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12/6/19: The establishment helps Biden by pushing Buttigieg

2019-12-06 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--With Jewish Congressmen Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff in charge of the Trump impeachment inquiry, anti-Semitic messages online are on the rise

--The establishment is protecting Pete Buttigieg as he continues to surge in the polls

--Caller thinks Andrew Yang is the best chance Democrats have at winning the 2020 election

--Caller urges that impeachment is a constitutional duty and that political considerations need to be put aside

--Caller asks if there are any issues David is right-wing on

--Caller thinks about what the low hanging fruit is for a future progressive president

--Caller wonders how Joe Biden is still leading the 2020 Democratic field

--Caller questions whether Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren has the better health care proposal

--Caller thinks women became "power hungry" as a result of the Me Too movement

--Audience Question: Why is there an education divide among white voters and not among non-white voters?

--Audience Question: Would free health care and college kneecap military enlistment?

--Audience Question: What is wrong with compulsive liars like Trump?

--On the Bonus Show: Producer Pat gives you the top stories of the day!

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The David dragged shout at David Cabinet that sadly been racing for this to happen, and it happened a little bit with the November impeachment hearings in the House Intelligence Committee I mentioned to you, I got a few anti semitic method is anything I can really call them anything else saying this entire impeachment thing is a jewish conspiracy. You ve got jewish Adam Schiff, bringing in jewish lieutenant Colonel Alexander VIN Minutes. All the deep state jewish plan to take out, try Gordon Sunderland is jewish that etc, etc. Earlier this week we had this crazy video from Christian pastor Rick. Why?
I was saying the entire movement to hold trump accountable for things he has done is a quote. Jus coup. Remember this video from earlier in the week, that's the way. The Jews work their doors. They are deceivers, they plot they lie, they do whatever they have to do to accomplish their political agenda. This impeach Trump movement is a Jew. Who, in the american people better wake up to a really fast, because this thing is moving now towards a vote in the house and then a trial the Senate. We get out a trial by before Christmas, this country, be in civil war at Christmas time. Try but then, as I sat a couple of days, watching the impeachment hearings in the house, Judiciary Committee: I knew that this was about to explode. You had come Christmas, Jerry NAD La Running, the committee, jewish guy from Brooklyn you add
long time he's a long time congressmen and really a fixture of that committee, some others, de Sherry Committee members also from jewish families, certainly Stephen Cohen, actually Tennessee, first jewish congressmen ever Jamie Rascal who asked questions, and then you had two of the three democratic witnesses. No a Feldman, a jewish lawyer from Boston and PAMELA Carl a jewish lawyer, so I was grimacing as I anticipated What I was going to see in my Youtube comments and in my email this morning, and unfortunately it is exact, We, as I feared I'm in a show you one email. I got no excuse the rampant misspellings that are in it did this is as received. I have not corrected them. The email red, Jus boy you guys being obvious, I thought Jews were crafty. First, it's Adam Skiff and Jackie Spear, getting their fellow Jews to slam. Trump foreigner been men plus Sunland NICE right to Bobby S. I guess they mean obvious. Then it
our midst of a boy NAD directing shocker jewish lawyers to say Trump bad gave up. You will not repulse us, I guess replace you will not replace him. Your mistakes to many obvious Jews and summer crazy, like the Carlin woman. Fortunately it all backfired, since we saw through the Jew plan to hurt t, presumably Trump have fun with four more years, so I am I'm half joking, but for more. Messages like this check out the comments on my Youtube channel. This is getting very ugly and its unsurprising, but it's it's not just rhetoric in the sense that we are seeing violence against Jews in real life. We are seeing people like that: Pastor Rick, while start to talk about civil war and taking up arms and picking which side
were on, so we really shouldn't laugh this off and by the way, it's really bad in Europe, and I know that there are many people who consume american news, but don't follow what's going on in Europe. It is get really really bad. So I was hoping to be wrong about this and unfortunately exactly as predicted exactly as predicted, and it is bad, it's bad and I'm extraordinarily concerned, and I want to hear from you what what do you think about this type of thing? Did you predict this? Were you surprised by odd that the degree of anti Semitism that the impeachment hearings have triggered uh. There's been a lot of discussion lately about PETE Buddha Judge partially because he's polling better. And also because you got a ton of speaking time in the last democratic debate, way more speaking time as we analyzed, then the level of polling support he had at the time would
predicted, and this is yet another sign that the establishment in corporate legacy media are interested in pushing the establishment centrist candidates? Over other candid, But what I want to talk about today is how pushing booted judge is actually a really safe thing to do for the establishment and corporate media because you might think hold on a second. If the establishment wants a centrist, they should be put bite and he's already leading in the polls and you might think not unreasonably if the establishment starts pushing mayor PETE that could take away support from Joe Biden and could lead to a Bernie nomination or it could lead. Warren Nomination, so it's risky for the establishment to divide support between Buddha, judge and binding if what they ultimately want to do is prevent Bernier Warren from being the nominees which, I think is pretty clear, is what they want to do, but I don't believe this is the way it's actually going to play out
