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12/16/19: The truth about the UK right-wing landslide

2019-12-16 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Cenk Uygur, Host and Founder of The Young Turks and Democratic candidate for Congress in California's 25th district, joins David to discuss his campaign and the concerted corporate media smear attempts against him

--The truth about the recent right-wing landslide in the United Kingdom that saw a massive Tory majority and the election of Boris Johnson to Prime Minister over Labour's Jeremy Corbyn, as well as a discussion of whether the analogy for Trump vs Bernie Sanders in the US is an appropriate one

--Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) shockingly admits on Sean Hannity's Fox News show that Donald Trump will be influencing the upcoming Senate impeachment trial against him

--A recent Fox News poll says 54% of Americans want Donald Trump impeached, and we explain the propaganda games that are increasingly being played with these impeachment polls

--Republican Bill Weld claims that 6 Republican Senators are ready to vote to convict Donald Trump in the upcoming Senate impeachment trial, and we discuss whether this is a plausible claim

--A cringeworthy segment on Fox News' Fox N' Friends has a "conservative squad" of female Congressional candidates say things that don't make sense in order to justify their election to Congress

--YouTube admits that they are successfully crushing independent news and politics shows like The David Pakman Show

--Voicemail caller likes the show, but finds David so ugly that it is preventing him from being as regular a viewer as he otherwise would be

--On the Bonus Show: Dems threaten to skip debate, poorest countries facing obesity AND malnutrition,Former KY Gov pardons hundreds on his way out, much more...

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The David Jackman. Shell, David Tagamet died guarded ok, so we have to spend some time today talking about the general election in the United Kingdom late last week, because there is so much being set about it and how it does or does not relate to the upcoming twenty twenty election here in the United States and Donald Trump Bernie Sanders and there's a lot of interesting and good thoughtful takes about this. But there is also some bad talking points and misinformation that's being spread. So, let's start with the facts. What happened in the UK trompe in conservative Party Prime Minister Boris Johnson, one with the tory
the Right wing party, getting a majority of eighty seats in the House of Commons. This truly is huge and especially huge, because the Tories had just lost the majority. Back in twenty seventeen and then meanwhile, a crushing defeat for the Labour Party and its prime minister candidate, then leader, who has since resigned Jeremy cord. Major losses ended up with the lowest proportion of seats since nineteen thirty five did the Labour Party, but a brutal defeat. I mean that the only way I can really characterize it in Germany, Corbett has resigned as the head of the Labour Party. Now, meanwhile, the Scottish National Party won a huge victory in Scotland, winning forty eight fifty nine seats that has some interesting relationships to the scottish independence movement. The Bob Sid and the view of breaks it in Scotland, and there is a lot to discuss there is well so let's go through it in pieces. Was this a landslide for the right in the United Kingdom? It was absolutely is it a crushing
or labour, considering that it is sort of the closest modern American Progressive Movement of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth worn. It is absolutely a crushing defeat for labour in the UK, but this is where a lot of the analyses started to start to go off the rails, because when we think further there are people saying this is signal would happen in the UK is a signal that there is a rejection of the Bernie Warren ideology and policy. Prescriptions happening worldwide, It signals that someone with Bernie or warrens platforms here in the United States will get crushed in twenty. Twenty trump is going to win. The Democrats would be very, very wrong to go
someone like Bernie Sanders role is a myth morn, because they can't win, as proven by the defeat of labour in the UK. This analysis is too simplistic, so let's try to flesh out a little bit and look at it more closely. First of all, the starting point in the UK is a much stronger social democracy. Then we have here in the United States when you look at the institutions that they already have. For example, the UK already has nationalized healthcare, the innate shuts. Now I know that there are some ideas of Boris Johnson dismantling it, but the point is they ve had it for a long time. It is popular vote. For labour is not how you might get such a system of nationalized healthcare. They have it similarly on education in the UK on other safety nets. In so many other areas. These policies are all ready part of british society. So when you realise that they already have these things lay,
There is not like Bernie or Warren here, because here the left is trying to get lots of things for the first time that the UK already has so. The stakes are very, different and therefore comparing what happened the labour in the UK to Bernie Wine candidacy, your presidency or nomination on the democratic side. Here is not an apt comparison in that way. In the United States, the people offering a lot of those programmes that are already part of british society are, the left most of those running in the Democratic Party, whereas in the U K, many of these programmes have been in place for decades. So long,
labour being brutally defeated in the UK, which they were doesn't confirm that the policy of Bernie Warren Social Democrats is doomed to fail in the United States. Now that gets us to labour as a specific group of people, Jeremy Corbett as a person, verses, Bernie Warren Et Cetera, having a candidate who was dogged by allegations of coddling anti Semitism, not taking it seriously, having unsavory Kara others in their coalition and who was seen as lasted in his responses, was not good. Now we don't need to argue about it claim related to Anti Semitism, because I know there are people who say no look. He did this investigation into anti semitic, alligator. We don't they argue about it. I don't want to make us and adjudication of each claim. You can research it for yourself with How did you dictating each claim? I think we would all agree that the allegations,
