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7/22/21: Trump Riot Commission Fiasco & They Keep Attacking Fauci

2021-07-22 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Dean Baker, Senior Economist at the Center for Economic and Policy Research and visiting professor at the University of Utah, joins David to discuss the state of the economy, whether we're heading to a recession, and much more

--Nancy Pelosi bans Congressmen Jim Jordan and Jim Banks from participating in the upcoming January 6 Trump riot commission, and Republicans absolutely lose their minds in response

--Republicans decide to push dangerous, baseless conspiracy theories in response to the January 6 Trump riot probe

--Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit, including about whether COVID will ever end in the United States, George W Bush's comments about Afghanistan, and much more

--Suddenly, conservatives claim to care about COVID vaccines and getting people vaccinated

--Republican Senator Rand Paul now says he would like to see Dr. Anthony Fauci criminally charged

--Anti-vaccine Trump conspiracy theorist and public servant Linda Zuern has died of COVID

--Voicemail caller asks how conservatism and the Republican Party became as unhinged and disconnected from reality as they have become

--On the Bonus Show: Ben & Jerry's Israel controversy, states propose $26 billion opioid settlement, CA couple whose gender-reveal party caused wildfire charged with 30 crimes, much more...

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What start today, with this continued fiasco involving the January six Trump Riot Commission, it is absolutely stunning what is going on and what has happened over the last twenty four hours, although not altogether surprising, if you ve been following the Republican Party for the last several years. So yesterday I told you on the show that a House minority leader Republican Kevin Mccarthy, had selected five Republicans to beyond the new version of the January six Commission, which will investigate what the, how happy And on January Sixth, now remember this commission.
instead of the one that was proposed originally months ago, which Republican said absolutely no two and, as I pointed out yesterday, at least two of the five people selected by Kevin Mccarthy, congressmen, Jim Jordan and congressmen. Jim banks are effectively insurrectionists. Now what I mean by that is they weren't saying, go to the capital right now on January six, but they were participants in the ginning up of doubt about the election results in the months leading up to January Sixth, which had people self fired up and almost like in a feverish state of arousal, where they just went to the cap, and did the riots and attempted the insurrection on January six so effectively you were going to have insiders investigating the insurrection that they incited now good for her speaker of the house. Nancy Pelosi decide
it to bar Jim Jordan and Jim banks from being on the commission. considering that the only reason that Jim Jordan and Jim banks were going to be there would be to derail the investigation to distract from the substance and to talk about other things like the George Floyd protests of a year before or whatever the case may be I think it's great that Nancy Pelosi did this now. I know there are people who are going to set well. Nancy policy is terrible, whatever opinion of Nancy policy. This decision, I agree with they were putting insiders on the panel to investigate what they incited. It's absolutely crazy. The Associated press reporting how Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected two Republicans selected by government earthy Mccarthy, said the Republican Party won't participate in the investigation of Democrats, won't accept the members he appointed Pelosi say the integrity of the probe in refusing to accept the appointments of Jim banks picked by Mccarthy.
we, the top Republican on the panel Ohio congressmen, Jim Jordan, the two men are outspoken allies of tromp, who supporters laid siege to the capital that day and interrupted the certification of Joe Biden when both of them? loaded to overturn the election results in the hours after the siege, not a trivial detail. Democrats said the invest nation will go on their way. Pelosi said she spoke to Mccarthy and told him she would be rejecting the two names. Ok good. So What do Republicans now? Do they again frame themselves as the victims. Let's take a look at a press conference that Kevin Mccarthy did and let's listen and then we will discuss We will run our own investigation right. We have law enforcement, we have military, we have doctors, we have people from all walks of If they want to know the answer the american people deserve that they don't you
politics they don't deserve, destroying the institution, no committee, Congress will work if one person is picking all who concern now. Of course, it's not true that one person is picking all who can serve and it's not true that it is a highly media that it that is exclusively a democratic commission. Three of the five people that Kevin Mccarthy selected Nancy Policy has no. problem with Nancy Policy has also selected a Republican Enlil Cheney to beyond the committee, so that it would be by parties. Even with cabin Mccarthy, pulling everybody, but less Cheney is the wrong type of Republican and we'll get back was Cheney momentarily, but the most important thing to remember is that the initial structure of this investigation that was proposed months ago was, by definition by partisan and republic. Rejected. The initial set up was going to be
Ten members. Democrats choose five. Republicans choose five. Every support that, democratic member would be the chair Applicant member would be the vice chair and every subpoena sent out to a witness would have to be signed off on by both Democratic Chair and the republican Vice Chair Republicans rejected that entire framework and we're gonna get to hear why that was, and the revisionist history around that. Listen to this later complaining that you don't have a fight, artisan opportunity here to investigate. January sex, but you stand in the way of a vibrant The commission rightly made up of independent members rights data. Yes, you did your conference voted against that at least a majority. Your conference was watching the. So why did you not allow that to go forward? Listen to what you say. You want is a bipartisan investigation that won't happen again. For the same point.