partially, because remember that the primary process doesn't happen all at once and partially, because people getting comfortable with Buddha Judge helps then get comfortable with Biden too. So I'll explain to you how this all works. As a reminder, PETE Buddha Judge is now pulling an average of between about eleven and twelve thing, looting and one poor. Sixteen percent weigh up. He was at four percent four and a half per cent a few months ago, so he is a roughly tripled his support now. In the meantime, we have seen both Bernie and Elizabeth Warren fall in the polls. Here is how pushing booted judge is safe for the stabbed judgment and, in the end, it probably helps Biden retain his spot at the top of the polling by pushing Buddha judge. The establishment is generally pushing establishment centralism over the ideology of folks like bird Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. So once you are in the mindset once you're in the universe of considering PETE Buddha judge his general
ideology become sort of your status quo, starting point almost a foregone conclusion, but you might start to say you know I'm all in with Buddha judges ideology, but is he electable? Is he to young? Does he haven't, experience merely having been mayor of South Bend Indiana, but that's the the strategy. If you become comfortable with booted judge on policy, thanks to the establishment plan, him and you vote for him in a primary, and maybe you- in some early primaries and has upset through the nomination, even if he D, win, your natural transition is to job once you're in the universe of centralism once you ve, bought that bill of goods as the ideal, see that you want to support for the democratic primary. If you start to question booted judge of his lack of experience or age or other factors, and
you say I'm in a look for somebody else. The obvious choice becomes Biden. Biden is a centrist like Buddha Judge, with more experience and having held more prominent political office, and what I mean by the way, but by when I say the obvious choices Biden, I dont mean the obvious choice. For me I don't mean the obvious choice for progress, If I mean once you want centralism but with more experience than Mayor PETE, it's a very easy transition to go over to supporting Joe Biden going booted judged to Bernie or even booted judge to warn, is less of a smooth transition, and this is why corporate legacy media pushing PETE Buddha judge where its unclear, if Biden, got it together, his performances in debates haven't been good. Its win win either you push Buddha judge as the all abide, an alternative and prevent people from going to Warren or Bernie, or you simply are put
centralism and in the end you end up reinforcing Joe Biden and really what you want to do. If you're the establishment, corporate legacy media and the Dnc insiders you to deny Bernie the nomination. You want to deny so with war, India, not the denomination. Let me know what you think this is. How I'm increasingly seeing it send me a tweet at De Pachmann, leave me a reply. If you're, watching on Youtube the David Michel David Pachmann, Dotcom, one of our sponsors, this privacy dot com there, giving you five dollars when you sign up for their completely free service at privacy, dot, com, slash, Pachmann, I've been here, in privacy for a little over a year. Now, you ve heard talk about it before it's a lifesaver and here's how it works, takes just a couple of minutes to set up any time you buy something online or on the phone. Instead of actually using your real credit card number, the privacy app and the browser
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I said you will get five dollars to spend when you sign up at privacy, dot com, slash, Pachmann, David Pachmann, shelled David Pachmann, God casket. Today's new memories of the day are Irene Garden Wall and learn many Masood Irene and Norman. Thank you for your support. I do appreciate it and I also want to thank today's long time sustaining member of the day someone who's been with us for almost five years year in year out as the David, when she has grown Jamie Dove has been a member and is It is long time sustaining member of the day thanks Jamie join. All of these great people add your name to the list at join Pachmann, dot, com. Let's go to the phone line. That six one, seven eighty three zero forty seven fifty many people.
Wanting to get on today. Let's start with our collar from the nine seven one area code who is calling today from nine seven one Michael from the Portland Ordinary, hey, Michael, what's gonna, hey man, I just wanted to forestall thinks locker taken my call. I just wanted to share my opinion on which Democratic Canada the best chance of being trump, ok- and so we understand Louisa opinion Is- is a qualitative and quantitative opinion. I guess it's just,
We my opinion qualitative, it's not based on any kind of data, in other words its based on your sense of what's going on? U S exactly got it. Ok, so I think that the country, the people of this country, I've, been working for some sort of a major shift in major change and who it is that we elected President Obama was obviously the first person. It rally change and a lot of people got behind that and I think that simply just carried over into Donald Trump with people searching for something outside of the standard lifetime politician, I was a huge burning supporter last election donated to his campaign multiple times, but I don't even have a moment think that he has a chance of winning real is go around here.