clouded labour for a long time and they were not definitively done away with in the eyes of the world. And then further by the way, right after the selection form London, mayor can Livingstone was a former Labour party MP who is actually suspended We're Anti Semitism came out and said I told you labour lost because of the unhelpful jewish vote, which is not only insane its so mathematically impossible. There are roughly four hundred thousand Jews in the UK that includes children. That includes Ito that that's everybody and carbon, asked the popular vote by nearly four million votes, I don't even know. I have to mention that, but obviously those tapes of claims are absurd, but their exactly the type of stuff that people are concerned about labour had a cloud over it. That is specific to labour. That being said, I have pointed out that burn he's got some problematic, surrogates, Linda Sars, whereas one also dogged with Anti Semitism in her past. I think Bernie should separate from her. I just don't know that that is going to take burned down,
This narrative has not become a predominant one. In the United States, Elizabeth Warren had a racist, homophobic trans, black woman. As surrogate we called her out, I believe- He has been removed from the Warren campaign, but, what's not being managed mentioned in all of this is breaks it. Is looming over everything in the UK, in a way that it is not here in the United States, in addition to the stakes being different because of the social programmes that the UK already has, in addition to the cloud over carbon, being very different than anything affecting Bernier Warren right now, labors position on breaks. It amounted to maybe ok, which is a very weak position and probably didn't help them so what can we glean from the UK results? We can't a Bernie Warren type. Politicians are dead in the water because they're, not we can't say, Americans dont, want progressive policy on health care and education in corporate reform, because by and large the post tell us that they do what
do need to say is what I've been saying for a year, no matter what the hypothetical match ups might say from might absolutely crush every one, and we need to fight for every single vote. No constituency can be assumed to be with us until they go out and vote in twenty twenty. We can confirm that having a policy and a set of ideas is vastly more important than a grievance candidate or an anti from candidacy. That, I think, is a lesson. It was a right wing landslide in the UK, but it's a cautionary tale about the twenty twenty election not assign to throw in the towel, because Bernie Warren types are obviously being rejected. Different situation, different electorate, different status quo in starting point and the answer to it all is the same thing that we knew before the UK election, which is get out the vote, a suit,
Nothing and we will actually have some interesting pulling later. That confirms that all is not well so to speak, but more on that. Coming up a little bit later Republic Incentive Majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell has admitted that Donald Trump will effectively get to direct his own impeachment trial in the Senate. To catch you up Things are moving in the direction of an impeachment trial in the Senate against President Donald Trump likely to be impeached by the full house any day. Now, maybe already by the time you get today show maybe later this week the trial the Senate is likely to happen in January. It's going to be managed by the Senate Majority leader, whose a republican Mitch, on, and it will then be presided over by the chief justice of the Supreme Court, that John Roberts, also a conservative justice Mitch Mcconnell has pledged quote toad, coordination with the White House. He said this, of course, on Fox NEWS, while being interviewed, naturally by propagandist Sean Hannity.
Look I will listen to the opening, arguments about the house prosecutors and will listen to the presence lawyers respond and then we'll have to make a decision about the way forward and every I do during those on coordinating with White Ass Council. There will be no difference between the present position and our position. To how to handle as to the extent that we can, where we don't have not a ball control. All this that a typical issue DR comes over allows is vital. We don't I get up. We have no choice but to take it up, but will be working through this process. Hopefully in a fairly short period of time, in total coordination, with a white Ass councils office and the people we represent.
Present in a while the summit. There is no difference between the White House and the Senate on this issue. Remember that it was Republicans attacking the house proceedings in the impeachment inquiry for being a kangaroo court. They are admitting that the guy who is in practice the form of the jury. That sort of what Ms Mckenna was has already decided on the verdict before the trial has started. They have been talking about the impeachment processes rigged It seems they originate in the Senate. Thee
Jewel projection, what they accuse others of they themselves are doing. This is not normal quote. According to the rules expressed in the constitution, during an impeachment trial of the President of the United States, the Senate takes an oath to act, as in partial, jurors. Mcconnell has already said he won't be impartial. He has pre judged the verdict. He said he will coordinate with the accused. The Senate is supposed to be the jury. Imagine if, in a criminal trial, the foreman of the jury was coordinating with the defendant. That's what we're talking about here, the framers of the car The tuition set up some safeguards like, for example, saying that in an impeachment trial, the Senate must function as a non partisan jury. They never imagined that we'd have a president. This corrupt and a Senate majority leader is willing to prop up the president's corruption. We often say when they wrote the second amendment there.
And imagine fully automatic rifles when They set up the checks and balances. Clearly they couldn't imagine a president, this brain, in ignoring the rule of law and this corrupt come by with the Senate that is so willing to shield and protect that same president and engage in their election of their duty. Does this feel sort of wrong? to anybody else. Is anybody else concerned about what's going on, but remember? If you are, we knew this was going to happen. I'm endlessly surprised by how bold and brazen and shameless they are about it, but we knew from the start, this. It will acquit. We knew this ahead of time. They are now saying it out loud, which is we don't care about the trial? We don't care about the facts. We were going to quit and we will let the White House tell us how to run this thing for whatever Donald Trump perceived to be his maximum benefit. There are whispers that Donald Trump has been suggesting that he wants the trial to drag out as long as possible and that he believes that will be.
