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11/19/21: The Trump Fraud People Are Inside the House

2021-11-19 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin is mad that the media cares that his own son tried to vote illegally, twice

--Former Trump election fraud lawyer Cleta Mitchell has been named to the Board of Advisors for the federal Election Assistance Commission

--Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is now begging his viewers for money as a result of the defamation lawsuit he recently lost related to the Sandy Hook tragedy of 2012

--Caller discusses immigration open borders

--Caller talks about gas prices and electric cars

--Caller takes issue with some portions of the left

--Caller discusses anti-vax sentiment in Europe

--Caller talks about Donald Trump taking power without winning the 2024 election

--Caller brings up the Kyle Rittenhouse trial

--David responds to viewer emails

--On the Bonus Show: The world-famous Friday Bonus Show with Producer Pat

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Welcome. Everybody hope. Everybody's weekends are looking good last weekend before Thanksgiving. As a reminder. We're gonna be here Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday next week, and we will we off Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving Holiday few stories. wanna go over with you today. You might remember that the day after maybe it was two days after the election. In early November. We learned that the seventeen year old Son of the Republican Virginia governor Elect Glenn Young and tried to vote two times two times he tried to vote despite being over Seventeen years old, well, fine,
We Glenn yanking has been asked about this and Glenn young kids reaction is to be upset. That the media is focused on what his son did saying it. really no big deal and it's sort of unclear if severed seventeen year olds can vote. No. No, it's not So this is one young kids reaction. He doesn't like the fact that people care about the fact that his son tried to vote illegally. just as it was silliness. I think there is there's really fusion on where's seventeen year old can can vote or not so that a friend you who suggested that be able devoted. One have been asked I know my son really was incredibly respectful, young man yeah and any presented is when they said he couldn't boat. He said: okay, anyone school cell.
Do I am a little bit frustrated that become in other media, paid much attention to it. It's my seventeen year old Son and I really would like ever Bailey my family alone yeah. So, let's see if we can break that. First of all, he tried it twice. He tried it twice, not once so. It's not just well. You know he just What would you let me vote in Braille? Oh well, let me try another places. If they'll, let me vote there is no, confusion about whether seventeen year olds can vote there. There's if you do, you have to be eighteen in order to vote now. There's one caviar it's not even a caveat many people know about which is, if you will be eighteen at the time of a general election. in many I think it's in many states, maybe it's a federal rule. You can Owed at seventeen in the primary so imagine aims Seventeen year old, David Pachmann at the time of the primary, but at the time of the
general. I will be eighteen I'd be allowed to vote in a primary, even if he was confused, they clarified for it. They clarified it for him. The first time he tried to vote so then the second time was what what are we supposed to believe about the second time and, of course, guys if Glenn younger son could legally vote on Firstly, he would know that and his dad would be saying all of us are voting for me. Obviously, maybe they would have even done it together for the photo opportunity, like the idea that it wasn't discussed in the family or it wouldn't have been he was old enough to vote. I'm counting on you wrote son are their seventeen year olds in this country. That dont know I knew from age seven that you have to be eighteen to vote in the United States. Few surveyed seventeen year olds in high schools nationwide? What percentage you think knows that you have to be eighteen to vote very high number. We have an ignorant country in many ways, but just about every
school knows you gotta, be eighteen, devote and just imagine for a second what right wing media would be doing if it was Terry a call of seventeen year old son or daughter, who had tried twice to vote in an election that their dad was running in its Soulier outrageous speaking of outrageous folks. This cannot be right. This can't possibly be. It is a Trump advisor lawyer, who was involved in the effort to try to change the election results by pressuring Brad RAF Inspector in Georgia, She has now been appointed to a federal election panel. It it is what it is, Trump adviser appointed to panel on? U S, elections, rights, the Associated Press, the? U S, commission, on civil rights has appointed to affair
Election Advisory Board, a prominent republican attorney who assisted Trump in his failed effort to overturn the twenty twenty election results. Cleaner Mitchell is cleaner. The female version of cleanness never heard that for cleaner Mitchell was name to the board of advisers for the federal election assistance. Commission, the advisory does not have the ability to directly make policy, but can reckon and voluntary guidelines. The e c certifies Voting Systems advises local election office on offices on compliance with federal election regulations Mitchell was nominated by the republican appointed members on the commission and approved by a majority vote. Mitchell is a prominent public and lawyer who joined Trump on a genuinely second phone call with Georgia, Secretary of State Brad Wrath and spurred on the call trump implored wrath and spurred or two find him enough votes for him to be done
They are the winner. Remember that guy's. I need eleven thousand votes him. You re exactly, which was won by Michl claimed. She found possible examples of fraud in the state, but the Secretary of State Office told her? Her data was incorrect. She says I am honoured to have been selected with by partisan support. That's true. At least one Democrat did vote for her to be given this position. Guys. It's listen is this. Should this be illegal. No issue essentially going to do something wrong in this position. No, I guess not, but the optics of this are absurd. She was on phone with Brad wrath and spurred or saying we found fraud? You gotta run You the results, and now she's gonna, be on a panel that advises election offices on voting systems and preventing,
