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7/13/21: COVID Resurges, Cuban Protests Explode

2021-07-13 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Protests in the streets of Cuba explode as COVID rages and the economy collapses, causing political opportunism in the United States, as countries scramble to put in place measures to stop the spread

--Republicans suddenly care about discrimination when it comes to the unvaccinated population of the United States

--Donald Trump owns the Republican Party, and ignoring him would not change that

--Donald Trump's former election fraud lawyer Jenna Ellis quits the Republican Party on live television, but it's all radical and pathetic

--Fox News ran an on-screen disclaimer during Donald Trump's recent lie-riddled CPAC speech to try to avoid further legal trouble

--COVID re-surges globally and in the United States, where cases are now up 69%,

--Voicemail caller appears to have angrily misunderstood what was previously explained about Haiti and the Dominican Republic

--On the Bonus Show: WHO warns against mix & match vaccines, CA Gov Gavin Newsom can't label himself Democrat on recall ballot, 60% of millennials earning $100k+ living paycheck to paycheck, much more...

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This is an unofficial transcript meant for reference. Accuracy is not guaranteed.
I want to start today with what is happening. Cuba, which is both a horrifying and its fascinating. It politically relevant and, of course, were all globally, as will talk about in a moment, every entry in some way dealing with not just corona virus generally, but also at this resurgence of the virus, despite vaccination, starting to roll out because of the very contagious dealt a variant. All of this relates to what's going on in Cuba, oh. Let's start, there are very good article in the BBC explaining a generally speaking. What's her, being in Cuba right now. If you ve not been following it, there are essentially three
who's here that are leading to massive protests in Cuba. First is, as is written here, the corona virus crisis, the protests, the BBC rights appear to be the result of societal exhaustion stemming from Cute economic and health crises, the pandemic and economic measures taken by the government have made life in Cuba increasingly difficult the of the island, which had kept the pandemic under control in twenty twenty has seen. Infections explode in recent weeks weeks will look at those numbers momentarily but records in terms of daily infections in terms of deaths, the health care system on the brink of collapse. That is one piece of it and the hashtag S so S. Cuba has
been trending on twitter. This is one of the Vienna one of the areas that oh, we ve seen open slightly in Cuba is that of internet access, and now that leading to the S so S, Cuba, Hashtag, which the government is not thrilled with, and we will talk about that in a moment number to the ECB like situation, tourism is one of the main engines for the cuban economy, almost completely paralysed as a result of the corona virus pandemic. In addition, Cuba is seeing inflation blackouts, food sort shortages as well as shortages of medicine and basic products. Those aren't you wishes, but they have been particularly worse lately. At the beginning of the year, the government proposed a new package of economic reforms that, while increasing wages, triggered a spike in prices, prices, economists such as Pavlov a doll from the punt
he seemed to have any Anna University of Kali in Colombia estimate prices could rise between five hundred and nine hundred percent in the next few months, starting to look like my birth country of Argentina, from the standpoint of inflation and then number three internet access before Sunday, the largest protests Cuba had seen since the start of Castro's Communist Revolution took place in August of ninety four. Many Cubans had no idea what happen because of lack of internet access. Thirty years on the scenario is different under the presidency of Roll Castro Cuba has liberalized taken some liberalizing steps which increased internet connectivity and, as I mentioned earlier, as a result of that Cubans have been using social networks to express dissatisfaction with the government, mainly young people, now have access to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and this platform was. These platforms were used to organise the protests
oh, then we look at will. What is the Eu S perspective on this because the? U S has had crippling sanctions on Cuba. For a very long time, sanctions that, while I am not a communist and I am against the way that Cuba has operated with no open elections for decades, despite promises made during the nineteen fifties and Sixtys, I'm completely against that. I also recognise the total hypocrisy of the. U S saying well, we can't tacitly endorse the way Cuba is run and so were putting sanctions on them, and yet we have the relationship we have with Saudi Arabia and many other countries. Ok, I've talked about that before Joe Biden yesterday, during a press event bringing up the cuban protest, sang the? U S stands with the people of Cuba. Take a look at this, who can also want to start by recognise remarkable progress in place in Cuba
he would people demanding their freedom from our turn regime I think we have seen like this what time is, quite frankly, ever the United States stands firmly with the people of Cuba. Is there a certain personal rights and because the gum to refrain from violence in our attempts to silence the voice of the people of Cuba. So closely following developments in Haiti. So this is a complicated issue and anybody either you you ve, got a lot of very right wing Cubans in Florida, for example, who love trump? and who are saying, we need to continue crushing the cuban government and punishing the we're just punishing the people. If we do that, on the other hand, we also have to recognise that
Part of why things are the way they are in Cuba is because of american policy towards Cuba for decades, and so anybody who wants to sort of pigeon hole me on this issue and table. But so David are you for or against or what you. But now we have to recognise that, on the one hand, the U S has had a major role in keeping things worse in Cuba. Then they could otherwise be we should be easing the sanctions that Trump put in Remember that Barack Obama eased some sanctions. Donald Trump came in and reinstituted alot of those sanctions and all Joe Biden is, on the one hand, sing were with the cuban people. The very sanctions that Joe Biden has not ease that were put back in place by Donald Trump are part of why things are so bad. At the same time, I have been unquestionably against the authoritarian regime in Cuba all of this time, but we must recognise
