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11/12/19: Let's not misunderstand Bolivia

2019-11-12 | 🔗

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--Megan Phelps-Roper, author of the book "Unfollow: A Memoir of Loving and Leaving the Westboro Baptist Church" and former member of the Westboro Baptist Church, joins David to discuss her life in and after the church. Get the book: https://amzn.to/2O1kiZ0

--Much misinformation is spreading about the resignation of Bolivian President Evo Morales, and we go through the actual history of his presidency, constitutional manipulations and election irregularities

--Donald Trump's damage to the United States will long outlast his presidency, and we explore some of the ways in which this will be the case

--Trolling is now considered legitimate political discourse, and it's part of the damage that the Trump administration has done to the US which will take much longer than Trump's presidency to recover from

--Donald Trump thrown into disarray by looming impeachment hearings, tweeting 82 times in one day over the weekend, mostly retweeting Fox News content and sending incoherent messages

--Donald Trump is confronted by chants of "lock him up" at a Veteran's Day parade in New York City

--Extremist Christian Pat Robertson appears to be trolled by a caller claiming that his wife wants to swing with their Christian pastor, but Pat takes the question seriously

--Voicemail caller is either the dumbest caller ever or the most brilliant troll ever

--On the Bonus Show: Deval Patrick considering Presidential run, Amazon will launch alternative to Whole Foods, black man handcuffed for eating a sandwich, much more...

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This is an unofficial transcript meant for reference. Accuracy is not guaranteed.
The David Pakman show at Davidpakman dot com. I wasn't really planning to do a segment about this, but there have been so many bad headaches coming from, I guess what we're calling the red sherry laughed. That's the non priority of term that we ve disagreed on to describe them about the resignation of bolivian President Evo Morales that I feel compelled to discuss it, because the right is just the uninformed about latin american politics. So I really don't have any message for them:
There are a lot of people on the left that are either misunderstanding or just wrong in their conclusions about what has taken place in Bolivia over the last close to fifteen years, calling it incompletely black and white terms. Military coup. So my goal here is to go through the whole story. Hopefully the be enlightening. I know I'll be called a shill and all of the stuff. But who cares right? I mean we, we get one shot it do things the way we actually see them. You only live once and I'm going to do the stories with the new ones that I think they deserve, because that's really what's missing. The problem is there is too much black and white thinking in general. In politics, people are either good or bad of the military is either. Bad socialism is either good or bad. A politician is either a Savior a villain and I know lots of people who work in them, but the feel of mental health, and they tell me you know a lot of the people that come in that I see
they have in their lives all sorts of different things going on that at the router, often caused by black and white thinking about gray areas in life, about jobs, about relationships about their childhood whatever, and I believe that the same is happening in politics and prose specifically with the Bolivia situation. So let's try to put that aside. Let's just all talk like reasonable, oh, no one's shilling. Here some people may be missing some of the facts. Some people may be coming to conclusions that are changed by. Ideology, let's not make these umbrella black and white decorations, and let's try to actually figure out. What's going on so the bolivian President Evo Morales was first in office in two thousand and six a few days ago. He resigned at the request or demand
the Bolivia and military and request her demand. We can argue about it. Is that not actually the most important thing? Why did this happen? A few days ago, there has been rampant speculation about the most recent election of being a bogus election. The organization of American states put out a report saying that the election results were manipulated, including alterations, forced signatures and wide scale data manipulation. Ah now, There is already a debate about this. Well, does that mean the election was bogus or are these just reports of irregularities like you have in many elections, including here in the United States? for me. The real story is actually bigger than this, and I want to ask you this hypothetical. If Donald Trump during his second term, imagine he gets reelected in November and get a second time
imagine that during that second term, Donald Trump change the constitution to allow a third term effective immediately, but then also claimed that, since the constitution was changed, his second term is sort of really his first term under the new constitution. So he should actually get two more and then during the third term, which is really his fourth, he loses a referendum to allow unlimited terms, and then his Supreme Court justices that he has selected say forget about the term limit, stay as long as you want wouldn't be in that situation as progressives who are for the rule of law
we'd be begging, some one to force Donald Trump out. Ok, now, let's talk about what happened in Bolivia, Evermore Alice was elected in two thousand. Six and people were excited because there were good things about his election. He is not its not black and white. He was the first ethnically indigenous president of Bolivia, that's great! In a country that has such a large indigenous population, why did it takes so long to have an indigenous president, fantastic lovely? He reduce poverty during his first term. He offered a much more sensible and pragmatic version of these socialism. That has been a spouse by Hugo Chavez and Nicholas Maduro. He invested in infrastructure and development and grew the middle class great, but like with many of these latin american socialists of the last many DEC,
