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11/29/21: Omicron Fear & Panic Spreads Quickly

2021-11-29 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Corporate media stokes panic and participates in the chaos leading to a stock market decline over the Omicron COVID variant, about which we actually know very little as of today

--The White House announces that President Joe Biden "intends" to run for re-election in 2024

--As the Omicron COVID variant becomes the top pandemic topic, COVID and vaccine disinformation explode from the American right wing

--Dr. Anthony Fauci drops the hammer on Republican Senator Ted Cruz when asked about Cruz' recent statement that Dr Fauci should be "prosecuted"

--Donald Trump is so petty and pathetic in his recent interview on Fox News that not even propaganda host Sean Hannity can save him

--Hillary Clinton gets some details correct, and some very wrong, in her recent statements about cryptocurrency

--End times preacher Sharon Gilbert tells a bizarre and absurd story about her husband's body being invaded by an alien in the middle of the night, possibly Xerxes, or Jesus, which tried to have sex with her

--Televangelist Kenneth Copeland performs a bizarre ritual to "kill" the flue virus "in his colon"

--Voicemail caller tells David he will soon be "sued" over being "wrong" about Kyle Rittenhouse

--On the Bonus Show: Thanksgiving break stories from David and Pat, US libraries report spike in organized attempts to ban books in schools, much more...

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Well, I hope Everybody who celebrated had a good thing. giving. I will talk about mine on today's bonus, show very, very compelling unexciting, indifferent ways. We're gonna hear from Pat about his troops Colombia. No joke there and there. So many other things. But if you paid attention at all to the news, were the Thanksgiving holiday you certain We must know by now, then, You must bow down to the o, mccrone, covert, very never leave your house again hide from this brutal idly variant which will kill every one and destroy
the economy for well hold on a second, let's actually backup forbid is it possible, be that bad. Yes, at any point, we wanna be little. The fact that the possibility that we could get an extremely deadly variant, but the story that has been more or less the corporate media story so far, starting on Friday, which, by the way, led to the worst day for stocks of the year as a result of the panic with the DOW Jones Industrial Average down more than two and a half per cent, the rustle two thousand index down nearly four percent, I mean just a disastrous day for stocks on the basis of o maker, on what is the truth of it? The truth is we don't really yet? No almost anything about it. That would lead us to say this is for being out of our houses. This is it for being able to sort
be living mildly, more normal lives. This is it for the economy. We we just the corporate media panic which affected the stock market was very much ahead of itself and we're going to talk about that. So first, let's talk about the goods put the all mccrone variant be more deadly than any other short. It could could the only run. Very it be more transmissible sure it could be, and that may be the one element of it that we are closest to knowing about at this point in time, it's possible that its way more transmissible. Does the o Micron variant, make the current vaccines useless its power, possible, that that could be the case, but we do not know any of that right now and the panic serving no one. Well now there are some in the audience you might say. Well, the panic is good, because it's getting
people ready to lock down or whatever I disagree. I dont think that the panic at this point, absent actual information, is doing anybody any good. So, let's talk about what we actually know about the new very the first question: is it or let Laccoliths actually look at the possibilities? what it could be and what we know so. Doktor Eric Topol tweeted over the weekend, important message from Doktor LE sells a leading south african infectious disease specialist. No doctor de LA cells, wrote quote just a note: caution, we know that getting a rapid understanding of disease severity with o mccrone, particularly in vaccinated individuals and re infections, is absolutely critical, but it's just too early for reliable data. Anecdotally, we are hearing from summoned
both Africa, that oh mccrone variant symptoms are quote unusual but mild, but that's not something to hang our hats on yet either. That could be because it is more young people so far hit with this very in South Africa now it's already all over the world, identified in key a Germany, Belgium, Hong Kong. The United Kingdom. It probably in the United States, says Doktor Anthony foundry. So it's all. We have. We seen these containment measures, basically punishing southern Africa and its already all over the place, and that doesn't seem to be doing to too much, but we do not yet know whether the symptoms will be more severe or more mild. Remember that in general,
corona. Viruses tend to get more transmissible and less severe overtime becoming a really spreading cold can take years can take years. Is Doctor Vincent RACK and Yellow told us? The real headline is not one that causes panic and clicks and stock market declines, which is the headline from science. From this weekend, which is called very boring Lee patients is crucial. Why we won't know four weeks how dangerous o mccrone is now. One issue is that all mccrone is rapidly replacing other variants in South Africa, so that seen as a bad, bad sign it I'm very quickly out competing other variants. Now that's possible that it could be because it's more transmissible Andorra, more serious, it could also be due to chance. It could also be due to skewed testing.