the U S is friendly with many authoritarian regimes, and so singling out Cuba has been a hypocrisy for decades. Obviously, my main concern is the cuban people, and these are massive and significant protests because of the internet access. This may be that what we are seeing the repression from the police state of Cuba and we're getting reports of veto officers on every corner and any
everything you can imagine I would go on is going on. At the same time, we can't ignore the? U dot S role in Cuba being at least partially the way that it is now we'll see over the next forty eight hours, the direction that the government response to the protest is going to take. I am repulsed today truly repulsed by having to do this story, but we are seeing a massive covid resurgence right now, which is leading to some countries and stating health passes, new vaccine requirements, speculative third vaccine doses and much much more and it's all because we aren't vaccinating enough people in some parts of the world because they don't yet have vaccines in the United States, because we have so many ignorant anti vaxxers here in the United States. Daily cases are now up. Listen to this sixty nine percent,
sixty nine percent cases up in the United States. Globally cases are now up twenty four percent. What is happening? The delta variant, combined with not enough vaccination? Ok, the delta variant, is about sixty percent, more contagious than the original variant it spreading. Yes, mostly among on vaccinated people. That is a testament to the effectiveness of the vaccines, but it's not exclusively among the on vaccinated, because the vaccines are one hundred percent effective and the vaccines we're not designed specifically
to be tailored to the delta variant and right now, as many people in the United States continue to refuse to get vaccinated. Things are increasingly pointed to a very ugly fall of twenty twenty one. I am fully expecting at this point. You know three months ago I said in the fall as we get into flew season. I would be fine with saying hey. We ve got to go back to masks at the grocery store and stuff like that. At this point, I am fully expecting that masks are coming back on in the fall, in a widespread manner, unless people really go out and get back sedated right now, as a result, look at what's going on around the world. Remember much of the world doesn't yet have access to back seems like we have in the? U S. In France, the President, a manual mccrone, is putting in place new health rules, including the Eu Digital covert certificates.
We will call this the health pass and it's going to be mandatory. If you want to go to any cultural venue, you wanna go to the movies. You will have to be using the health pass starting in August. The health pass will be mandatory to go to cafes shops and restaurants, as well as trains and planes. Among other places, France is also going to require healthcare workers be vaccinated if they want to continue working around patients and in health care, eggs in Israel one of the most vaccinated countries in the world. They are now starting third doses of the Pfizer vaccine for the most at risk adults. Why? Its relatively speculative there's the idea that a third dose might provide more protection partake? only four at risk folks. It is not something that the W h o says his indicated. The w h shows has, let's keep giving first doses to completely on vaccinated people, but desperation is growing as even
Israel is seeing ok, it's a very little increase in cases. Israel is so highly vaccinated that it's not a big increase, but there are more breakthrough cases happening in Israel as well as dealt a variant cases among people who have not been vaccinated. Tennessee has now fired its top vaccine official because covered nineteen is showing signs of me ass if spread in Tennessee. California cases are now up a hundred and eighty one percent compared to the previous week. So is there any good news? The good news continues to be. We have a tool that works really well against the delta variant. If we all use it and when a vaccinated person does get infected, they are overwhelmingly completely asymptomatic. Most breakthrough vaccinated infections are ace him domestic. Not all
all and there are vaccinated people who have died, understand that now in the? U S, officials or sing. Almost all recent hospitalizations in deaths are on vaccinated people. That's true, but not all, and this is a community effort. This is a joint effort here there are countries that, as they get access to the vaccine
are already seeing way more interest in getting it than we have seen in the United States. Look at Canada, for example. Canada got significant vaccine access much later than the United States, and yet there quickly catching up to the? U S in terms of per capita. Second doses, so we need to deal with anti boxers somehow and there are real concerns about what things look like in the fall. If we don't do that, just look at the numbers- these are not vague in it, so easy to hear these headlines. Oh it's more contagious o of some people, dont want to give it that and have the sum total disconnect from the fact that this means people develop symptoms that gets so bad that they go to the hospital and some of them never come out and
can mostly be avoided just by going and getting vaccinated. So the fall. I understand that this is becoming overwhelmingly a pandemic of the Un Vaccinated, but not completely, and it's not as simple as well. If you don't want to get vaccinated you're the only one at risk. That is not the case, all right so was we had into the fall we're going to continue at watching this by the way. Also, as we had into the fall, the David Pachmann Show will be hitting our sixteen year anniversary, our sixteenth animals, three, I believe, is the right way to say, and in fact, on August sixteenth, we will be doing a one day. Sixty the year membership blow out. I would love for you to join the ranks of membership to celebrate our sixteenth year at really the start of the seventeenth year. Right. Ok
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other great member benefits, including a commercial free audio feet of the show every day, a commercial free, video feed of the show today and more sign of it join pachmann dot com take a discount. If you want the coupon code, better, twenty one saving you a pretty penny as the kids, these days. This you are not going to believe, or maybe you are and like. Maybe that's the problem that it so predictable republic Answer now really really concerned about wait for it. Discrimination now you might say well discrimination against too is. Is it they now care discrimination against racial main minorities, which they previously said doesn't happen. No, that's not it does the right now care about discrimination against the poor. No, no, no! No, the still. Ok, criminalizing poverty in many cities. dates. Are they now worried about discrimination against women? No Anti Semitism Are they ready to finally say we can have? No it's not that either. Republicans are now really