Best thing for him. So eventually the trial will end will way. Up and realize weed really have a democracy here, not in any real sense. We don't have checks and balances that still have clout, because the president has able to get away with ignoring them, and then hopefully, We will vote in large enough numbers in twenty twenty to overwhelm boaters suppression. Gerrymandering foreign influence, the propaganda and remove the sky. That's the hope that we overwhelm all of those structural disadvantages in November of twenty twenty. I see that as the only possible path forward and every day that is becoming clearer and clearer, particularly now that we ve heard from Mitch Mcconnell on January. First were getting ready to start the new year on January. First, we will have a massive election year. Membership
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pensive at W W w dot enjoying pachmann dot com. This is a great story to not only communicate to you. Things going on in the real world, but also to talk about how narratives are created in framed by corporate media. So listen. Basically, support for impeaching Donald Trump went up when a news of the Ukraine fiasco first broke hitting about forty six forty seven percent and then throw everything that we ve seen happen publicly related to Ukraine, and, from so far is support for impeachment has crept up to fifty percent. Fifty two percent, fifty five percent, depending on which Paul you look out now that by itself Is big news. This isn't a lot more impeachment support than there was for Richard Nixon early and Watergate its. Normal when it comes to previous president's Obama Bush as much as Obama and Bush were hated by the right and left wrist
actively. You didn't have more than half the country saying that the president should be impeached when it was Obama. Wash so now we have a new pole. The pole happens to be from Fox NEWS of all places, and it says indeed fifty four percent of the country wants Donald Trump impeached. Now, You might notice that I'm leaving out a piece of information here and I did it on purpose for the four for the purposes of our story to Dad. I did this deliberately when I say fifty four percent of the country once Trump impeached. If you will are a media literate individual euro savvy thinker, you should be saying, does David mean fifty four percent want Trump impeached by the house? or is David saying fifty four percent want Trump impeached and removed be a conviction in the Senate. That is the right question to be asking, and that is
exactly the game that is being played with these numbers. The game that's being played in lots of corporate media is that they are specifying clearly whether by impeachment people understand that to mean or are meaning to say that they want the house to impeach. A trial in the Senate, whose outcome could be one thing or the other thing, or are people saying when they They want to impeach. We want Trump convey. It and removed by the Senate. In this pole, fifty four percent want Trump impeached. Fifty percent want Trump impeached and removed, meaning that there is four percent in there that want trump impeached in the house not necessarily removed by the Senate. So this is already one game that can be played. You can talk about, support is up versus support is down, but by not specified. What are you talking about impeachment? Only or impeachment and removal you can kind of pick whichever result is closer to us
In your view, in the narrative you wanna craft, this is how you simultaneously had some network. Saying impeachment. Hearings have destroyed support for Trump impeachment anywhere other media outlets sing. Support for impeachment is up since the hearings have started. If you want to say, support for impeachment is growing. You choose a pull that shows it even if it's just for articles of impeachment and not removal or vice first. I think that you understand the other game that is being played is the momentum game after hearing started right wow. The hearings have really deflated the impeachment movement and then at the other time you have something wow the hearing are really growing support for trump impeachment. Now, how can both be true? Just look at different pulse, so the real story is not. The two to three point swings in impeachment support because
It's all that we're seeing tons of people don't even know what's going on, or at least aren't paying attention daily. So the real story here is roughly half the country once Trump impeached and removed. The numbers going up and down to three points, that's really not a big deal, not normal! Is that half the country once the president impeached and removed. But, most importantly, if you look at the internals of the poles, there's a big pulling gap in favour of impeachment. If I only tell you, fifty percent wants Trump removed, you might assume. Oh, so fifty percent does not want from removed its debt, even its and even split wrong. Lots of people respond that they don't know, or they are sure so in the Fox NEWS, Paul fifty percent want em, impeached and removed four percent want him just impeached and forty one percent say: don't impeach that mean
It is not fifty fifty. It is a plus thirteen, the people that want an impeachment versus the people that do not that huge. That's what really matters do not be tricked by crafty reporting into taking your eye off the ball, which is that half the country wants Trump removed and there is a plus thirteen gap of people that want impeachment over people that do not. It won't change whether it happens, of course, but don't fall for the games that the corporate media is playing around impeachment pulse so well. Again. We have a claim that there are republican senators willing, ready or interested in convicting Donald Trump and the expected impeachment trial in the United States Senate. Now we had a story a week or two ago. Ah that had a democratic senator Chris Murphy
