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12/20/21: Manchin Kills Build Back Better As Young Voters Give Up on Biden

2021-12-20 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Farron Cousins, host of Farron Balanced and Ring of Fire Radio, fills in for David

--Senator Joe Manchin goes on Fox News Sunday with Bret Baier and announces he will not support Joe Biden's Build Back Better legislation, effectively killing the bill

--Young voters disapprove of President Biden's job performance so far by a near two-to-one margin

--Joe Biden confirms forty federal judges in his first year in office, more than doubling the amount Donald Trump was able to confirm in his first year

--Fox News host Tucker Carlson and his guest Jesse Kelly claim the American military is no longer "manly" enough

--Ron DeSantis seeks to ban the teaching of critical race theory in schools as part of the Florida Governor's latest attempt to champion the right-wing side of the culture war

--Dominion Voting Systems' defamation lawsuit against Fox News is allowed to move forward meaning the conservative network may soon have to settle to avoid further embarrassment

--In an unprecedented move, the Republican National Committee has agreed to pay $1.6 million of Donald Trump's legal bills

--Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen announces a lawsuit against Donald Trump for alleged "retaliatory imprisonment"

--Federal judges warn that the January 6th Capitol riots present an "ongoing risk to the nation"

--Stop The Steal Founder Ali Alexander sues to stop the January 6th commission from obtaining his phone records

--On the Bonus Show: Republican lawmaker dies from COVID, Bret Baier turns on fellow Fox hosts over January 6th texts, Trump and Bill O'Reilly's speaking tour flops, and much more...

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What David Pachmann Show I'm Farren cousins. I will be sitting in for David Pachmann. All of this week we ve gotta. Lots of stuff to cover today everything from build back better to the January six Select Committee, bunch of lawsuits to talk about Fox NEWS, Michael Cohen and Donald Trump himself, so let's jump right into it. Obviously, the biggest news to come out over the weekend is build back better. We went into this weekend with the assumption that build back better was effectively on its death bed. The Democrats had said we're not gonna, be able to pass before Christmas like we had wanted to, then
talks broke down between Joe Mansion and Joe Biden and then on Sunday morning, Joe Action goes on. Of course, Fox NEWS to let us know that nope, it's dead, there's nothing that he can justify in this bill. He says. To vote, for it here is Joe imagine in his own words appearing on Fox NEWS Sunday morning to tell us why we can't have nice things taken. I have always said this bread. If I go home and explain it to the people. West Virginia. I can't vote for I cannot vote to continue this piece of legislation. I just can't I've tried everything humanly possible. I can't get there you're done this, This is, as you know, this is a no. On this legislation. I have tried everything I know to do and
the present his work diligently he's been wonderful work with, so, in spite of the fact that this bill is broadly supported across the country, including in West Virginia, in spite of the fact that this bill would provide too tangible benefits to millions upon millions of Americans again, including his own constituents and West Virginia, would make people's lives better. would allow low income families to have food for their children. I literally that's one of the provisions in the bill by the way, if you weren't aware of that, one, that's in often overlooked, one would provide money for families to get for their children over the summer when schools are not in session and they can't get those meals and man and says no. I just I can't justify this. There's there's nothing. I can do I've looked at every which way and binds been so great to me in the negotiations, but dang it. I can't make the country a better,
places where that's what he's telling us? I can't make the country any better then. It is and, of course, after this appearance on Fox NEWS, his office, did release a statement and one of the things you highlighted in his statement that he personally released was that just transitions us off of fossil fuels. A little too quickly form. He didn't mention, of course, that he owned a stake in a dying coal company, You said no is alone too quick for us to get on the run. global energy bandwagon. You know to revamp or energy structure here in the United States, actually help us handle renewable energies nope just too quick, too much and too much to the deficit. He tells us
would send inflation soaring, which is based on a faulty c b, o score based on a fraudulent bill by the way that republic and sent to the sea be over scoring that included things that one word in the bill back better ACT and it extended provisions that are not extended in the. back, better act, so the Republicans and Joe Mansion use. This is his justifications. Syn. Fraudulent bill to the ceo, thereby getting a fraudulent score on it, showing all kinds of horror things that again couldn't happen because the things they had in it warrant actually in the bill in German, she uses this knowingly faulty piece of information as his justification for killing build back better thing. I just I can't I can't rationally.
