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12/27/21: Omicron is EVERYWHERE as 2022 Could Go Either Way

2021-12-27 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--The Omicron variant of COVID-19 is absolutely everywhere with an estimate 1 million daily confirmed cases, and presumably many more presumptive cases that never get tested

--Right-wingers are absolutely titillated by a man speaking to Joe Biden on Christmas and telling him "let's go Brandon," later claiming it was a joke

--Donald Trump brutally schools Candace Owens when she tries to go anti-vaccine on him during a bizarre interview

--Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones turns on Donald Trump over his recent pro-vaccine statements, calling him "ignorant" and "evil"

--Dr. Anthony Fauci is shocked at how dumb Donald Trump's supporters are for their anger at Trump's pointing out that the COVID vaccine is safe and works

--Restaurant owner John Parney, who ignored Michigan's COVID shutdown laws, has died of COVID, but this one is a little bit different

--A pointless Donald Trump interview on Newsmax conducted by Mike Huckabee takes a strange turn

--Voicemail caller Troy York attempts to spread the completely baseless propaganda that former NFL player Demaryius Thomas died from the COVID vaccine, which is not true

--On the Bonus Show: David shares stories from his California vacation, and much more...

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Welcome everybody, it's great to be back, and so many things to catch up on an talk about just a few shows before the end of the year and dumb before we even talk about what's up coming in twenty twenty two, we should talk about just the very end of twenty twenty one as far as the corona virus Pandemic, Alma Kron, just absolutely everywhere, We don't even really have the latest numbers because of the Christmas holiday, where a Christmas Eve and Christmas day the numbers are delayed were just not going to know the full scope for a few days, but what we saw right before new year's eve- just absolutely incredible. So we're going to talk about that. We're going to talk about what
In essence, even without any real quote, lock downs there are sort of de facto is self prescribed soft locked downs taking place because of the number of peace. That had been testing positive, we're going to talk about what's going on in the UK as well. So let's just jump right into it, the last day for which we have sort of like full data d number twenty third near, play a million cases globally. Nine hundred and eighty two thousand cases globally with the average. Dropping a little bit again because we we just don't have full data from December twenty. Fourth and twenty fifty we will soon, but There are one million cases a day that We know about The real number of cases with this incredibly contagious, o mccrone variant. Could it the two million a day. Could it be three million a day even more. There
very wide speculation because of number one, the number of people that are a symptomatic who wouldn't even think to get tested and to the number of people with what we would call cold symptoms who also may or may not get tested The real number could be to three million a day. Fortunately, for now Ass numbers not increasing, and this again goes to the idea that this variant is milder and less likely to lead to death. The numbers globally are depending on where you look that this very It causes anywhere from forty to eighty percent, lower hospitalization. The eighty percent number coming from South Africa were told to look at that sort of with care because of the skewing young younger population that has been infected, their sets globally in the
knighted states. We saw again on December twenty third, this incredible number two hundred and sixty seven thousand cases on December, twenty third, the subsequent days, because they are holidays. We still don't the full number but again same sort of math applies we knew about two hundred and sixty seven thousand cases on December twenty. Third, the real number could be five hundred thousand doktor fouche. He talking about Could we see a million cases? A day in the United States and the ants, is prob Billy. Yes, particularly when you look at the positive pretty rate as one example Houston Methodist reports, more than half of the pc. Our coasts tests. They're doing are positive and oh mccrone makes up, more than ninety percent of covert cases. So big as for so many people, this
symptoms are like a cold. It is credibly likely that if you have called symptoms you actually have covered and in fact there is some data from the UK half of colds will be covered, worn UK researchers that's from four days ago and two days ago, there was another report saying if you are in England and you have a cold symptom, it's a fifty. Fifty shot that you actually corona virus, and that particularly means there. are going to be a lot of undiagnosed cases that never show up in the number now what is happening in terms of vaccine evasion we have some data from Madonna, which says, if you ve had Three doses you have seventy percent protection from symptomatic infection and that's the data there when it comes to Pfizer
again this. Is it such a general statement, but it gives us a sense of where we are. This is a p reviewed article which will be published in nature. This is not a pre print. This has been peer, reviewed and accepted Alma Kron extensively, but incompletely escapes Pfizer. Translation and me you can find this study and look at the details, but certainly three doses better than to and still strong protection against serious illness for the most part and then in terms of the societal effect. A very interesting short article in the Atlantic, published over the last couple of days called alma cry. Is pushing America into soft lockdown, meaning we aren't see being mandates for businesses to close but be as the number of people testing positive. There are lots of businesses that are just closing and
massive massive flight delays over the holiday week end because of all of the pilots and crew. And flight attendants on various airlines delta was was hit really big. United, I think, is well. Maybe just blew a lot of flights being cancelled because of the number of people testing positive. So it's not a mandated lockdown, but that's why it's being called a soft lockdown. So what's the hope? The hope is that I mean the what lit, but the ideal scenario, Ideal scenario is a lie: severe much more like a cold or flew very very rapidly burns through the population generating significant immunity at a minute, low cost. Remember this! This is a dream, and then we see a rapid decline in cases as there is less on exposed population. For that variant to hit. Will that happen?
