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7/27/21: The Brewing Culture War & More Vaccine Absurdity

2021-07-27 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Rick Doblin, Founder and Executive Director of MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, joins David to discuss the latest advancements in the beneficial uses of psychedelics and marijuana

--Why it's impossible to "win" the culture war war for the left, and why the right has no plan to "win" it

--Republicans boo Republican Governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson when he tells a crowd that there is no evidence of the COVID-19 vaccines affecting fertility

--Fox N' Friends suggests that cannabis legalization is responsible for the recent increase in violent crime

--Donald Trump's former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is gifted a gun by the Church of Glad Tidings in Yuba City, California, and says he might go find someone in Washington DC to use the gun on

--Donald Trump's spokeswoman Liz Harrington claims they have found 275,000 "potentially" fraudulent ballots in the Arizona 2020 election audit

--Voicemail caller Troy York is falsely convinced a COVID vaccine death coverup is taking place

--On the Bonus Show: VA becomes first agency to require some staff be COVID-vaccinated, MI lawmakers using COVID funds for bonuses, Trump endorses George P. Bush's opponent, much more...

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Welcome everybody. So I want to start today with what I see as the impossibility of the current culture war being won by either the left or the right, but for very different reasons, and on Friday I'm gonna talk a little bit more about the republican strategy of in culture, war issues instead of policy, but what I want to lane today is that the culture war that's currently taking place. That's the one wherein the Republican Party has completely abandoned policy, and instead they are fighting, politically on issues like critical race theory socialism, communism flags, sports team names trend girls in sports. The vague
ocean of that of fighting against what they claim is the left wanting to defend the police, even though that's not what the left wants to do. That type of thing is what I'm talking about, This is a war that the left can actually win in fight, it on an issue by issue basis, and explain why. But it's also a culture or that the right has no interest in winning. That's a really important thing to understand, because the right benefits from it being an ongoing war as a strategy to justify people donating money to them and vote. For them in elections. because you need them to continue fighting the war if they win the war, then it's over the entire impetus for saying these are the reasons you need to donate to Us- and here is why we don't actually talk about policy, go, the way if they win, so they can never actually win further own self preservation. There's really interesting article from about two or three months ago, in political magazine called how
culture war could break democracy, Zack Stanton Road it and in the article Zack references, James Davison, Hunter sociologist from the University of junior, who years ago, described culture war as cultural flashpoints with polluted, ramifications and that's a really good definition, the These are flashpoints meaning places. Events are times when trouble, violence or anger flare up flashpoints on the basis of cultural disagreements, but they're not just irrelevant cultural disagreements, They have political significance in a very real way. Think through some examples, the so called debate over critical race theory is actually real. good example of this. This is a flash point that is right, a cultural issue. What is the culture in schools that the left versus the right wants? What's the culture of workplaces when it comes to
race and an understanding of race that is general eating disagreement and unrest and its politically signal again in that Republicans and the right are weapons rising it to justify people voting for them. Instead of voting for Democrats, perfect culture, war example now why do I say it's not apparent to me that the cultural war is when and I want to be really careful and how I explained this as or is the American Right wings right wing goes, Republicans, don't have a plan to win the Cultural war because the winning is to continue for aiding the cultural war forever. As I mentioned earlier, all of these cultural issues, even when they subscribe I'd in real life, the right keeps talking about as if they are real problems. The entire war on Christmas is a very good example of this. That was always merely a cultural issue and it was laid on top of ideas of nationalism, freedom of religion, alleged, hostile,
Lady from the left against religion, patriotism and even after the subject of whether we say merry Christmas are happy. Holidays essentially disappeared lately, legged some wanted it just went away. Wasn't even a thing. Republicans continued to act, as though the very same war on Christmas continue to take place almost as an aside like, of course yet were also still fighting. The on Christmas, even though It wasn't actually an issue in society. So the point is Republicans: don't plan actually when the culture war, because they benefit by fighting it, whether they in it or they lose it or they have the majority public opinion on their site or against their side. They will continue to claim that culture wars going on and that it must be fought and or the people to fight it, so you'd better donate to them and vote for them, so they can fight it. For you, that's what's happening right now, with social wisdom in communism. We look at these last six of Joe Biden, Joe Biden First six months in office, it's become very clear.