I can justify it, there's nothing. I can do so to Hell with it now. He did use a couple words in there that we need to pay attention to. He said this bill this bill, so maybe that means build back better as a whole or it I mean in its current incarnation, so maybe Joe Mansion is signalling that once they returned from their holiday break, maybe he's willing to caen. and you working on it, but I seriously doubt that's the case. I think Joe Mansion did so a strong message that he's done with this bill altogether: Norma what it does, no matter what kind of concessions that President Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party make. He is done with bill back better, which of course puts the Democrats in a really horrible position heading into next year's mid terms, because this was supposed to be the signature piece of legislation right. Ok, we got infrastructure,
fantastic a lot of the funding mechanisms for that infrastructure. Bill are in bill back better though, so there will be parts of the infrastructure bill, they're not going to be able to be fulfilled because the funding isn't there because it was in build back better. That's why the two bills were paired together is supposed to come as a package deal and we only get half of the bill. So that's going to be a big problem too, and again to do this in what is effectively in action year because the election is less than a year away. At this point, Joe Mansion is telling the Democrats. so long and good luck, because this is going to come back to haunt them in the mid terms. Now, there's things that are haunting Republicans and I'm gonna get to that later in the show, don't you worry Republicans have plenty of demons to deal with on their own, but right now the Democrats have to deal with their demon
that is Joe Mansion and, of course, there's everybody on social media got their personal opinion on it. You know a lot of blood there saying mansions is doing what the establishment wants him to do the job I and is kind of glad that mansion did this, because he was an obviously wholeheartedly supporting this. We can only speculate rate. None of these people, myself included, know exactly what the reasoning is. Do we know that the corporate interests want build back better dead hundred percent? That's unequivocal: do we know for a fact that Joe Biden, you know, doesn't really care about this? No, we don't. You can we speculate about that, and I don't like to get into that kind of speculation, because it's not fair is not accurate, honest reporting, so we're going to avoid the speculation and focus on what is happening now in right now
based on Joe mansions own words, it does appear that build back better is effectively dead. Another thing that is haunting the Democrats ahead of the twenty twenty two mid term Joe Biden approval rating has taken another major hit this time among young voters, those aged eighteen to three. Eddie according to the latest round of pulling out their Joe Biden now has a net negative twenty three percent approval rating with that particular age group that, for the record, help push him pass Donald Trump in the twenty twenty election his disapproval rating with that age group right now is fifty percent approval rating with that age group is twenty: seven percent, that's where you get the twenty three net difference between the two numbers.
And that again is going to hurt Joe Biden in the mid terms and, of course, the democratic parties and Joe Biden clearly not on the ballot there, but that age group which does now you know when you take, did the millennium goals and the other eight groups they make up one of the largest voting blocks in the country. They are the largest voting blocking the country. So when there look at this administration after putting you in office just a year ago, and there saying we are not happy with what you are giving us, because what you are giving us is effectively nothing. Then that's a big problem for the Democratic Party that they're gonna have to find a way to overcome. Prior to those,
terms, one of the things obviously driving factor in this decision to no longer support Joe Biden with his age group is the student loans at Biden specifically promised, and you can still go back on his twitter feed and see where he promised ten thousand dollar student loan debt forgiveness at the very least. Ten thousand dollars And it's not there. Oh sure he is forgiven debt for some people, but you ve got jump through so many hopes in order to qualify for the debt that has been forgiven so far that it effectively amounts to what one per cent maybe of total debt held. I think it's actually lower than one percent. No, that's not half you're not gonna, win back over this age group. That is saddled with one and a half
trillion dollars of student loans at with a one percent forgiveness for some people who meet all of these. You know very strict criteria not happening and for the record student loans that does not just fact that generation you have people in their sixties in this country that still have student loan dead. You know obvious A lot of that is because these people went to college late in their lives, but there still paying this This is an issue that does affect every generation here in the United States, and it is not just the young voters, but specifically he promised them. He too them again, it still on Twitter. You can go and see for yourself any hasn't done it and that something that he could do the executive order.
now for the record to there's a lot of people out there who say: no, he can't do it. The executive order, a lot of people who says yes, you can do it. We executive order and the discrepancy between the two's has to do with the public student loans at any private student loans at meaning. If you took out your federal loans, you know you did your faster and you got your student loans from the federal government itself, nor the Department of Education. That's what Biden could forgive now if you took out separate student loans, because banks do offer them That would probably take an act of legislation right. I know I had a couple myself. The interest rates on those were absolutely astronomical, but luckily, for me the amounts I took out from private banks were so small. I was able to pay them off. You know, within a ten year period from the hut not quickly, obviously, but those I did work to pay off first began
really couldn't get deferment on those either and that actually, unfortunately, is a lot of the problem. Those private student loan debts the ones with the higher interest rates, the ones with the stricter criteria in order to get deferments in forbearance. So that does take an active legislation, but Biden could, for this age group at the very east. Give this executive order show them he's doing something show them. He understands their concerns for the future. Ro them a bone here in a major help to save Democrats in the mid terms, but also forgot one more thing: Widens done some good. Ok, we can't just sit here and say all build back. Better is Dan widens not doing anything for young young voters whatever it is caused by has done. One thing that is truly phenomenal that he is unfair
neatly not getting enough credit for, and I do believe in giving credit where credit is due, and that is appointing federal judges. Since the Senate is out, for the year now, Biden in its first year in office has gotten confirmed forty federal judges to lifetime appointments here in the United States. That is more than any president in their first year in office since Ronald Reagan and by the way, it's more than double what Donald Trump got in his first year in office when he had the Senate under republican Control. pretty remarkable, but it's not just the number that's remarkable here, because anybody can appoint judges right, get the numbers up. You look good, but the fact is that a lot of these people that Biden has picked are either coming from a background as public defenders or from plaintiffs law