we just don't know yet, but those the numbers that we're seeing so far and, of course, we're going to follow it very very closely and will have more, probably to morrow. If not Wednesday, we'll have a bigger sort of picture. The real number of cases over the holiday week in which seems just absolutely off the wall There is a sort of portrait in the childish nature, of the modern American right wing as many of you know this phrase: let's go Brandon has become yes, a cringe worthy, but a rallying cry, none the less for the IMF. Megan Anti Biden right wing, let's go Brandon if you're not for me, you're with it. There was a NASCAR driver named Brandon who was being interviewed after a race, and the crowd was chanting F, Joe Biden, but
Rapporteur doing the interview heard it as let's go Brandon instead of F jobs in its let let's go Brandon so because it was heard now. If you mean F Joe Biden, you say: let's go Brandon, they ve got flags, they have got shot they ve got. All sorts of merchandise, of course, is being monetize that it's not a good right wing meme unless it's being monetize Joe I'd and and Joe Biden took phone calls from people over the whole, to say hello to say you know different things that was my phone. The dropped and a guy got on the phone with Joe Biden and he actually said: let's go Brandon and Joe by seemingly unaware of the meme, or at least choosing not to react to it says yeah, ok, let's, let's go Brandon and the right is absolutely aroused until elated by they are foaming at the mouth. They think it's great, except now the guy who did it? smack is saying
was kidding and it was just my free speech and now now I am being harassed. So, let's go through the different elements of it here the video of this incident taking place and Joe Biden seems to either not care or not. Beware of the meme, kids We have a wonderful a wonderful rhythmical well, but the maggots right and wrong. Why were you where's your home? We lost ok, so very dumb. I mean if this is the big Wow pay off to very, very dumb pay off, but the right loved it here is Donald Trump Junior saying it's amazing and Joe by
doesn't know. What's going on, etc, etc, I mean who Joe Biden, just guys like me, the greatest Christmas person ever he has no idea. What's going on both on the lamp and words reopening and they this guy to go. We held out the let's go braided that guy's a hero Not all yours where caves, unless this guy's wearing Agape, which ensued absolutely amazing, yeah, so listen first of if Joe Biden really didn't recognize like, let's assume Joe Biden, not doing the poker face here. Let's assume you really doesn't recognise the meme. I dont care, whether president's, are aware of the means about them and the jokes and the insults about them. I really dont care. I care about policy and I ve the criticisms of Joe Biden about policy which I've made on the show, but I dont care. If Joe Biden doesn't know about this, if he does any just kept a poker face, that's even even funnier boy
the really funny part at the end of the day is there. action from the guy who did it Jared Schneck? Who is the guy that did this claims he is being attacked for utilizing. My freedom of speech after he essentially told the president to F himself. The right loves to talk about tone an demeanor and behaving upon briefly and what the I essentially did is tell the President too, to a space to go off himself. If you have respect for the office, remember under George W Bush, or even if you don't, grieve, the specifics of going to Iraq, you must respect the office, it's another one of those values they don't really care about. He sort of says that he was kidding he's as it was just a joke. I dont know what the joke exactly is and he says it was a reflection of his frustration with binds policies, including federal,
vaccine mandates inflation and go. well supplied supply chain problems when I watch that bit it didn't seem like when he said: let's go, Brandon, that's what he was talking about. went on to say at the end of the day. I have nothing against Mr Biden, but I am frustrated because I think it could be doing a better job. Schmuck is thirty. Five in his former police officer now working for the electrical company. In I mean no disrespect to him. Saying f you to the president. Seems disrespectful if you're talking about respect for the office as I understand, there's a vulgar meaning, but I'm not that simple minded, no matter how I feel about em, ah, just unbelievable, unbelievable, It's it's another one of the oh. He clarified he's not tramper, but is a free thing. king, American and follower of
this Christ and says I'm being attacked for utilizing my freedom of speech once again. Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from the consequences of that speech. When you go Tell the president to his face to F himself. There may be people who don't like that and that speech might have cons whence it there's no violation of your first amendment, the government not limiting or a bridging year your ability to speak in any way. But there's employee may be consequences, so this was his. Big moment, Donald here he got. add a boy from Donald Trump Junior and he's so getting a lot of people responding in saying you, no doubt that was actually pretty lame, no his violated his ability to speak. In fact, most people never get the opportunity to say anything to the president. Jared schmuck did and he said, let's go Brandon make of it. What you will we I have a couple of actually ethnic for five different things to tell you about that, are upcoming. First of all, we
