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1/5/22: Stunning Coup Interview One Year After Trump Riots

2022-01-05 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Former Donald Trump adviser Peter Navarro is interviewed by MSNBC's Ari Melber and admits to the entire coup attempt in a shocking interview

--One year after the Trump riots, Trumpists are still deeply delusional about what took place on January 6, 2021, and in the 2020 Presidential election more generally

--The House Committee investigation the Trump riots now wants to speak to Fox News host Sean Hannity, and have released some of his stunning text messages from January 2020

--Donald Trump has canceled his press conference planned for January 6, 2022, a year after the Trump riots, scheduled to be at his Mar-a-Lago resort

--Anti-vaccine Deputy District Attorney Kelly Ernby, a Republican who ran for California State Assembly, has died of COVID-19 at age 46

--Unvaccinated twin brothers Grichka and Igor Bogdanoff, know as the "crypto meme twins," have both died of COVID-19 just days apart

--Fox News host Brian Kilmeade demands that viewers "go to work" despite COVID, while he is hosting remotely by himself in a studio due to Fox News isolation protocols

--David's girlfriend gets COVID-19 and somehow David doesn't

--Voicemail caller disagrees with David's comments about kids menus based on misunderstanding what David said

--On the Bonus Show: Mayo Clinic fires 700 unvaccinated employees, December job growth doubles expectations, father and son plead guilty to Trump riot charges, much more...

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This is an unofficial transcript meant for reference. Accuracy is not guaranteed.
The last twenty four hours have been some of the craziest and most disturbing in many ways in the sort of news cycle that we ve seen in weeks and we're going to die about the Sean Hannity text. Messages were going to talk about the Trump bride anniversary and Donald Trump, cancelling his press conference scheduled for tomorrow, but before we do any of that, I have what is one of the wildest interviews that I have seen. Certainly in months it is an energy that place on MSNBC host. All remember, interviewed Peter Navarro, Peter Navarro was Donald Trumps assistant. He was assistant to the president for a period of time. He was trumps director of trade and men
factoring policy? He was the national Defence Production ACT policy coordinator and he's really admitting that he was one of the planners of the attempted coup to steal an election. Donald Trump didn't when I don't think we need really more introduction. I'm just gonna get right into the material p. Navarro admits to the entire thing here, and it is let's just get into the clips, because there's just so much this first clip is kind of the back story. Why did Peter Navarro start developing with Trump this plan for a coup? Well, it was all based on false belief. Slash lies, slash misunderstandings, slash distortions, let's start they're sure the bag story is while I was any administration after the election beginning, banks giving I produce it would be an exhaustive three volume report I went on.
We're cans of thousands of pages of documents improved The election was on all likelihood stole one through fraud in election. Regularity sets back back on January six that screen bats law and that's false. But I request you didn't say that our interview I will as everyone knows that so the question by the start of the interview viruses will disagree other about whether the election really was her wasn't stolen. You have to put aside the disagreement to proceed and an hour ultimately does it, but everything is predicated on that, and so it it's sort of the crucial point that that entire premise was untrue. Let's continue, but I just want to. I just want to make sure here there were category rules around the question is now you'll get time. That's all you got to say that an end I am saying is that I must say, sir, I'm asking you. The question is: what was the planet,
self and who was in on right exactly anyway. I'm gonna tell you that the plan was simply this. We have over a hundred congressmen and senators on ready to be implemented. Swayed to sweep was simply that we were a challenge that the risk Also the election in six battleground stays. They were Michigan Slovenia, George, Georgia was cards in Nevada in basically, these were the places where we believe that if the votes were sent back to those bow around states and look yet again that there would be enough concern amongst the legislators that- most or all of those states would decertify the election know, of course, that wasn't true. It didn't happen. There was no such evidence, but this is the same. plan that was written up in the memo by trumps lawyers. So it's all coherent there is. There is no doubt as to whether that was the plan. It was
would throw the election to the House of Representatives and I would say to you here already that all of this again I once was in in a lanes legally. It was prescribed by the constitution. There is a provision the go rather than through. The electoral code knowledge to the House of Representatives and always required was peace in com, on Capitol Hill and at work P M, FED crew Senator Jed crews and gotta go start. A representative started degree sway beautifully so the art, the premise here is: had it not been for the riots had it not been for the I it's, they would have had a shot at carrying this plan forward, which is a new way that they are sort of denouncing the some of them. Pretending there were no rights Some of them are arguing that the riots were peaceful. In one sense, the riots were part of the plan as far as Trump was concerned, but some of these people
who had what they thought was a more clever way to steal the election or saying actually, the violence got in the way because it interrupted what we were going to do, have pence, reject electors, etc. Now we get to, just an incredible part where our Melbourne straight up says to Navarro you're disguise. being a coup? Do you realize that take a look at this incredible video, rather than through your work, What college to the House of Representatives always required? Was peace and calm on Capitol Hill and at one p, M Ted crews Senator Chad, crews and gotta go start. A representative started the Green Bay swayed beautifully chow. Jeanne the results of errors. Here's the most important thing. I can tell you about this. The the Van we were trying to deal with was it was media, which refuse to acknowledge any kind of possible prouder,