he's increasingly authoritarian. There is corruption. He was elected to a five year term in two thousand and six he got a new constitution adopted while he was president which allowed two terms, then in two thousand and nine he called for early elections, one and said hey. This is sort of really like my term because I didn't complete the first term under the old constitution. We have a new constitution, so I should we be able to run again in twenty fourteen. It's not objective. We bad to change a constitution, but one should not be allowed to stay in office longer than they were originally supposed to because of changes made under their watch. That's what authoritarian do so. This is already bad. He wins that early. Two thousand nine election calls. It is first terms and I was allowed to run again in twenty fourteen and a court increasingly under his control says yes, he is allowed to run
again, this will count as his second term, not as his a third or his first term, not as a second. He barely winds and twenty fourteen and then says: well, let's do a referendum to abolish term limits altogether so that I can just continue being a real acting in real life. It indefinitely voters reject that referendum in Bolivia. So what does he do? He appeals once again to a constitutional court filled with people loyal to him who say yep, you know what running for office is a human right in Bolivia term limits violate the human rights of a woman. That is so he can run again which he does and winds in adult in an election determined to have significant irregularities at some characterizing, it is completely bogus. So listen I want the military to take control of the country now he'll know I'm from Argentina. I know what happens when the military takes control is bad. Is this a black white military coup
Oh that's, an extraordinarily myopic interpretation that completely ignores history in Bali. For the last thirteen years. If an american president did twenty five percent of what Morales did in the election system in Bolivia, we'd all be demanding their removal. You'll hear comments like well. This all happened because american banking and finance has ruined these countries, including How does that force a president to change the constitution to remain in power longer, and how does it excuse it? These things are not as cut and dry as the evolutionary left is making them out to be so. My request to you is: don't fall for the black and white thinking and, of course, the rebel canary left will say, anyone who is not loudly opposed to this is a pro military coup. Pro american Interventionist Yankee Show, let's be adults, guys, give me a break.
Does not black and white. The way you make it out everyone. I listed some good things early in his presidency. He also is corrupt. We are also seeing a lot of this things happen in Bolivia, that we have seen happen in other places in Latin America, like Venezuela, others. When these authoritarian leaning socialists remain in power for longer and longer periods of time now interesting, leave the left and right share the existence of these factions who suffer from black and white thinking on the right. You have these libertarians and small government people who think their black and white principles tell them every They need to know on the left. You've got the revolutionary left who suffers from a version of the same affliction where they see a situation and they say oh yeah. The military's involves bad and a socialist as the President. That's good and he's an ethnic minority said. That's it that's the analysis and anything else is completely unacceptable. Your pushed out If you don't fall in line with that ideology,
Tell me all the ways I'm wrong on the facts: I'm ready for it, but let's not play these just completely toxic black and white games. That, unfortunately, are happening among the contingent of the left. I've been telling you for time that the damage Donald Trump is doing in the. U S is going to out last his presidency, and this is true both in terms of the practical and the ideological. So as an example, the way in which Trump has coarse and political language and what counts is discourse is going to out last Donald Trump that won't be fixed when Trump leaves face, but a more practical example is that things like the alliances with other countries that from has ruined, will take longer to fix than Donald trumps tenure in office. It would take years after from his gun, repair those alliances with other countries with international institutions and working groups David from a traditional conservative? I guess we call him. He was a speech rider for George W Bush. He wrote an article about exactly this in the Atlantic, called America
trump and he points out a lot of the ways in which Trump's damage to America is going longer than his presidency. One example is even though Republicans before Trump have won the electoral college without winning the popular vote. Trump lost the popular, vote by the biggest margin in history, while still winning the electoral college and twenty. Sixteen that's likely to happen again if Trump gets reelected in twenty twenty and the more that that losing margin is in the popular vote, while still winning the electoral from argues will call into question the legitimacy of our because system- and I agree- and I ve been talking about the electoral College for a long time and from goes on to say, if trust
loses narrowly in twenty twenty. The forty percent of the country that likes him is likely to turn into organised violence which will be destructive to our countries. Social fabric for a very long time may be trumpet try to get the military involved to keep him in office because he feels that he was cheated now. The military is not going to do that, but simply a president we pushed for that would be disastrous for the country and it would allow from to keep harming the United States beyond November of twenty twenty. Now, if Trump loses big, as the David from says, the possibility of democrats fixing everything and quickly is really slim, and we have to recognize that there is going to be a lot to fix and The reality is that this takes a long time, even a much more left wing president. We've ever had before, if it's Bernie, if it's Warren,