Explosive played. Then the same time which use the scope of that member hell it took a January thirteen broadly Davis myself, both requested a nine eleven commission. Even those who ran the nine Eleven Commission criticized Nancy Pelosi for what she wanted to do. we had Officer Evans, killed on good Friday issues, you couldn't look at that if you study the nine Eleven commission, they didn't study what happened on just September Eleventh Study, what built up to it, but she said now you could not do that now. This is maybe the most deceptive framing of what happened understand that what Republicans wanted to do when the Commission was initially discuss months ago. Republican said we want to see the context? But what was the context Republicans wanted to study Republicans wanted to include in January six commission. The protests
during the summer of twenty twenty over police brutality and the killing of George Floyd, that's what they wanted to make the January six Commission about which was going to make. It wait and total distraction. Republicans why did to include in that January six Commission, the killing of Steve, I'm sorry, the shooting of Steve Sculleries in twenty seven keen why? Because they wanted to make the entire thing about here All these different instances of people going too far, but mostly its Democrat, and people on the left going too far. Nothing to do what. So, ever with the January six Commission, and the context that Republicans wanted to include in the January six Commission was a defence of the claim that the Elect and was not really one by Joe Biden. Why? Because if Republicans in the January, sixth commission could make
The case that the rioters were right to be upset about the election results because it really was stolen by Joe Biden. It wouldn't assent, justify their vile. Actions on January six and Nancy Policy rightly said we're not going to do that. That's what Kevin Mccarthy is talking about that Nancy Pelosi rejected it's completely scientists? And now I don't know, what's going to happen, Mccarthy's there is going to do their own commission. Ok, let's check. by the way, I don't want to rehabilitate Leech Liz chinese images. I've said before this Chinese, a horrible Republican who voted with trumped like ninety percent of the time. She just agreed on this one thing here is less Cheney, saying actually Two people policy is not allowing the commission. Their behaviour was disgraceful, she's right not to do not to allow them. There are three members that the minority leader proposed that the speaker did not object to. She is subject
two to members and the rhetoric around this from the minority leader and from those two members has been disgraceful, so loose change because of those comments being called a Republican in name only she's, not really a Republican. How can we say that asked again? She said as I agree with what Nancy Policy decided. I don't want you and you personally did you personally urged the speaker to take the step. I agree with what the speaker has done and then also asked about the specifics of wifey things. These two shouldn't beyond the commission, though she said the following at every opportunity that minority leader has attempted to prevent the american people from understanding what happened to block this investigation. Right today the speaker objected to two republican members. She accepted three others. She objected to two, one of whom may well be a material witness events
this is a keeping the Republicans want, investigators who are really more witnesses and participants in what took place and led to that day, right lead to genuine sex, the other who disqualified himself by his comments, in particular over the last twenty four hours, demonstrating that he has not taken seriously so loose Cheney is on the same page is Nancy Policy was chain. Is no great hero, she's, a Republican who agrees with tromp on just about everything, but on this issue she is actually see. Bingley doing what she believes is right. So that's the latest with the commission, which has just becoming a complete joke of a situation thanks to Republicans Let's now talk a little bit about how Republicans are reacting in the aftermath of this commission. Falling apart from the stand, point of it actually being something Republicans will participate in meaningfully, so we laid out we had the first January six commission months ago, but proposed and rejected by Republic
We then got close to another one, but then, when Nancy Pelosi said Jim Jordan and Jim Banks, they can't beyond the commission their part of the problem. Republicans went nuts. now they're saying they're going to do their own commission and it's an absolute and complete joke. The reaction from reply weakens and the right wing media to this has been to start pushing new conspiracy theories about. happened on January sixth law Ingram running on Fox NEWS, a headline called Nancy. The insurrectionists Pelosi Exe Lloyd's January Sixth, in a ruthless power grab, because she said two of the five republican choices can't beyond the commission. Remember that Republicans could have gone forward with the commission. proposed months ago and Nancy Pelosi wouldn't even have had the power to reject any of the choices of the Republicans, then
rip the right wing, media continuing Tucker Karlsson. Actually, in hiding Jim Jordan onto his programme last night. Jim Jordan is one of the members of Congress that Nancy Pelosi said now this guy's an insider. He can't beyond the commission and pushed the conspiracy theory still baseless, that the riots were set up by the FBI. Christopher re, refuse to get on a conference call about preparation for January six before happen, they knew was coming, they didn't protect the building they let the protesters in the FBI has a long history of setting up crimes and, just now remember, every single one of these things have to be looked at in detail. There was the videos of law enforcement. Moving aside, it's a typical crowd, control thing
when the crowd is overwhelming, the crowd, control measures and the crowd controllers and law enforcement to a certain degree, its typical that those doing the crowd control will move aside. And sort of like allowed the perimeter to be shifted because it starts to present a danger M, as well as to the people, to the public that it's it's not it's, not the big smoking gun He's Republicans want to make it out to be the big smoking gun, its trump, refusing to actually allow the National Guard in four hours. Despite being asked, did it Michigan we're getting into a second, why there a good faith investigation into the FBI's behaviour or drew republican, somehow trust the FBI.
