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7/27/20: Martial Law and Destructive Fights

2020-07-27 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--A warning to the left to stop the irrelevant, self-destructive fights for the next three months, to avoid allowing Donald Trump to win re-election. All intra-left policy disagreements will and should resume immediately upon Donald Trump's removal

--Given the events of the last ten days, the question must be asked an examined: Is Donald Trump instituting martial law?

--Based on important changes during the month of July, the Cook Political Report now has Democrats favored to take control of the Senate in the 2020 election

--Dr. Anthony Fauci and his family are receiving serious threats and now require a security detail as the US hits another single-day coronavirus case record, followed by Donald Trump golfing for the 282nd day of his presidency

--Donald Trump brags about the teargassing of the Mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler during an outrageous Fox News interview

--Scared coward Donald Trump has backed out of throwing out the first pitch at an upcoming New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox baseball game

--Voicemail caller asks about the most important critiques of Joe Biden

--On the Bonus Show: The future of pandemic schooling, gold and bitcoin prices spike amid economic fears, Trump signs executive order on drug prices, much more...

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The David Jackman Shell, David Tagamet, died gathered so within a week and we are essentially at the start of the twenty twenty election right now now, of course, we ve been figuring out who's going to be the democratic. Not many people have been campaigning for a year now But what I mean is we are now just weeks, as I told you last week from the first vote, surly voting in absentee boating, starting an end of at least three states in just over five weeks, so We need to have a very precise plan for the next five weeks and of course, for this.
Months until the November elections and the plan as much as being an offensive plan against Donald Trump. In order to remove Donald Trump, the needs a defensive plan as well, and I mean defence against self destructive elements of the left so that we don't self destruct than allow Donald Trump to get another four years in office which would be. Milos and I don't want to be hyperbolic, I don't even want to ask sign language to it right now, because it's not the point of this story, but another four years of Trump would be very, very bad. Let's put it that way, and one of the things that we have to be very careful of right now is for the left to avoid engaging in fights that right now are irrelevant and could potentially simply allow trump to get another four years. My advice for the left,
First of all, my advice is for the left and not for the right, because I'm on the left, the right is making all sorts of new mistakes. I hope the continued to make mistakes and we should let them make mistakes. This is not about giving the right advice. This is about giving the left advice, but at the same time we should understand how certain fights that are right now irrelevance don't need to be put aside forever. We just need to be thinking carefully about what we're doing and that where I want to go first. This is not a disclaimer, but it is a clarification. This is not about compromising progressive policy or values. This is just realizing. We have three months left. We have to come together. These three months are the last thing we have to remove. Donald Trump and we have to put policy differences within the left that are currently irrelevant aside, because if Trump winds are chances,
of getting anything donors zero, in other words the infra left debates. If Trump wines will irrelevant for four more years, because either way we're not getting anything done with Donald Trump in the White House. Again, if Joe Biden wins, then we go right back to these disagreements within the left, because the point is, what do we want to push Joe Biden to do? What can we push Joe Biden to do from the left and, if Democrats were able to take the Senate in November, which is looking more likely now than it was a month ago. I ll talk about that later. It be and even more important discussion now What I am specifically looking to here are some of the different wings of the left. Were there are disagreements, and what I want is for everybody to understand that we lose anything by postponing these disagreements for three months and we do ourselves a lot of good without harming the movement now I'll. Give you some examples to make this really clear. I don't want this to just remain some
big thing: socialism versus social democracy. Ok, this has become a very important popular, relevant heated debate on the left lately right now. That debate does nothing for us. It actually does nothing for us. Two different ways: number one, whether you want socialism or social democracy. The next step is social democracy, from where We are today there's no way the United States is going to be a socialist country anytime soon, when Trump warns the Marxists are taking over. That's not true when the the right warns that U S could become socialist. If Biden wins, that's not true, and when the socialist left says we could have a soul, this revolution and be a socialist country. None of those things are happening anytime soon, and so the point is, if you're, a socialist, which I happened not to be
you- were going to have to come through social democracy to get to socialism. That's the reality with Biden. We have the opportunity to get some policy done. That is socially them. Product. You look: it binds ideas on health care, taxation, climate change, clean energy- there are not exactly what I want and all address that later, but their low sir, to the direction that both social Democrats and so I just want to go from where we are today. So we're not gonna finish that fight in the next three months. We were just not let's get trump out and then left. Start pushing Biden in the direction we all agree. He needs needs to go at some point in the future. If we succeed, socialism versus social democracy will be relevant to policy. It's not next step, it's not happening in the next three months. So why are we going to argue about that right now, when we're trying to remove drunk just some other little examples? The here's one that I thought of just looking at my twitter this morning. There's this journalist, Mehdi Hassan.