Nowhere is right and by get into an I've, given you Peter I've, given you I've, we haven't you some time here and I thank you. You ve, you explain that I want to follow up here and I want to stand back and forth, but that involves both of us. You just described away. You just described this plan a way to take an election where the outcome was established by independence. The series of state by the voters of those states, and legal remedies have been exhausted with the Supreme Court. Never even today king, let alone siding with any of the claims that you just referred to so leave they went nowhere and then you're describing the way I did in combat all. Not all that we will get your turn. I just let you go for a while. It's go. There's back and forth, Sir then you will use the incumbent lose parties power- that was the republican Party that was losing power to overtake in reverse. That outcome do you realize you were describing a coup? No
I totally reject many of your premises, their first of all, the Why was still in doubt and would be until it was certified? Second, the idea now that it dad is- and you cannot ever satisfy that because he is saying the election is in doubt until it certified, but his plan was to prevent its certification based on alleged doubts that he is right, in that can never be satisfied? You can never satisfy that. An army Melbourne is is pointing out that the crucial part all of these independent thing, individual secretaries of state, indifferent states. Many Republicans said there isn't evidence for this, so you check that off the list courts throughout. I think it was sixty. Three different complaints that were made may be one was sort of provisionally
kept it on theoretical grounds, with courts did not find that their claims were with merit. The Supreme Court declined to take it up. So at a certain point you can't say we are acting on the basis. Of acts that justifies it, because every legal and sensible empirical remedy had been exhausted and had been rejected and unease as well until it certified then it is in doubt but you're the one preventing it certification, it's a circle that secretaries stay particularly in Michigan in an end pencil you were like innocent parties way, Joscelyn Dancin and Cathy Book far secretary of state, in in Michigan and Pennsylvania, they were put in power by George sore. for the express purpose of shifting the playing field while while so then. Lastly, here, why wasn't no
are more involved in pushing MIKE Pence to do the thing they wanted him to do. Remember Trump wanted pen to reject this and to stop that into seated different slate of electors and Navarro seems to say he was basically kept away from my pants conversation? I wouldn't let you know you think. Why wouldn't listen you? Why talk about in the trunk time book as chief of staff mark short? Who is a co network conservative, meaning that an easy, never proper, basically walled off. Vice president pants from the day more focused took chief, staff duties back and twenty eighteen, and it was a sad story like was always good to me until that day, that thing about mites betrayal a president, a tribe while really interesting? Is he never shared the league analysis of the General Council, Gregg J, put ripe and more short with panic and I M really Peter bring this back bring it back to the same point- and this may be- is maybe relevance.
In future elections, which is don't you think. Somebody thought of this? If the incumbent administration, through the president or the vice president, could just cancel the election outcome because he goes down the Senate? Well, then, a lot of If we try to stay in power, we have an entire system designed to thwart, and I want to say this respectfully, but it's the truth or people like you People like you, think that you can anoint yourself the viewers of the voters of the american people of what they lawfully did they? U tromp this Supreme Court, no pun intended people like you or what. the constitution are designed to stop and it worked, and it did stop you which I guess brings us too incredible. I mean truly incredible he's a meeting to the entire thing, and it was all based on their opinion, which was rejected. Or not corroborated by every secretary of state that was pulled into it by every court that was pulled into it and all
That leaves a supreme court thing. Doesn't even anything here for us opting not to take this up despite having a three justice is on it selected by Donald Trump. This is exhibit a evidence. Bidding to the entire thing, pulling together every aspect of it every aspect of it. It's incredible! Alright, let's now move on to the one year anniversary of the January six tromp writes a year mine, today ago, being January fifth, this was January sixth of last year, Many of us about one in quarter million view tuned in two pieces of my coverage of the Trump riots it feels like it was you sturdy. It's now been a year in that year we have seen hundreds of cases against the riders move forward, who were clearly
from supporters. We have learn more about. Yes, the plan, the plan, the expectation, the hope from Trump and trumpets that this or anything would prevent the certification of Joe Biden win on January. Sex and Danny O Sullivan or don't effort. I forget exactly how its do near Donnie from CNN his excellent. He went and interviewed trump this one year on from the Trump riots, have they come around to reality in any way on what took place have they accepted that it was trump people who did the writing? Joe Biden did when the election they have not. This is one of the most stunning Peter. If there were a sociological time so to look at a thousand years from now. This video should be on it. Lets jump right into it in your sex attack was not the Republicans nor Trump it was. The Democrats were behind it all. They are the ones that
I did all you really believe. I know it and there is no way that a Republican would act that way, and there is no way that Trump had anything to do with What happened on January six? This is the no true scotsmen fallacy. This is by definition, The rioters couldn't have been trumpets because no Republicans would ever do that it's a closed loop. Its docks, ass, thick closure is an indian Isabel statement? Call it whatever you want. You can not reason people out of that belief. because there is no reason as to why they hold it. You just can't do it by definition the rioters weren't Republicans because Republicans wouldn't riot while strong state a about all that, from supporters that have been charged and data.
