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12/16/21: Vaccination Gap Now Outrageous As Omicron Spreads

2021-12-16 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Sam Quinones, author of the New York Times bestseller "Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic, and most recently, "The Least of Us: True Tales of America and Hope in the Time of Fentanyl and Meth," joins David to discuss opiate and meth addiction, treatment, the drug war, and more. Get the book: https://amzn.to/30AbRhG

--A shocking partisan vaccination gap has opened, with 96% of Democrats vaccinated, but only 54% of Republicans

--Newsmax host Chris Salcedo delivers one of the most ignorant rants about climate change we've ever seen

--Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit, including about the term "Karen," the White House's COVID Omicron warning, and more

--Former President Donald Trump endorses Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert for re-election

--Nancy Pelosi rejects the possibility of a stock-trading ban for members of Congress

--As Omicron takes over, COVID vaccine booster mandates begin, and the UK sets COVID case records

--Voicemail caller comments on the Air Force discharging 27 servicemembers for refusing the COVID vaccine

--On the Bonus Show: Build Back Better isn't happening this year, New Zealand's new cigarette ban, car break-ins explode in San Francisco bay area, much more...

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So we haven't talked about vaccination for awhile and, generally speaking, I've been aware that the U S is vaccinated about sixty percent overall and I intuitively assumed that there was some kind of partisan split because of some of the numbers we ve been looking up, but I did not realise how stir Bingley horrible. The partisan gap is so, let's go through what we have known for a while. We ve for a while that there was probably some partisan split on vaccination We ve seen that for the great part of twenty twenty one
covered cases. Hospitalizations and deaths have been disproportionately happening in the reddest red Trump counties compared to the bluest blue bite. Counties. We ve seen how the covert death rate since actions have been widely available is about three times higher in the reddest trump counties compared to the bluest Biden counties. And again this came with the intuition. That part of the explanation must be vaccination rates. Now. I also have said, even in Luke counties. It's likely that the debt sir still skewing towards republicans relative to that counties, population We now have data on vaccination and it is even worse than I imagine at this point in time. ninety six percent of Democrats say they have already been vaccinated, while only Fifty four percent of Republicans have been vaccinated. There is no
there is no less sir Vaccinated group, then Republicans at this point in time in the United States, Democrats are getting vaccinated at nearly twice the rate of Republicans. This is no small detail at this is from being done by Monmouth University. Let's take a look at the numbers more detail, so you see it. Clear, partisan divide nineties percent of Democrats have been vaccinated. Seventy nine percent of independence have been vaccinated and a pathetic. Fifty four percent of Republicans have been vaccinated now, just as in thing, we thirty percent are Republicans say they will never get the vaccine. Another interesting thing those who are not registered to vote actually vaccinated at a slightly higher rate than those who are registered to vote. That's interesting. All so along educational lines, there is a gap.
Eighty seven percent of those with a four year degree have been vaccinated. Only seventy three per cent of those without a four year degree, have been vaccinated, so not a big shock location leads to vaccination. Just like education tends to lead to people being more liberal voting. for Democrats than from Republicans now. Interestingly, There is almost no income gap whatsoever. might speculate. You might not. I don't know, but you might speculate that among different income groups. You would see vaccination at different levels. The vaccine is free at the end user. But maybe there would be some reason why you'd see different levels of vaccine uptake based on income. We don't see that you may undermine decay a year. Seventy eight percent have been vaccinated. You make between fifty and hundred care year. Seventy seven percent have been vaccinated having almost identical number those in over a hundred k here,
seventy nine percent have been vaccinated. I've been essentially no impact on ass, a nation status based on incomes, really interesting numbers and also just stunningly low republican vaccination. So at this point I dont know that the Republican Who cares about the personal tragedy? The fact that way, more of their people are dying than others having, after all, it's all humans right? Maybe they cared. Maybe they don't want internet politically. this will mean fewer republicans around and alive to vote. In the mid term, particularly since it disproportionately voting age, people that are dying as a result of the virus? Now Republicans will still have gerrymandering working for our Republicans will still have voter suppression. They'll have we are trying to you, the court's all these different things that we ve seen them now. Try to do but there will be disproportionately fewer of them. Could it affect close races
still really not clear. You know we ran the numbers. I'm going. From memory now, but we ran the numbers looking at Rhonda Sentences, last gubernatorial win in Florida he's the very trompe and republican governor of Florida. I I hope I'm getting this right Dissent is one by about thirty something thousand votes, and when we looked at the deaths in Florida and started to say? Ok, if these are sixty forty report, Lincoln Debts, if these are sixty five, thirty five republican debts Could it make a difference in the next gubernatorial election and the answer is it? Could it's not an open and shut case? There there's a lot of caveats, but The point is it conceivable that the math would point that way on on partisan death gap alone, you could see a case made that it could
lose the Florida governorship for Republican, so if that's conceivably possible. Certainly there are concrete congressional districts where the death gap uncovered could make a difference. whether they care about the people- I don't know, but you'd, think they would at least care about. Elections So earlier this week we kind of hit away and pretty hard because they deserve it. is this wacky rightwing propaganda network- and I think I said in the segment Fox News- is right: Propaganda newsman is extreme right, wing propaganda and away. Is like completely insane right wing propaganda, and I even said compared two away in news MAX sometimes will sound sort of a little bit reasonable today. I have an example of news MAX, not sounding even at all reasonable,
