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11/10/21: A Very Strange 24 Hours in the USA

2021-11-10 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Chilean President Sebastián Piñera has been impeached by the lower house of congress for the revelations about him in the Pandora Papers

--Despite claims about Facebook's supposed left wing bias, the top political posts on the platform are almost exclusively right wing

--Fury grows, including calls for arrest and investigation, over Republican Congressman Paul Gosar's tweet of an anime video depicting him killing Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

--Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers issues a bogus and pathetic "apology" for lying about his COVID vaccination status after he starts to lose endorsement deals

--Another disastrous ruling for Donald Trump as Judge Tanya Chutkan denies Trump's attempts to block investigators from obtaining records about his meetings and calls leading up to the January 6 Trump riots

--The Republican civil war continues escalating as Donald Trump publishes a wild statement trashing and attacking Republican Senator Mitch McConnell

--A new grift of potentially historic proportions surfaces, led by Bari Weiss and others, called the "University of Austin"

--Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson is permanently banned from Twitter just hours after having her temporary suspension lifted, all due to her continued spreading of vaccine disinformation

--Voicemail from a caller explaining that his mom is now completely off the deep end with right wing insanity

--On the Bonus Show: Singapore withdraws free healthcare for unvaccinated COVID patients, GE is splitting into three companies, Congress tells carmakers to stop drunk driving, much more...

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I want to start today going back to the Pandora papers. Now Pandora papers are different than the Panama papers, the Pandora papers, as we talked about what was it now? I guess it must have been about about five weeks ago or something like that. The beginning of October, the Pandora papers are these leaks about twelve indifferent documents and they its it- was an undertaking involving more than six hundred journalists in more than a hundred and fifteen countries. It was all
all organised or data obtained by the icy I J. That's the international consortium of investigative journalists in Washington DC. They worked with all these different media organisations. It was a massive minutes, an incredible accomplishment, journalistic Lee to even do such a big project is a huge project. and also it was huge in that it exposed hidden wealth. It exposed money, laundering. It exposed a tax avoidance and much of it by the world's rich, the world's powerful many of the elites, as are often known. We now have a specific story about consequences, thanks to the Pandora papers, now consequences, but it's sort of like when Trump was impeached by the house it was a consequence, but we knew there would be no conviction sort of similar, and this comes to us from the country of Chile. The
already in reporting that the chilean precedent has been impeached over the revelations in the pandora papers. Now it's peach impeached by the lower house not expected to be convicted similar to Donald Trump impeachment I'll. Tell you that up front, but we're going to get to that in a moment of Chile's president save us, the and being the ETA has been impeached by the lower House of Congress, setting up a trial in the nations Senate over allegations that he favoured the sale of a family property while in office the vote to impeach passed, but barely it had seventy eight votes. In a hundred and fifty five member chamber of deputies there was that one of the craziest things is there was like a real, not a filibuster, but there there was one of these marathon sessions. Twenty hours, sixty seven legislators
voted against, including several members of the opposition, some abstained or were absent, and seventy eight voted in favour. Fini ETA is unlikely to be removed by the forty three member upper House, where the opposition has only twenty four of the twenty nine votes, so He has the overwhelming majority of the votes in the upper house. The trial will come in the of a general election campaign, first round of elections set for the twenty first of November. The term ends on the eleventh of March. Chile does not permit presidential reelection two consecutive terms, so term limited out anyway. So what's at issue here, this was not like the most explosive of the revelations to be totally clear, but the leaked documents revealed a controversial deal to sell the pin. Yoda family stake in the De Mingle mining project and a contract found by the project suggested the first hundred and thirty eight million of the sale was made through shell companies register.
In the BT eyes, the british Virgin islands. The document suggests, final payment, not the mind, sale and twenty eleven hinged on the government, declining to declare its location in north central Chile, a nature preserve, so it sir like cronyism, favours its wits. Everything we are now being I said he had not been involved in managing the companies and even realise the connection. The government at that time was headed by being Yoda. Didn't do so. Despite appeals from environmentalists, the president's office noted last month that beneath us first term as president from twenty two to twenty fourteen hadn't started when the sale was agreed to and that prosecutors in courts decided in twenty seventeen, no crime was committed and the president was involved all taxes were paid and that his holdings are now in a blind trust, etc, etc. However, they did ultimately get the Madrid
needed in the lower house for this impeachment so wooden. What are we take from this? What are we of it. On the one hand, we can say- and I think it's accurate to say, activism and investigative journalism, real impact in the real world. It's it's it's one of the first examples of the Pandora papers actually being that they are not just these sort of like what would what would recall it. It's not disaster poor It's not a leaked porn. It sort of like these are not merely wow. Look at this look at the money. Look over the things that they do it. It led to a real consequence of sorts. That being said, you could argue this is kind of ETA. Can move that there is no way in hell that is actually going to be removed because the impeachment trial in the upper house is going to say no, we are not removing him, he can't run in the next.