Lee concerned about discrimination against non vaccinated people choosing not to get vaccinated against the coded virus, we are now seeing state republican lawmakers across the country propose an advocate for new bills. one of which is already law which would protect on vaccinated people in the way that people are already protected. Based on race, gender, and religion, and even wing beyond the way many states protect folks on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Think about that it is still legal to discriminate against people based on sexual orientation, real or perceived gender, identity, real or perceived in more than twenty states Yukin fire people or say you can't do business at my store based
on sexual orientation and gender identity and more than twenty states, but suddenly republicans want to protect anti back sirs in the same way that race and religion are protected. What a country we live in the way these bills would work if they become law, and one of them has become law, is that they would ban businesses from saying you wanna work here in person you ve gotta, be vaccinated. Businesses would be banned from doing that. If these bills become law or businesses wouldn't be allowed to say you have to be vaccinated to be a customer of our business, we ve already seen in fact, in aid and on vaccination sections at some sporting of venue, sporting event facilities. We ve already seen Republicans call vaccination programmes and masks like Nazi ISM, like apartheid like the Holocaust and now they're saying treat being against the vaccine. Just like we treat being black or being Christian under the
ah now consider something particularly absurd about this. One of the reasons that Republicans often don't want sexual orientation protected in the same way that race is protected or religion is protected, is they say? Well, sexual orientation is a choice. We don't protect just choices that people make everybody straight. Some people choose to live a gay life. Now this is, of course not true, it's not true, but if you were to grant that to them and say: ok, your principle, is you only want to protect inherent traits and you dont consider sexual orientation inherent you're of the mindset that people choose their sexual orientation are being vaccinated? Is a choice being vaccinated ism
questionably, something you can control. You can't control, whether your black white or asian, you can control whether you have a disability. You can't control your age, you can control. The country you were born in vaccination is a choice and you can control it and its Republicans who have been saying. We don't protect things that are choices under the law. Now I would go even further because I've said before there are good arguments that religion should not be present. did as a class, because it's a choice now there are people who will say well kinder mean you're brought up in a religion. So it's not totally. Like I mean yeah, you can leave the religion, but your kind of born into it, because your family's religion is what's at least initially passed on to you. But but- or you might say well yet the thing about religion, even though its choices the countries is really was based on the concept of religious freedom, either
to be whatever religion you want or not to be any, and so there's something special about religion in terms of the founding of the country, and thus it should be protected. However, you assess religion and it being a choice. Vaccination is unquestionably more of a choice, so why should it be protected? And these are the same folks who say businesses shouldn't be regulated, let them do what they want, except if what they want is to say hey. If you choose not to get a vaccine, you can't worker- or maybe you can shop here- oh dear, no, that's too much all of a sudden. For these very same Republicans, we need to ban that and by banning that what were saying is impose more regulation on businesses. They say there against business regulation. This is very heavy handed business regulation. So it's a total hypocrisy. It's another double standard, but where it is consistent, it's that it's another way for repair
looking to play the victim. They are the victims, as told by their imaginary narratives, and the reality is that discriminating against people based on actions is how things should go in. The cases and what I mean by that is when people behave in a way that anti social or dangerous to public health or whatever shouldn't businesses be able to say we will sanction, those individuals not because of who they are, but because of what they have chosen to do, and one such such sanctioning is Fiona vaccinated. You can't shop here. You can't work here, because you are a risk to the people that are here. Basically, the principle that actually is at play is, if it affects then it's discrimination as they see it, and then you need regulation to stop it truly vile people and while, fortunately, at the federal level, this Anti backs crusade isn't getting much oxygen. They are having some success at the state level, one
These bills has already become law and we have to really be on guard for it because they are pushing hard and they already have one victory. It's horrible horrible stuff. The world sees this and they say sirs. What are you doing? What are you doing, and I don't have the answer- I'm as embarrassed by it as many around the world are our guys. It is time to have a conversation that I predict. Many in the audience are not going to like. I have seen this trend over the last few. Days as I and others have been covering see pack the republican conference over the weekend and the trend is people saying, hey, progressives Trump is over forget about Trump. Don't talk about Trump, don't talk about C pack, never mentioned Donald Trump. Again he lost he's gone he's irrelevant now I must operate in reality, and the reality right now is that there are two major political parties in the United States. One of them is the Republican Party and their care
that it Donald Trump received. Seventy four million votes in twenty twenty that very same Donald Trump, easily crushed every one in the sea. Packs drop whole from this weekend, which we looked at yesterday, the numbers are not even close now. I know a lot of people want to wish or do wish. Donald Trump was irrelevant but no one other than trompe and republican Governor Rhonda Santas is even polling more than one percent right now in the sea, packs Rocco, as you can see, in the results that we have on screen, Donald Trump pulled. Seventy percent in the sea packs Tropical Rhonda Santas was at twenty one, and then you ve got a bunch of one per centres: Rand, Paul Nicky, Hayley, TED Crews and Tucker Karlsson of those people. I think only Tucker Karlsson even has a shot at significantly growing. His level of support