and this is a really instructive segment. I'm gonna play for you, one of the most hilariously and horrifying Lee ignorant segments that I've ever seen. I would say on any network, I dont know that I've ever seen a one minute segment with such ignorance. there is a news MAX host named Chris South Sado Self Cedar. I actually think. I've been on his show before If I'm thinking the same guy, to have a radio show me Fifthly, I don't remember, I think, the interview I did with him on his radio show might even be on our website in the press section from what I recall was much less ignorant back. Then the ignorance was less weapon ized, although it was still bad. I dont know what I am about to play for you are here. genuine views or what he has to do to be on the good work, the list at away again, but he went on a rat-
Yesterday, climate change denial ran. I can't make heads or tails out of it. I dont know how someone can be is dumb and again he might not be done it might just be over, propaganda. It's like a brain wrought of some kind, really like as his head is filled with mayonnaise honey, mustard or something it's almost like, and fell out of his head. So let me play the clip. Listen to the mind blowing. We ignorant and incorrect things that he says here and there were gonna break it down piece by piece. as to the science of the Socialists, religion from Ex I have read and interviewed over the years. I can say that there is no proof man. Co2 emissions are destroying the planet. If that were the case, The world would have invaded Communist China long ago. They the one so called dirty coal fired plant on average every week If China, co2 emissions were destroying all life on Mother Earth
and China is the world's number one c or to emitter why Obama, Biden and the rest of the American left leave alone and instead destroy the United States Manufacturing Base and our enter. new production job? Claims that warmer workers make whether more destructive that has not been proven has been proven that warmer, whether result in more food production, less starvation and less death what has been proven is that the earth has been at this temperature before back in the medieval period. Not too many call plants and suvs trolling around at that time. Right so You really have to slow down and think about each aspect of this one at a time. the mind, blowing stupidity is notable, but the wildest aspect He almost seems like proud that he saying this stuff on tv,
he genuinely seems to think it's clever. So let's go through it piece by piece. He talks about science, the Socialists, religion, you can make it. Case that sometimes people allow dogmatism to enter their view of science, When that happens, we should criticise it. Science is not a religion and when, when people say Science is your religion, you can believe in Christianity or you can believe in science. That's very much wrong, because science, exists and is the same regard. So of whether you believe in it or not, nobody believed Christianity, Christianity disappears ripe. science encourages being corrected, fixing mistakes and has self correction mechanisms and in fact, when you make the bigger the correction you make in science, the bigger the actual the more revered you are religion doesn't have that sell.
Correction is not revered in religion. So these Analogies science is the religion of socialists. Maybe there's some agnostic. People when it comes to science is very, very different than a religion. He says experts that I've read and interviewed, say there is no proof that c o two from man is discussed, on the planet. It's always hyperbolic and there's always some semantic game right. So ok about destroying the planet is a big statement. The scientific consensus is very. we're that elevated seo to caused by. Industrial activity. Knoweth me what would they say what humans didn't do that the factories did it that's a distinction without a difference that is bad for the planet in many ways, its effect on climate, its effect on the ozone layer, accelerate the greenhouse effect. This is the scientific consensus. Could it be wrong it could
many people right now we're trying to disprove it not have been able to so far remains the best explanation. We have right now. That's how science works He says: if Co2 were really this bad, we would have invaded communist China by now. You know that China's pollution is a huge topic in and of itself and a kind of action their scope today, but it is absurdly simplistic to say, see out, you were really bad. We would invade China it so damn it's kind of hard to refute adults. Don't really think swear. He then argues that co2 emissions. Are really destroying all life on earth. Well, we're not saying that that's what it is it's sort of again that the argument isn't all life on earth today is being destroyed by seo tutor straw manner, a red herring here that warmer temperatures are good, because if its warmer you get more food growth the complicated but understand that, when its unseasonably warm. If you don't
have more rain to go with it. You get drought and drought is not good for crops, it kills. Props or you, ve gotta go and find more water to re. Is the same amount of food. That's also not good for the environment, a warmer being better for food production, also not true He says earth has been at this temperature before before we had modern industry, that's true there. In periods of warming on earth before temperatures are only one part of what's going on Co2 in the atmosphere has never been this high, that's a big piece of it. The fact that has been warm before doesn't prove disprove anything. So it took me what seven minutes, this is like tat: plus two equals five type of stuff. In it, takes a while to disprove it. Sam Harris said and on this is completely right it's very easy to start a series of small fires that are really time consuming to put out it's much easier to start the fires than to put them out and, unfortunately,
whether Crystal Cedar, believes this stuff, for he knows he's just feeding his audience, the driven problem that they so desperately want. some of his audience false for it and believes it, and now we're sitting here trying to undo it really really bad and music. Like his brain left, his his cranium scary, stuff away. We have a. We have two things going on number one: the town, Paul rescheduled, four December, twenty Eightth due to technical difficulties, six p m December, twenty eight- I hope you'll join us it'll- definitely be the last one of the year. Also January first will be doing a one day. Membership bomb kicking off an election year with a huge membership discount. I would love for you to participate. All you need to do today. If you sign up for my mailing list at David Pachmann, dot com and then on the first you'll, notified about exactly how to avail yourself of this incredible membership. Discount.
