biden Pack, the Supreme Court, meaning add seats to the Supreme Court and Comma Harris much like job and did not give a yes or no answer and there's a people who are saying it looks really bad for common law. Not to answer the question. I am not so sure. Let let me explain. There are clearly has been a strategic decision made by the Biden campaign not to answer yes or no about whether Joe Biden would pack the court. I dont think court packing is voting issue for many people, so really there's a lot of potential downside to giving a straight answer and I'll explain what I mean if they say yes or no,
they number one make the answer: the focus rather than the threat of using this in the future, and if you answer yes or no, the unknown threat of maybe Biden will pack the court goes away. so I understand the risk. When you decide you're not going to answer a question, there is a risk that you're going to appear evasive, but I understand the strategy because I dont think there is much to gain by saying definitively yes or no, if by Odin and Harris say yes, if Amy Coney Bear gets confirmed, we will pack the court the right and those on the left who dont want the court pact we'll go crazy and that becomes the focus rather than republican hypocrisy, about confirming Amy Coney, bear it with just days left before an election. If Biden Harris say we won't pack the court, the bail out the GEO P and they are basically saying either
If you confirm Amy Coney bear it, don't worry we're not going to pack the court. So while I accept that Harris didn't answer, I actually understand Why? And it will be a question as to whether it works or doesn't work up, but that, but I I get the strategy might pence. Also during the debate, seem to have a fat lip and his left eye was either bloody with a burst blood vessel or with pink. I can sometimes happen with corona virus. So it was possible, not to notice his physical appearance. During the debate. It was bizarre, but big picture. The debate was: not a nothing Berger. I think that you saw how You know when camel a Harris went after Joe Biden in the primary you, a man and there would be more ferocity and energy from her against my pants and I took live com Last night after the debate and a bunch of my collar said you know sometimes when women are assertive or aggressive and popular culture, it counts against them. The Martha Stewart effect, as it sometimes been described, and I think that that
is absolutely true to a degree. I still would have liked to see a balanced approach that had cobbler Harris more on the offensive which we know she can do. We ve seen her do it in the Senate. We ve seen her. Do it and other contacts, but the big picture is. I dont think the debate is going to church such a thing and when the polling is looking so bad for trump and pants with now only twenty five days left until the selection. They need some to turn it around, and this debate is not going to be the thing that doesn't we? Let's talk about the poor and we all must be cautious, careful and diligent. In our participation in this election. We almost vote. We almost get people to vote, but is a brief her lewd to our discussion of the last twenty four hours. Pole has completely imploded this week for Donald Trump, I'm going to go through with you all of the new polling. Now that we are just twenty five twenty six days
the election and it is a veritable veritable disaster for Donald Trump. If these numbers are even remotely accurate and if voter suppression and dirty tricks don't end up being how Trump clause his way back up this could be really bad for Trump. If, if, if, if we vote and remember, this polling is all post first debate and it is post trump get Corona Virus and pulling his co beat us done on the White House. Portico servers nationally, Joe Biden is plus Nine in a new Paul plus ten. In a new Paul and shockingly plus twelve, a new Ras, Musin, Paul, typically one of the most right wing polls that we have, if you look overall at recent national poles. This now pushes Joe Biden advantage to an average of nine point four points over Donald Trump
as you can see in the trend lines, it is not going in the right direction for tromp the recent reversal I'll with a trump decline and Biden Ascension started on September, twenty nine, that's where we ve seen this drop for Trump Start September. Twenty. Ninth: now, let's not go crazy. We still have almost four weeks to go if we look at Trump versus Hilary twenty six days out from the election back and twenty sixteen remember and twenty sixteen the election was on November eight. So if we go back twenty six days from the twenty sixteen election Hilary lead with six point seven. So yes, Joe Biden, today is bigger than Hilary four years ago, but Hilary was also climbing at this point in twenty sixteen, and binds led. Now is only forty percent, bigger than hills. It was. You might remember, I told you a few days ago by This led today is a hundred and forty percent bigger than Hilary was at this point four years ago, by