A number of other things we don't know you owe me kron- could evade vaccine immunity and natural anti bodies it could, and that would be terrible. However, the number of mutations allowed under alone don't actually tell us that, but the general view so far is that if you have been vaccinated or recovered naturally from a previous variant, you would likely have some protection against o Micron. We dont yet know how much there might be. A drop could be a bigger drop then, with other variants, we don't know. Now we got an update this morning from the W Echo and the w echo has been very clear about all the things we do not know quote, it is not yet clear whether all mccrone is more transmissible. It is not yet clear whether infection with on the Koran causes moors of severe disease, compare Two prior variance. Preliminary evidence suggests there. May
be an increased risk of re infection with Almah Kron compared to other variants. We dont yet no same with vaccines. We dont, yet no that's the update as just an hour ago. So in all seriousness, let's not nor this. I am not saying, don't worry about it, guys, let's wait ends. sea and in the meantime, let's behave logically for the circumstances and facts that we know. Last thing, CEO Albert were left from Pfizer, says Pfizer has already started to develop a new covert vaccine tailored to the all mccrone variant. Take it this when it comes to their vaccine but it may still be seen. I dont think that the result will be it therefore please dont forget, I think the results could be, which we don't know again, but the boxes protected less, which means But if the macsharry forget glass, it is the east We need to create it already, we started frightening
Friday we made offers the innate them play, which is the first part of the manufacturing of the development process of a new vaccine and we have made, at times clear that we will be able to present a vaccine in less than a hundred days. In fact, we have already to bill in less than five hundred days. So here we keep hearing this, hundred day. Number Medina has said something similar so that something that is being worked on. But let's go by what the data shows and so far what the data shows is. There's three or four very important questions that we are asking and which need to be answered about this variant. We do yet have those answers, and I think it's important, that we not lose our minds until we actually do get those answers. If you think we should be having already than let me know, but I think it's let let's take it a step at a time
as many of you know, I always prefer to do. There has been speculation and questions as to whether Joe Biden will run for reelection in twenty twenty four now you already, you may know my position on this already and my position on this. Is that I see a Joe Biden reelection as a very tough uphill battle and I see a comma Harris replacement of Joe Biden. As that the crowd, ignominy and twenty twenty four as a very tough uphill battle. Now, sometimes people will write to me and I ll say David. Are you saying that so that people don't rest on their laurels and tuna, or are you saying that? Are you overstating matter? I'm not gaming. Anything! I am just giving my honest opinion, my genuine opinion. It doesn't mean I have some one I think would do. I have no. I haven't there's no superstar right the Democratic Party that I love and I feel super inspired by. I don't have any,
alternatives. At this point to Biden and Harris, I'm just saying I see the reelection he'll as a very steep one for both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The White House has put out a statement saying Joe Biden intend to run in twenty twenty four in this created. So many headlines of people saying he's running he's running, and I think you have to understand that there is one important word in this headline and that word is intense. It isn T ends and what one intends to do in twenty twenty one, ten months into their presidency can have absolutely no connection whatsoever to what one actually does in twenty twenty. For us an end summarizing the article saying the White House set on Monday that Joe Biden intends to run for re election in TWAIN. Twenty four following a
sent report indicating that the commander in chief of staff are attempting to assuage concerns about its future political prospects. When White House Press Secretary Jack Saki was asked aboard air force, one, whether she could confirm if he was going to run in twenty twenty four and whether he was telling staff that she responded. Yes, that's his intention. The Washington Post, reported Biden and members of his inner circle had been telling allies. He plans to run again an attempt to address concerns about whether he could commit to another presidential campaign. Given his age, a recent Quinnapin poll showed binds approval rating, sits at thirty six percent, now very important to remember that. If you actually look at the Five, thirty eight Biden approval of its actually not much changed from where it was it still at forty three percent, and it's been there, basically going all the way back to a month ago. So, although it is true that there is a canopy act, Paul showing Biden, thirty six
On average, there's been no movement for a month or maybe even like five or six weeks that doesn't mean binds. Approval rating is particularly good right now, but the thirty six percent number is very much an outlier. So this entire story is about the word. Intense intense can have a very different meaning if things change or if whatever bins, if you said today, David Sir, even money bet no odds just d, if you do all you have to bet on his does Biden, run orders Biden not run. I would take the even money, bat unbind and does not run for reelection it's not by much right now. I would say I'm fifty five, forty Five may be sixty forty, that Joe Biden does not run for re election in twenty twenty. Four, we don't know I know people were right, will right in and say David you're wrong, it's an odds predict
for which I'm marginally feel more confident. That Biden doesn't run. It's not like a big claim. I'm not saying that it's a statement of fact it's a statement of opinion because it's in the future and I'm saying five thousand five hundred and forty five. sixty forty. I want to hear from you really about two questions. Question one is in you. Can you can look no on Twitter, it d Pachmann question: one is: will he run? What do you think quest, in two may be. The more important question is if he runs. What exactly is the path to re election, because I see it as very, very tough, particularly when the out party tends to have higher enthusiasm. We have this cult of q, Slash Trump, which is still very, very strong. think mean listened it. There are a lot of the motivation for voting Biden in twenty twenty was to get rid of Donald Trump,
