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11/22/21: Protests Turn Violent as Dems 2022 Could Be Disaster

2021-11-22 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Democrats are potentially facing a historic defeat in 2022 and warnings from people like political scientist Rachel Bitecofer and others should not be ignored

--COVID protests around the world turn violent, including in the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Belgium, the Caribbean, and more

--Donald Trump has "written" a book, and it's a picture book with captions for the pictures that read like Trump's tweets

--Trump is interviewed about his picture book by Fox News' Mark Levin and it's as embarrassing as any interview Trump has ever done

--Fox Host Pete Hegseth is triggered when interviewed by Mediaite's Aidan McLaughlin about his criticism of Joe Biden's vaccine mandate despite Fox News having its own stricter mandate

--Hundreds of Proud Boys jump the turnstiles on the New York subway, a crime for which black teenagers are often detained and arrested

--Republican insiders reveal that Donald Trump is furious that Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is growing more popular among Republicans

--A weekend of conspiracies plaguing the American right wing, including about replacing Kamala Harris, vaccines, religious prophecy, and much more

--Voicemail call wonders whether high Canadian gas prices are also Joe Biden's fault, since Republicans are blaming him for high American gas prices

--On the Bonus Show: Trump mega-donor Louis DeJoy in jeopardy as Postmaster General, NYC wants to limit AI hiring tools, Trump's estate tax giveaway triggered 50% drop in IRS revenue, much more...

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So part of me wishes, I had something positive and inspiring to start with on what could be it's a beautiful holiday week here in the United States Thanksgiving coming up later this week. Unfortunately, Don't I have something potentially very negative, but one of the things that always said I want to do on this programme. Is I don't wanna go overboard with hyperbole about something being bad
but I also don't want to understate when something is potentially not looking good, let's accurately evaluate how two thousand and twenty two and subsequently two thousand and twenty four is looking for Democrats and for the left to the extent that the left is up front, functioning or operating within the Democratic Party at this time- and unfortunately, Democrats are facing a historic, disastrous defeat in twenty twenty two above and beyond. Even what is typical in the first mid term after a different party has grabbed the White House, our friend, of multiple I'm former guest on the show political scientist, Rachel Bitter Coffer, is sort of sounding the alarm on this saying: listen it! It doesn't have to be that bad for Democrats and twenty twenty two, but Democrats need a plan which is currently completely lacking. So we're going to talk about that. But at this point I'm comfortable
telling you that if we accurately evaluate all of the factors at our disposal right now, twenty twenty two be a complete and total disaster for Democrats, the likes of which Democrats dont recover from for multiple election cycles, and then we add that, as we mentioned last week, that aside from flipping seats, fighting races on redistricting alone, Democrat could lose a handful of seats in the House of Representatives, so I encourage people to kind of just set the stage for this red the Arctic. By Chauncey De Vega, in salon, which were linking to on Youtube by Rachel Bitter Coffer about what twenty twenty two could be. Looking, like rate no bitter coffer, is very, very scared about. What's going on and Chauncey accurately kind gives us a number of the important points here, of course, with the
November election results of a couple of weeks ago, as one data point the reality that Democrats dont. Really. we seem to have a strategy right now, other than to continue running on we're, not Trump and, of course, tromp is gone, and that did not work very well in Virginia and there is a great conversation with Rachel Bitter Coffer here, where she is ass. Well, The errors being made by Democrats and she says first undressed- and the following about the outcome in Virginia a year before, basically, on the night of twenty twenty election, when it was clear, Biden had won the enthusiasts, some advantage for Republicans was predictable. Republicans we're going to be out of power, which meant they were going to get enthusiastic and engaged, and they are as stupid as this whole. Let's go Brandon thing is it's it's working as an engagement rallying cry for, the sort of Dumdum right as we might call it Rachel goes.
to say, Democrats we're going to be in power, which meant democratic voters were going to turn out and participate less. That seems to be happening where that vote was going to disappear, was always predictable. Democratic coalition, absent flows in terms of turn out Some of those voters are going to be Democrats, others independence, who tend to vote Democrats certain dim demographics, where this ends to happen a tends to happen in terms of now, such as younger voters and minorities dynamic, it's no, where they need to focus you building infrastructure around the weakest parts of the coalition, not from the top down, but the bottom up. Even- with all of this knowledge ahead of time, the Democrats are not running elections using that information or redesigning how redesigning how they run election campaigns to build on the realities of the electorate and the impact of polarisation and hyper part of job meanwhile, Republicans are running a to machine right now watching the demo It's in Terry Mccall of steam was basically like watching somebody perform algebra without having multiplication
as a skill set. It's not I'm just saying: hey young king is like Trump it's about me. an association young is like Trump Trump is the Republican Party. The Republican Party is Trump. This matters to you. Why? Because it's going to impact you negatively. This is a key part. What the Republicans did with critical racy theory was package it through the emotion about parental control over educate, they used it as a proxy. It's not really about critical race theory because remember critical race. There is not even being taught in Virginia it's a stand in for a challenge in white privilege and whether white parents want their kids to feel guilty for being white. It doesn't matter if Random Republican can define what C Archie is remember. They can't. He knows what it means, the Republicans knew what that man would know when they use the language critical
The theory means working to protect you from having to feel guilty about being white and for your kids having to feel guilty for being white, for having your white head germanic power challenged in this more diverse, Another is other stuff in this article about our Democrats, bad at politics. Not really our subject for discussion here. I don't believe this is hyperbolic from Rachel Bit a coffer, and I also- This is such a unique situation with such a huge potential for disaster that the risk is a symmetrical, and so the strategy has to be a symmetrical as well. What do I mean by that? Some of you have had black basic stats know about expected value right. If I tell you flip a coin and if its heads you get nothing.