saying that there are republican centres. He says he can count on one hand, but that there are republican senators who are ready to convict Donald Trump in Senate. There was really no evidence of this. It was just Chris Murphy saying that that's what he believes we Have another person saying this, but this time it is a report and not a Democrat, its bill, weld former republican governor of Massachusetts, who is also running, I guess in some technical sense, although it's not going anywhere a primary campaign again, Donald Trump bill weld was interviewed by the hill and he said quote. I know most of the senior Republicans in the Senate, their picking the words carefully when they talk to me of all people, even though we are friends I wouldn't want to get quoted, I don't even like to ask someone to do something which is not in their political self interest but yeah. I would say there are forty six votes for removal
I now so. There are two responses to this number. One is no way and number two is so what and I'll explain each of those responses? First of all, there is No evidence right now that there are really forty six republican senators ready to convict Donald Trump on impeachment in the Senate. Every indication we have so far is that they will go against impeachment Republicans in the Senate. Will you might even see a centrist Democrat like Joe Mansion also go against impeachment in the Senate, but can we come up with a list that is at least circumstantially reasonable of Republicans that might vote to convict Donald Trump Shore? We talked about it last week, Susan Collins, in Maine, when a candidate has been an occasional critic of Trump, but the caviar is in the end, I shall say a lot of things, but in the end she'll get in line, she did with Breck haven't off and his confirmation that the Supreme Court Mitt Romney senator from you, Mitt Romney has had many public disagreements with Donald Trump. They had very acute,
bad blood between them. I guess I would say it's conceived, Mitt Romney might say he would impeach. But previously, when asked, he has not given any indication that he would last summer from Alaska. Her name always comes up any time. They say well here a more reasonable Republican who might depart from republican orthodoxy. Her name is mentioned, Corey Gardner, is a couple of others, but, as I said before, this is where we go from no way to so what even four hundred and twenty six Republicans vote to convict trump. It won't remove Trump and it will get those Republicans ostracized by the Republican Party, because remember you need two thirds of the Senate
sixty seven senators to vote to convict in order to remove the president. There are forty five Democrats and to independence that caucus with the Democrats. That means you need to find twenty Republicans. If you have maybe forty six, you don't have the numbers now. The argument would be in order to be thorough here. The argument would be if there are already forty six Republicans and we haven't even had a trial there. Be more coming. There could be momentum. The best path to making removal of tramper reality is something that's not going to happen, which is if the Senate passes a measure to mixed, make impeachment votes a secret ballot where they vote privately. Instead of publicly this way, you could have exactly twenty report,
this vote to impeach it would get Trump removed, but no one would initially no, which were the twenty that voted to convict. But again, there is no indication that there exists a political appetite for this in the Republican Party and the question also is: could such a measure even be passed with Mitch Mcconnell running the show in the Senate? As majority leader, given that he says. The White House will be in total coordination with him as to how the Senate trial would be run. Certainly, the White House would know that a secret ballot would not be advantageous to Donald Trump, because it would allow some Republicans, ah to vote to convict without suffering the political consequences and the wrath of trumpets a result very difficult to imagine that Mitch Mcconnell, even let that be a serious discussion. That's what we know so far. Tell me what you think agree disagree if you're watching on Youtube leave a comment of course after hitting like and subscribe
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Welcome back to the David Pachmann Shell, it's great to welcome to the programme Genk Euchre, who is it course known to many in our audience as the long time hosted. The young Turks also congressional candidate seeking to represent California's twenty fifth district Jenkins so ready to talk. You Grady George, you David, so there's so much to discuss, but I'm gonna first, let's just assume my audience- does not know your platform. I know many of them do, but, let's start their issue oriented. What is it from a policy perspective that you want to bring to the house representatives yeah. So the main reason our money is because I got tired of people not talking about the corruption so, some folks, are now beginning to touch on it, they're using that word, but they're, not explaining the people. What the heart of the problem is and how
fix it. So the reality is actually almost every American, including on was republican voter, let alone democratic. Buller knows that if Exxon Mobile is bring a politician money, that's right now the survey The court legalise those bribes to citizens. United and other decisions, but their bribes. Nonetheless, nobody thinks that they're giving for Jerry. But yet not only will probably say No, they are. They just happened really nice, I'm all right, but eighty percent than ever party agrees that same fiction and corporate media. Also resist aviation is an amazing that their right, thousands up thousands of articles about politics and never talk about the actual costs of the legislations the electorate big trees. The heart of what actually politics is money is about ninety percent away. You should talk about it. This gives that's what determines elections, but the media never toxic.
