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10/14/19: CLASSIC EPISODE - Trump's internet censorship order

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--On the Show:

--As word of Donald Trump's internet censorship order spreads, opposition explodes over the authoritarian nightmare

--If we put aside our feelings and look at the facts, it's clear that gun control works

--Elizabeth Warren's excellent gun control plan is released

--Elizabeth Warren surges to second place in 2020 Democratic primary polling and tied for first place in prediction markets with Joe Biden

--A conservative mother and daughter explain why they can't vote for Donald Trump in 2020

--Donald Trump's number of lies explodes to more than 12,000 with more than 20 lies per day since April of this year

--Former Trump White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci turns on Trump and says he no longer supports re-election

--David's birth country of Argentina is imploding with the apparent imminent victory of former President Cristina Kirchner as Vice President and a total crash of the Argentinean Peso

--Voicemail caller wants David to discuss left-wing racism

--On the Bonus Show: Jeffrey Epstein's powerful friends, FDA warns not to drink bleach, Trump admin would penalize immigrants for needing benefits, much more...

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The David Pakman show is off today for the federal holiday call it Columbus Day, call it indigenous peoples day. Most importantly, it's a much needed day off for David Pakman staff so enjoy this classic episode will be tomorrow, with a new show, a new bonus show for our members and patrons and also live debate coverage tomorrow evening. The David Pakman show David. Yesterday I did a story about the impending crisis. That is Donald trumps. Internet censorship, executive order, draft some of the details have leaked,
and we're learning more and more about the horrors of that executive order, and fortunately- and I'm actually glad to see this- this store is getting more and more attention. A lot of people reacting to my clip more than one hundred and ten thousand views in the first twelve hours. I got dozens of emails more than two thousand comments on that video. And even beyond that, I I'm thrilled to see that this story is getting pick up, because it's not like this sexiest most salacious story. It's not necessarily the story that would get the most attention, but it is authoritarian nightmare and people are noticing and put simply this is how the authoritarian start to use the law to control speech. And to enforce speech, and you might remember, I was actually thinking this morning. As I was reading about the reaction This executive order proposal can eighty intellectual, Jordan Peterson rose to prominence for what he claimed was his protest of possible. Compelled speech by the canadian government
He should be right here protesting what Donald Trump is doing, because Donald Trump's drafted executive order would, compel social media networks to how to allow speech that the trumpet Ministration determines is so called political speech and specifically conservative political speech to fight back against what they claim is some kind of extreme liberal bias in social networks and on platforms. Donald Trump believes that so media platforms, are in a biased way, suppressing and blocking conservative speech. The basis for this is fantasy, but it change that this is extremely dangerous. It is overwhelmingly authoritarian. The White House shouldn't, have the power to select and choose what kind, has to be allowed on social media platforms. It is stunning that like me, so Phil left libertarians end
defending the rights of corporations against the oppressive authoritarian takeover of speech that Donald Trump, to do so, let me do my impression now of a center right. Libertarian Social networks, are private companies. They have to follow Nondiscrimination LAW, twitter can't say no whites allowed on our platform. You you can't say no jews- allowed to upload videos or whatever there is already established law that prevents that twit can say We don't allow the n word. We don't allow bullying, trans people by deliberately Miss Jen them over and over and over again or whatever this all legal content, strictly speaking, which a private corporation can choose to allow or not to allow based on their business priorities there so priorities or for whatever reason they want, as long as it does not violate. Existing hi discrimination laws. This doesn't mean I like it. This doesn't mean they'll
make the decisions I would make. This doesn't mean that conceivably cause me problems, the likes of which we've been having on Youtube, but we can't be hypocrites. What trump wants to, who is to give the FTC the Federal Trade Commission power to go after platforms that the White House believes are suppressing content. On the basis of. Little orientation on their platforms and the scariest part is that it's believed there will be penalties for this against the platforms. What Penalties will be, we don't yet know. How far does this go? Youtube channels, with a million subscribers become subject to similar restrictions in a year when the David Pakman show Youtube Channel, it's a male subscribers. If things continue the way they're going, can the government say this channel is suppressing certain political opinions of the right? Can we defined? Can you for penalties, and I avoid slippery slope arguments in most cases because they don't make sense this is one of those cases where we really need to think of the slippery slope who counts,
a possible regulate t of this negative order. When do we go from regulating platforms to regulating individual shows? This is the biggest attack on a free press since sort of all the other attacks we've seen under Donald Trump, but this is a really big one. If you care about a free press, I don't care, if your left or right, you must opposes. This is the exact type of heavy handed media regulation that we see under real bona fide authoritarians in dictatorships in on a spectrum right going from actual dictatorships to just countries with leaders that are authoritarian to the extreme China, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia, whichever version of flavor of authoritarianism. You want to pick out it's actually difficult, put into words how dangerous this is. If this happens, we become a country where the government,
can do mass censorship on the basis of political orientation or of whatever it wants. It lets the party in power decide which which is allowed on the internet, which speech must be allowed on the internet on specific platforms, and this is a Extraordinar Lee dangerous. Now, I'm going to keep talking about this because it has we stopped and ultimately it may be, a court that decides whether the eventual version of Executive order that is signed by Trump is legal, but that means that we have to change who's, choosing the judges, because it's Donald Trump right now. Increasingly, this is a justice system. A judiciary controlled by Donald Trump, more and more two Supreme Court justices. Twenty five percent of a pellet and superior court judges. This is not about whether you like or dislike trump. We know trump will use. This Trump will be gone in two or six years. Do repair,