Because it's all democratic judge is and people that on the take from the Democrats it's been a year since the attack on the? U S, capital and because of disinformation, denial and diversion Americans. Don't have a shared history, a shared understanding of what happened here on that day,. also the whole reporting is giant hoax. We are very peaceful people, so it was a total set up to me. It was the FBI had said it up. I don't believe that they were Trump supporters that did that right said the whole things are set up. You don't really believe that to you today because Trump won the election day day. They they proven it over and over again. I really don't think trumpet much do other and people that were supporters for him. Were involved, but I think they are enticed by the FBI.
This is why I say we have to take very seriously the possibility of something even worse in twenty twenty four, listen to what these people are saying: there's! No. There is no entry point to disabuse these folks of these false police. Am I a by undercover agents, dear God, when I spoke from supporters here in Washington on January sixth most in denial about the results of these twenty twenty election. Do you accept? binding won the election. Absolutely not abiding did not win this lesson. On general six, we walked with Trump supporters who march from the White House where tromp was doing in speech here to the U S, capital and as we arrived here that is when first security barrier was breach at the time some from supporters told me they were happy with what happened here
capital. Are you proud of what happened here today that we share gangs? Senators, hair the had until now, man no more now understand that now say no republican. Whatever behave that way, anyone who did that stuff wouldn't be a Republican. And yet a year ago here republican saying we should go in there and drag senators out by their hair. So are. Are these the people that the fake Republicans absolutely stand behind one hundred percent. What happened here today? One thing percent of these terrible how this election was stolen. Federal prosecutors have charge more than seven hundred people in connection with the CUP of rice and repeatedly documented. The writer is support for President Trump, but somebody Poland right wing media have pushed the dangerous idea that it was all and f b I ploss FBI operatives were organizing the
tack on the capital. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that this with some kind of false flag event stage by Democrats or the FBI. What would you say to people say generally sixed was the biggest attack on american democracy since absolute rubbish boss, I made denial and deflection. I met one from supporter who said it was important to be real about what happened on that day. What do you think of the Trump supporters that storm the capital you talk about Miss Miss found feelings seeing the folks from my side of the state that were there And they're, not the of the campaign that we would like to have You think some from supporters that say its anti. It's black lives matter that they know that. That's they just don't want to
admit it's easier to blame someone else. Everyone is afraid to you now take the boy, so that last point is an important one and we ve talked. about it before do these trumpets literally believe that from one and that the rioters were Antigua and the FBI or is it something they say to signal that there on the team- and they accept that sometimes in a war you ve got. tell lies or whatever, because of the greater good, we don't really have the answer to the question. The answer is probably some of them really do believe it, but some of them understand that, in order to show that I'm on the team, it's what I've got
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makes clear that Hannity knew what was being done was a bad idea, but then he went on. A lie after lie. After lie about the twenty twenty election on his show and about the January six. Twenty twenty one riots on the programme, axioms reporting January six committee requests Sean Hannity cooperation. They have requested Fox news. Channel Sean Hannity voluntarily coat voluntarily cooperate with the investigation. Canada is one of the most prominent media figures. In America was a close adviser to trump throughout his presidency. The committee revealed last month that Hannity texted than White House Chief of staff mark meadows, during the riot to urge him to get trump to stop his supporters Hannity condemned the attack on the capital saying on his show on the night after the riot that all of today's perpetrators must be arrested or prosecuted. But Hannity has never criticized Trump. his role in joining up the crowd in DC that day- and he is criticized the congressional
committee investigating January Sixth, article four the daily beast reveal Sean, Hannity, other desperate texts. About January six I am very worried about the next forty eight hours he texted Mark meadows hours! Before a mega mobs violent attack on the capital. We can't lose the entire White House Councils office, handy route meadows on December, 31st, thirty, first, twenty twenty! I do not see January sixth happening the way he is being told after the sixth. He should now since will lead the nation wide effort to reform voting integrity, go to Florida watch Joe mess up daily stay engaged when he speaks people will listen. It's not terrible advice from Sean Hannity. It's not
trump ultimately did. But the committee wrote to Hannity that that message quote suggests that you had knowledge of concerns by trumps. Whitehall council's office regarding the legality of the former presidents plan for January six January, five, twenty twenty one, I am very worried about the next forty eight hours. The committee further asks Hannity. Why were you concerned about the next forty eight hours, incredible incredible that the public facing stuff Hannity was doing reflected a hundred and eighty degrees different perspective, on what did and was taking place than what Hannity was texting behind the scenes same could apply to Lord Ingram, as we ve talked about before. Here is Adam. If appearing on MSNBC yesterday asked you're looking for info, and cooperation from Hannity and Adam ships. As yes, we are. Are you looking for information or for cooperation from Mr Henry.