he's lead is growing, but Hilary was growing even more quickly at this point in time. So let's just understand that not become complacent. Now, let's look at some state power remember. We have an electoral college system in this country, where each state is worth a sir number of electoral votes to seventy being that all. You need to clench the presidency. The latest state poles are very bad trump yesterday we had a new Marquette pull for Wisconsin and Biden is plus five. That's good I'd Ohio. According to New York Times, Sienna Biden is plus one if, by wins Ohio. You can essentially say good bye to Donald Trump in Pennsylvania. From Emerson Biden is plus five, but then we have a Quinnapin react pole which has Biden up. Third, even in Pennsylvania, eleven in Florida, which is just incredible and five
in Iowa and then also notable yesterday at New York Times, Sienna Paul, says, Biden is up six in Nevada and even the pull out of West Virginia. That says Tromp is up. Eighteen, remember that in ninety, not twenty nineteen and twenty sixteen a Trump one West Virginia by forty two indeed, Trump wins West Virginia by only eighteen. That would be a very small margin of victory in one of the reddest states in the country. So the debate clearly did not work well for Donald Trump having corona virus pulling his corona ride and Kogi distance have not helped him and now we will wait and see what the impact of the vice presidential debate is. If any, let me know what you
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is a user on our subsided. I think he'll, probably polemics, Bevin and pardon a bunch of heinous criminals, murders, rapists, etc. That's his way of last out against the public who he will feel betrayed him. I also, think I'll, probably try to start a war something before he leaves office. So he can hand the conflict over to bite, and I dont know about starting a war. I do think that if Trump loses and clear that he lost and Trump has no away to argue. He didn't lose. I do that there is a real risk of complete and total insanity during that lame duck period? Now, hopefully, by that point of the world will be soda, spread for normal p in the White House that Joe Biden will essentially become the president in waiting. He will be running a parallel presidency directly interacting with world leaders and Donald will immediately be pushed to the margins. But let's not put the cart before the horse and remember my other concern is physical violence, physical violence from Trump supporters. During that lame duck, pier
if they believe Donald Trump, had it stolen from him. So, let's take it at a time. Let's first remove Trump, then we'll figure out how to handle the lame duck period. Another post from the sub read it says Joe Biden should not attend the debate next week, I knew someone who experienced covert symptoms for five weeks and was probably still infectious during that time. We have no idea what Trump is truly experiencing right now, he'll still likely be contagious. Next Thursday Biden should not participate well, Joe Biden may have been bailed out, because Donald Trump now says he will not participate, because the mission on presidential debates has decided as of this Second, it already may have changed by the time we get today show out. As of this second, the cp He says next week's tube, it will be remote because of the situation, as we know it
and Donald Trump said he won't participate. So we will see, but I understand your concern. The last thing we need is Joe Biden getting the virus from Donald Trump and then lastly, from the suburbs, it user flame boy says unless I've missed something. Did anyone I've noticed, there's been no videos released of bunker baby, since he got back to the White House, it'll be interesting to see how long it is until we see another one with all of his cronies, PETE Italy saying that everything is fine. Well, we finally got a video from Trump from from the White House and that's what I will talk about next, but who can join the discussion on the David Pachmann Show Sub, read it at David Pachmann, dot com. Slash are indeed deity. Ok, let's get into it Donald in a continued effort to show us how great is doing how healthy he is here. put out and other video in which he calls catching covered a blessing from God.