going to be able to do everything and fix everything in four years, and this will potentially make people even more disaffected with the political system, because, though, say look, tromp was terrible, but we got him and we put in Bernie or Warren, and they barely fixed anything, because it's of course much easier to break things than it is to but as we know, and then there are things David from doesn't talk about in his peace. I've talked about the justice system, the judiciary, the damage done by Donald Trump Supreme Court and lower court justice Judge selections is already disgusting and it will continue and it will persist for a long time, because those are positions for life and they are going to outlast Trump by a lot the damage of the environmental regulations that were rolled back or skipped may never be undone and every day we fall further and further behind. Where we could be, we don't make progress. We don't deal with the environmental issue, that's by design. This is what they want, but it will
the country long beyond Donald Trump presidency. This is just a partial list, but the idea is to really make clear that we do not fix the problems merely by getting rid of Trump. That's like 1a, the prerequisite to start about all of the things that will need to be fixed. There are people on the left to recognize it. There are people on the right like David from recognize it, and we all need to understand that that that these removal of trump in twenty twenty is not the solution. It's merely step one in starting to repair things. Let me know what you think: I'm on Twitter at the Packman follow me. There
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The David Pakman show at Davidpakman dot com new members of the day or Brian Coffee and Maximus Trade in Brian and Maximus. Thank you so much for your support and I also want to say thanks to Eric Kiersnowski, who is today's long time Spain or of the day, a member for almost five years, join up at joint pachmann dot com support the show. I really appreciate it. One of the things that we ve been talking about is how the political discourse his course and under Donald Trump, but the roots of this actually predate front by quite a bit. Yeah Trump is the anti intellectual president he's oh, oh, lest one of the least least educated and most uninformed elements of the electorate for his benefit, but that was already starting to happen under George W Bush decrying education is lived
and doktor nation has gone back for a while. Republicans have known for a long time that, when people learn critical thinking and upset the monetary they are way less likely to vote Republican, so eve rooted out those subjects from public school curricula in many states where they ve taken control of the boards of education. But there is an element of this then goes beyond simply anti intellectual is, which is that trolling has become considered legitimate political discourse. Yes, Zena Phobic talking points are considered political discourse under Trump. Yes, the stuff that people like Ben Shapiro and Charlie Cork do at college is considered political discourse now, but straight up. Trolling is also considered political discourse. Now so trolling too, so we can define it. Trolling is deliberately posting or say
the most inflammatory extraneous her off topic thing that you can in the discussion so rather than participating in the discussion in good faith. Your effectively derailing the conversation sewing discord. Trying to cause disagreements are and through even just getting people to give up participating in the convention. Altogether and there's a really good piece in wired by Jonathan Albright, who says troll. Is now considered mainstream political discourse. The Overton window of acceptable behaviour in political conversations and discourse has been widened to include
as if it were legitimate over trolling there's a really good study of social media messages which finds that over time, more and more, the message is posted about political issues and about candidates are messages that are sort of a mix of hate speech, harassment, amplifying, unproven rumours and conspiracies spreading fake news, swarming and dog piling people and just direct attacks, character, assassination and insults. The number of comments about politics that are meant to inspire action like voting or activism, contacting elected officials, those are diminishing more and more. Now this is true on the left and right. We don't have to argue in what proportion. The right is much more a purveyor of fake news, much more purveyor of conspiracy theories. It does no question about that. The trolling is mixed. But we don't have to debate who does it more because it hurts the left more, that's the reality. The right wins when fewer people vote right winds when fewer people are engaged
More and more of the discussion is the type that makes people like voting is pointless, like their voice is irrelevant, that they become frustrated and they bail out The right wins when the algorithms in the filter bubbles keep people in their own circles, except for vicious attacks and hate speech and insults so that people do nothing instead of be active, so they watch Netflix instead of be politically active. The oligarchs and the billionaire class get their way because others are bailing out. That's why I say were at a disadvantage. We want to do things and they want to keep things the same. We want to do things they want, no one to get involved so that they can basically maintain the status quo while perpetuating the quality cycles that we've been seeing by creating gridlock and despair and apathy they win. So we have to overcome that and we