likins? Want a future democratic president telling the tc see speech is allowed on the internet. This is straight out of the authoritarian dictators playbook. It has to be stopped, I'm glad getting attention and we're going to continue talking about it I want to take a little bit of time to talk about the reality of weather, gun safety regulations. Work to It's not just gun violence, but violence more generally The right has a lot of really concise and neat sounding talking points. I've said before the right has the advantage on framing George Lakoff. Written about this up. Abortion is murder, so it should be illegal. That is a really simple talking point and the left position on abortion is not the opposite of that. It is nuance that is complex and on guns the right has guns, don't kill people, people kill people. Morgans would make a safer ugh
and free zones are the problem, because only good guys follow the rules and the bad guys will bring guns into gun free zones more. Less crime people will find way to do the killing, even without a gun, so banning guns are making them harder to access, doesn't do anything now there, actually a whole host of ways to think about this and all of them point in one direction, which is actually gun. Safety rules and restrictions do work. There was a really good post on our subreddit by a user named nostalgia, on and some of their ideas are in this segment. Now one argument: that's common is It doesn't matter what you make illegal people will get it if it's a good way to kill. Has anybody heard of a mass killing via grenade grenade. Easy to detonate. They have a big blast radius, you don't have to be nearly as accurate as you do with, firearm, there are no mass killing incidents involving grenades. Well, why not turn
there's really strict regulation of grenades. The really difficult to get another example, four and Ar15 fifteen rifles are very similar, different barrel sizes. The M4 has uh some firing modes, three round burst and fully auto firing options, but all being equal and fours are harder to get there more expensive them shootings are overwhelmingly AR fifteens and never M fours wow what a shocker? What about just general fully automatic weapons. Fully automatic weapons would do a ton of killing in a mass shooting, but they aren't used because need to jump through all sorts of legal hoops to get them? There really expensive, so the laws do work. The guns that are more difficult to get and more expensive aren't used in mass shootings, zero, then people will bring up well, the real problem is handguns and individual homicides, not
shootings and the types of firearms used within them. It's really a distraction. Can kill one person in many many different ways, and it is difficult to stop a term and person from killing one, other person, with the success of mass shootings or mass killing. Events is much more dictated the fire power and the active nature of that firepower. That's available and if you zoom out- and you look at studies across many countries, the theme the Ark is Homicide rate goes down when gun restrictions are made law, but it's gotta, Taken seriously, it can't be just one law: there's a study published by Oxford University Press, What do we know about the association between firearm legislation and firearm related injuries, What we learn is that it usually takes a pretty major legislative overhaul. It's not just background checks alone
to see significant changes restricting says the guns and their purchase is associated with a reduction in firearm deaths tells us that just passing background checks is likely to have only a very small effect. What we need The combination of universal background checks. Yes, directions on the most deadly weapons requiring perm and licensing for guns, I'd like to see mandatory insurance policies for gun owners as well, and with Warren is proposing a lot of the stuff and I'll get to that a little bit later. When you look at he's like South Africa and Australia. Even when you look within states in the United States that have made changes, the results are very clear, but in the end none of this matters because on this issue the fact don't matter they are well funded on the pro gun side there well equipped to
miss any study, and to tell you that you're a bad person for wanting the stuff in your against freedom and in the end, in addition to these changes legislatively there? to be a cultural change. I've been talking about this for years. At this point, we need to stop being a culture where so many people So many guns, we need to stop being a culture where so many people see guns as a tool to solve problems. Be this societal, political, cultural, personal. We stop being a culture raises so many radicals and extremists, but we also need to do all of these other things which any other civilized country would have done if they were in our position, which country, like New Zealand, so quickly did once they suck a mass killing event like this, so the policies work, but they don't work individually, they need to be a package of policies, but the culture is a big part of this, and so many other things relate to this. Not
which none of which the pro gun, fetishist American right wing connected to the very well The gun lobby is willing even consider. Let me know I think, I'm on Twitter at the PAC man. I hope you'll follow me there. I hope you will follow the show on Twitter at David Packman Show and I hope join me this evening, six hundred and thirty pm eastern time for a live stream on twitch at twitch dot tv slash the the pack, the David Pakman, show at David Pakman dot com. Today's program is sponsored in part by blue chew. That's blue, like the color, which is the first chewable with
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payment processing fee from every membership payment which way higher than the cut that we get from any other platform that certainly takes more than two point. Nine percent As many of you know, I believe that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are both running really good campaigns in different ways. Elizabeth Warren's campaign has been detailed policy those goals. And last week I told you about Elizabeth Warren's public option for the internet proposal her ideas for restoring net neutrality? We've previously talked about her health care ideas, education, so many others and she has been benefiting she's, been gaining about a point a month for the last eight months, she's now taken the second place position over Bernie Sanders in the twenty twenty democratic primary polls. Dig into that polling data a little bit later, but what I want talk about first, is that Elizabeth Warren has put out now a detailed plan.