The real worthiness of the news? Video is that Donald Trump looks terrible, he sounds terrible. He doesn't even seem to know what day it is or how long he was in the hospital. So let's look at it it is nearly a five minute video we're not going to look at all of it. But the first thing you notice, as we just play some video without audio for our audience. That watching is that Donald trumps face looks. Completely bruised and I think that what they did is deliberately put him under a tree so that as a shadow on his face from the branches, but that's not all that's going on. In other words, his right cheek seems bruised. His right eye is almost completely swollen shot for most of the video his lips, like the only thing on his face that don't have make up and they are absolutely white- is a ghost aids,
the image of a man not doing particularly well, despite claiming now for days that Trump has had no symptoms. But when you start listening to what Trump says you can't help but notice that Donald Trump is Cottonmouth, short of breath and slurring even more than his usual for him. Let's look at the first clip. I perhaps you recognize me your favorite president and I'm standing of the oval office at the White House, which is always an exciting place to be. I got back a day ago, from Walter Reed Medical Center. I spent four days there, so it's already very strange, because trumps says I got a day ago. Well, when this was released yesterday trumpet I ve been back at the White House for two days now, maybe the exploited, in a simple, maybe they they filmed it Tuesday but published it Wednesday, but then Donald from says he spent four days it Walter Reed. He didn't Trump spent about fifty. Four hours at Walter Reed, he didn't spend four
is there? He didn't even spend parts of four days there. So again, it's raising questions of it. tromp, ok, how connected to reality is Donald Trump. This contains. Use will skip, I had a little bit and then you'll start to notice Donald Trump sounding horse and struggle to breathe again spent four days there and I wanted I wasn't feeling so hot and within a very short period of time. They gave me regenerative, it's called regeneration and other things too, but I think this was the key, but they gave me regeneration and it was like unbelievable. I felt good immediate I felt a good three days ago, as I do now, so I just want to say we have regeneration. We have a very similar drug free, Eli, Lily and they're coming and we're trying to get them on an emergency basis. We ve authorized that I've authorized it. If you're in a hospital in New Zealand really bad, I think we're going to work
did you get them. You're gonna get him free. specially viewer senior we're gonna, get you in their quick. So this is interesting because, as of this recording somewhere between ten and twenty five people, total in the entire country had received, if this antibody cocktail from regeneration Trump says he's going to give it for free to every seat you're in the hospital may be to everybody even now, may That's a nice idea. Remember this is an unapproved anti body cocktail. As of yet but how do you get something that's been given to only ten or twenty five people total? How do you get that? every senior in the hospital with corona virus for free. In any case he says that there Many doses coming on line tenant, thing idea, but it doesn't seem to connect with reality. We continue
Donald Trump briefly says vaccines or coming soon. I won't be playing that since it's the same thing he's been saying on vaccines for a while, but then he gets into this getting cove was a blessing from God stuff and that's what I want forever. Buddy. I want everybody to be given the same treatment as your president, because I feel great I feel like perfect. So I think this was a blessing from God that I caught it. This was a blessing in disguise. I caught it. I heard about this drug. I said. Let me take it. It was my suggestion. I said. Let me take it and it was incredible. The word worked work incredible. So when trumpets, as that, he feels perfect. That's of course, really tough to believe when he's slurring with cotton mouth, looking brew with his right eye swollen shut and struggling to breathe. But this idea
that now that Trump has gotten the virus he's over some hump and now, he can really start dealing with it. It is an insult to everyone who didn't have the care that Donald Trump got in his six room: sweet it Walter Reed, it's an insult to every Eddie who died merely because I guess up until Now- Trump didn't really get it and who family members die and the entire thing, and as always, it's what what's that a day laid in a dollar short this more than that. This is seven months late and two hundred and five the thousand deaths too late and We continue to be very sceptical that Donald Trump is actually healthy and to be very clear that the speculation Donald Trump is not doing so. Well, it's not about making fun
of people who have grown a virus, it's not about anything other than they lie about everything and the hypocrisy of sir hang Hilary had Parkinson's, and Biden has dementia, while ah is lying about the health of Donald Trump. The hypocrisy knows no bounds and we're going to have more about this on the David Pachmann show Instagram Page, which I hope your following at David Pachmann show on Instagram and we'll just have to see what trumpet like by tomorrow, again seemingly bailed out on the debate, because he doesn't want to do it remote. we'll talk about that? A little bit later in today's programme, David Pachmann, Shell, David Pachmann, dies, calmed real, quick eye.