firms and that's a huge difference from what we even saw with President Obama. President Obama, pick a lot of people, obviously with the liberal credentials, but they came from these corporate defence law firms and that's why even his administration saw some of their rules struck down by the very judges he put in place for a lifetime because they benefited consumers rather than corporations. These judges depend on their background, do obviously have a bias. You cannot say that they don't they're not supposed to do what they do and so picking people who spent their careers representing injured people, injured consumers, and now they to be the judges. That is a massive step forward that is huge for this country and again typically, this is now
something that we see even from democratic president's so Joe Biden, President Joe Biden deserves a ton of credit for what he is doing with these federal judges so far you're, one. That is absolutely been the brightest spot of this entire administration. I am Farren cousins of citizen for David Pack when follow me on Twitter at fair and balanced, it will be right back with more one of our sponsors is called privacy. Privacy is a totally free service that I've been using for years. Privacy lets me create virtual payment cards with one click, and when I use the virtual card, the money is taken out of my bank account. You can create multiple cards, delete them. Freeze them set a spending limit on them. Let's say I'm signing up for a free trial and it requires a credit card privacy. Will Otto fill a virtual card number and then, after signing up,
I can delete that virtual card, so I know I'm not going to be charged again, something. Really useful and very practical or let SAM ordering food over the phone. But I my wallet somewhere. I dont have my real credit card on me. I can use a virtual card on my privacy mobile app, but really Best part is you're not out there, exposing you're real credit card number So you're not is susceptible to data breaches and identity theft. Privacy is a totally free service and you'll get five bucks to spend. When you go to privacy, dotcom, Slash Pachmann, you can find the link in the podcast notes. Welcome back to the David Pachmann show I am Farren cousins from ring of fire sitting in for David Pachmann. Today, don't forget, you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at fair and balanced. You can find me on you too, but you two got com, slash, fair and balanced, and
worse. The big channel youtube dot com, slash the ring of fire. You know. According to the administration, the Binding Administration America's no longer at war right is the first time we have an officially been at war in decades here in the United States. But that's not true, because there is a war raging right Now- and I am not just talking about the conflict were still involved in overseas and talk about the war here in the United States. Being waged by Republicans the culture wars, the culture wars are pretty much the only thing that Republicans have to run on these days and, unfortunately, there doing a damn good job of it. Last Friday evening on Fox NEWS, hosts Tucker Karlsson spoke with right wing, radio host Jesse Kelly, where they launched. What is really new avenue in the culture wars that right wing pundits have been talking about for the last couple months.
That is the emasculation of the american military. It's too feminine. They say because you know we ve got women in the military. We have members of the algae, BT, Q, community in the military and Talker Carlsson and Jesse Kelly. Just can't stand. It is apparent You that's the worst thing imaginable here. The two are talking about what they perceive to be the problems, and course. There terrifying solutions for the: U S, military! Take a look at me. I don't know, there's a psychological term for this in it escapes my memory at the moment, but where there is a massive, real threat that you can't deal with show you scurry often deal with imaginary threats to make yourself feeling control that kind of music what we're watching, but what were watch is the destruction of the: U S, military! What we're going to end up seeing Tucker is thousands tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of Americans die. That's those are the stakes of the game report
here we don't need a military, that woman friendly. don't need a military. That's gay, friendly, body, respect to the air force. We need a military, that's flat out hostile. We need a military full of type, a men who but to sit on the throne of chinese skulls, but we don't. We don't have that now. We can't even get women off of naval vessels. That should be step. One most have already pregnant. Anyway, we want men who want to sit on the throne of chinese skulls You know it's really interesting about all this. China phobia that's going on with the Republicans right now. If you were to go out and asked the average voter, the average conservative vote or what what's the problem of China right, what is a? U S really have
in China Wire all of these Republicans always talking about China, the pundits China, China, China, not alone, could tell you why cause it's a very convoluted and ridiculous issue, and this of course builds upon Donald Trump Trade WAR with China. Which, for the record, we still don't have resolution for that either. I would love to hear more from the Biden administration about what they're doing to undo that damage butter. Obviously, they ve got a lot of other things to deal with, but let's get back to the military showing. Women who volunteer to go and fight for our country too, up to serve the United States of America. That's the problem. First and foremost, let's talk about this. Is there a problem with the military? Are we having in issue where we can in battles anymore, where we don't the right equipment where we don't have the right training I mean. Is that a thing that's actually happening, because if it
I haven't heard about this. I haven't heard about: U S, troops just getting absolute destroyed. Every conflict were involved in because of the women or because of the algae BT, Q, community. That's not a thing! Ok, that's the most important thing to remember. When we talk about this is it's not real. do U S. Military is not suffering because now Men are in there or because and gender men are in their transgender women women any, like this- is absolutely such a ridiculous argument from these two that it's almost hard to even talk about it, because doesn't exist, it's not real. These are too, absolute wimps that can't help themselves but from go around trying to act like where the biggest manly men ever and by the way, as Tucker said last week in David talked about covert, apparently makes
feminine. These people are the ones who are obsessed with gender roles, these people, are the ones who are obsessed with pronouns what you call other individuals more chosen any one on the left is and of course, that's another one of the big ironies of this. They claim that the woke is so bad. You know that the problem answer bad, that transgender individuals or bad they're, the ones keep talking about it, they owe them The only wants to talk about this, let's do eight hundred segments on it throughout the day. No ya. our obsessed with this, We just say hey if somebody says columnist, column that show them respect. Let's protect, them with legislation because they are being absolutely targeted. You know we see add in suicide rates. We see it in murder rights, homicide rates. All of that this is a community.