And we follow each other on Twitter. I've read it retreated some of his work that I think is great. He's retreated. Some of our stuff were in agreement about many many things We happen to disagree. Medeon I about Beady S with respect to Israel, a boycott divestment, sanctions movement. I believe that the movement is counterproductive. I dont think it'll led to the kind of change I want to see. Many Hassan supports Beady S great, it's a disagreement. It's a completely relevant one for the next three months, because we have a president. I think both many and I would agree. We have a president right now: in bed with the worst of the israeli right in his support of Benjamin Netanyahu and as the worst instincts period when it comes to the israeli palestinian conflict, so we're both against Benjamin Netanyahu were both against Donald Trump Trump us be removed. So why would we argue about
beady S for the next three months, rather than focusing on removing Donald Trump. Another example which may be more relevant to you in the immediate single pair healthcare trump is not for single pair. Neither is Joe Biden. What Joe Biden is proposing is better than what Donald Trump is proposing, and most Democrats in the Senate don't even support single pair healthcare right so for the next three months. Why would we make the dividing line? Does Biden support singer? payer or not, it makes no sense either Biden or Trump are going to be inaugurated on January twentieth. Health care will improve if Biden gets his way, we and push him to improve it even more, hopefully, and with Trump we get nothing, we get fewer people covered from gets his way. So what are we doing now? for people who are going to react very negatively to what I'm saying and they'll write to me and they'll say David you're only saying this because you're, not a socialist than you are
a democratic party shill or whatever argument you're going to make your missing exactly the point that I mean whether or not I am a democratic she'll and would, by the way, I'm not I'm, not even a democrat has no bearing whatsoever on the left having opportunity with Joe Biden and none with Donald Trump. That's it and it particularly important right now not to operate for the next three months in a way that will serve to divide the laughed and give Donald Trump and the right and opportunity to be elected for another four years partially by foment this division on the left, which is exactly what they want to do. On January, twenty first, if Joe Biden is inaugurated on January twentieth on January twenty first, we have the ball back as I. To say, and we immediately go back to these important discussions. We immediately go back on January twenty first to seeing the Republicans in the Lincoln Project, this republican group trying to remove Trump
as soon as binds inaugurated there no longer on our side. I imagined they immediately go back to advocating for there in a so called small government, conservative values or whatever these are all discussions. You know about health care or whatever topic, we go right back to those discussions and in fact, if we do get the ball back with which I would that's how I've been analogy: icing, removing Trump electing Joe Biden. Once we get the ball back, we then have to try to put some points on the board, and that means arguing about the right place to call and having these policy debates, but at this point its July, twenty seven, if we miss the forest for the trees, were not just doing the United States it's a disservice, we're doing the world a disservice given the level of destruction that Donald Trump has reigned upon this country over the last three and a half year. So this,
not shut up and get in line with democratic party centralism and cronyism. That's not what this is about. This is about. We get nothing if Donald Trump gets reelected the word will hate us even more. It will ruin our relationships with allies even more. It will put us even further behind on climate Change the so verses we get tromp out Biden goes in hopefully with a reasonable with reasonable. Vice president I, which we should know soon, I want to know who the cabinet will be. We want to keep looking at the policy and we have an opportunity if Joe Biden gets elected now there will be a contingent of my audience that will disagree on principle with what I'm saying, because they are in the camp of you. Ve got a burn it all down to build. It back up- and these are some of the same folks who said if it's not gonna, be Bernie in twenty. Sixteen, I don't care if its trump
because it'll accelerate the destruction of the country. Well, we're really no closer to any kind of socialist revolution as a result of four years of Trump, but we are destroying the planet were in the mid of arguably one of the worst five global responses to this pandemic, on a virus pandemic which has subsequently led to an even worse economic disaster than was never it? It's failed that that approach has failed and go back and check out. My lips were I point out. The progress in the modern political error has been incremental progress by getting better people in
getting better people on the Supreme Court and moving things in the right direction. So, let's come together. Let's do the right thing and I promise you in three months weaken get right back to the same divisive debates. If that's what you want to do, hopefully in a more productive way, with the experience and hindsight of seeing what we experienced during the Donald Trump Presidency, if we get another four years of tromp, who knows what's next, but it's not good! So, let's come together on this issue. This is not long time. You know four people desperate to talk about us, a socialist revolution to knock out NEO liberalism any that wing of of my audience. Three months is not a long time. Let's just put that entered