Yes, I think you will see an announcement about that very soon. We believe but he was texting with the chief of staff. that he has information. That would be wrong to our committee He was more than a fox host. He also a confident advisor pain or of what the former president I would hope that, in these asked by the committee is expecting will be very soon that he will We will thus unclear if that will actually happen, this woman aloft Dron, was also asked about so he laughed when asked about why Hannity and she says where we have dozens of tax from Hannity. Take a look at this activity is a fact witness we have in our possession dozens of text that he two meadows and others in his role as a political operative, indications of his Jimmy occasions where the president others, on strategy and its that but we would like to talk to him about one
make sure that everyone knows this isn't a subpoena. We asked him to cooperate with us as a fact witness out of his sense of patriotism me how well good luck with that. So we'll see if Hannity does show up on, Their very interesting text that was published by CNN Brine Spelter Highlight by Brian Stealthy, relatively early on quote guys. We have a clear path to lead, and the plane in nine days. This was nine days before Abiden was sworn in. He can mention the election ever again, ever and clearly Hannity saw, even if not of a moral duty to say trumps, gotta, stop this stuff out of a strategic duty. to the Republican Party Hannity, saying he's gotta stop with the election. We can land the plane. He can go to Florida, criticized Biden, but stop talking about the election. Obviously, that's not ultimately what happened- and this all makes Hannity promotion of lies.
Conspiracy theories and the like, even more vile, even more dishonest, even more immoral. I don't expect Kennedy to cooperate with the committee, but let's see if he does quick note I dont want to spend a ton of time on this, but Donald Trump has decided to cancel the event that he had planned for tomorrow, Tromp was gonna. Do a press conference at Mura, Logo, his Florida resort to Morrow January six, twenty twenty two the one year anniversary of the Trump Riots on January six, twenty twenty one. He is now cancelled that Maggie Haber men from the New York Times says that quote, among other things, several advisers former formal and informal told trump. The press conference was a mistake and it was becoming clear. He wasn't likely to get the live tv coverage that he was hoping for, so there's actually to interpretations of trumps decision to cancel this one. Is. He realized. There is no way to spin what happened. Last January, sixth,
any way in any way that would be remotely advantageous to him. That's one possibility. Trumps ego tends to push in the other direction. which is, I can always spin anything to be good for me, so the other interpretation is Trump got word that the major networks were not going to be carrying that press. Conference live and decided. It wasn't going to get the publicity that he wanted and that really does anger, the guy. So that has been cancelled, important die, old trump will be appearing at a rally in the state of Arizona, not this Saturday, but next Saturday January fifteenth, and he has put out a statement saying that then he will offer, his thoughts on what happened on January six, so he'll eventually speak about it but rather than being in front of what was destined to be a small television audience, he will do it in front of us, I've audience on January. Fifteenth will have more
Asian about that, that may also get cancelled. But the January six, twenty twenty two press conference trumpet land for tomorrow, at moral logo is cancelled, makes you're you're following the David Pachmann show on Instagram at David Pachmann, show we're going to take a very quick break and be right back. I'm really excited that, though one of our sponsors today is helix sleep. I sleep on a helix mattress at home. I absolutely love it and that's why I reached out to them about sponsoring the David Pachmann Show buying
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these very sad. Let's start with the first one, a dozen or more of you emailing me, this deputy district attorney, who up whose vaccine mandates has died from covered at forty six years old Kelly earn be, was a republican She ran for California State Assembly in twenty twenty. She said there is none thing that matters more than our freedoms. Right now, at a rally against vaccine mandates last month she is now dead. This was the Orange county. Deputy district attorney Kelly earned B California, republican activist opposed vaccine, and aids of all kinds. Her boss, district attorney Todd Spitzer, announced her death on Facebook, quote the orange only district attorney's office is utterly heartbroken by the sudden and unexpected passing of deputy district attorney Kelly earned be Kelly. Was incredibly vibrant, passionate attorney, who care deeply about the work that we do as prosecutors,