You really stunning, so I'm here to point out the bribery and run a clean and paid, but then that has a beggar every other issue. So let s look at You have robbed my bonnet, for example, is taking money for me, shortcomings so obvious how many corporate pack free no lobbies, money etc. So I don't know it real opinion that everybody How do you shouldn't have elsewhere? These are real opinion. The private agers system should be maintained, organs because you got paper that opinion meal. And who are you like my policies, the sooner you know it: is no question that Iceland is my real opinions. We need medical. Brought this country. Forty five thousand later, and I because they don't have health insurance does unconscionable. I mean imagine a forty thousand people a year die because he had no private fire insurance and we just let the burned to death and then a presidential candy,
comes answers, fire insurance for those who want it. No, no Medicare all green new deal and the school shootings you name in the end. One more thing when you talk about every one of those issues that a lot more is. That is not just that I'm more progress, it is said. There's no fighting the Democrats in corporate Democrats once they take a corporate money, they unilaterally disarm on their top issue. But again it affects every other issue. So then they just don't fight the Republicans we are almost all. The Democrats now have stopped taking our money and they all agree that we should have better background checks as a bare minimum right, but they never fight. Mcconnell they never without any case browser. Then our aid, and so even though ninety seven percent of Americans agree with as a fellow background, chased them browser, so weakening competent did they can force the Republicans too
and lose issue where ninety seven percent of Americans agree with them. Yet there is this idea that you either there there's like a false dichotomy that just when analyzing candidacies like yours and others witches, oh here, she is only focusing on stuff. They disagree with I'm a scratch on it, as it will hold on a second We know where the Republicans are on a lot of these issues. Isn't it relevant to separate yourself from what Sir mother Democrat would do since that's increasingly the question I find it to be a false choice between they should only be focusing on what Public is the wrong most of what we know what the Republicans doing wrong its impact to know where they'd be different from what other Democrats would do as well. That seems to be missing from the analysis. I resent looks like one right? Wingers say she knew me on. What allocated is wrong.
Guys. We all know that ok, there's a hundred percent wrong with, as we can influence that at all. We can fight them militarily, but it's not like we can convince. Kate to go in the right direction is already way too late. For that who is saying like. Oh you know, you should be told people republicans around I'll, go with you twenty work, but it's not like ms reconsider our man. I saw young and even Pachmann Shop and academic good boys. I would like to register that is at best, a fundamental naivete about politics works so the last six seven days. I have even been surprised about the degree to which number one this race is being discussed at this early stage of its notable. You can say good that Europe is being discussed.
Much at this early stage. However, when you look at what is being discussed is a lot of attacks on you coming from a lot of different people, and we have seen a status legacy media go after you, we have seen. Attacks from within the Democratic Party start to come after you and I don't even know how to start the conversation, because it there's really to conversations here to be had one is the establishment versus outside thing that you ve already sort of alluded to there's another conversation which I think is the more difficult one to have. Sometimes within the left, which is the purity tests stuff. That's sometimes can get a little bit toxic and this all seems to relate to some blog posts. RO years ago, which you ve already cop to and said. I said the wrong thing. I don't stand by the stuff so on and so forth,
and the sort of recycling of that into what seems to me to be a moral argument that is trying to be made again still, including by people who don't even really know who you are is what I've noticed is thou. You would summarize it first of all Europe, David s a great somewhere out actually add one other ran Sullivan break it down. So first is corporate Democrats, and they are completely decision, so they attacked me from day one. They know that they don't like, because I'm too progressive in there That's right, but they did ingenuously attack me as if I was not progressive enough now. They don't believe that for a second and they all release the same talking points on the same day, so it was was the first day of my came. Risa was clear that it was talked out somebody in California, politics of the democratic parties, go get this guy and because it wasn't just my upon his campaign,
every one of these little local state groups, etc. The same exact Orton Voice Verbatim now ever asked me. Why do fifty million progressed watch you every month, curious. I mean, if you're really are this guy from the blossom two years ago: why do progress is like I mean if I was them at a bare minimum, if you're in when you're honest you, if you would have it actual curiosity, but this strange right, but none have emerged. What are we to reach out to one group leader and he said I will never talk. You ok, we'll be a Democrat. Ok faith. I guess it after I become a congressmen. They'll come why doktor so anyway, so those guys are hacks and operatives and its clear and I is empty- are famously said. I welcome their hatred. Ok,
as they keep saying, increasing, keeps saying my bonnet. I was handpicked by whom I think we break and bring people during an election there. Voters in that backroom deals with a backroom deal was. I certainly was in the back room. Now the voters ruin the back room by the huge forces, the district or not, I promised a really insular proud that may seizes decisions for the voters sad day, for them were interrupting that Genk. Twenty twenty I can't stay there is it is covered by the were so far over twenty two, an individual donations. We scared the hell out of the region, being so aggressive is because they had no idea what kind of challenge out either use like all progress is: please we have the money, you don't have the money this us. They can't do that. I, with my campaign and they really less. One group does the its corporate media and