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Karen is essentially a pejorative about entitled white women, and so I see no reason to use the term its conceivable that it may have got into a Youtube title or to a while ago, but I've stop using it and as an editorial thing, I I I don't think it's a particularly useful the question about bands, I think is related to recently. There was this big dust up on: Twitch were to streamers that kind of in our universe, Hassan Piker, and and Wash were banned. for using the word I mean it. I guess I'll have to be careful. So word in a salteena things would be in category, I cheat. It would be in this category, it's it's a pejorative for white people. They were banned and up a bunch of people on the left kind of came out defending it sing. the word isn't really racially charged ice.
He had his racially charged, and so my take was again I don't think it's really a word progressive should use its it's a pejorative about white people. If we think about the word It doesn't apply you nothing but Asians. When the word is Sadie, dont, think about native Americans, it's about white people, void pejorative that group of people by race. Now you know twitch bands terms of service- I don't know, I think it's all kind of dumb, but the point is: if you're banned for use. the end word: it's not shocking that you would be banned for using a pejorative about white people, even if they dont have the same historical weight which they don't and I admit, soaked- that's view about Karen, that's my view about the sea, the inward etc on another post that I spotted Biden official warns covert explosion eminent yes, so listen that there's is bad news and then there's maybe ok news when it comes to covert I've not been covering the day to day of the Mccrone variant, because information is changing so quickly. If we look at the youth,
right now they are seeing record cases its wild. What's going on in the UK, that being said, the UK is doing a lot of testing and data. We have right now still points to omit crime. Being more money, Is it as mild as the flu which is about a fifth as deadly? Is the original Corbett strains? We don't know, should people still get vaccinated and boosted? Yes, absolutely should mean compromised and others take serious precaution, yes, but The potentially less bad thing is that at the individual level or mccrone me be milder, and it continues to two point that way the problem is You have to remember. As an individual, a form of crime. is more mild if you get it your less likely to be seriously ill at the population level. If it significantly more, can t
yes, even though any one person's odds are gettings, really sick or lower it'll still fill up the hospitals and if you think, about burden of disease, if its half as deadly but three times as contagious, if I it is less likely for me that it will be serious but its slogan a little way more people are getting very, very six hope it. Oh, I am still waiting for something more definitive, but that's the way it looks far. Last post I spotted what is up with the weird lighting and David Studio, just me, Is it dimmer seems? If he's trying to which things up not what what's going on his I've been on the road our new mechanism. You know it's, The audience is very physical and emotional, and sometimes when its clear that I'm on the road and have a different background people get very. Madam- is it's crazy something people get mad, that I'm doing something, some those people, mad that I'm not in the studio so for a while. Now, when I'm on the road, I've been using a green screen and replicates the homes studio now, so
people notice, I'm in a different place, because my MIKE is different or the lighting a little different or whatever the This time around the equipment I chose is not quite as good, so things are a little bit raided. I've gone weeks in the past on the road and people haven't noticed when I've had other equipment with me this time. It's noticeable we're going to try to do better next time. Are you can join the discussion at David, Pachmann, dot com, slash, read it ok, it is another I can say is officially the twenty. Twenty two minutes firms right now, but at least in the on texts of the former President Donald Trump jumping in full steam ahead on the twenty twenty two mid terms, things are getting going. Donald from has added another endorsement. This isn't it streaming polarizing endorsement. This is exactly the type of endorsement we were waiting for, of an incumbent lunatic from being Republican to show us yes, trumps going to be.