Joe Biden, has not a communist Joe Biden is not a social. Joe Biden is not a marxist. Now, if you'd been paying attention for the last four decades We know that about Joe Biden, but now Joe Biden as President and he's done, no socialist stuff he's done, oh communist stuff. Have the discussions about binds communism and socialism gone away from the right now, because for Republicans, especially in the absence of any policy and in particular, especially only when the country is increasingly not with Republicans on policy, they need to have some war two point two. So now they point. Do we ve gotta fight communism and socialism trumpeted at his speeches rallying x on Saturday would recover yesterday so Republic, You have no plan to win the culture. Ward, that's a feature, not a buck merit fight, but what about the left What about Democrats? What about progressives, however? You define that movement. The unfortunate thing is that these cultural issues,
actually won by fighting them directly and there couple. A reasons for that and I think a perfect example to understand this is abortion rights. Abortion rights is an issue that the right has fought in two ways: the right has fought against abortion rights as a cultural issue. In churches and through colloquial rhetoric, but the right has also fur. abortion rights as a legal issue. Ever since we saw Roby Wade, legalised abortion. In most cases. Decades ago we ve seen report in spite abortion, orphan rights at state level, in a legal sense, and then they ve also fought it as a cultural issue on television and in it as an issue. We must serve life and humanity, even the term pro life as a propaganda term. You use when you are fighting this as a cultural, shut. Your framing anybody who doesn't share your view is against life. There's no coincidence about the room, choosing the term pro life for their position,
and the American right has essentially loss the abortion fight in. In a legal sense, what I mean by that and intercultural what I mean by that is, while some states have successfully Kurt EL abortion rights with state level restrictions. It still a fight in that sense word that still is being legislated in the courts. We have a situation today in twenty twenty one, where the country is more in favour of abortion being legal. In most cases, then it time. In the last forty years, Republicans have been fighting abortion for forty years or even longer, and the country is more in favour of abortion being legal in most cases today than in any previous point, it's an abject failure by republic and by the right to fight against abortion rights. But that's not because dammit Let's go around talking about how great abortion as an that's one of the complexities of fighting the culture or because of the way that the right frames these
issues and they do a good job of it. I have to give him credit. The left is put in a position where, if you fight them directly had on on the issue you get framed. As oh well, so you want more abortions and then all of a sudden, now you're fighting against that and it becomes a mess. But then here's, the other thing, bigger picture, the cold, you're in the! U S has shifted and as a result of that, shoes like income, inequality and the environment, have taken more centre stage and opposition to abortion has just fade. So, a lot of the reason that the soft opposition to abortion has gone away, isn't because of that's going around in saying, abortion is great. It's because of people realised here we actually don't even really need to be talking about that. We need to be
talking about income, inequality and access to health care and the damage were doing to the environment, etc. It's not a fight that makes sense and so, with a lot of these things, I dont know that there is anything to win by fighting issues had on our think now about critical race theory, which is a great example. Republicans make critical race theory out to be this absolute evil thing that will occur. Your children, it will lead to self hating whites will lead your kids down some kind of marxist rabbit, hole or whatever the case may be, and progress. Lives in order to fight it had on mostly have to talk about grace theories? Great, even if they don't believe that greater, maybe they're, just not sure, as a progressive myself, I don't have much of an interest in defending critical race theory in and of itself, because I see it
as Emulous uncritical race theory is one of many critical theories too important to understand them. It's important to study them and like any postmodern post structural structuralist, critical theory, it has significantly stations. It's just one little aspect of how we might analysed the world around us, so what eggs actually would would be the fight like I'm not interested in going around demanding critical ray theory specifically be taught in schools, but it certainly should be banned. I'm not Kristen going around extolling the endless virtues of critical race theory, but it should be under good among many other ways of analyzed. the world around us. What I'm interested in is move Society. On from the thought that critical race theory is even an important issue that it should get the amount of oxygen that it's getting and so, when I say the left is
I'm going to win the culture war. What I mean is it's not going to win on these individual issues, arguing about should Cleveland, Indians be called the Indians, are the guardians and and why, in that, making that a fourth forefront issue or at what age should critical race theory start to be taught the complexity, and here is where I turn to you for ideas. The complexity is that you just ignore these issues. If you ignore the war on Christmas, you ignore the fight, that right is waging against critical race theory, etc you, allow the right to secure some real victories in controlling society, which we don't want them to do, but at the same time, if you fight these issues, one by one. You either end up spending a lot of time defending things that you're not even really that much in favour of. At the end of the day, you just don't think they should be banned, for example. So what is
the balance between understanding that fighting these issues on their merits is essentially a losing battle, while at the same time recognising that, if we ignore these issues completely, that's a good idea either, because we seed so much ground to the right. So that's my question to you, given that the right doesn't plan to actually win the culture war and given that fighting each of these cultural issues for the left is essentially a losing battle. How is it that the left should face up against this, because Republicans have made it very clear there done with policy, sure they'll say: keep the door the deficit down or they'll say build a wall or whatever, but I mean listen. The the I was never going to happen. You can even saying the wall was an example of policy. No, it wasn't, it was never going to get built. Mexico was never going to pay for it. It was really a right. It was a metaphorical wall all along and so my question to you is: what is the proper, how The left entered this and manage it. Give