And if its tales, you get a hundred dollars mathematically. The expected value of that flip is fifty dollars, but there's no outcome where you actually get fifty dollars, you they get zero or a hundred. But statistically you have an expected value. Fifty dollars, if you have a ten cited, die that you roll And the outcomes are, if you roll a one, you get a dollar. If you wrote a real role of four, you get four dollars the expected, value for the average role at five p m. though the realities you, you might get one you might get ten now with this twenty twenty two, twenty twenty four stuff, even if the outcome of total blow out disaster for Democrats is only ten percent. It would be so disastrous that you need to go above and beyond the expected value thought process. When you look at it you say: well, I should sign as much effort to preventing the now attend scenario, or the one at a time
Many scenario based on mathematical likelihood you're under stating how disastrous it would be. It would be such a disaster for Republicans to do as well as Rachel points out that you actually need to over prepare for it, because the risk is asymmetric or a symmetrical and I think Rachel Bitter Coffer is rightly sounding the alarm on that we're gonna delve, much deeper early in twenty two in the Senate House and governor ships, but those who were understanding and saying. Well, you know New Jersey. Governorship was no big deal because oftentimes Democrats, just straight up, lose and fill Murphy one, even if by a little bit. So that's not that bad and not looking that bad, how shall we there is a scenario that's coming together, which is maybe not the predominant scenario, but it's a plausible scenario that is pretend
really a ten year disaster for Democrats for the left in the United States- and I think it's a good thing that people like Rachel bit a coffer are sounding the alarm on it over the weak and we started to see not only the protests as a result of the full not guilty verdicts for Kyle written House in Canosa Wisconsin, we also started to see Covin protests. turn violent around the world. Now you might say David, why are people protesting the virus? None are not what it would mean is protests around covert guidelines, many countries starting to put in place stricter guidelines for the UN, accelerated as cases are spiking dramatically in many countries in Europe, including Germany, Austria and others, and the protests against guidelines against vaccine recur
governments are turning increasingly violent, violent having to give you a little bit of a tour through some of these Dutch policed or police arrest set amid unrest in the Hague Police rested seven riders in the Hague after youth set fire in the streets and through fireworks officers. The unrest, a day after police opened fire on protesters in Rotterdam. Amidst violence that broke out at a protest against corona virus restrictions, that's in the Hague. The rioting in the Hague was on a smaller scale than the pitched battles on the streets of Rotterdam were police, say three rioters were hit by bullets. investigations are under way to figure out if they were shot by police in Austria, ITALY and Croatia protests erupt over virus rules. Tens of thousands of protest Theres many from far right groups marched through Vienna, Austria on Saturday, after
nation wide lockdown was announced. Austrian lockdown starts today comes as average daily debts have tripled, hospitals and heavily hit states are reaching capacity locked down we'll be at least ten days could between de discontinuing in so many different parts of the world in ITALY, three thousand turned out in the capital circus Maximus were ancient time. In ancient times, Romans would have popular entertain, to protest, green pass certificates required to go to work places, restaurants, Cinemas, theatre sports using gems and long distance, train, bus and ferry travel in are there and Ireland people opposed to vaccine passports. Protest protest, it outside the city hall in Belfast,
protesters carried signs that have been widely criticised. This offensive comparing corona virus restrictions to the actions of Nazi Germany. In Croatia, thousands of gathered in France, there have been violent protesters, arms are in France, they have been condemned,
violent protester protests in the Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe, one of France's overseas territories, where cars have been set on fire. Tens of thousands protest, Belgium's, tighter covert nineteen rules. You see police fire hoses brought out to try to quell protests. Tens of thousands demonstrating their march marchers came to protest. The government strong advice to get vaccinated and any possible moves to impose mandatory shots, shouting freedom, freedom, freedom and singing the anti fascist son, Bela Chow protesters lined up behind a banner that says together for freedom, dutch police arrest more than thirty amid ongoing unrest, already looked at one article
of that. There are describing an orgy of violence, interesting language and France has sent special forces to the caribbean region of Guadeloupe over a covert riots. What is the end game here because it is increasingly looking like there are going to be absent flows of covered for at least a couple more years. now there is the hope, based on israeli data, that the third dose creates more lasting and unity than the initial set were regimen of two doses, and of course, if that's the case, if people get the facts aided. We may see a more permanent decline, encoded rates and particularly hospitalizations and debts, but at this point it's pretty clear, based on the level of interest
in getting vaccinated and a variety of countries which is too low that at least for a couple of years, while we hopefully weight as Vincent RACK and Yellow told us may happen, for a decline in the severity of covert as we wait for that that there is going to be of very long period of time of the absent flows, so what do we do? Do we learn to sort of live with it Do we say? Well you ve gotta, continue with a sort of Sammy, restricted way of life for a couple of years. Do you go to let it rip at a certain point, as many have suggested saying? Well what once the vaccines widely available for everyone. It becomes personal responsibility. Those problems with that I don't have the answer, but what's increase increasingly clear, is number one to the extent that there are guidelines there are going to be people protesting and hopefully not but worryingly, in increasingly violent fashion, number one