do stuff, and this is one of the ways one of the ways in which the Trump era will have destructive effect. Well, John does presidency. However long it ends up lasting earlier, we dealt with some of the other ways that Donald Trump is going to have a the effect on the United States well beyond his presidency. This is one of those ways and it is that trolling and all sorts of other horrible stuff are actually considered political discourse and away to discuss political issues and fear who we want to vote, for that is extraordinary destructive and one of the great insulators against this. If there are many, but one of them insulators against. This is a more educate. Population, a population who understands critical thinking and a pistol just as we talked about yesterday in that segment interviewing, a group of uneducated white swing, state female voters go back and check that one out, if you missed it, I've been telling you for weeks months. That is the pressure mounts around Donald Trump. He will become
more erratic and desperate and panicked, and the public facing expression of this panic is very equally to be tweets, endless, tweets, tons of tweets and we're seeing Donald Trump tweeted. Eighty two times on Saturday. Eighty two times this makes his ten tweet ran of six months ago seem comparatively sane and sober now. What is triggering Trump impeachment, including the public impeachment inquiry hearings starting tomorrow, which will be streaming live on our Youtube channel. The continued incompetence incur should the people around Trump, including Rudy, and Sean Hannity and many others trump realising that tens of millions of people on an out and they want em out now. Trump has been heavily triggered we're gonna look at a few of those tweet shortly we're not going to look at anywhere close to eighty two, but some of the themes and Saul include insulting House Intelligence Committee, Chairman Adam Schiff, about him eleven times. Trump, of course, like the claim presidential harassment against himself but tweeting
Levin Times about one congressmen. It sort of sounds like presidential harassment by the president. Rather than of the president of the whistle blower mentioned eleven times, some version of impeachment mentioned nine times. Let's take a look at some of trumps tweets. A lot of them were actually retreats of various Fox news segments that Trump determined are favourable to him. Sometimes they feed Sean Hannity or others, then there were actual tweets. That Donald Trump wrote like, for example quote, but the witch hunt continues after three years of relentless attacks against Republican Party and me the do nothing These are losers. For America, one tweet was filled with nicknames from saying quote. I recommend that nervous Nancy, Polar Sea who backed up shifts lie shift the atom shift
sleepy Joe Biden and the whistle blower whom oraculous they disappeared, derive release the transcript of the call. The second whistleblower who also disappeared and the eye g be part of the list. Another tweet about the whistle, blower and witch hunts. End quote whatever happened to the so called in form a whistle blower number one seems to have disappeared after I released the Capital T transcript of the car Shouldn t be on the list to testify, which are, of course, the old stalwart presidential harassment in all capital, letters, which is followers just love that when getting a hundred and twenty five thousand likes, this is a tiny fraction of what Trump did just on Saturday. Eighty two tweets: how does he have this much time I mean, I guess, he's barely doing anything else, and maybe that's a good thing, but aside from the content of Donald Trump's tweets with particularly embarrassing and erratic one wouldn't
for emerging that a president would have time to tweet eighty two times in one day about anything. If you take the job seriously and you read briefings and history and non fiction and do all of the things that many other presidents have done, you don't have time, stuff now as much as Brok, Obama, red and researched. By the way he still made mistakes on the job. So how does trump? Even possibly stand a chance if he spends his days tweeting and, of course, once again is the drug issue. In the background of this, this type of manic, over the top behaviour, also common among abusers stimulants Donald Trump. According to some who were behind the scenes on the apprentice, snorts Adderal he's been pictured, with a stack of Sudafed in his desk at Trump Tower, which can also be crushed up, and in ways similar to outlaw, after all, tweeting eighty two times in a day is enough sign. That is making people wonder about stimulant abuse, because it is not normal. Behavior
never mind by the way that he says he only sleeps four hours per day and often is tweeting in the middle of the night, more signs of stimulant use, or maybe better said, abuse of stimulants make sure you follow. The David Pakman show on Instagram for continued average of Trump's tweets at David Pakman show while you're there. I ask you humbly follow me on Instagram as well at David Pack, the Dave Pakman show at Davidpakman dot com
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granted a Megan Phelps Roper, who is author of the book, unfollow a journey from hatred to hope, leaving the Westboro Baptist Church as the book's title implies. Megan is a former member of the Westboro Baptist Church. Have you want? I'm glad that we we finally were able to do. This king by e mail. Since I was still a member of this house. So this is the first time we actually spoken, yeah yeah and for people I mean so people may remember that years ago I interviewed some other folks from the Westboro Baptist church. Some who are biological relatives of yours, some who are not and who, who maybe we won't. We will talk about, but for people who aren't Clear with you, I mean what your childhood in Kansas. What was it like? What's your first sort of memory of the Westboro Baptist Church as what others kind of know it to be.