Well, we're talking. You may remember. A few weeks ago we had the FBI and a director in front of the Judiciary Committee. I asking about what happened to the hubris up and in the state of Alaska who were there are door was kicked in. They were handcuff that held it gun pointed interrogated from four hours they weren't even in the capital. Ok, so that's that's the idea that the FBI's did this the reaction. Ok to the commission, the F B. I set it up there, and Lord Ingram does a segment with Kevin Mccarthy were Mccarthy starts floating this idea that it was Nancy policy that was response, support for the National Guard, not being there when the Right we're going on in the National Guard where there are Nancy Pelosi was criticized because they are, they read Lincoln Memorial, protecting it was there decision made by the speaker not to have the National Guard at the capital that day when they found me, that's the new one. It's not tromp. That was, pens Mccarthy everybody thinks send in the troops and from saying no
he watches from the White House now they're saying it: it's all policies fall, that's what it is, and in banks, another one of the insiders floating the exact same idea or didn't I would ask the tough questions that they and want to answer about the systemic breakdown, security at the capitol in January six, and to merely who's responsible for that the speaker of the house. They don't want to go there. They Newberry and asked the tough question, or did so that's the concerted effort you can just see they ve decided. This is going to be what we're going to talk about. Let's say it's and it was Nancy Pelosi responsible for what happened and then. Lastly, here is Tucker Karlsson, attacking Harry done, the black police officer, who was attacked by rioters on January
it's beyond the pale formation? What's the answer? Of course she doesn't have when speaking of disingenuous, so the committee will proceed with one party. What will look like we'll think Emma's NBC with Subpoena power on Tuesday close, you will call a capital police officer called Harry done done, will pretend to speak for the country's law enforcement community, but it turns out done, has very little in common with your average car done is an angry left wing political activists to social media feeds are full of praise, not, coincidentally, for Nancy Pelosi. Here's a picture of the two of them together. Racism is show American Harry done right of one post that when you protest at people, think you're protesting America hashtag leave it to white to tell me max. What is racist hashtag? I stand with IRAN. Omar hashtag squad Airy done, ladies and gentlemen, just other facts, so this support the police. People now attacking the police victimized by
tromp rioters on January. Sixth, these people cannot be trusted to investigate obviously but they can even be relied upon to provide even the most fundamental unquestionable fact. So, we'll see what this starts to look like next week will say much more probably on Monday, remember that Monday August sixteenth, is the sixtyth anniversary of the David Pachmann Show will be doing a one day: membership special I'd love for you to participate. notified on the sixteenth, simply I'm getting on my newsletter at David Pachmann Dotcom. One of our sponsors is Sunset Lake, C, B D, a farmer owned company shipping super quality, c b d, directly from their farm to your door. They cut,
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as right now I feel I hope it will never end in the United States so looking more and more like covered will never end due to Anti Baxter's and I feel pretty high, was about it. It essentially means it's just going to be one locked down after another that I'm never going to get to meet new people again and vaccinating the world won't happen either. Right now, I feel like ending. It is all, It all is the only solution because of climate change and covert. Never ending dreamily depressing post, extremely different depressing, but we are going to get past it at a certain wind everyone will either be vaccinated or will have gotten sick. Of course, the effect of. Variance, is a question mark But it is only a matter of time just how much time is there going to be, but we are going to talk momentarily about now, even Republicans, all of a sudden saying hates it's time to get vaccinated, so dont lose hope, dont, lose hope
I do, I am sure we are going to get past. It is just a question of how many people are going to die in the meantime, and what it, what is going to come next, another poster posted a clip from SAM Cedar Show Majority Report were George George W Bush says that it breaks his heart to see troops removed from Afghanistan. I dont have too much more to say about this but he said before yeah we broke it and when you break it, you have some responsibility to stay until its fixed, but its very clear we're not going to fix. It is very clear that just stay longer in Afghanistan, because were the cause of the problem is not likely to actually bring a better situation to the afghan people and it is point, we have to say: listen, it's been Bush Obama, Trump Biden. It's time to out it's time to get out an dad. This is just a reminder that, even when George W Bush says something mildly reasonable when it comes to his perspective on Donald Trump, we shouldn't see. George W Bush is much more
then, the NEO con warmonger We knew him to be during his two terms in office and then this, it's funny a little more light. Hearted a post appeared say: congratulations for sixteen years. I know I'm a. A few days later, but I want to congratulate David on sixteen years on the air lasting four. times longer than the confederacy know. You you're not a few days late, you're a month earlier, it's it's not July sixteenth. It is at the end, if the day on August, sixteen that it will be our sixtyth anniversary, so I love the sentiment. I appreciate it but you're, not late at all. You are actually very early and for that we can all be very, very glad, joined the discussion at David, Pachmann, Dotcom, Slash, read it all right. Let's talk about this bizarre change, but welcome change over the last. Maybe ninety six wars in which many Republicans
some right wing media figures have started talking about go, get vaccinated, the vaccine is good, the vaccine is safe. The vaccine will keep most people a life, not everybody so, even though the headlines has been the feds headlines have been Fox NEWS goes pro backs republicans go. Provence People like Marjorie Taylor, green people like Tucker Karlsson Dave, can you to do the anti backs stuff, but there is a real question: witches Why is this all of a sudden happening? There is a great article in the Atlantic by David, Graham called. Suddenly, conservatives about vaccines? A number of leaders on the right suddenly urge their audiences to get vaccinated in the past day. Why now and Is there a number of different ideas proposed here, and the article goes through Hannity saying that you ve gotta? Take this seriously Steve, do see saying if you have a chance, get the shot it will.