Tucker Karlsson decided I wanna RO my level of support and maybe look at being the republican nominee partially because of his media platform. So I wish Trumpery event, but ignoring him won't make him irrelevant. Trump is incomplete and total control of the Republican Party. He owns the Republican Party right now. We could wish him we. We could wish that he be irrelevant, but he's not in much the same way that not paying attention and twenty sixteen is partially. What led him to winning the republican primary and subsequently becoming president of the United States, pretending that this guy doesn't have an incredibly devout fervor, feverish following could potentially lead to the exact same thing in twenty twenty four and there's people already emailing me saying that I want to hear it. I was the people that made this mistake in twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen. I overestimated the intelligence of the black and electorate when you overestimate their intelligence. You get crushed and I never thought they would be so ignorant that they would make from their nominee, but they
and then many on the left, myself included, didn't really take the threat of prompt seriously in the general election, and next thing you know he's president of the United States, he's miss handling covert, he's humiliating us globally and the rest is history now Trump, one by very few votes in a few states and twenty sixteen. He lost by slightly more in twenty twenty. But again it was not that many votes and not that many states that pushed the electoral victory to Joe Biden, the popular vote, victory. Of course, Biden ran away with, and this level of devotion
from the Republican Party, who were activated by imaginary threats of Joe Biden, Communism and Joe Biden, Marxism and Common Harris's socialism? They are ripe for crushing Democrats in twenty twenty two and twenty twenty four now political scientist Rachel Bid, a coffer has been writing about this quite a bit. She feels people are paying enough attention, we're going to speak to Rachel. I believe it's on Thursday this week and that's assuming she's fully recovered from her appendicitis she's been treating about it. We wish her well and she is very concerned about- this is well, I understand, being sick of trump and being completely embarrassed that he still getting this adulation and support from the republican party. But this guy is very much in control right now. Is it sad that these are the people leading the sea? Packs drop all right now, of course, itself
Is it globally humiliating that, after everything we ve suffered, including I mean the deadly mismanagement of the covert pandemic, that Trump did is it globally humiliating that is pulling? Seventy percent of the sea packs tropical? Of course, it is, of course it is the global humiliation without a doubt, but this is what it is. And he may win, and we d gain anything by ignoring it and in fact, I think, we're more at risk of that happening if we just pretend that Trump is a bygone at this point in time. If you disagree with me, I want to hear from you, but it can't be a personal attack, guys it really cap, if you, if you believe that the left ignoring trump
would make a difference. We disagree, but I'm hoping to hearing why and will have more about this particular story on our instagram if you're not following the David Bagman show on Instagram at this point out an away you're doing crossword puzzle, maybe which are fun by the way, but Instagram is cool to a follow us on Instagram at David Pachmann show we will take quick break and be back with much more right after this One of our sponsors, its steady m d, primary care, the easier and more affordable, waited do primary care in their giving you fifty percent off, because you are in my audience. You just answer a few questions, Daddy empty will match you with a licence primary care. Physician, that's tailored to your needs, your have a one hour, virtual appointment and start a meaningful relationship with your new doktor.
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happy, depending on your perspective, because instead we'll get to hear from a few people in our audience right now be discord. The discord. Is it David, backbone, dotcom, slash discord, it's a great discord, it's a good discord and we love it. Let's go first, just to see what's on, oaks minds. Let's go to Desmond from South Carolina Desmond. You were on the air, what's goin on here, guess again overgrown David, I really appreciate your show haven't to them. I recently because my bridge please so I've been noticing a lot with consumers. Then family around me catch where you are in a marathon, their Desmond,
now you know this is the first outbreak gotta catch, you doing great appreciation without even my grandma neoconservative and we were noticing how here in South Carolina there's a lot of places that are, there lay hiring an arm. in some places, are like grandma racing always because all people are too lazy to evolve. There can always welfare ripe and unemployment It may be triggered a thing. It may guerrillas wall. You know, economics class is becoming a perfect moment to raise minimum wage and why are we talking about their color basic How much does well because a lot of people and listen? This is real conservatives and liberals. Everybody does this to some degree you
identify a symptom, and then you say it's a symptom that proves my politics are the right ones so, on the left, People see hey, there's jobs remaining unfilled, it's because the wages are too low, raise the minimum wage. Why? Because left already wants to raise the minimum wage. On the other hand, the right which doesn't want to raise the minimum wage but wants to, and welfare sees jobs going unfilled and they say well, you ve got to reduce welfare. It's too cushy to stay at home. You know that the truth is we're in kind of a unique situation right now because of the pandemic, where enhanced unemployment has made it so that there are people who otherwise would have no choice but to go and get a job who have been able to stay on unemployment, earning a little more than they normally would its ending in September and, as I said before, most people want to work. Most people derive meaning
being involved in something and not just from sitting at home? Any welfare system will have free riders, but if it's properly calibrated, you don't have to worry about that. I think this is gonna resolve itself in September October, or November yeah. I didn't know about all this ended in September. It is interesting to me because I notice that unemployment number slowly back down about four percent yuppie spot. You know but still like her, and I noticed other states surely, when I looked into it, are actually resolving the issue. Quite where they easily How do you pages that in their illegal cable, will pay more, but there's a lot of places here, even like bigger beings is like on the oceans are having should troubles heart people, because our in our minimum wage and software Llanos seven only by right here. I think that this is going to look very different in October. Money appreciate limit our ethics. Does