Simply because he's a mean he's been made to look like a radical to any one on the right. There's always like, like a talking like that, you know what is the housewife and Kansas think about such and such candidate in my family, from kansas- and I talked you oughta Kansas and I would be poor and it you see: like you know, Bernie Sanders has been made to seem like a radical plus with his heart attack. I don't know it's. His health was already a concern. You even you know. I think it's okay. There's one alone just into reject one thing here, Michael: let's assume your right and that Bernie does not appeal to Kansas housewives, and thus he wouldn't when in Kansas and let's assume he wouldn't went against Trump in Iowa. He doesn't need
when in either of those states right so it seems like that's, maybe not part of your analysis, while I think part of it too, is just being able to sway. Voters who may of you know about voted for Obama originally and then those who shifted over the tramp I dont think Bernie has the ability to really ship them back over. To voting for a Democrat, ok and I'm getting candidate. I think that I think the only candidate had the chance to doing that around here, yet no boy, and why? Why do you think that he can't seem to get past three point: five percent nationally? What do you think is holding back if he is someone who is going to just overwhelm voters with his policy and end we think what wise in getting more support will. I think it starts a path to do. I was a boy, you know a lot of people, they answer, pool phone calls
really their staying at home. There then, I am afraid that the lightning widely deepens Michael, I think you should take a look at the methodology. So now I do have to stop you. There was a pole from his and from a while ago that over sampled landlines, but we ve done a deep dive into this and for the most part the poles are adjusting the sample on the basis of awe what populations are empirically more likely to vote and or the portion of the population that those popular that those demographics represent, so I think, to write off pulling as over sampling elderly as the real. And why Andrew Yang isn't doing well would be enough. If that's your argument, then isn't bird, he also probably up doing better than the pull say:
You're saying Bernie has no chance wont. Let me say obviously I'm wrong, because you point that out to thank you for educating young, that I think that part of it. I think another part of the reason why Andrea is employing as well. The same reason why Bernie Sanders was appalling as well. Last election re like he wasn't getting the air time, he wasn't getting the fair questions. You know when they spoke to a mere asking tiny ridiculous questions about tromp. You see the same kind of things happen. It more and more Andrew gangs. It is getting. You know, better questions about his policy yet, but even but I got back in twenty six new, even if I grant that Bernie was not treated fairly and twenty sixteen, I agree with you. Didn't he still get to pulling like thirty five percent.
The primary worse. If we apply the same thing, Andrea doesn't seem to be getting past three or four percent. I am just trying to look at the facts ray I like Andrew Yang. I've had him on the show that I have no problem with him personally, but to say that it's the same thing as with Bernie, despite all that Bernie still got too close to forty percent, the democratic primary last time around right, yet not absorbed but how many people were in the field last time I don't know, there's a different rates of mirrors. It listen but what I want to get on to some other people, but let me ask you: do you think Andrea will ultimately be the nominee? Now you don't? Ok, neither do I am, and I don't think a night- and it pains me to say this and I felt this way last election I said at the burning sanders doesn't win. The nomination for Democrats in Trump is gonna win, and I think that way about injury, and this time I am, I think, if Andrea Yang isn't to want to go against,
One might think the Democrats are lose again all right. Thank you. So much for the call, a prediction that you are not alone in making a: let's go next door: or from the nine one, seven area code. Who is calling today from nine one, seven is it I guess it is, I believe, so I'd ever like you're sure you're cool guy. I have a question about the opinion of years and the impeachment hearings. Do you find it concerning that? The focus of the public and media nor slash various seems to be on the political aspects rather than the fundamental ship? our governmental principles. Yes, I do so that the way I've been trying to say it is weaken our view over the political expediency of impeachment. We can argue over the timing of impeachment. We can argue as to what we think the outcome will be or whether republican
will grow a spine and vote to get your. We can have that conversation. Impeachment is a process that is a do the of our elected government, if the facts warrants it and I believe the fact Warren and that is much more black and white. Then all of these considerations
that are being made about timing expediency, probability for success there, both legitimate conversations, but I think the conversation about the duty that exists is not getting the attention it deserves agreed during, which group a follow up question. Do you have any idea how the media could kind of like good cause to me as well? I feel this is pretty try. It seems it is apparent to me that there were definitely misdemeanours that occur the technical definition of high crime. I would probably thought what he has done and there as well as high primes but lake. Could the media hold those had forbidden, Rochester Accountable, while not sacrificing their fuel retention as me,