deeply about the community. We all fight so hard to protect Ben Chapman, chair of the greater coastal Mesa Republicans praised, earn be as an inspiration and confirmed she died from. Open complications, my heart is broken and I'm in tears. Rope and I lost a dear friend to covet complication, Is earned ran an unsuccessful campaign for California State Assembly in twenty twenty in December she spoke against vaccine mandates at a rally organised by the right wing student group turning Post USA. Now I actually dont, oh, if that's an error and they meant turning point USA. I was not able to find that definitively, but in any case she AL speaking against all vaccine mandates said, there's nothing,
that matters more than our freedoms. Right now, forty six years old and she has done aid of covert, and it is just another one of these reminders that listen, I'm with I with you the science in saying this disproportionately is hitting older people. This disproportionately is hitting unhealthy people obese It is a big risk factor number of other things, but when you ve got a bell curve, distribution ah or even in this case, what may be a paradox distribution skewed words. The older and the the people with Co. Morbidity is when you have a planet of nearly eight billion people you're going again, Random younger, in some cases, perfectly healthy people that are going to die, and if it were me, I don't want to take them
Chance might my dad the other day sent me a great analogy to winter tyres which, as we know, sometimes all season tyres are perfectly fine. Even in winter sometime you can go in entire winter and it doesn't even snow you in the northeast or places where it snows sometimes can snow and you ve got the all season tyres and slip. But you don't crash, but Wouldn T rather still have the winter tyres, because there might be a situation where they really do, protect you and prevent you from getting into an active that that that's really the perspective on the vaccination stuff. So forty six year old earth B has died of covert and we have another one of these stories that, in some senses, even more bizarre. So this story. I know it's gonna be hard for a lot of people to see beyond the physic. bill appearance of the individuals that we're talking about there are twin anti vaccine brothers, the bog down enough twins
who were actually of mimetic fame. They were like crypto meme figures in in crypto currency related means both of these brothers, whose physical appearance is bizarre and we'll talk about that. In a moment they both died of covert on vat in aid within days of each other. Now, if you're now, familiar with these individuals. These are Grichka and Igor Bogdan off. They were known, for a couple of different things too, some they were known for their their placement. They figured prominently in crib No currency related means to us they were known as having what appears to be bizarre plastic surgery. If you look at pictures of these individuals decades ago, they look completely different. they as far as I know, denied having plastic surgery. As you can see, we are they have these cheekbones that are so bulbous.
that, according to an australian newspaper, they quote threaten their own vision, extremely controversial and and strange looking individuals they obtain doctorates by writing what are considered allegedly meaningless physics papers, they claim to be descendants of no bill. The etc, etc there, both that of covert they're, both that of covert the daily beast rights, their voyage through the stars ended in a parisian hospital were both Greek God and Eager Bogdan. Off had been admitted on the same day after contracting coded rich. Go there The twin died, and I see you on December. Twenty eightth eager I followed him on Monday. Both were seventy. Two years old, a source close to the brothers, told the french media outlets, LE monde that neither had been vaccinated against the virus.
Is you know you can read about these individuals if it's interesting to you, but it is another one of these stories both on vaccinated both dead of covert, and I don know, but particularly in this case, because of their appearance and the, tyres, sort of called of personality around them, a lot of people or just laughing at this, I really don't find it funny due to its just sad. It's sad and the vaccine doesn't play Danny one one hundred percent, but in power very immunity compromised, but had the full regiment of vaccines die from covert recovered complications it. It doesn't protect everyone, but don't you want a better shot? Dont. You wanted shot. If the suit of armor is available and you a walk through a forest where arrows are going to be fired. You might never confront
arrow you'd, they might go whizzing next to you. They might never actually hit you, but wouldn't you rather this of armour, if there are going to be arrows flying that's my view. And many of you know that already, but the Bogdanov twins, the crypto meme twins both dead of covert within days of each other. and in the main, the next segment. I'm tell you about my confrontation with cold. A lot of people. I teach this like ten days ago, and people have been writing sang David. What what's the deal with that? I wanted to wait to have what was hopefully the full Story, I believe I have it now and I want to be talking about that after the break make sure following me on Instagram at David DOT Pack, you can also follow the show, Facebook, Facebook, dot, com, Slash David Pack and show we'll take a break, we will be right back.