broad. It's I don't even know that I can call it a grift. Is it just the incestuous nature of american politics? Is it a drift? Is it is it Something else I don't know, but it's very very depressing Alex Jones is now begging for money from his audience for the lawsuit that he lost on the Wednesday Bonus show. I told you that in a case where the plaintiffs are sandy hook, parents of victims from the sandy hook shooting and twenty twelve, the plaintiffs are suing Alex Jones for defamation. The court has found against Jones, but not on the merits. Yet on the basis that Jones is obstructing discovery. That's the findings so far, so he's trying to prevent this from even getting to the next level, where he may actually be found liable for damages for defamation itself out
Jones is now saying he needs money. He needs two million dollars in order to pay for all of us. Take a look at what he had to say. The trials even already been found guilty by default. Trot. It tells you how guilty I am now. Even that's deceptive I've been found guilty by default. You obstructed discovery you're supposed to allow discovery, didn't it's not guilty by default, it you're not allowing discovery. Putting a lot of my fighters and a lot of money for the appeals, so, I can't spend the money we have paying our crew and running but it media outlets guidelines. People right without your support and for wars, is doing its most important work ever right now, so would argue that. That's not true! This is no brainer. Please go to. Shaven for wars that come make. ten dollar donation, a thousand pollination wealthy people out there, you're free Reach is being destroyed
in four wars is just the first. You know most wealthy people, most people, but certainly most wealthy people know their free speech is not being destroyed. Their free speech is fine. All and if wealthy folks don't start spending their money promoting voting freedom. We're gonna lose this country. And we're gonna lose the world luge please go to shaven for wars that comets give Then go their great folks. Repatriation, We're ban everywhere else. You mail, raise money, and this will help keep us the fight for the next few years. So I never issued an alert to serious. I need your help right now. That's also not true. There is always some alert stand up for yourself, Here I stand up for free space standard. America and don't want these bullies into a body. Please donate right now, save him. Ok. Now that is what desperation looks like, but I hate to tell you guys he's raising a bunch honey, this campaign started a day and a half ago the goal is two million dollars
he's already raised just a few dollars short of a hundred thousand dollars by the time that this clip gets published in today's podcast Was it may be a lot more money? So this is what desperation looks and sounds like. I guess, risk, as we may lose info wars altogether. If we dont donate to Alex Jones, which doesn't seem like it would really be that bad of a thing. Quite frankly, it seems like actually that that might be something as positive influence, so Alex Jones. As I told you not yet actual found liable on the merits of the defamation case, but they are declining to actually do it. They're supposed to do when it comes to discovery to even allow this to go forward. Despite a judge's requests, ash demands, depending on what you want to call them, and now Alex Jones is turning it into the drift of rifts he made money by making life, but lying about sandy hook. He then got sued and now is trying
make money by painting himself as the victim as a result of not participating in what the court said, he has do discovery. for this case. I don't think anybody in my audience is going to donate, but people are donating, he's already up to almost one hundred thousand dollars and probably more by the time we published this club. It's an amazing time that we live in. I want to remind everybody again: we will be off next week, Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday. Just so people don't Melanie, say David where's, the shout where the show I we're gonna be authors, in Friday. We will be her Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, we're going to take a quick break. I wanna hear from some of you. I have questions to answer. I have ie males to address and show you. You can also, of course, find me on Twitter at De Pachmann. Look forward to hearing from you. One of our sponsors is nebula whose interests using their newest shower head, the nebula by Mon quattro. It was designed by former
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some people in the audience. We do this to be a discord. David, pachmann, dot com, slash disk and let's see who's who wants to chat today, let's start today with Aaron from LOS Ang, was California Aaron you're on the air I just wanted to ask you rob real quick. As I know the eastward in on this debate, what your opinion let's say revolving door like an open door up border policy I've been reading law and I'm like a real actually, although on our really big fan Reagan. One of the few things I did enjoy I did like about his about his horses were his immunity. Policies such as like the browser programme and different programmes such as like getting amnesty to the undocumented since I was just wondering what's your take on immigration. Well, when you say
revolving door or open door- you would you you mean just anybody can come in and out work, no screening whatsoever. What what? What do you mean? Specifically yeah, warlike or at least alleviating it for seasonal workers to be able to come in during the agricultural seasons when it's ASEAN and allowing them to return at any time, usually during the season to go back on yeah. I see a lot of those things. I am very much in favour of. I do think there need to be some immigration controls. I am not for an open border. I am. I am not for this sort of fully libertarian a libertarian idea of total free movement. Of labour and people I just practically speaking. I dont think that that would work, but we ve gotta give permanent status to Dhaka recipients number one guest worker program, absolutely people, often when they say shut this down shut that down they don't understand.