and number two: this is not going away anytime soon, and so I dont know the answer: we're going to be doing an interview next week. I think it is related to the kind of bigger picture at this point in time, but I'm curious to hear from you what should happen, given that this is likely to be the case for years, and I know people who are saying- I don't know that I'm ever going to a restaurant again. Ok that certainly one approach but self selecting out of life has its own problems and not to quote Donald Trump, but over the long term. Obviously, that's gonna create a problem as well what should be done at this point. Let me know your thoughts. You can find me on Twitter. It department and we'll have a continuing conversation about this. One of our sponsors is sunset: Lake C b D, as part of a fundraiser they're doing sunset. Lake C b d is giving my audience up to sixty percent offer black Friday until December. First and every order over
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course members will get priority during the town hall, you can sign up, join pachmann dot com. I encourage you to do so are at this. This is really beyond belief. Donald Trump has written a book. written is not actually the right word and it literally a picture book. You know all those jokes about trumps, exactly borders are written in Cray on track, Presidential library would be pictures of tweets and then like the not jokes like, for example, trumps. Presidential daily briefing was a single page, double spaced, mostly pictures in charge. That was true. Trump has done. What many former presidents do, which is he made a book? Not wrote a book? May
a book, but it is a literal picture book with pictures and descriptions of the pictures written apparently by Trump, which read like his old tweets. You just have to see this Donald Trump Junior tweeting about it excited saying huge news. A new book by President Donald Trump is being published coming out next month. Our journey together, a beautiful three hundred plus page color coffee table style, read all about it guys, it's it's a picture book. The Washington examiner, writes about it and it they include some pictures, from the book. I guess you would say and like, for example, I'm describing this to to our audio audience. There is a picture of Troy, sitting in the oval office with Nancy Policy and the caption, which I guess it's really the writing. It says attempting
to listen to crazy Nancy policy in the oval office. Such natural disagreement, many president's write books, tromp, has done a picture book with captions that are insults of people. Another picture, This is the picture that we now know was a staged picture from the White House Bible it's the situation room. We know that this picture was staged and it says the night we got Abu Bachar, all bag, Daddy we destroyed ISIS under my watch now terrorists or back Middle EAST. So this ones in this picture is an insult of Joe Biden. We, we since learned this picture, was stage. Tromp was actually, I believe, playing golf at the relevant time, one more eggs ample trump sitting alongside german Chancellor Angela Merkel, and then british prime
stir Teresa may, and that the cap it is an insult to Teresa may were Trump wrote meeting with you, and Chancellor and british Prime Minister Teresa tried hard but didn't get the job done. Boris Johnson is much better for the United Kingdom and then just like kind of family pictures of different kinds you, you really couldn't write this stuff guys I mean this is its. We talk about Trump being sought semi literate in the sense that we know he hasn't read a book in decades at least maybe in his entire adult life. We know that his writing was very strange and compound
eyes, and so even in doing what just about every president does writing a book. It's a picture book with the equivalent of his tweets, insulting people and, of course, to sell it. They say it's a coffee table style book. What would it it's a pay, your book guys, it's absolutely insane, and even more maybe pathetic is that this picture book got trump. An interview on Fox NEWS, which is what I want to talk about next. So Donald Trump was interviewed about his book. If you can believe it, the interviewer is Fox uses Mark live in the main question should be sir. Why is this a picture book most president's right, a real book? Why did you decide to do a picture book now? The reality is: if Trump wrote a book, it would be very
Yes, he didn't write it because Trump can't write in any way that would lead to a book. Trumps previous books were written by ghost writers. Tony shorts is one of those ghost writers he's talking about how trumped doesn't red? Trumped doesn't right, it's all humiliating, pathetic thing, ok, so trump sooner. What about the book? The entire in our view, is a humiliating farce. This isn't interviewed that even for trump even for Trump, is particularly riddled, lies so Trump opens. The interview with multiple lies about gas prices. Let's start their seat, make it a game, see if you can count the number of life we weren't leaving eighty five billion dollars behind we weren't leaving ten cents behind. I said every bolt, every screw every nail comes out and all of these things of issues a beautiful period. I was under assault like no president has ever been and I am sorry. This is not even actually the right clip. Let's start with the gas price clip, I apologize gasoline
was one dollar and eighty seven since that was a year ago, and now it's, I guess, just had seven dollars and fifty hence in California Assent, followed, and I predict this ok. So let let go through that line vital. As did look at everything from set Trump says, he predicted this eleventh. Everyone predicted that, when demand goes back up as the pandemic eases gas prices will go up everybody predicted it. That's not unique number two trumps as a year ago, gas was a dollar. Eighty, seven, that's a lie a year ago. national average for gasoline was to twenty. Now you could say well, it was still lower than now yeah, but wasn't one, eighty seven, it was to twenty and then Trump says gas, seven hundred and fifty in California now is it possible that there is a gas station in California selling Super premium, four thousand seven hundred and fifty it's possible the gas price in California. Officially right now is three hundred and thirty. Eight
you don't compare one hundred and eighty seven or actually, two hundred and twenty two, what you can find for super premium at one gas station we compared actual official numbers. California, gas is three hundred and thirty eight a year ago it was to twenty nationally we have to compare to official numbers. I'm sorry, California is is it for seventy, and that's the number that way. It's not seven hundred and fifty it's four hundred and seventy the official price now nationally is three hundred and thirty eight, and this is called cherry picking of data. It's eyes all the way down he's lying about everything. Ok then trump talking about how great a period it was when was president. Just everybody was happy. Russia was happy. Everybody was apt to my don't think any president has ever been under assault like that, and one thing after another phony impeachment, I called the impact when hoax number one the impeachment hoax number to the mother