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in the concept to someone who may not be familiar with it. Well, it should be. noted that I don't agree with the majority criticism of surveillance capitalist. Yes, I think that the majority criticism was basically Google invented a mind, control to sell you efficient spinner, and then Robert Mercer used to make your uncle racist and- and I think that you know this gives Google way too much. Credit is big. Talk too much credit. History is littered with people who claim that they could influence us with technology and mostly what they do is influence their potential customers like advertisers together, Molly of money but then under deliver. I think there is every indication that that's what Google and Facebook another add tat companies, or do which is not to say that they aren't spying on us like crazy. They are, and it's not to say that that's out harmful, its super is and its and it's not to say that they dont distort our discourse I do, but they do so because their monopolist's and monopolist get to subvert the regulatory process, so they can duty
her things like over surveillance and over retention of data and then There's only one place, we gotta ask questions the answer that they give us matters a lot to what we believe, but not because I have a mind, control re just because they become a canonical source So for people who have read about surveillance capitalism, often, its shyness Zoo Box work that that folks, maybe maybe familiar with, so me if I'm wrong and I'm glad for you to kind of go into this. It seems as though maybe you do you believe that China is correctly identifying some of the characteristics, but the conclusions that she comes to, or not necessarily your conclusions yeah. So I think that Zeb off really does believe that, machine learning allows us, allows tech companies to manipulate us to take away when she calls are right to the future tents right the right to to be
to decide for ourselves. What will do in the future- and I think that I'm that's not true machine learning, but it's totally true of monopoly right. If all of your friends are corralled on Facebook than Facebook, can tell you, with a high degree of accuracy that you're gonna have to stay on Facebook to talk to them. and you know a await a maybe visualize. The difference between our points of view is that she thinks that finnish in all programmes, competition remedies like breaking the companies are opening them up to inter operability or anything else that we might do to reduce their power will just produce like hundreds of pipsqueak, each of them their own mind, control ray and we won't even be able to keep track of them and how they're using them. So imagine that there was a comet headed towards earth and you had someone who said no? No, we can't try and break it up if we do it'll turn into a million meteors and they'll just smash every city on earth we have to. We have to steer the comment and that's what she thinks right. You things we need to
came the companies by telling them what they can and cannot do, putting them under tighter control and so on, and I just don't think you can put them under control for so long as they have been obsolete because they have so much access money from being monopolist's and they're so concentrated that they can agree on how to spend that money that they can end up steering their own course. You know people look at that point. Of the Tec leaders with Donald Trump and twenty sixteen at the top and from tower on that table meeting with them, and they go like how can TIM cook and all these other self describe bastions of liberalism meet with Donald Trump? That's a fair question, but a better one is: how is it that everyone who runs tech fits around a single table? that that should be even more alarming, and so, when you talk about the how the them, the monopoly aspect is a big piece of why the status quo who is as it is? Let's talk through what it would look like if that, if that were the case, I could imagine that if, instead of Facebook, Google Amazon in a pick pick pick
the five and say instead there's ten in each instead of each of the five I couldn't age and well, if everybody is more spread out, rather than on one platform, its harder to be as accurately predictive about how people are going to be bit behaving online, because you ve only got a fraction of the data rather than than a huge portion of it. At the same time, there is the money argument, which is, if you have fifty players instead of five No one of them is going to be so well funded. That may be the case. If so, how much of it is? Is that the financial peace? How much of it is the sort of network effective, everybody being announced a few platforms. Well, let's talk about network are facts because historically, network effects for TAT were not as, viable as they are in other areas like say, railroads, right, never known, facts and railroads are super powerful has once you got the rails, everyone's gotta use them and no one wants to build a second set of rails next to your rails right, but if you're say IBM and you have this giant printer division
Complex Mark and you have the network effects of of having this huge customer base, and you then decide to extract high rent for your tone or right, the carbon that you put into them and use a security chip to make sure no one puts their own carbon and carbon is obviously a very abundant element where were struggling to deal with an overabundance abundance of carbon, not hard to get all the carbon you need. So along comes a little taiwanese company called static controls and they use the network effect. judo because they say hey look. Ibm has created this huge market of people who bought subsidize printers. We can sell them cheap donor. They clone IBM check right. They make an her operable chip and now they own Lex mark they bought Lex mark from IBM or if your apple and you're being out competed by Microsoft in the enterprise, because Microsoft deliberately breaks compatibility between Microsoft Office to the MAC and Microsoft Office for windows. You can just say