And not only the degree to which industries are dependent on workers from other countries sometimes undocumented, but also why some of the things that they have our far cheaper as a result of that labour, and it's very hypocritical when you hear people who want the cheap stuff, if stuff gets more expensive, they would attack whoever the president is, but they also want that very same president. To quote: keep people out income, It doesn't make sense it I'm for a whole bunch of the things you are proposing, not open borders, but for a lot of the things you're talking about yes, of border security, though how that work he has ever my understanding. Our currency border security is not only the Torricelli corrupt, but it's also just like not working. I mean people are still able to. like this, was there to be able to prevent, I guess, links on traffickers refer me, but there still managing till. I come in now. Eight that benefits there's, never been in industry. Thought I was just wondering like enters aboard,
security. How shall we refrain that? So it's not just like a black hole that we're just spending a lot of the taxpayers money on will two things. We are disproportionately focused on people just physically crossing the border, rather than people flying in just staying here or coming in with a visa and staying. So one of the first things you have to think about is you can disincentive people from doing the illegal crossings by making it less necessary to do that, and so a lot of the programmes you're talking about guesswork or programmes, etc. They
They remove a lot of the need to come in the way that you're talking about. So we just need to be thinking about it. You are completely right that if you just change one thing, it doesn't change the entire dynamic. We need to be thinking much bigger than you do appreciate the call. Thank you so much, there's Aaron from LOS Angeles. Let's go next to want. We try Mitch from Toronto, Canada Mitch you're on their aid. Ever. Do you hear me? I can hear you finer, ok, great longtime listener actually just became a member of the other day. Great
love your programme. Thank you. We see it now for sure. So I don't know if you follow anything going on Canada. That is what I wanted to ask you about was more, I guess, cross border. Anyone has do with the environment and kind of like where things are going in the future and to remain a gas prices are getting crazy appear in Canada, at least in Ontario they're they're, getting crazy. I think they're getting pretty expensive and in the U S is well. What are your thoughts on lake moving people to electric cars, subsidizing that and if you have any thoughts on like how that how that's playing with with homeownership condo or otherwise? I would love to hear your thoughts on kind of scenario, lemming I'll get back to the second part. Yes, I mean listen, gas prices are going up, they are not at historic highs but their higher. I am a huge advocate of electric cars I've had one now for over a year. I think that it there
incredible. Double standard where you have the very same people complaining about high gas prices and blaming them on Biden want to prevent by from doing more on building an electric vehicle charging network and subsidizing electric vehicles. Incentivize electric view: goals, etc, etc. We have some subsidies at the state and some at the federal level for electric cars, it's not nearly enough. So if you want to solve the gas price problem, let's get off of gas. That's number one! Now number two in terms of the homeownership and condo thing. I listen to a very interesting podcast recently, which basically says the path forward. Is we need government to subsidize retrofitting you go building by building structure
by structure and you put solar panels on the roof or in the yard, depending on whether its urban rural, you replace and retrofit heating systems to be modern, ultra efficient. Often they are here pump? Many split systems, although there are many other ways, it is not just one system, but here we gotta get off of burning oil for heating, certainly be. Sport electric is like one of the least efficient. It's a disaster you replace stoves with alter efficient you electric and I love gas as much as the next person, but in this way you create each building takes in solar power, has the most efficient electric elements for cooking and heating and you ve got a car charger, so your charging, the car?
with the sun it? This is the process you ve just got to start doing it. You got it. You gotta start going building by building governments, gotta figure out how to do it. We gotta get off this gasoline stuff. We just have yeah yeah yeah yeah. What is that podcast? Some curious where you're getting some of your nation. I wished. I remembered what it was. I just don't know problem. No, let me see if you I'm Gimme Gimme one. Second, let me see if it's still in my Spotify history, I'm just looking at it on my on. While you're looking I'm also curious what kind of electric car you ve been driving, I've been driving a Tesla. Ok, you ve been driving it s an hour, you driving the lake, the Van Sudan, and I think that's the model acts. Are you on the model ass? Well, I don't want to say specifically because the veal What kind of conspicuous you? No sir? I don't you know it might have been. It might have been brain stuff, but I do No, I don't know what the podcast was, but an outdated in the winter. How do you find it in the winter? Well, the thing with electric vehicle,
it is. When you use the battery to run the heat pump to heat the car, it does consume sing if it can be more battery, so the range is notably decreased in the winter. It's never been a problem, particularly with the super charging network and a high speed charger home it. It's never caused a problem for me by there's trips, where in the summer. I might finish the trip at forty percent were on rolling in twenty two percent in winter. If I'm running the hot it seventy or something like that, that's good to know, yeah, I think so much take my call. I really pretty shaded and dumb. I would love to hear more of your thoughts on this kind of stuff on your programme. At any point, if you decide to cover it, I'm really interested in in some of the more granular stuff around us I would love to hear more without already. I very much appreciate the call thanks. So much of our I take care what you guys pretty solid calls today so far, not ruin it. Please please. Nobody ruin it.