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got nothing. I would argue it would still be worth it to know your funding, an alternative to homogenous corporate media, but because get so much great free stuff with it? Why not write a sign up? It join Pachmann dotcom. You know I as many of you are, I'm watching very closely vaccination numbers covered. numbers, deaths, etc were trying to figure out. Are we headed towards Hell again in the fall? What is happening with the delta variant. What about the next variant what's happening in Europe, which seems to Sir be a leading indicator for what we might expect here in the United States and so on and so forth. And then you just look at what's happening around the country and you realize hey guys their fighting against us. They there. So the answer backs right wing has come a monster essentially of its own, making so big that
they may prevent the country from being as great as they claim to want it to be. They talk about make Amerika great again. They talk about America, fur, they talk about all of them, and then they don't want to get vaccinated, which is what will help the economy and it will help prevent death, and it will help that hospitalization and I want to look at some video with you today of Arkansas, republican and Governor S Hutchinson now I don't want to go overboard in my praise of Republicans, but I want to men and that in the last week, or so many problems, Republican leaders have started being much more positive about covert vaccines. I think it's sickly, motivated by economic concerns and the realisation that its increase really becoming of republican virus because Republicans want vaccinations at such a lower rate than Democrats. Overwhelmingly, you are seeing red counties. Republican counties have a higher per capita case right, ok,
so Governor Asia Hutchinson does an event with state vaccine official doc. Jennifer De La and he says very basic syn things like the vaccine doesn't caused infertility, which is one conspiracy, that's been floating around and he gets booed. Listen to this does decision until fertility. The answer is no and that's the data. What kind of person in booze the news that hey Great news, the vaccine, doesn't impact fertility as far as we know right now, based on all the evidence, we ve seen this created a monster. They can't control. Hutchinson then refers to the states seen authority, and it just gets very ugly, so its delay had not dilah high apologize
Can you imagine this is the same energy from from which burnings right? I mean it's, they will not hear any. alternative view too. This is a witch These are lies above accents. So there is no time Covid vaccines impact fertility. There is a great deal of evidence that the Covid nineteen self causes problems with pregnancy and feeble. so. I also understand that the evidence isn't that the vaccine causes fertility issues the evidence
is cove. It can cause issues with pregnancy. How do you talk nationally with these people, I mean how reach across the aisle hoop Were you reaching out you? and this is something that we're getting more and more information about. I think it is worth repeating a whim his periods and the immune system are connected. Eyes, as a woman is about to AVI laid her immune system ramps itself up to prevent any infectious agent from interfering with the stars a pregnancy with the fertilisation and implantation of the egg once that egg is fertilized and then simply Hence the immune system dampens to accept the pregnancy The uterus has immune cells. Those can be affected by hormonal changes. The immune system and cortisol, which is the stress hormone though we are related and periods respond to cortisol levels. so. The long and short of it is there, are
Mcdonald reports of a late period in some women after the second dose of the vaccine, it's possible that the cove advance scenes could impact one or maybe two periods following the second dose, terms of a delay, for example, because the IMF, system of the woman is high. At work. Developing immunity or because of cortisol levels As a doctor delay. Her is stating their is no evidence of an impact on fertility, there's no evidence of any long term effects, and there is evidence that a bigger risk to pregnancy than being vaccinated, is good covered for a pregnant woman, but the crowd doesn't want to hear it so again for everybody saying we ve gotta just relate to these people with, reach across the I'll, get him vaccinated, I'm with you, but you do that, where they literally start chanting,
they they become. I hate to use a term that is a poor man, oh created by former producer Louis they become fever and yeah. I know not a word, but you can look that went up on urban Dictionary house You calm them down. There are experiencing this outrageous state of like a hyper arousal where they just can't stop screaming. When a doctor is simply saying, there's no evidence of that. I dont know how you connect with those people, but it is very scary, stuff in terms what it means for the United States reaching heard immunity, if that's even still, something we think we might be able to do. I want to look again at one of these false notions that is being spread by the right when the topic of cannon This of marijuana comes up. This is sort of like a perfect storm of a bunch of different stories. First of all the clip. We're going to look at is from foxen friends. Foxen friends has been I
guess you could say applauded a little bit in the last week because Steve do see has started to say get the facts. and if you can get it- and there are people saying oh Foxen friends now is pro vaccine, as we said before, Brian kill need on Fox in France, has not changed his mind, apparently on vaccines or whatever the case may be. So, let's kind of a damp in our praise of foxen friends. Second issue, the story of ink least violent crime in the United States through the pandemic, right. Wing media wants to exclusively blame on Joe Biden, even though the increase in crime actually started under trumps watch during the pandemic and the number three any opportunity to criticise, marijuana or cannabis, depending on how you prefer to refer to it. They the advantage of that, and in this particular Clip Fox News- suggests violent. Crime is up because of people. Smoking pot taken listen to this. When you walk out on the streets of New York City reset it