firstly, even having cover them for all the cinema, having done a critique of them, as in the Epp group, think there global, etc. I was actually surprise, then it went further, they were outright militias They rode things that were not remotely true and they seem to have died on purpose you have also let me bring up one just so the audience. No, so there's this New York Times thing you, you ve interview David, Duke in the past and like you, who I've interviewed lots of extremists and anyway, who understands how these interviews goes understands that you don't fight every point to the death, because certain point: you wouldn't be able to get that passed. The first question right at me, like we were trying to understand, and where the extremism comes from and see the internal logic and, in a way that we what why I tweeted this example when I interviewed Richard Spencer, once I pointed out he once dated asian women, it seems to go against his white supremacy. He eventually setting
and do that anymore, and I wrapped that topic up by saying fair enough. Let's move on and I was attacked because when I said fair enough, it apparently suggested I greed with the position or that I was coddling the view very Similarly, you, when you interview David, Duke at a certain point, you sort of concede that you not going to agree and you're going to move on, and the New York Times picked up on a completely out of context, sound bite to imply that you were in some way agreeing with the guy It was I seek slightly worse than that. Yes, it was in the end an hour. Long interview where I yelled at him sent out of the town yes a compliment so might have big racist, etc. Then view he says now. And you don't matter racists and which is the most. Hilarious thing. Anyone ever said from the floor. Ran wizard of the coup, Klux clan and a guy who just run out straight, but our racist? He was an eye
sarcastically go no, of course not ended your times took that in printed it as if I was agreeing with David do, and I told you that he was not anti semitic or racist right, and so that, and I told her When I talk to Her- and I said you just watch the interview itself If you watch the interview, you'll give a proper context. You know you don't have to agree with man, anything why don't you wash you she's at all, I'm telling you I want you to be, we send into a right after they are a call and she won't it as if I agree with his anti Semitism That's why I say I was stunned that it wasn't just negligence that appeared to be militias I purposely try to smear now. The thing I'm wondering how to see what will you do that because we, I know that you do that, all the time you have these extremists on a new battle that now, Is this ideology that no you should ever have that side on. We should just try to do a media black out of it
but no sooner importance alive. Even Duca. I see learn something really important thing. Our eyes. Larceny important from that unfortunately proved to be very patient, so I thought. Come on in twenty fifteen backing Donald Trump Military About- He knows and Muslims, because those are the two themes muslim try ban bill. Why, sir? But he hardly Finland, Vinos or Muslims at all, and then either give us Grand Wizard clan Blackie? No, he barely mention them No, he was obsessed with the Jews the world. Is that that's? Why you see in the short term we have online or I'm here. The jewish back right, even nonjurors banker, dangerous person, maybe I'd in eight nine jewish people, the media be to do. Bonkers conspiracy theory, but the important lessons from that was: oh, my god. They're gonna come for the Jews and then what happens trunk isn't this sitting on shooting adversary.
Shooting an Charlottesville and they have a chance to use, will not replace it. Because when I found out that any view is despite all their racism bigotry and is by the way, is backed up by their national stats. Oh yes, the number one hate crime is. He asked use in America because in a crazy When conspiracy theories, when you go all the way down the rabbit, all the deuce all the world- and they are the number one enemy you don't after them, you're not gonna find out no question about it. Going to go to a brake on the broadcast over continue our conversation with Genk on the Youtube Channel, the David Michel David Pachmann Dad got the David tackling show is possible thanks to sponsors like better help, giving our listeners ten percent off your first month of services when you go to better help. Dot com, Slash David
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was giving everyone in our audience ten percent off your first month when you go to better help dot com, Slash David Pachmann, that's better h, E Lp, dotcom, sir. Ash David Pachmann, David Pachmann, Shell, David Pachmann Dotcom. I have some delightfully cringe worthy video for you today I almost fell off my chair. I cringe so hard when I saw this Fox NEWS did a segment. This was part of fox and friends. Apparently they brought on aid can serve it if squad, and by that I mean a right wing, responds to the squad of actual members of Congress or whom were members of the Democratic Party and of diverse backgrounds. Fox news is conservative. Squad is not of diverse backgrounds. It's for congressional candidates who are running to fight
socialism, among other things in the United States? They want to be the anti squat effectively now you'll hear the host name the candidates, so I won't. This is made The dumbest thing I've heard on a few levels which we're going to discuss shortly at first. I was convinced this was this Are they nightlife parity, but it's not. The women are all obviously white, presumably so called Christians, and it is actually difficult to watch, because this doesn't appear to be a parody. They actually seem to be serious here. Let's take a look public in Alabama congressional candidate Jessica Taylor joins us now with conservative squad. We have Minnesota Congrats Canada, Michel Fischbach, South Carolina, congressional internet Nancy, MACE and Texas Congressional Canada. That's van thanks. Ladys for being with us Jessica. Congratulations! You actually did thus, yes MA am we need these ladys that want to form a conservative squat with you? What goes through your mind? You know I'm just on
that they want to join in this fight and that's exactly what it is. We are losing the younger generations of this country, and I am so grateful that they are willing to join up and help in this cause. Ok Michel. Why did you want to be a part of the squad? This is about bringing the can message to the people of the United States so that people understand that we're looking do nothing Democrat, they are obsessing about impeachment and not really doing anything for the people of the United States anymore, You take a look at Western Minnesota, the district that I live in and there ignoring you associate they finally gotten around to it a year later, but the farmers out in western Minnesota need U S embassy and they waited and waited, but they have plenty of time for impeachment sham that that is a major continue to two obsess about that, and not do things that the peace the United States, really need these are the types of talking points that only work in the media, equivalent of like out of medical, clean room or maybe better said a media safe space