to get out the vote and removing Donald Trump it just three months ago is gonna. Go look. We ve been in quarantine for five months. It's gone by like that, because every day looks very very similar. These three months will go by quickly, even during the transition we can get back to these debates. If that what that's what you want, let's do it lets come together for the next three months. Let me know where you disagree with me: I'm on twitter Pachmann and remember you can get the daily audio podcast from the David Pachmann show every single day right around three p m eastern noon, Pacific on any of your favorite or least despised, podcasting apps, whether that's a Google play pod TK ass to spot of five pandora. I heart radio, Itunes, etc, etc. Get the daily audio podcast. Let me know what you think about avoiding these self destructive and presently a relevant debates on twitter at tea Pachmann, and I will be back with much more
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the tooting, the martial law that we were warned Barack Obama was actually going to institute. If you were paying attention to politics during the Barrack Obama administration, you might remember the unhinged, belligerent fearmongering from the right that Barack Obama plans to enact martial law in the United States. Some versions of the conspiracy said that it was part of a plan to enslave people in FEMA camps. Sometimes our ef, I d chips were involved. Sometimes not, and all of this was part of a bomb is bigger plan to suspend the twenty twelve. Action which he didn't do and then it was actually about suspending the twenty six,
election and remaining in power indefinitely, while bringing authoritarian, militaristic terror to the streets of America, against the wishes of state and local authorities and elected officials? And if you are paying attention, you knew that Barack Obama had no interest in doing any such thing. There was no chance whatsoever that that was what Barack Obama was going to do, but that gets us to today, and we actually have to have a discussion today about whether Donald Trump is indeed instituting martial law by the forceful deployment of paramilitaries, two citys around the country, where, if you look at Portland, for example, those troops have tear gas, the mayor of Portland more on that later attacked reporters and journalists, and so the first step is what is martial law? If we don't know what it is it's hard to determine whether we are seeing it while martial law is when normal civil functions and civil law are replaced by military control,
times, martial law can be declared during a real or fabricated emergency situation as a lead up to or after a coup in the context of a natural disaster or states of emergency, and there some other situations as well and often martial law includes any or all of the following: the military in the streets working as local law enforcement curfews. This system sure of habeas corpus and normal due process mill the Terry LAW and justice being applied to civilians. So do we have literal martial law today in the United States. Now we don't is what Donald from has done so far literal fascism, it's not but we are seeing what the early phases of potentially future widespread martial law could look like if slowly deployed. Now, if you deny basic fact, you're deny reality right now. It's not
happening at once. It's not completely obvious unless you look step by step, but that's what makes it harder to see and in fact authoritarian dictators understand this and they often deploy martial law in baby steps now again to be completely clear. I am not saying we will soon have a fully authoritarian police state, martial law situation in the United States and part of the region we may not is Trumbull run out of time. He will either when reelection, and no longer need these authoritarian escalation to try to help himself get reelected or he will lose and as far as I'm concerned, he will leave office, and thus it will stop the escalation as well, but think through the steps. Donald Trump is deploying federal troops. Armed parent paramilitaries, two cities and towns, these truths aren't part
the normal military branches, their part of homeland security, but they really are a military that is functioning at the pleasure of the president as local law enforcement overrun in local law enforcement, camouflaged with body armor carrying heavy weapons, throwing people into unmarked vans. Even local politicians and reporters are getting hit now men, of them are being released after being thrown into a van and brought to who knows where and its true that when you look at some of the worst police states and martial law situation the last forty fifty years around the world? Many of them don't release people without charges. If it turns out, they don't want to charge, you sometimes they bring you into a dark room and they kill you and you never you're from them again you never your feet. You are never heard from again, and this happened to friends of my parents. In the nineteen seventeen during the military dictatorship in Argentina. That's
where we are and were not actually close to that right now, but at least colloquially they are replacing civil law with troops. Federal troops quite lit really if mayors and governors dont want them there, they are in conflict with local law enforcement. They are enforcing ace sort of federal military law and putting it above Supream to local law enforcement. Now the typical justification is being given. This also fits with history, which is that it's an emergency now diskettes, isn't it listing territory. The incredible thing is that we have real emergencies right now. We have an emergency which is the pandemic and the mishandling of the pandemic by the federal government meeting the Trump administration we
have another emergency, which is the economic crisis happening, which is far worse than it had to be as a result of Donald Trump mishandling of the pandemic. But that's not the emergency that Donald Trump is actually pointing to to justify these troops in Portland and Chicago and other places soon trumpets sang. The emergency is out of control, cancel culture, protesters destroying statues and federal property and trying to burn court houses to the ground. That's not the real emergency. In fact, that's not even actually happening as described the amount. Urgency, is a thousand or more people per day, again dying of corona virus, eleven percent unemployment, the pending eviction crisis, cuts to the unemployment, insurance benefits and the like. That's the emergency, but that's light from says he's sending in the troops. So now they start bolstering this environment of fear and panic as a result of the federal troops being there and people.