smells like IRAN and tie a great morning show em, but extra bit. The pod part is particularly important because, after the shooting in Washington DC on Thursday night on Friday, the Chief CUP in Washington DC made a connection that too few leader in democratic one towns are doing, and that is finds a direct connection between the violence. Why and pop music? Why is Robert Content you have taken on a mindset. Marijuana is not really is now a big issue and Allison can tell you that marijuana undoubtedly is connected to the crimes that were seen in our community when you have something where people get, how we warn they can,
a lot of money by someone illegal marijuana and the risk is low. The risk for accountability is very low. Deck creates a very, very, very, very, very bad situation, because those individuals get rob those individuals shot at those individuals get involved and disputes all across our city. I'm seen it happen more and more and he's
alone in other sittings are doing as well. But what are they gonna? Do? It's hard to put the toothpaste back in the two: they legalised partner bunch of places, and now they ve seen violent crime spike going to say you know what we made a mistake when they should, because obviously the chiefs numbers support what he said. I'm really glad that the chief brought this out because it's a very attached to a topic because pot have just been Phil normalized and our culture, but he brings out the point that there is an excess between pot and and violent crime, and it's not just the buying and selling on Ebay. It has mental health effects. In view of a higher chance of schizophrenia. Of having psychosis, I mean, there's actual data behind that people ignore that in the pot lobby is very powerful. It is very, very powerful and and and their normalizing it with our children issue. Try if you come out against it, you're just an old buddy that will end and would do chief said he said. Look there are people who are being robbed by
get the money to buy more pot right. The centre should we're, tries, is going to try to make national become in there, so it so there mixing up like three different issues. It all kind of feels like reefer madness, twenty twenty one suit. So let's kind of go through these things. One by one, first of all, is the effect of the cannabis on individuals propensity to be violent. That's though you might be can using thing with? What is the argument? Is the argument about the illegal drugs trade or is it about consumption of cannabis in their mixing? It together. First of all, marijuana doesn't make people violent. As a general rule, alcohol often does, which is completely legal out, all, is actually a major factor in violent crime. Marijuana is not? There is a very Drifting study called subjected. Aggression during alcohol and cannabis intoxication before and after aggression. Exposure What the study did was it exposed people to aggression?
through something called point: subtraction aggression, paradigm and the single Category implicit association. Does you don't eat them? with that is, but the findings- here are that quote: subjective Russian significantly increased following Aggression, exposure in all groups while being sober, Alcohol intoxication increased subjective aggression, whereas cannabis decreased the subjective, aggression following aggression, exposure, aggressive response since during the peace sap increased, follow alcohol and decreased? blowing cannabis relative to placebo. What this is telling us is that when people are sober and you Do it's called aggression exposure in a way that that has been scientifically determine? This is how you serve like a trigger. Can the regression response from people peoples level of aggression goes up. Alcohol.
an aggravating factor in generating that aggression, aggressive response cannabis mitigating factor. So that's one piece- and that's really important to understand so that you know when they talk about cannabis and making people via its ok, look, look, look, maybe look at rock and roll is well like it again. It just feels like forty year old argument. That's been widely debunked aside, from the pharmacological impact. There is the other side of it which is that legal zation reduces violence. It reduces violence, it is far less likely. that there will be violence when buying pot at a hipster we'd store, compare two in a bag Golly from ST dealers. you dont know now. Their argument is, if the penalties further, Killing go down. Then you are going to see more. Dealers entered the market, but it it's not act.
the working that way, because when its legalised and regulated Demand for buying from ST dealers goes down dramatically now. Will some people want to pay less, even when there's legalization to go and buy for from a street dealer who doesn't have to pay tax yeah to some degree, but the net effect is a reduction in cannabis, distribution, related violence and then, lastly, How do you not mention three hundred and fifty million guns in the United States when you look at all these other countries that have decriminalize flash legalised marijuana and look at the United States you would immediately notice three hundred and fifty million tonnes in the United States. That's not a factor somehow the weed is the factor you gotta be just kidding me with this stuff and its unfortunate because again, there's people who want to be told this is really dangerous and so I see this and they agree with it. At the end of the day, where do you worry more about violence? The ball
are down the street or a room of stoner is playing. Video games, I mean it's silly way to the sort of go to the fundamentals of this, but think bout that and then look at the placebo, controlled studies, including the one that I mentioned earlier. These people make no sense. They are looking for an explanation. Further pre existing views, rather than actually being open to following the science, will have more on this story. On the David Pachmann show Instagram find us at David. And show you find me on Instagram at David DOT, Pachmann one sponsors is Monk pack. I try to just limit how much intake I have, and it's tough, sometimes because sweet things taste good It's just the reality, and that's why I love monk pack, Kido Granola BAR so much they are Sweden Delicious their soft and chewy, they ve got a slight crunch, but each bar has only one gram of sugar to
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legal, developing legal context for the careful and beneficial uses of psychedelic? Send marijuana rickets great to have you back on today. Yes, as my pleasure, I look for it there caution. So I want to eventually get to what some of the advancements in developments have been since you- and I last spoke a couple of years ago, but first you, you, men, that you were recently in Texas, with a bunch of Republicans, including Dan Crenshaw, who is now, known typically, as the progressive beacon of hope to to the left but there seems to be some sort of camaraderie on the issue of using psychedelic for four of veterans and in other contexts. Yet well, representative french as a former Navy seal ripe and he's heard now from quite a number of Navy seals who have PTSD traumatic, brain injury and