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hope it backs the nation as much as being a Republican, Republicans left to say, will look at Anti backs in the black community. Sure there's a history of that we ve talked about where it comes from, but it is Republicans that are there most anti vaccine group in the United States and for Trump personally. This is a problem here. leaves he created the vaccines now he didn't, but Trump believes vaccines, work which they do, but many of his followers dont believe that prominent black conservative voice, Candice Owens, scored an interview with Donald Trump in which apparently She thought that she and Trump we're going to commiserate and sort of do their anti back stuff together for the audience, but Donald try actually shuts it down, and there are like five or six different, interesting things here. Let's look at the club which has gone, completely viral and then we'll talk about it. We see the corruption right, it doesn't seem like anybody ever
here for the corruption and right now we're seeing corruption life even in terms of big farmer, which is a huge, topic on the minds of of mothers, especially you're, seeing what's happening at the school board meetings wording. stand on these vaccine. Man is an obviously. I know that you are your pro back seem obvious we did everything it could to get this vaccine. Now I know is one of the greatest achievements. We did want less resign months as to be able to do that, but where is that now taken a twist right? It's not in now we went from. This is a good thing. should have this option to military man you're going to have to resign because you you're not getting this taxing. Where do you stand on the warlords lived or forget about the members? Should people have to have their freedom but at the same time, the virtual is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. We would have had a nineteen seventeen remember this. They flew killed. Perhaps Two million people actually ended world work as the soldiers was a lot of people, don't know that the soldiers got so sick. It was a tear both. I know no vaccine to know anything. I came up with a vaccine
with three vaccines all are very very good came up with three of them less than nine months, it was supposed to take five to twelve years and then we will have died under cover this year by the way wonder Joe Biden then Are you and what people took the vaccine this year? So people are questioning how the vaccine work, but now some people aren't you the ones the ones you get very soon and go to the hospital. Are the ones who don't David Maxine, but it still their choice and if you take the vaccine, you are protected, results of the vaccine are very good at it, do get it. It's a very minor form people dying when they take the actually masking of children. Now, even in this clip trump lies, Trump tells a bunch of lies in this clip, but specifically the vaccines he brutally. Schools Canvas Owens Buddy still lying Trump lie is again about the spanish flu. He calls it the nineteenth seventeen seen flu, it was from nineteen eighteen. He says it ended.
world war, one it didn't so he's deal telling his lies in this clip that we ve from him so many times, but he's way more honest than candy zones is about the vaccines themselves, but the most important lie. Is that trumpet didn't come up with any vaccines from nothing to do with laying the groundwork for EM rna technology, which has been research for decades and predates Donald Trump Presidency predates trumps awareness of it even Trump didn't see once the virus. He didn't find sequencing of the virus. The? U S: government under Trump prepare just some doses, which many countries do, and in fact the trumpet minute patient, didn't even pre purchase enough doses, but lie aside from is right. The people die, are overwhelmingly the on to do some vaccinated people die yes, of course, but he is completely correct about that
and it's amazing to watch candies, Owens squirm and move the goalposts and say well yeah, but the mandates, that's bad right dramas yet about it, and the masks on kids are bad. Raindrops gather those are bad, but the van scenes. Work. Now what happened after the fact is incredible. It shows you how corroded This right wing movement is can't Owens ended up, being ridiculed and attacked by. SK everyone. The left ridiculed can do so. As for being so dumb about vaccines. That Trump had to correct her many on the right are mad? It Candice Owens for doing an interview with Trump which ended up being programme, seen at the end of the day and a ton of right, wingers, you're saying why didn't she correct trump? Why didn't she give em the evidence that shit supposedly had so candy zones has responded to this by saying now you know trumps
too old to understand how bad vaccines are, and this is wild for two reasons which I'll tell you in a moment. But let's look at What can do so and came up with to it? splain what happened? I sort of believing that Trump has like sold out or that Trump is a part of the big farmers syndicate and my honest assessment is that he just genuinely believes that the vaccines are good and he believes that, because he comes from a generation like people, you oftentimes forget
how old trump is. He comes from a generation I've seen other people that are older, have exacting perspective like they came from a time before tv before internet, before being able to conduct their independent research. You know and everything that they ride in a newspaper that was pitched them, that they believe that that was a reality and one of those things was this push for vaccines and believing that people were gonna die without back scenes, and so I believe that his support of the vaccine is genuine and it's not basin any corruption at all. I think he actually believes those things and people that are saying how is ignoring all the people that are being injured, and you know people are sending rumble videos and all of these in a websites obscure websites. I believe also that He only read the mainstream media news, believe it or not. I do not believe that Trump reads Bore partakes in any other new sources. Did I dont believe that trumpet?