thing, although would work out good, but it took two and a half years and it made it very difficult to deal with. Remember Trump still falsely claims that the Mueller report exonerated him on obstruction of justice, which it didn't do like ancient history at this point, but just still lying about it and countries in particular Russia. We could have done some great things with Russia very good for our country, for our country. Also good for Russia Right Do that because it would have said all he loves Russia. These people are sick. Trump continuing to kind of rewrite history sort of in the same way he all so in this is one of my favorite things. Trump talks about how much he and north korean dictator came. Young own, like each other. Remember this infamous rally speech were Trump said. He wrote me beautiful letters and then we fell in love truck.
going back and telling his stories about came jungle, and, during this very strange interview left in a war that the biggest problem we had side became. You know We did very well with Kim Jong on and we each other's now remember we liked each other. Ok, I mean we know. Trump is sort of smitten by dictators. We didn't really do well with Cameroon in this sense that Kim Jong and made the same vague promises to trump that north korean dictators have been making to global leaders for a very long time, didn't do any of the stuff and in fact, remember that trumpeters walked away from this meeting because it was going nowhere. Predictably, so Trump didn't really do anything with Kim Jong on the terrible things I said, I would like to I'll get criticized all he likes Kim Jong like well. that's what we have, and I did I get along with him great. He got along with me great after a very rough start
little rocket man and the buttons he said we have a red button. Ignore button is bigger than yours, a robot works, and it was now and then all of a sudden in ended and and all that stuff with twenty, as it end in Kim Jong on didn't do any of the stuff you promised to do and trunk to stop talking about it. It's actually very funny Trump wants you to believe it ended in some kind of geopolitical success. It ended were trumpeters bailed on the second summit. North Korea didn't stick to end. the promises, and it was never mentioned again as a foreign policy goal. Ok then Trump going back to the lies about the nineteen eighteen flu. We He still calls the nineteen. Seventeen flew and is still confused about all over the world, so in nice in seventeen. As you know, we had, the Spanish will is called and it possibly killed as many as two hundred million per year
Have you read the history of the spanish flu? But you probably think you re about everything, but probably was a thing, was most responsible for ending world war. One notices, while the soldiers were sick new dying, the spanish flu is devastating and they serve two hundred million people died and a problem we did end World WAR one, but a hundred million people. Ok, again, you can't even keep up with the lights. It was the nineteen eighteen flew, not nineteen, seventeen we ve looked up and down. We interviewed a world war. A spanish flu historian and set it who told us there's there's no reason at all. Any one would call it the nineteen seventeen flew number one number two: it did not end World war, one that is not true. Trump keeps repeating it. It is not true now trumps as it might have killed a hundred million people. The the consensus death toll for the
spanish flu is considered seventeen to fifty million, and there is a sort of it would be as high as a hundred million because we don't have great data from some other countries. But the important thing is true: trying to use it to minimize covert in the EU. ass, the spanish flu death toll is believed to be Six hundred and seventy five thousand we now have almost eight hundred thousand deaths from covert so covered is all ready more deadly in the U S than the nineteen eighteen flu pandemic. It's all lies all the time. Do you think that the average Fox viewer realises the number of lies that are being told here? I think the answer is no trump then pulls out the communism. Talking points a newborn? I love our country and our country is based on the current situation and you know It is not living up to the constitution right now, with a kind of things you see it's there trying to
averted now importantly when this is if Levin was an actual interviewer. He would have said sir. Why is your book a picture book? I already mentioned that he would have said. Why do you keep calling it the nineteen seventeen flew? Nobody says that that's the right name for it. It's the nineteen eighteen, Why are you lying about gas prices? That's not true, but when the constitution stuff comes. a real interviewer would say exactly which aspect of the constitution or bill of rights are they subverting and who is they tell me exactly? It's not asked and Mark Levin who claims to be an expert on the constant. Listen just allows it to have to happen, and more so now than anybody whatever believe Bernie Sanders you're saying I can't believe they're doing this. This is far more than what they are doing to our country is. Perhaps you know that,
socialism. This is communism, and now it's not communism. There's no communism. Here there's there has been no government take over of businesses and their their evidence. There's just not communism here on many, as there is no freedom of the press, the press is totally corrupt. The press, and all the same, there is no freedom of the press. That's how communism star now those are literally all lies and Mark Levine does nothing to push back against it. Trump then tries to say he did a really great job on covert, really really good job But I build a my hospital I sent in the hospital ship. I built scandals in Louisiana, build hospitals all over all over portal. hospitals, thousands of beds. We did it for now Roger, except when it came to public relations, because no matter what we did, the press were not covered. fairly. So we did a fantastic job yeah