election anyway and is down to the last four and a half or so months there. So that's a fair position is All this is kind of a token move. For me, the take away is this: was an x roared, narrowly well carried out project of investigative journalism. It exposes that even many of the suppose it good guys in power are still doing all of the same things that the so called the bad guys or doing when it comes to cronies. and money and deals and the like- and it further is for me- the importance of these kinds of projects continuing to be supported and continuing to do their work we eat. Oh, you, you look at history and whether it Woodward and Bernstein, with Nixon or whatever example. You wanna pick, invest gave journalism exposes important things, and it's one of the first things that
goes when media organisations say we ve got to tighten the belt and, as I have explained to you before, you are a media organization and you are given the option of ok. We're gonna, do invest native journalism, which means funding reporters who have to do in many cases significant trout, for paying sometimes for different aspect of conducting the investigative journalism for a story that they might work on. Four a year or more, and we might get something out of it, but we might get not get something out of it. That's one option as a ended it you can pay for that or on the complete other sites, the spectrum. You say I'm in a higher writers who will sit at home and just re right, articles from other
use organizations adding our spin, not naming anybody, but that's a business model. You have a website, you dont, do original reporting, you say, oh look here is a story reported by the Washington Post than in Europe. Has let me put in a different headline on it quote from it and publish it and run ads on that that is dirt cheap to do compared to this type of invest. it is your nose and which can take months or years, and we don't really get much out of the latter, but we get a lot out of the former, but the former costs a lot more. So this also related to the reality of a sort of the industry of journalism. At this point in time interesting, I dont think this will lead to much in terms of the chilean president, but it is at least a consequence, a con once from the Pandora papers. You know over the last couple of years few years it's become this default refrain from the right,
that social media is left wing and it amplifies left wing messages and ideas. It suppresses right wing messages and ideas sometimes by de prioritizing the content, sometimes by straight up of banning the purveyors of the content etc. Most of us understand this, but very often it's easy to kind of lost in the messaging, when the real way to look at these claims is to look at them empirically now. Facebook is one that has been very much under fire by the right. The ban of Trump became a flashpoint in this case to be made that many of them are making that all these platforms, including facebook, just want to prop up leftwing messages and ideology, but intuitively it didn't really ever seen that that was the case with Facebook we have mentioned to you, anecdotally, Ben Shapiro does so well. One of the top
Facebook, publishers and Dan Bonn giant know we ve talked about and all these right wingers. It seems that between that and Mark Zuckerberg kind of at me I'm I'm looking the other way when it comes to the way that the right use Facebook to spread this information about the election and vaccines etc. Certainly doesn't seem that Facebook is Propping up the left media matters undertook a very interesting investigation and quantified alot of this, and it found that the top political posts on Facebook are almost always and almost exclusively right wing I have mentioned before. every day. Media matters uses facebooks crowd, tangle tool to identify and share the top. The ten posts, with the most interactions from pot top political and use related Facebook pages are list also specifies the ideological
leaning media matters and others have demonstrated again and again. There is no biased or censorship against conservatives on Facebook. Despite claims to the contrary, the data set is more evidence that no such bias exists. Here is a sample day, but a typical day on Facebook. This was two days ago so Monday. You look at the top ten facebook posts. about news in politics. It was bright, Bart, Don Junior Ben Shapiro, Franklin Gram, another bright Bart, the Hatch twins, Fox NEWS and Ben Shapiro. Eight out of ten are hard right, hard right posts, one of the top ten posts is link from NPR and will look at it in a second which is considered non aligned, ideology, the right says: NPR, leans, left and pr is sticks to facts overwhelmingly in their news reporting.
and then one is a Hillary Clinton posts, but wait until I show you what the Hillary Clinton Post actually is. So eighty percent of the top Facebook news in politics, Post Monday, conservative now we go and we actually look at what the posts are The bright Bart Post is about standing by Aaron Rodgers, despite his lies about being vaccinated. Ok, that's like a hard propaganda post. The second one is a Don Junior post with a picture of done senior Donald Trump that says, miss him, yet not very substantive, the bench Euro Post, is one about it's called a boom man shot by written house admits. He pointed at re a gun at Rittenhouse. The Hillary Clinton Post is the New York City marathon picture. I believe that that's Chelsea Clinton, it's it's not even political. It's from hill
but it's just someone who ran the marathon, so it's not even political in the sense that these other posts are political. There's, a Franklin Gram post about his heart surgery that he got And then the NPR Post is about concern. That is being mad about big bird getting vaccinated. So even the NPR posts that made it is one that appeals to conservatives, because it's about the uprising from the right about big bird, announcing that he got a covert vaccine. So even when we look at these ten top ten posts on Facebook from November eighth, the one left leaning, is just a picture of someone who ran the marathon. It's not even a left wing message and the one from NPR, which is concerned Non aligned politically, is one that would be particularly appealing to conservative. So, what's the take away here, the take away is