Why don't we go next to Brett from leave its Indiana. Is that right brought correct it. However, me I can hear you find our at perfect hold on a second those horrid, discreet. Sorry, discretion is key with many of these calls, for I am at school, so I don't want to anybody, but anyway so few questions we'll be quick, so please self for me as a national guard member, do you think it would be cheaper if the Euro they spent more on the national Guard as compared to active duty. I don't understand, I don't know if you're in. form, guy or not. I just was curious as to your thoughts on that high dont know enough about that. To comment substantively to be honest, or understand I mean it's just if we spend more domestically, certainly mathematically could save more. You know we wouldn't had to spend money. Sending them to another country would could focus on it sluggish using oak as there are military. We're like they do.
Something as simple as work on railroad tracks are you now. You know why chosen dryers. You know, there's even combat medics ashes. My view interesting question. I will look into it. I appreciate it so You now say it's my last question: do you know if there's with the infrastructure, fine just signed there is a possibility of MAC trains being included into utter? Has I tried to look into that? I didn't see anything about it, so I know that there is a third of the designation of money for specific. We for rail and there's all though a designation for public transit and both of those things content train travel. I dont know. Let me put it this way. I haven't seen anything about maglev trains specifically, but that doesn't it is in there or it is in there. I just haven't seen it at that level of granularity
because when I was in Paris, I went from Paris to measure it on a magnetic doctrine. I was very impressed the speed I was like, while only I like you did it did you say Madrid measured as Paris. Are you talk about Madrid, Spain I like that I've never heard a pronounced Madge rid, but I sort of like it or Japan, on what language on speaking. So, if I'm speaking spanish I'll say like migrate, but if I speak in it to like you know, much bigger outsiders. Measured, hey, listen if its work! No, I love it is working for you keep going. I like it already. I appreciate your time, or at any rate, there is Brett from indian Apple is dropping in a variety of different opinions, questions, comments, etc. You know I believe last week we tried to talk to Isaiah from ARC Adele. And we had a technical problem. Let's try Isaiah we didn't get on last. We did we Isaiah. Can you
Can you understand me now? I can there's no way loud background, is of some variety, I'm hearing, no power tools, I'm hearing, no Delhi slices or waits being dropped. Its very clear today, I don't know that way, slicer and if they could be qualified, I think, be moving out in the world that I was just curious. I've known just then a lot on the west because of autumn wanna people on the left like doing always that China and Russia are really rats and among a light, colored specific name, her side but when looking at I'm sure, you are familiar with. What's going on with ours but for your audience the China Bowers, which is basically a puppet of Russia, is essentially
gauging inhuman human trafficking, and espionage, the basically sabotage the border of the European Union, and I feel I if you ever bring up that pay, these countries may not necessary align with U S, foreign policy, that may disagree with her times. That does not mean they are good countries. They are frightening to deep boy, Brody the Craddock World order you like this something that needs to be acknowledged. More often yeah right, you know I'm your ear very much you're the it's a very astute point which is theirs contingent of the left that I basically make every certain not to engage with. I just don't I'm. I don't find them interesting. These her lefties, who, in in the nineteen Sixtys and Seventys in Argentina, when my parents were growing up there
were all over the place and it was sort of like the the less is bad people and it doesn't matter if anyone, if, if you, if you are a part of the west- and you say anyone else- is doing something- that's bad urine parry list, your whatever it's a really old script, and when I see these folks now, it just reminds me of the people My parents described kind of my parents very much on the left in Argentina in the Sixtys and Seventys, but they found those supposed leftists really is into fearing with social democratic goals, not not actually helping. I try not to engage because it's just so boring it, so it's so but passe, but you're, absolutely right, people like, for example. If you look at the comments of my recent clip, Rice had hey, you know what a lot of that I know virus xenophobia. We're seeing against Asian Americans. It's disgusting there's no place for it, but here's some actual stuff that we could look at that. China's doing that we should
concerned about it, doesnt aligned with my values and a lot of comments, are but David the? U S does bad stuff too, or you didn't men, in this one thing that the euro- we're not talking about that. We're we're just on point we're having a precision we're on pointing out hey here's things that don't align with my values, saying go to war, I'm nothing anything of an absolutely myths, its especially disappointing to me. Fairly young, I was born after nine. Eleven, ok and what got me engage with politics is every single day growing up, being reminded a war, a war in Afghanistan, Iraq and should not be. I know people who, sir Just a few order me certain. I ran off no people whose parents serpent IRA yeah in Iraq and Afghanistan, so that was never present day. So when I voted for