the internet are either he's necessarily uses like you know that the web it to try to find oh obscure websites, I think that he just relies on. You know a typical mainstream. sources, so I dont think that there's anything evil going on there just wanted to say that, because so many, donors, supporters of his have our kind of like questioning where all this is coming from, and I think he just genuinely believes that and he needs to sit down and we now have a full conversation with someone I'm in it. I was in a very human that circumstance, but he needs to have a larger conversation actually understand. What's going on end why so many people are just horrified so there it is trumps. Just too old, to understand why vaccines are so bad, except a tonne the very anti vaccines that follow Trump are also trumps age or close to it, and the anti back stuff is spreading on face,
which skews dramatically older. How is trust ignoring all the rumble. Videos can do so and asks it is beyond parity, but the real She is donors. She mentions donors her money and every ones. Money is now at risk because of this, and its also funny that she says Trump needs to go talk to. On one about this. I mean I was interviewing him at the time, but I mean a larger conversation. What she means is she knew some other Anti Baxter. Better versed on the talking points to have sit down with Trump and try to convince him. Actually, the vaccines are no good at the the day would happen. Is that her donors didn't like hearing the truth from Trump. It destroyed her neck five and that's it and absolutely amazing conflicting lies. I tweeted about the fall out of the weekend so
seems now trumpets love Trump because he developed the vaccines which he didn't but hate him, because he the vaccine works, which it does. This completely triggered one I'm Alex Jones at one time. Donald Trump supporter Alex Jones. By the way, the conspiracy arrest- and I want to talk about that next, so ok, we we looked in the last segment at the car native dissonance being experienced by many former and recent trump supporters, because Trump stated the same fact, the candy zones that vaccines work and they are good and the people dying of covert disproportionately are on vaccinated all absolutely true one of the key. We'll triggered by this is conspiracy, theorist Alex Jones. Now many of you email me and said David. You ve got a cover that Alan, Jones wife was arrested for domestic violence. Over the weekend and yes, its hypocritical that now
Well, it's Jones says this is private when he didn't seem to think that this civics of what was going on in the families of the victims of sandy hook were private. You I get the hypocrisy, I don't really care about Alex Jones personal life. What I do care about is Alex Jones now completely turning on Donald Trump Alex Jones after this candy someone's Donald Trump Interview came in for a so called Emergency Christmas show in order to sound the alarm as he sees it about what Donald Trump said, suggesting that Donald Trump might be ignorant. He might be evil Or he might be both ignorant and evil and saying that tromp lied in his view with Canvas Owen so check this out. This is really it's the stuff of dreams these actions. Fighting in this way take a look is an emergency Christmas day warning to President tromp. You
either completely ignorant about the so called vaccine gene therapy that you help ran through with operation warp. Speed or you're one of the most evil man who has ever lived to push this toxic poison on the public and to attack instead, you once when they certainly try to save their lives and the lives of others we're about to lay out the basic incontrovertible facts that what you told, Candice Owens just a few days ago, is nothing but a raft of Eddie lies, so Jones goes on to recite endless debunked anti vaccine lies which I'm not gonna play. Since I don't want to have to debunk it piece by piece, but Joe does mention that the vaccines are so called. Gene therapy is now that's not true. The vaccines do change your genes. They don't stay
in your body. More than a few days, the vaccines are genetically based therapies, their based on messenger, RNA, genetic material, the scenes don't entered the cells of the nucleus and we could go on, but Alex Jones, is lying, and that probably doesn't surprise you the most interesting part of this is the people turning on Trump over something so uncontroversial, many right wingers will try to soften their anti vaccine stances. By saying I met against vaccines, I'm against mandates many times have we heard that In his interview Trump said, people should still have freedom not to take it, but the van scenes are good and the vaccines work and he still getting crushed. So all of the people saying we're only against the mandates, not the vaccines in the interview Trump said, I'm not against. I'm not afford the mandates, I'm just for the vaccine and there still going nuts trot said the vaccines are good and they work and how
Jones is saying this is evil, and these gene therapy. So were they against the man it's only or are they actually against the vaccines? It seems pretty clear, as I said before the more that these people are fighting with each other. The law, ass, they ll be able to put together a functional twenty twenty two campaigns. Now my preference would be that Democrats help themselves and twenty twenty two it's unclear. What that's going to happen. So any help that we can get from the right I will gladly take. This also shows us that the idea of big tent on the right is completely Bobo If you veer off script for a day, they come right at you and try. But even tells lies in that clip with candy zones lies that typically titillate his followers. but just saying hey the vaccines work it
Firstly, on vaccinated people better dying, it sent a huge poor. and of his followers into a tailspin. It's hard to agent descends well for them, and that's a good thing, it's a sort of regular firing squad that is buying more and more ammunition to use against each other. Also consider how Trump said naughty things for four years, and these people were calm. He says that means work and they go nuts from said If we knew a hurricane he drew with our be on a hurricane map. He said what injecting bleach. I could list thirty things there. Explaining it all away throughout trumps presidency trumps has vaccines, work and sudden The day implode. These are incredible time that we are living in. The hope is this damages republicans in twenty twenty two will have he's clips on our instagram, which you can find at David Pachmann, show