that does absolutely need legislation protecting them, but if you would talk about which party is going out there in endlessly ranting That's on the right, that's not the liberals. That's not! The left does not the Democrats, it's not the progressives. It's the rope, applicants who seem more obsessed with what is in somebody's pants, then they do with real arms that are actually threatening the United States today. That's what that? That's, what I'm taken away from that segment, but we also have to remember the chinese skull common right that that's horrifying. We dont want members of the military who are blood thirsty psychopaths That appears to be, at least in my opinion. You know my might take away from it would just Italia saying we want people to want to go out there just kill as many people as possible, and I know a lot of folks think that that's what the military supposed to be.
The military is pushed me about protection, the military's! Push me about fighting when fighting is the only possible way forward. That's the way it was. You know throughout history. Sure, of course she had people that abused it. Obviously they used it for take overs. here in the United States were not taken anything over our military is to protect us not to go out there and expand the american empire. Although clearly we ve got plenty in power that would love to see that happen. We don't want a bunch of blood thirsty crazy people out there running around the globe, killing people because they think that's what conservative pundits want them to do so that you know attack the not more manly. U S. Military is apparently,
one of the new avenues and the republican right wing culture wars. But let us not forget the big one right now: the Big Avenue and Culture war Four Republicans is, of course, critical worries, theory, critical race theory, which most of them can't even defined You have no idea what it actually means, but they hate it and they're doing everything possible to make sure this is not taught in schools, even though its already not taught in schools and does republican Governor Rhonda scientists became the latest republican last week to take aim at this imagined hurry foe, to conservatism by signing a bill called these stop woke act and they stop woke ACT, prevents schools here in the state of Florida from teaching critical race theory, even though it wasn't a thing that was taught you can't even hint at
in schools. Now, because this legislation that there was ever any kind of racism in the United States Justice system, which means I no more telling about slavery, no more time but Jim Crow. No more talking bout lots of portions of the United States com. the Tunisian, so I dont know what kids are gonna, be learning in history classes here in Florida, because it sure, as hell, isn't gonna be american history anymore, because- two scientists has made it to where, if you find out that your child is being taught critical race theory in public schools here in the state afford a? U can sue the school district. That's what he's doing you, the parent canal, shoe that school district which gets funding from this day. eight, which the scientists run soy. I guess and away your suing Rhonda Santas. If your child learns about american history.
Yeah. He didn't really think it through, because that's not what and scientists to us he doesn't sit there and think things through reduced it is only thinking about one thing and that's when is it going to be able to run for president of the United States? this is just the latest inlet. Desolation signed by floor does republican Governor Rhonda scientists this year about Your war issues. All the man knows how to do this state is slowly dying from covert and most of them are Republicans sixty two thousand. I think we're up two deaths in the state of Florida from covered with all mccrone out their numbers right back, going up a gear and just like they are all over the country and Rhonda scientists is biggest concern- is critical. Ace theory, that's already not being taught something he doesn't even d I'm in the legislation. So, of course, it's gonna open the door for any right wing parent to sue a school district if there too
comes home and says: hey we learned about Martin Luther King hey we learned about slavery. Today, parents can say wonderful we'll, go call my lawyer and we're gonna put in into this. Now it's a lie, likely that the legislation obviously is going to hold up in an actual court, but by the time we get to that, we will have seen countless lawsuits here in the state afford a filed against public schools we're going to drain them of resources which they likely will not be able to get back, and that's gonna put the burden back on the state when these school districts, even if they win the lawsuit right this they going to have to pay all the legal fees. Lawyers eight cheap folks were putting it Are already underfunded, school districts, so even if they wind gonna pay tens of thousands of dollars to defend themselves in court where we can. make up that money again: either they gonna.