all Donald Trump has now endorsed radical lunatic. Extremist disgusting republican congresswoman from Colorado Lauren, BO, Bert or Lauren BO bear as Roxana called her lack gonna liked when row said, Congresswoman BO bear sounds like a completely different person, Donald Trump, putting out endorsement laced with erratic capitalization, which I will mention endorsement congresswoman Lorn Bobo. This woman, Lauren Bird, has done a fantastic job in her first term representing Colorado's third district. I can't think of anything she's done, but ok she is a fearless leader fender of the capitalized America First agenda and a fighter against the capital. L, loser, rhinos and capital are radical capital. The Democrats,
We will continue to be tough on capital, see crime, strong on capital, be borders and always TAT, our under siege. Second amendment Laura has my capital, see complete and capital T total capital. Ye endorsement for her reelection Why the random capitalization, we still don't Someone wrote to me and said: oh, you know Jack trumpets, German, an in German. You have cap The lies now ends and that's not what Europe is doing guys. I can assure you trumpets, no idea, what's going on in June, so what's interesting about this, ok, we suspected tromp was going to be very involved in twenty twenty and he's getting involved. Right now learn Albert, has actually said she has already asked Donald Trump to go to her district and do a rally for her if Trump gets involved to that level, it is gonna, be quite a mid term
Indeed, I think it is going to be quite a mid term. Also. The choice of this district is interesting because, let us be frank: this is a very easy race and tromp is being on his record now he lies about his endorsement record from his previous. He said he's like guy. You know when you say hundred and fifty in waters on his record is actually not that good. He mostly endorses incumbents and still, I think he only had like a sixty something percent. Pope success record with endorsement this is a really easy one. If you wanna put points on the board and then use those points to justify- running yourself in twenty twenty. Four, no Democrat has been. Representative for Colorado's third districts since two thousand eight that was John Salazar? If you go before two thousand eight and remember the elections or every two years in the house. If you go before two thousand eight you ve gotta go. act to nineteen. Ninety two furthers the last Democrat to her That said so, in other words, since nineteen
Ninety thousand one Democrat as held thirds District of Colorado, and its. Otherwise, all Republicans, you look at the demographics, its sixty five percent rural very favourable to Republicans its seventy one percent white. Pretty favourable, two to Republicans, although not not, is crazy, skew to some other districts it is, can it in the cook political report, political values, index, a Republican plus six race and when you consider factors, including the power of incumbency. That's a pretty solid republican seat, so one of the things we will be paying attention to is: ok it's going to be involved, he's going to be doing endorsement. Is he disparate fortunately doing them in the safest of safe districts. He is endorsing some challengers but easy, mostly endorsing incumbents, all of this stuff. we're going to follow, but number one its clear. He wants to be involved and number two, these trompe race
is made very much influence. What the Republican Party decides to do in twenty twenty four, whether Donald Trump will the even run. Earlier. This week we interviewed Michael Common Michael coincide: Donald not running in twenty four and he's not running, because he can't afford the hit to his ego to lose again. The counter, would be, and it's not about whose right or wrong there's no right or wrong yet because it hasn't happened there just predictions. The counter would be Trump ends up believing he can easily when everything, and so that may be a factor in him deciding to run but step one as we don't even have to worry about twenty four we're gonna look at trumps record and twenty two will look at how is welcomed in twenty two and will look at her involved he gets so this is the first one. Let me know who you think he will endorse next. We will have more on the endorsements and the twenty twenty two campaign on our instagram, which you can find it. David Pachmann show
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great, to be joined today by SAM Keen Yunus, who, as author of the New York Times best seller, dreamland, the true tale of America's opiate epidemic and, most recently, the least of us. True tales of Amerika and hope in the time sentinel and math salmon We too have you won. I appreciated thanks for how they may David did too good to be with yet. So I mean just from just from the titles of the two books right there's been a change in what is happening in the United States as as far as drugs go. Can you talk a little bit about? I mean how has the landscape changed from when you were researching the first book in the now, the second than at the most recent one? Sure, of course, it really has changed dramatically I'm quite unexpectedly to me honestly
run it first book. The idea was to write the story of how we had gone from a country that had decided or a medical establishment of this type decided. The idea was a good one to massively an excessively, in my opinion, are prescribed narcotic painkillers employed painkillers for all manner of paint that they had not been used for with four before, and not just that, but but like lots of refills and any kind of wonders at the with the understanding or the belief that that these pills would not be at all addictive tenure, one who is: who is a pain patient that helped a lot of people there to say it also created an enormous new population of people who actually were addicted to these pills who, depending on his first date, they went to the street
find them very well on the street was very expensive and eventually they sell at a certain percentage of those folks moved on to turn to heroin that these pills are average drugs and emerge very somewhere to heroin. The underworld then took over and that's what led to the next block the underworld. And particularly in mexican trafficking world began for providing the heroin. They then figured out that actually is much better idea to make of synthetic form of heroin We now know that no are you need any any any any of the issues that you land or any other kind of stuff and and so the transformation kind of began and really
five years ago, not long after dreamland came out, you began to see that not kind of take over and and now the country is essentially effectively covered with Fetnah, which has an opium lloyd, but of but a synthetic one. You don't make use use plants to make it, and that means that you can make it all year round. If you have the chemicals at the same time, methamphetamine is also cover the country because of a new way of making that as well, and so you see really ran the era of synthetic drugs, whereas before it was, it was the actors and the classic underworld pro in heroin now, it's pretty much. The entire source comes from the underworld and its now just synthetic yes in advance of our interview. I read an article that the exam Nay, my now don't remember, but something like. Can you even really call it meth anymore, and it talks about how now this this mechanism called p2p he is being used for the manual.