when you broadly here. This platform favours the left or that platform favours the left of you, my say that sounds reasonable or you might say it doesn't sound reasonable, but we are able to quantify these things. We are able to quantify, and at least as far as Facebook goes routinely. This is not an outlier day routinely. The top performers are almost exclusively right wing publishers. Let me know your thoughts. If you can find me on Twitter at De Pachmann, we're gonna take a quick break. We will talk about the Aaron Rodgers apology, we're going to talk about the judges decision in the Trump riot documents were going talk about the Paul goes. Our video, where he's depicted as killing a yo, see in anime form
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Slash Pachmann! You can find the link in the podcast notes. Remember that our programme depends on the support of viewers and listeners. Like you, we have a membership program. You can sign up and within its really forty five seconds with average computer skills, you can sign up it join pachmann dot com, you'll, get an extra show every day produce just for our members. You'll get a commercial free, audio and video stream of the show and lots of other group perks, join pachmann dot com is the place to sign up a things, have exploded over the animal video tweeted out Byron. Blocking congressmen. Paul goes are in which a cartoon version him sort of anime with face on it? A cart and aunt. Em version of Paul goes are is depicted as killing democratic, congresswoman, Alexandria, Cassio Where does the demands now ranged from investigate through a house ethics panel to arrest Paul goes. Are
to send the FBI to Paul, goes on to talk to him about this. There is also a sort of hypocrisy component to this, which I'm going to about, but it is a wild wild story. So, let's start with news: weak reporting Paul goes. Our faces growing calls to be arrested over video, showing him killing a o c killing ale see congressmen Paul goes, our is facing calls to be arrested, are expelled from Congress after the lobby your Sheridan anime video depicting him killing Congresswoman Alexandria, Cassio Cortez in most jobs in most jobs, if its determined that, during your off time, whatever that means you are tweeting videos depicting you killing a coworker, you would be fired, you would be fired, you would be fired. Ok, it's just naughty
It's not even really does not even a debate about congressmen goes. Our sparked fierce backlash on Sunday after he treated in anime video, showing him killing Congresswoman Cassio Cortez. The video base on the enemy attack on tightened shows goes are killing the New York lawmaker with a sword before launching himself at present Joe Biden within hours. The tweet went viral as of Tuesday morning had been viewed more than three point two in times the video and depiction of violence against EO led number. Numerous figures to call for congressmen goes out to be arrested or expelled from Congress Democrats. Critics call for action against congressmen. Paul goes are over, is grotesque, post this from Huffington Post in any workplace in America. If a co worker made an anime video killing another coworker, that person would be fired. My sentiments exactly more than half doesn't house Dems, one house, republican and scores of critics have condemned and called for action again
Paul goes our Monday after you posted a doctor to anime video that depicts him killing, Congresswoman EO, see, goes are treated in edited version of the opening credits of the japanese anime serious attack on tighten showing himself as the main character who then slashes the neck of a foe with a cause the court has his face a Yossi tweeted about it. So, while I was on route to Glasgow, a creepy member who work with who fund raises for NEO Nazi groups, that's true shared a fantasy video, of him killing me and her face no consequences because GEO P leader, Kevin Mccarthy, cheers him on with excuses fun day well back to work, and then just another aspect to this, which media matters covered goes. Our tweet feels a double standard and cable news coverage of extremism and civility in twenty nineteen cable news devoted more attention to a democratic, congresswoman cursing? Then it's now giving to a republican Congress.
tweeting, an anime video of killing a colleague. This is a reference to well there's a couple, a different thing, so, first of all, The remember the incident where Steve Skill, Steve King rather embraced white supremacy and then there was one Rashid to leave said impeach, the M effort, so you go back and you look at CNN Fox NEWS and MSNBC they all devoted overwhelmingly more time to receded, to leave cursing versus Steve King embracing white supremacy and worse, being the point from media matters here, is that we are seeing the exact same dynamic play out with this situation,
now? One other funny thing about Paul goes our and it's not even really that funny. He has a whole bunch siblings, like it's one of these families, where there's just kids upon kids upon kids. There is a very interesting video where back and twenty eighteen, his sibling endorsed his opponent, and the ad is very cleverly done where you dont know until later that these are all his siblings at first it just kind of sounds like it's random people saying I dont like Paul, goes our check this out. This is this is a good one, follows the congressmen Is it doing anything to help world Erica paused, absolutely not workin for his district. If they care about health care care about their children's health care, they would hold. to account if they care about jobs they hold him to account actually cared about. People in rural areas owner. I bet he'd, be fighting for sources, security for better access to health care. I better he. I bet he would be researching what
the most in sight for water policy to help the environment of Arizona, sustain itself and be, successful, but he's not listening to you in here doesn't help your interests at heart. TIM goes. Our David Gostar grace goes aren't younger, desired asked. Ngos are Jennifer, Gaza, POGO Sars. My brother, my brother, and I endorse doktor real doktor burial foolhardy Endorse Doktor David Byrne for Congress. goes. Our really is one of the most disgusting members of Congress. Will there be consequence says for treating a video, a glint, glamorizing drama, dramatizing him killing a colleague. Unfortunately, their proper Billy will not they're, probably will not all right. So, let's oh up about the Aaron Rodgers story- Aaron Rodgers, is apologizing,