I mean I was. I was five years old when we first started protesting at a park about a half a mile from my house, lived on the block We know is shared with the church in several. Family members was a fume baby offense, including that whole area, so it for me that space was a refuge. It was, you know it was filled with people. That and who loved me and then, we would go out. These protests thing assent, starting at this local park and then bring from there to be basically your every outside of the church anywhere outside the church was a legitimate target for our protests. And so we would go out there and you know the, play. There was a lot of hatred on our signs say that it was the hatred of God, not our own personal here, reflected back at us was, was ferocious. You know people driving their cars at us
things coming after us on foot in me. I it was It was not an uncommon thing, on time. So these are. These are my earliest memories on the picket line. As far as You were concerned the the things that you were testing were- and I mean I guess. The reason I ask that is the outcome facing side of people are familiar with the protest. They would say: will these her homophobic protests, these protests, that sometimes arrogance the military, their religiously based protest, but lay how did you conceive of them from inside We saw it as loving our neighbor. We were going to warn people of the consequences of their sins, which was an inherently loving thing, according to our understanding of the Bible and their I was not an incurious person. I was not you as long as There was a if we did anything there. Justification from the Bible and as long as there was you know I I was
I believe that that was the infallible word of God and unquestionable, and I just I had to go along with it. Any ceiling or doubt that I had was in of a problem with me, not with the doctrine or with Westboro itself. Now, as you ve talked about the fact that you were doing this from such young age, and maybe this became more of an issue not when you were five, but maybe more like eight nine ten, you had to start dealing with the reaction from people in the community at least to some degree, did you have? Were you sort of like prepared by others in the church for that to happen, and what was the kind of preparation that you were give the defense that you were given yeah. We were absolutely prepared and it was something that we we talked about this every single day. It looks like you're sitting or on our living room with on the third of eleven kids, so we would spend
time every evening. Reading the Bible, memorizing Bible, verses, you know honestly be, The picket itself was preparation on ticket when itself, because you know there your encountering people who obviously strongly disagree with our message and some were willing to to articulate their positions and in arguments We had to be ready always seen of another by more be ready, always to give an answer to every man than ass. You a reason for the hope that a new with meanness here. So it was something that we took deadly serious and and I did to you know we, because we know the whole world was against our message. We needed to be ready with Bible. Mrs, you know in hand memorized, you can't pull out a bible and start looking thing: up when you're standing there summaries yelling your face. You have to be ready immediately to give them into two both to exhort and confute regains airs, as migrants would say, courted by workers.
And when this happened and when people would either challenge you on the the substance of the protest or sometimes, of course it was, it was not about the substance necessarily, but it was you. You're, all terrible people you're doing something. That's horrible you're hurting other people did you? Do you recall that as being magic in some sense, or had you been so prepared for it and sort of equipped for it. That you did not feel it, at least at the time as a traumatic event, the dramatic event and in fact I remember one of a moment early on where we were going. We were going to a protest that scene it was going to be particularly acrimonious, acrimonious impossible, even dangerous and and as a rose, really small I remember, and maybe I'm just being melodramatic, not probably five or six end, and I can't whimpered a little bit, and you know I think, those my mom,
It was my mom who was like basically cut that out of the Lord is with us. I experience you went when people with a kiss of being hateful, but I knew that my intentions were not hateful. I knew that I was trying to to do the right thing to do with no key. Would say that you know the world needs this message more than they need food to eat breather water to train and again I believe that and so I basically just felt misunderstood. Making all these accusations, but a stick. A widow understand, God, has blinded them really work good guidance end and they they just don't get it and you at least at this point that we're talking about right now you were a hundred and ten percent behind that as the interpretation of what was going on at this point, there was not the doubt that later started to surface array. Actually I was- I was all air
at this point and when we talked about when I say your family people may not know, your mom is Shirley Phelps, Roper and then Fred Phelps. Your grandfather was your family sort of loving and other than this switch to the outside appears to be a really horrible thing to expose a kid to, but from the perspective from the church it was. It was a loving thing to warn people into safe people other than that war. Is Europe periods now, having seen the way other people were raised in and live in the world. Was it one of just like a loving household in the traditional stereotypical ways, I would say, there's there's, there's two parts to it absolutely it was full of love and care, and and of my parents- and you know I'm overwhelmed with those positive memory, and the time that we spent together,
yes actually reading it means other than the violet and reading together. My dad would unite the way that my dad did bedtime when I was a kid who is just all these, you know wonderful memories, but then, of course, you don't Thea hard line biblical stand, but that we took towards outsiders, silly apply to us inside as well you know we were held to an extremely high particular, standards. Any deviation from that was cause for for punishment. When I was younger that actually included physical punishment in save use not it was every single time, but it actually did you know frequently enough there into abuse, at least in my family, and and I know that it was. You know that what I experienced was far less extreme, even then what my mom and hurt interracial experience right. So there
There was that side of it and there was you note the the absolute terror that you feel I'm going to hell of, God is going to do to you. If you don't want- the line on everything, I really mean everything. It could come how to look on your face or a tone in your voice. Get you into deep trouble and it's one of those things since I left the release that I feel the sort of constant attribution or ill motives for any possible It just seemed like by the time I left my sister and I, my sister grace left with me by the time we left. You know the way we the way we were describing yourself Everything that looks bad is bad and everything it looks, It is also bad you just as this there there is this one, for sensitive time going on here, but there's an amazing sense of community and togetherness. Em in groups like
There's also the under in view of the high high cost of deviation of any of any sort. So you in Greece vengefully left. But let's, let's build up to that where full four first of all had by the time you started experiencing some doubts or questions, I would love for you details when that wasn't what prime you did, but you are there. Other civil things or cousins or whoever that had also already left at the point. At that point my brother Josh you left when I was eighteen, and he was nineteen, so In close to me, who left the church I had heard about my municipal ends of my mothers who had left, and they were just understood to be how bout and hated, by God end and just essentially disposable. But you understand people who leave. Are there disposable?