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knack monk pack is giving you twenty percent off your first order. When you go to Monk Pact out common use, promo code, Pachmann, that's em, you Kay, p c k, dotcom, promo code, Pachmann saves you twenty percent. The link is in the podcast notes, one of the things that kind of pervades much right. Wing ideology, at least in the United States, is seemingly simple, obvious ideas, that everybody should clearly here and immediately say that makes sense and adopt which require no real, deep thought of any kind, and these include things like hey it's your money. After all, why should you be taxed It's your money and you should get to keep. It was pretty soon Why not make sense for the real world is far more complicated.
hey. Listen, I mean we ve got a second amendment, and so that's it years. People whatever guns and boot mobile I say let let's, let's actually think more deeply about some of these issues and when it comes to things like unemployment, welfare benefits, social insurance. There's this attitude from the right: that's often based on the concept of people, just gotta, to stop being lazy and just like going do stuff go induced. If you need more money, get a better job. Just just just go go go. Do so don't don't rely on other people, don't be lazy, all these different things and on these lines, a very popular mean that now is being repeated very uncritically unfair News in another right wing media is, as ah Microns spreads, while Lee and some health agencies, indifferent states, countries etc are
saying employers should be prepared for up to twenty five percent of their work force at any given time to be out because of either a covert diagnosis or a covert exposure that requires some degree of isolation. They are saying just just go to work, go to work and we have the epitome of hypocrisy here from Fox NEWS. Is Brien kill me. The fox and friends. Crew appears to be hosting Foxen friend each alone. In studios now we can tell whether the are all even Fox studios or summer home studios. People on other networks who have set up a room in their home. With a big tv screen behind them- and it looks like in the studio, but the really we don't know but Brian kill need, while he is co hosting box and friends alone in his studio, rather than on the couch, with his co hosts
for any of a variety of different reasons is telling other people just go to work and live with covert just just get out there. What are you doing trying to be at home, trying to be out from work? Pretty convenient When you can just get it, get your studio or whatever it is that he's doing all right. Let's take a look at the video here and I want to make it clear to them made so many teachers and ably you, your sisters, teacher in your mom was teacher. and I met so many Tita would have a teen cities over the last two months and, like you say, I know foxes like teachers, I or none of you got it all wrong in fact, is in all writers, the union's their control that should be forced to join in order to get a job, that's the issue, but guess It is claimed in order you to be here with us on the couch these to be almost every public and political leader. Alright, everyone saying go, get kids, back in school and the deeper it's getting charges, I gonna we're gonna. We need money to get schools, radiant and six feet apart and there we are
actually glass in Oregon and they all of some things have changed. If you see the new mayor of New York City, if you see lorry Lightfoot of Chicago of you see what would happen shopping in LOS Angeles everywhere you go in Massachusetts. The moderate governor of republican governor, who is really got liberal and so many different causes is, pushing back all in the same, basing kids need to be in school, again the only people standing in the way or teachers unions, the kids need to be in school, the parents to be teaching in schools, the mayor say: get into school the governors of Saint getting to school. The present saying disco, Doktor found she said, get to school there, the old things. Stopping these kids are going now remember all along everybody said it would be better for kids to be in school. There was a point at which it would have been outrageous to do it, schools. This back dummy we're we're getting anything even this week, some schools, we're gonna, get we're gonna go remote for a week or two weeks and try to get past this. This comecon search, but let's continue
their learning curve for ever curtailed unless thing happens quickly, and this should be earmarked from here on in let's get caught and the daily nuances of what doctors without its core live with it, go to work, live with, it How do I get to retrain, get on a bus get on a plane? How do we live with it? We can no longer hide from it. That's the tender two five day rule they'll, listen in the real world. There's parents that have to do with remote learning until they can get control of their kids education now, there's some degree to which kill. Me is not wrong in that. We are literally going to have to learn to live with it one way or the other. How some people live with it is going to different than how other people live with it? The most optimistic scenario is we ve got another. Seven to ten days, maybe of this all mccrone search and then a decline, meaning in seven to ten days will be back where we are now and in another sense
and ten days will be to where we were seven to ten days ago, and hopefully, six weeks from now or so things are looking here, the way they weren't they are looking in South Africa. Now that that would be the ideal trajectory. But then the best case scenario is this: thing becomes endemic and it will be roughly this severe for a period of time and hopefully overtime. The number of cases gets down to win what sort of a steady, predictable level the way flew sort of his. Although there is better flew seasons and worst flew seasons, we know that and it continues to mutate because of evolutionary pressure that generally makes these things less severe overtime. rather than more, in the less severe directions there is a degree to which we have to live with it. We are in the middle of the biggest spike fox and friends, are each sitting by themselves in a studio, as he is saying,