treatments that they ve been getting from, the vizier haven't been helping them, and so there is a group called that's by Amber and Marcus Capone. That brings particular Navy seals down to Mexico, for I began, which is a second dog drug from Western Africa and also five Emmy odium tea, which is a drug from the sinner in toad, its them powerful of all the second Alex and these Navy sales have been finding a lot of relief and other veterans as well had been sharing the news within green jobs and also he's been hearing with some of the better, and others in our studies with empty May for PTSD, and so now he is become a major advocate. Annie's work of all by partisan way, with TIM Ryan, whose
congressmen from Ohio, render the show a very good idea is fantastic, so that their the two of them, though, are working together. We're getting ready to launch a bill to give twenty five million to the Department of Defense for. psychedelic research for PTSD and then another building give twenty five million. The ba, and so what we re finding is that the heel no veterans and others with trauma from trauma is by partisan and what it thinks it was so interesting at the discussion with the Crenshaw is here. I am surrounded by taxes, Republicans and I talked about how Since a nonprofit we raised over a hundred and fifty million dollars and donations to do this research over our thirty five years, and I start by saying that we have got this by partisan support and I talked about Rebecca Mercer, who was the family
supporters of Trumpet Ban unknown Cambridge Analytic. We know about scraping all the data from Facebook said: we have support from Rebecca Mercer from Lisbon, Coke, whose father is Charles Coke, and we have support from the Rockefeller family, the buffet family, that pretty girls and I said and goes all the way to George Soros, who also supports us, and there was kind of this sort of unusual kind of joke or grown that damn gradual made about George Soros. But in the end it was like Oh, it was like we're on it together. That was that the dominant message there. There is one thing that was really surprising to me too, which was afterwards there is here. woman, who sat a therapist used to be a therapist at the Houston Ba and she does Sub were told E m d are, which is an approach towards helping people PTSD, and we just talk about her husband was a veteran she's, helped him with PTSD she's, very interested in our research and then she's
Had she is actually running for Congress. I said: there's really good and then she said he. I am running against Republican right, so we talked it was like when we took to exchange cards. It was very interesting that I get home to write or a little. The email, and I discover that she's running as a Republican against a republican whose sufficiently right wing that currently exists in republic, but she likes what you're doing TAT she likes. What we're doing, because she likes healing veteran, see I've been somehow or other able to take psychedelic and healing of trauma and move it out of this partisan struggle and it seems like it's, it's going pretty well in that way. The that's it tonight, it's an incredible thing and idea. I would be curious to hear since we last talk- There were so many things you were researching. There were so many things that you were studying. What are the sort of TAT,
enjoyable. Advancements that have been made in this field of using psychedelic send as well as sometimes cannabis, ah for four, a lot of different situations, well being etc. What advancements have we made in the last couple of years? Well, in may we published we meaning maps the we published the results from our first phase. Three study of empty May assistance. I could there be for BT estate. You have to do to phase three studies to get a drug approved by FBI and after proof, safety and efficacy, and the first step was published in nature medicine, which is one of the most highest impact scientific journals in the world, and we had out standing resolves better than we even had hoped, and so what we showed is highly significant results. The distantly significant large effect size, excellent safety record, the most amazing part as we work with the hardest cases, meaning severe PTSD, chronic PTSD
Unlike many PTSD studies, we enroll people who previously attempted suicide, and why we showed is that, two months after the last experimental session, two thirds of these people no longer had PTSD is just astounding. That control group was thirty, two percent, that's the group. They got therapy without India made so thirty. Two, almost one third no longer had PTSD from Arthur But when you add India made a therapy, is sixty seven percent, no longer previously another one. Third, that still has piteous de most of them, had what's called clinically significant reductions of PTSD symptoms, so we are the only group there. That's in phase three with psychedelic there's now about a hundred plus psychedelic companies for profit companies, a few non brow. it's an there, either in earlier stages of the research or they're, trying to develop new molecules that they can patent new psychedelic, but where
the only ones in phase three, so that's the main development is also groups that have been working with silver, Simon and they're doing well in face too, and it sells Ivan for depression suicide and for nicotine addiction so assignment for alcoholism. So, Simon Fur, obsessive, compulsive disorder, we ve also completed studies was so silent. Ibexes me with India May for social anxiety for lie. Threat people anxious about life threatening illnesses, was incredible. Study done by others that we helped with David, not in density.
in England Empty a may for alcohol use disorder when it turns out is the trauma is what drives a lot of drug addiction. If you help people deal with the traumas of life, then they dont need to run away and drugs, and so we were able to show good results, and that is also starting to be interesting, promising findings with traumatic brain injury that certain psychedelic can be helpful with that there is just a whole range of studies that are now being started with psychedelic acts that are really showing enormous progress in and one of the main things that we know is that psychedelic promote, what's called neural plasticity. and what that means is that our brains are not fixed. They evolve as we grow, we no, that when we remember things, there's something change in our brain but, more importantly, psychedelic can promote new neural connections in different kind of pathway. So for PTSD we there's been neuroscientist agenda.