Actual of math kit. Can you talk about why that's been so crucial to the dominance of math sure that was an excerpt of the book, in fact that that was there was run in the Atlantic and what would happen with, and furthermore, was interesting years ago. The mexican trafficking world industrialized production and met using a chemical known as a federal ephedrine is that you can just aunt. You find it and certified pills its chemically very similar to that. So you couplet twigs and it turns into a mess. It's a it's kind of a euphoric Highbury sociable. You want to be around people your jabbering away, and they made huge amounts of it, but they were always limited by the amount of of ephedrine they could get and they can really get they could get. of it, but it was really only enough to cover parts of the western United States, never went east, the Mississippi River
vengefully, though the mexican government doubt gaps, figure this out and be an end in the response, was to make a federal, essentially illegal, except for certain pharmaceutical companies to produce that meant that the trafficking world now had a whole body of knowledge about methamphetamine and no way to really major, but there is another way of making that amphetamine. Then they began to a figure that out, it uses a precursor known, as I see that, as you said, p2p scene or to propane own and a P2P is actually very messy its tanks and all that, when you turn into methamphetamine does have one benefit, those detract from the world, and that is that you can make many many different ways with lots of different industrial, widely available industrial. Those are these chemicals. Are there very toxic, but you can, if the government cracks down on this combination of chemicals,
can use as other one. And there are many of these combination, so it allows the trafficking world if they can get the chemicals to produce this stuff in staggering quantities, and essentially that's what's happening because they have access to two very large ports and several smaller ones. On the Pacific Coast of of Mexico, for which they get access to the world chemical markets and they can bring in all the chemicals that they like some of these chemicals actually made a mexico of course, and so would you begin to see it beginning in about two thousand twelve thirteen, as the production of it is just a dagger and-
unbelievable quantities is up so much so that it crosses the Mississippi River goes across in now is up into New England respectively, covering the country and its it's a remarkable. I just dubious achievement that there is one other thing that that's a very much part of that story, and that is this, that, as this method, pheromone begins to really march across the country. First, on the western I'd say in the MID West, in two thousand, seventeen or southern up into New England, two thousand maintained its also accompanied by very severe
rapid onset symptoms of paranoia and am an hallucination symptoms of schizophrenia, essentially very intense paranoia, very vivid hallucinations delusions people, so it's accompanied by mental illness and very quickly that mental illness leads lots of people to be homeless. So you see as this mouth markets across the country You also find big big escalation in the amount of mental illness and homelessness, and eventually also tat encampments, because at tat, these folks, under in this situation and this condition are not going to be living in homeless, shelter, right. I want to talk about that next, because there has been a big this, these encampments or a big topic of political controversy. And I, as someone who is your unaware Thirdly, on the left, I consider myself a progressive, the real I've done makes me question the wisdom of the kind of like, let's just leave
encampments, because if we don't have a great play, to send people who are we to take away the one place that they found and the peace for me, and all of this that makes me hesitate about taking that approach? Is it's not went well, You consider the drug addiction component there see to be zero, possibility that folks get out of that site? if they remain in the encampment now breaking up the encampment raises all sorts of other questions. Where do people go? Is it safe? It I'm not denying that, but it seems that You have no possibility of drilling dealing with the drug component if the encampment stay. What's your experience with that
No, I would say that cotton talking with people who work with these folks and recovering attics as well. I would say- that's absolutely true, and it's really actually little more even serious than that, because talking with folks about this, you very clearly quickly get the the idea that there that the effectiveness of this met them sediment is really almost at least semi permanent brain damage. It's not like with a federal mouth. You would stay for several days and you would begin the second of shadow people and then you would sleep it off, and you would return to coherence, not that this was good for you just was not the damage now now, People are saying- and I was just speaking with a homeless shelter provider here in natural, were now living for a for a while, and she was saying that the brain devastation makes it. So did you can't really teach you spoke
to function should no longer they are exposed out on the street, particularly in tat encampments, which really exist as vectors of methamphetamine frequently, even though, of course, tents were met with intentions. There really cannot replace now work where mixed flows flows freely. That's why they exist because people it's like bar rubber. Everybody knows your name in a sense. While this is the same thing, and so what what really is happening is prolonged exposure to this it is very scary, and- and I met people who have recovered from it now sober, but there is still no. They tell me that someone told me this still? No, I'm not the same. My brain is still not fully healed and somebody's folks urban else over a year to theirs. that paranoia there's still that slow the memory is, is really faded, and certainly it takes weeks, maybe even months, for the personality of a person terms,
foreign? So it's the prolonged exposure in these terms, Camus, as you say, I think, makes extraordinarily difficult for those folks never recover to something close to it. They were beforehand so odd, sometimes be Earl very popular and up Portugal, when one talks about drug policy and and treatment, and one of the things that sometimes folks don't know about Portugal is, it's not that in Portugal there is no consequences for drug addiction. It's that they are handled as health issues right The then criminal issues, but there are consequences there can be mandated treatment. The people there and out of the equivalent of the encampment, so to speak, so in thinking about solutions like what what has worked. What are what might work? Well,
I do. I do believe that the dead, some form of mandate a treatment is, is what's necessary here, because what you're looking for in all treatment? You have to come to a point where you embrace your sobriety re embrace recovery. The problem is that that is not possible on the street today. First of all, you have retinal which will kill you before you ever develop. Any kind of readiness for treatment ran like you need to be ready for treatment. It's true, but the promised. How do you get there where and how long does it take? And I- and I think, on the street is rated within the Mouth encampment mouth world, it's very hard for people to. First of all, in order for recovery take place, you actually have to be able to talk rationally.