your life Ben Shapiro saying get Baxter. I did my wife. Did my parents did news max Theo, Christopher Ruddy say Joe Biden, should be applauded for making a dent in the covert pandemic, how Minority weep, whips, Steve Skull Lease who has had conspicuously declined to get a shot announced. He finally did get vaccine aided- and there is a clear shift in tone as David Gram rights in the Atlantic article, but it's not exactly clear why it's happening One suggestion, as reported by CNN Caitlin Collins, was that there have been regular high level conversations. between the White House and Fox NEWS regarding pandemic and vaccine coverage, but Fox quickly denied that report another possibility is simply that the covert surge fuelled by the Delta variant is making
of these republicans realise the hospitals are getting overloaded. We could be king it locked downs being reinstated here as they are around the world and all of a sudden when the stock market dropped for piteously on Monday, even though it more than recovered on Tuesday and Wednesday Republicans off. A sudden cared. The other real possibility is that Publicans might be doing the math that many of you have been doing who write to me and say David. If you have dramatically higher vaccination rates among Democrats than among Republicans. Could this have an electoral impact in the sense that Republicans are going to kill off too many of their own voters, because They are the ones not getting vaccinated and it will cause them to lose elections like. Could it be a simple as dead people can't votes? I dont know I
no because even with that you have the conspiracy of I got some emails about this a couple days ago. People writing to me sing David. You people aren't doing a good job of it. About the vaccine. This this is the view of a right wing. Conspiracy theories. It's a little too suspicious that mostly on vaccinated people are getting sick and dying. That must be part of the conspiracy is ignored. It's that the vaccines work really well preventing death. So it makes sense that it's mostly on vaccinated people that are getting sick and dying. A couple of instances here of such a pro vaccine statements from people We might not expected from, and then I'm going to get to. Another possibility that might explain what's going on here is Florida. Public and governor just make it up. You know no, Kova Jesus to some people, a guy who ignored every guideline early on and said, have full capacity boxing wrestling everything in Florida,
here he is making a lot of sense and for years. I think that the most important thing with the data yeah, if you are vaccinated, fully vaccinated, chance of you getting seriously ill or dying from covered is effectively zero. If you look at the people that are being admitted, the hospitals over ninety five percent of them are either not fully back, saying it or not vaccinated at all. Indeed, so these vaccines are saving lives. They are reducing mortality, mortality and nursing home. Since we rolled out the vaccines in December, down over ninety five percent. So a really really strong pro back seen statement and it could be motivated again by the fact that Florida has had a big ups, urge and now represents the one state of Florida is one out of five coded cases in the entire country. Here is
Mcconnell pleading for the vaccine, Yad Vashem, apparently be governor. Yu said this weekend: conservative talking literally killing their supporters. Would you speak out people who are actually speaking out. Well, I don't know how I could barely more clear I've been saying the same thing: about vaccinations, along the way others can say whatever they used to say that this is something I think, I'm a good example of something I know the answer to. It is not at all unclear that the way to avoid getting back in a hospital is to get back I didn't want to encourage everybody to do that and to ignore all of these other voices, so Do you think explains this? What do you think explains the change? You know if it was only Fox NEWS
even though they have denied conversation with the White House has there. Could there have been promise of access right. This is how stuff works. Listen. We give you a Joe Biden, town Hall if you eyes really help us promote vaccines. That would be completely plausible the way media works. But it's not just Fox news. That's doing it and also Fox has denied conversations with the White House. They may lying but would look, let's assume their telling the truth. Is it as simple? Republicans are realising that its disproportionately their voters that are dying. Is it simply motivated by self preservation I dont know the answer, but I'm curious to hear from you. What do you think explains this. change in tone and remember it's not a total shift. Even during these last few days, we ve still seen the anti back stuff from somewhere, lookin members of Congress from some on Fox NEWS. not a hundred and eighty degrees change, but it is definitely a change don't. Let me know your thoughts will have more about this,
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from the standpoint of the pandemic, economically what're you most paying attention to in and what is of concern at this point. Will the economy's recovery rapidly in their debts good story and we still have a lot of people out of Work- were still not back to what we want. consider normal, certainly far from full employment, but to my view, the question, the rate at which were going and the extent to which see obstacles on one of the big things or be big thing, of course, is the pandemic itself, and we have the numbers way way down caused, primarily because it the vaccines which happen great, but we know, there's lots of people, don't want to take them and as a result of that they're getting sick there had so that's a big story. Now as it stands, I don't think there's a big.