well to hack with Microsoft. We're just gonna, reverse engineer how Microsoft office works and release the I work sweet pages in numbers and keynote so that MAC users can just enter operate with windows users. So what I think is that when people have problems with the way that tech works and and those problems can be the result of tech trying to do something harmful to them like manipulate them or can just be the result of technique considering their uses right, but you know that the technology that we ve all encountered, that assumes that you, ve always gotta reliable internet connection, has proved a lot less reliable than we hoped it would now that we're all stuck at home in during our internet with all of our neighbours all day long. You get to modify it or you get to find someone to monitor,
or so and identifies you was a market and modifies the Tec so that it suits your needs and not the needs of the shareholders. The people who made it in the first place and that in that world the equally bring we get. Is companies competing to see how happy they can make you not companies competing to see how tightly they can control your actions in the future, so that you're stuck with them. I want to continue down this path, but one sort of small ten tangential issue. I am curious to get your thoughts about, as I was recently spy to some one in the tax base. You said you know what, with a lot of the EU, pick pick some niece area where there is like one one, big player. If you were to all of a sudden get ten players in that same space in Norway. We heard they'd, be using Amazon web services and so Jeff Basis, basically could still flip one switch and shut all ten of them down that that's a very practical cons. But it's a real one. Isn't it at CERN
yes and that's why you know traditional anti monopoly remedies are include something called structural separation, which was in the congressional report that was released this week as well and structure separation starts with things like railroads being banned from owning coal. Companies are freight companies where they own the people that they hall Freight for or they own businesses that compete with the people that they hall Freight for, and you could imagine a structural separation regime for Amazon rate. They say you can be a platform or you can use the platform, but you can compete with the users of the platform of you own the platform. That's like the casino boss coming down and gambling at the table. Opposite you and the croupier no but if he ethic casino boss loses their croupier loses their job to right. We want. We want a level playing field there, and I- and I want to stress that there is like a little nuance here, because, although I think the monopolies that Tec is created
are the same mediocre sociopath egg, bullying tactics that we saw with coal and that we saw with electricity that we see today, with like beer and with logistics and and so many other industries into become supercontinent per wrestling, is down to one league right that there is one way in which Tec is very different, and it is this compatibility idea that that making up her wrestling league that can interact with other per wrestling league seamlessly is hard. Making a version of office for the MAC that can read and write office for windows turned out to be pretty straightforward and the history of technology is filled with these companies that had dominance like Amazon and saw that dominates taken away from them because of inter operators because of competitive compatibility making new things that plug into old things, even though the people who made us all things don't want you to and you're eating their lunch. By doing so to pick one of the things you you mention to dig into a little deeper
or data that the data about us about our activities and big tech having that data using the data to market to us or through tracking pixels, allowing third parties to target us and in very specific ways, there's a pair a plea of ideas about how and why this is bad? Can you focusing on again with with your background in writing science It is well and having no shortage of connection to disturb me and futures and near futures and so on. What are the he'll concerns thereabout, big tech having our data, which ones maybe or over blown in your mind. So I wanna dig into this, but it is like a technical and complicated issue. So just gonna give you like a top line here: yeah when we release data or when we are harvests, data and hold it and think of
at the risk of being released, Noncom centrally, like it leaguing or being hacked from us or what have you, we try to anticipate the risks from that data being released, and when we give dated accompanies we try to anticipate those rest. What could they do with acts and why and z Jackson Linsey on their own? Aren't a big deal so the any chance in the UK where I used to live. Did I controlled daughter, release of prescribing data longitudinal prescribing in which is a super you the to have so that you know they. They gave each patient random identifier and then they said doktor prescribe, which methods to that person on one day which hospital and we could see, overthrew the that through the dataset you could see you know like. Is there a risk if they put, if you doctor, put you on stands that children have to go on? Try cyclic, anti depressants, arsenic stuff, like that? That is hard to see in individual cases or in studies, but the data might reveal. So that's it felt like a safe bet. You know if you asked me to review that data release. I would add that I cannot see any real risk in this release, but then I e a taxi