we now know that, thanks to trumps inaction and delayed response and four months, not talking about masks and sang fifteen cases would soon go to zero those decisions, people we're going to die people we're going to die this no doubt about it, but tens of thousands of needless deaths simply from trumps, slow action. Ok, wrapping this up trump, actually talking about the book and he talks about. You know his picture book it it's just humiliating at a meeting so with individuals. What was that all about we'll have a number of pictures and haven't picture of Nancy policy? I have a picture of a Visa local recognise that this is the most childish thing most president's write. A book trump is talking about the pictures that he put The book I get along with very well that was a pointer also. We have a lot of pointers and other alot of people pointing
the policy hooker so there it is, and then lastly, lastly, here is Trump saying something unintelligible about gasoline once again and I dont think people share That way they knew that they got gasoline for Ex dollars a tank, and now they can the planned times for enhancing, what's happened, ok and, of course, gasoline. some have not multiplied themselves by four and from telling laughed why so the missing question really is. Why did you write a picture book? Most president's choose to write actual. You know that they'd they write. You chose a picture book. That's interesting, sir. Tell it tell us why that question not asked and a completely bizarre humiliating interview with the president. We're going to take a quick break, make sure you're following us on Instagram at David Pachmann Show and will have much more coming up. I love growing. My own food at home. Many of you have seen my gardening stuff on my instagram. I get great tips from the audio
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the farm, stand just go to let escrow dot com, Slash Pachmann, that's l, e t t you c e g r, o w dot com, slash, pachmann and use code pachmann for fifty dollars off the link is in the podcast notes, Alright, this is super interesting, you guys maybe but we ve been covering this incredible double standard, this incredible hypocrisy where Fox news hosts and many and right wing media have been slamming the Joe Biden vaccine mandate. Protocol requirement, in which large em where's, with more than a hundred employees, have to either get their employees vaccinated. Gatt get proof that their employees are vaccinated or they have to test their unboxing. Aided employs once a week now. Fox news has implemented a much stricter protocol. Were you either need to be vaccinated or test daily, and you're required to wear a mask when working on location in certain areas, so the Fox Protocol, the Fox requirement, the Fox guidelines.
call it whatever you want, it is stricter, stricter than the ones outlined by Joe Biden. Another fox host was confronted about this. This is really interesting. This is PETE Headset, whose a big Anti Biden guy bomb thrower and he was interviewed by media rights, editor in chief Aden, Maclaughlan and when he was confronted with this double standard? We're here set is regularly railing on the Biden Protocol but foxes his employers protocols stricter. He first wasn't really sure what to say. Then he resorted to attacking media, which might not surprise you. Let's take a look at this very instructive There was a vaccine or test requirement at the Patriot awards, which is very similar to the policy of Fox NEWS. Do you have an issue with Fox NEWS having a policy like that which is effectively the same as B is vaccine mandate?
big businesses. Ah I you know you're, not managing it back, sneak guessed right now. Remember! It's the same thing with Joe Biden not mandated to get the vaccine cause. You can get a test, I'm not charge of it. I don't mean the calls, but either you you have the option to test the United, not actually a complete Bessie mandate matter. I mean I'd size on my call, so I am grateful for the people that provided this opportunity in and the show one off without a hitch right. But it's just that you have Joe Biden. Vaccine men for big businesses. Has been the subject of criticism and that's even less stringent than the one it Fox news writer requires. Weekly testing is both a daily testing, some curious as to why you have an issue with the Joe Biden vaccine mandate, bright and no problem with the one unfortunate beautiful when you
we said well expands the question safer example: well, I'm doing it to get clicks or its are editorial position and its totally hypocritical are like what he wants you to say his answer, the question PETE Ultimately, companies had perogative. What the government should be doing is telling them what to do. The government shouldn't be telling them what to do. Every company has its own policies and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to work Fox NEWS Channel and it does things that no other or Zation does including your organization? So now he just goes into attacking the interviewer as part of the trash heap of left wing media. That does the same thing, everyone else, but that's why we're number one I can imagine the clicks are on your side. Is it like fifteen people a day like WWW journalists in New York City, a click on your banquet. Sixteen good there are the only people that red media-
The Irish. Were you all Red read the Fox NEWS Channel, so you guys y know packing. Do you think school bites funny to say it's nit picking to point out that fact, news has been waging a propaganda war against binds vaccine mandate while having a stricter mandate for its own employs. Pete headset calls that NIT picking, I could not be more weight ok, so there it is. So he eventually comes across something sounds kind of like an explanation which is hey. Listen, I'm fine with private companies doing what they think is best, but they shouldn't be told by the government that that's what they had to do, but, in getting to that explanation. He first has to attack media to get there. An insult them and say you guys only get fifteen clicks, and this is this actually very common. Remember when Tucker Karlsson was confronted with the same thing. His reaction was just this bizarre we're. So I requested here about Fox NEWS gap,
he's. A Fox news has no vaccine Mandy, but according to news with the company, recur as on vaccinated employees, to submit gaily covert testing, which strict than binding mandate, which calls for weekly testing right businesses that employ more One hundred people is faction denying the civil liberties of its employees by being strict Durban, President Biden, fair question- I dont know I mean probably ass. Usually it sounds like they got it. Pretty precise, annulled We know all about it s completely wrong, as I know not another night, they on ice. You know. So what is the policy I speak for the company on this because I don't want the company and alive