to one that felt, misled, ok, Aaron Rodgers is sorry if he upset anybody yeah. So, let's reset NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers has issued a pseudo bogus apology, after getting caught lying about being quote immunized against covert nineteen catching covert and then saying on the Pat Mcafee show That he's been listening to Joe Rogan for medical advice and is taking Ivory act, and so it's like. Where do we even start? I guess that's kind of lead up to this. First
here is a reminder. This is Eric Rogers, the Green Bay Packers quarterback in the summer. This was an August asked, have you been vaccinated and he says I've been immunized, which is a different word and it was a lie. It was a lie. Anko recession. Are you very late in what your staff that nations enemies? You know there's a lot of a lot of conversation around it wrongly and a lot of guys who so the fact that this was a very strange word salad might have been assigned. He was lying made statements and, I may say, means owners who made statements on those guys on the team and have a maximum. I think it's a personal decision, american and judge those guys those guys have been vaccinated
contracted covid. So it's it's an interesting issue that I think I'm going to see. If he's interested in the issue he's also lying lying lying, so funny being immunized vaccinated, whatever he catches covert great. So then he's gonna, MRS last week's game. You're a few days ago came admits that he was taking and is taking medical advice from Joe Rogan, whose podcast Joe Rogan is not a doktor, and when he says this, we played this clip on Monday, Batman for you can barely contain his laughter. He actually has to cover his mouth to avoid laughing directly in Aaron Rodgers space. Let's go to that clip. We looked at this on Monday, I consulted with and now good friend, a manual Roman after yet covered and I ve been doing a lot
the staff that he recommended in his pipe guessed right, and you know on the phone to me again: I'm gonna have the best me possible now, okay, so he made a lot of dubious claims, In that interview where he said and israeli study says you get immunity from just recovering from cove. It, of course, with the israeli study says, is that it's better not to catch it at all, but that you get actually the best immunity from recovery plus vaccination, that's the best immunity. So literally, what he says is a lie there as well. So then comes the apology, and again it's one of these pseudo apologies of New York Magazines, Benjamin Heart had a great phrase. He calls it the quintessential non apology.
apology to anyone that was upset. This is a classic. We ve seen this time and time again if anybody was upset because he lied to them and put people at risk. He's apologizing. If you found yourself upset Ok, listen dry does want to start after the show by acknowledging that you know He commented that people might have felt were misleading and if you felt his obvious lies were misleading up his completely demonstrable lies were misleading. he's sorry that you felt that way. You want anybody who found misled by those comments. I take full responsibility for those comments and excited about feeling better excited by move over and over again back my team, and get back to the one I do business plan ball spent half to be away from it. I've been I received the on with her
the governor and I feel like I'm mass among on the other side and thankfully in thankful still be able to have somebody where to this we can. Hopefully, why appreciate you opening with that in stating that, in you talked about the room action that you ve had here all by yourself in your covid cave over their dream right. So it's a very crappy upon Energy, but likewise he even doing it, but this is starting to cost him money. Now we can't say for sure: that's why he's issuing this eat a baby. He could have offered a better apology, but he was dropped by a healthcare company that he had been working with four years. Aaron Rodgers and previous health have end their nine year, partnership and previous put out a statement saying Pavia Health remains deeply committed to protecting its patient staff providers and communities. Amidst the pandemic this includes encouraging and helping all eligible populations to become vaccinated to prevent the virus from further significantly impacting lives and livelihoods, so private health, making it clear we're not going
If anything were not we're, not working with Aaron Rodgers anymore, state farm cut most of its commercials with Aaron Rodgers from being broadcast this past week, and now it seems that there still continuing that the partnership for now and they put out a statement saying quote, we dont support some of the statements. He is me, aid, but we respect his right to have his personal view. We recognise our customers, employs agents and brand ambassadors come with all walks from all walks of life, with differing viewpoints on many issues. We encourage vaccinations but respect everyone's choice to make but make decisions based on their personal circumstances. So that's the latest. It seems as though I mean listen. At least the timing. Is companies that pay Aaron, Rodgers have partially or fully stepped back or walked away from those relationships, and he issued this kind of bogus pseudo apology. So what's the take away here, I think that take away is get medical advice from
actors, don't lie about being immunize, two or vaccinated, or whatever word you choose to use and dont spread this? formation I mean it take away, aren't really any different just because its Aaron Rodgers, rather than your crazy uncle posting to Facebook, it's really the exact same, take always and gonna have more on this on our the Graham you can follow the David Pachmann show on Instagram at David Pachmann show you can all follow me on Instagram, at David DOT, pachmann we're going to take a very quick break and I'll be back with much more right. After this. One of our sponsors is blink. Ist who's been supporting the David Pachmann show longer than any other sponsor blink, as does the apt that lets you listen to or reed an entire nonfiction book, and just fifteen minutes blinking