We are losing the younger generation. Well, yeah. Looking policy is destroyed, the earnings potential and savings potential of the younger centre generation. College costs have except who did the students and the younger people are riddled with student? Dat? Wages are stagnant and they don't have health care. So you're gonna lose young people as a result of that the do nothing Dems. They say well, Democrats, don't control the Senate and between Mitch Mcconnell. And Donald Frumps Veto Power, the White House. They can do We very little farmers are strong. Going and we really need U S embassy eight, while the farmers are struggling because of Donald Trump Trade policy. They don't mention that, of course, every single one of these dumb talking point would be dismantled instantly and anything but a safe space, and they are being held up these for women as some kind of
moral right wing crusaders and it gets even worse. Let's continue the video pansy wise the squad important to you. Well enough to look at my life I got my star is as a waitress at Waffle House, I became the first woman to graduate from the Citadel of Military College of South CARE twenty years ago same a businesswoman and state lawmaker running for the United States Congress, and this is about future- and this is the american dream, and you see the Democrats had taken a sharp left turn on the influence of the Socialist Squad, and Look at Us- and this is socialism versus the american values of freedom and job creation and we all understand up here today that people flourish under freedom and twenty twenty next year is pivotal for our country and you know we see so many women across the country right now. Republican women who are picking up the mantle and want to Sir, they say enough is enough. My kids in my country are worth fighting for and that's what this is about. Essentially Beth Habit,
While I look at work now. We really do have a congress, its run by extremists and it's dangerous for America, because you're not doing anything, we haven't seen solutions for out of control, of course, this is not socialism versus anything. There are almost no socialists in the United States in prominent positions of power at the national level. The idea, that these squad, or the Democratic Party or Democrats or whoever are pushing socialism is ridiculous. This is a false debate. The country has not gone hard left Country increasingly realises that the things that they have in other capitalist countries like Norway and Finland, Denmark, Canada, Australia, Sweden, things like health care and edges nation we should also have, and as a rich country, we can also afford to have. That's not socialism, that's not far left. This reminds me
of trumps last state of the union address. You might remember Trump yelled out at the last stage of the union. I think it was the last one, maybe the previous, but I'm pretty sure it was last. He held out too much republican applause in the crowd. We will never be a socialist nation. There is no risk of that right now, say ever. Nobody knows what could happen in a long time, but who is trying to make this a socialist country I get it. There are some socialist okay, but actual socialists in positions of power are few and far between. They're, not making policy. They are you. When you talk about tuition, free college paid out of taxes where people who get really rich from their businesses pay more, that's a capitalist thing that happens and socialism, you wouldn't have those ultra rich people, except when the socialist state is
corrupt state, which, in which case you would in that happens, but then they probably wouldn't be paying high taxes single payer health care is a capitalist idea where the fruits of capitalism are used to make sure everyone has healthcare, regardless of whether they can personally afforded based on the job that they have their say setting up this fake enemy of socialism, when they are really fighting more progressive capitalist, that's really the majority of what the ideas are, that they claim to be fighting as far left its total cringe. But the really scary thing about this. The thing that that is the pressing is that in a lot of parts of the country, this stuff probably is appealing. I I understand that as someone who lives in Massachusetts, I laugh when I see stuff like this, but because it seems almost like a parity, but there are part
of the country where folks like these could actually win, and we need to be activating in organizing against them, because otherwise they will win, and even if it's a fake war against socialism that they think they're waging they can still be successful as long as they prevent serious progressive reforms from actually too in place, so I know that we laugh it off in a lot of parts of the country and we jogging- and this is a fox news- echo chamber these folks- are never when you get elected, nobody's gonna fall for the false, the straw, men that they are putting together. That's not true in a lot of parts of the country this stuff resonates, and sadly I mean even you're, not to choose its in some of the more rural parts. You see a sympathy for this type of ideology, so we ve gotta fight every district. We ve gotta fight every race, we ve gotta fight. All way to and through the November of twenty twenty election. If we want a shot at this because this they are tricking people, they are convincing people. A scary as it is at last,
but it is also in many ways we ve gotta fight it at every opportunity sounding the alarm now for more than a year that you tube is becoming corporate media. That channels like the David Pachmann Show and others are starting to be wrangled and I even identified the specific metrics that confirmed this, and now you tube, is not not only admitting it, they are brand about it, like it's a really good thing, and I'm going to talk about that. So, let's reset the David Pachmann Show depends on Youtube recommending our videos to viewers. Ok, we have a nice Youtube Channel, nearly eight hundred thousand subscribers, thanks to you but his. Work led the way that our channel has grown is somebody will watch CNN video or the watch another independent video they much. What might watch SAM Cedar, for example, and Some of those people would get the idea of water David Patman show video after that. By the