four bide anyhow nortons off my vote as are really matter by still voted for him and just I'm getting out of Afghanistan, even with all the issues afterwards wasn't there for me and then, when I saw the west anytime anyone would say okay, but the Taliban is still bad and China moving here and there and which is also bad decide to things, can be true. What's the oasis of being against a war in Afghanistan or something like that is right. You dont want destabilizing and war, more than fair yeah. There's a lot of words like it sounds like they. They say: okay, either China, doing something: that's bad or the? U S is bad and it's ok hold on a second the you has a history of doing bad things and hear stuff some stuff. China's doing that, we too it's it's the blue
can a white thinking is is is disturbing and I'm glad you're thinking and talking about the stuff, a thoughtful curious did you did you in the recent Argentina like I did not know. I moved to the: U S when I was five, so I've never been registered to vote in Argentina and my my documents aren't even current. So if I wanted to vote in Argentina first, I would have to renew my documents to be up to date, update where I'm living register as such whose living in another state and wants to vote it ito it. I just have I've I've, not I've not done it. I've never voted in Argentina I saw the pair honest party suffered a setback, but I too you can buy the honest just, don't know enough about argentine politics than ours the new parties are actually that much
differently anyway. Well, the Youtube. Just from the last thirty seconds. You know more than ninety nine point. Nine percent of American so consider that I consider that a success. I note that south american politics like to people like to be He wasn't a power to the people and in its one, family controls already in pockets automatic. Yes, yes, that very often the way goes, no you're out. Eureka come but hold on a second you're, not credit rising America. When you say that I mean I'm getting old Now I was meaning specifically. I know I'm kidding around there are people has our aim, people you were talking about earlier. They would hear you say that and they would go, but the? U S eyes, families tightening they would lay like. Well, we had the bushes row light the Bush family, three, I will say arkansas- is getting kind of dynastic paying out. Oh, if you captain with this Sarah. How could be yeah yeah, yeah yeah is the old.
We candidate now she's going to be governor. All the others drop down, endorsed her. It's crazy. It's crazy, her father ones. I think fright, thirteen years yeah my cock of you is a long time govern all right. My friend listen with you ve set at all, I'm gonna. Let you go. Ok, I think, are very good guys. Let's take a quick break, I'm still taking calls we're gonna, take a quick breakin, then go right back to the phones in a moment. Stay with me. One of our sponsors is splendid spoon if you're like me, I love planning my meals out for the weak, but sometimes I just run out of time to plan them for every single day and splendid spoon makes that whole process a lot easier. They deliver fresh, delicious plant based meals right here door, ready to eat. No cooking. No cleaning dishes saves you a lot of time. You can from over fifty hot and cold meal options, their smooth, these grain and noodle bull soups, I'm a big soup guy. Many of you know that I also really liked. The vague in meat balls
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such a vague location harbour. Ah, I Maxine France are now our love. France, yeah I've been here for about a month anyway, regarding the culprit. Nostril none can, I just want to say since I've been here for over a month- and you were in Spain in August, I want to touch on the whole anti vaccine through anti vex. Seen yes, yes, I'm so I've heard a very often bout american politics that were sort of like tat of a crap show and people look from other countries in on United States, unlike what the fuck is going on, but I want to say this sort of an exception to be made and not shirking. If you agree with the anti evacuation here, one in France, it seems like, since everything else in California, things are just as bad over here
what about issues talked about? It in France are gonna cut you off, but just so my dear mine, my audience good, I have mentioned in free, since they are having a serious anti backs issue ITALY as well by the way, but in France I think the government did something astute, which is instead of doing a straight correct me. If I'm wrong instead of doing a straight up backs requirement. Theyve just said: if you go here here there there there you need proof of vaccination, you don't have to go and get a vaccine But if you want to hang out in these cafes or movie, theatres or whatever the case may be- and it is, it is me As I understand it, a lot more people sort of say. Well, I really want to do that so many go and get a vaccine debt that especially true and then there's a small aspect of this that I dont quite see in the United States that. I would argue, makes it slightly were so a year ago, and that is that the if you split the the group's people were vaccinated,
or not. There's more animosity over here between those two groups than there is needed states real seems a bit more time where I came from data. Then I was in Catalonia and seemed about the same over there and wondering since you were in Spain, which, as part of Catalonia about half or maybe two thirds was Spain like in any sort of the realm of of countries that have any anti backs situation, or was it like No, no, in fact, for the next. As a time that I was in Spain, Spain was only about forty five percent vaccinated, but when european countries were pulled, do you want the vaccine? Spain was off the charts. It was something like eighty, eight or ninety. One percent of Spaniards were saying I plan to get vaccinated, which was one of the highest in all of Europe, interesting via arson. Thank you all right. Thank you. Appreciate that greater great call from France there, France, let's