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an office subscription go to blink is stopped. slash Pachmann the link is in the pod cast notes are right. We have two positive Donald Trump stories today. They are a good stories. They are things that are good for the left. They are things that are good for the country. They are things that are good for the world and for every That is good. The first one is Monday. You might remember. I told you that Donald Trump filed before a judge named Tanya shut, can have even made a decision about Donald Trump. First request to block documents and records related to his activities up to the Trump rights from being sent to the committee investigating the Trump Riots before the judge even ruled on the first one. Donald Trump already submitted a second request, saying oh no. You gotta be here's another reason why you should block this stuff, and I told you on Monday we are waiting for a decision from Judge Tanya shotgun
We now have gotten a decision. I guess we would call it the first decision and the decision is the correct one. It's a good one, and it is that judge. Shotgun has denied Donald Trump attempt to withhold records from the January Sixth committee. To put it very simply, as CNN explained a federal judge will allow the U S house, to access hundreds of pages of documents from Donald Trump Presidency leading up to and about the January sixth attack at the? U S: capital in a forceful rejection of trumps. Recent attempts to control information from his White House, the ruling Tuesday night from Judge Tanya shotgun of the? U S: district court they see, is a blow to trumps efforts to keep more than seven hundred pages. Records from the White House Secret, though his legal team has informed the court, it tends to appeal president's are not kings and plaintive is not president, a very interest
The final page from the decision which you can easily find online judge Shut, can rights. Accordingly, the court holds that the public interest lies, permitting the combined will of the legislative and executive branches to study. The events that led to occurred on January six and to consider legislation to prevent such events from occurring again. Judge Judkins conclusion is, for the reasons explained above the court will deny plaintiffs request to enjoin defendants from enforcing or complying with the select committees August, two thousand five hundred and twenty twenty one request, because plaintiff is unlikely to succeed on the merits of his claims or suffer irreparable harm and because the balance of the equities and public interest Baraga granting his requested relief. So the let's go back to the sea and an article
of now the national art Ives remains on track to turn over to the house a number of documents Friday. Now, as I told you before, this includes Whitehouse call logs and video logs, who was trump speaking too in those days leading up to the riots and schedules related to January Ex, who was Trump meeting with at the White House, as well as three pages of hand, written notes from trumps, then chief of staff. The outcome in court also could help the house in its pursuit of more information from those around Trump, including witnesses who haven't been subpoenaed and haven't spoken to the committee at what that means is knowing who Trump spoke to knowing who Trump met with? Will
give the house investigators more information about hey here. Are people from spoke to? Let's go and talk to them, let subpoenaed them less request their records. Now important note two important notes. I guess I would say one scheduled for release Friday to the committee, so there's two things there. One sketch for release Friday. It's only Wednesday between now and then Donald Trump may try more funny business and he is low saying that they're going to make another appeal, so will the documents actually be released to the house? committee Friday. We don't yet really know. The second part is released to the committee, and I am continuing to get emails from folks, understandably excited about these documents. Saying When are we going to see them? We may never see them because again, it is released to the committee released to the committee and documents sometimes leak and sometimes are deliberately leaked, its complete
conceivable that by next Monday we will have a leaked call. Log of the people from spoke or a visitor log of the people Trump met within the days leading up to the January six rights. At the same time. That's not actually what is at issue here. This is about releasing these documents to the committee, not to the public. Last thing this will probably not come as a surprise to you, but I was so. This part may be a surprise to you. The judge here judged Tanya Chicken is jamaican by origin that you may not have known the part. That probably wouldn't surprise you is the things that are being said by I'm pests about judge Shut, can on the basis that she's Jamaican her here. If you go and look at the typical trumpets enclaves of the internet- and this includes pick your pick- your enclave facebook comments of course, Youtube comments. Certain sub credits on read it
twitter parlor get her. I don't even know if getter is still around. There are many trumpets, focused on Judge Judkins, jamaican origin as a flash point of anger and something to blame for her decision here, of course absent any evidence of that, and some even call. that xenophobic, racist some may mean that something I'm reading we're gonna follow what the substance of the Trump appeal is and we'll know Friday are certainly by Monday whether the committee investigating the riots has gotten. This information are right. Next good Trump story, a Donald Trump has released a bizarre incredibly high parabolic attack on Senate now, minority leader Mitch Mcconnell- and this is delightful. This is just the way.
Also remember that on Monday I told you about the growing and doing civil war happening within the republican Party? What were the two sides of the civil war I explained? Monday? Well, one side is trumpets, Republicans, all of whom voted against the by partisan infrastructure bill pass by the house on Friday. Trumpets Republicans, who said We don't want this, we're not helping Joe Biden, we're not doing any of it on the other side of the Republican. Several civil war were the thirteen Republicans who cross party lines in the house and did vote for the tiny, comparatively tiny infrastructure bill passed by the house on Friday. Thirteen Republicans cross party lines.