was a worthy motivation. I'm not. That was my motivation. Among other things, we had to get rid of Trump with Trump gone. The early signs are, it is tough fer to get Democrat voters motivated, and so I am worried about Biden PATH, a victory in twenty twenty four, if he's the candidate, of course, if he's better the alternative, we don't know who that will be at might be Trump might be someone else. I will say we ve got about providing I'm I'm still as pragmatic as ever. But I'm curious to hear from you find me on Twitter. It d pachmann will take a quick breaking then you getting caught up from the along holiday week and right after this short break, one of our sponsors is sunset: Lake C b D, as part of a fundraiser they're doing. sunset lake C b D is giving my audience up to sixty percent offer black Friday until December. First and every
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Channel. You can find it at Youtube. Dotcom, slash, Pachmann, live everybody's welcome to call in, but we will give priority, on the call line to our website. Members grab a membership it. In pachmann dot com. Not only will you get priority on our town hall, you will also get a daily bonus. Show you get commercial, free, audio and video streams of the show in so many other great things of sign up today joined pachmann dot com, so we talked at the beginning of the show. We had described, he weekend, including the biggest stock decline of the year on Friday, due to the fears and panic over the o mccrone variant. As I already said, we Don T yet know oh a long list of important things that we at some point will know about the COMECON variant, but, needless to say, it caused panic and sell off in the stock markets. It also creek aided and environment over the weekend on right wing media for an even bigger scale, up of covert and vaccines
disinformation that you might be saying will hold on how could there be more disinformation uncovered and on vaccines? They ve been doing it for close to two years. It's getting even worse, it continues to get worse and worse and I'm gonna go through a couple of these instances with you and we'll talk about some of the points that are being made now in the context of o Mccrone republican Congresswoman Nancy MACE. Interviewed on Fox NEWS and her idea was hey. You know what maybe, instead of vaccines. People should get sick with cove it because you are better protected. This is something they ve been saying for a while. Take a listen to this and see if you can figure out why it's dangerously a response as one of the things the CDC has not done. A no no policymaker at the federal level has done so far is taken in
a cow. What natural immunity does, and that may be what we're seeing in Florida today in some studies that I've read natural immunity gives you twenty seven times more protection against future covert infection than a, and so we take all of the science and count and now twenties. She says twenty seven times I haven't even been able to find a study that asserts that I, found. One study that says recent recovery gives you twenty seven percent better protection than the vaccine. since which are tailored to the original variants? The best is still recovery. Plus vaccine and remember the vaccine won't kill you. Where is getting covert to end up with immunity might actually kill you selectively. Changing what I have to follow when we are making policy decisions. In your see, I believe, governor dust,
emphasis in seeing the fruit of that labour. Today, ok yet would descend. This is actually doing everything wrong uncovered, but again, even if it were true that you're more robustly immune by recover rather than getting vaccinated the process of recovering natural, we can kill you at close to a one percent rate where What we know about the vaccines is, there are three people who died from my own car data's after being vaccinated, It may have been related and there have been hundreds of millions of people in the. U S vaccinated already. So it's incredibly irresponsible to say for Jesus. It's twenty seven acts, even if its twenty seven percent that go through a process through which nearly one percent will die to get immunity rather than getting a shot very, very irresponsible and then lastly recovered or not the sort of like a game theory?
there's an optimal solution to this, which is, if you haven't, recovered from the virus. You want to get the vaccine to develop immunity. If you have recovered from the iris. You get the vaccine and you get even better immunity so either way you get better immunity when vaccinated, incredibly irresponsible, dangerous comments from Nancy MACE? Then we go to Donald from Junior Donald Trump Junior is saying two things which are crazy one, is that nobody is talking about the violent protests riots anti vaccine around the world. That's wrong! I did an entire segment about it last week. It is being discussed number two, he seems to think that we should be having that here in the United States go West So you don't hear about these policies. You know you don't hear. But what's going on as it relates to the riots in Europe on a daily basis now against the vaccine mandate, because our media, once the block that out
gotta make sure that you'd ever hear about it, because they don't want you getting these kind of ideas that freedom they actually still exist in some parts of the world and in Europe, is pushing back in sitting there. Like sheep, We just go think about what he sing he sang there. He sang riots are good. Remember in other contexts. Right it's her bad and they can be used to just shut it, justify shooting people taking out guns, police being harsh with protesters, but ass. The writers are trumpets, in which case it wasn't right at all. It was Antigua and peaceful, but here he sang there's riots going on in Europe against the vaccines and those are good and the media isn't telling Americans about them because Americans my realise hey, we should do that here and he says that would be a good thing. He thinks there should be riots. It would be good to have rights here in the: U S: next Lara Logan was on Fox NEWS and she
I may see if you can find the number of lies in this statement and again this is all the context is reporting about. Oh mccrone is, if you look at Sweden with no locked gowns and no vaccinations and look at the death rate there overtime, what they realizing as they can't yoga so they're worth its nine seconds, guys and she's lying to you three times. First of all, no lock downs in Sweden in Sweden, without making it Policy of the state you had these sort of sheltering, or separation, sip voluntary of the most vulnerable swedes- that's number one, but it is true that bar state open and ok that that is true. She says: there's no way