go next. Why don't? We try Chris from Colorado Chris Year on year. Chris from Colorado dont be our first dropped call. We want you to unmask so that I can hear you oh no Chris from Colorado last chance, my friend, and that too bad. I thought maybe we would get through the entire day without a drop, but we didn't do it. We didn't do it. Let's go to MIKE from Massachusetts. Your on there. Do you hear me? Yes, I can long. I must first, I'm galler, also obviously, from my title from Massachusetts, happy to have someone from the home state doing what you do pleasure pleasure. Here's. My question is a little bit it's a couple years out before this is a real concern, man for the twenty twenty four, election. Obviously a lock and happened between now and then plight
things, stand right now. There is a real possibility that if Trump, were to run. He could win yes, Brecht, absolute. So this, I believe, is an argument to be made that trumps attempt to overturn the election and twenty really came down to a handful or maybe a half a dozen or so people that blocks. My key steps that would have given him huge opportunity to actually achieve what he was trying to do given like The increase of like south describing I got candidates that we ve seen running for various state positions and theoretical what not and you know it to its trump. Having the popularity that he has and most likely going to keep their popularity over the next three years or so. afterwards, IRAN and theoretically, Lose do you see a possibility where you could actually pull off what he tried and twenty twenty or theoretically, if he,
and one could he need install enough people and a key positions that he could actually completely The system when, even after he's gone. Republicans could run Whole run the show, regardless of what the votes are you know, the latter. One seems far fetched. I dont know that eighty plus year old Trump as president in an even more a kind of dazed and confused state than he was during his first four years is right, We going to do that. I think that that's kind of far fetched might, I think, the first concern you mentioned is a more legitimate one, which is its looking good for republic in the house and twenty twenty two on redistricting alone, never mind actually flipping seats, it's looking o k Republicans in either twenty to twenty four taking control back of the Senate. I dont know that by and gets reelected. I dont know that
he bales and Kamel as the nominee that she wins so by twat by January of twenty twenty five. You could again total republican control of the White House House and Senate, and that's really really scary and even if they only have control of some of those could they somehow you whatever resources they have to give a wind to Trump, even if he didn't earn it in the way they fell short of in twenty twenty, I don't wanna be hyperbolic but I'll I don't want to write it off. I think there are real concerns about it Trump loyalists control, more governor ships, the House and Senate in twenty four. and if Trump narrowly loses in twenty twenty four, that there is a lot that motivated trumpets elected officials could try in order to put from the White House, even though he didn't. When do, I think they would succeed. I still think they probably wouldn't, but the fact that we're, even
talking about it in these terms is very scary. That's fair, to make some it's. My latter point, I guess I'd ask, is not so much to trumps benefit, but if he were to win in twenty twenty four year, end say, like you, set up against controlled House control the Senate could day. Obscene they ve seen how close they can get to actually overturning an election. Could term spend that term four to twenty four twenty eight settings up so they can essentially run the show you're going down the road. Equally romp don't way they could try. Yes, I think I think you're that's a much more plausible way, which is it's not about Trump per se. It's a really about others. Link further groundwork and where I was made my question I added in a conspiracy theory in the sense that they ve been doing it with voter Idee for fifteen years. David did. This is what they do. They do it with redistricting. So, of course, they would continue to try and find new ways of that that was more Michael in the first irony. I guess I didn't articulate that quite right, but no problem appreciate that my pleasure I prefer to call
everyone, I'm sure I'll, be calling back again soon? Alright, there's MIKE from Massachusetts, let's go next to Jamie from Canada, Jamie from Canada you're on the l, a deal, how's it going it's going well. Thank you. just wondering. How do you think that the agenda going because we ve had basically the endless frontier act which pass the Senate surprisingly did not pass that hasn't pastiles. Yet then he has the amount, can rescue plan which will be signed it alarming. He just signed. by partisan infrastructure into law, but that's it. It's like you didn't three so far, but technically He also has the John Lewis Voting Rights ACT and then the for the people actor, the the right to vote act or whatever they're calling it now. I was just wondering so he has a boat, maybe six or seven pieces of legislation on his agenda. What realistically
Do you think we're gonna see being passed? Is such a tough question because you candidates make way more promises than they ever keep or make a reality at the same time. You also had by dealing with covered and the delta wave, and I've express disappointment that more hadn't been done. My expectation, Is that maybe not by the end of this year, but by the end of the first quarter of next year there will some additional major accomplishment by Joe Biden, I dont, know if it'll be the build back that are spending bill or if it will be something else, including items you mentioned, but I think that the way I would say it is vital doing ok on getting some things done, although it starts to feel a little bit light. We had the covert stimulus,
vaccination, rollout, now we have a much smaller infrastructure bill than initially proposed signed. I in order to get back to like a b. He knew one more big piece of legislation by the end of march of next year. That's kind of my mind set right now, and he said I think he said this, but he said I'm gonna use every trick in my book to try to get this voting rights passed and he any sudden but in Caroline Charge and just wondering what you thought of that year, I am sure as to whether the vote president. Can get it done, I mean I there's no way to Sugar coated. I hope that she can. I am unsure, and so far she does not have major accomplishments under her belt, but that's it EDA. It's just I'm not saying it as a criticism it just she just doesn't right now,