The Americans have a very short attention span and I dont like we would be really interesting to listen to why it's bad to listen to why? What I'm? Not sure? I understand your question internal. Do you think that there is a what hello Ok, I didn't understand the second question. The first one was a good one, and I am glad that it was appoint a very, very well made. Let's go next to our collar from the four for three areas code, who is calling today from four for three David, yes Alex Prom Baltimore Maryland. Are you do any good things for calling it did you hear yoga can hear you fight
who is making sure an ideological issue that we do so I was just curious when I thought politics with anybody. Are you they try to figure out, when I figure out which side of their laughter right, I try to find an issue where that they might bought their own trend. Soda Yes, I was wondering if there's any issue, no matter how insignificant in or minor that you see at least at that, kind of from the right wing perspective. Are you all right, so all the time, no matter what no listen. I mean that there are overlaps in the sense that, for example, there are, left, libertarian and right libertarian ideas where there is probably more common ground, ideologically than some people might concede, although sometimes it's in, like the implementation that their becomes more of a different, so I am against
any regulation. That is not a necessary regulation to ensure the proper functioning, of society and industry. So, like that sounds libertarian that the problem is, I would drastically disagree with many right libertarian. It about what the line is for would necessary, right. I would want way more regulation than they would, but at least the concept I share I particularly like a social libertarian. I think that on the issue of SAM Hunt come up with a better example: I agree with the, surely conceptually that if taxes go to high, the economy will start to suffer, but I would completely, Whitney disagree with people on the right is to wear. That limit should be. I think the top marginal tax rate should be in the low seventy percent for income, wherein somewhere in the range of five to ten million dollars. So I agree if you go than high
Then you hurt the economy. The people on the right agree with that. We just have a complete disagreement about where the line should be set so yeah I mean I don't know I guess there. There are some good rural areas, where I agree with a principle that might exist on the right, but would vehemently disagree about the implementation of it dodge? That's interesting idea here, Jack and I gotta another- are minor complaint You have a minute, I heard one of your shows that you, fake greenish, apples are the only apples that are worthwhile. I would have to safer more how dare you right? I'm I would invite you to try pink lady, ample or a summer summer, Rambo Apple, if you'd never had whether I've never had a summer Rambo Pink Ladys. Not that, as I should amend my prior statements, Grannie Psmith Apple is basically so my will
the skull I dont like Apple pie, I'm not in the pie space and I particularly dont. Like Apple pie, I dont care about pie period unless it's like a sweet, potato pie: ok, Grannie, Psmith Apple the best apple report, almost all function. So if you just want to have an apple by itself, a nice tart, Grannie Smith, is the best. If you want to slice it up and put peanut butter on it. A Grannie Psmith Apple is the best. The exception is, if you're putting pieces of Apple in oatmeal and it cooking it with the oatmeal and the milk Psmith the grannie. Psmith apple actually isn't the best, and I would go with some version of a red apple in that case Iraq, geography, our sister, the regular about that. But it's a very, very serious. I appreciate the phone call. Thank you so much. I hoped
hear from you again: let's go to our next collar from the two six to area code who's, calling today from two six to deprecate. Yes again, one of your right went SAM and I'm wondering if you have any idea of when all this low hanging fruit, but our generation into one will finally take that, but when choice vote turn limits the sort. I don't have an answer. Unfortunately, I mean I I would. I would like to see a many of those ideas implemented soon. I agree that they are low hanging that they are low hanging fruit, in the sense that these are pretty obvious things that we should be doing. It's not low hanging fruit in the sense that it's easy to accomplish. Politically, there would be big opposition, so I don't in what sense
if you mean low hanging fruit as like hey, we should obviously do these things, I'm with you. If you mean low hanging fruit in it, should have been easy to do them already. I don't know about that, but I mean you have plenty of working and broken. France will not found friends and they all seem to agree on this list but you're on why hasn't happened? Well, a lot of those they not challenge the institutions of power, so term limit everybody who got in God in without term limits there, not particular we incentivize to put in place term limits that might get them out of office. A lot of them that got in God in supporting the military industrial complex, being funded by defence contractors, etc. So they are not really. The p
or who are going to go in and cut the size of the military and have to you have to understand that there is a there's underlined incentives. There will hopefully Greekan Chancellor confronted as one of the quick question assure them much. Some money left for me in a vanguard, healthcare account and I'm wondering what will happen that sort of account of some sort of Medicare prowess passed. A my sense is that any accounts that are for like pre designated healthcare spending. So I think this would include like H, essays and so on and so forth. I assume that, if Medicare for all takes place all of that money will serve allowed to be moved out of those sequestered funds that have to blow not Gerhard here, helped her mutual funds to help her mutual funds, so that, if we invest in health care, combat inside.