great call off from South Carolina love it let's go next to let's go to day from Brooklyn Dave, you were on the air. hey David. How are you doing tonight? I'm doing well. First thing I want to thank you because every day my drive home from work- I listen to you all- know you to minimum gets me two trends thanking I'm listening. I could live in New York City commute high school teacher. I in the bronx- and I was wondering, thinking about for me because I have been pressing for a few years now about the lack of progress that comes from democratic party as far as normal liberal minded person, but only the first ever happening more because we keep wanting losing is wrong. Word. We keep feeling too ass meaningful progressive legislation, and I think a lot of it is due to complacency
which I think comes back to something you talk, my love, which lack of distant logical skills and my wanted your opinion on. I see that these on both sides- and I just feel that, because on the less we get add more accurate information and are media sources are generally more honest. Therefore, it doesn't shown as much as it does on the right, but I feel, and then this what I want European on that, because marred feeling education system in a lot of ways we don't have on the left, we also lack alarm- was dismissed his heels and I'm afraid that in the future that may come to come to the forefront in a way that more meaningful than it does now because of the lack of commitment on the Rhine. Obviously,
it has come to work. So I think that you're not wrong that the left suckers soft suckers, the left, suffers from a lack of a piss them illogical skills to to some degree I dont think that's actually the source of the left being ineffective in the United States. I think it's actually a lack of rhetorical skill. I think it's it's enjoy Lay off his written about this lot. Thomas Frank has talked about this a lot we on the left. When you actually sit down and explain to people not with a one line. Slogan like if you think about the one line slogans on abortion right, hey the right is pro life anything other than that is anti life. That's really effective if you just go with a one liner when you really sit down with people- and you explain stuff to them whether it's about you,
ten years ago when you really talked in detail about gay marriage, or you talk about health care. Now, whenever the case may be, the country is much more on the left, then the representatives that we elect so what's the problem, I dont think its lack of a pistol, illogical skill. I think its lack of risk Oracle skill by the left combined with- and this is the other part- that's important- lack of a willingness to sort of just like power through the way that the right I mean what Mitch Mitch Mcconnell I find to be a vile and and immoral person, but he's essentially republican hero, not only for what he's been able to get done for Republicans over the last decade. But what he's been able to stop Democrats from doing like if you're a republican, you ve gotta love Mitch, Mcconnell forward? What has been able to do so? I think the debt, the deficits for the Democrats are twofold. One lack of rhetorical skill, talking about these issues in ways that connect with voters more a number to serve
lack of willingness to I'm not saying go low in like commit crimes and do immoral things, but like get down and really use whatever league legal methods, we can use to actually get things done. I think those are the issues: marriage oh yeah, of course. So if I'm understanding, rightly so talk like a cold he's going to show when you were talking about you showing clips of some from sports its impact, and they were talking about getting out of the local local activism bright, wondering you know what you're talking about related in any way to like the fact locked, her affection, gerrymander ring in the drug war and local local border populations, all that kind of stuff. That seems to be a place where we belong and Democrats can absolutely- and I guess that would be the third piece which is the right, is just better at local politics than the left. It sucks that that's the case but they're just and by better I dont mean they're like inherently better. I dont mean they're, smarter they're, just doing it there
they're carrying it out in a more effective way that include school boards, PDA City, council, etc? Yet the Democrats the democratic either. I don't really care about the Democratic Party as a party, to the extent that we can get some progressive things done through the Democratic Party great, but I don't find it to be a remotely competent political party. Thank you. So, much to my pleasure, aright wow excellently the these collars are basically as good as the gas we were going to have. Some really can't complain, let's go next to from this from Chicago from this year near Burundi the year on year. How are you I'm doing I thank you, so I saw some other countries are testing out for day work week,
good luck yet we cover that on the bonus show last week. Ok, so I'm thinking that some states in you should try this, and I have seen some justifications stating things like, while the five day work week was based on one family, member and the typical household staying home in care things on person being that breadwinner. So I was just wondering what you are thinking of the justifications to move to a four day work. Week. I've heard of the productivity, but I just thought thought to get your comments on the yet. What are you? What are you when you say states should try? Deeming states should mandate that businesses only have people work for days you mean like state employees should do it, that's it as a good distinction. I was thinking possessed of a labour law within a certain states. Yet
You never gonna happen, but let's look at that aside, I mean it's not gonna happen and attempting to put that aside, here's why I think, for four days a week is, is very interesting. There is a real difference between have two days off versus three days off a week and when you have the three days off and you ve got that middle day, where you were off yesterday in your off tomorrow. I think that psychologically, there's a massive benefit to that end. The benefit to that is that then people or more productive on the four days that they are working even if, in total, there working slightly fewer hours, we ve sort of adopted this David Pachmann, showing that we film our five shows each week in four days so like were were not off on Friday, but it's sort of like catch up administrative work. You know everybody has the stuff. We work on Fridays, but like the core filming, is all happening for days a week, and I know for me psychologically when word: on Thursday is oh, I'm not doing like a core.