and he's not particularly popular right now. I hope that she can do it. I dont know if she, just fine, Last thing before I go. Is that my real stick expectations, my over performing hope, expectations for the Senate and yet in twenty two he too is fifty four fifty six Democrats, but I know realistically, we might get only fifty, two or or maybe just hold the fifty. Let's just hope, Republicans Dante over I'm setting my sites much lower than you year. because people are telling me, you got a lorry expectations. You guys think she's gonna be fifty fifty one dance. I think I think cautious optimism is the way I appreciate and yes, there you hope you have a nice day in Canada is really nice. It is little bit chile. I love that. Is we love Canada here. Thank you, Jamie from Canada. Very much appreciate the call why
Don't we check in here with Brian from Phoenix Brian you're on the air it added here. Yes again, I was listening to one of your recent episodes regarding other cow renown. Shooting you were talking about how its representative of all of the problems with gun culture- and you know the the fact that current house justified in going there at all sort of indicative of all of those issues. Yes, parenting gun culture, vigilantes, I'm etc. Would you do you know? I actually? I agree with a lot of that. Would you also
They that there is a similar issue with the way that many of the protesters felt justified in being there around like the particulars around the Jacob like shooting in terms of you know, is there any onus on the media that protracted the shooting in the way that it did given? You know what we know about it now they can know the what was occurring before the police got there, the cook, kids and car the knife in seed all of those things. Those are theirs kind of two questions there and I think it's for it to be really careful the protesters to the extent that people were protesting, I'm not talking about looting, arson or anything like that that steps against the law against that, but the protesting and marching and hold signs and saying things constitutionally protected, paramount element of the United States of America right that that's it is beyond reproach, as long as you're doing it in a non violent way. That second part is
were they ginned up into a frothy state, because media coverage, which could have been different. That is totally plausible. I don't remember the coverage now and I'm the you do. I wouldn't The study at more, it's completely plausible that media could bear responsibility for raising tensions, not saying they did, I'm just saying it's theoretically possible, but that's a different issue from the pro. I don't think we can say that there is a problem with a culture where people feel like it's ok to go in. protest that there it is ok to go in protest, and we want to be really clear about that. Definitely, leisure time Brian. Thank you so much for the called that's gonna. Do it for calls today. I do plan and hope to take more calls again soon, and I will speak to you then.
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the second one within hours of the first one. It's like hey guys. I do sleep. Sometimes you know. Ok, let's get to the emails first, one from guy's been writing in for a while his name's Gary be any said: did you get your booster, yet dumb ass, any I did I mentioned last week that I was going, doesn't anti backs, not who's been emailing for a long time. I think you are since some sometimes about motor oil in vaccines vehicle correctly. I got my boy stir on Thursday. I got it for thirty, went to bed around eleven had a little. Of arm pain and then the next morning, woke up at seven. Thirty little bit feed irish, although I didn't have a fever, headache headache lag behind the eyes and just eighty took a tylenol with breakfast and that helped a lot work. The regular day slept the lot Friday night and then was basically better on Saturday, so
I am now a triple backs than I'm feeling boosted in all of these different things. But yes, Gary thank you for asking. I did indeed get my boots stir some call it a third dose. They're probably coming for everybody is what it seems to be given, and we ve got another rise in cases and especially what we know about the decreased efficacy, particularly of the J J vaccine, but in general I, by the way I got two Madonna shots my initial regiment and then I got a Madonna booster as well. Ok, second email from Jake Jake says John Bolton predicted Trump won't run for president. Ten twenty twenty four, because he fears being known as a loser if it doesn't work out. This is what Michael Cohen keep saying. Trump will not run because he can't handle that. actual humiliation, these guys coasted from seem to be sure of this Jonathan yeah. I've spoken to Michael Common about this directly and I think that he's completely
but he's making a completely plausible case. I think the question is why dont yet know whether Trump is likely to lose in twenty twenty four, as I've said before, if publicans do well in twenty two and Biden doesn't do well in his third year of his presidency, second and third, and into the election cycle And in particular, if Biden doesn't even run for reelection, I think that it looks ok for trouble. I think, from versus Biden. Rematch is good for Trump if Biden doesn't run in Kabul Harris's the democratic nominee. I think that's good for Trump, so I agree with what Michael and says and said to me when I was on his show. I agree I haven't seen this John Bolton thing, but I am shirts might be right eye if Trump knows he will lose, he won't do it because he doesn't want to suffer humiliation. I just don't know that its clear trouble lose yet, and so we're gonna be watching that its.