The Trump is Republicans, went nuts, demanding the removal and promising to primary and ruined the careers of those thirteen Republicans. Who said that this is a bill that I'm going to vote for, and I said at the time let them fight encourage them to fight. This is what the left needs, because, quite frankly, things aren't looking particularly good for the left right now in the aftermath of last Tuesday's elections. Looking at two thousand and twenty two, left need something. Democrats need something Democrats in the left. They overlap a little, but they are two different things, but it's not looking good for either right now. So this is good
Well, we have another. Could we call it a rejoinder in the republican civil war? Donald Trump has released a statement, trashing Mitch Mcconnell for not passing infrastructure. While he was president remember much of why Trump is opposed to Republicans helping pass infrastructure now is regardless of whether it would be good for the country and Trump said, while he was president, it would be good for the country. Trump doesn't want this to be a victory for Biden, because Trump was unable to get it done, and so Trump doesn't want any Republicans to help Joe Biden, because by helping Biden, it makes trumps lack of passing infrastructure while he was president look worse. Is that true
yeah, maybe to some degree, maybe to some degree, but as business insider points out, it was tromp who walked away from a two trillion dollar deal back in twenty nineteen. Take a look at the statement from Donald Trump released yesterday through his Save America Pack. Donald Trump said: why is it that old, Crow Mitch Mcconnell voted for a terrible Democrats, socialist infrastructure plan, now by the way, if Joe Biden, one point, two trillion dollar plan is socialist. How is the two trillion dollar deal that Trump seemed to want, but ultimately walked away from? How is that now? doubly socialist, because its bs? That's that's why I'm trump going on to say and induced others in his party to do likewise when he was incapable of getting a great infrastructure plan, one
things to be put forward by me and the Republican Party he continuously said he couldn't get it passed. Just like I had to go around him to get the very popular southern order, Wall built which cause great delay, but could now be completed in one month by Biden. I think there's three lies in that sentence: all of the infrastructure money to try in dollars would have gone into real infrastructure, roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, etc. Also, why did Mitch give the Democrats a two month, hiatus justice, Long enough for them to figure it all out when they were completely ready to fall this is an unhinged man. It was again it was Trump who walked away from that two trillion dollar deal. He says it was Mcconnell. Business insider also writes about this in May twenty. Nineteen democratic leaders in the Trump administration had a productive round of negotiations around a floated
two trillion dollar infrastructure package, but the deal crumbled over the democratic, controlled house investigations into Trump after the release of the special Council Robert Mothers Report, during a second meeting with speaker, Nancy Policy and then send minority leader trucks. Humor tromp, walked out within three minutes of negotiations instead walking and happily to a meeting, I walk into look at people. That just said I was doing a cover up. I don't do cover ups trump set at a press conference. Yeah so remember, it was trump that walked away now, trumps as he was justified in walking away, but that he, it was still Donald Trump who walked away from that negotiation. So
Why is this good? Well, it's good, because things are looking really bad for Democrats right now things just art. Looking good, you ve got a contingent of the left that might describe itself as the progressive left. Although I am on the progressive left and I think that we should actually be working with centres Democrats to extract any victories that we can, but you ve got a portion of the progressive left that still has a sort of burnt down. Acceleration is mentality that is going to her Democrats in their possibility, getting anything done. Democrats are terrible campaigning and the Mccall of Campaign of Virginia disaster, its laws, really bad for twenty. Twenty two is the point and right now I think if we had a Trump Verses Biden election held today, I think Trump wins easily, so the biggest gift that Republicans can really give Democrats right now is to fight amongst themselves it.
Really sad commentary on the state of the Democratic Party. I am not denying that it is. It is wild that the best thing Democrats have going for them right now is that Democrats that Republicans rather are fighting with themselves trump Republicans fighting with the Republicans that voted for infrastructure trump Republicans fighting with Mitch Mcconnell because of his actions in the Senate. Its sadly- and this is I mean, listen, You know I'm not I'm not a Democrat, as many of you know, I don't care about. The democratic party This is a really embarrassing moment for the Democratic Party, given that the most optimistic thing anybody can point to is Republican seem to be damaging themselves, says very little about democrat ability to get anything actually done, but it's a good thing that this is happening for the country in this
thence that a distracted republican Party, a divided republican party, is a republican party that will struggle to get anything done and may also even struggle to obstruct the things that Democrats want to get done. We'll see, will see but encourage the civil war, and it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. One of our sponsors today is blue, chew a unique online service, delivering these same active ingredients as Viagra and see Alice Innate Shoe, obol form and at a fraction of the cost, giving my audience and entire month supply for free? So if you think you could benefit from an extra boost of confidence, all you have to we take a short quiz on their website. A licence. Doktor approves your prescription them occasion come straight to your home within days in a discreet package, no driving around to the doctors officer, the pharmacy. No waiting around no art
conversations with your doktor. All blue choose tablets are made in the USA. The entire process is just a few clicks: go to blue to dot com. The link is in the pod CAS notes and they'll. Give you an entire months supply for free when you you promo code. Pachmann, that's p, o k a all you do pay five dollars for shipping are right. Everybody I have a Griffin alert for you today. This is I'm going to give you the fact that we know, but I'm gonna tell you ahead of time. I've been looking at this very strongly for the law. twenty four to forty eight hours, my grief diameter is going crew. Easy right. You know I'll look with a Geiger counter when you get close to radiation. It like let alone a let it's going crazy, the equivalent of, but with great grief, Dennis Drifting going off in my head, as if I were next to the equivalent of a of of exposed uranium with a Geiger counter. There