in our family anymore, you know, there's a passage where Jesus says, who is my mother and whoever you are my brother in these that do the will of God, so the people in the we're a family and everyone outside of that wasn't right Oh yes, and so there there were others. They were cousins. Other cousins were left as well, and so I have you, samples, but they were not. You don't take them. Example to follow you take you. Take him as an example of what you want to avoid is actually almost the opposite effect. It's not some like when somebody leaves that's close to you. You don't feel like want to follow them. You feel like you want to. Prove yourself. It's almost like you so yourself, even more deeply into the work of the church to prove that you're not like them, that things not there and is that what was there an air did you feel as though, when someone would leave that there would be an error of suspicion that would be upon you and others here, yeah an end
just worried and I needed to show people that I wouldn't look up. You know when You know pretty close to her and and I wouldn't look out near the email that I sent afterwards, the whole church. Basically, feeling the need to say that things about her, just to show that I was not on the same page so yeah. You asked a question about yes, wolves, so that's it I mean so that gets as to what you had observed in terms of people separating while you were still there, and I mean I guess I'd be I'd- want you're a little bit about what started the questions, and yet doubts and the sort of looking into other world views rate. So On twitter and she doesn't nine and I didn't go on Twitter, because I was looking to have my mind changed. I got on Twitter to spread us brows message, Jos, and I do not remember when that happened in fact than if correct me. If I'm wrong, it wasn't just you, but there were a couple of your sisters who were maybe also doing the same
I was the only one reading publicly for a while ago, I feel like it was made. It may be about a year, some link, then, and then yes, absolutely and much more people got on my mom got on. She was at dear Shirley, Margie yet and thence I think, said somewhere and, and others also so yeah but you know one again when I got on, I wasn't try. I was just trying to show other people while they were wrong, why they were wrong. But over time there were a lot of things about twitter that that we're really power, to me first of all, like the first thing- and this was the think, the one thing that I was conscious of was with only a hundred and forty characters. You know there, space for the kind of insults that we just you know through around all the time. Again with you remember that era, but it was constant.
Yeah I mean I I remember when Marge you called me a titmouse which might have had some. I mean that wins pretty short and pithy, but a lot of much more involved than required you know, sort of being able to be could be a little bit more verbose, yes, and so my mom ever tat basely every time she would like George W Bush was the President I'm so she would say bombastic. Blowhard big mouth faster, and so like theirs was based on twitter, and then I realized that even when there are even when there was space, even why did make this base for it. You know I would watch the conversation immediately just go off the rails and were no longer talking about this fee. Electrical point that I feel so important. Now, it's this person being defensive because stupid name, and so I learned not to do that. That was the first kind of stuff. I think for me away. I mean that was just a difference is slightly different communications
yeah. I guess that opened the door to at least interacting with people in a different way. You still have your view. They still have theirs they're wrong you're right, but at least the method of communication has shifted a little bit slightly exactly but then you know so then, but one of the first people that I attach when I got on Twitter with this guy David Abbot Ball, who ran a blog country, wishes and because because he was jewish because you don't Jews, kill Jesus. As you know, as I've been told many times and so anyway, so he on. He initially responded, like many other people, too slick full still he and then but frequently he recognized it he's a later. You recognise that I was sincere and that he thought it was important to articulate no, why? Why have we as a society rejected messages like West browse? For them?
well who were following both of us who would see both of us. He thought it was important to offer a counterpoint, so he wasn't even necessarily at first trying to reach me specifically and so, no guns, overtime of everybody here, we're having conversations for he's, asked me persons, but our biggest signs. I'm asking him questions about Judaism and where's the olive each rotten and deal. The reason I'm asking is that I want to find better ways of countering his points, but he was the first person You know after that? Nobody year of conversation who found the fur internal inconsistency in Westeros Doctrine, and for me, like that, was asked the moment that was the beginning of the end It was actually won. I realize this morning he exclaimed. I went back and looking at the further as a couple of videos interviews that you have done that I wanted to make I may remembering this correctly somewhat.