Starting to wonder, how long are we going to live like this? Are we We would be able to vote normally in November. Are these troops going be intimidating me at the voting booth in November by patrolling with heavy of weapons, and this quite literally the way it's done. This is out of the play buck playbook. Slowly creeping in two, where we start thinking. Well, it's normal to have the armed pellet paramilitaries in cities across the country, but this next thing isn't yet normal, but then you get the next thing and ok now dad normal, but the next thing isn't yet normal? It's the slow normalization! Now there they have the benefit that there are some people already on the side of the paramilitaries. That's another issue and we'll talk about that- probably not today, but maybe later in the week So if you're waiting for one day at which we confirm today, at twelve fifteen p m
We have now reached martial law or something like that by design. That's not how it happens. It started with years ago Trump. Joking out. Maybe I'll stay in power. I like the idea of how China now allows the president to be re, elected indefinitely trump attacking the free press kicking out. You know early on. I think it was Jim Acosta from the White House briefings momentarily and it starts with, attacks on the press, it cetera that became normalize, trumpet tax, the press. All the time now barely gets attention. Well, then, now there's troops in Portland and soon in Chicago and other cities. Next and some people are already find with it, because they believe Donald Trump explanation for why we need the troops to be there in the first pillar, and then before you know it, we have a national emergency with paramilitaries deployed nation, wide regularly repressing, not just peaceful protesters with flowers. Signs, but even attacking journalists and members of the press coverage
What's going on which we are already seeing and can potentially increase, and then you ve got trumps federal troops on election day a presiding over an election in which trump himself is trying to get himself reelected. If you thought Secretary of State Brian, camp in Florida running the election in which he was a candidate for governor was bad, then think about Trump deploying militaries to supervise his own re election campaign. This is how it creeps in, and I hope people are starting to see it and realising how important it is to put a stop to this, and you know it put a stop to it. We may not be able to stop the deployment of the troops, but by not taking our eye off. The ball, which is this is a desperate cornered president, who sees the poles and knows, as of today, that he's losing any could be embarrassed in a historic electoral college.
By Joe Biden, if things don't change right, that's the whole point. He is now extremely desperate and that's very dangerous, and so we need to make sure that at the top level this is allowed to change the character of the November elections in five weeks. There are certain states that can start early voting absentee. Do it every single we do not be dissuaded, keep your eye on the ball, because we ve only got three months to go. We know the plan no, the slow, creeping of authoritarianism we're seeing it right now we ve been here bring about it from people like Timothy, Snyder and others for a long time. This is this: is it this is no longer rehearsal. We ve got three months, and this is the game plan and were starting to see the signs we're going to continue covering this on the David Pachmann show Instagram Page, which I invite you to follow at D
it Patman show while you're there follow me on Instagram at David DOT, Pachmann for a break from the authoritarianism non politics non political started on my internet rampage we'll take a quick break. I do want to talk about Senate predictions and so much happens everything you can to cut you off. David Pachmann, Shell, David Pachmann, dotcom, deterrent real, quick eye I tell you about our sponsor magic spoon who have done something awesome. They ve taken all of our favorite sugary childhood cereals, that we know we shouldn't eat anymore and turn them into something. You can actually feel good about eating as an adult there's four flavors cocoa, fruity, frosted and blueberry. They taste great their crunchy. Their sweet, like you, would expect this type of cereal to be. But it's perfect for a kid
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the vote, no matter what is going on, but let's actually discuss so back and twenty nineteen. I didn't think Democrats had a good shot had taken the Senate in twenty twenty. We have a hundred senators every two years. One third of them are up for re election and the third of the seats that were up in twenty twenty were not early, twenty nineteen looking very favourable for Democrats Trump was pulling ok enough that the incumbent Republicans weren't being here, we heard, and I did a story and may have twenty nineteen called. Why Democrats won't take the Senate in twenty twenty and in the clip I say This is the situation right now. If something changes, I will update you and then things sort of did, change and a sum see seat started, looking, not quite so good for incumbent Republicans, Trump wasn't doing so hot and so by October, of twenty nineteen. I did another close analysis of each race, each seat up for re election and that got me to appoint. I revised my view and told you in
We have twenty nineteen Democrats could take the Senate in twenty twenty. Now I've been following this closely you sense and in May of this year, just a couple months ago I did a story. Were there was uphill battle, certainly but a much clearer path for Democrats to take the Senate and Can I came back to you on May twenty eight then I said Democrats could take the Senate from Republicans and it was uphill, but it was a much more reasonable path and things have now gotten so bad for Donald Trump and Incumbent Republicans even loosely associated with him in the last two months since story that the cook political report, one hundred days out from this election now says that Democrats are favoured to take back the Senate now it's a slim margin, but a slight edge to Democrats to take back the Senate.