For gun safety regulation? And it is really good and it addresses a lot of the things that earlier in the show I mentioned have been demonstrated to deuce up homicides in other countries. So let's look at it and pay attention to the legality of all of this stuff because basically a lot of gun. Fetishist's won't like what Elizabeth Warren is proposing, but everything here is clearly legal, which is what's really great. So, first and foremost, Elizabeth Warren is proposing to do some things by executive action and then other thing: by legislation. So that's an important distinction. She is accounting for what can she do, with an executive order versus what would she need congressional support to do so background checks, for gun, purchase a by executive action, including at gun, show or online obvious have got to do. It apply the eighteen,
age restriction that already exists on more sales. It does not currently apply to all sales close with the boyfriend loophole, which there's this. Reality, where abusive spouses are banned from purchasing firearms in certain situations, but not dating partners, and that is what's called the boyfriend loophole. It should be closed, prosecute on, awful gun trafficking and investigate the NRA. She can do this by it by executive action direct the ATF to gun dealer licenses and that is for violations that they've already found, or that have already been adjudicate. Or determine really important, that we enforce a lot of the rules that we have and then Elizabeth Warren also wants to create a federal licensing system for any gun and ammunition purchased with the idea of tracking
this across state lines and tracking concerning a gun, purchase, behavior or patterns uh week waiting period. Greasing the minimum age to twenty one after the executive action would increase it to eighteen plus. In all cases she wants legislation passed by Congress to up that to twenty one years. Old, prohibit anyone convicted of a hate crime from owning a gun boost. The excise tax on handguns to thirty percent Ten percent on ammunition to fifty percent from Chris Rock this years ago. Make the bullets really expensive and that's exactly what Elizabeth Warren is proposing here. If you look studies that look at violence as a public health issue. They find that we have a problem that other countries don't have with regard to gun culture. And one change alone won't solve this. It has to be comprehensive and what's great, about Elizabeth Warren's proposal. Is that number one? It
acts a lot of the different issues surrounding gun violence in different ways, but number two: it doesn't violate first amendment, the second amendment. Obviously it doesn't violate the first amendment. It doesn't folk In just one area, it's tailored to the problems. We have in this country other than cultural ones which again are difficult to deal with and it, violate the second amendment. Now all of that being said, and given that I support this plan, I am concerned that Alex, formerly This may not be the most advantageous. What I mean by that is the left. Does not tend to see guns as a voting issue based on polling. This isn't my opinion, the right so doesn't see gun rights as a voting issue nationally, unless a Democrat is trying to restrict access to guns, in which case, sometimes people who wouldn't vote at all will come to vote and vote for the Republican merely to oppose the gun safety regulations, it's disgusting, it's sick, but
the reality. So I'm behind Elizabeth Warren's plan, one hundred and ten percent here, but I do wonder about the electoral implications about focusing too much on this issue over others. Merely electability standpoint. I've spoken with bill share about this in the past and I want hear from you about that. Aside from whether you like this proposal, an my prediction is a lot of people in my audience. Will what do you think about the sort of electoral, viability of making this a prominent issue. Let me know what you think: there's Something super interesting happening in the twenty twenty democratic primary. I but in the last segment Elizabeth Warren has sort of quietly and steadily surged into second place in the twenty twenty democratic primary polling, and maybe just as interesting Lee is now tide for first place. What are called the prediction markets for the twenty twenty democratic primary I'll get to that. This came up yesterday, during my twitch live stream, there's another twitch live stream happening this evening. Six hundred and thirty Pm
Eastern time, I hope you'll join me at twitch out David Pakman polls. Ask people who do you support prediction markets, ask Paul who do you believe will win, regardless of who you support, and often those are more accurate. So, first, let's look at the polling. I told you months ago Warren is now doing anything flashy but he is slowly but surely gaining about one to one and a half points per month in polling and she's doing it, not with debate, kill, shot attempts or homonyms she's doing policy and talking to voters, including in red parts of the country she put out last week. A detailed internet public option policy, she put out a detail health care policy education policy I just outlined for you, her gun. Deregulation policy and she has just continued to plug away and pick up about a point to a point and a half