Now my problem. With that in mind, I want turbulence people going. Second dying. That's a big deal but India for just talking about the economic impact. I think debts relatively limited, the big concern- and you know this- should be a huge warning to us. We are also talking about the delta variant in The vaccines are still factor from that, but as long as the pandemic is spreading out of control, not here I mean I we should care about here too, but around the world we're not going to be safe. That's a really really big deal, so I wish we had done. I wish we still now do more to get the world vaccinated, so that's it. They really big story, but the other part just how things look in the economy. Right now, we ve had fantastic job growth last four month over six thousand a month. We're going to it will get GDP report next week and the second quarters almost running up put us above where we were pre pandemic and we have a ways to go yet to be back on trend. But most things are looking pretty good
and so you know, as they call me goes, I'm feeling pretty good about it. Yet we just have to make sure we could slow the growth of pandemic, partly here, but probably more importantly, right now around the world there's been some refrain or talking point call it. What you will in the context of this. Enhanced unemployment benefit that the federal government established during the pandemic, now is things are opening there's a word a shortage of businesses are having trouble finding people to work, because people quote would rather sit it. and collect their enhanced unemployment. Now we have some early data from some states that decided to get ahead. Joe Biden September date and just cut the enhanced unemployment early. It's not totally com That is really having definitive impact actually on the radio at which people are starting to look for jobs or being hired generally speed.
In my view, is most people want to work and most people find for better or worse. They find meaning an identity through work, and that could be a bad thing or a good than we could talk about that, but that the cut free rider the people who just would prefer to sit at home and not work are so so small, a number that they're not significant. What's your sense of that talking point YO irreverence got their lazy. Cousin was sitting at home, collecting benefits in there extrapolate the whole world that young lady sought their actual exerts bananas Yes, your everyone could say they know someone and some people share with me are, though there is still a lot of research, and this may remember, we begin six hundred dollar weak supplements back. Any regional cares, act right and the number of them to study the impact than they thought. There was very little wasn't zero one and obviously there some people that will make a difference for, but there is relatively little impact and you
action that now you have several states that have a jump. The gun, whatever term you want to use the suspended, ended the benefits early and my friend earned base the oversight messages as he had lived. What the performance has been in the states that event death it's early compared to other states, and there is no difference. In fact, I think there's a very, very small optic America blame it on that, but I think they actually at somewhat higher unemployment and a rise in unemployment relative to other states. So the idea that that's a major factory in keeping people from looking for work- I just don't buy it. What I do think is going on, as you have a lot of businesses, reopening at the same time. In the biggest story courses, restaurant sets the one that was more hardest hit and now they're reopening so they're. Looking all higher lot of workers at the same time, and it should be surprising that that's that's not that easy- that any other and situation they can't get the workers they need their bidding up wages and that's a good thing in my view, but in any case that's really
terribly surprising story, nor necessarily bad story, and in any case it doesn't seem though the unemployment supplements are big part of the picture. Is it as simple as that Others are saying which is well. It's just now the businesses that the employers need to compete for the apparently temporarily limited pool of of potential workers, and this should just mean they pay more and then it will solve everybody's problem. Is it that simple? It is, I think, that's basically story in some businesses say that. Well, I can't afford a higher wages and am sure in some cases. That's true and you don't look. This is a capitalist economy, and yet some business is business has got business all the time, I'm at your voice at an angle people put their police work and make use of their life savings. You notice and suddenly trivialize that, but that is the reality. So instead cases will have situations where businesses just ass could be profitable, and
I understand they don't hit Sabre, get away with paying workers tend in our own fifty new things. But sorry, you know, that's that's gonna, be the world and so I just don't see this is the big crisis that's being portrayed as on. The other side of this is pricing and inflation. During the pandemic, we saw really significant increases in some products, lumber buzz the big one that had some sort of follow on effects in terms of building of new destruction, homes, arena agents etc. The price of lumber has now actually dropped precipitously, although that dropped does not yet seem to have filtered through as much as it may be, will to the end products that the lumber is is used. For some of the inflation data that we see compared, for example, may twenty one to May twenty, so yours
of comparing to when there was a significant demand collapse, and maybe that's not the right way to look at it. What's your perspective on this issue of inflation. well, I think, for the most part, its reasonably well under control. So again, the Meda may comparison our due to June, but I mean that's, you know it's kind of silly cause. It's you know these months where prices were badly depressive. If you look at what inflation done since February the last, rape and I'm a man up some there's, no doubt about it, but an overwhelmingly large share that simply cars, both new and used cars- and we know what the story is there. There was fire in a semiconductor factory in Japan and that's like a worldwide shortage. Semiconductors wolden Chaz limited the production of new cars Well, that's mean, as people have money now from the various