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Thus part is you're not out there. Exposing your real credit card number so you're not is susceptible to data breaches and identity theft. Privacy is a totally free service and you'll get five bucks to spend. When you go to privacy, dot com, slash pachmann, you can, the link in the podcast notes. So, while I was away we had this, I mean it's. I know people laugh at me when I say it, but it's the right word. We had this Kafka ask moment where, during another one of these half sold out public events with Donald Trump disgraced. Former Fox news hosts, Billow Riley Donald Trump, said vaccines are good and I got the booster and the crowd started booing him an doc. Anthony found. She was on CNN over the weekend and he was What did you make of that and basically doktor fouche? You couldn't believe how stupid tromp supporters who booed are now that's my
the relation to be clear. Doktor vouches words were were a little softer. He said he was dismayed and he was stunned now at this point, being stunned by what from supporters do, what kind of long past being stun we're gonna look at clip in a moment, but as a reminder here the moment from the Trump Billow Riley event at which I've been o Reilly, say we ve gotten the booster and the crowd. Booze and trauma tries to calm them down, but look we did something that was historic. We saved tens of millions of lives worldwide. We together all of us not me. We we got a vaccine done three vaccines done tremendous therapeutics, like regeneration and other things that have saved a lot our lives. We got a vaccine done in less than nine months. It was supposed to take from five to twelve years, because if that vaccine, because of that vaccine, millions and millions of people, I think this would have been the spanish flu of nineteen. Seventeen were up to a hunter
million people died. This was going to ravage the country far beyond. What is right now take credit for take credit for its a great. What we ve done is historic, don't let them take away, don't take it away from ourselves Lange that you're playing right into their hands when you sort of like old of actually, if you don't want to take it, you shouldn't be forced to take it no mandate but take credit, because we saved tens of millions of lives take credit, don't let them take that away from you. Ok, the president may do. You agree with that. both our backs in June. To bolster yes, I gotta too, Ok, so down down down down down down that's areas every time, a group of okay, so there it is Trump faxed Trump boosted its an accomplishment, it's great and the crowd is booming. Fine,
so found she also in this clip that we're going to look at was asked about the can do so and Trump Interview, which we look that earlier in the show in which she does the anti backs stuff and from there was no. The vaccines are good, so I played that clip earlier, but just as a reminder, so we have it all in this clip here is that clip again, which doktor found she was ass. about and will react to, we see the corruption right. It doesn't seem like anybody ever pay. The corruption and right now we're seeing corruption life, even in terms of big farmer, which is a huge topic on the minds of of mothers, especially you're, seeing what's happening at the school board. Meetings, wording, stand on these vaccine mandates. And obviously I know that you are your pro back soon. basically did everything it could to get this vaccine. Now I know, is one of the greatest achievements we did want less for design months has been able to do that, but where is but now taken a twist right? It's not in now we went from this is a good thing and people should have this option to
military man you're going to have to resign because you you're not getting the stocks in. Where do you stand on the whole? I slander and forget about the mandate. Should people have to have their freedom but at the same time the virtual is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. We would have had a nineteen seventeen remember. This flew killed? Her a hundred million people actually had ended, world work as the soldiers was a lot of people. Don't know that the soldiers got so sick, it was a tear, One thing, though, no vaccine to know anything I came up with a very with three vaccines. All are very. Very good came up with three in less than nine months. It was supposed to take five twelve years. and yet we will have died under covert this year by the way window, Joe Biden, then under you and what people took the vaccine this year. So people are questioning how the vaccine work, but now some people are doing the ones the ones you get very and go to the hospital are the ones who don't David Maxine, but it still
their choice, and if you take the vaccine, you are protected also the vaccine over a good end, do get it. It's a very minor form people dying when they take their actually. Let me masking of children. Okay, so Those are the that's the material. Those are the two clips that doctor found she is asked about, and he was asked about it yesterday on a b c, so check out what doktor found she had to say it was interesting are on this question of vaccination. I'm sure he saw a president tromp former President Trump, I said, came out and said that he had received the most her shoddy actually got booed a little bit by the crowd of support of his supporters. He said that and now there's another interview he just did with. Conservative outlet with Candice Owens, where he really push back on. The idea of the vaccine is not protecting. People. East the people going to hospitals are