Other people that nets at human connection that is essential for that process to move to move forward and if you are speaking in what they call in psychology word salad, so you create a jumble of words and bowed fought tumbling out. Imagine no idea what you people annoyed at what you think: there's no ability to develop that deep connection, so, first and foremost, detox and prolonged detox, not a few days but weeks and then an idea that force treatment, because the drugs control is so oh profound and that's what of of homeless outreach guy told me, you ve been doing this five years and he says you know everybody of offer, treatment to and housing to. When I get him into housing very quickly, they
is bought and they leave and they run back to the encampment, so you need to get people away from that someplace secure someplace, where they are mandated treatment someplace, where they begin the process, the careful nudging, gradual process of coming to embrace their own sobriety, which will happen, but it does need that supper. Someone from yeah that's an important point, which is when when addiction is a factor just giving homeless folks homes alone does not Actually it does not solve the problem. Are the communities in the? U S that are doing this correctly. I mean, I think, with metal Fatima it's so new on the story.
Really what I was a break, this story in the book and on this in this thing in the Atlantic, you know about met them sediment and I think many communities kind of almost didn't know what they had. First of all, Cove. It has kind of overshadow everything last year to and then before that the opium epidemic overshadowed the method. So people have really not come to understand the deep issues involved. its method, thermit some places of sandwiches. Last year we first lost your video and when we lost your audio now your backs are ya. You just glitch for for a moment there really,
What are your back? Your beer smooth now? Ok. Well, I would say that a lot of places, if are still try to figure this thing out, because, first of all, I think the old poet epidemic overshadowed the Mets prompt and then also their tools. It did the same. He had a word we are seeing. Now is people who just kind of now come and understand this. I would say that in clerks Bird was Virginia read about in the book several chapters in the book they tried the housing first idea and the folks that they put into housing destroy. There was some refurbished departments that they were able to put them in and they destroyed the apartments they do. You know like a hundred thousand dollars worth of damage to these apartment. There was no way they could do it, so I think people are just now. I mean really because the storage, as I just breaking with this book,
People are just now become coming to the point where there saying, let's see what we can try. I spoke with sought with the words of a politician in in northern California, who was thinking we're talking about the possibility of using empty big box stores to put a kind of controlled kitten countenance like put tens, but within a secure, big box, store, controlled entry and exit and so on, and have that be a place where maybe people detox for the first but I haven't found any body has been able to deal significant. with this issue that that this new math coming out of Mexico has presented on the last several years. Sometimes sometimes people will call animal say: hey. Are you for legalization of all drugs? Just like we're starting to see with cannabis and in some states- and I feel there strongly that decriminalization is really important and its
there's a number of reasons why that seems like an easier thing to think about, and there are good examples from around the world when I think about like recreational math or recreation a heroine. These drugs scene so destructive to just once basic a bill led to exist in the world that I have not been convinced that recreational legalization of these makes any sense. How do you can see this issue. I I think, not, I guess, you know, I would like to see here's what I like to see a first I would like to see legalise marijuana in a mature and adult way. We are doing it as if you know, if it's a if it's a, if it's a consumable, then we need to have those places inspected like food factories are in spite of its a medicine. We need to have them inspected like like factories, the prettiest drugs are, are inspected. I think it's absolutely ends
in a time of climate change that we allow indoor drone marijuana the grocer beautifully outdoors wish that should not be possible, and the idea to the we're not gonna. After all, now we're gonna be a be arresting. People for selling marijuana is is crazy to now you're. Seeing dispensaries and California say we have to compete now with illegal vendors who don't have to pay taxes. Electricity around all the rest, and I, and so you need a lower our taxes. No, what we need to do is we need a prolonged ex prolong time period and probably many years of very aggressive enforcement of people who are selling the drug illegally, so that there won't be that's that unfair competition for folks who actually have to pay rent and electricity and taxes and all the rest that we want for. Like any,
liquor store or any other place to me. This feels like, and I also believe that we need to do to really question what the potency should be, that we allow, for it took for commercial for commercial sale. It's it's insane. Forty presented a ninety percent is, and they send this guy. I mean an end. These little candy things I mean you know when Joe Camel started: marketing cigarettes, the kids in Turkey, three was up in arms and they, yet it's ok to have these little gum. There is an all that comes to me. It feels like- and I think part of this rose from the fact that we still don't have federal There are one, a legislator really federal marijuana legislation needs to put all of this and much more in in into play spent. A lot of this stuff seems to me
to be almost juvenile legged. It doesn't really matter dude, it's just pot. Well, it's it's not part is very potent stuff and it needs to be treated that way and we need to approach it like adults. I want to see that done. First and then we can turn I r r arm attention to whether other drugs, but I don't really see it happening in battle. We do this right now out about it that the latest book is the least of us, true tales of America and hope in the time of the and math we ve been speaking with the books Author SAM Keen, Yonah SAM Great having you on today, Liberian what you David like so much. One of our sponsors is called privacy. Privacy is a totally free service that I've been using for years. Privacy lets me create v.