The dramatically different situation than what we had eighteen months ago. Now, as a reminder, right now, the Senate is fifty three to forty. Seven Republicans over Democrats of the FAO thirty seven that I'm, including on the democratic side. It's actually forty five Democrats plus two independence angle, king and that Guy Bernie Sanders who are independence but caucus with Democrats. That's where you get forty seven Democrats and fifty three Republicans in July. Five races changed in such a way that the cook political report change their projection to a slight edge two Democrats to control the Senate. The changes in July are in Arizona, Martha Mc Sally is losing pretty badly to Mark Kelly Impulse and that has gone from a toss up to leaning, democratic in Iowa Joan. Earns the incumbent Republican, that race has gone from leaning republic into a toss up in Georgia? David produce race
has gone from leaning republic into a toss up in Minneapolis on Minnesota, rather Tina Smith, wet from likely democratic victory to solid democratic victory and then in New Mexico, which is currently in open sea It went from Likely Democrat Tom you'd all willing to solidly Democrat Tom you'd are winning Those are the changes in July which have pushed send it overall to more likely to be taken up control of by Democrats, but you ve got a whole bunch of other races that have not changed into I wish we ve talked about Colorado in North Carolina are very vulnerable. Republican seats. That's Corey, gardener and Tom. Tell us, though, Our leaning, democratic in Maine Susan Collins, is in a real uphill battle. Probably her toughest re election campaign really I believe Susan Collins was first elected to don't hold me to this, but I believe ninety six meaning she had re election campaigns in two thousand and two two thousand and eight two thousand and fourteen that make sense,
when he twenty all of her other re election campaigns have been not particularly challenging for her, and Sarah Gideon, at least in some pulls recently is actually ahead, so mean a tough one for Republicans to hold and really mean should not have a republican senator. We did. They should replace Susan Collins as soon as possible. We ve talked about Montana, were Democrat Steve Bull is doing well. He could end up being senator from Montana. There are question marks around seats in Kansas, Texas, Alaska in South Carolina. So there is a whole bunch of different possibilities in the point of this story is not about analyzing, each of them in extreme detail. About the idea that what looked no an early twenty nineteen, the data was saying- maybe Democrats can pick up a cedar too, but taken control would probably be
when he twenty two and twenty twenty do doesn't even look at that, obviously great, depending on which states you're looking at it shifted to there's a path, but all these different. Maybe you need to go the way of the democratic challengers, it is now shifted to you, know, there's more races, leaning, democratic and now you don't need as much of a performance outside of what would be reasonable to take control of the Senate, and so that's how now it is being called a slight edge for Democrats in the cook, political report. So this is all a way of me telling you what too, stay home and say other people got it. No, of course not. This is a way of me. Saying: hey. Here is an opportunity which we will only sees if we all go out and vote ignore. Every
call and go out and vote if you don't like the republican senator. That is representing your state right now, ignore the polls and vote and will keep covering the Senate Outlook and the this is particularly important because of the conversation we had at the top of the show, if Joe Biden wins him doing off that we want him to do is going to depend hugely on having the Senate in the first two years in office. Historically, when the White House changes hands in an election year two years later in those midterms. That party that took control of the White House often suffer losses in the house and or Senate. We don't want that
but what we can do in the immediate is, let's give Joe Biden if he were to win a Senate that is democratically controlled at a house that is democratically controlled. If that happens, the two years between January 21st and January 20th, two thousand and twenty one and January two thousand and twenty three may be the biggest opportunity for progressive change in decade in the United States. While I guess we would put it up there with the couple years between two thousand nine and twenty eleven, when Barack Obama had the opportunity mishandled some things, but also got many things done, including Obamacare. So that's the opportunity. This absolutely huge, and all you have to do is go about. You know, can be overwhelming. Aus, Sir Tom, you Doll and then Martha Sally and only a diner. I can focus on your scope of influence focus on your sphere of influence, which is, am I allowed to vote? Oh, I am because
I'm a citizen. Obviously you can you, if you're, if your legally voting than that's what you should do, I'm gonna go and vote and that's all I can control and then I can work on get out the vote and I can work on whatever else work on what you can control and we have a real opportunity here: Doktor Anthony Fouche III, the top infectious disease doctor in the country has revealed in an interview over the weekend that he and his family have been receiving serious threats as he continues to try to fight the corona virus pandemic in the United States on
the same day that we learned about the threats to doktor fouche. He and his family. The United States set another single day record with more than seventy seven thousand new corona virus cases, just shy of seventy eight thousand new corona virus cases, and the day after we learned that doctor found she was being threatened and his family was being threatened. As we hit a record of single day new cases. Donald Trump went golfing for the two hundred and eighty second time. Of his presidency. Doktor found she sang to David Axelrod on access. Podcast quote: there are people who get really angry at thinking, I'm interfering with their life because I'm pushing a public health agenda. The kind of not only hate mail but actual serious threats against me are not good. I mean really is this the United States of America, but it's real. It really is
real, this has gotten so bad that Doctor Anthony Fouche II nearly eighty year old infectious disease doctor who has been working for both democratic and republican President's for what is it forty years at this point, it's gotten so bad that doctor Fouche he and his family now have a security detail should be embarrassed. Donald Trump and his press secretary are out there talking about. Oh Paul patrol is cancer. Of a pie. Would you put some show patrol corona viruses raging and the top guy actually fighting the virus, while trump talks about pop a troll doktor found, she need security for himself and first, family because of threats against them, and people wonder why we won't be my. We have all these cases. Why do we have a hundred and we're about to cross a hundred and fifty thousand dead Americans, while so many countries have it under control? This is, why