You know I just wanna know. That's very disingenuous Tucker could just speak to his experience with the policy as an employee. He doesn't have to speak on it as an employer. It's very disingenuous opening. My personal preference is that five years would you now make a statement about what is policies are, but I think, like a lot of companies in other hesitant to do that because, like why would you want to get involved and I actually hears about wine? You know there are a lot of infectious diseases out there a lie and a lot with higher mortality rates than coordinating and neither does HIV of Sudan as a reminder, he goes into kind of comparing equating covered. acceleration and covert to HIV, which is of course
insane analogy, given that HIV is sexually transmitted, you can't sneeze on someone and give a major. I ve, there's no vaccine for HIV Aids every time that they are actually confronted with this. It's a fair question. Every time they know that there are stuck in an inconsistent position and they either get angry and turned to insults or they do what about ism? So nice job, thereby media rights, Aden, Maclaughlan and PETE Headset, looking kind of like a do face, I must say Hey, I want to talk about you know. Sometimes we Sometimes we focus on the wrong thing and we missed the forest for the trees. When we talk about a story it can happen to any of us and there was an end credible series of videos from New York City in which hundreds of proud boys, this right wing group committed.
I'm an infraction. We can call it for which black tee. In New York City for lack of a better term- and I saw it have you know, but when I was on the subway, all the time prepare dynamic. I would see it time black teens wool often get arrested by Nypd for doing something that hundreds of proud boys did over the weekend witches they jumped the turn styles. They went. and through an exit door on the subway and literally, nothing happened, I'm in a play this video here for video audience and you see that there are just dozens and dozens of multiple videos of these proud boys on the New York Subway, and someone says it's open and then you start to see these guys poor in through what is was to be an exit. This is called jumping turnstile, do not always literally jumping turn styles. Very often it was like, as I
was leaving, I would push open the exit and people would slip it. and you see them here now. Civil rights journey and long time, public defender, Scott Heck anger, tweeted about this and said as a public defender I presented literally hundreds of black men and women, accused of doing this, most literally couldn't afford two dollars in seventy five cent. Subway, fair, The difference between eating and not eating for them arrested caged forced a plea to the crime of theft of services. but when you're widen proud ripe, these proud boys, least wisdom, these videos exclusively white. So is it only shall issue no, but there's a big racial eyes component. To this end, the turnstile jumping used as a justification to detain young black men on the New York Subway, is a story almost as old as the subway itself for comparison. We do have video of how New York City police with some of these other and
video were showing here Where you see a group of police officers, they are determined to find the turnstile jumpers and as we follow the camera, you see multiple officers get on a subway car and They start they actually pull out taser. In this case, they're pushing around one guy believed to have been turnstile jumping and it's it's really depressing and twelve million three hundred and forty five thousand six hundred and seventy eight officers and a scuffle, anyway, you guys know the story, you guys know the story, so this is just another one of these cases where we see it and we say what what is going on here. What is the explanation here and why are there just dozens and
dozens of proud boys pouring in the exit door, jumping turn styles and everything's very, very calm. You tell me if there is a different explanation, I'm glad to see it, but this is a classic classic that I witnessed ten times against a dozen or so times when I was on the subway all the time before the pandemic, just haven't really been using public transits has started the pandemic, but something very much to think about interesting, just little tidd bit from the press boy protests over the weekend. Let's take a quick break. I do want to talk about Rhonda Santas after this short break and a bunch of other things, glad you're with me today on this shortened thanksgiving week. One of our sponsors is splendid spoon, and now, if you like me, I love planning my meals out for the weak, but sometimes I just run out of time to plan them for
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spoon, dot, com, Slash Pachmann, that's s, p, l e Andy! I D s: p, o o n dot com, slash pachmann for thirty five dollars off the link is in the air cast notes. There's a really interesting new report from CNN Gabby or an Steve contour know about Donald Trump growing, fury quite frankly that Florida republican governor run dissent is known to summon the pandemic era has run death Santas. You may remember that trumps furious that dissented is increasingly popular and increase. leaving talked about as an alternative to Donald Trump for twenty twenty two. Now you might recall that back in July at sea pack they did a strap whole. They do these at all, see pacts and Donald Trump easily one that twenty twenty four strabo he trumpet. Seventy percent of the vote, the other the
the other notable participant was Rhonda Santas, with twenty one percent of that stronghold boat and throughout the pandemic. When trumpets president and run disk and is ignored. Every covert guideline opened the stay. I think it was too W w e wrestling and you have see fights very early later descend to said cruise ships. If you wanna leave from Florida, you can't require vaccines, trumpet it? Tromp was all about Rhonda San distant from beasts were all about run dissent, as he's great he's the best how terrific pro business he's been doing. Great things, ok, button now, as Rhonda Santas has become more popular and is beings increasingly almost like a more competent version of Donald Trump, all of trumps, terrible ideas, but more competence to actually get them done. Trump is apparently fee. Serious and dissent is also seems to be realising hey. I might be up against Trump and twenty twenty four. I need to start distancing as well