can we all care about here's a longer voicemail, but it's a very, very interesting one. This one is from Mark and mark. It away and on why people on the right call me gay, Marxist David. You ask why people on the right assume, you're gay. I am a gay man who is politically active and I have some ideas based in personal experience, with right, wingers. First most of us who are actually gay, realize your straight and you're an ally. I am very glad for all the straight allies we have I've never picked up on a gay vibe from you. My gay dar does not even register as much as a blip. When I watch Youtube videos. Listen a mark, however, for a lot of people on the right, particularly the far right. There is just nothing worse than being gay. Hence gay becomes the perfect epithet if they don't like. You politics, then that means you're gay. If they don't like your position on social issues than that,
you're gay if they don't like you period, that must be because you're gay and their straight no self respecting right, winger would tolerate a gay person in their midst, except possibly those who suddenly decided. They were quote cured and we all know how long gay cures last very interesting email from Mark so there it is that sort of, like a presented, without comment, very interesting to hear from mark on that next, the email is from Jessica Jessica's, his highness, your pack, when I walked watched your show for a while now and have heard you say you're a progressive, but not a Democrat. Would you say your independent, then just wondering, since if someone said they were progressive, I'd think they met a progressive democratic love. Your videos, thanks so Jessica, with total peace and love you, you may have a few terms. Can
used. Progressive is a political ideology, sort of like socialist someone's, as there are socialist they might be. member of the Democratic Party or not might be a member of the Socialist Party to the extent that sometimes it exists and sometimes does not socialists can be an ideology. Maybe that's bad example. Since there is a socialist party, listen Progressive can be, member of the Democratic Party or not, I have never been a member of the Democratic Party. I am an independent, but by tend to vote for Democrats when that makes sense in a partisan elections are right. I hope I've cleared it up. Jews, John says: hey David love, your channel. What do you think of the debt? What do you think the Democrats are going to do in twenty twenty four June and will be just shy of eighty two at the time of the election. I suspect that will be a major issue for many voters do thank you, will be renominated or step aside and support Comma Harris. I like common law, but I think she's about his care
Matic is Al Gore. Have the Democrats painted themselves into a loss in twenty two? before John from Indiana lesson. John, it's so early that we don't have definitive answers to these questions. Being said. I have already stated. I have serious concerns. I think eighty plus your old Joe Biden, after being hammered on by Republicans, rightly or wrongly for four years against Trump. I don't think it looks good for Joe Biden if Joe Biden steps a site and the non nation is given to Canada Harris or if she wins it in a contest and then its trump versus coma. I don't think it's very good dissenters versus conall I don't think it's very good for a Democrat, so I am very worried about that exact scenario and painted themselves into a loss is starting to edit
realize in a way that I don't. I don't know that I am ready to do yet, but let's just say, my policy tends to be. I talk about the next election, which right now twenty twenty two. My concerns are so high for twenty twenty four that I have found my of wandering into talking about it more than I typically would enjoy and from Indiana brings up. It is exactly some of the concerns that I have next, the oh. We ve got some bonus ones. These are from Facebook. These are, these are tough. Ok, these are tough. someone wrote to me and said you need to do more. Research, doctors and scientists are speaking out against this vaccine. That was all one sentence going on to say: you're just following the lies like a good little sheep, a ton, you know there's this idea, there's this general understanding that Facebook is particularly assess, pool of
anti backs non thinking, ah sometimes under educated ray and send raves that are barely intelligible, anecdotally were experiencing that were experiencing that and I would say, close to half of the messages we get on. Our facebook page result the person just being banned because there either hurling insults or otherwise harassing people. Ok, another a facebook special for you today, witten amateur read this. As written where'd you get your information from, but we still have our constitutional right of freedom of choice. I dont know what in particular this refers to my instinct is that it somehow vaccination related as well. Next one, you were a total and complete piece of s, pushing lies and conflicting truth. Research,
Nuremberg journalists held accountable and then F yourself with heated curling iron, you effing worthless, sack of ass, you will notice period, exclamation point which is an interesting grammatical, curiosity as well is random. Capitalization of words like complete journalists. The F word yourself, sack is capital is ready. isn't of Donald Trump. It's actually very interesting how a lot of tramping lunatics have picked up, on this random capitalization of now in other words, in the middle of sentences, so there's and then. Lastly, coming perfectly timed on the hills of what some call a booster and some call a third dose. You are so lost. You must
have a five. You must have five g facts sickened because you can't be that stupid, and here we have one two three four different places: where there's just extra spaces B b. words: random capitalization sentence, fragments, run on sentence missing, apostrophe and can't it it would actually be so. If I said to you, I have a sentence: this long it s close to double digits of spelling and grammatical errors. You would say, sir, that can't be, but it is, but it is, it is hard to. if we are going to be off next week, Thursday and Friday, we have a truncated schedule because of the thanks giving holiday here in the United States. Of course, many in our audience don't celebrate Thanksgiving they're out in the United States.
We will have a Monday Tuesday Wednesday show and we will be off Thursday Friday. Just don't want people to be worried or think the show got pulled off the air that next week we still have a fantastic bonus, show for you today. you can sign up at join Pachmann, doubt come and get access to the bonus show it's an extra programme every day. Just for you who say I am going to support this process. And financially, you can use the coupon code better, twenty one to get a discount? I look forward to seeing you there or we will be back my bag with random programme
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