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thus part is you're not out there. Exposing your real credit card number, so you're not is susceptible to data breaches and identity theft. Privacy is a totally free service and you'll get five bucks to spend. When you go to privacy, dot, com, Slash pachmann, you can find the link. the podcast notes, so I have for you today it basically the perfect example of when Democrats just hurt themselves and make themselves seem like Republicans and make it harder for voters, is to want to come out and vote for them in key elections like the mid terms or twenty twenty four or whenever so. This is what happened and I'm not gonna be unrealistic and my analysis of this, and yet you ll, see what I mean in the second up now people was ass during a press conference. Yesterday, hey what about a stock trading ban for members of Congress? We have all these issues with members of of Congress, meaning the House and Senate.
Hughes circumstantially in these conditions, were they seem to be making stock moves based on things they know, and everybody else does and it's not technically inside trading, because the committee, memberships, etc that these members have, and this is actually an ex an exception worth its not considered I'd or trading in some of these situations, although in some you you could argue that it is, and it just looks terrible it. Makes it seem. As though members of Congress are using information that they learn through Their roles as elected officials supposedly serving the public to enrich themselves. What about a stock trading ban? Any people those it is has now I mean you know we're a capital is country noses and its it such hope. Even
if you're not gonna, do it it's the worst possible response. So let's take a look at the club and then we'll talk about it more. You should now notice. Second, mine any at. We have a responsibility to report in the stock on staff, but I dont I'm not familiar with that five month review by the people aren't reporting they should be. because as this is a free market and people were, free market economy that should be able to participate in that yeah. So I mean listen like I know Nancy Pelosi doesn't support that name. Policy is one of the people, along with her husband who regularly make individual stock trades option Et Cetera and I'm sure it makes them a whole bunch of money. So, like I dont think for a second Nancy
oh see at this point in her career can be convinced too bad members of the House and Senate from trading in individual stocks. I'm not naive in that sense, but this is would have liked the worst way that you could possibly answer it, and I know it. Why would I encourage politicians to be dishonest, but when I think about win, when I see this I think well so are: are they different there? Republicans or not the most of insidious part of the House and Senate being allowed to trade individual stocks, it's not just that they can have access to information that lets them make money, it's they could actually make legislative decisions to help companies in which they own stocks or why on stocks like this. This is really a very serious issue. So if
Nancy Pelosi, just throw bone and said hey. You know what I'm just is concerned. As you are, we are here to serve the public. We are not here to enrich ourselves and I am willing to hear any good idea. To how to prevent member. of the House and Senate from acting inappropriately based on our privileged positions or whatever and then say bring me up. Postal and they never do it like. In other words, I I know not going to happen, and so this is an answer where it's not only that she's not going to do it. She doesn't even see, To care enough to appear as though It matters to her that member. of the House and Senate, not enrich themselves Woodstock trades based on an information and then there's a sort of like a subsequent layer as well, which is what about the transparency because there's as as was being mentioned there there's. This delay for the reporting of transactions for members of
House and Senate, you could have a much faster turn around on that every is executed electronically. At this point in time, there is no reason for any delay in the reporting make a public record immediately of the traits of the members of the House and Senate, and so at the end of the day, I don't have a problem with people making money we're talking about five hundred and thirty five Americans here for three five in the house, a hundred in the Senate, who are choosing presumably to go into public service, their not being forced to do it we're not even saying they can't make money, we're not even saying they should have to sell all the stocks that they have just turn over control of them. I think it's too much to say you. Can't buy or sell anything nothing. be bought or sold in your name, while you're in the House or Senate, appoint someone you're, not vault in the day to day some color blind trust they can the decisions for you so that when you are deciding ok, who do we give a contractor
what kind of regulatory infrastructure do I push for indecision, industry or that? But in the back here mind you know you own stocks in certain ones of those industries. At least the stock trading decisions could be made by somebody else else, and this is the type of thing that makes people say both sides, your terrible. neither side cares about ass. They just care about themselves. This is the stuff that makes me say. Democrats are just another party concerned, primarily with self preservation. In that sense, Republican Party Democratic Party, it's basically the same thing: the demo party has more policy. I agree with certainly, and it's such a small thing, five hundred and thirty five people in congress- you can't trade individual stocks, but while you're in the House or Senate, you contribute funds, even though be the people dont. Typically, fraid them in the same way, you can keep the stocks had beforehand to turn over control of the bats, and you know I am not
optimistic that I know that this. This is like a relatively small thing triggering this reaction. But overall, I am not super optimistic about twenty twenty two and I know we have two still fight for it, but I mean you know: What exactly has been done about white supremacy and extremism? What has been done? in voting right. I guess now they want to take it up: student loans It was never going to be anything done on student loans, other than make people start preparing them for something on cannabis, etc. This is a lay up, at least to give an answer. That looks good. I am committed to making sure that and then do nothing. She can't she does even care enough to do that. It's absolutely bonkers and if Democrats lose it, it won't be a shot it won't be a shock, and we will have many explanations as to why her aunt. There is not the reason why, but it certainly doesn't help a work continuing to track what's happening with this alma Kron Variant and boost mandates are starting the unit