Let's take a look at the CNN report about this, and it is very, very interesting which says people close to both men first noticed the palpable shift in trumps. Posture too. Dissenters earlier this year as enthusiasm for the floor governor swelled up donors and republican operatives who praised his laissez faire response to the covert pandemic. The more descent his popularity sword, the more obsessed trump became with receiving credit for his political celebrity in April Trump told Fox use the Santas would certainly be under consideration for VP. If you were to launch a campaign in twenty twenty four by twenty by October, Tromp was demanding He publicly rule out a White House bit of his own, so as as recently as last month, promising dissent is needed out and say I won't run and of course the Santa's hasn't done that, because the sand is might well be thinking of running. It's not the trumpets complaining about run, but he liked
run too. He likes to remind run and others that he made him said a person close to Trump, who added from has been telling people around him that the Santas could show more gratitude. A statement to CNN from from spokesmen Taylor Buddha, which appeared to confirm trumps obsession with receive credit for dissent as a success Buddha which set the former presidents. Twenty twenty victory in Florida pave the way for Republicans, including Rhonda Santa's, to sweep in twenty twenty two and suggested Trump catapulted dissenters into the governors mansion. With his endorsement Though the to remain in regular contact trump is increasingly irritated at the sentences refusal to publicly dismiss a twenty twenty four bit of his own. If the former president decides to run to people close to the situation The sand is privately assured. Trompe has no intention of challenging him, but they noted Trump won't be fully satisfied until he said so publicly, though dissent as previously does
twenty twenty four chatter is nonsense. He has avoided taking the unequivocal public bow thou, not to challenge tromp. He has failed to run for reelection and twenty twenty two. the best case scenario for the left is that Trump goes for. Metal jacket begins, Rhonda, Santas dissenters, then retaliates and it becomes a huge nightmare and it helps Republicans and pro implode. Now I am the first to admit the country is in serious trouble when a governor with the deaths of thousands tens, if thou sense of innocent Americans from covered on his hands is seeing his popularity take off that bodes really poorly for the United States of America, but you just saw seventy million people vote for Adieu, fists imbecile who killed hundreds thousands with his sheer incompetence in mishandling the pandemic. So we ve been serious trouble for a while now
They seem to want to some degree something like two santas there's a very different direction that the republican electorate could be going, which is to say, we need a different type of Republican. We need like Mitt Romney, we need less Cheney who, by the way, was Cheney, voted more than ninety percent of the time with trumps position. So it's not like which lives Jainism big victory right, but it would be different for republicans to say the Trump thing didn't work and we're not gonna keep them. with it. They seem to want a crazy trump, like figure. That would be more able to do the things that Donald Trump wanted to do, but was unable to do, and unfortunately, that very well could be on the Santas very, very scary, stuff, because the left is so morally position going into twenty two like we talked about at the top of the show. What kind of delegated to this very lame position of having to hope that they fight against themselves and dissent is versus Trump could be a really
great thing we had another insane weekend of the consumer see mind virus that is plaguing the american Right wing, its conspiracies everywhere. You look. Let's take a little tour through on the Maria Barter Romo Programme yesterday running on Fox Marcia Blackburn showed up Senator Marshall Blackburn and claimed that Joe Biden is about to replace Kamel a Harris which the president can actually do, but Senator Marcia Blackburn doesn't seem to care and, of course, Maria, the Roma now loves. Conspiracy theories, is there anything you want to say about common Harris. She was given the role of acting for the week. Why is their music and why does more Maria border Romo have to yell over the music? Just a tip production question, then, when violence that has come to be last. We call him
and I think, when you look at what she has done, she has fails at every task that she's been given. That's why there are many in the White House who are so frustrated with our it's gonna, be interest to see interesting to see and push forward to take our place, who what? But and some people in the comments said: oh she's, referring to re election in twenty twenty four, that's not what they mean. Many of them don't even believe binds running for real election. So talk about who are they gonna, replace commoner with then we go something really bizarre, Steve Bannon appearing on some kind of very strange. It appears to be a chinese propaganda. Show it's not even clear what this is and pushing vaccine conspiracies about segregation and and very very strange stuff relation, and so I think that this is powerful. You see every day with a new friend
They were the new federal states only a year and a half all its only eighteen months, old and look, look, look as once happened today. Were commemorating the third anniversary of really the rule of law. Of the of the great presentation we had that date, the peer hotel and look how much power that rule of LAW foundation, raw law, society, the whistle blower movement. You ve change history right here Today you can hear the protest in this city in the protests about anti vaccine right, and it's not the people, Anti backs, is that there vaccine hesitate right. and the reason they vaccine hasn't. It is that the information hasn't been put out about exactly what happened in the war on lab. What's what is this virus really about N Y, a therapeutics prophylactic therapeutics, like Hydroxyl court when our Iver mentioned. Are all these other attributes. what they can do, and so the whole world right now is, is pushing whether in Europe or in France or in Austria or the United States, is a big protest here today about
american citizens who are in American born right who are protesting these overreaching mandates attack. What on earth is banned in talking about your freedom away? So I thank you. You look at the new federal state and what has been able to accomplish in eighteen months and went to whistle blower movement. Genius and gdp and particularly the rule of law. Just in three years, remember was three years ago today are so there's their Steve Bannon with more anti backs. Propaganda He also had proto a number of do he's right. There were anti vaccine protests over the weekend at one of them. The big me was about the racism of vaccine requirements. Medical Segregation is racist, set, assign stop the mandate before it.