Hopkins Gwendolen who did work with empty May, giving them the octopus is giving him the Meda mice for the Octopus, is there very solitary creatures and they stay away from other octopus is unless it's mating seas. which is the end of their life? But you give them the May, and now they want to hang out with other octopus, and so these kind of pre verbal deepen our evolutionary history empty it. May has this profound impact, but in mice, when you give em, they made a miser, promotes oxytocin release, which is the hormonal love. They called the cuddled hormone, love nursing mothers that, and it promotes new neural connections, new growth. As a new pathways there. You are really in what happens in these Studies went with the studies with people. Is there like a
Seeber group were or were. Do people know whether there are getting the empty I may or not is that seems like it would be a relevant question in terms of measuring the impact right. Yeah. That's a great question, my dissertation at the Kennedy School, a government where I got my Masters and Phd, was on the regulation of the medical use of psychic dogs, and one of the main things I looked at was: how do you do a double blind study with a drug like a psychedelic? That's pretty obvious if you taken it like you're taking different fields, You don't notice automatically what they do. These are very powerful drugs that change or consciousness, and you usually can tell it sets out the sure. So a lot of my dissertation was about how to solve this problem, and I thought I had the solution. The solution I thought was gonna, be therapy with low doses, embryo may versus therapy with full Dosim DNA, and the challenge was to find the dose of empty a May. That was high enough that enough people would notice it and would not be so.
was it the low dose or the Hightowers, but that it wasn't so high that you started getting all the therapeutic potentials of MDMA, and this is what we explored in phase two so maps. I started one thousand nine hundred and eighty six. We started our first phase, one safety, stud, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two d, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine two thousand. We started the phase ii studies and that took us till two thousand and sixteen, but we discovered- and this is I guess you could say the the the beauty and humility of scientific research is that you discover stuff that you. I didn't realize was actually going on our you discover that you're wrong. So what I discovered through these studies and we dusted inactive inactive placebo with therapy twenty
milligrams. Thirty milligrams, forty milligrams, fifty milligrams, seventy five milligrams, one hundred one twenty five and one fifty, and what we showed is that the therapeutic dose was lower than we thought. Seventy five milligrams was very effective, but that the lower doses they did cause a certain amount of. an inaccurate gases, but what they did as they had an anti therapeutic of fact, meaning that everybody still got better. Who got these lower therapy plus lower doses? But when we looked at the data, the people that had therapy without him do, you may did better than the people that have therapy with low Dosim DNA Hot and the best way to describe it. It's like, if you're in
airplane and you're about to take off, sometimes there's turbulence at the beginning, and then you get above the clouds and then its smooth sailing. So the low doses of India May were like this turbulent state people were focused on their trauma. They were activated the little bed, but the fear reduction properties of India May weren't fully activated, right aid people uncomfortable? So when we went to the FDA to design phase three, I open it up by saying that there is a funny quote by a former president of Harvard and what he said was never get there's always a Harvard man on the wrong side of every issue, and so I said in this case it's me my dissertation, which fortunately, I managed to get. My theory was wrong and that there is no solution to the double blind problem, and so he said to the FDA. We can give you the blinding, but you're gonna, make it easier for us to find a dick
between the two groups? And the real question is, if you can do this work with therapy without adding a drug? Why have the drug so rather than adding a drug that gives a little bit of blinding it's more important, that we test the therapy by itself or its the most effective and so the FDA brought in? But we like to joke as the old wise man of the FDA. His name is Bob Temple and he's been there since one thousand nine hundred and seventy two and he's was the office of Science policy and he came- and he said There is, he agreed, there is no solution to the double bind problem and he said that there are other ways to try to reduce experimental bias. The double blind is really to make it so that you don't get biased results that you don't find what you want to fight ripe, and so what would they first, I've said is which random assignment. That means everybody is similarly motivated and then they get and amazed either to the control group or the experimental group. The other thing they said is that the indian
raiders, who evaluate the outcomes that you can't have the therapists say. Oh did this person get better or not, or even the person themselves to to do that, then you need in Bennett Raiders, and this is done through an hour long interview with the patient about all of their symptoms, and so we have these. And it raises in a very robust system, we have over twenty of them trained by the Boston Veterans Administration, where they developed the measure they do it by random assignment, meaning, it's all telemedicine. So they don't know the patient where they are in the treatment process. They dont know if they ve got him. The mayor, the placebo, so based on that the FDA said that they would agree with us that we would do therapy without emptier may versus therapy with him. You may even still there's about ten percent of the people that are confused about what they God, which is pretty
not ashamed, but sometimes people it resists the emotional facts of Emily, a may begin or so scared of. What's going on, they have kind of a mutant effect so that there is a little bit of confusion, but we also negotiate with the European Medicines Agency were true and negotiate all over the world to globalize empty may therapy, and so the European Medicines Agency went through the same announced. this, and they also agreed with the FDA its therapy. Without him, do you may versus therapy with empty a may and therapy with inactive placebo, and were also doing research in Israel in Canada? We ve done some in Brazil, we're just moving forward into Australia. So I think that the frustrating part in a way is that there is no good solution to the double blind problem, but the FDA realises the that, even though the methodology doesn't work, people are still suffering. You still have to do the research and you still have to design the studies has been.