Raise taxes on border residents, which we know Republicans who control the state refused to do. Maybe they'll do it, because it's on regular constituents and, of course, not corporations of the wealthy elite or we're just gonna- have to eat the costs and sacrifice elsewhere in the schools. There's no good outcome, for this is what I'm getting at here for the state afford and our public school system either we end up with even worse. underfunded schools here in the state, or we end up with an entire generation of children that is completely ignorant about the real history of the United States. Neither One of those outcomes are good. They're they're, both very Very bad, but that's what Rhonda This is doing because he is now the king of the republican culture, wars, he's the general on the ground, fighting these wars for them and he's attacking thing the don't exist and, like I said this is not the first one he's done this year. He also sign the trains.
gender athlete ban, Transgender women can't play women's sport. cheer and state of Florida. Transgender men, however, can still play many sports. Neither of those things are an issue that neither of those things have caused problems a Lotta college football here in the state of Florida. We have a lot of profit boy you're in the state of Florida, three major and I felt teams. Threem major college teams and a lot of secondary college teams as well, and that's just football alone and not once has there ever been any kind of uproar over a transgender man or transgender woman attempting to play these sports and having some kind, unfair advantage, but random May I just knew that he could get his republican base riled up about it and, of course, distract from the fact
people are dying in this state. Left and right from Cove it, so it's a two pronged victory. Formerly he gets to pander to the worst people in the state. and he gets to distract from his horrendous handling of the covert nineteen pandemic and again he's doing a damn good job of it. Nobody is fighting the culture wars as hard as Rhonda Santas and, of course, what's on the horizon for us, an abortion ban modeled after the one in the state of Texas to I am Farren cousins, find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook at fair and balanced, we'll be right back with more on the David, show. One of our sponsors is athletic greens, which makes comprehensive daily nutrition. Really simple people are busy were not always getting effective balance nutrition from the food. We eat
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Let it greens is giving my audience a free one year, supply of vitamin d and five free travel packs with your first purchase. When you go to F, let it greens dot com, slash pachmann. The link is in the pod CAS notes. Welcome back to the David Pachmann show I am Farren cousins from ring of fire sitting in for David Pachmann today, and if you have enjoyed me, don't forget you can subscribe to my? U two channels Youtube Dotcom, Slash, fair and balanced and, of course, you tube dot com, slash the ring fire. Let's get into some legal news right, we ve got a lot of law, suits a lot a legal issues bouncing around out there right now. So, let's
jump right into one of the big ones? Late last week a judge ruled that Fox NEWS could not get a dismissal of the defamation lawsuit filed against them by dominion. Voting systems Fox had gone into coordinated attempted argue, listen. We are a major news outlet. We were reporting on what was happening in the news at the time as we are entitled to do. We have a first amendment right here and, of course, some of the folks. It was opinion, so you can take that as fax or therefore based on those arguments. We would like, for this case, to be dismissed now before I get into bed with judge said about that, let's not forget Dominions Fox news for one point: six billion dollars, which is more than the one point three billion dollars most of the individuals are facing in this lawsuit, but dominion is arguing that Fox NEWS knowingly allowed these lies to go on their network unchecked, even though they knew they were false, Fox NEWS
in the past has used those same legal arguments that I just mentioned to get out of a lotta legal trouble. Fact it wasn't that long ago, they successfully argued that Tucker Karlsson can't be sued for defamation, slander, level, because you know he's an opinion host and put it in court, their lawyers did go reasonable person would take what the guy as seriously and so Fox came to court and again, as the only done the views that in one on it so Fox, came to court. Probably a little will arrogant, thickened. Look. We got this. We do this all it I'm good at this were world prose. Watches handle this the judge said: nope not gonna happen the loss Moving forward- and you know why the judge says Job- says the cases moving forward, because should have known that these claims you are making on the year were false. You either had
information. That said, these claims were false and chose to ignore it or you failed to do your duty. Due diligence use me and verify these claims before you went on the air with them, so the lawsuit moves forward, but at this point, do even eat it. The judge kind of just gave up the game right, the judge says: listen, you should have either known they were false. You did know they were false or you don't even bother to check. So you either have negligence, not checking, which is gonna, get you negative jury verdict or you have actual malice, which is going to award Dominion a major ruling, so which one is it because the judge basically says like that's pretty much. What you have you know if we
use or legal knowledge extrapolate from what the judge said that you either knew they were false and went with it anyway. Actual malice or you just didn't, bother to check, which is negligence both of those could result in a judgment against Fox NEWS, one of them the actual malice, being much much bigger, much more serious, so what're foxes options at this point either go forward. Allow the case to proceed, allow the case to go through discovery and she s the poor. Fox news doesn't want you go through discovery, then. Suddenly your emails, your text messages. Your phone calls your producers communication.