are the ones largely did that haven't been vaccinated? You don't die if you get the vaccine that doesn't down trumps words amino be interesting to see if his support listen to that certainly hope so. John we'll take anything we can get about getting people Since eight and I was a bit dismayed when form tromp came out and made that statement and his followers booed him, which I was stunned. By that I mean given the fact of how popular he is with that group. They would bullying, which tells me our recalcitrant. They are about being told. What we should do, and I think that his contain- We want to say that people should get vaccinated and articulating that to them in my mind, is a good thing I'll be keeps it up. The autopsy says loudly now he hath trumped allowing people to get vaccinated is basically a win win unless you want Republicans today,
and I know some of you do- but that's not my that's not my thing. Ok, what I'll explain some of transfers We are going to hear Trump say this stuff and they will actually go and get vaccinated and, as a result, fewer people we're going to die overall and that's good and some of the Trump supporters that go and get vaccinated will also prevent spread, some degree and it's a good thing from a public health standpoint, so some people will be convinced because Trump said this in that's fine the ones who won't do it and who get mad at Trump. For saying, hey the vaccines good. They may become so furious and disaffected there they might abandoned Trump in twenty twenty four, if Trump runs, and that's also a good thing, because it might weaken a possible trump. Twenty. Two for run it might bold in a serious, viable prime,
a challenge to trump and twenty twenty four if Trump does run, and that can- only be good for the left. If the left knows how to take it, image of now some of you might say this is the third option ripe. Some of you might say David. This is bad. We want Republicans to die, I don't want anyone to die. So I see this is a good thing all around, and maybe it will keep us making progress ass on the pandemic, which, by the way with how contagious o mccrone, as it appears as though we are going to make progress, regardless of what anyone wants to see it, we're going to have an update on that. Tomorrow or Wednesday again, once we get that the latest data from the holiday weekend now what tromp could and should have done, would have been to keep me pro vaccine on the way out of office like all along, he could have said hey but I'll be gone, but you gotta get those vaccines and of course the he didn't do that and it's too late to go back but
Trump had maintained this sort of perspective, or had this sort of perspective as he was leaving office and in every single interview that he did just after leaving it probably prevent bunch of these Republicans from becoming so anti backs in the first place. But that's the ideal we are not in the ideal scenario, obviously so. This is another example of when the monsters creator loses control of the monster that they created there's no way to undo it. There's no sort of put the Genie back in the bottle, or whatever analogy you want to use so very interesting and FAO Chee visibly stand by what we saw there. Well overcrowded. Is everyone o o macro, everywhere. Rather, and we're going to talk more about that a little bit later this week, but we have another one of these tragic stories in Michigan when the state
huge, shut down for restaurants. There is a diner that decided to stay open and the diner state open because the diners owner John Party decided to ignore the law so. The Quincy diner in Quincy, Michigan State, Open and John Party sixty two year old owner is now dead of covert after two months of fighting it. Now I have to tell you this. One is different, from the typical anti facts not believes cove. It is fake and die the guy was anti vaccine, but this particular story is experts. a tragic, and I'm not joking here. This is not a joke back in December When Party said, I'm gonna keep the restaurant open. He said my wife is fighting stage for colon cancer. We depend on the restaurant to help subsidize billing and all of that
Employees need that, of course, if I'd have stayed closed, much longer, I'd have lost the bill. this. So this is actually a story about many things and its in great part. A story about access to healthcare we say with you. personal health. Here there is no breaking bad bright. Why Walter White doesn't need to start cooking math to pay for his treatment There is universal health care and whenever I say that some of you will write menial, say David well, Walter White was cooking meth to leave family, a nice NASDAQ not just to pay for medical treatments, fine, but what white use the math money to pay for expensive treatments as well, and this guy Party didn't just need to keep the restaurant open to paper wives cancer treatment. He was also working full time at a casino. Now it is so true that party was not vaccinated, and that is one hundred percent. His choice, he told
his family he planned to get vaccinated after He ended up in the hospital with covert. He never made it to that because he died and now now? There is a gulf on me for his final, expenses and for his wife's continued cancer treatment which is still ongoing. She is she still with us, so this is really a story about how much of a mess this country is in. You ve got a sick. The two year old, whose on vaccinated by choice, that's part of the weapon eyes, information about the vaccines he catches, covert and it's really bad. That's one story. We ve heard that story a bunch of times and that's what happens to tons of people. That's why you vaccinated. There is no doubt about that, but there is the other story, which is: he was working at his restaurant and keeping it open and working at a casino to pay for his wife's cancer treatment and by the way, if you
If has cancer, why on earth? Would you not get a vaccine in order to protect her? You care enough to keep the restaurant open in defiance of the law, to pay for her treatments, but you won't even get vaccinated to protect her. So there is a lot wrong with what this guy did. and there's a lot wrong with this country, but this is also a story about the broken healthcare system as much as it is a story about anti vaccine ignorance. We have been talking about for a while at this point in time. So another tragedy, another you're a guy who didn't get vaccinated, but also a really depressing story about the state of affairs with health care in the United States. One of our sponsors is athletic greens, which makes comprehensive daily nutrition. Really simple people are busy were not.