Yeah you gonna want to get out of that? I think if Medicare for all passes a horror at the area, good enough, very good. Thank you so much for the college rigid. Let's take a quick Gregg if you're holding, don't hang up because you go go right back to his right after the short breast
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Welcome back to the David Pachmann, Shell, we're making calls a lot of interest from folks calling in today. Let's go at six one. Seventy three zero forty seven fifty two hour collar, maybe a local collar from the seven seven for area code, seven, seven for either I am right even by her you I'm going I'm from method improvidence now open internet. So what I wonder is maybe it's just cause we're in the New England, but everywhere I look. I see Bernie supporters yet somehow widened it still waiting in the primary role. You think that Maybe there is less of us, so I mean what you have to understand about
to understand about mass. I can speak about Massachusetts. Massachusetts has a huge contingent of sort of what we would call establishment democrats. There are like more Kennedy types rather than Bernie types, if that makes sense and they don't put signs out, but the do like, and they support people like Joe Biden. So I definitely think that when that's, you reason why? That's that's the reason why, even though it feels see Drive around and see Bernie signs in the polls. Joe Biden Mason We're doing well in Massachusetts, although I ll be honest, I haven't looked at Massachusetts polling lately, so I'm just taking your word for it, but yet this is that there is a long history and Massachusetts of Centre left democratic support and less sort of like further left democratic support. Ok in am I the only one, that's a little scared that maybe, if Bernie Gun,
get the nomination. There's gonna be a kind of revolt. What the young yours like there was a Hilary that, because they didn't get the exact turn out, they wanted that there does not really going to turn up because they don't get the exact outcome. They won't get. I've talked about this and this is a concern of mine and I'm trying not to fuel it by you know becoming adversarial with people. I've just been trying to approach it from a more positive perspective, which we should all understand bring the primary we advocate for, and we support the key then not that we believe most closely going with our views and then want of those not everybody, is going to get the candidate they want. In November of twenty twenty we have to turn out and make sure we remove Donald Trump, I'm trying to be more positive rather than to address any specific groups that I think might stay home or vote trump in some kind of protest. I hope it. And happened because it could ruin the November of twenty twenty election exact and I think it may be Bernie did get the ticket Araby record turn out like what their wealth for Obama it's possible. It certainly by. I think that dog
old trump, more than anything else, may catalyze record turn out and then killing candidate, you could end up with record turn out from multiple reasons for sure you have that orange hitting it needs to go right. Yes, the tens. We have that Orange Idiot needs to go right. Yes, the tendering What was that I read that the tangerine tumor as someone referred to him. Ok, thank you. The actual call really great length. I'm? U yet. Thank you. Let's go neck. To where do we want to go next? Why not the five? Seven zero area code? Let's talk to our collar from five seven zero? Who what's your name? Are you calling from. Hi, David Mining, Josh, Kane, I'm from Pennsylvania, hey Auschwitz up, I'm a hay your you show David, because positive progressive, I feel that you taping from a positive perspective, and when you talk about issues I
but you don't read from an ideological rulebook. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all your excellent analysis, but I've had a simple question, I have been asked before, but I want to know if you hadn't, right now in the democratic primary. Who would you vote for Bernier worn I've set out Bernie Warren Guy, ok great autumn. Thank you David all right. Thank you. So much appreciate the CALL Let's go next to our collar from the seven or eight area code who is calling today from seven zero. Eight. Let me guess it is allowed to cargo, far honour the backlash and globally video about America all right now, we're never gonna get it and that will not, replied Kennedy I lose my point. You have a go head, I say now, apparently.
With me not be a million aspire to be even turn about twenty six. Think, though, the ball candle so honest spiral, and, as would mean more so with millions of people around that, we feel like will always be change with a boat and abandoned, because the thing that he is part of the things are much realistic, though, if you know what a damper up the fact that we would never get it. Do you good at our like tat, providing. No, I I want my hope would be that it would actually get people to do more than just go out and vote for burning in the sense that if you recognise that more than just go out and vote for burning in the sense that You recognize that there's going be way more to the fight for Medicare, for all than just electing Bernie, for example, that it's going to be about
somewhat someone email me- and they said you know David, even if we take the Senate and we get sixty votes, if only ten percent defect and say we don't want Medicare for all its still wooden pass, and so that's why this is going to be a much bigger fight. I would hope that people would say, oh god, Bernie and is just step one. Then I've got to work at the Senate. I've gotta work on governor ships, I've gotta! Bobby my member of Congress. You know, there's a whole bunch of other stuff that hopefully people would be inspired to do. The idea is we're going to need to do more than just elect Bernie. We can do it, but we've got to do it. It's not just Bernie comes in and got medical for all. That's my point. One more question out of your point is well, but only Republicans out of things with wood burning work could bring it back to Republika Srpska.