depend on the programme, so they want to buy a car new cars. They can't get new cars that they buy, used. Car and use. Car prices has gone through the roof that actually begun to fall by some measures, as of June, so we'll see other hands out over the rest of the year, but dance the bulk of the optical inflation. So it's hard to get too concerned about their bank speculation. Is that we're gonna see those prices falling through rested yearning up still be higher than to twenty level, but there can be be falling from where they were in June. So I'm not are concerned about at other areas of the New York Times had a big piece and housing house prices? Sale prices have risen a lot, and that is a lot of people moving that we have very low mortgage interest rates and you have a lot of people- are moving from expensive punishes
New York, Washington, where I came from and they're moving a cheaper places around the country and push it pretty a big upward pressure on prices, their New York in some of the more expensive ones, its price growth is Sloan's and gay staff should go negative but yeah. That's that's a big story now, whether that leads to sit an increase in rents. I think it's a little too early to tell our I was struck. Knows it s really a good story, but if you're trying to other picture housing market we have to consider were ending, be though, the eviction moratorium ends at the end of this month, and their reports are, I think, these, exaggerated that somewhere around seven or eight million people face eviction. I don't think anything like that would actually be evicted, but a lot of people will be I'm not saying it's a good thing, I'm just saying: if we're looking at the housing market- and let's say we have eight hundred thousand, subject employment summit our leader, but it will be a lot. That's a lot of bacon units, so you know it's again. I don't see any of this is that using
but we have a lot of turmoil in the economy right now, which is led inflation in some areas. You guys mentioned in cars. I could have jumped by some others, but it's not an underlying. Is it's not the sort of inflation we saw on the 70s, where you had higher wages, driving higher prices, letting is to push for higher wages and then get the spiralling upward with very very far from that story, you mentioned in the car discussion that now part of this is we'll have money to spend and they want cars as they they get back. Two things, one of the interesting things that we saw so to kind of set this up: pre pandemic frequent we would see articles with headlines like a Ford, percent of Americans would need to borrow to meet an unexpected four hundred dollar expense and about the that the point of those stories was very low savings rate in the United States during the pandemic. We saw headlines about dramatically higher saving rate in the United States at a map
economic level. How should we think about that? Because there is a school of thought that keeping money in Bangkok Instead of spending, it has a very low economic multiplier and is not so good for the economy, although the individual level. Certainly, we can understand how having an emergency fund is a very good thing, for a household budget. So how should we be thinking about that? Well, there's two issues here: one is: if we're thinking of just immediate demand in the economy, there does restrained a man. So if I were you, I got my twelve hundred fourteen hundred dollar czech girl from President Biden And- ok one up and the banks and need to spend right now. Well, if we're worried about inflation, its action
goods sold so for workers can be too much demand an economy. That's a good thing, so I think he has then has worked out. It's basically been positive for the economy in the sense that you were having this reopening and there's a lot of stress in different areas. It is probably a good thing that everyone is in Russia and spending. It now say six months a year down the road They did the flip side. The micro side is ok, I've got money in the bank, I feel better, and we know it is a lot of data. People's balance sheets are better than they ve been decking right, also to really look much better, so that's great both in their security, but also maybe they want. do a big ticket purchase. Maybe they're gonna use that money as a down payment on a house or a car, whatever might be. I'm still I can see that overwhelmingly positive that again, if we were worried all we need more demand in the economy right now, then people saving is definitely a bad thing, but we're not in that situation, or at least I don't believe in that situation. So I under
happy to see that a lot of people in a situation where they could save some of their money and again naked, always keep it. There's a reserve or they may decide six months, you down the road to have a big ticket purchase two other I dunno he would call them. Trends are things that have kind of a bit been topic of conversation as a result of the pandemic. One is, is work from home and the different deceit since that are being taken by made decisions being made by corporations about, we will do permanent posts, but work from home, or we will do a split of work from home and be back in the office, etc that one trend, the other There were also getting more and more information from these four day a week work trials which sometimes are afoot. Forty hours but over four days, and sometimes there actually fewer hours like a thirty six or thirty seven hour week over four days and looking at what employ productivity. is over that period of time, rather than forty or forty five hours. What's your thoughts on these things, as a sort of this point,
in time, but also bigger picture? I think they're both very encouraging trends taking one at a time the works home. Clearly we're gonna, see way way more work from home than than we did prevent Emma Jane Eyre Point is your business in inertia is incredibly. powerful force in the economy, people have to appreciate that I, for one times and canvas ago, they bid should be like this rather than go. Well, maybe should be that's not going to be well right. Once employers got used to having people working from home and they get their business operating, then they can't say doesnt work may note works, so we are going to see many more situations where the people are totally working from home or cases where maybe they come in once twice a week from the office in enacting. That's a great thing for me, different perspectives. Obviously, it saves a normal enormous, more resources than commuting right top people's time mean obviously people value their time, and if you can