and she is now solidly entering second place, as you can see on screen, if you're watching, Joe Biden is still in first place, but as dropped a bit in the last week, Alisa Warren is now up to eighteen percent. Bernie Sanders behind her at sixteen point. Eight, it's still very close somewhat argue within the agent of error, although when you average pulls the margin of error, calculation becomes a little different, but the trend has been husband, steady, Joe falling off a list of Warren slowly but surely climbing? Now, first is interesting. Lee Elizabeth Warren has Why did Joe Biden for first place in the prediction market right now, if you go to the website predicted, the money is even on Biden versus warrant. Now there are some other questions here: because some of these other numbers don't make much sense. You'll see that in this particular prediction market
Andrew Yang seems a bit high given where he's polling, Tulsi Gabbard seems a bit high, given where she's pulling. She may not even make the third debate. Kamala Harris is also probably too high. Bernie may be too low, but with Warren clearly has momentum and the prediction markets are seeing it. In fact, yesterday Elizabeth Warren was ahead of Biden solely in first place, now she's back into a tie, I would buy in the prediction markets. Imagine what kind of a relief it would be to the world if we had Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders of the United States. I don't think right. Wingers realized this or if they do, they certainly don't care, even if right, wingers are against some of the policies of Warren and Sanders nationalized healthcare. Single payer, some version of it not caging, or whatever.
Do they understand. Do you think that the United States around the world would be reinvigorated drastically in terms of our reputation? If Trump were to be replaced by someone like Warren or Sanders? I know that they do all the talking points of we will never be a socialist country. Get these socialist out here. They of course, have no clue what socialism even is. I understand They say all of that stuff, but do you think they realize that the United States is suffering such a reputational deficit, an alliance deficit right now I don't, or if they do, and if they do realize that I think a lot of the trump is think. If other countries dislike us, it's prob because we're doing great things for ourselves, I mean they participate in this bizarre childish, sort of zero sum mentality and one thing appealing about Warren relative to Biden and Bernie and Trump, which may actually be to her advantage of you, ultimately, is the nominee
she is quite a bit younger than Biden and Bernie Trump, and that is an issue that is coming up more and more. Let me know, I think number one about Elizabeth Warren's trajectory here number two about looking at prediction: markets versus or in addition to Election polls- let me know think about Warren's age relative to some of these other front runners and Donald Trump, and will will continue to do a follow up and track. This information make sure that you follow. The David Pakman show on Instagram at David Pakman Show and while you're there follow me at David DOT, updated tomato progress, pictures I have way more tomatoes growing in my backyard now, and I think that now they're in the several dozens, the
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recruiter. Dot com, Slash PAC man, it's the smartest way to hire. Welcome back to the David Pakman show. I have a really interesting for you from MSNBC, where a conservative, mother and daughter, and then some third guy, I'm not sure the relationship of the third guy you'll, see standing in the background to
mother and daughter are interviewed in Iowa. These are Iowa, presumably Iowa voters in twenty twenty and their interviewed by MSNBC an first. The mother explains that she simply can't bring herself to vote for Donald Trump in twenty twenty. Take a look here so politically and why you went with Kamala Harris or what do you want to climb? A lifelong conservative actually campaigned door to door for Chuck Grassley his first year as a Senate campaign or Senate candidate, but I cannot vote for Donald Trump. I just he is, but he is not a conservative, but I don't think he's a good man and when you watch cabinet member of the cabinet member fall away from him. I just can't move forward, and so I'm looking at the democrats- and I need a Democrat that is reasonable on our borders, that is, about people. It's about the rule of law. I'm an educator and we've got to do something about education, and so that's the person that I'm looking for and it's really hard because they're all these dumb sketches that I really don't know what they believe.