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been enjoying the eighty one drink by athletic greens, taste good helps me get everything I'm trying to get Let it greens is giving my audience a free one year, supply of vitamin d and five free travel packs with your first purchase when you go to athletic green, dot com, slash pachmann. The link is in the podcast notes. So this you have to see in advance of the big Christmas holiday this weekend, the former President Donald Trump sat down with former Arkansas republican Governor MIKE Huckabee. Also dad of transit, former press secretary, Sarah, how could be sanders? Who herself is now running as a Republican for governor of Arkansas? I dont think I've ever seen an interview like this and a huge part of the interview is about a fake issue than that issue. Is the so called war on Christmas? There's muse playing in the background, my cock, a b is really for guest in on Chris
Smith and sort of makes Trump out to be like a hero. I guess for saving Christmas for bringing back Christmas, see it you can I challenge you see if you can determine the number of lies told here. Let's just jump right into the first clip America gone to a long period where people quit sang merry Christmas at all, happy holidays you deliberately change that openly said. Merry Christmas, we're going to say it again, they bought my campaign, like the country had started with this woke. I guess a little bit before that here and it was embarrassing for stores to say merry Christmas. You see these big change, they want your money, but they don't want to say merry Christmas and then use reds and then use whites and snow. But they wouldn't say Christmas and when I started campaigning. This was in twenty fifteen. When I said
campaigning. I said you them say merry Christmas again and now people are saying it. Of course then I sang a lot of other things like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson in others, names are being obliterated because of craziness, so There was a long period where no one said Merry Christmas. That's not true. Trumped said that part of his camp Pain was saying merry Christmas now that may be true, but how pathetic is that if it's Ruth Trump saying it like it's something to be proud of, but it's not it's a joke. If you ran, we're going to say merry Christmas again, which, by the way with nobody ever stopped, sing, Merry Christmas, it was ever embarrassing for stores to say merry Christmas. There were some stores who chose the more inclusive happy holidays but like who really cares and then from says they also aren't saying things like George Washington,
Abraham, Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson, who in saying those names and also Do those names have to do with this time of the year like as it were reached? did this is sort of like uncharted territory in lies about what is happening in society in culture. People aren't so these names and Huckabee. Just nods, along like this makes sense, will continue into the next clip. did they are saying merry Christmas again we get there. There was a big part of what I doing, and so I will say it all the time during that period that we want them to say. Mary Chris Don't shop at stores, don't say merry Christmas and I'll tell you. We brought it back very quickly. You did, and I think a lot of people appreciated that it was a part of the american culture. It was upon HU, we are wouldn t include any body. It was just simply assume liberation of what America does at Christmas and
America in the world, but America loves Christmas and whether you Muslim worthier Christian, whether your jewish everyone loves Christmas and they say merry Christmas until these crazy people came along and they want to do so, but along with everything else, so I was very proud of that. Actually remember used to say we will say merry Christmas again in front of his massive grass people. So Trump says it like it's an administrative accomplishment. We brought back saying Merry Christmas Christmas and he says even Muslims? away pronounce it that way. Muslims like Christmas as well, which is really something else. I still don't Who cares about this and every time I say this was not ever a real issue, a couple peep will email me and they'll say David now there was a cultural backlash at one point where the works were saying you shouldn't say merry Christmas or whatever Alma
No one ever cared about this, I'm jewish! I recognise most people are Christian cut by culturally ethnically, I'm saying when someone says Merry Christmas to me and it has happened a lot in the last ten days I dont get offended I just don't say it myself all either say thank you and walk away. if someone says happy holidays I'll, say likewise Happy holidays have a good new year end times, if someone says merry Christmas to me I'll say our happy Hanukkah like If they're wishing me something about what they celebrate. Our wish them happiness for what I celebrate like it's no big deal. People will laugh, it's just it just doesn't matter and from calling this one of its major accomplishments. If you can imagine that now it is true doesn't really have any other accomplishments to speak up, so maybe the fact that he says Merry Christmas is like all he has to cling to or something like that. There is one