He said that he would America far Bill. There's change like everybody stay open it. You gotta, have covered by our running for medical for all the weather them upon the caravan four and twenty twenty to try to give out like the FAT Donald Trump LAD. What could he really stay? There. Are you saying if you're Donald Trump, what are you run out in twenty twenty or if you are another republic in what are you run out in twenty twenty Donald Trump, o trunk runs on nobody? We nobody's going he's running on keep em the trunk, runs on nobody. Nobody doing he's running on keep Amerika great he's running on the economy's fantastic and, worse acted around the world and we're doing trade deal. The? U S, and I mean it's all lies, but that's what he runs on and if sixty two million people fall for it as long as they're in the right states, he wins reelection about what I do. I appreciate the call. Thank you so much Isaiah. Let's go next
who are collar from the three zero five area code collar from three zero five. What's your name where you calling from David, my name is Michael and corn. From course brains are you good was gonna, so I was wondering David. I saw your video, like the previous previous colouring on Medicare for all and its unlikelihood to pass. So I was wondering or action I was actually commenting on something I thought you might have framed as being or friend wrong and possibly made you sound a little bit too dismissive about Mccaffrey. Ok, so that is that is, I was wondering. Is it not true that Medicare fraud does not seek to ban private insurance, but the main operation
private insurance or private health care and sharing in the economy which is depicted of care. What war is what it would be accurate, and I know that came out really wrong, but no you, your computer right, it's I it's been a widely incorrectly stated claim that medical for all by necessity, will ban private insurance. I don't believe that that is the case, but I'm going further. I'm saying that, to the extent that it is something some people want to do Ah, I dont see legally how you do it, but you're completely correct and I've made this point during debates. It's not. I don't. I don't believe most of the candidates are looking to make private insurance illegal. That that's correct. I think that they shouldn't try to, I think they wouldn't be able to, and it's been misstated before that are they all want to. But there is also
mathematical reality of unless you have all service providers accepting that for all that changes the numbers and it was, it was not an argue if, if it seem like, I was saying there, Thank you so much effort. That is exactly what I thought. No, I appreciate you claim that up. That being said last question: if that's ok with Elizabeth WAR and now you telling her plan on Medicare for yes- and I understand the point that you were making and not other video or one of the points being that either
the point that you would make an and not other video or one of the points being that either way. All of this is the Medicare process is going to have trouble going through Congress. I wanted to ask as war now now that you see warns plan for Jesse burn his plan for it. We ve seen it for a long time now. What do you see a more viable and that possibly make you lean towards endorsing one of in the future. I dont see either of the plans as politically, more or less viable, because I have already pointed out much to the dismay of many in my audience that in either case in their configuration politically, it will be a huge hill to overcome. I believed that allows the big warrants, Bob cost assessments,
were more unrealistic, then Bernie. I have a problem with the way Bernie is assessing predicted cost, but I think Elizabeth Warren is even more off the mark with it, but they are picture. They are pretty similar plans in terms of what it what it would cost and what would be included. The differ This is how Elizabeth Warren would pay for it. There are some differences there, but we ve got along video about this, which I encourage you to check out. Thank you so much David, but hopefully the call by thanking you do good to hear from you Let's go to our collar from the six zero nine area code. Who is calling today from six? Oh nine, what I've heard my power control them? One good was grown up. Our I felt couple observations here. I believe that the meeting movement I've done more damage to women then help them in terms of the
election cycle has so I do believe in what they believe. Women have indeed been victimized by men for centuries like brutally in some cases, but I believe that women in the meat movement- in their newly acquired power to terminate powerful men on back his nation along. He said she said Agnes Asian along its left them a little power drunk. I think- and I think that's ten lady in the polls and with the voters. I think that people just simply dont want to bring in a woman. So total level as if I am not an because you're saying a lot. I want to make sure I understand you're, saying that the the women candidates currently running like, for example, Elizabeth Warren or a comma Harris who dropped like, for example, Elizabeth Warren or a comma Harris who dropped out or tool see Albert Raymie closure they would have more support today, if men,
hadn't lost jobs because of allegations of sexual assault. Is that your assertion now my assertion of the women or to be more specific, the me to movement had been a bit more responsible with their newly acquired that's what I'm saying. What's an example, irresponsibility of the use of the power of the meat to movement while complete no no due process like affair I refer to you, but what's an example of the power and we'll go? What's that? What's a what's an example of that power being wielded inappropriately, he said she said ripen with like sampling of that these were the. If there's some coordinating alone and more than two decades ago, but total or echo, the meeting to learn is lay hold on how about nobody's laurels with her hair. Nothing claim that was pretty crazy if I'm not mistaken, withstood
never had a grimace on his face, the entire time that he was pretty much being forced to cover it. So you're saying the female democratic candidates aren't getting more support because of and and reporting about Lucy Flores. Now that's what you're saying they, but I have already said what I wanted to say it, but it's pretty obvious that you're not really happy with what the narrative that I've crafted here and that's. Ok, we'll have to anyway how about, if we move on to Donald Trump, because I heard a couple of adjusting nicknames Bonham, my nickname is agent orange and upon it intended I'll take? We heard that before total, alright we're running lights? Have let you ok there. It is what was his name total control. Eight. Seventy one very good! I thank you so much for the cause we are active. I I'm sorry. I was unable to get to everybody, but we will take again, and I appreciate everybody who did call it the day.