For her Republican Party other than maybe, if she's antiabortion. Maybe that's really important to her. She doesn't sound like no two thousand and nineteen republican I ever heard, but then it gets more I think they go to the guy in the back and he says He was voting against Hillary in twenty sixteen, not four trump. He almost seems embarrassed to admit that he voted for Donald Trump, but then he
need to totally incorrect talking point that is spreading and that we really need to stop like asap. So take a listen to this in the general election vote for anybody. I voted against, so you put in for Donald Trump. I do this time around. Could you see yourself voting for a Democrat right now, it's hard to say at this point in the campaign everybody's running to the extremes on either side, so events will probably shape for whom I hope, they're all running to the extremes. He says. No, that's not true. This is just a fundamental misunderstanding. Either out of ignorance or out of malice or something else, Trump. Is doing the same thing he's been been doing, which is to be an extremist in policy and to be extremist in rhetoric, that's no different trump is Trump and he's doing the same thing you did as a candidate. His presidency and now Democrats are
centrists sort of running to the sea. Center left, and how running on the normal things that every other rich country has no on the left is running to extremes, Biden, Harrison Buddha Judge are running basically on make substantive changes to the status quo, the rich people need to worry. As Biden said, behind closed doors, everything is going to be okay, that is not extreme. Then you have from the front runners who are more on the left, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who are running on health care for all. Dealing with income inequality a little bit more than we've been dealing with it dealing with corporate power. To some degree the basics that other nordic social democracies and rich countries have all figured out. So this is a false narrative and the boat sides ism that needs to stopped includes this story will listen, everybody is running too extreme, so I don't know who I'm going to support. No, the left,
Primary? The democratic primary better said right now, combination of, say, interest democrats that will be very similar to centrist Logan's and a couple of people are running on completely uncontroversial social democratic policy that most other countries at our level of development and income have already figured out right. Wingers are creating for themselves. This narrative that it's also extreme. It's just It's not extreme on the democratic side,
Then they go from this dude to the daughter, take a listen to what she had to say and I wanna bring you real fast. This is going to be your seventeen but you're going to be able to vote in November of twenty twenty. You said you can see yourself, conservative, two in your family, but how do you see yourself voting? I can't vote for Donald Trump, and if there was a better conservative I would probably vote for them, but he says so many things that are just absolutely disgusting. Incredible, including foreign policy, is not presidential enough. So I really want a democratic candidate that I can get behind and support and, like my mom said, isn't completely crazy on immigration and really will make things like schools safer, so that I can have a place here in my future and just make the country better in general. Is there a candidate that catches your mind, Kamala Harris right now, like my mom, but if any of them changed their policies so far? I know that a lot of my
social Democrats in any nordic country, most european countries- and also I find it a little bit odd, immigration is so big an issue for people in Iowa. Right, I mean once again it's talking point immigration is what Trump talks about a ton we're we going to have a report later on about the nun lies that Donald Trump has been telling and a plural of those lies- are about immigration. It's big in the media narrative, so Iowans, who are disgusted by Trump are talking about immigration. What about the terrorists? destroying Iowa farmers. It seems like a much more relevant in present and nearby issue for Iowans than immigration. Two of these three people that were interviewed are somewhat more thoughtful than your average trump is but they're still very skewed in their views. But my takeaway is this is oh good right. These are good examples and good anecdotes of some Republicans that are saying you know. I can't bring myself to vote for Donald Trump, but there's no,
addy Gee for Democrats around people like this? What I mean by that is there. People that are going to bail on Trump because of Trump's actions. To the extent that we continue to report on what Donald is doing some of these are going to vote for someone other than Donald Trump. We can't waste time trying to convince convince them or convert them, though, as I said before, it, not a strategy to debate trump lists and get him to change change their mind. Some of them will like these folks. But what hours strategy needs to be is get out. The vote find will already on our side who otherwise vote. Half the country doesn't vote. Combine them with these sprinkling of trumpets like these two or three bailing on Donald Trump and maybe that'll help the eventual democratic nominee pick up a state or two in the midway store estate state that Donald Trump won in twenty sixteen and the depressing realization and the guy. There said it lots of people
are just voting against Democrats. That's really hard to work with it's very hard to convert that into support for the Craddick nominee. No matter what arguments you make so we need to turn out our base. There are millions and millions of people who already agree with us. They just don't vote. They either don't care enough to vote or they Are you busy to vote or they don't? and the importance of voting and that's who we need to be reaching out to You know how, when you hear that something costs, government eight billion dollars, it can be hard to really make that number practical. It's such a big number hard to make coherent sort of practical sense of it, and the same is true for the number of lies that Donald Trump has told over nine hundred and twenty eight days in office, which was as of August fifth about a week ago, Donald Trump has told twelve thousand and nineteen This is the latest tally from the Washington Post analysis. This is about thirteen lies per day over. The entire presidency. Now is we I'm accustomed to the Washington Post doesn't