is a new university being launched with the help of former New York Times reporter Bari, wise and others called the University of Austin I'll? Describe it to you as its being report? Okay, the daily beast pollen here founder is backing Bari Weiss, no Degree University Weiss is helping launched the university fast, and it is not yet accredited and does not offer degrees I'll get so right away. You have to remember. Hard of. Why you go to university is to learn and part of you go is because there is this game. I did did. It is a game. It's a system in which you need this degree in order to get certain jobs, and so maybe would learn at this no degree, no accreditation university, but it would not exactly help you get a job. The former in Europe opinion, Communist Bari, wise known for her diatribes against cancel culture announced Monday she's helping
launch a new university and its universities and quotes that will be quote dedicated to the fearless pursuit of truth. The somewhat vague mission statement ass the institution called at the University of Austin or you. Eighty acts will be a high. For those who have been shunned from quote illiberal college campuses gripes you, eighty axes inaugural President Panama Canal, those four out of five american Phd students are willing to discriminate against right wing scholars. The announcement of this was posted to Bari, wisest Sub stack newsletter, which you can sign up and pay for. If you want buried in the schools ethic Hugh, it does not actually offer degrees. Nor is it yet accredited. Also noted in the efficacy of the school is fiscally sponsored by a little known, nonprofit called Cicero research according to public filing Cicero is a Created with Joe Lonsdale CO, founder of the pole,
Rising data mining company, Palin tier as of twenty twenty, the nonprofit listed no assets Lonsdale is also a member of the. U N T x board of advisers as spokesperson for the schools had were very proud to have. And they all on our board and as a financial supporter. while less known than another pal into your co, founder of the trumps supporting billionaire Peter TEAL Lonsdale, his court of controversy, he assailed, PETE Buddha Judge for taken paternity leave, Any man in an important position who takes six months of leave for a new born, is a loser in the old days. and had babies and worked harder to provide for their future. That's the correct masculine response. University of Ostend will launch this summer, offering forbidden courses with provocative questions that often lead to censorship. Oh my God my grief. Diameter is going crazy, guys, it's going crazy, a group of public figures, many of whom are
we'll critics of higher adder launching a new university reports Bloomberg the goal is to address a gaping, awesome or chasm between the poor miss in reality of higher education. The board of advice these include Lonsdale. I've already mentioned that former Harvard University President Larry Summers, former ace You, President Nadine, stressing David Mammoth, Neil Ferguson, has been a guest on the show I should mention. Glenn back is really really excited about this. He read like a very strange scripted. thing on his show check this out. We are challenging a jealous orthodoxy and expect to be scorned, mocked and viciously attacked, but with a healthy amount of courage, determination and yes, money.
Can be done right and when we succeed and look back on this time, we will see that it is a small price to pay for all that we have gained from the choice to be bold today, bright, holy cow. You know we have been saying for a while that the university system will collapse on its own weight and that education is going to have to change, but it wasn't going to do it before a mere. Collapsed on her own weight. Without somebody give I mean that that the histrionics and hyperbole here is Something else is some sort of leadership and End another option. I mean really you're down to Hills, Dale.
As the only university you could go to this university led by these people is remarkable, absolutely remarkable. So listen my drift amateurs going off the charts. If it really is, I do want to say there are people involved with this project that I dont think or bad people. I mean, for example, on the website. One of the founding faculty Fellows is Peter Baggage and who's been on the show a number of times. He, I think, respects me as a leftist who is willing. talk to people of different views and get whatever. I think Peter Boghossian is a good guy and his intentions have always seemed on the up and up to me, although sometimes I just don't disagree with his conclusions about the degree to which that this higher ed stuff is actually the problem that he claims it to be. I have no problem with Peter Boghossian and principal, and he's involved
Tyler Cowan is an economist we ve had on the show. I he's involved He's listed on the website, I think a lot of his I am against things are excellent and I know that he kind of I've seen some shaky cultural stuff from Tyler Count, for the most part I like Tyler Cow in, and I think his economic thinking is interesting. Jonathan heights who's been a guest on this programme and I think has gone Insight into a number of different things, Arthur Brooks is involved, Arthur Books, a conservative, but the type, a conservative that I really enjoy. Speaking with who's been a guest on this programme, he's involved. I had a very good conversation with Neil Ferguson. Ok, fine, why does it feel, like a drift
the drama around the. What I believe is a false belief that academia at this point is just worthless, liberal trash and that there needs to be something like this, which again not accredited. For now that changes will, let you know, doesn't even offered degrees. This just seems like something you can pay for to get classes that my not be that different from the sub stacks of these people that you can sign up for and so for now calling this a university in saying in any way, an alternative to actual universities seems deceptive and like a complete and total drift, that's my view. as of today, bearing in mind that there are people involved with whom I don't have. A problem are ripe and if they want to come and talk to me about it, I'm I'm glad to have them on that's no problem at all. Ok, It's just kind of a funny you kind of closing the loop on a story
of you who have watched my life's dreams where we cover Whitehouse press briefings have seen this Porter in the room from NEWS Max her knee, his emerald Robinson and she is at an end. One of the most shocking, rightwing ideologues I've ever come across. She was recently banned from twitter for posting. Wild anti backs nonsense, including about some kind of element called Lucifer, ACE or Lucifer racing Lucifer, the devil that she claims is ingredient in vaccines. She had a tent very ban on Twitter was let off the ban and then within hours. She is now permanently banned. The daily beast up. So, first of all, if you pull up her account, it's his account suspended twitter, suspends accounts which violate the twitter rules. Newsman started twitter and is permanently banned a band hours later for backs insanity. After serving a seven day, suspension for absurdly claiming vaccines contain a Satan linked. Tracker