two hours a day one hour, each way that you're on your way I don't know anyone mirrors la things. We could argue how much do you like this or that and when you watch there, can you- and you know, I'm sure, someone somewhere does what happens, I think I am, I think, just to interconnect. One idea there there are some stuff is about. If you have a fifteen minute, commute that- and it seems sort of is for a lot of people to be a positive kind of change of fate. so from home to work and that that in a once you get longer than that, the duration of it seems to start having the like a more of a net negative effect. The accurately only a short commuter can grant is in a big deal. You know how it is to walk to work. I was lucky enough. For a period of time to be able to walk to workers, maybe half mile so yeah. You know rough attendance herself, so yeah. That was fine. that debt and bother me had for driving the vast majority meters up and certainly more time so up. So I can get a great thing. I think it's it's going to cost from environmental perspective. You know where people, don't it
I would say large resources are wasted in commuting, so so that a great story, forty work week, I think similar story again. If you compare the universe to Europe, there been sharp reductions in working hours. Overland for decades in. I was getting most all european countries and We now are average work year in the United States, twenty twenty five percent longer than as in Germany and the Netherlands, Denmark and other wealthy countries, and most people do are you their time, and if we could have forty work regretted that five, that's great and yeah I'd love to see the hours Kok is, I think, a ten our day serving in why John his people, day exhausting. So if we can make it a nine hour day may be somewhere down the road make an eight hour day, but whatever nine hours is now much worse and eight, so you know I think most people can so that bird a good deal again getting back to the commuting easier. For me, it's rather than five. That's that's applause. So I'd love to see us get too to shorter working
there's an afford: a work which really good way to go on. Without a doubt, I'm I'm worthy dirty in how we ve been speaking with Dean Baker, whose a senior economist at the center for economic policy research also visiting professor at the University of Utah. All great having you on were vexed her every good questions, one of our sponsors, today's magic spoon, the Delicious breakfast cereal that tastes just like those cereals, I loved as a kid, but with zero grams of sugar, only foreign at carbs and packed with Thirteen grams of protein magic spoon has been advertising with us for a really long time and its only because our audience loves magic spoon. So much and people keep buying it. That's how you know that it's good magic spoon is great. If you are doing low, carb or Kido, it's perfect. If you just want to eat less sugar. Like me, it comes in flavors like cocoa. Fruity free
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rand Paul now says he is requesting a criminal referral against doktor, Fouche III. for allegedly lying to Congress. The interior Nation that is being carried out against scientists and against medical professionals is completely appalling. Take a look at this from recent Rand Paul appearance on Fox NEWS where he announced this, which he seems to be announcing almost like it's some kind of badge of honor. That is willing to take this incredibly principled step you kicked off your questioning a doctor south. She emphasising federal law makes lying to Congress. A felony punishable by up to five years in prison is your believe, based on the evidence, senator that he lied before Congress and broke the law, yes, I will be sending a letter to the Department of Justice asking for criminal referral back he has lied to Congress. This isn't absolutely ghastly and dreadful direction for the country to go in
it's a very, very dangerous one, Doktor Peter hotels posted to his twitter, a linked to an essay from nineteen. Forty on by while the MAR comfort called science in the town solitary and state, and it reminds us that the targeting of science, some doctors, has a really ugly history, in particular in the twentieth century. Remember that Albert Einstein decided to go to the: U S at the very end of nineteen. Thirty two eventually came to the United States in nineteen thirty three and stayed because of what happening in Europe, including with reference to the world of science and attacks on science are simply a totalitarian hallmark. Now I'm not saying ran Paul is Hitler I'm not saying grandpas Hitler, I'm now saying ran Palos Hitler. You have to clarify these things, otherwise I will be very much punished for the next twenty four hours on twitter. This me, means that when we see scientists and doctors under attack for doing
jobs? It should really scare us now. Fortunately, the current Department of Justice is unlikely to actually do anything with this request from ran Paul under merit Garland. But what Would a William BAR Department of Justice under Donald Trump have done, or someone like Trump have done in such a case? It's still a stretch. but it's within the realm of. Maybe they look at whether doktor found she should be charged with something This is a really really chilling proposition. So in terms of the confrontation between doctor, g and ran Paul that we looked at yesterday. I am glad that doctor Fouche he took off the kid gloves. I'm glad doktor fashion. Called ran Paul out FAO cheap. He almost like them. comfortable doing it? It's not really his thing, but how else is he supposed to deal with the just persistent attacks on science and scientists Attacks on his morality, attacks on his ethics and, unfortunately much the way that
from had this longer term effect? On the coarsening of political discourse that went beyond trumps presidency, the legitimate zation of attacks on just basic science you dont, masks and vaccines, for example it. I fear- and it seems pretty clear that view is going to be seen as a legitimate way to attack science that the right doesn't like for a while. Time this- is it very clear that this is now a rule of the American Right wing and bacon use it they can use as a cudgel. Science is just opinion. Scientists are just politician. and you can ignore empirical statements that come from the scientific method Just like you can ignore one Your political opponents opinion about abortion right that they are making these things It's not, as I said before. Please don't don't hurt me. I know that I say this often it's not about. We disagree as to what the facts are.