too late, this is a new. Very often the right will do. This will turn something on its head, and so they ll spend a decade saying The claims of racism from the left are bogus claims of racism from the left are racist, etc. They'll do that and then all of a sudden, they'll say hey actually paid. This is racist, something that I'd actually raises vaccine requirements now. Are racist then we go to Alex Jones once again this reawaken America tour, which seems to be going on every single weekend here. Alex Jones taking a shower. Of Bizarre kind of rapture, revelation and times approach now with the religious crowd. At this event, We are literally saying the bugger revelations begin to come true. Why in front-
and this is the most important time in human history since cries: walk the earth gap, so this is actually bit. This is getting very common. A lot of these types that you don't always associate with the religious nunnery. We just associate them with the kind of like more agnostic, conspiracy nunnery. They are going in the door action of jumping on board with the religious notary and then speaking of of which continuing to see trivial ASEAN of the Holocaust. Add another one of these and VOX protest. I believe this one in New York City. You see another one of these yellow stars go by and I'll play that again for our audience. You can see the Yellow STAR kind of near the pen, ski truck, which says yeah it's a yellow star. This has on vaccinated on it. The continue the trivial illustration of the Holocaust, which
is just kind of standard operating procedure. At this point point for people like Marjorie, Taylor, green and other, so every Single weekend every single weekend. It is conspiracy after conspiracy We had the sherry Tenpenny Video of hers, that vaccinating children is a late term abortion and that Coburg testing is torture and on and on on and it is getting really bad. I dont know what turns this around. I really don't, but it is extraordinarily disturbing. We have a voice mail number that you can call any time you want. The number is too one nine to David P. Here is a voice mail, it Sir of tongue in cheek, but it gets it a very good point, which is if gas prices our thanks to Biden and gas prices are up everywhere. It's all thanks to bite and right, take a listen to this.
earlier. Mr Pachmann, Sir, I have a question about gas prices knowing that, obviously the gas prices are Joe Biden all see that sea gas prices have also drawn up to about five dollars. You ass in Canada, while and figure out what social policy Brandon had implemented into Canada to cause them to have also very expensive gas prices, even higher gas prices than we do here. You love to hear from you and, of course, that the call it makes a good point, which is gas prices, are up globally wise. Joe Biden, salt again, and you guys know me. I do not play these political games with gas prices, whether its democratic president or a Republican, president and whether gas prices are up or gas prices are down. Go. Look at my clips from India,
prices were low and Obama was president. I was other than tongue in cheek joking around, I was not praising Barack Obama for lowering gas prices. American president's have very little that they can do what they can do. If they want to dip into the strategic oil reserve, it is believed that they could pull down gas prices by eighteen to twenty cents a gallon, and it would take a period of time for that to happen. But, of course, collar is right. You look around the world and you see the same thing. How is it Joe Biden Fault again, Republicans, love, love, love, doing the gas price games it's pathetic, but a lot of people fall for it. We ve got a great bonus, show for you today. Finally, trumps Master General Louis. The joy he may be on his way out and will tell you why number two New York City wants to limit the you the various artificial intelligence tools for hiring employs I'll explain and
we now have. The results of that estate tax give away that was part of trumps tax plan back in twenty seventeen that was implement. In twenty eighteen it drama radically reduced IRS revenue from inheritance. It had the exact effect that the very rich wanted it that have. We have the full numbers and we'll talk about them on today's bonus show get access to the bonus show by signing up a joint Ocwen dot com. Remember that on December 14th, six p dot m Eastern will be doing the next few were town hall on the PAC. Man live Youtube, Channel, make sure you're subscribed that channel. We will give of course priority to our website members, but everybody will be allowed to call and everybody everybody will be allowed to call in so number. One subscribed to the Pachmann live Youtube Channel number two. If you want a much better shot of getting on with me during our town hall, a sign up at join pachmann dot com, you also we'll get it
access to the bonus, show as a member, and we will see their in beer minutes or re backyard
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