get on the bus. Go to school, go here. Teachers going go even wink when, but you have a lot of could still on vaccinated, very easy and hypocritical for him to say that in its veto, That was the EO see with the thing they were saying about EO seagoing to Miami, which we talked about rules for thee and not for me, he's telling, everybody else get on public transit and just go to your job, where he is no. We can't tell he made working from home or isolated in a studio, probably it's the chauffeured ride into the studio releases available on an obvious taking it. You never were burst forth a guessing here. This is sort of Iraq As for the and not for me sort of thing and just a complete disconnect from the reality of was actually going on in the world, and if businesses have twenty five percent, twenty five percent of workers out. You don't think that cripples businesses in a serious and significant long term way, so it's not just hypocrisy, its virtue,
signalling as well, and we should all be really sceptical about accepting the stuff that these people tell us all right. So here's the deal my girlfriend got covered. We have no idea how somehow I didn't get it and we have now lady. How so I've been waiting? tell the story because I really wanted to be sure I didn't get it, and I wanted to be able to tell you that the full story with some definition so this this now goes back up. aid of time, but I'm in a laid out for you. The way that does that that it all is what let's call it builds others use day numbers on crime day, one she wakes up with a sore throat, and we say: oh, let's see what's going on, we both take
rapid tests and are both negative and we just hang out at home for the remainder of that day by the end of the day, she's feeling fine wakes up on day two says: my symptoms are gone. Had a sore throat, it's gone, I'm feeling fine on day to end a day too says I think I'm still feeling fine, but I just I don't know. I've got just really weird Lee tired out or no little bit of a headache. Ok, we go to day three wakes up. She says my thoughts authorities back, I'm feeling worse. I've got a headache: let's go and actually get pc arse go get PCR tests told you know it's gonna, be twenty four to forty eight hours before you get the result later on three. She develops a fever and I we ve got sore throat and fever. and a little bit of headache, I feel fine
We're waiting on the pc are results, but she's got fever. We go to day for day for still has few using Tylenol to manage it, I still feel fine. Now, at this point, we assuming this this real, this actually could be covered maybe the rapid test on day one was just too early day for we get the pcr back and it says negative everybody's negative. Now that was taken on day three, what would be considered day three of symptoms dated the symptoms went away, but it's probably day three of symptoms. Pcr still negative day for still has a fever. Fever starts climbing one o one one or two. I still feel fine, because she has the nagging pcr, I'm thinking. Well, this is something else. We don't really have to worry where sharing a thermometer, we're sharing food. We are you know I I drover
the car to get the pcr tests were sleeping in the same bed. It's ok day for fevers still their day for at night, the fever seems to go away day. Five, she wakes up. I still feel fine. She wakes up and she says my fevers gone. I am less feeling like I'm sick. My throat is about fish. He percent better. Maybe it's going away more fair enough, but then, on day five she develops a cough and it's it's not a good cop. This is the case. What what would be called in the industry, a productive cough, it's a bad cop! I still you'll find other than at this point. I am having what I would do. Some people call it a phantom phantom headache and sore throat. Some people would call it
jewish neurotic autism, headache and sore throat. Some some of you will understand what that means: but I don't. I don't really have symptoms, but can I do I feel something? Do I feel something so so now we're on day five and because we still getting, could have covered as negative pcr negative negative negative, the sore throat she says. Could this be strap? Could this be flew? Fevers gone sore throat that productive coffees here so we say: well, we we need to get a flu test and we need to get a strap test. I'm still feeling fine we're not isolating wherein the car driving to get the strap and flew, etc, etc. She gets tested for everything day, five at night, gets a call back and they did another pc are just to be sure. You know they test for RSVP other viruses, flew, strap, etc. They say, MA am your negative for everything except covered. You have covert and she says really I had.
Multiple negative rapids, negative pcr, etc, etc. They know definitely covered, and you should be she's a do any. Do I need to isolate from my partner? Might my boyfriend we lived together. And the doktor says yeah you, you really should so. At that point I am just kind of thinking. If I didn't get it yet, I'm not gonna get it right. By day five, you can see be contagious, even though she's had twenty four hours without a fever, and this is where it kind of gets to these mixed messages. We have the new CDC guidance and the old CDC guides. If your without fever for twenty four hours and it's been five days in theory, you're all good. But are you really do? We know what about COMECON all these different stuff, so we start isolating and we isolate for three d is sleep in separate rooms, and you don't wear, masks
in the house when we pass each other. I really don't want to get this thing and ok. I had five days of exposure day after day after day sharing food sharing thermometer sharing of but we'll just isolated for the four for the two three additional days at that point. You know she gets the day, nine and still has the nagging cough, but as otherwise mostly better- and at that point I say I think I think I beat it. I think with the three doses. Clearly I was exposed. I was exposed in the two days before she was simply in theory. I was expelled, used day minus one and zero, because that's when you're believed to be most contagious and I was exposed on days one two and three when you are believed to be most contagious, and I was exposed on days four and five during which your in general believed to be lessened. I just didn't get. It now could I have had good