the nations in Sweden, Sweden as more people vaccinated than the U S by percentage rate, in the? U S worth fifty nine percent fully vaccinated. In Sweden there at sixty eight percent, fully vaccinated she's lying. She said: no vaccines in Sweden reality more vaccines in Sweden than the in the United States and just look at the death rate. The death rate in Sweden has started to creep up creep up creep up, and it's not looking good in Sweden anymore. It's a very strange idealisation of Sweden based on lies, will get back to Leora Logan. Here Stephen Miller, former Trump adviser who says you know if Trumpery first. We would already have modified vaccines to deal with the new variants, which isn't true. I mean just listen to what the pharmaceutical companies are telling us. President tromp was still in office by the way we already have modified vexed Here's the deal, the new variants, which is a great point present from progress,
as vaccines and record times when she made voluntary non mandatory and he'd have updates to ok. There is no evidence whatsoever that we would already have modified vaccines for the variants at this time of Trump were president and the most money is part of it is, I guess now: vaccines are good again right wing when you can attach them to accomplishments of tromp or imaginary accomplishments of trumped the vaccines are good other times they placate to the most radical anti backs. People on the Trump side here is an interesting one hears a fox guest who the discussion is oh Micron and he is able to use this to talk about non existent. Voter fraud in the last election. How do I dont know how They managed to do it, but they do tat the benefit of of common for democratic party. They won the last election based on carbon, terrible change election rules, so it made it
are easier to cheat and potentially steel in a different portions of the electorate in the last election nice languages like, and I ll do it. Why do I think there was cheating in my state was constant hell? Yes, there was cheating, I'm not know it a change our results. I don't know you don't know where you now have you can. I didn't say I didn't say it changed the election results. I sends a high mountain break appendages. Deity said I dont know if it would have changed the election results and, of course there is no evidence that anecdotal all the things that always happen when a hundred and sixty million people vote would have changed the results and even a single county, never mind a single state, so making digging the au mccrone opportunity to talk about the big. And then this is completely off rails, we're going back to Leora Logan, who has gone off the deep and politically she tells a story about how There are corona hundreds of corona viruses in bone switch Israel
did to her having bone cancer which isn't funny, but it's not and clear- would argument she's trying to make and basically saying, don't even try to sequence variants. I get it. It's crazy, crazy thing and you can see the doctor right, side of the screen starts to look a little bit confused check. If I do, it doctors, the one who I guess I talked to tromp about his cognate, tat, the he's a wacky document. Even he finds this nuts testing forget. Strains of corona vires we're going to be locked down for the rest of our existence, in I had cancer. My oncologist is a specialist
in bone cancer, and he you know, every oncologists ideas about cancer identifies hundreds of corona viruses inside of our bones. They ve created a problem that can never actually be solved, so they can justify whatever it is. They want to do and if you look around you, everything is falling apart. Even the vote orders are going ahead. Durham is moving ahead overtime. People can see that the vaccines have nothing to do with Trump or left or right. Many black people don't want to get vaccinated. You cannot justify the way, that's being repeated, but it is not black folks who have the lowest vaccination rate. Its trump Republicans, using three five thousand border patrol agents, twelve thousand pilots in over something that has the death rate of flu, and even that, of course, it's not the death rate of fluids. About six times that blue death rate is about point. One. Five covert death rate is somewhere between point seven in point eight. So that's very much Andrew
does felt Americans have the right under the constitution to their civil liberties and they only be suspended rarely Unfortunately, we have. Let me this is not an olympic heartily and completely bonkers. Now the one thing that is true about corona viruses and bones is that cove it can affect bone growth in people who have not reached their full size so to speak and can affect bone density. There are studies about that, so it seems getting cove. It. Is potentially really bad for the bones and, whilst were still learning more about that. So how long is this stuff gonna go on, because every time that something new with the pandemic: they go back to the same things: the vat. Scenes are probably not so good guidelines or die Finally, bad trump would have done it.
Thing better and somehow, with would some cases its. Let's go back to the the voter fraud that they claim stole the election from Trump in twenty twenty. It's the same playbook, just getting recycled over and over again truly living in a fantasy world. I don't spend a lot of time on this next story, but I do want to mention that what originally subtler attacks on Doktor Anthony Fouche, the head. In fact, this disease doctor in the United States when Trump was President Trump started, having disagreements with Doktor Anthony Foundry about all this Covered and it started a little bit of like an under her belly, people online and others starting to attack doktor factory has now gone fully mainstream within the Republican Party, Senator,
and Paul one of the figures that has been very publicly attacking Doktor Fouche III and most recently, Senator TED Crews- remember Cancun crews. He now has said that doctor found she should be prosecuted prosecuted about, your found she was asked about this I dont know if it's that the the pandemic itself has him sick of all. This nonsense no, if it's you know, he's an eighty year old guy, maybe he's close to retirement and he just doesn't care anymore, but he did not pull any punches here until crews and good for doktor found. You take a look the risk, so anybody who spends lies and threatens, and all that theatre that goes on with some of them destinations agents and the congressional committees in the ran Paul's, and all that other nonsense. That's noise, Margaret.