to call them lies. They called false or misleading claims, and I've talked a little bit about the possible legal Russians of actually using the word lie, but they are an Donald Trump lately is lying even more. The average for the presidency is thirteen lies per day, but since eight all of this year. It's been twenty lies per day as earlier the lies, are often about immigration. They've also been about the economy. Trade about Russia and I do agree that this is a problem. Donald Trump, either can't or won't tell the truth, For me, the real issue is the sort of Kuala an outrageous and audacious nature of the lies rather than just the quantity of lies. The quantity is shocking, but Donald Trump has basically skated free from his lies, and a big reason for that is that followers will rationalize the lies away with something like, oh all, policy tions lie, but they believe
even though Donald Trump lies just like any other politician. Trump just the right ideas and he's doing the right things, and it leads to zero accountability. No impact, no effect, no consequences. Now I will want to believe that in dependently Centrist voters do care about the lying and that for when we finally have a democratic nominee. The democratic nominee needs to be equipped to call trump out on the lies during the general election debates or that kind of assembly going to have no chance. I know that we've talked about cognitive decline and that's good conversation to have about Trump, but there's actually a much more obvious condition. Personality disorder, narcissistic, personality disorder and This may make it difficult for the eventual democratic nominee to really effectively call trump out on his lies. First, let's just look at the criteria for
cystic personality disorder, which requires at least five of the following 9a grandiose sense of self importance. That's absolutely something. Trump has a preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty or ideal love from certainly has that I believe that he or she is special and unique and can only be understood by or should associate with other special or high status people or institutions, one hundred percent they need excessive admiration. Obviously I mean it's almost like describing from a sense. Entitlement, of course, in personally exploitive behavior, yes a lack of empathy. Obviously of others or a belief that others are envious of him or her one hundred ten percent, I Deming, stration of arrogant and haughty behaviors or attitudes. Trump hits now out of nine and only type of these are required
criteria for a diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder. So this is what we have it's pretty clear trump. His entire life it's been of the mindset that he just it's to say whatever will get him through the next thirty seconds and it'll all get clean, later- usually by somebody else. So I think that The idea of just having a democratic nominee that will call Trump out about his lies during the debates is. Not going to be as much of an easy win as some people might imagine. Trump is good at one thing, which is surviving the next thirty seconds and if Donald can survive the next thirty seconds and Thirty seconds after that, and then the thirty seconds after that during the debate, that may be enough to keep from losing his supporters, his core supporters because he's to just save, face and get out of the debate when you're president, the live are a major problem for the economy there. A problem for our relationships with other countries, but Donald Trump's approach,
is going to continue to be the same, and it is one of surviving the next thirty seconds say whatever you can to get through the next minute, and then deal with the repercussions on the back end, often Even more lies, so this something that is going to be an issue during the debates. I think it's going to be more difficult than some might imagine for democratic candidate to actually hurt Trump, with Speaking of the general election debates will any network host I, the general debates, have the testicular fortitude for lack of a better term to call out trump. Every time that he lies and call out the demo. A candidate for lies as well by all means, but will they have the bravado and the strength to face the critiques that they have it in for Trump. So speak or will they simply call out that is not Mister president, what you just said is untrue. It's uh! easy moral decision for me, but I can bet
that the networks are going to find it a much more difficult decision to make, and they probably will not call out. Donald Trump's lies during the general election debates. Let me know, I think, make sure you are following the David Pakman show on which which got tv Slash David happen. I will be screaming at this evening at six thirty pm eastern time, and I hope you'll join me that the David Pakman show David Pakman dot com. What if they sponsors, is better help giving our listeners ten percent off their first month when you go to better help, dot com, Slash Hackman, Podcast, better help is an online service that gives you unlimited remote access to your own, fully licensed therapist by way of phone text. Video and chat.
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Just all one word. The David Pakman show David Pakman dot com. This next story, it's so hot in the sense that it confirms that there's an entire political movement for whom politics is just sport and friendships and cronyism, and that nothing about actually helping people or doing what's good for the country matters and I'm going to cover it because it is important, but for different reasons, and some of the headlines are suggesting so Anthony Scaramouche e went on CNN yesterday and breaking news. He says he's no longer supporting re election for Donald Trump. He still a Republican. He likes Trump's policies just hilarious, but that's some one else maybe should run for the Republican Party in twenty twenty and I have to hand it to CNN's John Berman, who was interviewing him. Burma Knicks Lowe's is that this is just a personal problem between Scaramucci Muchi and Trump. It doesn't really have anything to do with
scaramucci, now finding Donald Trump's behavior deplorable, which every normal person should, by the way this is sport and scare Muchis relationship with Trump has soured. Now, the back is is a longtime trump supporter. He was briefly as communications director about ten or eleven days and since being remove from that role so quickly or resigning he may pain, support for trump. Over the weekend, Scerra Muchi made some very light. Criticisms of Donald Trump's visit to El Paso, which was a horrifying visit, I mean the Scerra Muchi- was wrong in that he didn't criticize Trump enough quite frankly, and Trump fired. Back saying, Scerra Muchi knows nothing about me and all sorts of other stuff in Scaramouche E on CNN and starts to sort of sound anti Trump Anthony last weak. When I asked you, if you still supported in the answer, was yes this morning,