have had an asymptomatic case. Yes, one that was both a symptomatic and was negative on rapid and he see our task now, you might say what did you do subsequent pc artist? I did on day seven. We both did additional pcr testing. She was still positive. I was still negative on day nine. We both did rapid tests. She was a we were. We were both negative by that point in time, so I don't know, I don't have an explanation. You know it it's, I don't. So that we will ever really get an answer other than maybe it's as simple as the vaccine worked the vaccine, which, when you have three doses, either against cybercrime believed to be seventy. Five percent effective against symptomatic disease mean this. This was not passing exposure that I had, I think, is the point I'm trying to make
We were in the car driving back and forth from testing into the hospital it are. You are you of the urgent care, with whatever the different different places to get peace, yours and we You know in the same room and sharing food, I was clearly exposed, and apparently I had You know the neutralizing anti bodies were activated, and I sum I ended up not not getting sick. You hear about people across the hall from some one in a hotel isolating one person has covered it. The inner Nicholas Restock has told us about the story. The person across the hall gets it. It can be done. Contagious. I feel like I dodge the bullet, somehow five days of of constant exposure really seven days if you include the two days prior to send him seven straight days, a full exposure, and- and I didn't get it unfortunately, because we- both, though work from home, but didn't create any kind of
disruption in terms of work or anything like that. But that's me: story- and you now know everything I know and the reason I kept waiting to tell the story He was in my head. I was like ok what, if I tell the story now about how I didn't get it and and somehow, like she still contagious on day fourteen and then it incubates for five is, and I end up with it on day nineteen. You know these on on the edges of the Bell curve scenarios it's now I've been long enough. It's been. You know, three weeks that I'm feeling pretty good, that if I were get it now. It wouldn't be from that. Now. Where did you get it? We have no idea. First of all, we we bay ITALY. Both have been doing the exact same stuff. We go to the same places we do any indoor dining we're not going to the movie theater we're not going to sporting events for not doing any of that stuff? We we didn't we didn't really have any door on mass contact anybody other than a car ride with my brother, who
also hadn't done, anything had no symptoms had no positive test before after during. Is it possible that this is so, pages that some of those other means could could potentially give you the virus, Sir There was an instance where, when we were out Door dining. She went in to the restroom with a mask on. Could there have been a surface thing there ah grocery store anyway. It We really have no idea and presumably not only did I not get it from her, but we were both exposed to wherever she got it and I still didn't get so. I dont know if I don't know, but it is very, very wild times and that's the full story. As I understand it right now, we have Smell number. That number is too one nine to David P. I have talked about my disdain for kids. Many
use here- is someone who misunderstood my comment and isn't pleased with may take a listen to this David Robert Asher from Saint Louis, for storing collar. Yet wanna talk to you a lot about various trump related things. In my arguments, They spoke with my friends but you're doing a thing about Applebee's and talked about kinsman use just being what the adults key, but in smaller portions, as if that were a bad thing, but isn't that what kids menu is supposed to do Yes, this is so you misunderstood. My point was: I am vehemently against what has become the de facto american kids menu. You go to a stake house or you go to a burger bar or you go to a noodle shop or you go to.
In some asian or indian restaurants and the kids menu is the same thing. It's grilled cheese, noodles with butter chicken fingers with fright, eyes, no matter where you go. I am against that. What I mean by the kids menu is smaller portions of what the adult seat is. Kids should just be having smaller portions of what the adults eat in these. These stereo tat. Oh kids, don't like fish while they don't like it there's a lot of Americans dont, give kids fish until their seven and by then did not developed the taste for it all over the world. Thailand, Japan, Argentina, Spain, kids, are having shellfish and fish all the time and that's what it is. Oh kids, don't like spicy well in India and package Dan and Thailand and China kids are having modestly spicy stuff all without, but so might my point as I like the idea that
but that you don't really need a discreet kids. Many because it just be the kids eat smaller portions, of what the adult or having that's not. What is the kids value in most places? I am against the grilled cheese, pasta, chicken, fingers, kids, many please, let's understand what I saying that's my point: are it? We have a great bonus show for you today. The mayo clinic has fired seven hundred employees because they are not vaccinated. Seven hundred employs December job growth doubled the exceed Did numbers doubled that sounds like a great economy while we're gonna dig into the numbers in and think about it, a little more deeply and a father and son plead guilty to Trump riot charges, it runs in the family, folks and I've, Joking when I say that, but it really does it really does so We'll talk about all of those stories and more on today's bonus show. Tomorrow live stream of the Trump Press conference is cancelled because the press conferences cancelled. We will have other live streams this week.
And next Tuesday January eleven, six pm Eastern will be doing a very casual chess tournament players. all levels are welcome this great community thing. Last time we did it. I think we had five hundred or six hundred players. It was great, some grandmasters international masters. Women's feeder masters are going to be participating in the tournament. I hope that you will participate, it'll be January eleventh at six p m Eastern just make an account on China dot com and then I'll have information about how to sign up. It's free selling you nothing folks, it's completely free to play, and I hope that you will all right, we'll see you on the bonus show sign up, get a membership at joint pachmann, which will which will give you instant access to them
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