but he had a breach and that taxi companies widely used by patients who went hospitals for prescriptions, and so now you can see the person who went from David Pachmann House to this hospital to get these try. Cyclic, anti, depressants or hormones that are given to people were undergoing gender transition or some other very sensitive prescribing data that coral. Exactly with David, going back and forth to the hospital, so in order to understand the risks of a data, harvesting, a data release or giving Data to someone you have to be able to anticipate all the other data that might be collected and released in the future. That's a very hard thing to be able to understand and so that the risk is effectively infinite right that it's it's. It is a a an unquantifiable risk that happens when we gather and create large datasets and the lesson of history as that, if you collect data it will probably breach
and if you were taken at long enough it will absolutely breach the thing I always tell firms when they asked me about. This is if the USA couldn't stop Snowden from leaking their documents right. What makes you think that you're gonna be able to stop someone from leaking your documents. We will pass our conversation, therewith Corey, Doktor out and go to a brake on the podcast radio and television programme, my full conversation with Corrie, and it is fascinating. So far, will we on our Youtube Channel at Youtube, DOT, slash the David Patman shut, the data, Pack mentioned David Pachmann doggone. I'm really excited that. One of our sponsors today is helix sleep. I sleep on a helix mattress at home. I absolutely love it and that's why I reached out to them about sponsoring the David Pachmann Show by
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bailing out on the second presidential debate with Joe Biden and will not participate after the commission on presidential debates, decided that because of health recommendations in light of Donald Trump B? a corona virus super spreader. Those are my words, not the words of the commission. On presidential debates. They decided to move debate number two to a remote debate rather than do it in person, a Frank Farren cop who's, the head of the Debate Commission, told Cnn they made this decision themselves; it wasn't a decision made with the presidential candidates, but they made it based on recommendations from the Cleveland Clinic, which advises the sea pity on him. Related issues in light of corona virus. The statement put out by the Sea PD says that quote these second presidential debate will take The form of a town meeting in which the candidates would participate from separate remote locations well Donald Trump, does not
I get. He was interviewed this morning by Fox Business host, Maria barter Romo Trump says he's feeling great, and he not do a debate via remote, teleconference or video. Thank you so much for being here, for question is: how are you feeling? How is the first lady feeling this morning, she's really good, unfailing good, really good and we're ready you, go I'm ready to go except the quarantine situation again for a little while, after you get tested or what The procedure is, but I'm ready do I look forward to doing the rallies? I heard the a little while ago change the debate style that is not acceptable to us. I beat them easily in the first debate. Holding the poles that I've seen, but I beat him easily that I felt I beat him easily. I he felt the two it wouldn't it many questions that he had their protection Chris Wallace all night long it was destroyed. Thirty Chris Wireless was a disaster, but I bet
the first debate at the second debate we haven't. Never jumpers is, but that joke because I meet him in the second debate. Also and I'm not going a virtual debate you're, not a show, Mr President, you're not going to do it because they see p day. The commission on presidential debates announcing this morning that the second presidential they will be virtually. You share your knock. I participate no I'm not going to waste my time in a virtual debate. That's not what debating is all about. You sit behind a computer and do a debates ridiculous and then they can- whenever they want tromp seemingly at the end there admitting what this is really about. They can you off whenever they want, which Donald doesn't want because his strategy is to just keep talking. Most importantly, keep interrupt. Joe Biden speculatively. The idea is that Trump believes, maybe accurately that constantly interrupting Joe Biden. Will work will wreak havoc
with Joe Biden struggling with a stutter his whole life, and that it is really you're not arguing the issues when your idea is to just keep interrupting the other, the other candidate, and now it starts to get Jackie where Maria Barter Romo just can't control tromp and we're going to look at this in the next segment. But listen to this have a home to, I always felt was a nice guy, but I seized and never tramper came out that these are never jumper We do have some of them, Maria believe it or not, because I don't like the wind and I could, but I didn't. the when Farren cough was asked about Trump participating. He said that its totally try right there. There is no law requiring a presidential candidate to debate. A Frank Farren cough said that in ten. Eighty Jimmy Carter refused to participate in the first debate later participated in the second debate,