A couple women you you you mentioned at in mentioned the death penalty for the same clank of the death penalty, for gaze and in it I was there, no point a data mining, I'm saying what you know my own said to you is that punishment is good enough for God, for us, that's right, the mosaic code calls work, and so therefore you know about that's it. That's that's the standard in David said Jesus saying let he who is without sin, cast the first stone you didn't mention that you mentioned the other point that David made, which was message. My mom, you know, had my oldest brother out of wedlock and We had answers to both of those arguments when somebody would say you know what he was without sin. As the first stone we would say, we're not casting stones were preaching words and David the obvious response to that which is yeah but you're, advocating that the government customs and you know who were there is endless,
and then also put the point about my mother, we would always say you know she repented about sin, and so therefore she doesn't start up punishment. But of course again, if you, somebody as soon as they sin, then they don't have the opportunity to repent and be forgiven. Few just you know, and so I realise, of course, that if my mother had been, my my family wooden exists, the hypocrisy of it was so apparent to me and so yeah. It just was, I didn't know what to make of it. You know I decided to stop holding that sign. I went to my mother and a couple of the older people in the church and ask about this and the. Told that you know I'm getting wrapped around an actual and the point is there go linked to institute the death penalty in, and I just really you know we were making this a litmus test. Why? Why is that? You know? Why isn't the fact that they're not doing it like? Actually what you're doing what Jesus said: thing. You know trying to kill me
for their sins, giving them the opportunity to repent and be forgotten so that for me, that that was. First time I realized that we could be wrong. You know I believe before that all my life there always an answer. You know something something I want that would explain our position and so yeah. This is my blowing for me. Let's put conversation with Megan Phelps Roper there. We will have part two of the interview coming up on the program tomorrow. You will also be able to see the entire interview uncut and unedited, as I always present them to you on our Youtube. Youtube dot com, the David Pakman show. Pakman show at Davidpakman dot com, the David Pakman show is audience supported, media and you can can,
any amount you want on patreon as little as one dollar per month, plus you can get the daily bonus show world famous at this point and the daily commercial free tv show by making those pledges at patreon dot com, David Pakman show. This is audience supported. Media we depend on the support of our viewers and listeners weather. Listen to the podcast watch on Youtube or watches on tv or even listen on the radio patreon dot com, David show the David Pachmann Shell, David Pachmann, Dotcom Donald Trump was confronted with more brutal chance of lock him up yesterday at a better and stay parade. It has not been so good for Donald Trump at public events recently other than one's where his audience is either hand picked like rallies or in deeply parts of the country. Like
Alabama over the weekend. Trump went the game. Five of the major League Baseball World Series in Washington DC a couple of weeks ago. He was met by just relentless brewing and chance of lock him up. Last week he went to a UFC fight in New York. City also met relentless booing, then he went to a football game in Alabama and actually got some cheers and then yesterday spoke at a very. Wednesday parade in New York City, and it was ugly the crowd filled with signs like impeach Trump signs that a traitor. Criminal law come up and then, of course, the chance of lock him up, lock him up RO back by the imo, realizing that some people may not know what lock him up stems from. This is a throwback to the chance of lock her up, referring to Hillary Clinton over her emails. How quaint that seems now during the twenty sixteen republican national convention. You might remember now indicted former Trump National We invite her Michael Flynn was involved in leading a chant of lock. Her up.
We so many others during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign. This is Trump's hometown New York City and he's hated. Every public appearance is becoming one of these. Please clap moments for Donald Trump, and let's be really honest about the true income grew in sea of Trump speaking at her veterans Day parade, I am hard pressed to think of a president, less supportive of our veterans than Donald Trump he said: he'd fix the visa and veterans health care he's not done. It he's attacked gold, star family, using gone to war with the family. Of deceased military captain, Khizr Khan? He attacked former, owner of war. Late Senator John Mccain. He said that avoiding sexually transmitted diseases from women he slept with was quote his own personal Vietnam. After getting a bogus doctor
how to avoid going to the real Vietnam which, by the way, I would have done the exact same thing. It was a completely pointless in terrible military engagement. That's actually not what's at issue here. Trump wanted to use the military for own political gain by having them go guard the border with Mexico during a completely fabricated immigrant caravan crisis which, by the way, who whatever happened to that it's no longer politically useful, so it simply not being mentioned but expect that it might experience a resurgence as we get closer and the November of twenty twenty election he claims to be donating money to veterans charities, got the public relations benefit of those donations, but then never actually gave the money. Aside from the fact, crowds are increasingly hostile to Donald Trump. The guy has no business whatsoever speaking at a veterans Day parade. I can't think of an MO
to hearing from you is there any other president that has been more hostile to the Terry and veteran community. I can't think of one at least not recently hey. This is, however, is not done anything like this for a while, because we haven't talked about christian televangelist, Pat Robertson for a long time he's still at it, he's hosting his seven hundred club, program he's eighty nine years old. He still has that same co host. He still takes these audience questions where you can't tell if they are parodies or serious questions from people who don't realize that it doesn't make any sense to go to Pat Robertson for advice. I was sent this clip yesterday. Were someone said David, you ve, gotta, see this Pat Robertson got a question from some guy who claims Wife wants to bring in their christian pastor as her extra lover she wants to swing or she wants an open relationship or something whither pastor and the husband wet, pat Robertson, asking what should I do so when I heard about this before even watch I was wondering, is Pat Robertson going to take it seriously.