This is. Why is the world ever going to forgive us for this? I saw someone on Twitter say in response to the the threats against Fouche. And everything it's going on too bad. We don't have a vaccine first stupidity, while we sort of do it's called education right, real quality education with people, taught media literacy and critical thinking. That is a vaccine against being victim of disinformation began to were lacking it in a lot of the country now Oh, you know whenever I say this educators write to me. They say David. You were doing a good job here there. No doubt there is no doubt that there is plenty of great education in the United States, but too much of the United States is lacking it. We know what the vaccine is too stupidity, we can produce it in vast quantities, but we don't invest nearly enough in it as a country. I'm talking about education here and lots of parents tell their kids
You don't really need that education, and this is where we are today. I made a mistake early on in this pandemic, and I've been reading a bunch of interesting pieces about it over the last week from others who made the same mistake, we didn't think that something so cut and dry, like a medical crisis such as the one we are experiencing, would see the country so divided along the typical political lines. Where one side says health is the priority. Listen to doctors, take care of others, trust in the scientific method, empathy, etc, and another side would lead Pro
tests against masks spread can thus conspiracy theories about doktor, Fouche III and Bill gates show up filming at Walmart to show how patriotic they are. By refusing to wear a mask. I underestimated it. I thought this would bring people together and we would do the right things and put those stupid political disagreements aside, but clearly I was wrong and to go back to the FAO cheap. Peace, Doktor found she has been thrown to the wolves by this administration with Donald Trump criticising Thoud. She, rather than criticising vouches detractors, the White House piled on publishing a document of what is essentially opposition research about doctors. Listing things. The White House released to the media, a document saying look at all the stuff out. You got wrong well, what about from saying fifteen cases will soon be zero. There's no accountability for that. What about from saying all of the things that he has set? Can you imagine doktor Fouche, she,
bill gates to of the people pouring time and money in gates his case into solving infectious disease for no personal gain Bill gates donating. What is? Is it hundreds of millions at this point to vaccination and dealing with disease? Doktor vouches nearly eighty he's a high risk individual, which he says is why he's not stepping on a plane or going to a restaurant, and yet he seemingly working twenty four seven. And they are attacked conspiracy theories created about them has about one third of the country gone functionally insane. Defining functional insanity is tough, but the gist of it is if you're functionally insane you can be. Sickly exist in society in a semi normal way like you could probably hold a job, for example your keeping your kids
I've well enough to it to raise them to adulthood that they may have some weird ideas, but you did you keeping them alive, but then, in practice they live believing completely didn't delusional things like doktor fouche. He is helping bill. Gates is population control, wet dream agenda by planning to Aref idea of chip, people with a vaccine or masks or making me lose my rights or depriving me of oxygen or its reasonable to scream at a cost. Go employ because I don't want to wear a mask and I think, grown a virus is a vote which is a hoax. Is there a sort of functional insanity here that we have to deal with unclear, but I feel terribly for doktor found she and again is the world going
Forgive us for this. This has been one of the largest mishandling of anything I mean. Listen. Katrina was a disaster. The way that George Bush handled Katrina. There is no excuse whatsoever, but compare the scale of what we're dealing with now and to call this trumps Katrina it under it's actually what's going on without in any way minimizing the absolute disaster that was George W Bush is handling of Katrina. I don't even know what to compare it to you at this point in time and again today, probably the time you hear this. We likely will have surpassed the hundred and fifty thousand death milestone. I dont know if we deserve to be forgiven, unfortunately, for what this administration has done. Her better said not done in response to this virus.
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Fox news interview, first of all, noticed trumped, doesn't even know the guy's name. His name is TED Wheeler from and wailing and then Sean Hannity corrects him and then from brags about Wheeler getting the held knocked out of them, and it's not to be totally as it's not clear from referring to getting clear, aghast or that he was booed but take a look at the club and then will discuss said they were going wild for fifty one days we went in and they have done a great job ripped out of court as a big federal court house, gorgeous federal court house, so we went in and we it is very, very strong and we have this mare whale and now, I think, is also he's also the police commissioner, as I understand it, the alert Le Maire Wheeler uneasy. He made a fool out of observers. You wanted to be among the people, so he went into the ground and they not the hell. Out of that was the end of him pretty pretty pathetic, but we were
they go in and help the cities we want to help you got to. Indeed, a few days ago, TED Wheeler was hit with tear gas He was standing with protesters near the courthouse and just about everything. Trump says in that very short clip is false truck cause. The mayor wheeling, Hannity, correct him, so we get the guy's name wrung from says that protesters we're going wild for fifty one days. That's certainly not true again, unless Donald Trump is actually you know some kind of physicists and has a different conception of what time means by no measure have the protesters been going wild for fifty one days trumped says the court House was going to be ripped down- that's not true, but the. Really shocking thing here is that it is so dictatorial and so with or italian. That Trump is ridiculing TED Wheeler, for being on the side of the public against the federal paramilitaries, in other words,
overwhelmingly people dont want these federal troops in Portland now got a couple emails over the weekend people saying you know David, you should see, that there are, but like individual someone told me, although I haven't confirmed that Brett Wine Stein wants the troops there. Ah because he says the rest of the country, doesnt really understand. What's going on? I don't I don't know that's true. I got a few emails about that overwhelmingly people don't want these troops there. The mayor doesn't want the troops there and the local law enforcement authorities are not working in conjunction with these troops. In anything that would be called a cooperative way and the mayor as the citizen is joining the people that's great now, yet the mayor was booed by some people when he did this and that relates to get people may be displeased with the mayor's handling of the situation.