the commission, essentially saying it's up to the candidate to decide? Do they want to debate, or do they not want to debate so as of right now, and forgive me if this has changed possible. The commission will change their plan. It's possible trump will change his mind. Anything could happen, but as of right now, debate to schedule to be remote and Donald Trump will not participate in that second debate. and it's amazing how everything has come back. You know we talk about projection from there from the trumpets and how all of these things accuse others of our things. They are doing themselves for months now. Trump has been set. Biden? Will bail done Junior. Other sing binds going to find a way out because Biden just can't do it and it's actually Donald Trump, who has been the first to say, I'm not going to participate date. I don't really know how much it will hurt him. Listen. The other reality is the first debate really hurt. Tromp trumps polling fell off a cliff
the day after the first debate, we started to see a rapid assent for Joe Biden and a rapid decline for Donald Trump, so it almost might be better for Trump not to debate from the standpoint, of not doing even more damage by participating is certainly true that not given the chance to interrupt constantly, which be Trump wouldn't be given. If, indeed the debate was done in a remote format, it it could be worse for Donald Trump, so Maybe he will end up participating. It's also conceivable that the Sea PD will come some agreement that there was an idea thrown around that they would the debate outdoors and have sort of a big covered area where its outdoors and socially distanced with plexiglas. I still think it's conceivable that in next day or two somebody proposes that, and they say, given that we ve been able to move the debate outdoors and account for this, that, in the other thing that they'll do it in person,
and it could happen it might not, there might be no second debate. I dont know how I'm going to go, does it turned into a Joe Biden, Town Hall, if Job Donald Trump simply doesn't part stupid or do they cancel the event altogether? I dont know, but next I want Look at some other clips from this interview that trumped did this morning. So, let's now into more of this business interview that Donald Trump did with Fox Business host Maria Barter Romo this morning, the big news from this interview was that Donald Trump will debate, Joe Biden next week as of right now, because the commission, Presidential debates decided, it would be a virtual debate. Trump doesn't want it. That was the sort of big headlines it is this interview went on Donald Trump. Making lesson less sense, shouting things out that had nothing to do with what Maria barred aroma was asking about and why this again raising the question about is Trump manic because of his youth,
decks him zone is trumped simply desperate, because his polling has imploded. This trump think yelling. Bout Hilary on Fox NEWS will. Help is pulled numbers. We don't know the answers to any of these questions, but I'm gonna give you a small sampling of what went. Here, but what is abundantly clear as this is not a well person here, Donald Trump Card that he recovered from corona virus so quickly because he's a perfect physical space. come in and then they just start talking over each other the day being Donald Trump and the interviewer Maria Barter Roma. Tell me tell me how you felt what you went through its amazing to me that you back in such strong form right now. How did that? Having been talking about general Eli, Lillian regenerate want FDA approval for emergency use at this point. Are getting they're gonna get it yet I gotta get it. I am back because I made perfect physical specimen and extremely young and only in that way
what we want as energy. I dont have heart problems. I don't have diabetes, I don't really. The problem is that you read about perhaps a couple of how'd. You get loose here there, but you know there's a lot of people gotta go but now I'm in good health, you know look What happens is if you're anywhere around the thing you can catch it and there's the big realisation trump finally understands contagion. Isn't that amazing you're a it anywhere. If its anywhere around you, you can catch it. It's like seven or eight months since the started and Trump finally understands. Someone with the virus is anywhere around you. You might catch the virus. some incredible. Learning. Experience for tromp hasn't been a trump the Joe Biden, Town Hall. I guess that Joe Biden did with Lester hold a few days ago. Trump there
angry about it, but it's not totally clear what he's talking about here and be Esther where he went on it to show it how do you like it was meant for a child it was a metaphor grown person somebody says we're not racking we're not for activity which Brac interest six was Bracky was raising, is his a thin and that it was rack in an hour certainly that tracking will tell the Pennsylvania people that you're going it's ridiculous. He said he's tracking raising his very thin hand, it's not even possible to guess what this man is talking about here. Trump then accuses China of putting a curse on the United States. Take a lesson ass it. Wasn't workers fall there. Wasn't our airlines fault that China did? terrible thing do us that I will not be forgetting about that. China did this. It was all done by China.