You can write, so the breakthrough that we had was our first phase, three study being tremendously successful, and so we are now doing the second phase. Three study: will you have a site here in Boston, and many of your listeners may have heard of a book called the body keeps the score units by fellow Basle Vander Cook who sub psychotic last year in Boston, amazingly, by the way he published a book six years ago about trauma and two weeks ago it was a number one, bustling book on the New York Times. Best seller list of cringe enable combinations. So there's an enormous, culturally interest now in trauma and vessel is the principal investigator of our Boston site and he thinks that the empty may is the most effective thing he's seen for PTSD and his entire career. The upsurge in your area, much excited
it's incredible. The advancements that are being made and the other body keeps the score a great, really great book for anybody to read I've, regardless of one situation, a an unimportant book, Rick always so glad to hear it the things that are going on my way. I think please I'll be just just that. We think that the second phase, three we will have completed in October of twenty twenty two and we think by the end of twenty three we expect to have after approval and then were training. We want to train twenty five thousand therapists and set up thousands of psychedelic, clinics throughout the United States, in thousands more throughout the world, ambitious and fantastic Rick, Dublin from from maps always so great speaking to you Rick. They think you re every day. One
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This is the very same former Trump National Security adviser who was indicted and, Your pardon by Donald Trump Flynn has in appearing at various events across the country and he did one at a California church, I dont know what about Flynn makes him good material for church appearances. Idle by Admit, I'm not like an expert in the teachings of Jesus, but something about this guy doesn't strike me as good material for a church, but specifically, this was at the church of glad tidings in Eu Bus City, California. They gifted Flynn an assault style right, and then Flynn made. The remark about maybe I'll, find somebody in Washington DC. Let's take look at the video tell us about your ear so we were turned
come up with a rifle that we thought was appropriate for a general so he went with old school woodland, camouflage so now. This is one of our top. Buddy guns and then find somebody a Washington d C and the crowd fears about may be finding someone in DC with his new shiny rifle. Consider the level of humiliation that this country is enduring globally. Thanks to the vestiges of the prior administration Don, from continues to insist that he won an election that he lost and the world laughs. We contain the struggle to get people vaccinated because of the anti vaccine sentiment that exists overwhelmingly in Trump supporters and the world cries because it affects every one and now, Donald I'm so. Former national security adviser, Michael Flynn gets a rifle as a gift.
And says. Maybe I'll find some people in Washington and the world is a gas that what is taking place in this country right. She's been men, the wife of Whistle blower Alexander Vindelin, was among those who right denounced Flynn on Twitter. She said that Flynn should quote be recalled to active duty and court martialed retired, forced our general bury Mccaffrey last month when after Flynn, because remember Flint recently called the Myanmar Like called for or a man more like coup in the United States, at a q and on conference Mccaffrey said this is put the country at risk I have never heard anything like this in the law, hundred years. This is completely irresponsible evocative language and, quite frankly, if this was anybody, but who it is a former trumpet ministries, an official, but if it was some random guy, I suspect the FBI
or local law enforcement would be immediately investigating comments like this. This is the guy who encouraged chance in front of crowd. To lock up Hilary lock up, however, he's done more to warrant being locked up than they have by far and if you were Flynn, why would you ease up on this stuff right? I mean you were convicted, they had you dead to rights and then trump Sweden's you and for you know what you're travelling around the country getting gifts in getting paid for, bogus speaking appearances churches of all place, it makes hence, if you were Flynn, you would feeling emboldened and by the way. Speaking of churches, why is that church tax exempt? Why is any church tax exempt? maybe churches that raise money to buy gifts of guns should not be tax exempt. Now I've talked about this before I
understand that when I say churches shouldn't be tax exempt, some people get mad and they write to me and they say David churches do education and schools are tax exempt. churches, sometimes run soup kitchens and charities for the homeless and, though are normally tax exempt. Why would you take that away, I no problem with the church run soup kitchen, as stand alone, enterprise, keeping its own books and being a non profit. even though its a religious education. I dont even really have much of a problem with the church on preschooler kindergarten being organised as its own entity and getting nonprofit status, but a blanket, You pay no taxes on real estate, you pay no tax, on income, because that's really what it is its income because you have claimed to be a religious entity under the law that has to go? and it would be a real gold mine of government tax revenue. We could fund all sorts of important things that people have to say, but how would we pay for that? The Washington post
estimates. this is an eight year old estimate. It's probably a higher number. Now that the? U S? it make about eighty five billion per year by eliminating subsidies on churches, were they get to pay no taxes, that's real money with which a lot of good could be done. And it is just that it's all backwards. The Michael Flynn thing is backwards. Tax exempt churches is backwards, it's all completely backwards Donald Trump hired a new spokeswoman a few months ago? She dramatically in cartoonish Lee more unhinged. I would say, then, any Donald Trump former spokespeople. Her name is Liz Harrington. She went on Fox yesterday and she claimed listen to this. She claimed The Arizona so called audit of the twenty twenty election results. Now, that's the elect from nine months. That's the one! She said