But shouldn't we like it when elected officials instead of hanging out in the safety of their ivory towers. If Portland has ivory towers, I don't know and making declarations, wouldn't it be better if people were joined by elected officials, Isn't that what we want to see now. I know that there will be situations where it doesn't feel genuine and- Mitt Romney, a republican senator joined the black lives matter. Protests wearing a mask, no less in Washington, DC joy, mostly left wingers, let's be honest about it and he was What are you doing here centred? He said I'm here, because black lives matter and he kept his mask on and he did it. There were people who said this is disingenuous Romney this is the guy who's gonna, lower taxes on millionaires there, oh yeah, that's for its its Romney
is that guy he's still a republican, but I think it's important whenever public and says hey, I have to choose the movement over my party in this particular case. I think that it should be applauded, but with some healthy scepticism that these are still politicians who are upheld, deleting what they do. The point is. We should be glad when elected officials join movements rather than just sending out messages on twitter hanging out in their office and Donald Trump is ridiculing said we for hearing the voice of the people and joining them in their peaceful protests. This isn't getting that much attention but it is insanely authoritarian. The president's sits in d c est surely laughs at a public servant who is joining people and says he got the hell knocked of em again, it's was that from that he was tear gas, but it's not clear of trumpets. Referring to that. So we have to recognise this for what it is
and to follow up on the earlier story about martial law and authoritarianism. Federal troops are being sent around two different cities are growing list of cities to satisfy Donald Trump Whims and to its trump sees it generate chaos that will help get him reelected. We can't allow it to work. But this is his plan now to get ahead of a narrative, that's being floated already. If you look in reactionary and right wing circles there, you might be shocked by this. There are some right, wingers abandoning their so called small government values and saying I support the paramilitaries, because these protesters deserve it because they are criminals again, the protesters are criminals, they are protesters. They are constitutionally
detected. It is speech, they are peaceably assembling and they are asking for the redress of of grievances that they are bringing forward, If they are criminals, then they are criminals, right protesters aren't criminals, protesters are the patriots here and that's the something the right doesn't want to accept. The right is attempted to hold the monopoly, patriotism in the United States for a long time. Certainly I was most exposed to it around the two thousand three Iraq war, but it's not you. It's been going on for decades and decades the protesters are being patriotic. They are doing the things that our country was enshrined upon. A protester is not occur, well now. I have said before, and I repeat it: some of you disagree breaking with those that a court house is not going to forward any cause, and it is a crime and you're gonna be suffering the consequences of committing a crime. If you do it, setting fire to buildings is not going to further any cause and it's a crime, and you should accept
that if you do that, you are going to be arrested and charge and it could be really bad for you. Martin Luther king was very clear about this marked there's. Some very interesting contrast, look up videos of interviews with Martin Luther King and separately with Malcolm X, both of whom were bringing a lot of different ideas, forward, valuable ideas, Martin Luther king differed from Malcolm X and that Martin Luther King recognised that when you start using more violent tactics, arson destruction of property, etc. Even if you can morally defended even if we can also an insurance company, will pay to rebuild the building. Who cares? Ok, that's aside from the fact that people could get hurt or killed up as bystanders Martin Luther King pointed out. It often comes back to hurt exactly the people doing the protesting and when you consider that many of these protests are overwhelmingly white
do we really improve the situation for the people that we are most trying to help by introducing elements of violence here which only lead to even rougher treatment by police of the very people we are trying to help. So I do see that a self destructive writer- this is not a show where your tuning in for to defend criminality? That's not this show, but most of the people are just protesters its moms now who have showed up the back up the protesters, and then veterans showed up to back up the moms who were backing up protest you're, so we can't let them set. The narrative of the troops are fine, because it's really mostly criminals there in the protesters your criminal. Now we can't let them set that narrative and not letting them set. The narrative is just part of part of what we need to doing for the next three months. This next story is one of those it's been a serious show. This is one of those funny stories that is
give me more about Donald Trump's fragility than it is about anything else. Donald Trump has suddenly backed out of throwing out the first pitch at an upcoming New York, Yankees baseball game. Now there are three different reasons why and you can say that it's all three or just one or two you know take your pick. First of all, I believe Trump is worried that he's going to really screw up the first pitch maybe again in an embarrassing. Laughingstock trump is claiming that he's going to be too busy to do it. He treated yesterday quote because of my strong focus on the China virus, including scheduled meetings on vaccines, our economy and much. Else. I won't be able to be in New York to throw out the opening pitch for the Yankees on August fifteenth. We will get later in the season. So this is not credible. This is the guy who just golf for the two hundred and eighty second day during his presidency
he said he's going to be too busy working now to throw out a pitch which takes five minutes, he's so fragile. I got to have to travel to New York, he's so fragile, he's afraid of what will be a disastrous pitch. So that's number one now I want to be clear. This is not about wait. A second David you complain. Trump does when he work and now you complain that he's going to be working instead of throwing out a pitcher you're being a hypocrite, now trumps, just lying again, we know Trump doesn't skip things that he thinks will make us look good or that are fun for him because he has to work. He's got two hundred and eighty two different days during his presidency trumpet skipping this because, especially after his skills, in catch were ridiculed last week when he tossed a ball around with former Yankee Marianna Rivera. He knows he could come up with an embarrassing first pitch and it would be really bad
He is scared, someone might realise. Maybe Trump isn't the alpha mail. He makes himself out to be, but here's the thing, if you don't think, that's the reason why Trump isn't going to do it. There's another reason which is Trump doesn't want to get booed, we're talking about new York, city tromp was getting brutally boot at sporting events before corona virus. He was not losing to Biden by ten and he was getting destroyed when he went to sporting events. With this brutal booze, he was going to get obliterated with boos at Yankee Stadium. So it's the picture itself that he'd likely mess up plus getting brutally booed at Yankee Stadium and it being repeated on tv for hours. But if you don't like either those explanations. Entire baseball teams have been kneeling during the national anthem in the early days of this new major league baseball season. To another reason, Trump doesn't want to be there for that, because again from would be out there.