It kingdom is setting new records, it is an explosion of information and of panic, and I, under stand. The worry- and I also still don't know that it is warranted on the basis of what we know about Alma crossed. So let's go through a few different aspects here businesses, many employers and universe? these are now saying fully vaccinated means three shots not to Now, however, serious or mccrone is the early data. The early data is that, if you have three shots, you are significantly slightly to get a symptomatic infection of alma crime. Then, if you have two shots now, is symptomatic. We don't get really know on effectiveness. On against serious illness or death were so Getting information, it seems three shots were somewhat better, but three shots seem significantly better than to against all mccrone against symptomatic
almost that's really important. So the metropolitan Opera yesterday said if you want to, in eligible audience. Member earn employ. You need that third shot. A George and why you, some private colleges, have said you're going to need your third shot number of universities where I know people working say that when you come back for you, spring semester, you ve gotta, have that third shot the NFL as requiring coaches and staff to get booster shots by December, twenty seventh and the real question here is what is actually going on with the all mccrone variant and I know we continue to say it's early, we still need more data. We still need to wait it continues to be that on average, if you get the overgrown variant, you are less likely to get really really sick by virtue of being more contagious, which it appears to be
the burden on society can still be large and we are seeing even advance of overcrowding. The reason, even though, with Delta, were starting to see hospitals in different states increasingly fill up. So that's one aspect of What's going on, the CDC has issued a forecast that cases weekly are going to be up to one point: three million by Christmas Day, and the deaths are going to surge. Seventy three percent to over fifteen thousand a week when and as overcrowded becomes the dominant strain and again some people here that and they say well hold on a second if it's less serious, why would debts go up and again, you could have something half a serious but three times is contagious and you still see, deaths go up. Fifty percent of its very very crude method doesn't exactly work. That way. Basically the way that it is
In the meantime, the UK seeing absolutely record cases a number of differ, countries are seeing really really insane numbers and the Good NEWS if there is any in the UK, is that while the cases are going up dramatically as homer crime takes over deaths due to covered are actually down over the last two weeks. Now that may reverse what what's the what's the possible counterpoint to its very spread, a ball, but less of it. The counter point would be what if there is more. of a delay before you get really sick. In other words, we I think at one point, the average interval between infection in death seventeen days? At one point, it doesn't really matter, but at one point it was roughly seventeen days. Is it possible that all mccrone causes mild disease, these four are no five weeks and then
get really. Second night doctors doctor say it's possible, but it's not very likely so that that's the Good NEWS so far that weaken point two lastly, the White House, it there's been this question of. Would the? U S shut down again, to the extent that the? U S ever did shut down? I think the answer is no four for a couple of different reasons, less there were to be a more severe variant which we don't seem to have at this point in time number one at the state level. There are very few states at this. Why that seem willing to do anything even remotely approximating a shot down? That's number one number two, The White House is saying we are are going to do that. We are not going to have sweeping shut doubts, We are seeing signs that certainly raise questions as to what the policy should be. The hospitals becoming overrun events being postponed. Son colleges and universities already going back to remote. So there
are signs, but the white insists it's not going to happen again if you get your third shot and that actually is seventy percent effective at preventing symptom. a governess and this is a more spreading evil, but less serious variant. If people do the right things, you shouldn't have to shut down if the shutdowns become a real, possibility, it would overwhelmingly because a lot of people are doing the things that are available to us to do. Let me know you're What do you think would happen in the next one to two months we have voicemail number. That number is too one nine to David P. Yesterday we covered of the twenty seven vaccine refusal dismissals in the air force
and I got an interesting call about that. Listen to this, Mr Batman, Sir, just some quick information on the air force, vaccination, I'm an air force civilian, and you mentioned the twenty seven service firms that have been discharge so far, jerked the clarification, the those twenty seven are, the ones that not only refuse the vaccine but also did not apply for a religious or medical exemption, apply for and get important message to, and so there are still many many many members near force in the other services that are going through the exemption process most likely they will all get declined point. They will have to have the same choice that the twenty seven who have already been discharge had, and I will will either have to get out or or get back made by at the end. That is a good point, a d all, as far as I know, all branches of the military are being very strict about
these various exemptions and new recruits are being forced to sign as a condition of even starting that they are. stand, they will be required to get the covert vaccines. That's a good point. The number may go up. It is still quite low We ve got a great bonus, show for you today. It's not looking like build back, better is going to pass. this year I dont know if many of you will be shocked by that, but it it's not gonna happen. We'll talk about that. A new Zealand has a new cigarette ban that is different than other countries. We will talk about and also San Francisco Bay area, car break ins are on the rise and some Car owners are leaving their trunks open, We will explain why, on today's bonus sign up at joint happening, TAT Tom, you will see that
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