Filming day, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, that's really great, and I think it makes me significantly more productive Monday Monday through Thursday. If I had childcare considerations, I think it would be significant. Lee more convenient and also cheaper from the standpoint of child care. If I have three days and then my significant other has three days you, I think that there are significant benefits. There but yeah, I don't know, there's anything magical about a five day week. Work weakened that the study that we looked at our last week on the bonus show was very positive. As far as echoes after generals, I could use another day things take my call her a producer Don't ok talked you are my pleasure. Thank you very much,
let's see why don't we speak next to her about Danny from LOS Angeles, Danny you're on their aid? If it can you guess again supposed you, will you give me a lot of good talking point psyche, hunt that you flat pleasure? I just have this question were seen from what I've reading and there's like people talk about this sort of this red scare, I'm coming back and new red Scare Mccarthyism cause. I'm curious, but would you thoughts are because we seem like a cause, I'm Zuma so bunch of my friends. They see four thousand unregulated capitalism, and so we are seen like you know the Santa say, like old liberal schools are indoctrinate children reality. I dont think that because
on my school, like even by item in LOS Angeles. So my college allows like Republican, ah they clubs and stuff. But then, if you do sources club, it's a go this way to extreme size wanna. So when are you? Are you saying that your school shut down a socialist club on campus? No like any sort of any, not my school, because democratic socialist their loud but like they say like communist or like any like sway. If they dont have like Democrat, they would make China they would be able, as like an extreme and away so. Your school has said that communist groups would not be allowed. They never explicitly say that but certain, but there the teachers. Can I don't like it, then, with teachers, don't unlike it. So ok, I'm, let's not! Let's get back from that just a little bit, because it's not it that that pieces in making a whole lot of sense. To me,
when you say, a new red Scare Europe, your basically just saying that the right is going to play up fears of communism, and so shall invading the United States just reactionary, that's happening, that's happening and you're, seeing it I mean, listen. Part of the reason is happening is that over the last ten or so years, Republicans moved away completely from policy. There's no more policy, I mean think to think think, see. Pack this past weekend there was no discussion of policy beyond just very vague, like we just need guns and more places. We can't make we'll get vaccines. We got a peep people from getting indoctrinated. There's no positive proposal. Affirmative propose. about how to deliver health care, etc. So, What are you replace it with you, replace it with scare ready, about the other side and part of it is the sort of communism socialism stuff and in a let, let's just be really honest about this
not a communist, I'm not a socialist. I dont want the? U S to be a communist or socialist country, but I recognise that there is no immediate risk of that. oh there's no communists are socialists in positions of power, Joe Biden is a capitalist, and the Eu We just got to be honest about that, but it's not surprising that in the absence of policy they go to fear mongering rhetoric yeah. So do you think it would be like the two extreme of Mccarthyism at that time or it's just going to be like you know what they're doing right now. Everything is so different today than it was during the Mccarthy era that no, I don't think it's the same thing I think it's probably reductive and inaccurate to Satan Mccarthyism. We have something going on right now, that's disguise! thing and horrible, but it's not Mccarthyism, and I wouldn't say that yeah. I was curious because a second thought video cat came out and I thought it was for it. It's like a new red scare thought that we had some
get information? Some here I mean listen. I don't have any problem with people calling it a new red scary, probably gets clicks, something people might identify with in practice. I think we have sort of its own thing where there was a different the reason that is happening now is a republican party that is Wheatley abandoned abandoned even pretending to care about policy in their filling the void with fear the motivations the Mccarthy era where different it. The rhetoric may be similar, though, that I will concede. Ok, thanks, much David, my pleasure taker. You too very much appreciate the call, let's go to a quick break and we will be back with much more right after this. Our sponsor pure Vp N is having a huge fortieth anniversary, sale offering everybody in my audience a subscription for under three bucks a month, pure VP n is a service. I trust because it has Morse.
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is notable, but is notable for different reasons than most of the people who are reacting to it. Think it's notable for out one of Donald Trump, election fraud. Lawyers Jenna Alice quit the Republican Party live on her television programme. Yesterday, she hostess show called the truth Unreal America's voice. I dont know what that is either, but that's what it is. That's what it's called and on that show. Yesterday she Ed she's out she's out of the Republican Party until further notice. But why is she out? Because, as far as she is concerned, the report can party isn't crazy enough. The report in party is in fighting hard enough to argue that Donald Trump actually won the twenty twenty election and so she's, leaving now I'll, explain more and a second. But let's first look at the clip. All of them, including Ryan Mcdaniel, should resign now until they do as if today I am resigning,
the party, I am changing, my voter registration, I'm no longer a republican and tell the party decides that it wants to be conservative again. Even if I stand alone for the truth, I will stand for the truth. A compromised, corrupted majority is not a majority worth being a part of. If we genuinely want to create a more perfect union, we have to stand up for our principles against the corrupted machine of self serving politicians in Washington. So What is this all about? Jenna Ellis quitting, because some emails leaked where a top Republican National Committee lawyer criticizes what Jenna Alice was doing visa. The election fraud with Rooney Giuliani and the whole lot of them in the November election in the months following at an JANET, doesn't like a generous personally insulted. There actually were some people and the Republican Party who were still repelled, guns and I don't agree with them on policy, but there were some Republicans in the Republican Party that realized after the twenty twenty election.