With these guests, the information to guests send to you. That's all going to come out. That's all going to be handed over to dominion and their lawyers and, of course, as we always see, it's going to become public Fox NEWS can't allow that to happen. They won't allow that to happen. So my best prediction at this point- and of course this is what other legal experts are- are predicting Fox is gonna end up settling and given the fact that dominion is not going easy on any of the individuals, their suing for defamation, Fox NEWS. He's gonna end up paying through the nose for this most likely if they allow this to go to court. Based on what the judge ruled last week, it's unlikely that Fox NEWS would be able to prevail, so they will have to settle
and knowing that are already in a bad situation where a jury trial would likely not go there way. Dominion has the upper hand in any settlement. Talks. So dominion could easily say all right, we'll settle right now, billion dollars, no less! You want to go to court to going to pay us one point: six, plus she going to pay a lot more in the. Fees and we may be able to get our legal fees from you as well, so you make your choice, we don't know, we don't know how much dominion would ask for in a settlement, but it's likely going to be a lot. And Fox NEWS does have the money to pay it and believe me, in terms of accountability, for the network is much cheaper for them to pay a massive settlement. Then it is to let all of their internal communications about the big lie become public, because that is going to cost them more than anything else
Another legal story that popped up over the weekend, the Republican Party itself- The r n C has agreed to pay one point. Six million dollars worth of Donald Trump legal fees for the ongoing investigations taking place in the tramp tramp organization in the state of New York, now the Washington Post broke this story and they described as a highly unusual move. After all, Donald Trump is not a candidate right now, he's not even a representative of the orange see he's not sitting politician he's just a retired guy sitting in Florida playing Golf and the Republican Party has decided to step in and say I, you know what we understand gets mad things happening up in New York. How about we help you a little bit right
how does one point? Six million dollar sound for your legal fees, MR billion air? That's the board that really My mind about this is: doesn't Donald Trump have an estimated net net worth of like ten billion dollars? Ten billion one point: six, may that's nothing for him of course, trouble take it yeah. He would love for everybody else to pay his legal fees, so he not to spend the time on it, but. Why would you even need to pay a billion years? Legal fees, maybe he's not actually worth a billion? I don't know I haven't seen as financial statements prosecutors in New York have so that's gonna be fun. But this is highly unusual right. The Washington post describe this a highly unusual move. This is not something that happens all the time this hell. This is something that happens. So this is where Why would the orange see step in and agree to pay this billion legal fees for an issue
That's not even related to politics in an invite The that technically hasn't even accused Donald Trump of any wrong doing it all nothing about. This makes any sense because again has not even been accused of anything. This is an issue that doesn't involve politics, but the and she came out. This is via GEO, p. Spokesperson, Emma VON who said quote as a leader of our party being present and trumpet record of achievement is critical to the g Opie it. Entirely appropriate for the hour see to continue assisting in fighting back against the Democrats, never ending, which aunt and attacks on em so even though its not political. They ve gone and made it political, because that is their political strategy see now we're going to get into the heart of what actually happening here, Republicans the republic.
party itself. The establishment of it have decided if trumps gonna be our guy. We gotta protect our guy and, if he's gonna be the guy that the next person latches themselves onto and models themselves after. We still have to protect him, because, if his empire of his image that he has created gets destroyed, then we get destroyed. We have become inseparable from this man, so we do have to protect him even from something that doesn't involve politics and we have to frame it as a way that makes does not look like we're desperate, so we'll claim. There's a witch hunt we'll try to dismiss it to the american public. Saying all this. Is the Democrats going after this guy because they hate him so much because he's a threat to their party is winner their losers, even though we all know the opposite there, but that's what they're doing there
doing it not to protect him but to protect themselves and there's another. Pretty soon difficult and very interesting by the way lawsuit. That also was review. Last week, this lawsuit came from Michael Cohen, Donald launch former lawyer who recently completed his three year. Prison sent and this one to me is absolutely fascinating here and if you know, familiar with it, I know David has actually interviewed. Interviewed scares me. That was we're Michael Cohen. I think a couple times I think, he's gonNA, Michael Cohen, show but anyway, for not familiar with Michael Cohen's imprisonment, very weird situation, right, he's in prison for a year covert, hits and, of course, trying to prevent the spread of covert in our prisons. They say: ok, we can send Michael Cohen to house arrest he's not aid, not a violent guy.
Clearly not a threat of repeat offences here, so we can send him home and he can finish out his sentence there, and they did that then, a couple weeks later they set up. You know what send him back to jail, but you don't just send him back to jail. Put him in solitary confinement for a couple weeks, during which time Michael Cohen, says he experienced severe health problems, including anxiety and then. Finally, after all of this happens, a judge comes out since Michael Cohen. back home because, as the judge set well here is prosecutors, insisted probation officers had been unaware of the forthcoming book when they wrote a provision severely restricting Cohen's public communications a federal judge, ordered him return to home confinement, saying Cohen return to Otis Bill had been quote retaliatory.