that the audit in Arizona found provisionally to hunt in seventy five thousand potential fraudulent ballots She also says nearly four thousand were falsely certified and it's all Trump Trump one. Tromp, one everything according to her. Let's take a look at this clip from Fox NEWS. what is a hundred things you're real, ok, look! the preliminary findings from the independent of all right, We have two hundred and seventy five thousand potential, fraudulent balance How many caveats are there? If you look at The preliminary findings preliminary meaning meaningless. As of yet from the independent, it's not an independent audit. It's also not an audit there. two hundred and seventy five potential Jill about, could
be more if sands and buts their guys. I just looked at five potential vacation arms which have a real preliminary standing as homes that I might by do. You know what would happen if I showed up and try to get into those homes the police would be called, and so the point she wants to make of course, is Trump one Arizona. Let's continue requires a hunter sixty eight thousand there were printed on thin paper. Outside of the regulations of Maricopa Keith, India, seventy five thousand ballads that were set city mailed out, but they have no record of them ever being sent you also of eighteen thousand voters who were purged from the voter roles and who voted in the election, but were purge after the election and here's a significant one breath. If I can bring that everything so far, I guess is not significant. Now it is going to give us the real, significant stuff accounting will not touch them. Thousand nine hundred and eighty one people voting despite right,
history, after the October, fifteenth court ordered deadline and here's the The question that means miracle. The county certified false, resolves and If we still have a free country with one set of rules for every every American loses spokeswoman, so it's bad enough when it JANET Eleazer, Sidney Paolo wherever this is that this is the official spokeswoman for this President of the United States, Donald Trump, nine months after the election. Talking about these fraudulent ballot dumps about Frank and thrown out immediately or do we live in a communist country. Call votes turn out. one hundred to nothing, no That does not say for Joseph Stalin. It says for Joseph Biden, fats and fallen county Georgia. If we're going to keep a country free, we need to have these audits to get to the bottom of it, because a hundred to nothing is now
the United States of America. We need these ought to continue to guarantee the shrew resolve little completely delusional completely delusional, but the point she wants to make its trump really one Arizona. Remember the affair results in Arizona, are that Joe Biden one, but only by about eleven thousand votes. So therefore, we know of two hundred and seventy five thousand ballots were really fraudulent. Then Trump would have one Arizona easily. That's the point except it's all completely made up, they are potentially fraudulent until there terrified. They were verified within a day or two of election day. I act We have a difficult time getting a red on Liz Harrington. I can't tell if she's a liar or completely delusional something about how she talks doesn't make it clear to me too, she believed this stuff or issue. actually living in a fantasy world divorced from reality, Is she going out in saying things she knows to be lies? Maybe the two are mutually exclusive, maybe she's a liar
an delusional in some sense, but the particularly horrifying part- is that million the people in the United States believe this. There are millions of people in this country who will watch Fox news. they will hear less Harrington say we found on a preliminary basis, two hundred and two, Many five thousand tangibly fraudulent votes, to then that means Trump. One Arizona and Joe Biden stole it period without question, end of story, and so much, as is the case with Trump in general. The fact that Trump existed would met much if there weren't tens of millions of people willing to vote for him and the fact that list, Harrington is going around saying. The stuff would mean a lot less if there tens of millions of people who believe that, and it is a really really ugly situation. I don't see any way to fix this and speaking. Things I don't see any way how to fix. We get to today's voicemail We have a voice mail number and you can call anytime. You want the numbers,
to one nine to David P. I've essentially stopped play any voice mails from Troy York. But and he calls like four five times a day, but I want to play this voicemail because It relates to something really really sinister. That's going on. It relates to vaccines, take a lesson: the third man. How how many videos are you? Are you underlying media? Gonna continue the pull out about people who were Antis Baxter's, getting They can dine. Call me, then, why don't you put out videos? the numerous jetted law, numerous most likely people who have received seen, and then they drop dead within a week to a month and the cover up a visa. This number action, most higher, but there are stories where they actually tell noise. The death of people through Yankees
This is. This is totally made up so there's two things that are going on here. One way, you give tens of millions or a hundreds of millions of people, a vaccine, and you start the oldest and most vulnerable. Folks by sheer math. Some number of those people are going to die because people die then too, attributed to a vaccine when we have no reason to think the vaccine had anything to do with it doesn't make sense. The second thing that Troy may be referring to is that there is a vaccine in side effect. Reporting system called the eighty are ass and maybe I'll do a story about this via your reservations. I believe its sudden shorthand is being targeted with massive dumps of bogus vaccine side effect in death. Submissions anti vaccines are going to the very system and just making up submissions and then
he backs publications are taking that bogus data and putting out reports on that. says it's a major problem Maybe we'll do a segment on it, but, as usual, Troy York completely divorced from reality. We have bonus! Your poor! You today sign up joint hacking, dot com,
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