Will he identify it as a fake trolling question? I don't know if it's a joke or if a real, but what I knew immediately was if Pat Robertson takes it seriously, he is going to a tribute his wife's behaviour, the aim at the viewers wife's behaviour to demons, because with TAT Robertson, Everything is demonic over the last ten years on this programme. That Robertson has called the following things: demonic secondhand sweaters that you get at goodwill. They could have demons attached to them from the previous owner Ouija boards yoga anything Harry Potter, Feng, Shui, the I guess. It's japanese design, interior design of the martial art horoscopes? The twilight series paintings of Buddha TV shows about ghosts.
Halloween. Obviously psychics young girls who levitate their friends at sleepovers, definitely demonic, and sometimes even children that you adopt from other countries can come with demons attached according to Pat Robertson. So let's get right the clip. How does he handle it exactly as predicted? This is Michael, Patrick Sister, Pat I've been married to life for eight years and we are very active in our local church. Last week she shocked me when she said she wants her pastor to be her quote extra lover. Not make any sense. Since I give her all the love and compassion that I can give our pastor does not know her plan. Should I talk to him first before she tells him you better talk to somebody The way this is like a logical, go, there's six problem. She is captured, probably by some day Molly Spirit, but what she sang
She's married to you, has a successful marriage with you. You give her whatever she wants, but she wants a quote that extra love her when she get the concept yep there. It is it demonic, possession for sure. I love how he diagnosis, demonic, possession same casual way that a plumber tells you the flap or on your toilet, needs to be replaced. It's like the exact same demeanor, oh yeah, that that's demonic, possession, that's what that is, then this is also funny later in the clipped. The co host seems visibly shocked that someone who's active in a christian church could also be wanting to have sex with her pastor. Outside of marriage. Take a look where does she get the concept that is absolutely wrong and she's active in her local church, so she she's. No, that's being axiom ensures really does mean Nothing much just means you're activated this Minnesota. You, know, you're you're, giving over to the Lord, chocolate faster and you need to
I'll. Let him know what's going on and then you need to get that wife to some kind of counseling and deliverance cuz. She she's being captured by something sounds extremely evil by Pat Robertson. Actually correct here I mean he's completely out of his mind, but he's just being active in a christian church does make you anything, and he could not be more right about that. One little thing a broken clock right. I guess once every few decades, in this case it's sounds to me, like the wife needs, a good old fashioned exorcism to solve this problem Is this fake or not? I mean, on the one hand who would even right to Pat Robertson, with a problem like this. I who who thinks that Pat Robertson could solve any problem, but at the same time he still going he still on air, so there must be some people that Sea Pat Robertson has a purveyor of good sound advice which may be the scariest thing of all. I want to
from you leave a reply. It leave a comment if you're watching on Youtube or send me a tweet at De Pachmann after following me. Of course, do you think that this was a serious question, or is this just a statistical troll speaking of satirical trolls? We have a voicemail number. That number is two thousand one hundred and ninety two David P, I'm going to play a voicemail for you today. It is very short: it's only fifteen seconds long this is either one of our most uninformed collars ever or an absolutely genius satirical voice actor. This, I think, is related to rest conversations about how educated versus uneducated white voters vote american elections. Take a listen to this. You be the judge most,
collar ever or brilliant satirical boys actor blowhard, you legal had little flackered. Yes, that's why people I never gave like you dumb suckered, you think yard you gave it. This is racial discrimination. Maybe we ought to change you back to Poland up you, so I would think, is real, except send me back to Poland. I don't know where that came from, so I don't know you tell me you. Let me know either by replying. If you're watching on Youtube or shoot me, a tweet at Dpac meant. Was that real or was that satire on today's bonus? Show Massachusetts, governor, Deval, Patrick, is reportedly exploring late entry into the twenty twenty democratic primary. Now you will remember some of you will remember that the ball, Patrick, has been a good friend to the day Pachmann. Show I've interviewed him a couple of times, despite the fact that he would call me mark not David, that's ok he's busy guy. He has been pretty good
make himself available to the David Pakman show when he was governor and he is an interesting potential entrance with some pretty status quo, corporatist, in his background, including being the lawyer for Coca COLA, so we will talk about that on today's bonus show we will talk about. Amazon launching a new grocery store as an alternative to whole foods? Amazon bought whole foods now they're going to compete with whole foods, don't worry, I'll explain it all. On the bonus show and a viral video of black man handcuffed handcuffed for eating a sandwich at a train station, officials are now apologizing for what was a really cringing interaction on the behalf of the police officer, I will mention we will discuss all of those stories and much much more on today's bonus show. Two ways to get access to the bonus show number one become a member
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