that's noise. I know my job is centred. Crews told the attorney general should be prosecuted. Yeah I'll have the laugh at the package. I should be prosecuted happened on January six senator. But do you think that this is about making you escape go to deflect course. President tramp, of course you have to be asleep, love the figure that one out, while there are a lot of republican senators taking aim at this summit I'm just going to do my job? and I'm gonna be saving lives and they're gonna be lying. Seems another layer of danger to play politics around matters of if in death row exactly exact into me. That's that's unbelievably bad, because All I want to do is save people's lives, and I mean Anybody who is looking at this carefully realises that there's a distinct
t science flavour this. So if they get been criticized? Science nobody's gonna, know what you're talking about, but if they get and really aim their bullets at Tony found. She won't be book a recognised as a person there so was easy to criticise, but they're really criticising science yeah- and you know there are people who are reacting to this by saying. Oh, it's it's inappropriate. Imagine people carrying out about what's appropriate its inappropriate for a medical official to criticise a senator. Well, is it appropriate for centre nurse to attack a public health official, all along dating back to the Trump era, because what he said conflicted with the non science blabber of Trump, because Trump wanted to make everything seem less serious and if you listen to it,
or found she was saying you would. You would have no other conclusion, then wow. If doktor found she sang this. This must be pretty serious. While Trump said, our fifteen cases are soon going to be zero. Maybe one of the dumbest statements ever made by a president in history Gimme a break now they care about, what's appropriate, so good for doktor vouches good for doktor fouche each year we don't know how long he's gonna wanna keep working at this point. He has been doing this for decades and his aid. and if I were him I would be very sick of what's going on, but he seems determined to keep doing what it can to save lives and, of course he should be commended for but the way in which people like TED Cruiser attacking him is absolutely disgusting, and he is, I seem, seems to be as sick of it, as I would be at least will have one Clips from this interview on our instagram, you can find the David Pachmann show Instagram at David Pachmann show
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hundred nineteen dollars but nebula is giving you ten percent off when you go to nebula dot com, slash, pachmann and use the promo code pachmann, the link is in the podcast notes, All right so, as we went into the long thanksgiving weekend in the United States, Donald Trump gave an interview to Fox NEWS, propaganda, Sean Hannity, and I think this interview is interesting because if far there I am worried there are already some people becoming desensitize too, how horrible it was under tromp. What we were, some people are already starting to forget and sang at or no binding super exciting and was Trump really that bad and it's very very concerning and what is notable. this interview is the degree to which Donald Trump, Sir same old, lies, are being repeated but made even worse and whether, where his same terrible instincts are being escalated and blown up even further. Just look at this
This clip trump with further lies. Further lies about gas prices too weak So we looked at a different interviewed fronted where he lied about gas prices to some degree, he's now lying even more and being even more deceptive about this issue. Take a listen. I guess what I said: I guess Selina Dollar, eighty three or dollar, eighty six, what I left a gallon and now it's at seven dollars and seventy cents in California different places in California and setting that way everywhere and it's gonna go a lot higher than that and we are asking OPEC yeah. So, as I told you two weeks ago, the real price, when Trump a year ago, when Trump left was to twenty a gallon to twenty not a dollar, eighty or eighty, three or eighty six or a dollar, seventy eight of the gas price was higher when trot when from now says and its seventh. Indian California it yet I was unable to find any place where it was seven. Seventy in California, I've heard
totally that super premium sometimes is in certain places, seven bucks, a guy, Alan in California. Most people don't use super premium. The average price in California is actually for seventy, so Trump is lying It's just lie upon lie upon. Why trump then again went back to this thing about Mark Zuckerberg wanted he's from him. We still haven't really figured out what that means, but Trump keep saying it and you watch what happens? I think big things are going to happen actually shown, but here often come to the White House trying to get goodies. Due to well knew you so the context here is Zuckerberg is bad, because Facebook band from four regularly flouting and violating their terms of service and from now, sir, is, on the one hand they they suppress my speech, but then Zuckerberg came to me asking for stuff now. Is it possible that Zuckerberg went to Trump asking for stuff?
Oh I'm almost positive. I I can't imagine anybody who runs many that big who, given the opportunity to speak to a present, wouldn't try a lobby on the behalf of things that would be good for them, but that routine, it's all personal for Trump. It's all perfect, it's not about what is the best infrastructure for social media for the country, and what could I do in my meetings for Mark Zuckerberg to do good, Its Zuckerberg ban me, but he asked me for stuff. It's all me me me. It's all personal trump, then now this fascinating. He shifts in old talking point now generally applied a supply chains, check to see, if used in noticed the talking point, and we a fantastic job in supplying our country. We every shelf was bare every covered. I called the cupboards were bare for the deaf. states. We did a great job, we got no recognition now. You might remember that the cupboards verb were bare is a phrase trump used to only apply to what he said was the bare cupboards of the military.