His hand over his heart, trying to remember the words, the national anthem, while all or most of the players would be. Feeling in another directive rebuke of Donald Trump. So those pick which of these are all three of these reasons, of course, trumpets bailing out going out the first pitch and anyway imagine claiming you're too busy to throw out a pitch the day after retweeting, He did on Saturday a picture of himself and former NFL quarterback Brett, far playing golf as seventy seven thousand new corona virus cases had been announced the previous day in the United States. It just doesn't pass the sniff test that Donald Trump is not doing this because he's too busy he's just to France For me. You know we need a stronger president. Now, I'm not talking physically I'm talking, intellectually, I'm talking emotion, we personality wise Trump is just too fragile for me
I'm going to be voting for Joe Biden in November, we have a voice mail number. That number is too one nine to David P. Here is a fair question about Joe Biden and assertive relates to our conversation earlier, let's take a listen to it on David out, I know what you mean by it in policies. I am, I just wanna know those guys and twenty twenty election knowing like. Why do you disagree with them?
Thank you, gotta, okay, so listen, there's, no way to sum this up in one segment, but every time I've done an analysis of a Joe Biden proposal, Joe Biden, healthcare proposal, Joe Biden Tax Plan, Joe Biden on climate or whatever else I will point out where he falls short and I think it's important here is contacts. So, for example, Joe Biden Tax plan is actually quite solid. It is not a very good things in it. It doesn't, for example, create new higher tax brackets. I think we need right now. The highest tax breaks I think, is around five hundred and fifty thousand dollars. We probably need tax brackets, like the one point, five or two million dollar level, five or ten million fifty hundred we need higher levels and higher tax rates at those higher levels. He doesn't do that. That's a critique of Joe Biden, tax plan, Andrew Buttons, TAT, spend a lot of good things are when we looked at Joe Biden, clean energy and climate change plan. It does many good things, but it
fell short in some areas in terms of certain requirements, pollution requirements, the idea I outlined them in that clip when we ve talked about Joe Biden on Healthcare, Joe Biden Plan we'll give way more people access to health care, and it will make health care affordable for way more people, but it's not going to be comprehensive and universal as an example. So, with all of these students. The reason I'm doing this is that's. It feels to me that that voice mail was a good faith question. It was not a question meant to do this stuff of. If it's not bernie than who cares if its trump, it seems like it's I'm curious: where do you disagree with Joe Biden, and I disagree with Joe Biden in many areas, and yet the reality that I must vote for Joe Biden is not missed at any point in time and it is abundantly and completely clear and micro. Peaks of Joe Biden have not been done in a way to
even remotely suggest, maybe we stay home or vote for Trump Joe Biden plans dont do everything that we want them to do, taking the Senate in November. In addition to winning, the White House would best enable us to have two straight years to solid years during which we can push the Senate and the House and Joe Biden to pass as much progressive change as possible. And that's all. We can really say right now, and so my goal from here on out as I have no problem critiquing Joe Biden Policy, where it falls short That's what I do if I wasn't doing that, I really would be doing you a disservice, but I'm not to do it in a way that might leave anybody thinking. Woe is David sort of Maybe we don't vote for by no I'm not going to do that. It's going to be made clear in every single segment that that's what has to happen. We have a great bonus show for you today, Actually, I don't know had a very interesting incident over the weekend and I wanted to talk to you about it. Ah, although I dont know that we're doing it today, so we may have some very
Trusting stories on the bonus show today about golden Bitcoin prices, spiking and trumps executive order on drug prices and some other things or we may have a wacky Pat Ford story, the weekend that I think you're really really going to love, but I'm just not sure yet, because I've gotta figure out which bonus show we're doing today in any case, get instant access. The bonus show by becoming a member at joint pachmann dot com or becoming a patron at patriarch dot com. Slash David package will see them
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