when I asked you if you're calling for a change of the top of the ticket, you said it should be considered so or you can no longer as of this morning. It should still be order. I'm I'm in a neutral. I'm now and I'm a I'm a republican, so I'm not switching parties to port, a Democrat I bought, I believe, in the values and the policies that Republican Party, but I'm I'm now neutral on the president you're now nutritional value continues to act now absolutely have to you have to get into a neutral position. Are you are no longer an active mind? You are no longer a at that. I just I just don't want to pass this by the people. You are no longer an active supporter of President Robin is reelection bid. Yeah, I think that's I that's pretty obvious from over the weekend I mean the guys actually dissembling a little bit and he's sounding more and more nonsensical, you know we're sort of Vanessa size to it, and people inside a of washing, oh yeah. That's just president Trump. Just let him act like that. He's still a terrible person,
still believes in the values of the Republican Party still believes in Donald Trump's policies, but changing his tune on Trump, but then John Berman points out and glad that he does it hold on a second Anthony, nothing has changed as far as Trump. All of the reasons that you are claiming are the reasons you no longer support trump or backing off of Trump have been the case, for Trump's language trumps. Tone trumps handling all of this stuff, the only the change is that You and Trump got into an argument over the weekend on Twitter and he where is how Anthony Scaramucci response? I was going to say so one intervening event. Over the weekend was you had a twitter exchange with the President, where he criticized you directly all the other stuff is stuff we've seen from President Trump for years at this point from when he was before president. So so so what changed? Exactly over the last two days? Ok, so yeah
so you so you and Alison have often asked me that if people say well, okay, where's the red line where you you, you you break from your support from somebody, because remember loyalty is symmetrical royal it's not a symmetric, and so what I said to you last week was Jesus. This is really polarizing. This is very, very divisive as a supporter of his caution that we now go in this direction. You brought up stochastic terrorism in our last interview and I suggested ok, okay, I can understand how they shores rhetoric coming from the bully pulpit of the presidency. Could d2 to some unintended tragic consequences. So that's the reality. Long story short he's no longer a supporter of Donald Trump's. Reelection big win. Wow stunning news, one dude who work for Trump for ten days no longer supports reelection, but the chain change isn't really the surprise, because nothing has changed in terms of Trump
Scaramucci, isn't against the politics of Trump, he's not really against the style of Trump or the idiocy of trump or anything else or of the. Publican Party- this is just, happens when it's all about your tribe buddy who scratch is your back Scaramucci endlessly said in this interview. The policies are great. Republicans are great, I'm a republican everything's great. No, they aren't you're just now mad at Trump. You feuding and getting attention and you're no longer supporting reelection and by the way him saying he's neutral like he's no longer a supporter of Trump's reelection, but he's neutral on it. Neutrality, are you serious travel is being complicit in a case like this, and this is a real difference between the left and the right. Last week I told you about Republicans in Texas, trying to come. A secret recording of Republicans talking about a hit list. So let me just remind you what that was in Texas
I believe it was a republican pack. Guy went to the republic in Texas State speaker of the house, I'm going from memory and they the conversation where they were talking about a hit list. What Republicans do Republic, want to target in primaries, in Texas and the, Republican Party attack Republicans at large and national Republicans decided after hearing the tape wow this is really damaging. We need to cover this up and make sure that no one ever, tape, never sees the light of day on the left, We would want that recording out immediately, okay, I found out that there was a recording of Bernie or Warren or whoever saying horrible things or of some left wing group conspire, to do whatever I want to know who's toxic. I want to know who's destructive. I want the tape out. We need to get these, out of our movement and move on as It is possible for the right it's just sports, and this is another example- does Anthony Scerra Muchi Action,
We believe that Donald Trump's policies are good for the United States, like he says. Maybe maybe he always has. Maybe he never did, but it's what he saying. It's not even really what's at issue, because it's just sport, it's checking boxes. It's winning Friends- Scaramucci lost a friend and now he's neutral under Donald Trump being reelected. These are truly sick and amoral people, but that's what makes them hard to fight we've got to find a way to do it, but it is just sport. It's checking box. And even when they back off of supporting a bad candidate or bad ideas. It's rarely actually because of a change of heart. It's some kind of interpersonal conflict as we're seeing here, many of you know. I was born in Argentina. My family came to the United States when I was five years old because economy was terrible in Argentina, in nineteen, eighty, nine and since then, Tina has had
downs and bigger downs and very few ops. Quite frankly- and things are now a imploding in Argentina, and I thought I would talk about it. A little bit economy in Argentina has been disastrous for a long time now I mean really leading all the way back to when my family left in nineteen. Eighty, nine, a combination of inflation, foreign debt, terrible leaders, not properly the managing natural resources and and other resources. In a sustainable but economically advantageous way, anything, you can imagine basically has gone bad in Argentina. Now Christina Kirchner was president from two thousand and seven to twenty fifteen, and she one of the most corrupt students in a long time and to say that in Argentina that says a lot ill self Enrichment literal. Flying millions of dollars in cash out of the country on small planes, death
stating the argentinean economy in a lot of ways. A lot actually like Hugo Chavez in Venezuela raping and pillaging Argentina's resources for her own gain, while touting populist sounding rhetoric and being ostensibly quote on the left, but not of any left that I can consider myself a part of now ultimately lost in twenty fifteen and was replaced by by Mauricio? Makati Makati is very different from Kirshner but also problematic, less overtly and cartoonishly corrupt but a center right, trumpian vulture capitalist. I mean literally a friend of Donald Trump's, who was looking at doing some trump jets in Argentina. He did some good things. He's done some infrastructure stuff, a high, city bus in Buenos Ritis, putting money into public works and some other infrastructure, but meanwhile the argentinian peso has continued to fall in value and the inflation.