Tromp would say I came in Obama left the cupboards bear in the military. We had no weapons he's a serving, they came here, they said We got no ammunition and then I got ammunition now Trump is just generally applied. The cupboards were bare two states supply chain products, whatever it's the same talking point now just applied to something different and it's always been Alai. Then Trump starts to try to write. History trump raises the idea that the capital right on January, sixth, those words from supporters that was Antigua, but they go after but that in many cases are not at all cases, but in many many cases are patriots and you at some bad people. In it look at what happened at the capitol you had so bad people that we're not patriots at all and
came from other places, including anti fur and including others, and they let a lot of people a stray. They don't want to cover that yeah. I like how he says and teeth there and teeth so that Trumpery, saying two things: his supporters, who are not criminals, their patriots aren't being treated well and the truth that a lot of the rioters weren t there is not being covered and those people are not being prosecute, there is no evidence for any of this. This is lie all the way down. I hope that you know that maybe the fight yes moment from this interview is Trump says finally, The Durham report is out. It's not an and it goes, but it's not out- and it's just a delightfully confusing moment here on The Hannity shall interesting the Durham report as sport. Come out. I wish you could have been a little earlier, but it
unbelievably completed, I would imagine that it is not even our oceans, but I want to that's not what I mean not one that we should still be arouses, debunk back back, that's the best, but handed he doesn't know. And it is, but it's not even now and from says no well, but the foundations are being violated. This total confusion, and then maybe my favorite lie. That was the funniest moment, but my favorite lie is when trumps as he created. Term fake news. Nominate re are- and I say it and I dont want to say much, but I say it and I hope in the future I won't have to they are enemy of the people and We could have a country that would be able to heal and get together, except the media ferment sit there so corrupt and I call I came up with the term fake news long time, oh god or navigate credit for that. But that's ok! Well, you won't get credit for it because you didn't come up with the term. What, if any now this is. This is super interesting. The term faking
This has been around a really really long time and it has a specific meaning, like the original fake news was, Hillary Clinton, birthing, an alien baby or something like I'm. Nothing, that's the first big new story, but it referred to like tabloid fake news later in the had met with during the after the advent of online use, fake news was used to refer to the same type of stuff, but online just totally made up stories trumpeted invent the term fake news. What Trump pioneered was calling any reporting. You dont, like fake news, Dat's trumps. Contrary sure. It's a very negative contribution then they go on two dimensions and cognitive tests and Sean Hannity still talking about Trump passing his dementia test.
you took the cognitive test. I asked Ronnie Jackson you that thirty out of thirty two you leave, the Joe Biden is showing signs of being cognitive, lily compromise, and should it take the test, all I can say is. I know president. She, I know, Putin, I know Kim Jong. I know all the leaders of the world. I got to know very well most of my like many of my like, although tough cookies there, at the top of their game, we need somebody, that's at the top of the game, and you know maybe you should. It should be mandated to do take like cod the test or something. Yes, we ve been saying that for a long time, but the the Montreal cognitive assessment. Would you, Be one layer we will hopefully have more actually, and that is what Trump seems very confused about, maybe like cognitive tests or something and then lastly, Trump says in reaction to the walk, a Shaw, tragic,
where this individual ran over multiple people killing. I think the death toll is now tragically up to six trumps says there is good news which is the guy hated Trump. The good news is, he hated Trump. Ok, he hated Trump based on early. That's the Good NEWS, guys the guy hated, tromp so another I mean you couldn't get an easier interview from Sean Hannity and Even Sean Hannity can't save Donald Trump for making a fool out of himself now. This is not only a criticising things, Donald Trump set. We are now going to talk about things. Hillary Clinton said which don't make a whole bunch of sense. They make a little sense, but not that much Hillary Clinton over the last week, or so has really been talking. A lot about crypto currency, she's, very concerned about crypto currency, and she stomach
across a whole bunch of things that make no sense and a couple that do now. I'm gonna remind everybody. My view on crypto currency, I'm not some big crypto maven, and I am also not against it in principle. I believe that, like every other financial instrument, stocks bonds- real estate, precious metals, foreign stodgy to whatever crypto currency is a tool. There are some who say it's not really an ass. That class because its gambling or whatever ok, listen. I mean at this point it seems pretty clear that at least for the foreseeable future Crypto is here to stay. I have said that my decision years ago was they get about three to five percent exposure to crypto currency, because it's done so well, it keeps coming a bigger and bigger portion of my assets, and I then sell it down and move in two things that I consider to be less volatile. I it's a tool
like any other, and there are and cons like with everything else. Let's listen to the first clip hear this. From the little Rachel Motto, show and listened very carefully to what Hillary Clinton says. I want to mention one other thing: that term is on the horizon that people are only beginning to pay attention to and that's the need to regulate the crypto currency markets, because Imagine the combination of social media, the algorithms that drives social media, the amassing of even larger sums of money through the control of certain crypto currency. chains we're looking at not only states such as China or a rush or others. piloting technology of all kinds to their advantage, we're looking at non state actors either in costs with states or on their own beast,
belies in countries destabilizing the dollar as a reserve. Currency there are so many big questions that bite. Administration must address. I just don't think we have much time and therefore I hope from everything I'm hearing from them that that's exactly what they're going to try to do now. There are little bits and pieces of reasonable stuff mixed in with a lot of very strange claims. This was the second time in the short period of time that Hilary talked about crypto currencies. She also said remotely at a Bloomberg conference- and she had very similar comments make take a lesson and then one more area that I hope nation state start paying greater attention. two is the rise of crypto currency, because what looks like a very interesting and somewhat exotic effort, too little mine new coins in order to trade with them has the potential