Its, they don't understand what are facts. What types of statements are facts and what types of statements are opinions, and it's not new in that, for example, the climate change they ve been denial is for a long time for sure, but the mask under vaccines and even denying the basics of how Corona virus works for a very long time and even now, to some degree the Some more then. We can't yet say with certainty. Whether we are damaging the planet long term like I, I think we are, but that's a different type of denial, ISM, that's nihilism, but it's different than the virus is fake or masks do nothing or the vaccine harms you or
this was created as a bio weapon in a lab and deliberately released the legitimate zation of that degree of nonsense as being just as valid as the science. It's actually almost postmodern in a sense. Think about that because for postmodernism has been a popular target of the right now I've criticized Postmodernism as well, but that the way the right does it The right comes out and says: postmodernism is the marxist enemy postman? ism leads you into any any notion from whoever about anything is valid, but all these different stuff they arrest essentially doing a form of that they are saying our opinion about what corona viruses should be held up as just as valid as what doctors think Our hair brain conspiracy theories about vaccination should be considered justice, valid and serious has lit and legitimate. As what medical science says, it's a form of
Modernism Infrastructural ISM in which they are engaged. It's a total hypocrisy that shouldn't surprise us. But it's also very very dangerous and you we should glad that the Merit Garland Department of Justice- I can imagine- is going to take even remotely seriously Rand Paul's request for a criminal referral against Doktor Anthony Foundry last week, I told you about a young anti backs nurse who got obeyed and died, and I told you I take no pleasure in that, although some people call and said they do take pleasure in that We now have another one of these examples. Lynn CERN, former born selectman dies of complications of covert nineteen
Lindisfarne remembered as a staunch conservative, well respected educator and friend too many in the town of born Massachusetts died. On Friday, due to complications of covert nineteen zone, seventy die, Brigham and women's hospital in Boston of severe complications caused by covert. She was brought from Cape cod by Med Flight hospital in early June and had been a coma on a ventilator until her death, she was not vaccinated against covert teen according to a close friend and one of her neighbours, the article include the picture of Lindisfarne with a Trump flag, day, mega hat from November of twenty nineteen zone was known for volunteering on various boards and committees in town. She serve three terms bored of selectman, etc, etc. On the
nickel sighed. She was president of the chapter. Nine Massachusetts Republican Assembly Zone was one of the first members of the United Cape Patriots, she was often seen hold o frequently held I'm standouts on the born rotary I've driven by that I've, driven by that, when going to Martha's vineyard, that's interesting. She was off seen, holding a Trump supporter support poster as motorists drove by hanging in support or against Lang was one of four p Oh Adam Lang. According to Adam Lang, language, one of four people who protested last week in opposition to the state backs bus which distributes Co. Nineteen vaccines when it arrived in province. Town So some people react to this by saying who cares or even good? That's not my reaction. I find this to be a tragedy, tragedy of disinformation and misinformation. Some react by saying: we should refuse health insurance coverage to people who refuse
to get back sedated. Some people react by saying: we should refuse treatment to these people, which I don't think you can do that would violate the hippocratic oath, that medical professionals take. Others say we should choose these people more and there may b, something there I mean, listen when you look at when you look at life insurance, you pay more if you're a smoker, for example. So it's not without precedent, that I don't know. Maybe we look at a higher health insurance rate for people who choose not to get vaccinated. There are serious moral questions about it. There are serious legal questions about it. For me, the solution, as we just find a way to get these people back needed. That's really where I am, and maybe I'd. Maybe I have too much empathy. I don't know but another victim of Anti back, Sir ISM, from best anti back, Sir, has died and it's hard to field
good about it, and even if you don't care about her, how many people could she have infected? Who were vaccinated? due to low immunity as a result of being amino compromised or for whatever other reason? For me, there is really nothing to be happy about here. We have they smell number, and that number is too one nine to David P. This is an interest voicemail, without with a historical question, how did the American Right Wing get so crazy? Listen to this. I gave it up Josh from Maryland, and my question is just referred the conservative torture and the United States we get here. How do we get point four forty percent of the country believe, while conspiracy theory police brutality, My job writing is a communist yeah and there is a massive information. The industry. I beg you the answer is a very long one- and I've talked about this before I spoke
not this, even with known Chomsky, not not that long ago, and if you were I mean it's like how do you even you almost have to go back. The creation of the United States, but to save you the really long version, first of all, Can google Anti intellectual ISM pseudo intellectual ISM, United States, eighteen, hundreds there's a big and he and pseudo intellectual movement in the eighteen hundreds which you can see, a kind of isn't it is the original underpinnings or catalyst for what we see today in a more modern political sense, you kind of have this story that I've told before and if you heard it before and and you don't wanna hear it again, I apologise, but you wouldn't we saw big reactions to the civil rights movement in the late fifties. Early sixties that started led to people's emotions, bringing to believe and want things politically. That really made no sense, then that led into
the Reagan era and people starting to fall for stories that reinforce their pre existing beliefs. Like about well, fair queens and so on, and so forth that alter Lee led into the Clinton era, were skipping some steps, the Clinton era of the early ninetys, wherein eighteen. Ninety four new Gingrich took over a speaker of the house and sort of wet full bore on this idea that we might not really need policy that there Billions of ninety four still did some policy, but they did a lot of character, assassination and personal attacks that started to go to the next level. The next step on the unhinged ladder under George W Bush George W Bush is kind of a sleepy do face for lack of a better term. Further creek, did this idea that, even though he is a sleepy do face, this is what it means to be patriotic. A lot of people who were quite it
rallied around Bush rallied around the Iraq war rallied around attacking Iraq because mostly saudi humanity, thus on nine eleven Morocco by as the first black president, a half black individual, of course, basically goddess off policy altogether. As far as republicans are concerned, and just on this guy is in even american disguise Muslim or Moslem some of them like to say- and we came that that's when the de the at the even mere pretence of caring about policy, disappeared and then Trump and the queue and on and etc. So you can trace it back to the start of the civil rights movement and fifty eight. You can trace it back to anti and pseudo intellectual ism in the eighteen hundreds, could even go back further if you are so inclined, but it is a very the fact that at such a long history is what makes me pessimistic,
about the idea that we're going to solve at any time soon on today's bonus show what talk about the beneficiaries, ice cream fiasco, we'll talk about big opium settlement which we're gonna have a lawyer to on to talk about next week, and we will talk about agenda, reveal party that sparked a while I'll fire leading to thirty different criminal charges. I'm base golly against gender reveal parties and I'm gonna hot, take alert I'll talk. why, on today's bonus, sign up it join Patman, dotcom and I'll. See you there
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