Discontinued unheard of inflation by american standards really horrible stuff. To give you a sense, back two thousand and sixteen the exchange rate was about thirteen to one argentinian peso to usd dollar in, last few months it's gotten as high or as low as forty five argentinian pesos to one US dollar. Terra for. Everyone in Argentina creates all sorts of problems that gets us this past Sunday, Sunday Argentina, had sort of equivalent of the primary elections that are called boss, Opso, which stands for something which I forget. But it's a different primary. It's uh! uh an election to determine who will be final election ballot, but it's people from all parties and the top vote getters are on the final ballot ballot, and it turns out that Christina Kirchner is back on the ballot, not as president, but as vice president
to another guy named Fernandez. Now what you have to understand is that Christina Khorchin is because her husband, who was so a president in Argentina was named Kirshner, her unmarried, her unmarried name maiden name. I don't know if that's an appropriate term was for so the whole gimmick here Is Fernandez and Fernandez a guy named Fernandez, with Cristina Fernandez as as his running mate and they, get the plurality of the vote in the Paso elections. Forty three percent of the vote Meanwhile, there have been indictments of Christina that had potential prison time attached to them, which will likely go nowhere. And now she is one step closer to being. In the Pink House, The argentinian equivalent of the White House of the United States. It very likely with forty three percent. It is very likely that, for and Fernandez are going to win the general election in October and, of course, this is
instantly disastrous. The peso collapse is even more going in one day from forty four something to one to fifty three to one okay, this is single day, currency devaluation of more twenty percent. In one day, and things are so blindly hyper partisan in Argentina that immediately the pro people say the currency crash after the election. Results was because lots of corrupt people in not these administration are realizing. The game is over and they are now getting their money out of the country which is crash the currency, that's an allegation of which there is actually no evidence at this point in time. The bottom line, even my family, there are big divisions on argentinian politics. I don't talk with them about any of it part of it, is I live in the United States. I don't want to be the outsider, who, when I visit starts
tending to know everything and and of a situation that they are living day to day but it is so toxic and people say such insane things to either defend or attack whoever on their side, but the bottom line is this is looking very bad. The currency is increasingly worth less and less this may, people salaries worth less and less. This makes inflation go up there on the verge. Putting back in one biggest reapers and pillagers the argentinean economy that there has been, and even people who have what would be reasonably good jobs in many countries are very poorly off as a result of what is going on with currency and inflation and everything else. It's sad I think things are going to be, quite frankly, extraordinarily screwed up for a very long time in Argentina, and now the starting from Makati to not eat. Stay until the general election in October, like just to leave the Christine
People are saying have to go now You staying as of an effective, lame duck until October is terrible. The economy and the It's implode and you've just got to go. If you think that talk to a trumpist is difficult. Try talking politics in Argentina. It's really really bad. We have Voicemail number: that number is two thousand one hundred and ninety two David p here, call are asking. Why won't? I talk about left wing racism, hi David first caller. I would just wondering if you could talk about something that really concerning which is the racist. Some of the left. Ok,. Oh yeah, and it gets cut off there. Tell me what left doing racism you want me to talk about. I mean listen. I've talked about uh comments from supposed leftists who tweet things like. I will not vote for any white or male candidate in twenty twenty.
I believe that is a Discrimina Tori Comment and I called it out and the purse. Who tweeted that tried to get me fired from my adjunct, teaching position that I had last year at Boston College. I've talked about Anti Semitism on the left so, I have no problem talking about racism on the left, to the extent that it exists, and it does, although it is different and not as significant as racism on the right, but it exists, and I talk about it but tell exactly what racism it is? You want me to address, and I will gladly do it on His bonus show. We will talk about an FDA warning that drinking bleach will not cure cancer or autism. Yes, this is something that is spreading. In pseudo science communities. We will talk. The Trump Administration rule which would penalize immigrants for needing benefits and availing themselves of those benefits and much much more too, ways to get access to the bonus show number one become a member
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