and that is exactly what Michael Cohen is alleging in the lawsuit he has filed, which was announced last week against Donald Trump, alleging that, because, Michael Cohen, when he was released from jail to home confinement, the first time he had been speaking out, you're talking to the press, he'd been doing interviews and he had a book coming out to tell all book and he's alleging this lawsuit. The tromp was angry about this and therefore the administration pull some strings. Send him back. Jail and even the judge who looked at this again, because these circumstances were beyond bizarre said. This was retaliatory so again, much like The dominion suit against fast, when the judge is already saying yeah. I mean it really looks like Ex Michael comments is not and I'm going to sue for acts we're gonna. Do
We're going to find out exactly what happened and I support this lawsuit. I would like to see this again Michael, governs pages that necessary he was sentenced to three years served as three years and then that weird little thing in the middle that made no sense because they said no, you cannot talk to the press. You can't talk to the meeting. You can't do any of this, that's. That's bizarre, it's even more bizarre to throw em back in prison, for it put him in solitary confinement for sixteen days. Ah, something is absolutely fishy here and I'm glad Poland has filed this lawsuit
Because not only does he deserve answers for this, but the public does. This could be a potential abuse of power, obviously coming from the Trop administration, so this lawsuit would serve not just to help Michael Cohen, but also to help the public itself to find out what the heck happened. With these truly beyond bizarre circumstance, says of his ree imprisonment during a time when the nation was trying to get as many people out of prison as possible to help slow the spread of covert we still have a lot more stories to cover? I am Farren cousins. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at fair and balanced. You can also get me on you too, but you two dot com, slash, fair and balanced. You too got com, slash the ring of fire, we'll be right. Back with more on David Pachmann show
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Obviously, in the last few weeks year we ve gotten Summah very important news. I would call it about the events of that day. The events before that day, the power points, the text messages, the emails, the phone calls all kinds of stuff, but some of the most important information we ve gone by January six has actually come from the court's late. Last week. The harshest sentenced to date for one of the capital rioters was handed down. The man who assaulted a police officer with fire English are sentenced to a little more than five years in prison and, of course, this individual expressed his sorrow, his sadness at what he did. You know
the crocodile tears going, but judged and buy it still send seemed more than five years and this is becoming routine at this point. This is what we're seeing happening with these judges, in the sense that the handing down and here's. Why- and this is very important- and this is something that everybody needs to their stand about the cases these judges are hearing, because judges are telling us this past week. The January six is tat. It is not over it's not over, and the reason for that is because What radicalized these individuals has not stopped. It has not gone away while these particular people than the ones who have been sentenced. The ones who are going to jail are currently in jail, they're, probably not as likely to engage in that kind of behaviour in the few.
Sure we're still creating another army essentially of these crazy people who think the election was stolen. That's what January six was here's another thing I filled in for David in August. One of the stories I talked about at the time I remember vividly was a fact that judges back in August were telling us, that we're probably facing another January six type, six situation because of the radical zation process because the big lie still persist it out there and, in fact, because it was being pushed even harder. August than it was in January. and now here we are four and a half months after those judges told us that more judges,
Came out in the past week and effectively told us the same thing that we can expect more, we can expect worse, and we can accept this because the radicalization still exists because nothing has been done to stop it because, honestly, it's hard to stop it right that these people have free speech. We can't tell They are not allowed to say these things. That's illegal. but there are also not being held accountable by the media outlets who allow them to say these things. On their social media platforms where they spew. These lies every day in the speeches that they give and again. Part of this is because there's lots Really nothing we can do about it all we can do we go out there every day and talk about how this is a lie. This is not, True, all of the evidence, including the audits and investigations conducted by conservative groups, raw telling us there's no fraud, there is no
left, but even still, seventy percent of the Republican Party believes Joe Biden has not the duly elected president of the United States that the twenty two election was stolen. Seventy percent of Republicans believe that now we have listened to these judges months ago that come as a shock. What happened on January Sixth, was kind of in a meeting. radicalization of individuals who were most of probably kind of already on the edge. They were hard core supporters. They had their feelings, hurt that thereby didn't win. And then he told them go fight like hell or you won't have a country anymore. How one of these choose rioters last week and in front of a judge, said Trump gave me permission to do this. I had a right to strong the capital because the form
doesn't gave me permission so they took that that one statement from him and while the rest of it as well, that was their action and they went with it. That's how quickly that radicalization happened, Many of those individuals for the rest of a more talking about radicalization. That's been going on for a year now, radicalization that is taking hold within the Republican Party to the point. Seventy percent look at Joe Biden and say that man, we also think as incompetent, somehow stole the election for the record to things can't be true there. He can't be such an incomplete idiot. You know, I can't even stay awake and a mastermind who stole the twenty twenty election. That makes no sense. Yet this is what they believe in judges are still out there warning us that yeah things you're gonna get bad again. Things are probably gonna be worse than what they already were because nothing is being done and in many years
Says, there's nothing legal we can do about. It we can do is fight back against the misinformation. and as somebody who does do this every day and I'm sure David feels the same way. Sometimes it feels like this sisyphean task were pushing this bolder up the hill. only to watch it roll back down again and start all over. There's no end. There's no there's no clear victory here, we're just destined to do this forever to fight back against this conservative misinformation, but, like Sisyphus himself, we're never gonna stop as part of our job. It's. What we do is how we help. So that's what we're doing here. That's what these judges are trying to do there, giving us the warnings, and if we don't heed these warnings, then yeah we're probably gonna, be looking at something much worse than what happened on
You are a sixth at some point in the future and speaking of January, six, as I mentioned, committees got their hands on all kinds of new events. New communications, new text messages, new call logs, and they recently got information from Ali Alexander himself, the man was a founder of stop. The steel helped organise this rally. You know this is partially at least his rain child and. Alexander has revealed to the committee that yeah I had indications with several republican representatives, whose some of them now sailor. I don't remember ever talk and this guy Alexander, absolutely turn this information over to the committee and said here it is. I talk to these people in the people, of course, were representative Paul goes. Are a text exchange with reference
Mo Brooks and also Andy Bigs of Arizona, although he says he did not actually talk to him on the phone. That was more of an important thing, Pretty interesting right, so how do we know? Alexander is given the committee everything he has, but because that is actually what Alexander is charging and a new lawsuit? Because the committee still says we want your record. We want all your records you, you have given us a lot right now. We asked for these things you ve, given ass. These thanks, but based on what you have given us. This is kind of indicative. They you were talking to people, and so we need to make sure that you're not holding anything back. So Alexander has showed the committee to stop Verizon his phone carrier from turning over the rest of his records. Unfortunately, purely legally speaking, here, I'm not determining Alexander's guilt or innocence.