emerald, Robinson double down on those claims and was booted from twitter. Now again, I don't like to joke about mental illness. I'm not joking about this, but the view who's about a Satan, related element of vaccines or whatever. These are the types of things where, if your phone remember was insisting on this. You might say it might be good to see a psychiatrist. It might be good to be evaluated for possible delusion psychosis, paranoid schizophrenia. I'm isn't joke news. Max Whitehouse correspondent Emerald Robinson has been permanently suspended from twitter
for repeatedly violating the social platforms, rules against credit spreading covert misinformation. Twitter initially gave Robinson, who is relentlessly pushed anti backs falsehoods for a year, a temporary time out after she posted and insanely absurd claim that the covert vaccines contain a glowing tracking device linked to the devil she declared on Twitter quote dear Christians. The vaccines contain a bio luminescence marker called Lucifer ACE so that you can be tracked. Read the latest book of the new testament to see how this ends she was banned for a week. While some vaccine research has used the enzyme Lucifer race, which has by a luminous and features it is not an ingredient of any covert vaccines on the market. Further It doesn't have any satanic associations, despite deriving it. name from the latin word Lucifer, which means light bearing besides receiving the rep
Man from Twitter Robinson was also benched by news MAX over her false claims about vaccines prior to taking Robinson off the AIR News Max publicly ravine rebuked its controversial star, ok, so cut to yesterday After serving her week, long Twitter lock out the conservative firebrand returned to the social media site with fury on Tuesday morning proclaiming she was back on Twitter, at least seemingly showing thread. Shaded news max for side lining her Robinson then promoted her account on sub stack a subscription newsletter service. Join me, sub stack before I'm band again and then she tweeted one more thing: the knee covert anti body test is called Sates in and it uses Lucifer ACE. No I'm not kidding it's not an accident that they have given
name to this test. It's a warning. Twitter decided to shut her account down for good, permanently suspended for repeated violations of covert misinformation policy unclear whether she will be back on the air. Atta Fox news agenda item foxes at newsman. Again this to me seems like someone who is really sick, really sick. It seems almost beyond her self- it's not even she's doing this as a calculated thing, because it will reap some kind of financial or other reward on the and she's. Potentially just gonna lose her job and she suspended from twitter, and it's hard to imagine to many people would sign up for her sub stack, maybe it's viable. Maybe it's not. She just seemed sick, Unfortunately, you know with a lot of these things. As I said before, there are unbalanced people and its
the matter of what are you come across that you get fixated with just as easily as she's obsessed with an He body vaccine Satan. You know this this type of stuff right now and it seems to be an outlet for a completely delusional person disconnected from reality. It could just as easily be nothing else? It could be flatter. Earth could be J F. K could be water turning dogs gay whatever right it. Just it's it's someone who is susceptible to this because of something that they have going on, and it's not a joke to say in other contexts. If you were apparent and you're sixteen Year Old it started, seeing in serious ways that they have these beliefs. You might say, let's make an appointment with a psychiatrist. It's not a joke, I'm not trivializing mental illness. When I say this as someone who looks very very sick, but for the good of the broader community, it's the right decision to ban her.
Twitter. That's for sure we have a voice mail number, and that number is too on nine to David P, you call anytime, you want here is a collar. This is sad. This actual again, this we're not joking here. This collar feels that his mom is now officially off the deep and based on the bumper sticker. Is she now has put on her vehicle am, I happened. My mom is pre enter button,
They should. I have her cottage. Those Bumpersticker says TAT. Member of e g be algae, be clearly right. Now, that's not algae B. T, remember, f, J B is F Joe Biden and L Gb is: let's go Brandon, which is supposed to allude to ask Joe Biden. It's the same thing at the number of emails and voice miles. I get from people who sound almost despondent like that guy, because a parent, or even sometimes a significant other, has gone completely off the deepened into these non thinking movements. It's actually sat its Jenny, when we say how many people cause- I I just don't know what to do any more. Do I cut this person off there are sometimes parents will call and say my parents are off the.
Bend and I'm wondering if I need to cut them off from my kids- in other words the grand kids of the parents, because I d, I don't wanna Miranda want of hearing the stuff. I don't want him around really really difficult than with Thanksgiving coming up now. Just a couple weeks away, I anticipate I'm gonna keep getting the calls with concerns about Thanksgiving gatherings, as we do every but it seems particularly bad this year, because not only is it do. I want my kids around the anti vaccine in some cases, statements from parents cousin So, whoever do I want? My kids around on vaccinated people do I want to be around on vaccinated people at Thanksgiving, so it's gonna get to be an interesting one letter to put it lightly. A we have a fantastic bonus, show when, for you today, we will talk about. Singapore is now saying if you are on vaccinated by choice, not because of a medical reason. If you're in vaccinated by choice, you not gonna, get free healthcare anymore. If you have covered and your own vaccinate by choice, we're not covering
Your your care g conglomerate g splitting into three companies. Why, and what are they will tell you and a Congress is now getting. I guess you could say more aggressive with carmakers in saying you have to figure out a way to stop drawn drive, and we have to fix this at the car technology level. Is it the right approach and what tools do carmaker? have that they might use to stop drunk driving all of those stories and more on today's bone. Show you can sign up at joint, active dot com, and we will see you then or tomorrow, if you're, not a member
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