oh for undermining currencies for undermining the role, the dollar as a reserve currency, a common apposite there. So, first of all, she says, your literally mining coins. No, it's metaphorical mining, its computers, doing stuff literally mining is actually mining. Mining means mining here. What we're talking about his computers, solving cryptographic of problem, so doing crew break it. It's it's not literally mining, which is just weird, but at the end there something she mentioned twice, which is really what this is all about. The idea that crypto currency might challenge the status of the dollar as a reserve currency. Now, there's a lot of confusion in their Hillary Clinton. Roy Lee identifies that, for example, there are ways in which countries could and
use crypto currency to circumvent economic sanctions that better that's a legitimate problem, so completely legitimate problem and there are proposed solutions to it. But that's it! That's a real problem. The back words part is the whole reason China doesn't want. Crypto is because they manipulate the you on and they don't want something they can't control to become common okay, and so then you ve got this idea of the digital John and it's a complete and total mess. But it's it's. It's kind of the opposite, like China is trying to keep crypto out, in order to not even have the yuan challenged, but she's. Says well, they're going to use Bitcoin or whatever mainline crypto, to try to destabilize the you. dollar, which number one wouldn't be great for China because they hold so much? U S, debt and number two China actually
Can we go in the other direction, which is just trying to ban Crypto, and it's really an example of one of the top skills of being upheld station, which is speaking, really really confidently about something you don't fully understand, it sounds like she knows what she's talking about, and she comes stumbles across some things that are real, but then there's a whole bunch of other stuff No, that really doesn't make sense, and it's actually sort of surprising that the handlers of which he has many did not put. gather kind of work, more coherent, talking point, but maybe those are the talking points that they actually want. Now. The other thing is there's always this kind of. leading to crypto currency being used for crime of new report suggests about a third of one percent of crypto transactions are related to criminal activities. I don't think that's a very good argument against Crypto and in my mind, by
I think it's something we hear frequently, but really what this is about is the: U S dollars the world's reserve currency. China holds a ton of it. A Japan holds a ton of it, although you you much more rarely here, Japan mentioned because they're not considered adversarial in the same way, but I think that listen, I Ah, how do I hope- and I say this its increasingly seeming to me- let Crypto is here to stay and seeing people blindly, say it's bad and I want nothing to do with it. To me seems more like digging one's head in the sand rather than saying. Oh, this is something that is growing increasingly mainstream. Let me give myself a little bit of exposure to it and that's not financial advice for anyone, in particular its just the story and much of what I did in my thought process in the three to five percent range. For me and, let's see what happens as part of a diversified
long term approach to financial assets and tools and, at the end of the day, icy crypto currency as a tool, quite simply end of story. Let me know your thoughts will take a quick break and be back right after this. Science has shown us that lowering your body temperature at night helps you sleep, I can't sleep in a hot room. That's why I love our sponsor Chile. Sleep which makes customizable climate controlled sleep solutions to sleep better. Their flagship products are the ruler sleep system and the cube sleep system, which is what I have both or Hydro powered temperature, controlled luxury, mattress pads. You can make them as cold as fifty five degrees Fahrenheit. If you wanted you could go, is hot is a hundred and fifty degrees. I like the cooler option. I keep mine at sixty degrees and it gives me a great cool night of sleep, no feeling hot, no more sweating, I'm falling asleep fast
and at Paris perfectly with Chile. Sleeps waited Chile blanket which keeps you called on top to right. Now, Chile, sleep is running a special sale. You'll get thirty percent off everything. When you go to Chile, sleep, dot, com, slash, Pachmann, that's c h, I l, I S. L e p, dot com, Slash Pachmann, the link is in the cast notes are right. Let's look at a couple of other things. This is one of the wealthiest Wacky s, video clips I have seen it. Entire time doing this show this, she's, a woman we have spoken about before this is and Times preacher Sharon Gilbert now share Gilbert claims that an alien imitated, her husband tried to have sex with her. She figured out the alien was actually Xerxes and somehow Jesus was a factor is
Oh and the alien was a reptile with gargoyles. Now I'm gonna play the cliff for you. We're not laughing a mental illness? We're not joking about mental illness? It's not funny MIKE serious question is: isn't this very serious mental illness where you would say, are you being medicated? Are you under the care of a psychiatrist? Would there be if this was not called Christianity? but just nonreligious delusions, and it was your cousin doing this. Wouldn't you say you should check yourself into an ear, Maybe a psych hold its, not a joke. Why do they get out of just saying being told your sick? because it's under the guise of religion, listen to this after dark, and I got married one night. This other Derek appears in
bed, the real Derek is lying down next to me, other Derek sets ride up out of him. He had startled me. I knew that was not Derek, and so I ask this critter. who are you right because he cleared wanted to have sexual relations? What happen too? I have a headache and you just leave it at that. You know you're, not the real, Derek you're, an alien emulator, or did this guy get caught now debating by her and pretended to be an alien. I can't tell what the real story is here and I set a sack I'm your husband, I said who are you have the nerve to claim to be there. Huh swears, Xerxes, Xerxes swell other Derek seriously wanted to invest
Allow me to use my free will to do something. That was going to pull me away from God by the way notice that they are selling at the bottom of the screen. The great delusion dvd bundle with its it seems too. Just eat. I wonder if it's just delusions like this one, so this last time I knew he was really desperate I asked them again. Who are you told me the same answer and I said it was really desperate by now, because the first time she said, you're not really Derek, not going with you. This was an inch colonel dialogue. Finally, I said I've had enough in my mind I reached up. I grabbed his. Face, and I said you are a liar and Jesus is real and I pulled that face
Ryan beneath it was a reptile woof and he had little creatures with him this time he brought these low halfway creatures and they looked like I don't know gargoyles their guys nodding by though it there's two guys sitting next to her and if you're not watching their nodding to everything she sang reptilian as well, so beneath that face of Derek, was a reptilian serpent, teen creature, probably similar to what was visiting me and As you know, I continue to believe hey honey. I'm really tired tonight is probably still more sensible, but again it if this is real and were joking around about it. If this is real her belief. Is this not a very, very sick, individual and you have to remember that there's a way you know it it.