And we should be hurting our workers, because China put the curbstone, because this was a horrible score jar of all horrible thing that they did so the virus went from a biological agent released by a chinese lab months ago. That was their idea months ago. Now it simply a curse sort of going from a conspiracy to the occult Trump then call Four Barack Obama and Joe Biden too indicted for crimes which, of course he can never enumerate unless bar and dates these people for crimes that movie greatest political crime in the history of our country then, we're gonna get little satisfaction unless I win and DG will just have to go because I won't forget it, but these people We indicted this was the greatest political crime in the history of our countries, and that includes Burma at it includes Biden these people, that in spite of my campaign- and we have everything,
now they say they have much more. Ok- and I say Bill noticed that Donald Trump, still after all these months the biggest political crime in history we caught them. We All the evidence, Obama and Biden did it to me. Donald from still is unable to tell exactly what laws were broken exactly what crimes Barack Obama and Joe Biden committed. But when you talk about my political enemies should be indicted. That's thing were used to hearing from other countries, but but not so much from ours, except under Donald Trump then tromp bizarrely says he's killed. Terrorist who are bigger names. Then to have a Bin Laden, it's all white celebrity that issues with tromp take a listen to this trip. The greatest. In the world I wiped out under presented the ICES Caliphate. I can solemn, mainly I killed outback daddy names. Everybody bigger names and Osama Bin Laden,
Baghdad. He founded ISIS. Everything is, I personally, everything is superlative Skype, bigger names, then Osama Bin laden- it's always in about. Can I do more? Can I do it better than I do it? Bigger than Barack Obama, and then really got. Wacky trump reacting to last night's vice presidential debate between Joe by a between MIKE Pence rather and common Harris and from says of Camelot, is a communist and then with no shred of sarcasm? joking at all, says that Joe Biden wouldn't make it two months, as president seems like he's talking health, why industry. Here. What was your reaction to the debate? What was said that you would have liked to come out and where do you think that striking moments were that wasn't able to contest last night she his terrible issue is I don't think you could get worse and totally, unlike other than she is the communist she's left
Bernie he's raided laughter, only by everybody he's a communist. We can have a communist and he's gonna, be it in my opinion within a month. Look I said next to Joe and I looked at, you it shows that lasting two months as president. Ok, that's me opinion job and won't last two months says Donald Trump of course, without any evidence- and remember trump- is the one that sick right now and that came up as well on the issue of having corona virus Trump says he hasn't been too. step four corona virus recently. But that he is essentially very clean, he says, a lot of the Senate hearing that he was supposed to do this present. I know you have to go just to recap: you're not gonna. Do the next debate because its virtual, your field,
good now. I want to make sure that the audience understand you're feeling good. Have you been tested recently? Can you tell us anything out? No guarantees, Ferndean Bottom Armitage leave very plain, though they say it's over a period of six seven days, and I wish you know. You're amazing thing happened to me. I just went in and I didn't feel good Ok, I expected at some point because I'm out there I've gotta be a leader. I can't get a Winston Churchill didn't dies base with four six I get a lot of things doing I'm. Essentially. Very clean famous last words from Donald Trump, one really wild thing Maria barter Romo tries to end the interview. This is wild Trump I was out of nowhere. Why hasn't Hillary Clinton been indicted? He just yells it out of nowhere. I'd like to go after the word, how soon to do another interview? Mr President, let me go back to the one allows I've been using it for
terminating thirty. Three thousand emails that you got from Congress Congress made a request to SAM everybody else. I know gets indicted when they don't give that they don't give a shit key. Destroy thirty three thousand e mail forget about the fact that they would last, but let's go make MIKE Bumpo. Finally, cried the market. The interview was over as far as Maria Barter Romo is concerned, Donald Trump interrupting yells out. Why as an Hillary Clinton, been indicted, he added sort of a fitting conclusion to a completely third interview, and we are seeing a desperate tromp. Yes, the stick I may be affecting his behaviour. Yes, he still doesn't sound goody sounds horse struggling to breathe, but there is desperation here, because Donald Trump on son some level must realise half his care. pain team has corona virus he's down in the polls. He blew it in first debate, he may now not even be participating in the second debate. He must feel like this is slipping through his fingers. Like sir,
and and he's desperate- and this is what we see when Donald Trump gets desperate a let's go to your voice, males now have a voice mail number. That number is to one nine to David P. Here's a funny voicemail about a pen about a fly landing on my pencil head during the debate. Take a look brow, been a little world lies is on the date. Is that literally lies are landing on what the opposite of when burn you get a bar. The land on is on a little podium highlands, landline panthers goodbye, yeah a lot People reacting to the fly that that took hold of my pencil heron seem to get caught up in his hair gel.
I read a lot of interesting things about how I am, as you know, I'm not religious, and I don't know if this is old, testament or new testament stuff or what not. But I guess Why landing on your head is considered to be a very ominous sign, at least in some biblical teaching and a bunch of people, wrote to me wrote wrote to me about that. It doesn't resonate with me, but with pence being such a religious guy, it is pretty damn funny. We ve got a great bone. so for you today we will update the Biden Harris Student debt plan. I think this is important and I want to go over it. We will also talk about twenty four super habitable planets, They have conditions that are better for human life than earth better, and we will also talk about the algae bt. Take over of the proud boys hashtag on the internet. It is absolutely hilarious. All of those stories and more on the bonus show get instant access by coming a member at joint,
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