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the David TAT, Michel David Hagman, Dotcom. Alright, let's get into audience questions for the weak. First, one hey David, and why is the educational divide among white voters not there among non white voters? This is a really good question. It may be the wrong question in a sense and I'll explain that in a minute, but first, let's discuss what what we're talking about here. We recently did a story which looked at pulling in terms of trumped support and what you saw it was that among black voters, black voters basically opposed Trump by similar. In similar proportions, regardless of whether they did or didn't go to college hispanic, voters are opposed to Trump, roughly equally between hispanic voters who didn't go to college and hispanic voters who did etc,
We then white, voters, white voters who didn't go to college are significantly more likely to support trump than white voters who did go to college. One way to ask is: why is they are an educational divide among white voters on supporting Republicans the way be backwards, is maybe the question is: what is it about white voters? all living for republican talking points, but essentially, were asking the same thing here now. There's a few things that are good answers. One would be its merely about religion, because if you look at black voters, black voters are a pretty significantly religious group. They should are a pretty significantly religious group. They should be more conservative. Then they are based on religiosity. If that was sort of the x factor, it doesn't appear to be. When you look at hispanic voters, education,
and become a dividing line. I believe, because, regardless of educational attainment, hispanic voters know that Republicans dont have their interests in mind. They don't proposed Paul. Sees that are good for them and hispanic voters, regardless of education, are likely to fall for bogus republican talking points like the left is really the Racist party or whatever the case may be the educational. Element becomes serve secondary with a lot of these other groups with white voters, the educational differences B. Hum more of a dividing line, because nothing else is bringing edge created and uneducated voters together on the same basis. What I mean by that is have explained to you many times before those labour public and talking points that don't work on hispanic voters, regardless of education and they don't work on black voters, regardless of education, because they understand
political realities of the republican Party. Those talking point do work on white voters who were not by virtue of their identity, already understanding republican versus democratic power. See and because they are uneducated, there are more likely to fall for those talking point, since there is no other sort of insulating factor that will protect them from it, and this becomes a self reinforcing feedback loop where in great part, Republican Party has written off a lot of these minority groups. They ve written off his voters and black voters and asian voters in many ways, because they see that their policy isn't feeling so their effectively doubling down and trying to appeal to white voters even more. That, of course leads to a bigger divide because the white voters, who are educated have more of a framework with which to understand and real. Eyes that they there are attempts
bamboozle that, whereas the educated, uneducated voters are not so we have a combination here of a self reinforcing feedback loop wherein republican are particularly targeting white voters and sick seating more with those that are uneducated combined. The reality that, in a lot of these other groups, there is something else about their place in the political mill you for lack of a better term that reduces the IMF, Britain's of well whether they are or are not educated. I mean it as a very micro level. I know a lot of Argentinians here in Boston. I was born in Argentina as many of you now and in the group there are drastic financial differences. Were there are people who Are you to effectively just entering the workforce or have been in it for a while, but earn very little money are on social welfare, rooms all the way up to me,
nickel and legal professionals and successful entrepreneurs etc, and across that entire group. Nobody likes Trump. Everybody understands the role that trunk plays in furthering the republican policies that are not good for hispanic voters. Voters who are immigrants from Argentina. How wanted to find us? Many many Argentinians are white. As the term is, and the educational level and the class differences that exist within the group dont really to move political views, one where the other. If you looked at an equivalent group of now, native born American born white people with such drastically different class and educational background. My prediction is, you would see much more of a spectrum of political views. So those of some of my ideas, let me know what I'm missing very important question and an important one, to understand when looking at the twenty twenty election. For sure. Second,
listen today: hey David, wouldn't free college and health care drastically. Kneecap military enlistment, since lots of people join the military to get those things. So there's two parts. Your question, one is whether that would happen. Question too, is whether it's a bad thing, It is true, there are lots of people who go into the military in the United States because they can afford to go to college or they are not cut out for college and the military is one of the most direct path to earning a steady paycheck from a reliable employer. There are other financial reasons, and certainly healthcare is another thing that the military power There are also arguments which say that if you improve education and health care and access to them, you would end up with more people and list. Because they know they can always go back to getting an education and they might feel less pressure to do it
it away because they know that it's always they're waiting for them in some sense, but I believe that that is effectively not the right way to approach the question number one. Fortunately, for us We have more than enough people in our military and a signal the bigger the necessary military forces, the military not having enough recruits, because people can go to college or have health care is not a realistic concern. Number two: let's go even further, though people who joined the military for economic necessity, I dont believe, are the people that I would prefer be in the military, We don't have a draft which we don't. I want the people in the military to be who want to be in the military, not people who have no interest in it, but have no they for education or health care and they join out of desperation. I dont think that that's good for the military. This is why the recruiting
The military does in poor areas going to high schools where the appeal is simply economic is so predatory and I would even go further than that. If we had universal health care, you might break the bottleneck that is the overloaded VIII hospital and improve treatment for veterans by clearing out the visa facilities. Little bed by allowing people to go elsewhere. Education can make it so that when veterans come back serving. They have more options for jobs when they come back and they will be better integrated into society as opposed to often ending up concentrated in certain fields. One other thing tons of young people aren't even eligible to enlist because of health issues, including obesity, which is an epidemic in the United States. Better educated people are less likely to be.