They ve created a layer of protection for themselves. Were they go? It's my religious belief and many people when they hear that they go all. Ok, let me just and why is the line. Angels demons. Xerxes reptile was, She leave in the body of my husband trying to have sex with me at what. Where is the line where we say lady? This is bonkers. We got have you evaluated you tell me you tell me where that Linus, ok, one more tour through the evangelical televangelist insanity throughout the pandemic. Televangelist Kenneth Copeland has been coming up with all sorts of bizarre rance and re is about curing the pandemic. This way by the vaccines are about you all these different things. This is, very weird clip where he screams in order to kill the virus in his colon he's talking about the flu
iris. Not I mean you when you say in the coal in it are we talking about viral gastro enteritis? It doesn't seem like it take a look at this and by away at the bottom of the screen. If you need him to pray for you there's a number, you can call a more help here wishes and the name of Jesus, Flu virus: Kalen now if Saturday night live, which I dont really Funny anymore was going to parody this. How could they do it he's actually up there sang die in my colon and the congregate repeats die in my colon bit, but without how do you make a joke? How do you sat arise? That is impossible, and the important message here is that we should all remember Kenneth
Copeland. Entire drift is tax exempt because it's a church, his six plus million Dollar House where he lives with his wife. Gloria is exempt from pop a property taxes. How well it's listed as a parsonage parsonages, a church house provided for a member of the clergy? Sometimes you know, like the old catholic church down the street, has a parsonage it's often sort of like a very modest department of some kind. His six million dollar houses tax exempt from real estate taxes, because it's a parsonage. He tried to get tax exempt status for his private jet. That was denied, but he still has a private chat. It just not tax exempt and tax. churches would generate about seventy one billion dollars per year if the United States were to do that. So that's Kenneth Copeland. If you said behind the scenes, hey a minute look at how look at how sheep, how much of a US
a group a flock of sheep. I have out there, I'm gonna go out there and say die in my call in there all going to chant it with me. It seems like a joke, it seems like a joke, but its unfortunately, very, very rare We have a voice mail number, and that number is too one: nine to David P, As many of you know, I've been saying for since the start of the Cairo Rittenhouse trial, I believe not guilty, will be the verdicts and I got a very strange voicemail over the weekend saying that I was so wrong about the case that I should expect to be sued by whom I dont know, but take a listen to this boy, wanted You know that you're wrong about right now. After All- and I bet you're ready for losses that are coming up off.
So those poor showing trompe biting here that bogus urge grow, because by Ms Justice done as you are by this is a weird voicemail, because the collar seems to think I've said the opposite of what I have said. I have said since the start of the trial. I expect not guilty based on Wisconsin line the evidence and that's what we got. I don't know who would sue me or for what, and I didn't say that the poles, showing Trump beating Biden are bogus. I said the poster is not a historically reliable poster Rasmussen, but I also said I think the general message that in a rematch of twenty twenty and twenty twenty four trump wines is accurate. So, as usual criticised me for things, I've said is that too much.
ask not for things you imagine, I said, or you heard on some other channel or you wish I had said, or you miss heard. I said, criticise me for things. I've said guys, please, we ve got a great bonus, show for you today, who I, tell my thanksgiving stories. Producer pat, will tell his thanksgiving stories. I expect his will be more interesting. he was in Colombia, not Columbia, university. The country Colombia Where you know that our collar Pedro from Colombia where he's, supposedly from so TAT will tell us. Those stories were all so going to talk about this latest attempt. where conservatives, how do they want to get books, band
and the way they do it is they organise to attack specific libraries in the United States, not physically attacked to start sending in mass communication, demanding certain books be removed to make it seem like, while grassroots effort from parents here to remove certain books. This is the next sort of battle line in the continued culture war, which is activating to get certain books banned from american libraries, will tell you who is doing it, where its being done, cetera at Cetera, sign up right now at Join Packman dot com to get access to the world famous bonus show. We will see you, then it's great to be back and we'll be here all week.
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