that Joe Biden, one Donald Trump lost, that's it and that when JANET, Alice and really Giuliani and Sydney Powell we're going around the country hold these hearings flying around the country passing covert among themselves. Remember Jenna got it Rudy got it itself, Rudy got it, etc. Claiming these conspiracies about. There were massive dumps in the middle of the night, and there was a van with food and all of this stuff. There were some Republicans, including people like Ronnie, Mcdaniel and others in the Republican Party, who said we look ridiculous were becoming oh. becoming an even bigger laughingstock, they would say it's just were not looking good They were already a laughing stock stock. It was becoming a bigger one, and Jenna Alice is mad that not everybody was on board with her election conspiracy theories and so she's quitting the Republican Party in protest. This isn't a principled and moral Republican sang the party
abandoned me. I will no longer vote for Republicans. I am going the Democratic Party or I'm moving to the left, that that's not what this is it. Someone saying the party isn't nutty enough, I'm too naughty centrally for the Republican Party, and so I'm leaving, and here she is in a painfully long winded clip explaining more about why she's doing this so Jenna. Why would you want to stay in the republican party? You were
doesn't sound like you, I have a home there and I heard I was just passed, a note that you might have an announcement to make regarding your affiliation as a Republican. Yes, while I also announced today that I am leaving the Republican Party until the Republican Party comes back home to conservatives, I will stand up and champion truth. Conservative principles, our declaration independence as America Charter and the U S constitution, but I will not stand and abide by a party that says that we have to support everything that comes under the banner of are, even though its not conservative, Verona, for example, to tweet in affirmation of pride month for this whole infrastructure. But for what Mitch Mcconnell said about president trip in the aftermath of the second impeachment hoax? All of these things are not conserving our principles of liberty and justice for all their, not conserving your constitution. So I'm not going to stand by and support a party that doesn't support my values and if every single Register Republican, whose a true conservative demands
republican Party, okay. So at some point I have to just cut it out. We did this good went on for several more minutes, not not a concise explanation, but all that stuff about the constitution and all of what she sang. What she means is not everyone at the Republican Party is on board with my embarrassing and placid attempts to steal the allow listen and I'm mad that they thought what I was doing didn't make any sense. So the bigger story here is: is this going to develop into a bigger schism or rift in the Republican Party which could damage them in twenty twenty, two, which I would love it's too early to tell remember that? JANET in the pro trump side of the party people like Renault Mcdaniel. I guess there sort of like trump agnostic I think, Mcdaniel realises if the parties voters or with Trump the leadership probably needs to stick with Trump too, but she seems to realise trumpet sort of a cartoon
and so one less is really clear that the voters are abandoning tromp. I dont think this fracture in the party is going to become serious and, as you know, if you ve been watching the show for the last few weeks, republican voters are overwhelmingly with Donald Trump right now. What would be interesting? This is sort of a smaller question. Then, will the party completely crack into well what what's in India in question to consider is whether there will be a real fight as to whether the twenty twenty two can, panes of these of Republicans up for re election will be run on twenty twenty was stolen by Democrats hinge by that's one way. They could run in twenty twenty two. They could run on policy right or they could run on Ito Democrat, Sir Communists and Joe Biden Marxists than that's really really bad might.