more clip in this one Huckabee thanks Trump for not, saying merry Christmas, but for giving people good. mrs- and this is like I mean this is like north korean propaganda. How can we really should be blushing behind that White Beard that he is now sporting? Take a look at this present I want to say, because of you a lot of Americans Adsum great christmases. You rebuild the economy pride in our country made us strong military once again stood up to China. Think of all the ways that you lead this country, energy independence for the first time in seventy five years. No longer, I think a lot. people are now saying I wish Donald Trump was president right now this year for Christmas, what a great Christmas present that would be. Well, it's been very sad. When you look, we were energy independent, another going to OPEC again and in the begging for oil
and the gasoline price was a dollar eighty, seven and now it's in there forty, seven dollars and fifty cents a gallon and it's gonna follow. Then I said that during the debates as it when you watch they do to energy? When you watch what they do with inflation, inflation is a killer, and so many other things. It is very sad you see what's happening, but country will survive it, and I really believe we're gonna be greater than ever before, a beauty Full Christmas message about begging OPEC for oil still trump talking about seven. Fifty gas California, which, by the way I was in, before new last week I looked everywhere for seven dollar, seventy Heaven sent gas trump talked about now, I'm saying it never existed. Maybe there was some place in California where Super Prima was seven. Seventy seven I couldn't find it most exe. If I saw, was six forty nine let by the way I didn't
that in my rental car, I'm putting the cheap stuff in the rental car. I can tell you that for sure, ok, so a complete and total propaganda the peace there unused max and everybody involved should be completely embarrassed by we have a voice mail number. That number is too one nine to David P. I do want to live people know I came back from my week off to alight an hundred unless to voice smells eleven hundred, it's going to some time to go through them all, I did get a couple of voice smells about it take your lulli deranged anti vaccine bit of propaganda, I'm in a play of those voicemail. For you, this one is from Troy York. Who really has fallen for the anti back stuff. listen see if you can even understand it and then I'll explain it and tell you what's going on earth murmur online,
NFL Player get at the age of thirty three and sign, and most likely just has to do with him being forced to take her back to me and the number of and dying african events. On coal, because illegal payback determined, but it must be proud and remarkably We will not be tempted to much of the population at large chunk of and so that that's cute, you probably get the point that surprise you gonna be enough so the NFL player, Demetrius Thomas did pass away in that's very tragic. It had nothing to do with the covert vaccine.
As far as there is any evidence whatsoever to be presented and the way that this spreads is unclear. but he had been having seizures for quite a period of time. Cousin, believes that he died from. Caesar or complication related to it, and there is no reason at all to think that it had to do with a vaccine. I don't even know if he was vaccinated, but let's, let's presume he was, as I think, most NFL players are at this point in time. The way that this spreads Is that initially it's the opportunism of young person who should be the picture of health because he's a football player has died and He was found dead. It wasn't, a murder. It wasn't a car accident, it
while well, he had been having seizures any, was found dead in we're still figuring out the cause of death. So it's an opportune to say young, dies. No explanation must be the vaccine that that's number one. Then in the news articles, it is accurately said, as now the exact cause of death is unclear, so you you ve, got the opportunity. and then you have for what for a conspiracy theorist, The absence of evidence which starts to be used as evidence remembered. That's a key to conspiracies, amend, conspiratorial thinking. If there's any for something you say. Look here's evidence if there absence of evidence, you saved. That absence is an opportunity to assert my belief about an explanation. In this case we dont yet have the official causes of death and oh, it's a vacuum into which the conspiracy can be inserted and then, of course, when all you
have is a hammer. Everything looks like a nail and if you wanted just attack vaccines, any death in which there is an unexplained, immediate cause of death, you say well must have been the vaccine. So that's like the cycle. That's the cycle as it is and, of course, there is no evidence whatsoever for it, which is the most important thing to keep in mind, but unfortunately a lot of people. I I hadn't, even about the fact that it was being asserted that the vaccine was involved here. I googled it there the tunnel wacky people making the assertion absent any evidence we have offence. The bonus show for you to damage to tell you what I was up to during my break last week, a lot of really interesting things to tell people about make sure You are a member so that you get the bonus sign up. It join pachmann, dot com. I will again restate my offer to you that if you sign up for a new list, the key words here, a new full price yearly membership for sixty dollars. If you see
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