recommendations that show up on the side or below that Youtube suggests, and then some people would click on to the It would show video and then some poor of those would say I like this, I'm going to hit subscribe now we ve got a new subscriber now, historically anywhere from fifty to say, Ninety per cent of our monthly viewers are not from our existing subscribe rebate, so we really depend on Youtube doing that. So what happened? Well, what you have to undergo, and is that when you are dealing with a corporation that is doing stuff- and it knows that a lot of people will be furious about the things that they are doing Don't just tell you what they're doing they use sort of like coded corporate English. I would call it if someone was speaking spanish and you spoke. English you'd need a translator to go from
managed to English in the same way, if you were listening to corporate coded english- and you just want to understand- like normal person, English, it needs a translation. So late last year in twenty eighteen Youtube said we will start prioritizing authority hate of sources. Oh, what will that sounds kind of reasonable right? They say yet we're gonna, prioritized, authoritative sources, so that were not promoting hate speech or content that violates terms and can do and what they mean by authoritative is corporate media. Over independent media, like the David Pachmann Show, and we got crushed, we actually saw the views that were coming from Youtube's recommendations, algorithm drop from roughly four million views per month to some morbid in one in one and a half million views per month for a channel like ours to instantly lose two and a half million views per month. It's a lot of money. So a lot of money so had been quiet about this for months we ve been writing it out doing
videos doing our show, because I can't do a damn thing about it. I told you some months ago that I dont want to annoy the audience with this stuff, because every time I do a story about this. I know I'm spending some of my political capital with my audience, because there are people who get annoyed by these worries and some of you evaporate every time. I talk about this, but it's getting worse and Youtube is now confirming that they are doing this and the effect is brutal. So again we have to interpret corporate speak now. The terms we have to interpret our border line content and what it means that Youtube claims that they are
succeeding, that their policy is working to stifle border line content, because when they talk about borderline content, it's not just white nationalist stuff. It's not just hate speech, it's all the independent news content like our channel that gets wrapped up with the hate content and not recommended, and it crashes says, crush us when you tube. He says that this is working. What they mean is the algorithm changes they ve made are correctly recommending corporate content over hours, and it's a disaster Nathan recently sent me a screen shot of how bad it is. Nathan, said: he'll, add a ton of our videos to his watch later Q on Youtube. But then, when those finish up, the queue will start automatically getting filled up with corporate media content. In this case its showing Nathan videos from South Meyers late night show often CNN Fox NEWS. Msnbc content from other in a hundred million dollar budget shows like John Oliver's, so I know that
is a pain. When I talk about this, I'm making a concerted effort to talk about this much less, but now that We are getting ready to end the year. I did want to tell you what is going on, because I know Any of you were watching the algorithm and you right too many say David, I'm just watching your stuff liking your stuff, and yet you tube keeps recommending CNN. This is a feature, not a bug. As far as Youtube is concerned, Youtube CEO Susan wishes, ski is admitting. It Youtube made thirty changes since January of this year. I am not aware of any that helped us, although Youtube, of course, won't tell us what they changed. One of the issues as what is considered brand safety for running adds. I have recently been told that anything that mentions portion, is not brands safe. If you are an independent channel like us, takes the issue off the table. If you want to be able to monitor your conduct, I won't even mention the other things that are total no goes, because I don't want to get this
video demonetized merely by mentioning those things, but there are a lot more, no go topic: If you want to run, adds another issue constant bogus copyright claims. You know if you paid attention a few weeks ago too pigment streams. We ran the House of Representatives feed during impeachment streams. CNN was claiming our videos for copyright violation NBC the Associated Press, fraudulent claims that crush us. I'm asking you tube. How can I fight these? and mass, because appealing each one individually is, is nuts the following the men Wesley no answer from Youtube. So please consider pushing back against this by supporting, shows you like directly, I'm saying, support us sure or other but whatever show you think, is valuable. We have made really big progress this year we ve actually added more members and twenty nineteen.
Than in any other year, and this is insulating us partially from what Youtube is doing, but it's gonna ramp up in twenty twenty with so much more corporate media content. The election we're going to get crowded out by the algorithm, so consider getting a very cheap membership at joint pachmann dot com our year end coupon code is last two thousand and nineteen. This is sixty six percent off okay, sixty six percent off with the coupon code. Last two thousand and nineteen, it's very cheap and I humbly asking for your support, also consider throwing us a dollar or two on Patreon at patreon dot com, David Pakman, show all of this stuff helps give to us give to shows you value just understand the stakes here. And the importance of your support, given what is going on with you too. We have a voice mail number. That number is too one nine to David P, here's a collar who says: listen, he likes what I say. He just doesn't, like my face, take a listen to this
How's it going daily caller here for upstate New York just want to say that, like I think I would agree with you on most medically think we're on the same page. Just one criticism for yourself like then it is now work and now all of a mass good word or maybe some plastic surgery asserts, but you use a lovely mayor, yeah yeah. If I were, but you know you turn over the blows of day. Thank you. How do you know you get us now and I pray what is more work. I will go on Since this is someone who says, if I had a different face, they would likely watch more now why they can't just listen. I don't know, but I loved the the new term plastic surgery. I think it's a combination of surgery and sorcery and I would love it if someone set that up as a definition urban dictionary, quoting the David Packing shall plastic surgery, the recommendation we ve got a
today join Patman, dot com, they get instant access, I'll speak to you on the boat David Pachmann show David Pachmann dot com,
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