Beats overall healthier people with access to health care are less likely to be oh beasts. It is an interesting proposition that, by providing education and health care to people, you will reduce obesity and increase the number of peace bull that are medically eligible to join the military, an actual RO the number of people that are enlisting something to think about. So I think that whenever we we see something like a hold on if p no longer need to join the military because they beat for health care or economic reasons. The military will be hurt. Well, let's first figure out whether that's true and secondly, let's figure out whether it's actually hurt if different people or fewer people are enlisting. I think, in this case, is that the answer seems to be the exact opposite: hey David seriously. What is wrong with compulsive liars like from in real life and other people that I know in real life, or is it a medical condition? So there is actually quite a bit.
Little literature about this pathological or impulsive lying is a condition that is named and you know that doesn't tell us anything about it, one way or the other. You can argue that have over Medical Association in our society were things that should not really be diagnosis. Conditions are notable conditions, but there is a condition called pathological lying. It's the behaviour of habitual or or compulsive lying. Some psychiatrists distinguish pathological lying compulsive lying. Others say that it's the same thing, but the idea is that there is a medical is, Some of these phenomena, which not everybody, necessarily agrees with its a stand alone disorder. It is often also a symptom of other conditions like psychopathy and anti social
personality disorder often will have compulsive or pathological lying narcissists often lie compulsively people with history. Personality disorder often will have pathological or compulsive lying. The average onset is sixteen years and for people who have above average, intelligence at least average or above average they tend to be more likely to develop. This condition pathological or a compulsive lying now. If we want to reject for a second that this is merely a something to me, nickel name and then look at which pill can deal with it. I've dealt with a lot well compulsive liars in my life? I've told some of these stories before, high school. I worked with people who were compulsive fires and they would lie about things much like trump. Actually read. You wonder why would you lie about something number, one so insignificant and number two so easily falsify able? I vividly remember:
a girl that I knew who said that she had in six hundred dollar glasses or something like that, and at the time we're thinking. I know that you don't. I know that you know at the time, based on what things cost at the time. Nobody, our age has six hundred dollar glasses. Your glass clearly aren't special their normal glasses from the place down the street, but I didn't really there's than what it was about that that was appealing to her. Why was it appealing to lie and claim that she had six hundred dollar glasses and it probably connected to some ah insufficiency that she fell elsewhere, which she was trying to make up for with the totally false notion that she owned this really expensive thing that may be people. Find interesting, I my reaction when I meet compulsive liars and I've got a lot of them. I don't even react with any kind of surprise to the lies. They tell because what I should have learned from experience is that oftentimes, the compulsive lie
is looking to generate a reaction and they feed off of that reaction. And they notice that when they tell these lies, a lot of other people will react and they will become more interested in the past. Or they will react, visibly in a way that Sir fuels the person's desire to tell more of these stories. So I've dealt with people who say yeah, it's actually yet having just. I can't even think now, but there are so many examples I just got back from a trip they actually got brought over to Japan. I just spent two weeks there because I go over there and do speeches and they pay me fifty grand speech and it's really great, and I know that person has no money, and I know that they can barely afford Rand, and I know that they are asking other friend of mine whether they could maybe moving together. I dont even react, like I'm impressed
so, while the truly great that's interesting and then I just move on to something else that actually interest me- and this will often what really happens is the person just stops being interested in talking to me because I'm not giving them the the feedback that they want. So that's my experience, I find the compulsive lying very toxic, although I am completely open to the idea that it connects to childhood trauma or other conditions or whatever I'm not saying compulsive lives or bad people or anything like that. But for me for way I like to live my life for the people I like to be around. I just ignore the line completely pretend everything is not only true that they're saying, but so unremarkable that it's like if they said about, I bought a bananas this morning out. It's interesting, that's it! I'm gonna move onto something interesting to me and typically they will decide themselves because they want to be around people who will react in the way that they, like that feeds the lying and often gets them to tell more
eyes. Let me know your experiences with compulsive pathological liars interested to hear your take. We ve got a great bonus show for you today become a man Bert, join pachmann dot com or a patron at patriarch, dotcom, Slash David Attack and show the get instant access to the world famous punishment The David Pachmann show David Pachmann dot com
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