In any way. but I will say, having worked with the best lawyers in this country for almost two decades now. The argument that Alexander is putting forth to protect his phone records is about as weak as humanly possible Alexander is arguing in his lawsuit that you cannot have all my phone records because it contains privileged information. You know my my my conversations with religious leaders, my religious advice to other people talks with my clients. Talks with my Lord You can't have that call log information or those communications, because that's privileged as not a stand up. Do that's a very, very weak legal argument and one that court case after court case has shown us? Doesn't it
up anyway? This is not to release it to the public right, the war being released to the public? Sure you'd probably have an argument there, but this is for an investigation for investigatory purposes and yeah. You can absolutely be compelled to turn over that information. You know you have very little protection at that point. Maybe your communications with your lawyers could not be turned over, but everything else Absolutely not like you, you have you're gonna, have to turn that over. You can't fight that very, very weak legal argument. Here. Let me read this from political per Alexander's. A tour attorneys Jonathan, mostly and poor, commoner members of Congress have and on an organizing call with him. In early January. Several invited, but he did not make attendance. The lawyer says.
they also said Alexander Quote testified. He had phone conversations with Representative Brook staff about a dear colleague letter and how his activists could be helpful. Alexander said in a sense deleted. Video that he worked with goes our bigs and Brooks to attempt to use Mrs January succession certifying binds victory as a chance to pressure lawmakers to overturn the electoral results we four schemed up to put maximum pressure on Congress, while they were voting Alexander said in the video bigs and Brooks denied meeting Alexander GO. Sars has appeared at events with him, but has not elaborated on their relationship. So, knowing that ok and, of course the quote from that now deleted video, do you think Alexander should have to turn over his
tire phone records? Is he being honest that look? This is all I have. I dont want to give you the rest of this, because you know this is privileged stuff, or is there more that we don't know about? How much can we trust Ali Alexander now, of course, that's a subjective thing. If it were me, you know just personal opinion here. I don't think I would trust him, I'm not on the committee. I am not a lawyer. I dont get to make that determination. All I can have is my personal opinion of him, which I just gave you. So the committee has a decision to make. Do they just say alright Ali? If you're going to us, we don't want to get involved in that, whatever you been a cooperative person. Thank you very much with gobble. We need for now will contact you. Have we need more or do they fight it and say? Oh no, we think you ve got something to hide.
knows where it goes from here, but honestly- and this is something I was saying since the early days of this committee alexander- should have been the very first person they ever asked for material from like I said he used the brainchild of stop the stealing. You know why was he not the first? If your goal was to find out what happened that day? Why was the organiser of the rally not the first part you subpoenaed to me that makes the committee look bad. That makes a lot Like they were on some kind of political hunt to go after other people first Why was Steve Bannon subpoenaed before the guy that organise the rally that doesn't make sense to me and just a play devils advocate for moment if I were Alexander, that is something I would bring up in that lawsuit, so just throw in that out there, but either way-
If he has more information, he should be compelled to turn it over if its determined. He is being honest in ok. He shouldn't have to turn anything else over. He is one of them you people, let's be honest, it's actually agreed to go and cooperate with it. With this committee has he says you know I don't wanna get Bob and all this other stuff and challenging it and soon blah blah blah. So look. He knows he has everything to lose from not cooperating with this committee. So maybe you do trust him. Maybe it out It's not my determination to make, because I'm not sitting on this committee, but I will say this enclosing here. I think the committee has their work cut out for them to the point where it's time to appoint a special prosecutor to really take over this, because I don't think the committee is equipped Dickie
Doing this on their own. We got a wonderful bonus, show common up for it. We ve got more talk about covert a republican lawmakers passed away. We ve got Donald Trump and bill Riley's rally and I'm Farren cousins. Thank you. So much for to an end. Today. we'll see you tomorrow and for the rest of the week right here on the game
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