instinct is that Trump and the national media figures are going to keep pushing the election was stolen and that's why we need to win two thousand and twenty two narrative, but I think Republicans at the local level at least many of them are going to go with not policy. Now they're not going to go with policies done for this party, local Republicans, or at least Republicans that have to focus on how they talk about the election. In there district with their constituents are going to go with communism and is bad and Democrats, you don't gas prices and marxism and spend spend, spend that type of thing. They ve totally abandoned policy, and that would be an interesting thing to see in twenty twenty two: do they run on the election was stolen or do they run on? We ve got to stop this communism, which of course does exist. I think it will be the ladder,
This is really amazing. This will really be. As far as I know, this is really the final see pack segment for the weak. Okay. So just a bare bear that in mind we covered see. Pack, we covered the speeches we covered. arms lie riddled speech from Sunday already, I'm not doing that again. It was brought to my attention that on Fox NEWS, as soon as Donald Trump started telling his election lies during his speech fox, put up a d Claimer clearly meant to avoid another potential lawsuit over Donald Trump, obviously demonstrably false claims about who won the twenty twenty election, the disclaimer that popped up on the screen on Fox NEWS when Trump started lying about who one said quote the voting system companies have denied the various allegations made by President Trump and his counts Regarding the twenty twenty election, let's look at and listen to a video if you're not watching as soon as tromp starts telling the lies, the disclaimer pops
on the screen election night, we did so much better than they ever thought in their wildest of agitation that they do said the hell with it. Let it go what they did, what they do I'm also waiting in the polls. against Harris has done a lot of people, think the Jos gotta be running, but you never know it's a strange world. and everyone else is going to run on the radical left, whether it's on the democratic side or the ray I love by Republicans, but we're really kickin there s too, but we lover, but we like it because they friends of ours. So it's ok. I think we can say that affectionately now, their great their great and their working hard. That is really something else, but it also relevant that the disclaimer is
that ITALY weak the voting system. Companies have denied the allegations of Trump about the election. It's not just the voting system. Companies have denied it. There is no evidence for it. Sixty law suits have been thrown out. There have been audits and we audits and so called audits and hearings and re hearings, and there should be a statement that says there is no evidence whatsoever of election fraud that would impact the results, even a single state. So on the one hand, its notable that Fox NEWS now that they are under lawsuit from dominion and we'll get to that in a second there, putting up this disclaimer as soon as Trump starts lying, but then the other part of this either side of this is the disclaimer is pathetically weak. It's a disclaimer that basically puts too claims of fraud and dominions, denials of fraud on the same footing right. It's ok, so Trump is claiming fraud,
and dominion voting systems has denied the fraud. It's kind of like a both sides thing Fox NEWS is saying that we were telling you what each side it. Is saying that said? But if you do news, you should be able to say there is absolutely no evidence of what Donald Trump is claiming here it's not just tromp claims and dominion denies, and in fact it's not just fear of lawsuits. That's at play. Fox news is being sued, Fox NEWS is being sued by D. in voting systems and not only that not only that in this very same lawsuit just a few days ago, Dominion Voting systems has subpoenaed, Rudy, Giuliani, Sidney Powell and my pillow CEO, Michael and Dell, in that very lawsuits. This is very actively very real, but it still
All are really weak. Disclaimer Fox NEWS had guts or any concern for journalistic integrity. They would say the election was one fairly by President Biden, contrary to Donald, prompt claims. The election was one fairly by Joe Biden. There is no evidence at all that supports Donald Trump claims. Instead they do this pathetic lasted weak disclaimer but the fact that their doing it at all. We know why it's because of what's going on legally at this point in time we were following the lawsuit. There's been no real news on it. Recently, they ve sent these subpoenas to Rudy Sidney Powell and Michael indeed, we don't know, what's actually going to happen as far as their involvement in the suit goes, but we will keep you posted about it, but Foxen is doing the absolute minimum. It sort of like a back page of retraction that nobody sees, but the new
paper hopes clears them legally. That's what Fox NEWS is doing here. We have a voice mail number, and that number is too one nine to David P. I have to tell you I'm worried that I am just terrible Munich hating with my audience, in what I mean by that is sometimes, I think, I'm being clear about what I'm saying And then I get a voice smell like this one, and I start wondering what the hell is going on with my communication skills. Maybe I really can't express myself effectively. This is related to my story. Last week about what's going on in Haiti and explaining some of the racist analyses of the economic difference, between Haiti in the Dominican Republic, and then I got this voicemail. Take a lesson. Gravy.
Sir talking about man, and I'm talking about the sick man that you did you regard to Haiti now under the many can Republic, cocaine that we come from the European Defence, which I absolutely disagree, be american prompted the many computer right into american matter. Fact. If you pay attention to any scourge that includes dominican player, more players are, you will see, are not all european descent right. We have all range of callers when it comes to people, we have black, we have whites and we have a lot of between right and for the most part, we are complex.
I've been in the population and talking about of people that are either of dark skin color. Listen what I explained last week was for people who may be aware that Haiti and the Dominican Republic Share in Ireland the island of spun Yoda, but Haiti is significantly worse off economically. I wanted people to know that there is a very common racist story. That's told about why the Dominican Republic is better off than Haiti. This story that the racists tell is Haiti is mostly people of african origin, black people, whereas the Dominican Republic is much more significantly comprised of what we would would call latino and european origin, meaning white people now
The actual breakdown is that Haiti is almost completely african, whereas the Dominican Republic is only eleven percent african. Sixteen percent white slash what we would call european and seventy two percent mix, which includes european and other things. Ok, I wasn't saying, The Dominican Republic is a european country. I was explaining that the truth about the disparities between in Haiti and the Dominican Republic are quite complex and they relate to geography. They relate to whether they relate to deforestation and that job a diamond has written a lot about this. That's the real story: the wrong story is that there are people who, like that, say Haiti's worse off, because it's mostly black people and the Dominican Republic is not an that's true, but am I really any? Should I quit? Is that of it? I feel it. I don't know if it's,
here it somebody else, but I feel like I am not up. I must not be communicating effectively. As I was trying to say, this is the story, that's told it say wrong story. Ok, let's move on. We have again bonus, show for you today, the world. Health organization is warning against mixing and matching covert vaccines, but many people are doing it in. I know people in fact that have done this. We will also talk about the Gavin Newsome Recall in California, and we will talk about Millennials living pay check to pay check on over one four thousand dollars a year. Ok, all of those stories and more on today's bonus show don't miss it sign up at joint happened, dot com to get in Access- and I will see
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